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⚽ | Milan, the first humiliation in club history ... Ibra is also "worst" in the rainy day CL3 losing streak


Milan, the first humiliation in club history ... Ibra is also "worst" in a rainy day CL3 losing streak

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In Group B, Liverpool, who have won three consecutive games, are in the lead, Atletico and Porto are on the four points, and Milan are on the bottom with zero points.

Finished second in Serie A last season and returned to the UEFA Champions League stage for the first time since the 2-2013 season ... → Continue reading


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3 consecutive wins

Group B

Group BIt is,Car racingOne of the categories of competition vehicles used in.1981 ,International Automobile FederationThe Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile Sports (FISA), which was a subordinate organization of (FIA), revised the regulation (International Auto Racing Regulations / Supplementary Provision J), which had been formed by numbers from 1 to 8, from A to F.N. It is one of the eight simplified alphabets called T.


World Rally ChampionshipGroup B, which is defined as the highest category of (WRC), is a machine defined as "Grand Touring Car" in the classification.1982 The following year after the trial introduction period of1983 から全面施行される。移行期間中は新旧の両レギュレーショングループが入り混じって選手権を競った。排気量によって"B9(1,300cc未満)"、"B10(1,300cc以上1,600cc未満)"、"B11(1,600cc以上2,000cc未満)"、“B12(2,000cc以上)”の区分けがあり、SuperchargerEngines with are sorted by the displacement multiplied by the coefficient 1.4.

HomologationThe target of (official) is "vehicles manufactured 12 units in 200 consecutive months", which is a significant burden from the "vehicles produced 4 units in 24 consecutive months" specified by Group 400 which was the top category in the past. Has been reduced.It is a car dedicated to competitionGroup CUnlike the vehicle, it will be possible to make major modifications to the base vehicle that has been officially approved as a commercial vehicle.

These changes were made in the 1970sOil crisisIt was a measure to encourage each manufacturer who was separated by the war, but as the FISA originally planned, each manufacturer will all participate in the WRC.later"ワ ー ク スThe sentence "20 evolution models that will be the vehicles that will participate in the championship as cars are accepted as rally cars" was added, and by the hands of each company's works that grasped this regulation as widely as possible, especially works with top class technology, in Group B The championship will be held in a vehicle that is as close to a prototype sports car as possible.

It's also a circuit raceWorld Endurance ChampionshipAlthough it was possible to participate in (WEC), it was not possible to leave outstanding results because it was a mixed race with Group C vehicles.



As mentioned above, the season was held in a mixed race with Group 4 of the predecessor category.It was the first European manufacturer in the WRC world to be the eye of a typhoon.turboWith a supercharged engineFour-wheel driveBrought in (4WD)Audi quattro.ジ ー プAt that time, when there was only the image of a special vehicle for rough terrain like this, the quattro that participated in the race with a passenger type 4WD car was gravel (unpaved road).ice burnShow off overwhelming strength,Hannes Miccola,Michelle Mouton,Stig BlomqvistI showed a good advance on the drive.

Especially Mouton this yearPortuguese rally,Acropolis Rally, Won three wins in the Brazilian Rally and one more step in the drivers' title.Even now, she is the only woman who has won the world championships in motor sports as a female driver.

The chaotic transition period was dominated by the manufacturer Audi, who caused the 4WD revolution, but the driver's title was the Group 4 vehicle's "Opel Ascona 400DriveWalter RöhrlWas won, and the result symbolized the year of mixed race.on the other hand,LanciaWas the first to meet Group B regulationsLancia Rally 037Was thrown in.


In the first year of being unified into Group B, Lancia has a roll as a countermeasure against Audi in the previous year, as well as a roll.Markku AllenAnd appointed.Quattro and Rally 037 throughout the yearOne fightIt became.Lancia and Audi each scored five wins, literally evenly fighting, but Lancia won the Manufacturers title by just two points.Meanwhile, the driver's title has been won by Audi's Miccola.


In the off-season, Lancia's ace, Roll, said, "Rear-wheel drive is no longer a match, Lancia is the driver.Co-driverProtect the life ofRoll gaugeTo段 ボ ー ル,PlasticIt is too dangerous to adopt[1]Transferred to rival Audi from the judgment of what his relatives said.Lancia did not compete in front of Quattro, which was more mature than the previous year, and the victory of Rally 037 was full.Tarmac(All competition sections are paved) RallyTour de CorseStay only.

