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🏃 | Meiji University passed 10st place with an overwhelming victory at 33:22:1!Surugadai University decides to participate in the Hakone Ekiden for the first time in history!98th ...

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Meiji University passed 10st place with an overwhelming victory at 33:22:1!Surugadai University decides to participate in the Hakone Ekiden for the first time in history!98th ...

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Among them, Surugadai University, which broke into 8th place, decided to participate in the first Hakone Ekiden race.

The 98th Hakone Ekiden Preliminary Round was held on Saturday, October 10rd.In the qualifying session for the Hakone Ekiden main race, he brilliantly hit 23st place ... → Continue reading


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Participated in the Hakone Ekiden main race

Surugadai University

Surugadai University(It's a big deal,English: Surugadai University) IsSaitamaHannoHeadquartered in Azu 698Japan OfPrivate universities.1987 Was installed in.Abbreviation of university TheSurugadai(I'm sorry).


Whole university

From the Sundai Preparatory School, which originated from the Tokyo Higher Examination Seminar, which was established in 1918 (Taisho 7).Sundai Preparatory SchoolInitially based on Surugadai Gakuen, which has developed intoFaculty of LawOnlyCollegeIt is a university established as.Currently,Humanities-Social scienceAs an affiliated university, we have 5 faculties, 5 departments, and 2 graduate schools.The operating entity isSurugadai University.

"Creating a true university with the Sundai Group"Haruyuki YamazakiBased on his strong determination, he made preparations for the opening of the university from 1971 (Showa 46), and was established with a preparation period of 1986 years until it was realized in 61 (Showa 15).

We are focusing on small-group education, and one example is seminars from the second year, and we have adopted a method in which the assignment of seminars after the third year is decided based on the results of the second year.

Founding spirit (school lessons, principles, academic principles)

As the founding spirit, "Affection educationIs the philosophy.

The founder of the "Tokyo Higher Examination Seminar", the predecessor of the Sundai GroupShou Spring YamazakiIt is,Amherst College,Harvard University,Yale UniversityA literary scholar who studied at graduate school, etc. It is based on the idea of ​​"getting to know."The purpose of the founding is "... Teaching and researching knowledge in a wide range of fields and deep specialized academics, and fostering talented human resources with rich intellectual education and international sensibilities through thorough personality education, academics and culture. The purpose is to contribute to the development of humankind and society as well as the improvement and dissemination of "" (excerpt from Article 1 of the Academic Regulations).

Education and research

From the founding spirit of "love education," we aim to provide education that respects the individuality of each student and maximizes their abilities.

Founder of the university and later Honorary PresidentHaruyuki Yamazaki"The biggest goal is to train human resources who are useful in the real world and who can play an active role in the international community, based on the era of informationization and internationalization," he said in his book.Practical spiritIs the keynote.[1]Therefore, we also emphasize liberal arts and specialized education by passing various exams while in school.There is also a tie-up with affiliated vocational schools, etc., based on career centers etc.OccupationWe are training countermeasures and specialists.Exercise subjects are compulsory, and the "Sundai method" has been inherited since the school opened.Students who have performed outstanding activities will be commended, and faculty members will be awarded the Professor of the Year Award.In addition, career education and research were promoted, such as civic lectures and out-campus studies, as well as community contributions and activities in collaboration with the town.At university, the growth of practical science is considered to be "imaginary."Academic cultureIs also said to be important.It is responsible for the formation of cultural and academic transmission bases in western Saitama Prefecture.On campus学会And 4graduate SchoolWas opened,ArchivesIt also has a functional media center.and,Study abroadA support system for applicants has been established.

Academic style and features

The motto from the beginning of the school is from "passive learning" to "learning learning".The founder, Haruyuki Yamazaki, said to his father, Toshiharu Yamazaki, "Really in Japan.studyToStudentIsUniversityI want to make it. "Therefore, the facility was enhanced by inspecting the campus design of universities in each country and investing private property.

campusInsidemovies,Drama,tv setCMThe campus site may be used as a shooting location.For dramas and movies that were mainly filmed on the premises and lecture rooms,In the name of love""I have no license!""Deborah is a rival""Dangerous aneki""Gokusen""Overhanging punishment heat system, Etc. can be mentioned. 


