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⚾ | Matsuzaka's awesomeness reaffirmed by Softbank Senga "How many players in the ball world do you know even if you are not familiar with baseball?"

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Matsuzaka's trash reaffirmed by Softbank Senga "How many players in the ball world know even if you are not familiar with baseball?"

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"Our generation grew up watching a superstar named Daisuke Matsuzaka.

I am very excited about the same day pitching with "Heisei no Kaibutsu".Softbank Kodai Senga (XNUMX) will play against Lotte on the XNUMXth ... → Continue reading

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Daisuke Matsuzaka

Daisuke Matsuzaka(Matsuzaka Daisuke,1980 May 9 -) isTokyoKoto WardHometown (place of birthAomoriAomori) SourceProfessional baseball player(pitcher). Right-handed and right-handed.


In the first Seibu era, "Heisei monsterWas called. The beginning of the 21st centurySawamura Eiji PrizeWinner.Golden Grab AwardWon the Pacific League pitcher's record seven times for the third consecutive yearBest nineAlso shined.2006 2009 OfWBCThen he contributed to the Japanese national team as an ace.

Spring 1998-Summer: KoshienWin, 2 degreesPacific LeagueWinner, onceJapan seriesWinner, onceWorld seriesWinner, onceWorld Baseball Classic (WBC) I have won the championship.Athens OlympicsCopper medalist.

AomoriAomoribirth[1],TokyoKoto WardRaised.Younger brother·Kyohei Matsuzaka TheEhime Mandarin PiratesFormer professional baseball player who belonged to.Wife is exNippon TVannouncer OfRinyo Shibata..The couple has an eldest daughter born in December 2005, an eldest son born in March 12, and a second daughter born in March 2008.

The name "Daisuke" came from the early 1980s.Waseda Jitsugyo High SchoolWas the ace ofAraki DaisukeTaken from the name of[2].

Nickname is "Matsupon""Pine tree""Daisuke, In the mediaHeisei monster""monster", In MLB media,"Dice-K'[3]The nickname "D-Mat" is used."Dice-K" is preferred in Boston.He sometimes uses "D-Mat" as a sign.The agent after coming to the United StatesScott Boras.


Before entering professional

From 5 years old to 3rd grade, localTokyoKoto WardAt the Fukuzumi KenyukaikendoType in. At the youth baseball class held in 2006, the question "How can I make the ball faster?"BackYou can train your wrists. "[Source required]..In the third grade of elementary schoolKoto WardJoined Toyo Phoenix and started playing baseball.In junior high schoolEdogawa-kuEdogawa South League (Little league) Belongs to (Eiichi OyanoWas a teammate).In the Little League eraNHK Educational Televisionof"Genius TV-kunHave appeared in[4].

Yokohama High SchoolAt that time, I hated practicing so much that it was called "Sabori's pine".[5][Note 1], Summer Kanagawa tournament semi-final pair in the second gradeYokohama Commercial High SchoolAfter suffering a goodbye defeat due to his own wild pitch in the battle, he got excited and practiced hard, and when he was in the third grade, he put out a ball speed of over 3 km / h and was sharp.sliderAs a super high school pitcher with the weaponHeisei monsterAttracted attention as[7]..Also, the catcher who had assembled the battery was at the time of admission.Uechi Yusuke, After retiring from UechiYoshio KoyamaWas (actuallyTeikyo High SchoolI had decided to go on to school, but I changed my direction to Yokohama at the invitation of Koyama, who I met as a senior representative from Japan).From that time, Yuuki Nishimiya (Def Tech OfMicrophone) And my best friend.

1998 years70th Selected High School Baseball TournamentThen, high-quality pitching and Koyama,Taketoshi Goto,Masaaki KoikeWith the success of their teammates, they won the championship without attracting other schools.It was the last summerThe 80rd National High School Baseball ChampionshipThen in the quarterfinalsSatoshi Kamishige(laterNippon TVannouncer) AndHiroaki Onishi,Hiraishi YosukeAnd sophomoreKazunori Tanaka(Defeated in the spring semi-finals)PL Gakuen High SchoolToA long-distance match with an extension of 17 timesThrow 250 balls to complete game.Next day semifinal,Shiro TeramotoembraceMeitoku GijukuEven in the battle, pitched in one inning,Reversal playInvite.

Of the finalKyoto ShishoIn battleSeiichi ShimaIn the final match, which is the second person in history for the first time in 59 years since thenNo hit no runAchieved (in this tournamentToshiya SugiuchiHas achieved no-hitter no-run, and it was a rare case in history that produced multiple no-hitter no-run pitchers in one tournament).With overwhelming success, he achieved consecutive spring and summer championships.This final will belong laterBoston Red SoxScout was watching the game[8][9]..In addition, after the formation of the new team, the 1997 autumn prefectural tournament block qualifying (a few months later)The 28th Meiji Shrine Baseball TournamentFrom the next yearKanagawa/Yume National Athletic MeetUntil the final, he recorded 44 consecutive victories in the official match.3th AAA Asian Baseball ChampionshipBut in the final on my 18th birthdayZhang MagazineembraceBaseball Republic of ChinaBecame the winning pitcher.

1998 New Player Selection MeetingThen, in the first place in the nomination rankingNippon Ham Fightersas well as the Yokohama Bay StarsAfter competition, 3 teams includingSeibu LionsAcquired the right to negotiate (Yokohama was nominated for the first placeKatsuaki Furuki, Nippon-HamKazunari Minorumatsu, Both are the same high school third graders).At the press conference immediately after the draft, he said, "The team I was interested in was the Yokohama BayStars."[10][Note 2]However, he joined Seibu.Uniform numberIs 18.It is said that he has always longed for this number.