Audi, who has successfully accumulated winning stars, will almost decide both the manufacturer's title and the driver's title (Bronckvist) in the middle of the season.Short for Tour de CorseWheelbaseIntroducing an evolved Audi Sport Quattro with the Audi, which seemed to be no match for the rally world, but the Tour de Corse had a new entrant.

Peugeot 1985 It has an innovative layout that has been sent in aiming for complete participation from the seasonPeugeot 205 Turbo 16Met.The appearance is a commercial car announced in 1983.Peugeot 205Although it is similar to the shape of, the turbocharged engine is placed horizontally in the rear midship, and the car body is a semi-pipe frameKevlar resinIt was composed of 4WD and was a completely different monster machine.Tour de Corse, who entered the race for the first time, surprised the surroundings by running fast at the top until he was scooped up by a puddle and retired.To the driver1981 World ChampionAri VatanenHowever, in the 1984 season, it was a test entry for data collection because it was a mid-game entry.But Vatanen1000 lake rally,Sanremo Rally,RAC rallyHe won the second half of the season three times in a row, and did not attract Audi, who had been proud of his overwhelming strength until then.


The 205 Turbo 16, which made a good start in the latter half of the previous year, won the championship early with seven wins this year, and Peugeot won the season with overwhelming strength.Driver's titleNissanHave been transferred sinceTimo SalonenWins with 5 wins.On the other hand, from this year, the engine output has increased from around 300 horsepower to around 450-600 horsepower, and it is huge for the purpose of improving aerodynamic characteristics.Aero PartsWill be added. A monster machine with a large power against a vehicle weight of 1 ton fell into an uncontrollable area, causing numerous tragedy.

In Round 5 Tour de Corse, Rally 037 driven by Bedega crashed into a standing tree and died as it was.Round 8Argentina RallyThen Vatanen lost control in a straight line and suffered a big crash and was seriously injured at a level that was said to be unrecoverable.However, even in the midst of these serious accidents, there were no voices pointing out the dangers of the category, and with the support of the spectators, Group B became even sharper.

In the final round of the RAC rally, Lancia, whose homologation was approved just before,Lancia Delta S4Is thrown in.Twin charged engineIs placed vertically in the rear midship and drives four wheels.While Peugeot had made it an important issue to make it look like a mass-market car, it was a machine that had nothing in common other than the name.Delta S4 showed overwhelming performance in the debut match,Henri Toivonen, Allen's drive finished 1-2.


The Delta S4, which won overwhelmingly in the final round of the previous year, was in the opening round.Monte Carlo RallyVictory by Toyvonen.On the other hand, Peugeot is also in the next raceSwedish rallyKankkunen won and showed tenacity as the previous year's champion.With the momentum of the first two races, the season also antagonized, and Lancia vs. Peugeot became a single combat.

However, in the third round of the Portuguese RallyFord RS200However, he rushed into the spectator seat at 200 km / h in an attempt to avoid the spectators on the course, causing a catastrophe that caused more than 3 casualties including 4 dead (40 in one theory). ..Despite the warnings of Bettega's accidental death, Vatanen's serious injury, and a catastrophe that killed and injured a large number of spectators, officials blamed the organizer for the poor spectator rules and the group. No runaway of B car performance was found.In the end, the Portuguese Rally was an unusual situation in which all manufacturers withdrew from the competition and the rest of the schedule was contested only by privateers.

Then, a decisive accident occurs at the Tour de Corse in Round 5.Toyvonen, who had been running alone at the top from the first day, entered the loose left corner with no brakes, but immediately after he fell off the cliff, he exploded.Toyvonen died with a co-driver.The Delta S4 had a fuel tank at the bottom of the body,Magnesium wheelsIt was a terrible thing that the vehicle was burnt down leaving the space frame and suspension due to the fact that it was equipped with.With the death of Toyvonen and Crest, the danger of the Group B car itself was also greatly noticed.

