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⚾ | Ishikawa and Seiryo advance to the final in Kita Shinetsu High School Baseball Spring Senbatsu participation Almost certainly "the last stage that can be done with Mr. Hayashi"


Ishikawa and Seiryo advance to the final in Kita Shinetsu High School Baseball Spring Senbatsu participation Almost certainly "the last stage that can be done with Mr. Hayashi"

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On the 24th, the final match between Seiryo and Tsuruga Kehi will be held from 10 am.

The semi-final of Kita Shinetsu High School Baseball in autumn, which leads to Senbatsu in spring.Ishikawa's representative, Seiryo, made it to the finals and made it to Senbatsu ... → Continue reading

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Tsuruga Kebi High School/Attached Junior High School

Location of Tsuruga Kehi High School and attached junior high school (in Fukui Prefecture)
Tsuruga Kebi High School/Attached Junior High School

Tsuruga Kebi High School/Attached Junior High School(Tsurugake Hikotougakko / Fuzokuchugakko)FukuiTsurugaLocated in Kutsumiprivatehigh school-Junior high school(Annexed middle and high school integrated school).


In the past, there were international courses and electronic information courses, but as of 2021, there are only regular courses (special advancement course, advancement course, liberal arts course).

We do not allow concurrent applications with public schools, and all applications, including special advance courses, are for full-time applications only.[1].

Attached junior high school

The form of education is quite different from that of general junior high schools in the surrounding area, physical education is reduced, and there are extremely few art and music subjects.Instead, we are increasing the number of hours for important subjects such as Japanese, math, and English, and the progress will be faster accordingly. It has ended, and from the third year, classes using high school textbooks will be held.Regarding science, it will be completed during the first semester of the third year, and after that, chemistry will be essential and physics and biology will be elective subjects for science and humanities, respectively.

The school spirit is often thought to be stricter than public schools for the purpose of fostering students going on to higher education, but it is a looser version of high school rules and is almost the same as public schools.

Club activities are soccer club and tennis club, which are conducted only by junior high school students.There are track and field clubs, badminton clubs, wind music clubs, and tea flower arrangement clubs that are held jointly with high schools.In recent years, a skating club and a dance cheerleading club have been created by junior high school life.

Extracurricular activities

The baseball clubKoshienIt is a regular school in Japan, and has participated 8 times in spring and 9 times in summer.In the fall of 10, director Koichi Watanabe, who was the director of Sabae Boys at the time, was appointed as the director of the school in order to participate in Koshien on the 1992th anniversary of the foundation and spread the name nationwide. In the fall of 93, he won the Fukui Prefectural Tournament for the first time.At that time, Ace Takashi Naito (Komazawa University-JR Tokai-Fukui Million Dreams-JR Tokai) and 7 regular students are in the 2nd grade.When he made his first appearance in the 76th National High School Baseball Championship (1994) (9th year of foundation)The 77rd National High School Baseball ChampionshipIn (August 1995), he left the best 8 results and spread his name nationwide on the 4th anniversary as planned. (10 consecutive seasons from autumn 93 to summer 95)Mikami Shinji79th Championship (1997) Best 8,Teruhiro HigashideIn the spring of 1998 (first appearance), he participated in the summer championship in a row.80th Selected High School Baseball TournamentWhen the resurrection is achieved in (March 2008),2013 Senbatsu-2014 Summer KoshienAnd left the best 4 results, and2015 SenbatsuThen in the finalTokai DaishiDefeated and achieved the first Koshien victory as a Hokuriku team.[2]

Besides baseball, karate, judo, kendo, naginata, wrestling, etc.martial artsClub activities of the affiliate have participated in national competitions in the past.Similarly, tennis and athletics are sending athletes to national competitions.

Class organization

There are some differences depending on the grade, but usually 1st and 2nd groups are special advancement courses, 3rd, 4th and 5th groups are advancement courses, 6th and 7th groups are liberal arts courses, and 8 groups are electronic information departments. (The electronic information department has been abolished since 07).