First Seibu era

1999 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Tokyo DomeThe first professional starter against the Nippon-Ham Fighters in Japan. Bottom of the first, No. 1Atsushi KataokaAgainst 155km / hStrike out with a straight[12], Made his debut with his first victory with 8 goals in the 2th inning.The most year in Pacific League history in the previous yearFour ballsRecordedSelected eyeKataoka, who was known for his goodness, will be broadcast as a video material showing the "monster" that even professionals do not change.In the bottom of the 1th in this matchMica franklin151km / h straight thrown into[13]Goes to a racy course to the chest, and Franklin is on the verge of a brawl trying to squeeze into the mound, but Matsuzaka does not seem to move at all, but smiles on the contrary.[13]He also showed a strong heart to look back at Franklin.[12].. April 4Chiba Lotte MarinesIn battleTomohiro KurokiAnd lost 0-2.After this matchRevengeMatsuzaka, who declared, hit Kuroki again in the match against Lotte on April 4, and recorded the first professional shutout 27-1 and achieved revenge.For this reason, Matsusaka's "Revenge" is both professionally synchronized.Newcomer KingTakenKoji Uehara(Yomiuri Giants) With "Weed Soul" of the same yearNew Word/Buzzword AwardSelected for the annual grand prize of[14].. April 5Orix Blue WaveIn battleIchiroThe first confrontation with was talked about, and it was almost completely suppressed with three consecutive strikeouts (3 walk).In a post-match hero interview, he said, "I've changed from confidence to be professional." Held on July 1thAll star gamesHe pitched three times in advance of the first game and recorded five strikeouts, the highest number in history for a high graduate newcomer. In the top of the third inningfaux pasAlthough he lost 2 points and became a defeated pitcher with 0 earned run.[15], Won the Outstanding Player Award for this match and the All-Star Rookie of the Year Award. The monthly MVP was awarded in July, but the new high school graduates received the monthly MVP in September 7.Kiyohara KazuhiroThis is the second person since then, and the award at 2 years and 18 months is2015 In 8 monthMitsunari TakahashiWas the youngest record until he won the award at 18 years and 6 months.[16]..16 wins in the end this yearMost winsAcquired.The acquisition of new high school graduates is the first record in 1954 years since Motoji Takuwa (Nankai) in 45 through both leagues.[17]..In addition, he recorded the highest winning percentage among pitchers who reached the prescribed number of pitches.Golden Grab AwardIt will be the first time in history as a high school graduate newcomerBest nineAs a high school graduate new pitcherTsuneo HoriuchiSince then, he has been the new king for the first time in 33 years.

In addition,2000 Sydney Olympic Baseball GamesAsian Final Qualifying (20th Asian Baseball Championship), And started the game against Chinese Taipei on September 9.Atsushi Furuta(Yakult Swallows) And a battery, and a high school 5th grade senior who recorded a goodbye hit in that gameJun Heima(Toshiba) Continued to be encouraged and contributed greatly to Japan's participation in the Olympics by scoring a complete game with one goal.

2000 It is,Hiroshi TsunoFor the first time in 15 years since then, as a teenagerOpening pitcherServed asShingo OnoWinning the most wins with (Lotte) and winning 14 wins for the second consecutive yearMost winsAnd his firstMost strikeoutWon. Pro-Am hybrid in AugustSydney Olympic Baseball Japan National TeamWas selected as the starting lineup for the match against the United States on September 9. Although he showed a good throw of 17 goals in the 10th inning, the team lost the 2th inning.In the match against South Korea on September 13, which started on the 5th of the middle, he lost 9 points from the first time, but after that he recovered and threw a total of 23 balls to make 4 goals in 161 innings, but the team was extended again. Lost to.September 9, when he played against South Korea again in the middle of the 5rd3rd place matchThen,虺號The pitcher battle of 0-0 continued, but in the bottom of the 8th inningLee Seung-yeopHe was hit by a double in a timely manner and lost 3 runs.Japan was the first to miss a medal in Olympic baseball.He also won the Best Nine and Golden Glove off. Dating on September 9th at that timeRinyo ShibataIn front of my home condominium, in the name of the teamCelsior (UCF21 late model)Commit a parking violation.In August of this year, one shot was made due to a speed violation of over 8km / h.licenseAs it was in a suspended state, Seibu's public relations section chief took the placeAkira KuroiwaAppears.An article in this weekly photo magazine, which scooped the relationship between Matsuzaka and Shibata, revealed a substitute appearance, and MatsuzakaRoad Traffic LawViolation (unlicensed driving, parking violation), Kuroiwa suspected of concealing the criminalTokyo District ProsecutorToDocument inspectionAndInformal prosecutionByfineReceived a conviction of 19 yen.Kenji Ono and Kuroiwa, the presidents of the team at that time, took responsibility for submitting their resignations, and Matsuzaka at that time.Saitama Prefectural PoliceThis case was severely criticized by the public because it was appointed as an image character of a traffic safety campaign.The team decided to dispose of Matsuzaka at home indefinitely, but the disposition was lifted in less than a month.[18]..At a press conference later held about the incident, Matsuzaka said, "I'm sorry for the parking violation. I learned later that Kuroiwa would appear in his place." Kuroiwa said, "The tow truck was moved by the team. , I manage it, and it was my decision to appear. "

2001 With a record of 15 wins and 15 losses, he won the most wins for the third consecutive year.This is the first time for a high school graduate to win the most wins for three consecutive years from a newcomer.The most wins with the same number of wins and losses1937 autumn'sAkira Noguchi(15 wins and 15 losses),1984 OfKazuhiko EndoIt was the third person in history after (17 wins and 17 losses).Kip grossSince then, in 1981, he was a Japanese pitcher in the Pacific League.Yutaro ImaiThis is the record since then).He also won the most strikes and won the Best Nine and Golden Glove. The beginning of the 21st centurySawamura PrizeHowever, due to the large number of losses, the selection committee members also disagreed.The award with a winning percentage of .50 was the lowest level in history, but it is the only 15-win pitcher in both leagues and the overwhelming 240 times 1/3.Number of pitchesEtc. were evaluated and selected.Fujita MotoshiThe chairman (at that time) said, "Matsusaka's fastball over 150 kmSawamuraReminiscent of Mr.I chose it including expectations for Matsuzaka in the future. "[Source required].

2002 Made a good start with 6 consecutive wins at the opening, but on May 5thOsaka Kintetsu BuffaloesHe hurt his right elbow in the battle and returned several times, but he did not return to his original pitch and left for a long time.Japan seriesThen, he started in the first game and pitched in relief in the fourth game, but both became defeated pitchers.[19][20].

2003 He scored 16 wins in Thailand, the most in his career, and struck out the most.Best defense rateAlso won the title.He also won the Golden Glove.Athens OlympicsIn the baseball Asian qualifying round, he started the game against Chinese Taipei on November 11th and won the 6th inning with no runs.He almost decided to be in second place, which is a condition for participating in the Olympics, and was also selected as the best pitcher in the tournament.

2004 Is the first batter in the opening game with LotteToshio HatameNo. 4 who was hit by the first ball and was hit by a hit and allowed to go to baseball, both of which became the first at-bats of Nippon Professional Baseball.Lee Seung-yeop,No. 5·Benny AgbayaniHe was hit in a timely manner and quickly conceded a goal, becoming the losing pitcher of this game. July 7thAll star gamesHe pitched as 1nd in the first round, showed good pitching with no hits and no runs in 2 innings and 2 strikeouts, and recorded 4km / h, which is his fastest tie.Home runMatsuzaka played this game because there was no player who hit two or more.MVPShined in.Athens Olympic Baseball Japan National TeamWas selected as the starting lineup for the match against Cuba on August 8th (local time). 17 timesYurieski GuglielAlthough he was hit by an accident in which he was hit by the ball on his right arm, he showed off his efforts to keep the ball to zero in the 8th inning, and was expected to be shut out.In the end, although I lost 9 points in the 3th inning,Hirotoshi Ishii(Yakult)ReliefMatsuzaka won his first victory at the Olympics.In the semi-final against Australia on August 5, which started on the 8th of the middle, a good throw of 24 goal was not rewarded until the middle of the 8th inning, and he lost 1-0.gold medalI have a dream.Matsuzaka became a bronze medalist as the team won the bronze medal against Canada the next day.Also, as mentioned above, in the season, he left the team at the Olympic Games, and although he had a record of 3 wins and 10 losses, he won the title with the highest ERA and won the Golden Glove.

