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⚽ | U-22 Japan National Team announces members for Asian Cup qualifying (2021/10/19)


U-22 Japan National Team announces members for Asian Cup qualifying (2021/10/19)

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Both venues will be J Village Stadium in Japan.

On the 19th, the Japan Football Association (JFA) will release members for the AFC U-23 Asian Cup qualifiers this month ... → Continue reading


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J Village

J Village(Jay Village)FukushimaHamadoriSouth,FutabaNaraha Town,Hirono TownLocated acrossサ ッ カ ーSports training facility for such people.Japanese soccer worldfirstNational Training Center.

1997 Opened.Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentAs a result, the sports facility was completely closed from March 2011, 3 to June 15, 2013, and was a base for responding to the nuclear accident managed by the government.[1][2]..After that, the activity was closed as a training facility, but it was partially reopened from July 2018, 7.On September 28th of the same year, the new all-weather driving range began to be used.[3].


TEPCOWas constructed by investing a total construction cost of 130 billion yen as one of the regional promotion projects in the area where the nuclear power plant is located, and was donated to Fukushima Prefecture.[5]so,Japan Football Association (JFA),Japan Professional Soccer LeagueIt is operated and managed by J Village Co., Ltd. (former company name: Japan Football Village Co., Ltd.), which was established with the investment of (J League), Fukushima Prefecture, and Tokyo Electric Power Company.The successive presidents of J-Village Co., Ltd.Fukushima Governor, Vice President is JFA Director and TEPCOOfficer (Director or Managing Executive Officer)Serves.The vice president of the JFA board is in charge of the actual operation supervision.[1][5], The current vice president is formerShonan BellmareDirector'sEiji Ueda[6].

The name of "J Village" is formerEngland national teamManchester UnitedKnown as a famous playerBobby charltonNamed by[7].

JFA's first training schoolJFA Academy FukushimaHowever, the base has been moved to Shizuoka Prefecture since 2011, and the resumption of activities at J-Village is scheduled for April 2021 and the full return to J-Village is scheduled for April 4.JFA Academy Fukushima # Temporary evacuationSee).Also onceJapan Women's Soccer LeagueParticipated in (Nadeshiko League)TEPCO Women's Soccer Club Marize(TEPCO Mareeze, active until 2010)J Village StadiumWas used as a home stadium.

Besides soccerrugby,American Football,Lacrosse,Table tennis,basketball,volleyball,badminton,cheer leadingTraining camps such as are also possible.This also applies to accommodation and eating and drinking, and general visitors can use fitness clubs and restaurants, as well as corporate employee training and business guests' accommodation, which are not related to sports.Until March 2011, before the temporary closure, a total of about 3 million people used and about 100 people stayed.[5].

NovemberTokyo OlympicsThe starting point of the torchbearer.

In 2022, the location and neighboring local governments (Naraha Town, Hirono Town, Namie Town)Momoiro Clover ZWill be invited to hold the first solo concert there. (Due to the impact of the new coronavirus infection, the event was changed from the original schedule for 2020 to 2022.)[8] [9][10].


The 49ha site has a total of 8 pitches, including 1 natural turfs (including J-Village Stadium), 2 all-weather (indoor) artificial turf, and 11 outdoor artificial turfs.Japan national football team,J LeagueIt is used as a training camp facility for a wide range of people, from top teams such as clubs to grass soccer clubs.Taking advantage of the fact that it has accommodation and training facilities, it is an important base in the Japanese soccer world, which is also used for training programs for referees and instructors.Overseas teams can also use it,2002 FIFA World CupIn case ofArgentina national teamBut,Rugby World Cup 2019Also whenArgentina national teamSet up a camp here.

In addition, as a match venue for official regional-level games, taking advantage of its large scaleJapan Club Youth Soccer Championship (U-18) Tournament,Japan Club Youth Soccer Championship (U-15) Tournament,All Japan Youth Soccer Tournament,J Youth CupIt is widely used as a venue for national competitions such as.