Regarding the special advancement course, the 1st year group is divided into the passing group from other schools, and the 1st year 1 group is divided into the escalator group from the attached junior high school, but the other classes are divided according to the examinations imposed before admission.It doesn't seem to be every year, but most of the time there is a class change at the beginning of the school year, the second year is mainly based on grades and career paths, and the third year is focused on career paths.Until a few years ago, the special advancement course was a class change from the third year, but from the year before last, the class was changed from the second year, probably because the lessons proceed more smoothly.However, it can be said that the meaning of class change is not so great because most of the classes other than Japanese and English are shared by one or two unions.

One group of special advancement courses is a national and public examination group, and two groups are private university or junior college examination groups.However, it is also possible to take the examination by enrolling in one group and making the private school the first choice while receiving the national public.However, the homeroom teacher will semi-forcefully make the national public the first choice.

Going to school or finding a job

The enrollment rate to national, public and famous private universities is lower than that of Reihoku's preparatory school in terms of numbers, but there are mainly two classes that are seriously engaged in university admission (the total number of students is total). There is a background that there are only about 2 people).If only these two classes are limited, the numbers will be comparable to those of the surrounding schools.

Most of the areas where students go on to higher education do not settle in a specific area, and they go on to a wide range of students from Kansai to Kanto.Many students go on to universities all over the country at national universities, and go to Kansai for private universities.Doshisha University,Ritsumeikan University,Ryukoku University,Kyoto Sangyo University,Bukkyo University,Kinki UniversityAre the main destinations for going on to higher education.

There are many local employment styles, and many students find employment in local companies.

School festival

Held from September 9st to 1rdSchool festivalHowever, it is the main event.In the old city during the same periodTsuruga FestivalIt is said that the reason for the school festival schedule is that many students are absent from the Tsuruga Festival due to carrying a sword, and it is difficult to proceed with the lessons.

The school festival was held in the school throughout the entire schedule until the early 2000s, but it was hot related to the stage announcement.gymnasiumDue to the physical burden of doing it for hours and the problem of the sound equipment of the gymnasium itself, we are currently renting out the hall in the city and announcing the stage by group on the first day.brass bandPerformances and cheer dances are performed together.Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that the second day is the actual school festival, and the products such as the mock shops of each group will be shown in almost a whole day.HoweverFood Sanitation ActFrom the balance withFried noodles,FrankfurtStudents cannot do a mock shop that seems to be a mock shop, but a parent-teacher association is held.The final day is a sports festival, and each group desperately participates and shows a heated battle.

As a general rule, participation by non-parents and alumni is prohibited throughout the period.In the past, the after-night festival was held, and in recent years, the efforts of the Student Organization have helped to revive the after-night festival.It is mainly excited by the announcement of Miss Mr. Kihitaka.

The day after the school festival, there is a Shinto sword for the Tsuruga Festival, and recently boys from the athletic club are participating.In addition, it can be said that one of the events is to test the students' courage at the school festival.

Surrounding environment

Surrounded by mountains and fields, in the surrounding areaTsuruga City College of NursingAnd sports parks are concentrated.There are relatively many users including schools, but in the surrounding areaConvenience storeThere is no restaurant, and there is only one restaurant, so it is quite crowded during the day, so be careful when visiting.

The school was originallyTrial (motorcycle)It was a courseUmasakatogeIt is said that students will gain a certain amount of physical strength just by going to school by bicycle in the morning and evening every day because it is built by carving the mountain near the top of the mountain and therefore it is built on a slope.

The road connecting these facilities and the city area is a straight road that runs through the rice fields, and when the weather is nice, the road looks good and you can see a good view.The road expansion work with the sidewalk is also progressing, and it is responding even when it is crowded.

Famous people

Professional baseball player

Amateur baseball

  • Kohei Azuma --Former adult baseball player, director of the school's baseball club

Track and field athletes


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