The regular season ended in 2nd place, but it was introduced from this yearplay offPlayed against Nippon-Ham in 1rd place in the 3st stage of.In the first round, although he was hit with 1 goals in the middle of the 8th inning, with the support of the batting lineWinning pitcherIt became.Fukuoka Daiei Hawksと争った第2ステージでは第2戦に先発し、完封ペースだったが、打線の大量援護もあり、6回無失点で余力を残して降板。これが功を奏し、最終の第5戦に中3日で先発が可能となって、6回1失点の投球で、勝利投手にはなれなかったものの、チームは延長10回の末に4-3で勝利し、リーグ優勝を果たした(この時代はプレーオフ第2ステージ勝利チームがリーグ優勝となっていた)。Chunichi DragonsWithJapan seriesThen, first of all, the starting lineup for the second game.Kazuyoshi TachinamiHe was hit by a home run with 3 points in the same tie, and 6/1 in the 3th inning with 8 runs.Defeated pitcher.. In the 2th round, which was a check with 3 wins and 6 losses, he surpassed 8 goals in the 2th inning despite suffering, and became a winning pitcher and made a check.In the 7th round of the next day, he pitched as 3rd in the middle and contributed to the best in Japan by keeping 1 inning to no goal.Immediately after thisRinyo ShibataAnnounced marriage with. November 11thUS-Japan baseballThen, starting in the 6th round, he won a complete game with 1 goal. Complete game victory against MLB selection teamAtsushi AramakiIt was the second record in history for the first time in 51 years since (every day).

2005 5 month 18 daySep-pa Exchange Battle-Hanshin TigersAs a professional baseball player in battleHanshin Koshien StadiumFirst pitched at.In high school, he had a record of 15 consecutive wins and 0 home runs at the stadium.Shinjiro HiyamaHe was hit by a two-run homer in the first place and lost 2-2 in the match.This yearDefense rateDespite being excellent at 3rd place in the league, there were quite a lot of losses with 14 wins and 13 losses.He won the most strikes and won the Golden Glove, but due to the lack of support from the batting line and the many missteps of the fielders, after the match against Nippon-Ham on June 6, "Many players are weak at the ball. However, each play is too light. There are many young players, so I want Gamshala to do more, "he said, which could be perceived as a criticism of the fielder.[21]Later, he apologized at the fielder meeting.Critics pointed out that "there is no support for the batting line because the pitching rhythm is bad," and aimed for improvement.To offScott BorasAs an agentPosting systemAtMajor challengeI sued[22], The team denied the exercise of the system[23][24].. The first child was born in December.

2006 Held in March before the opening1th World Baseball Classic(WBC)Representation from JapanWas elected to. March 3thChinese Taipei4 goal in 1 innings, March 3thメキシコNo runs in 5 innings, and March 3thキ ュ ー バIn the final match against, he hurt his neck before the match, but he threw a spirit and kept it to 4 goal in 1 innings, and in all the starting matches.Winning pitcher(Because there was a limit on the number of balls, there was no provision that the condition for starting victory was 5 innings or more).As a result, the tournament's record of 3 wins and an ERA of 1.38 was highly evaluated.Best playerSelected as (MVP). MVPTrophyIn an interview immediately after receiving the message, "I took the MVP, but I got this (= trophy disk-shaped decoration). This area is American-like," he said with a bitter smile, "I will do it myself later.Aron AlphaI'll fix it by sticking it together, "he commented, and then actually the sellerToagoseiAron Alpha was sent to Matsusaka in large quantities[25]..In the season, he won a complete game with one goal in the Interleague Play and Hanshin Tigers on June 6, recorded his first professional victory at Koshien, which was a big success in high school, and hit a home run himself (battingSee below).Also, at the Interleague Play / Yokohama game on June 6th,Takashi Egawa(Required 193 games)ド ラ フ トAchieved the fastest (191 games) of 100 wins since the system was introduced (then, on August 8, the same year, Koji Uehara achieved 25 wins in the same 191 games against the Hanshin Tigers, and Matsuzaka's record was the fastest in Thailand. ). October 100, with Softbankplay offStarting in the first game of the first stage. He was hit by 1 hits and gave 6 hits by pitch,Kazumi SaitoHe won the shutout victory 1-0 by controlling the fight with.The team then lost two games in a row and was eliminated in the first stage.This year he won the Golden Glove.

OffPosting systemIs allowed to be exercised.New York Mets,New York Yankees,Texas RangersWas also reported to have participated in the bidding.

Red sox era

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayBoston Red SoxIs announced to have acquired exclusive bargaining rights for $ 5111 cents (about 1111 million yen at the rate at that time).After that, the contract negotiations between the agent Scott Boras and the Red Sox side were difficult.[8], Bolas respects Matsuzaka's will just before the deadline for negotiations and signs a six-year contract totaling $ 12 million on December 14.Red Sox fan, Assistant Secretary of State for the United StatesChristopher HillIt is,Six-party talksI was worried about the whereabouts of the negotiations, such as "What happened to Matsuzaka's negotiations today?" At a press conference before the departure to Beijing.

2007 In the open match against Pirates on March 3, it was pointed out that he had a habit of putting a brim on his hand, but on April 21th.Kansas City RoyalsFirst major starter in the game, 7 hits, 6 run, 1 strikeouts in the 10th inning to win the first major victory[26][27][28][29][30][31]..Home baseFenway Park11th, which was the first pitching inSeattle MarinersIn battleIchiroAnd the first major match[32], No hits in 4 at bats[33][34].. 27thNew York YankeesIn battleHideki MatsuiI played for the first time with 2 at bats and kept it to no hits[35]..In this matchNHKI clocked 158km / h, which is my fastest time, but the display in the stadium was 94mph (about 151km / h).[36].. April 5Toronto Blue JaysIn battleOka TomokazuIn the 7th inning, 5 hits, 1 run, 8 strikeouts and a good throw to win the 4th.[37].. 14thDetroit TigersIn the game, he pitched 9 hits and 6 run in the 1th inning to win the first complete game of a major game.[38][39]The 19thAtlanta BravesRecorded 5 consecutive victories until the battle[40]Won the League Week MVP for the 3rd week of the same month[41].. June 6 wins and 2 losses, ERA 2, WHIP 1.59 good throw, July 1.09Tampa Bay Devil RaysReached the 10th victory in the battle[42]..In the first half of the game, 18 games started with 10 wins and 6 losses, an ERA of 3.84, and a WHIP of 1.24.Seattle MarinersAchieved a total of 1500 strikeouts for NPB / MLB in battle[43]..In the second half of the season, the starting pitcher of 14 games was 5 wins and 6 losses, the ERA was 5.19, and WHIP 1.44, but it was the last pitch of the season on September 9th.Minnesota TwinsIn the battle, the team reached 5 wins and 1 strikeouts in the first major year, the first in the history of Japanese players and the fifth in the history of majors, and the team also decided to win the district for the first time in 15 years.[44]..In the season, he recorded 10 wins in 15th place in the league and 6 strikeouts in 201th place, but the walk rate was 6th in the league worst and the average number of balls per game was 1, which is the highest number in major leagues.

