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⚾ | "Three referees are also judges" Fan confusion due to double play in "simultaneous frequent occurrence" judgment "more than 3 seconds to understand"

Leonys Martin of Lotte showing a bitter smile on the first base [Image: Parsol Pacific League TV]

"Three referees are also judges" Fans are confused by double play in "simultaneous occurrence" judgment "more than 3 seconds to understand"

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When the official YouTube channel of "Parsol Pacific League TV" released this situation in a video, "I saw it locally but I did not understand at all" "I still do not understand" "Three referees are also required to judge "It's confusing, isn't it?" "It's complicated in the first place, and all of them are delicate judgments, so it's more confusing."

Stolen base death → Double play completed by strikeout judgment "I'm more confused" ■ Lotte 2-1 Seibu (18th, MetLife) [Video ... → Continue reading


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