Chronological Table

  • 1918 (Taisho7) December- TokyoTokyo cityKanda WardKandanishiki TownToTokyo Higher Examination WorkshopFounded
  • 1952 (Showa27) October-Established Surugadai Gakuen School Corporation
  • 1977 (Showa 52) June- TokyoChofu CitySurugadai Gakuen Daiichi Kindergarten opened
  • 1987 (62) April-Surugadai University opened.Faculty of Law Department of Law established
  • 1990 (Heisei2 years)
    • April-Faculty of Economics, Department of Economics, Department of Management Information established.Faculty of Economics Building (Second Lecture Building) established
    • September --The operating corporation of our university and Surugadai Gakuen Daiichi Kindergarten becomes Surugadai University.Renamed Surugadai Gakuen Daiichi Kindergarten to Surugadai University Daiichi Kindergarten
  • 1991 (3) April --- Established a master's program in public law and a master's program in private law at the Graduate School of Law.Established Comparative Law Institute
  • 1994 (6) April-Faculty of Culture-Information Studies, Department of Cultural Information, Department of Knowledge Information established
  • 1996 (8) April-Established a master's program in economics and management at the Graduate School of Economics.Established Liberal Arts and Culture Research Institute
  • 1997 (9) April-Established Department of Comparative Cultural Studies, Faculty of Contemporary Cultural Studies.Established Economic Research Institute
  • 1998 (10) --Establishment of Institute for Cultural Informatics
  • 1999 (11)
    • April-Established Master's Program in Cultural Informatics, Graduate School of Cultural Informatics
    • October-Opened a media center by integrating the library, information science center, and audiovisual center
  • 2002 (14) April-Clubhouse opened.Opened training center.Sai no Kuni University ConsortiumJoin in
  • 2003 (15) April --The Department of Psychology was added to the Faculty of Contemporary Culture.Psychology laboratory opened
  • 2004 (16) April-Professional Degree Program, Department of Legal Profession, Graduate School of Law (4)Law School)Installation.Opened Ochanomizu Campus.Introduced "Cross-university-specific minor major system" in all faculties and departments except the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Contemporary Culture
  • 2005 (17) April-Graduate School of Contemporary Information and Culture, Department of Law and Information Culture, Master's Course, School of Culture-Information Studies Master's Course established
  • 2006 (18)
    • March --Opened Frontier Towers (student dormitory)
    • April --Reorganized the Department of Knowledge Information in the Faculty of Culture-Information Studies into the Department of Media Information
  • 2007 (19) April --Reorganized the Department of Economics and the Department of Management Information of the Faculty of Economics into the Department of Economics and Management
  • 2009 (21) April-Faculty of Media Information, Department of Media Information, Faculty of Psychology, Department of Psychology opened.Established the Department of Contemporary Culture in the Faculty of Contemporary Culture (Reorganized the Department of Comparative Culture into the Department of Contemporary Culture).Established Master's Program in Clinical Psychology and Master's Program in Forensic Psychology, Graduate School of Psychology.Opened a psychological counseling center.Common education center (foreign language education center, information processing education center, sports education center) established
  • 2010 --Established Information Processing Education Center
  • 2011 (23) April --Haruyuki Yamazaki Memorial Sports Hall (Sports Hall) opened
  • 2012 (24) --Announced that recruitment of professional degree students from the Graduate School of Law, Department of Legal Practical Sciences will be suspended from 2013.
  • 2013 (25) April --Reorganized the Faculty of Economics into the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.Reorganized the Regional Network Promotion Support Office into a Regional Cooperation Center
  • 2014 (26) April --- Established Master's Program in Law, Graduate School of Policy Studies, Master's Program in Economics and Business Administration, and Master's Program in Media Informatics
  • 2016 (28) April --Established Global Education Center.Baseball field artificial turf repair.Multipurpose ground maintenance.Education and Research Center established
  • 2017 (29) April-Established Master's Program in Criminal Psychology, Graduate School of Psychology.Regional Revitalization Research Center established
  • 2020 (Reiwa2nd year) April --- Established the Department of Sports Science, Faculty of Sport Sciences.Faculty of Contemporary Cultural Studies Suspended recruitment of contemporary cultural science students
  • 2021 (Reiwa 3rd year) April-Established General Research Institute

basic data


* OnceTokyoChiyoda WardOchanomizuThe law school was set up in Japan, but with the abolition of the graduate school, the Ochanomizu campus is now abolished.