In the postseason of the same yearLos Angeles Angels of AnaheimWithDivision seriesHe pitched for the first time in the second round and scored 2 goals in 4/2 in the 3th inning.Cleveland IndiansWithLeague championship seriesThen, starting in the 3rd round, he became a losing pitcher with 4 runs in 2/3 in the 4th inning.In Round 7, he became the first Japanese postseason winning pitcher with 5 goals in 2 innings.[45].Colorado RockiesWithWorld seriesIn the 3rd round, he started in the World Series for the first time in Japanese history, scored 5 runs in 1/3 of the 2th inning, and recorded 2 hits in a timely manner, which was the first hit after a major transfer in the turn at bat. Become a winning pitcher[46]..The team also won the World Series by winning Round 4 the next day.[47]..4th place in the rookie king vote[48]..This is the first time in historyPlayers who have won both the World Series and WBCIt became.

2008 Second child born before the start of the season[49].Tokyo DomeMarch 3th atAuckland AthleticsPitched for the opening game in Japan with.This was the second Japanese opening pitcher since Hideo Nomo. In the 2th inning, 5 hits, 2 runs, 2 strikeouts, 6 walks, and no win or loss, but the team won.[50][51]..He won his first victory against Athletics on April 4st, which was the opening game of his home country.[52], 5 consecutive wins without a black star until May, ERA 8, WHIP 2.54, but on May 1.29, right shoulderRotator cuffAppeal for tensionDisability listenter. He returned on June 6, leaving 21 wins and 10 loss, an ERA of 1 and a WHIP of 2.65 in the first half.All starI miss the first election. In the game against the Mariners on July 7, he continued to make good pitches at the pace of the first major shutout until the 22th inning, but Ichiro hit a double in a timely manner and missed the shutout.[53].. April 9Tampa Bay RaysThe 17th win, the most wins of the Japanese season in the battle[54][55]The 21thToronto Blue Jays18th win in the battle[56]..The team also advanced to the postseason for the second consecutive year[57].

In the postseason of the same year with the AngelsDivision seriesStarting in the second game. Although there was no victory or defeat with 2 goals in the 5th inning, the team won in the 3th inning.With RaiseLeague championship seriesIn the first round, he hit no hits up to the 1th inning and became the winning pitcher with a good pitching of 6/7 in the 0th inning.[58]..In the 5th round, he dropped 4/0 in the 3th inning with 5 goals and did not win or lose, but after that he volunteered for relief pitching depending on the game situation.[59], The team lost in Round 7 and missed the league title.

This year's walk rate of 5.05 was the worst in the league, but the batting average was .1 in the league and the OPS was .211 in the league.In addition, there was a pinch of bases loaded 3 degrees including the playoffs, but it was pushed out.Sacrifice flyAlthough there was, all were suppressed to no hits.In addition, the match on the road was undefeated and recorded a winning percentage of .862, ranking in the 25th place in the history of Major League Baseball.In addition, with an ERA of 3 in 2.90rd place in the league, 4 wins in 18th place in the league, and a win rate of .2 in 857nd place in the league, it will be the 4th in the selection vote of the Sai Young Award (2 votes in 2nd place, 3 votes in 4rd place). Although it was evaluated, the average number of pitches per inning was as high as 1nd in the league, and among pitchers who scored 2 wins or more in the starting lineup, it was the smallest inning in the history of major pitchers, 18 innings, two-thirds. Many people said that it was because of the fact that (Relief returned the runner left by Matsuzaka only on June 167st, when he left the pitch with no death).Saber metricsFrom the point of view ofQSIn 14 games (88th out of 66 people who reached the prescribed pitching times), the QS rate was 48% (64th), K / BB was 1.64 (75th),FIPAs bad as 4.03 (42nd place)BABIPWith .267 (6th place), 7 wins (1st place) with less than QS, and an average support point of 9 (6.1th place) per 8 innings, the figures showing that he was lucky.WARThen, the evaluation was divided into 19, which is 3.4th in the league according to FanGraphs, and 6, which is 5.3th in the league, which is calculated by Baseball-Reference.In the fan vote of the Best Starting Pitcher Award held off on the MLB official websiteTim Linscum,Mike Mussina,Roy HaradeySecond place after[60].. In December, 12 Yokohama High School members vs.Matsuzaka generationParticipated in a charity match[61].

2009 Held in March before the opening2rd WBC OfRepresentation from JapanWas elected to. On March 3thTokyo Dome1st round, group A, 2nd round South KoreaStarting in the battle, the first timeKim TaiAlthough he was hit by a two-run homer, he recovered and scored two goals in four innings, and became a winning pitcher with the support of the batting line.[62].. On June 3Petco Park2nd round 1 group first match held inキ ュ ー バIn the game, he won the second victory with a good throw without any goals in the 6th inning.[63].. On June 3Dodger StadiumOf the semifinals held inThe United States of AmericaIn the battle, he scored his third win with 4 goals in 2/3 in the 2th inning.[64]..The team defeated South Korea in the final match the next day to win the championship, and Matsuzaka, who won the most, was selected as the best player for the second consecutive tournament.At the time of the interview, "IwakumaI thought it was bad for you. "[65].

In the season, it will be driven into two games in a row after the opening[66]Will be on the disabled list on April 4 due to fatigue of the right shoulder[67]..June 6nd after returningDetroit TigersWin your first victory in the battle[68].. 19thAtlanta BravesIn battleNobuno KawakamiBut he hits 4 innings with 8 hits and 6 runs.[69]..After that, he was driven in and entered the disabled list again on the 21st.[70][71]..While on the disabled list, he criticized the team's coordination method in an interview article with the Japanese media, saying, "If I continue to practice in this environment, I may not be able to pitch like Japan anymore." "I want to dispel the misunderstanding that has been reported in the last few days. I have not publicly complained and the content of the private conversation was reported (above). I have never said that, "he apologized in a statement in English.[72][73]。9月に復帰して以降は3勝1敗、防御率2.22、WHIP1.35と復調したものの、シーズンを通しては4勝6敗、防御率5.76、WHIP1.87とプロ入り以降もっとも悪い成績に終わった。チームは3年連続でのポストシーズンに進出したが[74], In the post-season, the team did not enter the starting rotation and the team with the Angels without pitchingDivision seriesLost in[75]..At a press conference after the end of the season, he confessed that he had hurt his hip joint before the WBC of the year about the cause of the slump this year.[76], GMTheo EpsteinApologized directly to[77].

