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⚽ | Iwata fights against Indonesian defender 2nd division!Longing for Tulio Tanaka

Photo Jubilo Iwata Photo courtesy of Gettyimages

Iwata fights against Indonesian defender 2nd division!Longing for Tulio Tanaka

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However, the Jeonnam Dragons of the K2 League (Korea 2nd Division) are also interested, so it seems that there is a possibility that it will develop into a scramble.

Jubilo Iwata, who leads the Meiji Yasuda Life J2 League, has won Indonesian defender Ryuji Utomo (26) ... → Continue reading

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National League (Korea)

National league(내셔 널리그, Korea National League) South KoreaSemi-professionalサ ッ カ ーIt is a league.Abbreviation isN league..It is run by the Korean Business Soccer Federation.1964 It is based on the Korean National Semi-Professional Soccer League, which started in Japan, and the participating teams are mainly business teams.K League 1-K League 2It is equivalent to the third division league (the second division of the K league until 3), but there is no promotion / demotion system between leagues. In 2012K2 leagueWas established as, and was renamed and reorganized in 2006. From 2007, it is further downK3 leagueIs born, and by the 2020 season, we plan to build a pyramid of all seven divisions with K League 3 at the top by integrating with the K1 League.

League title sponsors have disappeared since the 2017 season.

From the 2019 season, you can watch the game for free, but if you watch the game for a fee, you will get a lottery ticket, etc.[1]

From 2020 seasonK3 League AdvancedNew integrated withK3 leagueWas established.


Since the number of professional clubs is small in South Korea (2009 clubs in 15) and there is no promotion / demotion system for the first and second divisions of professional leagues implemented in various countries around the world, Korean soccer fans have been in the professional league promotion system for many years. I've been hoping for an introduction.The K1 League was organized by combining business teams as part of the creation of a subordinate organization for that purpose.Initially2007 The goal has been to introduce the K-League elevating system, but the organizational maturity of the K2 League is still insufficient, and the introduction of the K-League elevating system was postponed in 2007. From 2006, the K2 League was renamed the N League.

In 2009, he will leave the National League due to lack of funds from the latter half of the league. Since 2010, and has participated.

Replacement system with higher leagues

There were many business teams who did not intend to become professionals, and the winning clubs initially refused to be promoted to the K-League and professionalized.2006 The winning club, Goyang Kookmin Bank, won the right to promote to the K-League, but abandoned it.The waiver of the right to promote the promotion failed to introduce the promotion system from 2007, and the Federation of Business Associations fined 10 billion won, officially apologized to the bank manager, submitted a memorandum of performance, and deprived the league of 10 points each of 20 points. Decided heavy sanctions.In response, Goyang Kookmin Bank announced its withdrawal from the N League.

2007 Oura Shipbuilding, the winning club, also refused to be promoted to the K-League, and in 2008, the promotion from the N-League to the K-League was postponed. ) Was becoming a state of affairs.

But,Asian Football FederationRecommendations andK League XNUMX Chief CasePartly due to2013 The policy was taken to implement a replacement system in terms of grades, and it was decided to introduce a one- and two-part system consisting only of professional clubs. Many N-League clubs have moved to professional clubs and then entered the new second division. From N LeagueK League ChallengeSuwon City Hall FC (reorganized into Suwon FC), Chungju Hummel, Ansan H (Hallelujah) FC (reorganized into Goyang Hi FC) will enter the (new 2nd division), and Goyang National Bank will formally Became a new memberFC AnyangJoin in the form of integration into.In addition, K League Challenge (new 2nd division) and this league, and this leagueChallenger LeagueWe do not plan to continue to implement a direct exchange system between the two.

League format

Introduced a playoff system in 2008. As of 2014, the regular season of round robin of the third round is held, and the top four teams participate in the playoffs (each round home and away, there is no top advantage and away goals are adopted) and compete for the championship.The format of the playoffs changes every year, but especially in the 3 league, Japan's first-half winning club, second-half winning club, and the top two clubs excluding these will qualify.J League Division 1It was done in a method close to the format scheduled to be introduced from 2015. In the 2011/2012 season, the top 6 clubs will participate and compete in tournaments from rounds according to their ranking.K LeagueAdopted the method used in. Top 2013 clubs in 4Korean professional baseballWe competed for the championship in a step ladder tournament system like the one held in.

Clubs belonging to the N LeagueKorea FA CupThen I will participate from the second round.

Participating clubs

2019 Season Participating Clubs

Club namehome town
Daejeon KorailDaejeon
Busan Transportation CorporationBusan

Past participating clubs

Club namehome townParticipation periodRemarks
Gyeonggi-doIcheon2003 - 2005
Seoul Special City2003
Gangwon-doHongcheon-gun2007-early 2009
Chungcheongnam-doYesan-gun2003 - 2010
[2]Gyeonggi-doGoyang2003 - 2012 K League Challenge(Part 2) Withdrawal due to membership
Suwon City HallGyeonggi-doSuwon2003 - 2012
Ansan HallelujahGyeonggi-doAnsan2003 - 2012
Chungju HummelChungcheongbuk-doChungju2003 - 2012
Gyeonggi-doYongin2010 - 2016
Ulsan Modern Oura ShipbuildingUlsan Metropolitan City2003 - 2016
  1. ^ National League home game paid admission parallel implementation guide (Busan Transportation Corporation soccer team official, Korean)
  2. ^ K League ChallengeNew member to (Part 2)FC AnyangIntegrated into

Successive winning clubs

YearsWinning club
2005Incheon Korail
2007Ulsan Modern Oura Shipbuilding
2008Ulsan Modern Oura Shipbuilding
2010Suwon City Hall
2011Ulsan Modern Oura Shipbuilding
2012Incheon Korail
2013Ulsan Modern Oura Shipbuilding
2014Ulsan Modern Oura Shipbuilding
2015Ulsan Modern Oura Shipbuilding
2016Ulsan Modern Oura Shipbuilding

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