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⚾ | "No one dislikes being called the Matsuzaka generation" The source of the bonds of the generation revealed by coach Taka and Hiraishi

Photo: Seibu and Daisuke Matsuzaka wearing their own retirement commemorative T-shirt and sweating [Photo: Yuji Arakawa]

"No one dislikes being called the Matsuzaka generation." The source of the bonds of the generation revealed by coach Taka and Hiraishi

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That's why everyone likes Daisuke and I don't think he's called the Matsuzaka generation.

"First of all, he showed me in baseball, and he got a lot of attention, but there was Daisuke who didn't change even in private." → Continue reading


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Matsuzaka generation

Matsuzaka generation(Matsuzashidai)Daisuke MatsuzakaIs in the same grade as1980 May 4から1981 May 4The generation of JapanProfessional baseball playerA word that collectively refers to.In addition, although they did not eventually become professional baseball players, celebrities who played with them in high school baseball and college baseball are often referred to as the "Matsuzaka generation."[1][2].



Daisuke MatsuzakaYokohama High SchoolAs the ace of70th Selected High School Baseball Tournament-The 80rd National High School Baseball ChampionshipPlayed an active part in1998 Is known for the appearance of many excellent high school baseball players in addition to Matsuzaka.College baseball-Adult baseballMany athletes, including those who have experienced, entered the pros and played an active role. Especially the players who participated in Koshien,Tokyo Roku University Baseball Federation,Toto University Baseball FederationSince there were a lot of players who were active as ace since junior high school in the famous league, and also produced excellent human resources in other sports athletes and the entertainment world,1980 May 4 - 1981 May 4It was named after Matsuzaka, who was particularly active in the media for the born person.Matsuzaka generationIt came to be called.

In the past, in the Japanese professional baseball world, it was common to use the number of the birth year as the “Showa XX year group”, and when the players themselves formed the organization, the birth year was also used. It uses the name "Showa XX year party" and the Matsuzaka generation also organizes "Showa 55 year party".[3].

Reaction to being called "Matsuzaka generation"

There are different ways of thinking about being grouped together in this word by each player who is a party.Takeshi WadaSaid that he was treated as "a lot of others" when he was in high school, and that he was happy to be reported as one of the "Matsuzaka Generation" in his second year of college.[4].. As a prominent example of refusalYomiuri Giants"Please call the Matsuzaka generation player of our team 80's".Tomoyuki Kubota"Isn't it just like Matsuzaka? There's no connection just for the same age," he expressly expresses as uncomfortable.Aragaki NagisaSaid, "I'll show you the Aragaki generation someday," and many players don't like being categorized as the "Matsuzaka generation."

However, the repulsive players also changed their posture after they withdrew from the competition, and when Kubota retired and turned into a scout, he saw Matsuzaka who participated in the Chunichi camp and said, "I Even after retiring, he is still called "Matsuzaka Generation". He is also a hero for me. I want him to be resurrected. "[5]Aragaki also commented on his remarks after his retirement.ShogunI feel like I was able to set a goal for the first time after playing against Daisuke. "" (High school baseball life) I think Daisuke was the motivation to overcome the rigors of the last winter. "[6]He said that it was a word that came out of his rivalry with Matsuzaka, and said, "What are you talking about now? I don't want to be called the Aragaki generation. I want to escape from that pressure."[4].

Yokohama Bay StarsThen, I was a high school teammateMasaaki KoikeIt was sometimes called the "Koike generation" after the name of. If Wada dares to call it by another name, it would be "Yoshimoto generation"Ryo YoshimotoIn response, Arakaki also said, "Yoshimoto is the organizer of the Matsuzaka generation. Everyone listens to what they say."[4].

Last big game

Even players of the same age will have different professional careers due to differences in the number of years they spend in amateur baseball. As the players of the Matsuzaka generation became professional one after another, and the word ``Matsuzaka generation'' was established, when the players of the Matsuzaka generation who had a long track record in amateurs attracted attention as draft candidates and were active as newcomers.Matsuzaka's last big gameThe term "" has come to be used.

Including Matsuzaka himself1998 draft conferenceThe players nominated in and those who have already entered the university in the active grades were promoted to the 4th grade.2002 draft conferenceThere is no evidence that this designation was used by the athletes nominated in. The player who was called "the last big game" for the first time2004 draft conferenceNominated byKubo YasutomoIs. Kubo has been attracting attention as a runner-up pitcher in the selection competition since high school, but after graduating from high school, he advanced to adult baseball and became a professional after six years, so he was called the "last big game". .

after that2007 draft conferenceNow, after having graduated from university, I have an amateur track record since KuboMLBWas playing inSeveral TadanoWas nominated again, so this designation was used again. Matsuzaka generation's last professional entry was the following year,2008 draft conferenceNominated byTakeshi Morita.