2010 Tension your back before spring training[78][79], Sue for neck tension during spring training[80], The opening will be welcomed by entering the disabled list[81]..In the meantime, the third child was born on March 3th.[82].. April 5Baltimore OriolesReturn in battle[83].. He won his first victory against the Angels on May 5th, but suffered 6 goals.[84]In the next starting game against the Blue Jays, he pitched well with 7 hits, 3 run, 1 strikeouts and walks in the 9th inning.[85].. April 5Philadelphia PhilliesIn the battle, he showed a good throw that continued no-hitter no-run until two deaths in the eighth inning.[86]Then, in the starting match against Royals on the 27th, pitching with severe ups and downs continued, such as experiencing a big turbulence of 9 four dead balls[87].. Achieved a total of 6 NPB / MLB wins, the fastest since the Nippon Professional Baseball 7 league system, in the Indians game on June 2.[88]..However, on the 12th, he complained of tension in his right forearm and entered the disabled list again.[89].. He returned to the Rockies game on June 6, showed 24 hits, 5 runs, 5 strikeouts in the 2th inning, and recorded the first RBI in the major official game at bat, but the relief team was driven in and no white star was attached.[90].. In the Mariners game on July 7, he played against Ichiro for the first time in two years and kept the number of hits to 27 at bats.[91].. In the match against Indians on August 8thShigeru Hasegawa3rd place Japanese player in line with Thailand 45th win, 8 wins in total[92].. 15thTexas RangersIn battleRoger ClemensAchieved a total of 2 strikeouts at the second pace in the history of the team[93].. In the match against the Orioles on September 9, the 2th win, which is the 3th major win in the Japanese history alone, will be given.[94][95]..Eventually, the specified number of pitches has not been reached for the second consecutive year, and a single-digit victory has ended.[96], The 21 runners who left at the time of getting off the board despite not reaching the prescribed number of pitches were the starting pitchers and ranked 10th in the league worst (6 of them were returned by relief), but the season when he and the team leaders felt a response to the fastball. I looked back[97].

2011 OfSpring trainingThen.Great East Japan EarthquakeIn responseHideki Okajima,Junichi Tazawa,MasadaOther than soliciting donations with[98]Donated $ 100 million[99]。開幕後は2試合で7イニング10失点を喫し2連敗したが、4月18日のブルージェイズ戦で7回1安打無失点1四球3奪三振の投球で初勝利。23日のロサンゼルス・エンゼルス戦では8回1安打無失点3四球9奪三振の投球で2勝目を挙げ、15イニング連続無失点を記録した他、5月4日のエンゼルス戦では延長13回に8番手としてメジャー初となるリリーフ登板を経験(二死満塁から2点適時打を打たれて敗戦)[100]..However, from the end of April, the right elbow became tense, such as dropping off the board in the Mariners game on April 4, and entered the disabled list on May 29.By Luis Yokam on the 4st after a temporary returnSecond opinionOn June 6th, by the doctor's operationTommy John surgeryReceived[101].

2012 6 month 9 dayWashington NationalsMajor return in the battle.The average ball speed is 91.5mph (about 147.3km / h) and the fastest is 93mph (about 150km / h), but he hit a black star in 5 innings with 5 hits, 4 runs, 8 strikeouts, and 1 walk.[102][103]..After that, he started in four games, but he didn't get a white star, and on July 4, he hurt his right trapezius muscle and entered the disabled list.[104]。8月27日に復帰し、その日のロイヤルズ戦に先発。7回を5安打、1失点、6奪三振、2四球、最速94mph(約151km/h)を記録する投球で、日本人史上4人目のメジャー通算50勝目となる復帰後初勝利を挙げる[105][106]..However, all subsequent pitches suffered more than 4 runs and could not score a white star, and in the final pitching of the season against the Yankees on October 10rd.Hiroki KurodaHowever, he threw 2/1 in the second inning and ended the season with 3 hits including 2 home runs and 6 runs, which was the 5th loss.[107]..The ERA of 8.28 was the lowest score in the history of the team as a pitcher who started more than 10 times.[108].. It became FA on October 10th.

Indians era

2013 March 2Cleveland IndiansAnnounced that it has signed a minor contract with[109], The uniform number has changed to 18, which was attached when he joined Seibu.20(No. 18 in IndiansMel Harder OfPermanent numberBecause it is).Spring trainingParticipated as an invited player and pitched 4 innings in 8 games, leaving a record of 2.25 ERA and 1.38 WHIP, but will be notified of the opening minor on March 3.However, in order to save the bonus of 18 dollars paid by the team when the season starts as a minor, it became a free contract on the 10th and re-contracted with a minor contract that changed the contract on the 24th.[110].. AAA gradeColumbus ClippersHe started in 5 games from the opening, but suffered a walk rate of 7.84 and a walk control rate of 3.92 and a WHIP of 1.45 on April 4.PawtucketHe hurt his left flank in the 4th inning and entered the disabled list.[111]。6月に復帰し、前半戦は12試合の先発で1勝5敗、防御率4.55、WHIP1.39の成績を喫する。後半戦は7試合の先発で4勝3敗、防御率3.13、WHIP1.21と復調したが、8月20日に契約解除を申し出て自由契約となった[112][113].

Mets era

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayNew York MetsSigned a major contract with[114][115]..Mets didn't have a player with a uniform number of 18 until the Red Sox era,Hideo Nomo,Dwight Gooden,David CornWas attached16To the uniform number[116]..He started the game against the Tigers on the 3rd in 23 days from the starting pitcher in Columbus, but he hit 2 home runs by the 2nd inning and suffered a black star with 5 hits and 6 runs in the 5th inning.[117][118]..After the transfer, he threw 3/12 1 times in 3 games and suffered 15 goals, but on September 9th.Miami MarlinsFirst victory in the game with 7 hits and 2 run in 1 innings[119]..After the 4th game after the transfer, he continued to make good pitches with 26 hits and 1 runs in 3/13 of the 6th inning, and finished the season with 3 consecutive wins from the first victory.[120].. In September, the contract with Scott Boras was canceled and an agent contract was signed with SFX.[121].. It became FA on October 10th.