Competition facility

  • Stadium (described later)
  • Natural turf field-Night lighting on 7 of 2 natural turf pitches
  • All-weather field soccer practice field-Indoor artificial turf pitch
  • Training field-Artificial turf pitch 1 side, all-weather 400m track 4 lanes, rugby pole, night lighting
  • Covered practice area-Artificial turf pitch half size 1 side
  • Futsal pitch
    • 2 artificial turfs-night lighting
    • Urethane 2 sides-with stand
  • 1 sand pitch
  • Tennis Court-One hard court, night lighting
  • Fitness building
    • Heated pool-25m x 4 courses
    • Machine training gym
    • Indoor arena

Other Facilities

  • Center Building- Western food compass groupIs outsourced management.
    • Guest room (hotel) --Approximately 200 rooms including the accommodation building, accommodating 470 people
    • Convention Hall-162 seats, 150-inch large monitor
    • Restaurants
      • The chef of the restaurant "Alpine Rose", Yoshiteru Nishi, is still accompanying the overseas expedition match as the chef of the Japan national football team.
    • Café AmazonJ Village store[11]
  • Accommodation Building (J Village Annex)
    • Guest room (hotel)
    • Banquet Hall (J Village Hall)

J Village Stadium

It is located on the Hirono-cho side, slightly away from the center building and the practice pitch.The main stand and back stand can accommodate 5,000 individual seats, the back of the south goal is a grass slope (basically not open), and the back of the north goal is a cliff, so there is no space for spectators.The roof only covers the main stand.The entrance to the audience seats is only behind the south goal and the main stand.

There is no large video device, and a large electric bulletin board is installed behind the goal on the north side.

Use as a home stadium

In addition to the TEPCO Mareeze mentioned above, the following are examples of nationwide league home games held at J-Village Stadium.


History of establishment

The Japanese soccer world1993 (HeiseiProfessionalization (5 years)J LeagueEstablished) and so-calledDoha tragedyAfter that, there was an urgent need to secure a facility that would serve as an activity base for training excellent athletes who would strengthen the professional and Japanese national teams.At the same time, the environment for playing soccer in Japan is insufficient both qualitatively (low management level of natural turf ground and inconvenience due to combined use with other sports) and quantitatively (lack of ground for the competitive population). What I was doing was a problem.Also, in Japan at the same time2002 FIFA World CupWe are moving toward the bid, and we wanted a new soccer training facility as a trigger.[18].

On the other hand, in Fukushima prefectureNuclear power plantOwned many facilities, includingTEPCOIt is,1994 In (6), we made a proposal to build and donate regional promotion facilities as a contribution to the local community.[5][18]..At this time, it was judged that maintenance linked to soccer, which had gained popularity with a close relationship with the community, was appropriate.Japan Football AssociationAgreed to establish a National Training Center in cooperation with.

The planned construction site was undecided at the beginning of the announcement by TEPCO, and a comment was made at the Fukushima Prefectural Assembly on September 1994, 6, saying, "We hope to build our power plant in the local government." It has been shown.Required site is 9-26haAt the time of the announcement of the concept, a completed image was also attached, so some media received that it had a close discussion with the local towns and villages in advance, such as "Seikei Tohoku."In response to this, it corresponds to the planned expansion site of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Units 7 and 8.Futaba Town"We have confirmed at the towns and villages association that individual towns and villages should refrain from attracting people. If we could secure about 40 hectares of land in Futaba Town, the actual problem is to maintain the facilities. There are some difficult points such as where to manage and whether the current transportation system can smoothly accept players from all over the country. "[19].

After all, TEPCO has been in the same area since 1995 (Heisei 7).Hirono Thermal Power StationAdjacent toHirono TownThe construction was decided on the town-owned land, and the facility development was started at a cost of about 130 billion yen. A soccer stadium with a capacity of 5000 people, a natural grass ground capable of handling various ball games, an indoor training facility, and accommodation facilities were constructed. The facility completed in 1997 (Heisei 9) was donated to Fukushima Prefecture and became owned by an affiliated organization of Fukushima Prefecture.

