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⚾ | Hanshin Dora 4, “First-class conditions” envisioned by Maekawa “Professional preparedness” 20 hours after nomination

Chiben Gakuen, Ukyo Maekawa, who was nominated for 4th place by Hanshin in the photo draft [Photo: Izumi Ichikawa]

"First-class conditions" envisioned by Hanshin Dora 4 Maekawa "Professional preparedness" 20 hours after nomination

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When he was a former Yamaguchi Asahi Broadcasting announcer, he was also in charge of the live performance of high school baseball and won the Best Newcomer Award.

One night from the draft ... Practice in tiger-colored clothing "It just happened to be yellow!" October, one night after the draft meeting ... → Continue reading


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Former Yamaguchi Asahi Broadcasting Announcer era

New face award


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