2014 Re-contracted with Mets on January 1th with a minor contract[122]In spring training, where he participated as an invited player, he pitched 6/23 2 times in 3 games, leaving an ERA of 3.04 and a WHIP of 1.27. He had the right to become a free agent if he didn't sign a major contract by March 3, but on the same day Mets paid $ 25 to extend the minor contract.[123], AAA grade on 31stLas Vegas Fifty OnesMoved to. The results were poor on April 4th.John lannanSigned a major contract with Mets in the form of replacing[124]..It was appointed as a relief in Mets, and in the Braves game on the 20th, he pitched from the 11th inning and threw 3 times, reaching a total of 2000 strikeouts in NPB / MLB.[125].. April 5Arizona DiamondbacksStart the season for the first time in the game and win the second victory[126].. He started in the starting rotation in June and showed his most 6 strikeouts in Thailand in the match against the Marlins on July 7.[127]..The second halfDillon GeeJon NieseWas appointed as a relief again as he recovered from the breakdown, and on July 7, he entered the disabled list for 25 days due to inflammation of his right elbow.[128].. Returned on August 8[129], While receiving an injection of anti-inflammatory agent for the elbow[130]It was appointed as a relief pitcher, and in September, he pitched well with no runs in four games.In the end, as a starting pitcher, he pitched in 9 games with 4 wins and 9 losses, an ERA of 2, and WHIP of 3.As a relief, he pitched 4.24 games with 1.35 win, 25 losses and 1 save, an ERA of 0, and a WHIP of 1.After the seasonFree agentBecomes

Softbank era

With a large contract of 2014 billion yen for 12 years on December 4, 3Fukuoka Softbank HawksJoining was announced[131].Aragaki NagisaIt was decided to attach the uniform number 18, which became a vacant number due to the transfer of.Around the same time as joining the team, a fellowship group within the team "HAWKS 55th Annual MeetingI also subscribed on the way.

2015 After pitching in the open game on March 3, he left due to muscle fatigue in his right shoulder.[132]On August 8, he underwent endoscopic "cleaning of the right shoulder joint lip and rotator cuff", "Bennet osteophyte resection", and "posterior capsule dissection".[133].

2016 May 10[134], The final race of the seasonTohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesIn the war, it was the only official pitching in the Softbank era that went up to the first army mound in about 2006 years since October 10, 7.This return pitch was reported in advance, and Rakuten directedMasataka NashidaIs also a former teammateMatsui KazuoTheHittingDeclare to participate in[135]It became a big topic.However, he gave Matsui a hit by pitch from the first pitch, and in one hit, he hit 1 hits, 3 hits by pitch, and 4 wild pitch, 1 runs (earned run 5).[136], The next day the XNUMXst Army registration was canceled[137]..However, in such a situation, Matsuzaka, who did not announce his retirement and suggested that he continue to be active, received a series of negative opinions from fans and team members.[138].. In 2016 offPuerto Rico Winter LeagueJoin in[139].

2017 He showed no hits and no runs in the open game against Hiroshima in the 7th inning, and was scheduled to start for the first time in the game against Orix on April 4, but he hurriedly avoided it due to an accident on his right shoulder.[140]..After that, even in the second army, he did not pitch in the actual battle and continued his rehabilitation life. The three-year contract expired in 2017, and the team once removed Matsuzaka from registration under control, and from 3Training playerIt was reported that Matsusaka refused to continue rehabilitation after concluding a contract or coach contract.[141]..Sports writerYuta IshidaCriticized Matsuzaka for signing a training player contract as "an idea that undermines professional pride."[142].. It was announced that Softbank will leave the group on November 11th.[143]..In the three years at Softbank, only one match in 3 was the first pitching.At the time of leaving the group, there was a coach offer from Softbank, but some reported that it declined[144], Matsuzaka after leaving the groupKiyoichiro OguraThere was no official offer from the coach in the conversation with, and thenDenny TomoriTelling that he was contacted by[145][146].

After announcing withdrawalShikoku Island League plus OfKochi Fighting DogsIt was later revealed that he was aiming to acquire Matsusaka and that the Taiwanese baseball team was in contact with Matsusaka, but it is unknown whether the story was conveyed to Matsusaka himself.[147].

Chunichi era

August 2017, 12,Chunichi DragonsAnnounced that they will conduct an enrollment test[148], June 2018, 1,Nagoya StadiumA completely private test was conducted at the indoor practice area of ​​Japan, and passed the test on the same day.Know Matsuzaka in the Seibu era as a coachMori ShigekazuThe director also encouraged, "I should do it until I finish it."[149].. The uniform number is "99'[150], Annual salary is estimated to be 1500 million yen plus one-year contract with piecework payment[151].. Registration was announced under control on January 1, and officially joined.[152].

2018 May 4th vs.Yomiuri GiantsIn the game, he pitched for the first time in the Japanese baseball world since the match against Lotte on September 2006, 9, and became a losing pitcher, but he scored 26 goals in the 5th inning (earned run 3) and played against Lotte on April 2.Yokohama DeNA Baystars戦でシーズン3度目の先発登板、6回を8四死球ながらも被安打3と要所を締めて押し出し四球の1失点に抑え、日本では2006年9月19日のソフトバンク戦以来4241日ぶりの勝利投手となった(MLBでの最終勝利は2014年6月10日のブルワーズ戦)。12年のブランクを経ての勝利はOka TomokazuIt became the longest record of the second place in history to succeed in 16 years. May 2,Nagoya city OfDepartment store,MatsuzakayaFrom the "Matsuzakaya Dragons Winners' Association" in "Heisei no Sho" to commemorate the first victory after the transferpure goldMadeoval(Weight 30g, equivalent to 30 yen) was presented.The oval is engraved with "Celebration first victory Daisuke Matsuzaka".This is because Matsuzakaya has the same "Matsuzakaya" connection, and he was thinking about planning from the time he joined the group. It ’s the first time for me to be real, ”he smiled.[153][154][155][156][157]..The Hanshin Tigers on the 20th of the same month (Nagoya Dome), With 6 goal in the 1th inning, the second win and 2 hits in 3 at bats were "first in the 2th year of the pro".Multi hitsWas reported[158]..In the All-Star Game fan vote, he was selected as the 2st place with a difference of about 15 votes from the 1nd place in the starting pitcher category of Se, and it was the first All-Star appearance in 12 years.[159], On July 7th of the same year, he started pitching with a schedule of 13 innings.All star gamesIn the first round, he dropped out with 1 runs (1 home runs) in the first inning.[160].. A classmate from Yokohama High School held on September 9ndG Taketoshi GotoIn the retirement game of Chunichi, only Matsuzaka remained and participated in the hoisting while the Chunichi players were withdrawn.

In the Softbank era, he could only pitch one game in three seasons, but after transferring to Chunichi, he appealed for a resurrection with 3 wins and 1 losses.Comeback awardWas awarded.One-shot sign for 6500 million yen, an increase of 8000 million due to contract renewal after the end of the season[161].Shota SuzukiIn the form of exchanging the uniform number with18Changed to.

2019 Breaks down his right shoulder at a spring camp[162], Spent the first half of the game in the second army.In the first army, he only pitched in two games, and on July 2, when he started, he had 7 hits and 27 runs in the first table.[163]It was a strict pitching content. The policy to leave the group on October 10 was announced[164].. Free contract announced on December 12nd[165].

Second Seibu era

On December 2019, 12, the acquisition was announced by Saitama Seibu Lions of the old nest[166].. After returning for the first time in 14 years, the uniform number is16Has been decided.