Surugadai University Song (Composer:團Ikuma/ Lyrics: Haruyuki Yamazaki)
Mixed chorus..However, school songs at ceremonies and alumni events, etc.ChorusThen there are 2 parts eachFemale voice-Male voiceBoth Main themeMostly sung by only Unison.
School emblem
The school emblem established at the time of opening is also planted on the campus as a symbol tree of Surugadai University.lindenIt is a design of the leaves.
Bodhi tree is one of the words that symbolizes the school, and besides being the motif of the school emblem as mentioned above,school songIn addition to being sung in a passage, it is also used as the title of a booklet for current students' parents and the award name given at the time of graduation.
Established in November 20 on the occasion of the 2006th anniversary of its founding. It has the meaning of "a university that produces human resources who can fly to the world."Symbolizing the S of Surugadai University in the shape of a bird,Eco campusAnd the surrounding natural environmentIruma RiverWith the flow of blueKaji HillsIt is composed of green.

data sheets

Number of full-time faculty members (2018)
教授Associate professorlecturer
Number of enrolled students
2016 2017 2018 2019
External funding (2018)
Donation2667 million 2319 yen
Subsidy3 yen
(National treasury)3 yen
Internationalization rate22.4% (enrollees)
Scholarship fee1 yen


Belonging to each course will be from the second year.

  • Faculty of Law
    • Department of Law
      • Corporate and Law Course
      • Police / firefighting course
      • Legal / administrative civil servant course
  • Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
    • Department of Economics and Business Administration
      • Economic and Social Course
      • Management and Accounting Course
      • Tourism & International Business Course
    • Department of Media Information
      • Video / audio field (former video / audio media field)
      • Digital design field
      • Library / Archives field
  • Faculty of Sports Science
    • Department of Sports Science
      • Sports health model
      • Sports education model
      • Regional sports model
  • Faculty of Psychology
    • Department of Psychology
      • Clinical psychology course
      • Criminal psychology course
      • Children's psychology course
  • Faculty of Contemporary Culture(Stop recruiting)
    • Department of Contemporary Culture
      • International Cultural Communication Course
      • Sightseeing hospitality course
      • Sports culture course
      • Sports career course

Graduate Schools

* Once, the Graduate School of Law, Department of Legal Profession (Professional Degree Program) (Law School) Was set up, but the recruitment of students after 2012 was stopped and it was abolished.The results of the bar examination are as follows.

Bar examination
年度Number of successful applicantsPass rate
201049th place (7 people)61st place (7.6%)
200957th place (4 people)72st place (5%)
200837th place (11 people)55st place (13.1%)
200737th place (9 people)53st place (19.6%)
200645th place (2 people)52st place (10%)

Affiliated organization

  • Comparative Method Research Institute
  • Institute of Liberal Arts and Culture
  • Economic Research Institute
  • Institute of Cultural Informatics
  • Common Education Center
    • Information Processing Education Center
    • Sports Education Center
  • training center
  • Media center
  • Psychological counseling center
  • Career Support Center
  • Student Support Center
  • volunteerActivity support room
  • Civil servant / qualification examination study room


  • Program for supporting contemporary educational needs
    • <Iruma> activation project with student participation (adopted in 2004)
    • Comprehensive career education by community and seminars (adopted in 2007)
    • Hanno Revitalization Based on the "Surugadai Forest" Centennial Agreement- "Forest Culture City" Construction Support Project- (Adopted in 2007)
  • Professional graduate school formation support program
    • Development of learning support system for beginners in law (adopted in 2004)
  • University Education / Student Support Promotion Project (Student Support Promotion Program)
    • Get job project based on portfolio learning (adopted in 2009)
  • University student employment ability development support project
    • On-campus internship and employment ability (adopted in 2010)
  • Industry-academia collaborationEducation
    • Regional Revitalization Planning Contest and Financial Education (held based on the 2007 agreement with Hanno Shinkin Bank)


The research results will be announced mainly as follows.

  • Faculty of Law, Graduate School of Contemporary Information and Culture, Graduate School of Law, Comparative Law Institute
    • "Surugadai Law"
    • "Comparative Law Culture"
  • Faculty of Economics, Graduate School of Economics, Institute of Economics
    • "Surugadai Economic Review"
    • "Economic Research Institute Bulletin"
  • Faculty of Media Information Studies, Graduate School of Contemporary Information and Culture, Institute of Cultural Informatics
    • "Cultural Informatics"
    • "Surugadai University School of Culture-Information Studies Bulletin"
  • Faculty of Contemporary Culture, Faculty of Psychology, Graduate School of Psychology, Institute of Liberal Arts and Culture
    • "Surugadai University Ronso"

Research is being promoted by subsidizing overseas research and publishing books, and by inviting experts and celebrities as lecturers for lectures.Furthermore, in the graduate school, research on cultural information science from the background of establishing the first Faculty of Culture-Information Studies in Japan (currently Faculty of Media Information Studies), research on legal information culture focusing on law and information in the field of law, research on legal information culture focusing on law and information, in the field of psychology Research on legal psychology is reflected as a feature.Through industry-academia-government-private partnerships, surveys and research on the economy, society, culture, and corporate management of regions (western Saitama Prefecture, etc.) are being conducted.

