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⚽ | [National High School Soccer Tournament Akita Prefectural Qualifying Final] Starting soon!Akita Commercial High School vs. Meiozakura

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[National High School Soccer Tournament Akita Prefectural Qualifying Final] It will start soon!Akita Commercial High School vs. Meiozakura

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After this, from 10/23 9:35, the national high school soccer championship Akita Prefectural Qualifying Final Akita Commercial High School (boys) vs. Akita High School (boys) will be played at Soyu Stadium.

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Tournament Akita Prefectural Qualifying Final Akita Commercial

Akita City Yahashi Athletic Park Athletic Field

Yahashi Sports Park > Akita City Yahashi Athletic Park Athletic Field

Akita City Yahashi Athletic Park Athletic Field(Akita Yabase Undokou Enrikujokyogijo) isAkitaAkita City OfYahashi Sports ParkInAthletic field.サ ッ カ ーandrugby OfFootball fieldAlso used as. The facility is owned by Akita City and is operated and managed by the Sports Promotion Division of the Akita City Board of Education.

Headquartered in Akita CityAmusement facilityPlanning, management and operation ofSoyu Co., Ltd. Naming rightsTo getSoyou Stadium(See below).

Equipment outline

Japan Athletics FederationClass 2 official recognition[2]400 m x 8 lane all-weather urethane paved track at the athletics stadium[1]And 107 m x 71.5 mNatural grassInfield[1]Have.

From October 2018 to April 7Japan Professional Soccer League(J League) ・Blau Blitz Akita OfJ2 licenseRenovation work was carried out with the acquisition in mind (described later), and the height is 41 m.LED lightingFour lighting towers with 45 lights (up to 4 Lx compatible) and a large 1500 m x 8 m / 14 inch video device have been newly installed.[3][4].

The capacity is 8,700 for the main stand, 4,300 for the back stand, and 7,125 for the side stand, for a total of 20,125 people.[1]However, when the J-League is held, part of the back stand (buffer zone) and the standing seats on both side stands will not be opened.[5]Therefore, the number of people that can be accommodated is 18,528.[6].

In 2020, based on the voices of users, the open area will be limited to the main stand and the side stand on the home side.[7]


Holding of J League

The first official J-League match was held on May 1995, 5 in the 13th section of the 1st stage of the J-League.Jeff United Ichihara vsYokohama MarinosIs. afterwards,Kashima AntlersIn 1996 and 1999, Ichihara in 1996, 2001 and 2004,Montedio YamagataHeld a home game in 2004.

Also, until 2013, at that timeJFLI belonged toBlau Blitz AkitaUsed as one of the home stadiums, but BlaublitzJ3 leagueIt has been in the park since it entered the parkAkita City Yashihashi Sports Park Stadium(Akigin Stadium / A-Sta) is registered as a home stadium[11].. This stadium has the J1 league standard (15000 or more) for the capacity,Club license systemNot suitable for the stadium standards required for promotion to J2 League or higher based on (such as undeveloped lighting equipment)J League associate memberAt that time, about 2 signatures were collected for the stadium renovation and requested the relevant local governments to consider the renovation.[12]. In addition, some license standards may differ in the J3 League, so2015 Since then, Blaublitz-led games have been held one by one.

In 2017, Akita Prefecture will play a central role in the future construction of a soccer-only stadium in response to the situation where the club meets the criteria for the J2 promotion performance but the J2 promotion cannot be achieved due to the equipment requirements of the stadium. Establish committee[13], Summarized recommendations in January 2018[14]. However, the governor of Akita PrefectureNorihisa SatakeHowever, due to concerns about the content of this recommendation due to the fact that it is a mixed stadium in terms of cost, technology, etc., and the direction of construction is unclear, Akita City is tentatively fulfilling the license of this athletic stadium. Consider a large-scale renovation for. In February 2018, the supplementary budget included a plan that included night game lighting, new installation of large-scale video equipment, locker room, and doping room renovation, and the renovation work was started after this was approved by the city council. In applying for a license in 2, Blaublitz Akita applied for a J2019 license based at the Athletics Stadium, which was approved and obtained a J2 license. However, the "Leading rate of the stadium roof" and "Total number of toilets", which are B-class under the J.League license, do not meet the criteria, so the J.League has recommended improvement.[15].

As a result, he was promoted to J2021 in the 2 season.

Naming rights

In Akita City, following each facility in Yahashi Sports Park, from December 2018Facility naming rightsWanted. The contract amount was 500 million yen or more per year, but there was no application even if the deadline was extended, and in February 2019, the lower limit of the contract amount annually was reduced to 2 million yen or more and it was recruited again from 300 companies There are applications, and after comparing the two, we will headquarter in Akita City on March 2, 2019.Amusement facilityTo plan and manageSoyu Co., Ltd.Announced that it will grant naming rights to[16]. The name according to the naming right is "Soyou Stadium"(English: SOYU STADIUM, Abbreviation: Soyust)[17]So, the contract period is 2019 years from April 4, 1, the contract amount is 3 million yen[16].




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