Following this fatal accident, FISA urgently convened a meeting and issued a statement at an unusual speed of two days.Among them, "Do not accept subsequent group B homologation applications" "Only in 2, WRC by Group B was canceled and1987 After that, it is a subcategoryGroup AThe Group B category will be ousted from the WRC's leading role in just five years, as it has decided to hold the championship at.

Lancia lost momentum with the death of ace driver Toyvonen, with only three wins in the season and surrendering the manufacturer's title to six-win Peugeot.Meanwhile, the drivers' title was contested by Allen of Lancia and Kankkunen of Peugeot until the final race, and was decided once by Allen.However, Peugeot insisted that the 3 Turbo 6 was disqualified due to a regulation violation in the 1th round of the Sanremo Rally, and FISA "disabled the disqualification of Peugeot and therefore invalidated the race result of Sanremo." The ruling changed the rankings of Allen and Kankkunen 10 days after the final round, and Kankkunen won his first title.

After 1987

Although it is a Group B car that was excluded from the championship, due to the protests of privateers, lower class cars were able to run even though they were not eligible for the championship points.Group B / Class 10Citroen Visa MilpistHas run in most of the 1987 season against Europe and finished 7th overall in the opening round in Monte Carlo.These low-horsepower "small" Group B cars could be seen mainly in European rallies by privateers until the early 1990s when homologation expired.On the other hand, the Peugeot 205 Turbo 16WheelbaseModified such as extensionParis-Dakar RallyParticipated in the war, and won two victories with the success of Vatanen and Kankkunen.

Also done in the United StatesPikes Peak International Hill ClimbIn addition, because there is an unlimited class with no restrictions on participating vehicles, privateers are still participating in the former Group B car.In the past, there were many Group B cars that ran in the works system, and Peugeot and Audi played an active part.

Many cars went missing after they became unusable in competitions, but they are kept in small quantities at Works (the manufacturer that is the mother of the car), and are also in the hands of collectors for exhibition at fan events. Some vehicles are used for performances (such as the Delta S4).Japanese number(Some have been obtained).

Main car models in the category

Vehicles that did not participate in the war / vehicles that did not participate in the war

  • Ferrari 288 GTO(No race, only prototype class in rally)
  • Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV6(Although a 4WD version was also made, the 2WD version will continue to participate due to insufficient dimensions of the rear seating area)
  • Alfa Romeo Alfa Sud Sprint 6C(A prototype midship car made almost in parallel with GTV. There was no race in the main race, even though several versions of GTV6 had disappeared.)
  • Vauxhall Shevet RSR(Opel Kadett, active until the early 400s due to competition with Ascona 80)
  • Opel Ascona 400(Participation as a connection until Opel Manta is approved by Gr.B)
  • Daihatsu Charade 926 Turbo(Safari Rally,1000 lake rallySpot participation. Only one Gr.B approved in 1985 entry.Gr.A registration with 1 to 2 units in other years)
  • Talbot Horizon
  • Moskvich 2141-R
  • Lada Samara (4x4 / EVA)(Entered the 1985x4 spot only in the Finland Rally in 4. After that, when it was developed into Samara EVA, it entered 1986 lakes and Acropolis in 1000.)

Vehicles that were ready for production or were produced but did not obtain homologation

  • Opel Kadett 400(Developed based on the Cadet D as a successor to the Manta 400. The base car is a transverse engine FF, but this is a longitudinal engine FR)
  • Opel Kadett Rally 4x4(Based on Cadet E, a 4WD model with the engine mounted vertically on the front)
  • Porsche 959(Because it was produced after the application was stopped, Group B homologation was not obtained.Dakar RallyParticipate in the war.In addition, a vehicle modified for racing participated in the Le Mans 961-hour race in the IMSA-GTX class under the name of 24. )
  • Mitsubishi Stallion 4WD Rally(WRC not participated. Participated in prototype class)
  • Toyota 222D(MR2Base 4WD vehicle.The official name is unknown.Several units were made, but changed to Group S during development, and since Group B disappeared after that, no official approval was obtained and there was no actual battle experience. )
  • Audi midship quattro(The front engine quattro was refurbished to a mid engine, and it was tested in parallel with the Group S machine that was discovered later, but the test bed was not put into actual battle.)


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