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⚾ | Hideki Matsui confesses his real name to the pitcher who felt a professional wall "It was the best curve"


Hideki Matsui confesses his real name to the pitcher who felt a professional wall "It was the best curve"

If you write the contents roughly
The pitcher who is crunching in one army throws more amazing balls, right?

[Mr. Hideki Matsui, who has mass-produced HR against big pitchers in major leagues, but the best ball in baseball life is the first hit of the rookie year ... → Continue reading


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Amazing ball

One army

One armyWhat is (Ichigun)?Professional baseballSuch asSportsIs a word used forOUR TEAMWithin eachpositionMost influentialplayerCombined by組織.Top team(British: Top Team).

"Regular" in amateur sports.

Japanese professional baseball world

Japanese professional baseball(Japan Baseball Organization)soOfficial game(Sep-pa Exchange BattlePlayers who can participate in (including)Controlled player registrationAmong the playersPlayer registrationPlayers who are registered as participating players are limited to those who have beenCentral LeagueandPacific LeaguePositioned as a player of one army in each team of[1].

Other playersSecond armyEtc. (farm).There is an official farm game in the second army, but players who are registered as participating players (first army) may participate in order to gain practical experience.[Annotation 1][2][3].


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