Athletes of the Matsuzaka generation

94 players were enrolled in Japanese professional baseball (excluding foreign players).Among them, the active players belonging to the NPB baseball teamDaisuke Matsuzaka(Saitama Seibu Lions)WhenTakeshi Wada(Fukuoka Softbank Hawks) With two pitchers[7], Matsusaka2021 Announced to retire from active duty for the season only[8].

In the 2014 season, 47%, or nearly half, were active if they were limited to "Koshien players."[9].

At the end of the 2020 seasonMeikyukaiIt is "overestimated" even in light of the fact that there are no players who have entered, and the reduction of the burden of starting pitchers has come into consideration.Mengiki EmotoSome experts give a low rating, such as[10]..The total record holders who are closest to the conditions for entering the Meikyukai are as follows.Hits: Shuichi Murata 1865, Victory: Daisuke Matsuzaka 170 (114 + US 56), Save: Kyuji Fujikawa 245 (243 + US 2).

TaiziIs an active player (MLB and other overseas leagues, independent leagues in Japan, including players who are currently in adult baseball).

Joined in 1999

Player namepositionDate of BirthHigh schoolJoining teamTransfer (player history only)Retirement year
Katsuaki FurukiOutfielderNovemberToyota Otani High SchoolYokohamaOryxHawaii Stars2013 [Note 1]
Naoki KanagawaOutfielderNovemberSanyo High School 2001
Masaaki KoikeOutfielderNovemberYokohama High SchoolChunichi → DeNA2013
Kawazoe UniversitypitcherNovemberKyoei High SchoolChunichi 2002
Tetsuro YaguchipitcherNovemberSaitama Prefectural Omiya East High School 2005
Ken KatocatcherNovemberNiigata Prefectural Shibata Agricultural High School巨人 2016
Masatoshi YasuharapitcherNovemberChuo Gakuin High School 2002
Junya SakaipitcherNovemberShimane Prefectural Yagami High School 2013 [Note 2]
Katsutoshi IshidopitcherNovemberAichi Institute of Technology Meiden High SchoolYakult 2007
Usami MakitaOutfielderNovemberAsahikawa Business High School 2009
Kazumasa TakahashipitcherNovemberMeitoku Gijuku High School 2005 [Note 3]
Yuki TannopitcherNovemberSendai City Sendai High School 2002
Teruhiro HigashideInfielderNovemberTsuruga Kebi High SchoolHiroshima 2015
Takamitsu IoOutfielderNovemberFukuoka Prefectural Higashichiku High School 2012
Shuhei YanopitcherNovemberMiyazaki Prefectural Takanabe High School 2004
Daisuke SakaipitcherNovemberKasugaoka High School 2014 [Note 4]
Fujikawa KojipitcherNovemberKochi City Kochi Commercial High SchoolHanshinCubsRangersKochi Fighting Dogs → Hanshin2020
Yuya TeradaInfielderNovemberShizuoka Prefectural Shizuoka High School(Italian version2005
Daisuke MatsuzakapitcherNovemberYokohama High SchoolSeibuRed SoxMetsSoftbank → Chunichi → Seibu2021 [Note 5]
Shogo AkadaOutfielderNovemberNichinan Gakuen High SchoolOrix → Nippon Ham2014
Kazunari MinorumatsucatcherNovemberSaga Gakuen High SchoolNippon HamGiant → Nippon-Ham2019
Morimoto rareOutfielderNovemberTeikyo High SchoolYokohama/DeNA → Seibu2015
Ryo YoshimotoInfielderNovemberKyushu Gakuin High SchoolDaieiSoftbank → Yakult2011
Shinsuke OgurapitcherNovemberFukuoka Institute of Technology High SchoolSoftbank2012
Koji YamasakiInfielderNovemberOsaka Sangyo University High SchoolKintetsuOrix → Hiroshima → Orix → Seibu → Rakuten2015
Hironori FujisakipitcherNovemberMiyazaki Daiichi High SchoolRakuten2007
Takuya MatsumotopitcherNovemberJapan Aviation High School 2003
Ryota MatsuhiracatcherNovemberNarashino Municipal Narashino High School 2002
Shiro TeramotopitcherNovemberMeitoku Gijuku High SchoolLotte 2006

Joined in 2000

Player namepositionDate of BirthHigh schoolJoining teamTransfer (player history only)Retirement year
Mizuki TanakaInfielderNovemberYanagawa High SchoolDaieiSoftbank → Lotte2006

Joined in 2001

Player namepositionDate of BirthHigh schoolJoining teamTransfer (player history only)Retirement year
Keisuke MizutaInfielderNovemberOsaka Toin High SchoolSeibuHanshin → Chunichi → YakultActive duty[Note 6]
Fukui TsuyoshipitcherNovemberOsaka Toin High School 2004