At the same time, Japan Football Village Co., Ltd. was established with a 10% stake from Fukushima Prefecture, the Japan Football Association, and Tokyo Electric Power Company to operate the facility, and J-Village was managed and operated by renting the facility. ..

At that time, the donation of this facility was often pointed out by the mass media in return for the expansion of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Units 7 and 8, and at nuclear power stations in the prefecture.Plu thermalSome pointed out that it might be in return for approving the implementation.However, after that, scandals related to pull thermalTEPCO Nuclear Power Trouble Hidden CaseThe implementation itself was significantly delayed due to the discovery of the plan, and the completion and operation were continued regardless of the schedule of the expansion plan and the pull thermal plan.


Regarding the 130 billion yen invested in the construction, "Masakei Tohoku" said, "If it was a proposal to create an education scholarship foundation and use it for scholarship funds for high school and university students in the Hamadori area, wouldn't it be frankly accepted by the citizens of the prefecture?" Criticized[19]..In the April 1997 issue of "Seikei Tohoku," Fukushima Prefecture said that Hamadori had been left unattended, saying, "The prefecture that should lead in efforts to promote the region did nothing, and TEPCO presented a blueprint for J-Village and constructed it. Criticizing the prefecture's attitude as "a mystery to do"[20].

Nuclear accident response base

February 2011, 23 (Heisei 3),Great East Japan Earthquake(Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake) Occurred, but there was no major damage here[21]..It was functioning as a shelter on the same day[22].

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentEvacuation order area, later because it is within 20 kilometers from the nuclear power plantWarning areaSince I entered, I started evacuating to another place from March 3, the following day.[1][22]..JFA Academy Fukushima, which is based in this facility[Note 1][23] And TEPCO Mareeze[24] Was forced to evacuate.

On March 3, the same year, the facility was transferred to the country.[1],Japan Ground Self-Defense ForceBecame a decontamination site for helicopter aircraft and members to remove radioactive materials[25]On March 3, the same year, the government, TEPCO,Japan Ground Self-Defense ForceIn addition, police and fire departments have set up a "local coordination center" to respond to the nuclear accident and started full-scale operation as a front line base.[22][26][27]..Nearby roads and parking lotsSpent nuclear fuelCool the poolFire truck(largeDestruction machine rescue fire truckA-MB-3 etc.) and prepared for removal of contaminated debristank(Type 74 tank2 cars) ・Armored recovery vehicle(Type 78 tank recovery vehicle1 car)[28], Radiation measurement vehicle[29] It became a waiting place for special vehicles such as.A medical team is stationed to diagnose workers in response to the nuclear accident.[30]..At the time of the accident, up to 1000 people were sleeping[5]..Workers who finished work at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant were decontaminating, staying, and eating here, so as the accident response took a long time, environmental improvement of the facility was called for.[31][32].

As of September 2011, the accommodation facilities for workers are located in the south.IwakiIt was a "relay base" where 1 to 3,000 workers changed into work clothes and headed for the nuclear power plant per day.[5]..There are 10 Self-Defense Forces members and about 200 TEPCO employees.[5].. As of October 2011, the turf field is a heliport, parking lot,DecontaminationUsed as a place, work space, material storage place[22][33], Someasphalt[5] ,gravelWas laid[34].. In the field of J-Village Stadium, for TEPCO employeesPrefabIs placed[34].

TEPCO established the "Fukushima Reconstruction Headquarters" to strengthen its response to compensation and decontamination associated with the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station.2013 (25)May 1 (May 1Established in J-Village from the start of business)[35], Over 4000 employees will be assigned, and part of the compensation examination work that the head office was in charge of until then will be transferred to the reconstruction headquarters, and in charge of five offices such as Minamisoma City and Aizuwakamatsu City, which are in charge of practical work. By increasing the number of people, it will accelerate the response to payment[36].