Research investment (2010)
Education and research spending18 yen
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research1825 million 2000 yen
Collection of books41 books

Student life

School festival

Held every year in late October or early November at the Hanno Campus, it is run by the Shunki Festival Executive Committee by Shundai students.The scale of the school festival is large, and live performances by famous artists every year (past appearances:Ketsumeishi,Kumi Kouda,Every Little Thing,HIGH and MIGHTY COLOREtc.), flea market, stage event, depending on the yearNACK5There is a public live broadcast of, etc., and it is showing excitement.On the day of the event, the number of school buses will be increased, and Seibu Bus vehicles will be temporarily allocated and operated as school buses.


Sports festival
At the ball game tournament for new students held in May every year, circles and others also participate.
Overnight walk
Ikebukuro StationAn event that goes through from to Hanno campus overnight. Held every year from 1992 to 2003, it was cut off after that, but was revived in 2007. The origin is that "Surugadai University proves that it is within walking distance from Ikebukuro".[2].. Suspended as of 2020.
Sweepstakes paper
We are looking for prize papers as an opportunity for students to present their dissertations.Book cards will be awarded as rewards.


Each department / circle of both athletic and cultural fields is divided into one of "official group", "physical education group", "cultural group", "notification group", "executive committee", and "others".


  • The track and field clubKanto Student Athletics vs. School ChampionshipBelong to.Hakone EkidenHe has also participated in qualifying. In 2005World landRyuji Ogi, a former representative of the sprint team, became the director, and in 2011 he became the coach of the long-distance division (ekiden).Tokumoto KazuyoshiWas invited.Ten years later, he passed the 10th Hakone Ekiden qualifying round in 98th place and made his first appearance in the Hakone Ekiden.[3].
  • The baseball clubTokyo New University Baseball FederationIs a member of.At the entrance ceremony when our school opensNagashima ShigeoGave a lecture.
  • Rugby club TheKanto University Rugby FederationBelongs to.The ground currently used by the rugby club has been completely artificial lawn (excluding the surrounding land trucks) since September of the same year due to the renovation and improvement work in 2008.
  • The hockey club is a designated strengthening club.The women's hockey club has become a strong school in competitions in the Kanto area, and has advanced to the top 8 in the All Japan Student Hockey Championship. A dedicated hockey field was completed in October 2007, and a commemorative event was held.The local city of Hanno is promoting sports as a "hockey town."
  • The universal hockey club has international activities such as players participating in the World Student Championship.
  • The canoe clubOlympicActivities in the tournament are active, such as producing athletes.
  • The ski clubParalympicThere are also participating players.
  • The cheerleader club was established in 2008.
  • The Kendo Club has participated in the All Japan Student Kendo Championships.
  • The Kyudo Club is a member of the Saitama Prefecture Kyudo Federation.
  • The handball club was founded in 2010 and became the first coach.Toru SuzukiWas appointed.
  • The American football club is a sevens footballKanto Student American Football FederationIs a member of.
  • The soccer clubSaitama Prefectural University Soccer LeagueBelong to.
  • The basketball clubKanto University Basketball LeagueBelong to.

University personnel and organizations

University related organizations

  • Surugadai University Alumni Association
    • There are branch offices in Hokkaido (commonly known as Tanchokai), Niigata, Yamanashi, Gunma, and Okinawa.

List of university personnel


Hanno Campus

This campus is used by all faculties and graduate schools.It is divided into the 1st and 2nd campuses, but officially they are collectively called the Hanno campus.From the beginningOptical fiberTheLANThe campus LAN isSurugadai University Online NetFrom work "SONNET(SonnetIs called.At Hanno CampusAzu Sports ParkSports and recreation facilitiesAkebono Children's Forest Park,Iruma RiverAre located in the surrounding area, and spend student life in a spacious environment in the western part of the Tokyo metropolitan area.From the school song and some people, "city"Or"fortIs expressed.