Joined in 2002

Player namepositionDate of BirthHigh schoolJoining teamTransfer (player history only)Retirement year
Masami IshikawapitcherNovemberGunma Prefectural Fujioka High School巨人Unification2004
Toshiya SugiuchipitcherNovemberKagoshima Business High SchoolDaieiSoftbank → Giant2018
Kazuhiro TogashipitcherNovemberNiigata Prefectural Shibata Agricultural High SchoolNippon Ham 2004

Joined in 2003

 positionDate of BirthHigh schoolGraduating schoolJoining teamTransfer (player history only)Retirement year
Hiroshi KisanukipitcherNovemberKagoshima Prefectural Kawauchi High SchoolAsia University巨人Orix → Nippon-Ham2015
Yuya KubopitcherNovemberOki Gakuen High SchoolTokai UniversityDeNA → Rakuten2020
Kenji YanoOutfielderNovemberKokugakuin University Kugayama High SchoolKokugakuin UniversityNippon Ham2018
Hisahiko IrinocatcherNovemberEnokawa High SchoolFukuoka UniversityRakuten2005
Shohei TateyamapitcherNovemberNihon University Fujisawa High SchoolNihon UniversityYakult 2019
Toshiro TakahashicatcherNovemberShinjo East High SchoolIshinomaki Senshu University 2006
Takanori KomoripitcherNovemberYokohama College of Commerce High SchoolTokyo University of Agriculture 2005
UedaisukepitcherNovemberShinko High School Shinko High SchoolRyukoku UniversityChunichi 2005 [Note 7]
Masato KobayashipitcherNovemberKiryu Daiichi High SchoolTokai University 2014
Makoto MinatogawaInfielderNovemberToho High SchoolKeio University(Italian version2014 [Note 8]
Naohisa SugiyamapitcherNovemberKyoto Prefectural Higashi Maizuru High SchoolRyukoku UniversityHanshinToyama Thunderbirds2012
Hitoshi EgusapitcherNovemberYanjin High SchoolSenshu UniversitySeibu → Hiroshima2017
Tomoyuki KubotapitcherNovemberSaitama Prefectural Namegawa High SchoolTokiwa University 2014
Takateru IshinopitcherNovemberNumazu Gakuen High School 兄弟 → Kochi Fighting Dogs2009
Katsuhiro NagakawapitcherNovemberHiroshima Shinjo High SchoolAsia UniversityHiroshima 2019
Tomoya SayashiOutfielderNovemberHotoku Gakuen High SchoolTokai University 2010
Shuichi MurataInfielderNovemberHigashi Fukuoka High SchoolNihon UniversityYokohamaGiant → Tochigi Golden Braves2018
Ryutaro DoipitcherNovemberKochi High SchoolHosei UniversityLotte2007
Kono YuugeOutfielderNovemberSaitama Prefectural Sayama Seiryo High SchoolHosei University 2008
Ken TsutsuuchipitcherNovemberMiyazaki Nihon University High SchoolNihon University 2007
Kimura ShogoInfielderNovemberJinsei Gakuen High SchoolAichi Gakuin UniversityHiroshima → Seibu2017
Taketoshi GotoInfielderNovemberYokohama High SchoolHosei UniversitySeibuYokohama2018
Shuichiro NagatapitcherNovemberKamakura Gakuen High SchoolKeio UniversityYokohama → Niigata Albirex BC2017
Onodera RikipitcherNovemberSaitama Prefectural Konosu High SchoolTokiwa UniversityYakult2012
Tatsuyuki UemotocatcherNovemberYamaguchi Prefectural Ube Commercial High School  2017
Hiroaki OnishiOutfielderNovemberPL Gakuen High SchoolKinki UniversityKintetsuORIX → Yokohama → SoftBank2011
Takeshi WadapitcherNovemberShimane Prefectural Hamada High SchoolWaseda UniversityDaieiSoftbank → Cubs → SoftbankActive duty
Aragaki NagisapitcherNovemberOkinawa Prefectural Okinawa Fisheries High SchoolKyushu Kyoritsu UniversitySoftbank → Yakult2016
Ryuji OhnocatcherNovemberHigashi Fukuoka High SchoolNihon UniversitySoftbank2007
Inamine HonorInfielderNovemberOkinawa Prefectural Okinawa Fisheries High SchoolTokyo University of AgricultureSoftbank2007
Eiichi OyanoInfielderNovemberSoka High SchoolSoka UniversityNippon HamOryx2018
Toshimasa KondaOutfielderNovemberToyama Prefectural Takaoka Commercial High SchoolKokushikan UniversityGiant → Nippon-Ham2012
Daisuke KatopitcherNovemberKyushu International University High SchoolKanagawa UniversityOryxRakuten2013
Toshiya NakajimaOutfielderNovemberFukuoka Institute of Technology High SchoolKyushu International UniversityRakuten2014