2020 TheCOVID-19Due to the spread of the infection, the start of the season was delayed, and on June 6, he pitched in a practice game with Chunichi and kept the number of runs to zero, but eventually he was not a member of the opening team. Announced on July 7 that he had undergone spinal endoscopic cervical spine surgery to combat neck pain and numbness in his right hand.[167]..I never participated in the game this year.

2021 Also, due to the numbness of his right hand, both the 7st and 7nd armies announced their retirement from active duty on July XNUMXth without actually pitching.[168][169].. Vs scheduled for October 10thHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersUniform number in retirement match with18[Note 3]It was decided to wear and climb the board, and the change of uniform number was announced on October 10th.[170].. It is decided that a retirement match will be held on October 10th against the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters at the home base MetLife Dome.Before the match on the day, all Seibu Nine wore special T-shirts with Matsuzaka's pitching photos and went to practice.[171]..In the match that was greeted, he started pitching and was a junior at Yokohama High School.Kensuke KondoHe threw 5 balls and walked to get off the mound.The fastest of the day is 118km / h[172]..After the match, he went around the ground and thanked the fans.Hideki Kuriyama, Yokohama High School junior Kondo,Daiki Asama,Yuto Takahama,Chusei MannamiAppeared.After shaking hands with each person, he was enrolled in Seibu until the middle of this year.Kimura BunkiShake hands with each other.At the end, along with Seibu Nine, Nippon-Ham Kimura and Yokohama High School OB joined the circle on the mound, and they were raised five times and left the ground while responding to the crackling applause of the fans.[173].

Hiroku OkuboAccording to the report, the condition of the spine was dizzy and it was difficult to walk. "That baseball lover, Daisuke Matsuzaka, who is trying to give back, skips himself, and there is no 100% spoiling." He explained that he was in a situation where he could no longer even practice.[174].

Characteristics as a player


Has a stable lower body that can continue to hold the arms even at the finish[175]..The throwing form comes out of the motion that takes a break during the windupThree Quarter[176],quickIs very fast in the 1.0 second range[21]..Average ball speed 2007mph (about 2010km / h) from 91.8 to 147.7 in the Red Sox[177], The fastest 97mph (about 156km / h)Fastball(Fastball,Two seams,One seam[178]), And several types with different ball speedsslider(Slave[179][180],Cut ball, Several typesChange up(Circle change,Split changeな ど[181][182]), RarelySplitter,curveIn many cases, the slider that changes vertically was used to strike out.[183].

At a high speed ball of 155km / h in the first pitching game of a Japanese professionalAtsushi KataokaThe scene that struck out from is said to be one of the famous episodes after becoming a professional in Matsusaka.[13][184]Regarding the fastball that recorded an average ball speed of about 1km / h from the first year of this professional, "The ideal ball is 146km / h with only a difference of 5km / h between the initial speed and the final speed. If such a ball is thrown, another changing ball I don't think I need one, though. "[184]From the 4th year onward, the grip of the four seam fastball will be narrowed between the fingers, and the usage of the lower body and the swing of the arm will be changed to increase the sharpness while being aware of the beautiful vertical rotation and strong spin.[184]..Even after transferring to the Red Sox, he recorded an average ball speed of 2010mph (about 91.8km / h) until 147.7, and in 2010 he pitched mainly on fastballs.[185]He was evaluated by his teammates as "the best ball player in four major years."[186].

However, after returning from Tommy John surgery in 2012, the average ball speed is 90.1mph (about 145km / h) and the fastest is 95mph.[187]The pitching speed dropped to (about 153km / h), and the pitching ratio of the curve was increased to make the pitching style slower and slower.[188][189][190][191]..After returning from surgery on the right shoulder labrum in 2016, the ball power has dropped further, and the ball speed remains at 147 km / h at the fastest.[192].

The well hit rate (the rate at which the batter hit a good hit regardless of out or hit) and the missed strike rate left excellent numbers, and the quality of the ball was evaluated to be at a high level even in the majors.[193], There is a difficulty in the command of the fastball (ability to throw at the target spot)[194], High walk rate. From 2006 to 2010, there was no major change in pitching behavior other than the slightly narrowed stride.[195], The head moves at the release point[176]It was pointed out that the lower half of the body was not stable and the vertical movement was intense, which caused the extreme of control.[196].

He has abundant stamina and often records the number of pitches that greatly exceeds 150 pitches.[197].

Ogura, a high school leader, said that Matsuzaka remembered the fastball quickly and had poor control of the fastball.[198]..It was also a type that made shoulders very quickly.[199].

After returning to the Japanese ball world, it was said that he turned to the artisan because the ratio of throwing straight balls decreased, but Matsuzaka is negative about that.[200].

However, Katsuya Nomura has described Matsusaka as a skillful group rather than a full-fledged group since joining the group.[201].

Gyroball controversy

Before and after the Red Sox transfer, Major League Scout "Matsuzaka isGyro ballRumors of "throwing" become a hot topic[202][203].

At first, he said about the gyroball, "I don't know what is called a gyro."[204]Actually, it was a cut ball that was one of the characteristics of the ball.[205]At the beginning of the Red Sox transfer, he answered, "I should make you think there is."[206].

Defensive / Blow

Excellent fielding[207][208],NPBOf the 8 years of enrollment (Seibu era), in all 7 years of qualificationGolden Grab Award(I was not qualified for the award only in 2002 due to the lack of pitches and games). MLB era is total up to 2014DRSIt has recorded -9.Matsuzaka laterKiyoichiro OguraIn a conversation with Ogura, he answered that he should have focused on throwing after becoming a professional because Ogura thoroughly prepared fielding, checking, quick, etc. in high school, and I am grateful to Ogura.[209].

I profess that I like batting[184], In the Seibu era, batting practice was also incorporated into training for a change of mood, but after transferring to the Red SoxInterleagueI was only allowed to practice batting at times[210].

In high school, there was a time when he was in the batting order of No. 4, and he recorded 14 home runs in total in high school. August 2000, 8OryxIn the battle, he appeared as a pinch hitter in the scene of bases loaded with two outs in the 9th inning.Satoshi KuriyamaからFoulHe hit the 7th ball in front of the midfielder and scored 2 RBIs.[211].2002 Japan SeriesThen, of the director at that timeHaru IharaPuts the pitcher in 8th place and puts the 9th batter in the same seasonHiroyuki TakagiAlthough it was suggested that it should be done, Matsuzaka was made to hit No. 7. June 2006, 6Sep-pa Exchange Battle-HanshinBattle (Koshien) Then, in the 8th inning, in the scene of second base and third baseDarwin CubianHit a high ball of 150km / h and hit a 2-point home run[212].. After the enforcement of the DH system, the Pacific LeaguepitcherIt was the fourth record for the person.June 4, 2007 after the Red Sox transferArizona DiamondbacksIn battleRandy Johnson2 at bats and 2 strikeouts from June 6San Diego PadresEven in battleGreg MadduxBoth of the two at-bats fell to the infield grounder against the opponent, and the regular season of the first year ended without hits.But,World seriesRound 3RockiesIn the battle, in the scene of the third inning with two dead basesJosh FoggHe hit his first ball and recorded his first hit after a major transfer, scoring two RBIs.The Red Sox pitcher scored two RBIs in the World SeriesSai Young,Babe RuthIt was the third person in history.In 3, after returning to the Japanese baseball world, he recorded multiple hits.


