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⚾ | Strengths common to Yakult and Lotte approaching victory What is the important “rate” that is indispensable for increasing the score?

Photo Lotte Director Tadahito Iguchi (left) and Yakult Director Shingo Takatsu [Photo: Yuji Arakawa]

Strengths common to Yakult and Lotte approaching victory What is the important “rate” that is indispensable for increasing the score?

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Shuto, Taisei Makihara, and Mimori had the highest on-base percentage of only .1.

Higher on-base percentage is more important than batting average in order to increase the score. There are only a few professional baseball games left in 2021.The Central League is ... → Continue reading


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Base run rate

Base run rate(Shutsuru Ritsu,British: On-base percentage / OBP) isbaseballInbatterOne of the indexes to evaluate.Represents the percentage of bases per hitting opportunity of a batter.


On-base percentage = (hits + walks + hit by pitch) ÷ (at bat + walks + hit by pitch + sacrifice fly)

On-base percentage isBatter recordIsNumber of strokes,Four balls,Dead ball,Sacrifice flyOf the total number ofHit, Walks, and hit by pitch[1][Note 1]..Of the numerical value calculated by the above formulaDecimal4th placeRoundingAnd use the values ​​up to the third place.batting averageAs well asIntegerThe 0 in the part is often omitted.

If the number of sacrifice flies exceeds the number of four dead balls, the on-base percentage may be lower than the batting average.However, since there are few chances of sacrifice fly in hitting, the possibility is extremely low if the number of four dead balls is 1 or more.[2].


The former on-base percentage is eachBaseball leagueAlthough it was calculated when selecting the title winner in[Note 2], The attention was always low compared to the batting average.But since the 21st centurySaber metrics(statisticsSince the application of baseball to baseball has become popular, the on-base percentage, which indicates the "probability that a batter will not be out," is higher than the batting average.scoreIt has been confirmed that it is an element that is linked to the batter, and it has come to be regarded as important as an evaluation index for batters.[3].

Major League Baseball (MLB)

I was the first to pay attention to this on-base percentageMLB OfAuckland AthleticsPerformed well despite running the team with a small amount of money.AthleticsGM,Billy BeanApplying Sabermetrics,FA,tradeCollected "players who have a high on-base percentage but do not have a high evaluation or annual salary for other reasons"MLB draftIn 2001 and 2002, he nominated and acquired a player with a large number of walks, created a team with a high scoring efficiency, and achieved 2 wins in the season for the second consecutive year despite the team's annual salary, which is the lowest level in MLB.[4]..This episode will come laterMichael LewisBut"Money ball] And made it into a book.Film adaptationIt has been done.

Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB)

NPBThen, until 1984, the following formula was used without considering sacrifice fly.[5].

Base run rate = (hits + walks + dead balls) ÷ (number of hits + walks + dead balls)

Pacific LeagueThen.1962 From the player with the highest base run rate of the seasonHighest base rateAs an award.Central LeagueThen.1967 The highest number of bases in the season[Note 3]The players were commended, and the on-base percentage was not the subject of the award,1985 Adopting the formula at the beginning and the establishment of the highest on-base percentage, which targets the on-base percentage in both Central Pacific leagues, has been revised to the present.[5].

Japanese professional baseball

Highest base rate

Personal season record

RankingPlayer nameClubAt-batBase run rateRecord yearRemarks
1Hiromitsu OchiaiLotte Orionsright. 4871986 Pacific LeagueRecord
2Hiromitsu OchiaiLotte Orionsright. 48061985
3R. BathHanshin Tigersleft. 48051986 SE LeagueRecord
4Hiromitsu OchiaiChunichi Dragonsright. 47281991
5Ogasawara MichidaiNippon Ham Fightersleft. 47252003
6Yuki YanagitaFukuoka Softbank Hawksleft. 46942015
7R. PetaginiYakult Swallowsleft. 46871999
8Yoshihiro MaruHiroshima Toyo Carpleft. 46812018
9A. CabreraSeibu Lionsright. 4672002
10R. PetaginiYakult Swallowsleft. 4662001
Over stipulated bats since 1985. Records are at the end of the 2021 season[6].

Reference record

Individual season on-base percentage before official record
RankingPlayer nameClubAt-batBase run rateRecord year
1Sadaharu OhYomiuri Giantsleft. 5321974
2KageuraOsaka Tigersright. 515Autumn 1937
3Sadaharu OhYomiuri Giantsleft. 5001973
4Sadaharu OhYomiuri Giantsleft. 4951966
5Yoshikazu MasuNagoya Armyright. 493Spring 1938
6Sadaharu OhYomiuri Giantsleft. 4901965
7Sadaharu OhYomiuri Giantsleft. 4881967
8Sadaharu OhYomiuri Giantsleft. 4791976
9Sadaharu OhYomiuri Giantsleft. 4771977
10Sadaharu OhYomiuri Giantsleft. 4751968
According to current formula[Note 4]..More than the prescribed seat.
Personal record (unofficial)
RankingPlayer nameAt-batBase run rate
1Sadaharu Ohleft. 446
2Hiromitsu Ochiairight. 422
3Ichiroleft. 421
4Hideki Matsuileft. 413
5Isao Harimotoleft. 399
6A. Cabreraright. 3979
7Aoki Nobuchikaleft. 3976
8Tetsuto Yamadaright. 393
9Nobuhiko Matsunakaleft. 392
10Itoi Yoshioleft. 391
  • According to current formula[Note 4].
  • Over 4000 at bats.
  • As of the end of 2021.

Major league baseball

Personal total record

RankingPlayer nameBase run rate
1Ted Williams. 482
2Babe Ruth. 474
3John McGraw. 466
4Billy Hamilton. 455
5Lou Gehrig. 447
6Barry Bonds. 444
7(English edition. 435
8Rogers Hornsby. 434
9Thai cub. 433
10Jimmy Fox. 4283
RankingPlayer nameBase run rate
11Tris speaker. 4279
12Eddie Collins. 4244
13(English edition. 4241
14Dan Bros.. 4233
15(English edition. 4230
16Joe Jackson. 422
17Mickey mantle. 421
18Mickey cachrane. 4192
19Frank thomas. 4191
Mike Trout
  • Over 3000 at-bats and over 500 games
  • As a general rule, results before 1876 do not include season records, but personal records are included.
  • Records at end of 2020 season[7].

Personal season record

RankingPlayer nameClubAt-batBase run rateRecord yearRemarks
1Barry BondsSan Francisco Giantsleft. 6092004 National LeagueRecord
2Barry BondsSan Francisco Giantsleft. 5822002
3Ted WilliamsBoston Red Soxleft. 5531941 A leagueRecord
4John McGrawBaltimore Oriolesleft. 5481899
5Babe RuthNew York Yankeesleft. 5451923
6Babe RuthNew York Yankeesleft. 5331920
7Barry BondsSan Francisco Giantsleft. 5292003
8Ted WilliamsBoston Red Soxleft. 5261957
9Billy HamiltonPhiladelphia Philliesleft. 5211894
10Babe RuthNew York Yankeesleft. 5161926
  • Records at end of 2020 season[8].


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注 釈

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  2. ^ As an example, in Japanuncrowned kingAsKiyohara KazuhiroOften mentioned, Kiyohara has won the highest runner-up title twice.
  3. ^ Bases = Hits + Walks + Dead Balls
  4. ^ a b Tetsuya Usami "Professional Baseball Record Encyclopedia" and "Baseball Record Book" issued each year, calculated independently from the personal record section


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