Student hall
  • Shopping center (1st basement floor), student cafeteria (1st-4th floors), convenience store (1st floor), music circle / Shunki Festival executive committee and other circle rooms and halls (5th floor).
Student Dormitory
We have a large dormitory for men and women with well-equipped facilities for the purpose of accepting students from overseas and all over the country.The rent is set relatively cheap.
  • Hanno Student Heights (Athletics Club Men's Dormitory)
  • Frontier Towers (Men's / Women's Dormitory) 144 rooms for women 166 rooms for men All units are equipped with free internet and a security shop.
  • Frontier S (Ekiden dormitory) 23 rooms (2 room for 1 people)
  • Established as a project to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Haruyuki Yamazaki Memorial Sports Center (students belonging to the university official sports club).A martial arts hall is set up on the first floor of the hotel.
Media center
It was established in October 10 as a project to commemorate the 1999th anniversary of its founding.It is a five-story building with a semi-underground confidential library on the south side on the first floor, and 10 PCs, 5 notebook PC information outlets, and an FM studio on the other parts. The PC area, AV library, and media lab (studio, sound adjustment room, viewing space, digital editing room) are also set up on the 1nd floor, the library on the 160rd to 180th floors, and the special storage for rare books on the 2th floor. It is a storage for film and magnetic media, and it has the functions of both a library and an information facility.Initially in the exhibition cornerThomas Hobbsof"Leviathan], Etc., some of the rare books owned by Surugadai University were exhibited, but now they are exhibited according to various themes.
Media Kobo
In 2009Production in the near futureWith the concept ofgraphic,WEB design,Image-acousticIt was completed on the first floor of the lecture building as a practice room specializing in production.Designed by faculty members of the Faculty of Media and Information Studies with practical experience, and actuallyProduction studioThe equipment is arranged like this.Small scaleMovie theaterIt is said to be a facility that can withstand production. With the wish that "I want you to experience all the processes from planning to production and make various works centered on seminars"Media KoboIt is said that it was named.[4]
Mock court
This facility was set up in the lecture building from an early stage for education and research.In addition to being used as a place for everyday learning such as lectures, mock trials may be held at school festivals.

Ochanomizu Campus

The campus was used only by the Graduate School of Law, but with the abolition of the Law School, the campus was also abolished.

Foreign relations

Municipality / company / high school

  • Hanno
    • Memorandum of Understanding on School Volunteers (2004)
    • Agreement on Legal Counseling for Citizens (2005)
    • Agreement on Implementation of Forest Environment Projects (2006)
  • Iruma-shi
    • Partnership Agreement on Community Development (2004)
    • Agreement on Legal Counseling for Citizens (2006)
  • Tokorozawa
    • Agreement on co-sponsored courses in collaboration with Tokorozawa City and universities (2009)
  • Saitama Prefectural Hanno High School
    • High school-university cooperation agreement signed (2007)
  • Hanno Shinkin Bank
    • Concluded industry-academia collaboration agreement (2007)
  • Higashino High School
    • High school-university cooperation agreement signed (2008)
  • Jiyunomori Gakuen Junior and Senior High School
    • High school-university cooperation agreement signed (2008)

Agreement with other universities (in Japan)

Agreement with other universities (outside Japan)

If you have paid the tuition fee to the university, you will be exempted from the tuition fee of the exchange / dispatched study abroad destination, and the study abroad results will be accredited so that you can graduate in 4 years even if you study abroad.

School with sister corporation

Employment support / CSR


We have introduced a career support system.

  • Job / Company Information
  • Civil servant course
  • Career college course
  • Parental support


Regional cooperation and vocational practice education are provided at regional cooperation centers.

town planning
Through the "Iruma Revitalization Project with Student Participation" and "Comprehensive Career Education by Community and Seminars", the actual "Iruma"town planningThere are activities to experience.Iruma-shiWith "Surugadai Fureai House" located in Japan as a regional baseMachiokoshiEvents, media production, IT support,Market research,Internship,ChildcareVolunteers, etc.Regional activationWas held with student participation.
Business support
"Shining! Hanno Planning Contest" was started as part of the industry-academia collaboration project to revitalize the Hanno area.Business creationA contest was held to announce the plans of.
Surugadai Satoyama
Hanno City from the Middle AgesforestryIt is a prosperous area and has made a "Forest Culture City Declaration".Hanno City has promised to leave forests on campus when the university is built, and the city has lent it free of charge.Surugadai ForestOccupies most of the campus.Ministry of the Environment OfEco tourismModel business district selectionMinistry of educationThere is also a program to support the efforts of modern education needs in Japan, and this forest is called "Surugadai Satoyama"Maintenance and maintenance activities are being carried out. "Healing road, Etc. are also being built.NATUREInlandscapeIs formed.

Affiliated school

Ministry of EducationBy (at that time)TokyoIt is a private kindergarten that received research designation in the early days. 2011 Sony Early Childhood Education Program Encouragement Garden Award (Sony Education Foundation) Was awarded.

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