During this period, about 150 part-timers and temporary employees who worked at the J-Village facility were all dismissed, and the remaining 13 full-time employees continued to work with reduced salaries.Koriyama-Iwaki-AizuwakamatsuEngaged in volunteer activities at the disaster response headquarters in Japan[5][22]After that, a temporary fitness gym was set up and operated in Iwaki City from September 2012.[37].

On July 2013, 25, most of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant entry / exit management functions located in J-Village were moved to the "entrance / exit area management facility" on the site of the nuclear power plant.[2].

Movement for reconstruction

JFA says it will use J-Village again[38],Japan Olympic Committee,Japan Athletic AssociationAnd JFA to restore sports facilities in the disaster area including the facilityJapanese GovernmentHave requested[39].. to thisInternational Football Federation(FIFA) will also fund[40]..In addition, nationwide tournaments such as the Japan Club Youth Soccer Championship U-18 and U-15, which have been held there for many years, will be held at other venues.[41].

In July 2013, when the nuclear accident response base was relocated to the first nuclear power plant, JFA launched the "J Village Reconstruction Support Project" and began to move toward reconstruction in earnest.[42]..At this point, 11 of the 10 pitches had material storage, parking lots, and prefabs, and the lawn had to be completely replaced.[43].

2020 Tokyo OlympicsIn response to the decision to hold J-Village, we decided to aim to reuse J-Village as a training facility, and as a restoration project led by TEPCO, we will proceed to restore it to its original state by 2018.[44].. On August 2016, 28 (Heisei 8)Japan Football Association BuildingAt a press conference held in Fukushima PrefectureMasao UchiboriAccording to the contents explained by, it is aiming for partial resumption of business in the summer of 2018 (Heisei 30) and full resumption of business in April 2019 (Heisei 31), "more attractive training than before the earthquake. Based on the concept of "center", we will establish the first artificial turf single-sided size all-weather training ground in Japan.[45]..About the total construction cost of 22 billion yen for the all-weather driving rangeJapan Sports Promotion CenterFrom 15 billion yenSports promotion lottery(Toto) After receiving the subsidy, the remaining 7 million yen will be covered by donations.[46].

With the progress of restoration work, the use of J-Village by TEPCO will be completely terminated by the end of March 2017 (Heisei 29).[47].. On July 2018, 30, some facilities such as the stadium, 7 practice grounds, and the new accommodation building will resume operation.[48], 2019 (Heisei 31) April 4, 20 (Heisei 8) full reopened for the first time in XNUMX years[49].

On the other hand, by the Futaba Regional Municipal AssociationJoban LineFor the idea of ​​setting up a new station near J-VillageEast Japan Railway(JR East) decided the policy to consider in January 2018 (Heisei 30) and signed a memorandum of understanding. On March 1, 2018 (Heisei 30), JR East, Fukushima Prefecture, Futaba Regional Municipal Association signed an agreement,J Village StationOfficially decided to open. Construction started in May 2018, and opened on April 30, 5, the same day as the full resumption of business.Initially, the train will stop at J-Village and other events held in the surrounding area.Temporary stationHowever, it became a permanent station that is open all day from March 2020, 2 (Reiwa 3).

NovemberTokyo OlympicsThe starting point of the torchbearer.From the facilities that symbolize the reconstruction from the earthquake, we will disseminate the "Reconstruction Olympics" that the Games advocate to the world.About 1 torchbearers were selected by open recruitment, about the torch relayOrganizing CommitteeAnnounced that there were a total of 4 applications for runner open recruitment conducted by four sponsor companies and each prefecture executive committee.[50].

It will be located in 2022 (4th year of Reiwa)Naraha Town-Hirono TownAnd in the neighborhoodNamie TownIs cooperative,Momoiro Clover ZAttracts the annual concert "Momokuro Spring's Big Things"[51].. This will be the first solo concert at J-Village.

Surrounding facilities

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