Honest, sarcastic and friendly personality[213].

Childhood friend in the same generationEiichi Oyano[214], High school teammateMasaaki Koike,Taketoshi Goto,Yoshio Koyama[215], Seibu Synchronous joiningShogo Akada[216], Have been competing since high schoolHiraishi Yosuke[217][218],Shuichi MurataGet close to each other[219]..In seniorsDenny Tomori[220],Takashi Ishii[221],Kazuyuki HoashiClose to[222]..Other celebrities threw each other at Koshien in high schoolNippon TVannouncer OfSatoshi Kamishige[223], I built a battery with my seniors in high schoolAn actor OfUechi Yusuke[224], Of the actorTsumabuki Satoshi[225],EXILE OfATSUSHIClose to[226].

The pitchers I admire are seniors from Edogawa Minami Senior and Yokohama High School.Kosuke Matsui..Matsui described Matsuzaka as "a cute junior who greets me even after more than 25 years since I was in high school. I think I was able to build a generation because I am the type of person who is liked by people." "Daisuke Matsuzaka's respected person." But I respect him. I have a longing for him, because he's a great pitcher. "[227].

When he joined Seibu, a social phenomenon called "Daisuke Fever" occurred, and the Kochi camp was packed with more than 1 fans aiming for Matsuzaka on Sundays and public holidays.At the scene of fear of confusion, a colleague with a similar body shapeShinji YanakaWore Matsuzaka's uniform and became a shadow warrior, and Matsuzaka was moving from another mouth in that gap.[228].

The match against DeNA (Yokohama) held on September 2018, 9 is a retirement match between Yokohama High School and Seibu era teammate Taketoshi Goto, and Matsuzaka presented a bouquet with his high school teammate Masaaki Koike. , Hugged and shook hands.In addition, when Goto goes around the ground, Matsusaka watches from the third base bench and participates in the final hoisting.[229].

I was watching one Matsuzaka pitch at the Nippon-Ham Fighter on April 1999, 4, which was my first professional pitch.Tetsuya ShiozakiSaid, "I can't beat it nine times at that pace," but Matsuzaka replied, "It's okay, because I only threw the last ball," and finally eight times. And recorded his first professional victory with 9 and 1 strikeouts.[230].

In April 2012, I had been competing since high school in the same gradeHiroaki OnishiWhen he heard that he had opened a yakiniku restaurant after his retirement, he immediately sent him a Red Sox era uniform.After that, it is displayed in the glass case inside the store.[231].

Matsuzaka generation

Daisuke Matsuzaka and the players of the same grade have all the talents who are active professionally, mainly pitchers.Matsuzaka generation"It is called.

Detailed information

Pitcher results by year


Every time











A person




1999Seibu25246201650--. 762743180.01241487181515255522.601.17
200027246201471--. 667727167.21321295141442085743.971.35
20013332122115150--. 5001004240.1184271171821491104963.601.25
20021411200620--. 75030273.160131517782130303.681.02
200329278211670--. 696801194.01651363292154071612.831.17
2004231910501060--. 625601146.0127742061275050472.901.16
200528281533141300. 519868215.017213490102269063552.301.03
20062525132217500. 773722186.11381334032005050442.130.92
2007BOS3232101151200. 555874204.21912580113201501001004.401.32
2008292900018300. 857716167.21281294171545058542.901.32
200912120004600. 40028359.181103012548038385.761.87
201025250009600. 600664153.21371374181334084804.691.37
2011870003300. 50016737.13242301260024225.301.47
201211110001700. 12521545.258112003413043428.281.71
2013NYM770003300. 50016638.23241605330021194.421.24
20143490003313. 50035983.16265056786038363.891.34
2018Chunichi11110006400. 60025355.15053205511025233.741.48
2019220000100. 000325.1120203200101016.882.63
NPB: 12219204721871146510. 63760641464.1116711753966514104345484943.041.17
MLB: 8158132101564313. 5663444790.1721853879457203104063914.451.40
  • Of each yearTaiziIs the best league

MLB postseason pitcher results


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ALCS221100. 500429.2121201920665.591.45
Participation: 2 times773100. 75016335.23941701334019194.791.57
  • At the end of the 2020 season

Pitcher results at WBC


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A person





  • Most wins: 3 times (1999-2001) * For 3 consecutive yearsHideo NomoSecond place in the Pacific League after Nomo, second place in history for the third consecutive year since the newcomer
  • Best defense rate: Twice (2, 2003) * For the second consecutive yearKazuhisa InaoSecond place in the Pacific League after Thailand
  • Most strikeout: 4 times (2000, 2001, 2003, 2005)




NPB first record
Pitcher record
  • First pitching, first start, first victory, first start victory: April 1999, 4, vs.Nippon Ham Fighters2rd round (Tokyo Dome), 8 hits 5 hits 2 goal
  • First strikeout: Same as above, one behindTatsuya Ideから
  • First complete pitch: June 1999, 4, vs.Osaka Kintetsu Buffaloes2rd round (Seibu Dome), 9th inning, 3 hits, 2 runs, defeated pitcher
  • First complete throw victory/First closed victory: June 1999, 4, vs.Chiba Lotte MarinesRound 4 (Seibu Dome)
  • First save: May 2000, 5, 9th round against Chiba Lotte Marines (Seibu Dome), rescue pitched and completed as 6nd in the 7th inning, 2 innings no runs
Hit record
NPB milestone record
  • 1000 Throws: September 2004, 9, vsFukuoka Daiei Hawks25rd round (Fukuoka Dome), 7rd inningArakane HisaoAchieved with a strikeout *299th person in history
  • 1000 Strikeout: August 2005, 5, 18th round against the Hanshin Tigers (Hanshin Koshien Stadium)Tomonori KanemotoFrom ※ 114th person in history
  • 100 wins: April 2006, 6, vs.Yokohama Bay Stars4th round (Invoice SEIBU Dome), 9th inning, 3 hits, 3 runs * 120th person in history (achievement in 191st game is the fastest record since the introduction of the draft system)
NPB and other records
Record of total NPB/MLB milestone
  • 2000 strikeouts: April 2014, 4 (20st Japan time)

Uniform number

  • 18(1999-2012, 2015-2017, 2019, October 2021, 10-End of the same year)
  • 16(2013-2014, 2020-July 2021, 10)
  • 99(2018)

Appearance song

Representative history

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  2. ^ Director Watanabe and Director Ogura were planning to enter Yokohama, where multiple OBs are enrolled in the local team.[11].
  3. ^ When returning to SeibuShinsaburo TawadaWas wearing number 18, but by signing a training contract off 2020 and changing to number 118, this year was a vacant number from the start.


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