Joined in 2004

 positionDate of BirthHigh schoolGraduating schoolJoining teamTransfer (player history only)Retirement year
Haruki SugiyamapitcherNovemberIbaraki Prefectural Ryugasaki Daiichi High SchoolSenshu UniversitySeibu 2006
Yusuke KuritapitcherNovemberChiba Prefectural Chiba Technical High SchoolChiba Institute of TechnologyKintetsuOrix → Kono2007

Joined in 2005

 positionDate of BirthHigh schoolGraduating schoolJoining teamTransfer (player history only)Retirement year
Takato KudoOutfielderNovemberAomori Prefectural Hirosaki Business High SchoolAomori UniversityNippon HamGiant → Lotte → Chunichi2018
Kubo YasutomopitcherNovemberKansai University First High School LotteHanshin → DeNA → Sugar Land SkeetersLeon Bravos2019 [Note 9]
Naotaka TakeharaOutfielderNovemberKansai High SchoolJosai UniversityOrix → Seibu2016
Yukihiro MitsuharapitcherNovemberHotoku Gakuen High SchoolKyoto Sangyo UniversityOryxLotte2012
Hiraishi YosukeOutfielderNovemberPL Gakuen High SchoolDoshisha UniversityRakuten 2011
YutapitcherNovemberUeda Nishi High SchoolDaito Bunka UniversityChunichi 2016
Yoshio KoyamacatcherNovemberYokohama High SchoolAsia University 2008
Kentaro HashimotopitcherNovemberKyoto Prefectural Kumiyama High SchoolTohoku Fukushi UniversityHanshinLotte2013

Joined in 2006

 positionDate of BirthHigh schoolGraduating schoolJoining teamTransfer (player history only)Retirement year
Taichi YoshimicatcherNovemberKyoto Seisho High SchoolRitsumeikan UniversitySeibu 2010
Seno KensakupitcherNovemberOsaka Physical Education University Nansho High SchoolOsaka University of Physical EducationOryx 2007
Keiji KoyamacatcherNovemberAkita Economic Law University High SchoolAkita University of Economics and LawNippon HamChunichi → Rakuten2015
Hoshino YachihopitcherNovemberNagano Prefecture Maruko Business High SchoolGifu Shotoku Gakuen University 2009
Hisami KitanipitcherNovemberOmi High SchoolTohoku Fukushi UniversityRakuten 2017 [Note 10]
Naoki MitsuhashipitcherNovemberHigh schoolKanto Gakuin UniversityYokohamaToyama Thunderbirds2010
Brie heartInfielderNovemberHiroshima Prefectural Miyoshi High SchoolKomazawa UniversityHiroshima 2019 [Note 11]
Hiroyuki IidapitcherNovemberYamaguchi Prefectural Kudamatsu Technical High SchoolTokuyama University 2007

Joined in 2007

 positionDate of BirthHigh schoolGraduating schoolJoining teamTransfer (player history only)Retirement year
Yukio MatsumotopitcherNovemberIkuei High School LotteOryx2013 [Note 12]
Naoto WatanabeInfielderNovemberIbaraki Prefectural Ushiku High SchoolJosai UniversityRakutenYokohama/DeNA → Seibu → Rakuten2020
Atsushi KinugawacatcherNovemberDaishogakuen High SchoolGifu Shotoku Gakuen UniversityYakult 2011
Kanamori HisaopitcherNovemberTsuruga Kebi High SchoolSoka UniversityRakuten 2007

Joined in 2008

 positionDate of BirthHigh schoolGraduating schoolJoining teamTransfer (player history only)Retirement year
Several TadanopitcherNovemberYachiyo Shoin High SchoolRikkyo UniversityNippon Ham(Before joining Nippon Ham)IndiansTokushima Indigo Socks
(After leaving Nippon Ham)Ishikawa Million Stars

Joined in 2009

 positionDate of BirthHigh schoolGraduating schoolJoining teamTransfer (player history only)Retirement year
Takeshi MoritaInfielderNovemberYamanashi Gakuin University High School Rakuten(Before joining Rakuten)Elmira PioneersKagawa Olive Gainers2012 [Note 13]

Celebrity corresponding to Matsuzaka generation

 positionDate of BirthHigh schoolGraduating schoolRemarks
Daiki TanakaInfielderNovemberHyogo Prefectural Ono High SchoolKeio University
Satoshi KamishigepitcherNovemberPL Gakuen High SchoolRikkyo UniversityI threw each other at Matsuzaka and Koshien in the summer (PL school vs Yokohama 17 timesSee. )


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