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⚾ | 17-year Dora 1 Yoshizumi, who is out of the hawk force, announces his retirement from active duty "I will retire from baseball, which I started in elementary school."

Photo: Softbank Haruto Yoshizumi, who received a notification from outside the force [Photo: Yusuke Fukutani]

17 years out of hawk force Dora 1 Yoshizumi announces retirement from active duty "I will retire from baseball that started from elementary school"

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He re-contracted as a training player and was playing this season.

On his own Instagram, "Thanks to your support, I was able to continue playing baseball." From Softbank, the strength ... → Continue reading


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Training player system

Training player system(Ikusei Senshu Seido) is a system in which young players are mainly assigned for the purpose of training players.Players to whom this system appliesTraining playerCall.


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