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⚾ | "That's no doubt" Keisuke Honda, eager to talk with Yu Darvish! "High school baseball practice ..."

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"That's no doubt" Keisuke Honda, eager to talk with Yu Darvish! "High school baseball practice ..."

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When Keisuke Honda was asked by the viewers of the live stream about his thoughts on Yu Darvish and his plans to talk with Yu Darvish, he said, "It's a unique way of thinking.

Former Japan national team MF Keisuke Honda (1), who belongs to Lithuanian first division powerhouse FK Suduva, will be playing professional baseball in Hokkaido on the 35th. → Continue reading

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With Darvish

Yu Darvish(Yu Darvish,English: Yu Darvish, Real name:Darvish, Sephat, Farid, Yes<Darvish Sepat Farid Yu,English: Sefat Farid Yu Darvish[4]>,1986 May 8 -) isOsakaHabikinoFromProfessional baseball player(pitcher・ Right-handed right-handed).MLB OfSan Diego PadresBelongs.


Nickname is "Dal'[5].YouTuber(Yu Darvish, Darvish game channelIt is also active as a name).

Achieved an ERA of 5 point for 1 consecutive years in the NPB era[6].. Second in Asian history at MLBMost wins(First in Japanese history)Most strikeout(2nd person in Japanese history)[7].

Wife is a former girlwrestlingAthlete'sSeiko Yamamoto.. The management window isAvex[8].Agent TheWasserman Media Group.


(I.e.-TehranOriginally from Farsad Darvishsefat, he was born to a Japanese woman he met while studying in the United States.[9].. Farsa is the originalサ ッ カ ーHe is a player and has been appointed as an adviser to the "Iran Baseball Federation" in his home country of Iran, and also handles a wide range of businesses. At birth, both Iran and JapanCitizenshiphaveMultiple nationalityWas a person, but in JapanNationality lawRegulations (Nationality selection system for multiple citizens), And selected Japanese nationality on his 22nd birthday[Note 1].. Gylex (jointly run by his father)OsakaSuminoe Ward) Has applied for a trademark named "Darvish" (Business Application No. 2003-103566) and has been registered (Registration No. 4796097). In addition, Iran, the country of origin of my father,Shiite OfMuslimIs the majority, but Yu Darvish himself is not a Muslim on September 2010, 9.TwitterRevealed in[10].

Fighters in 2015Seiko YamamotoA boy is born between[11].. What is Yamamoto?Common-law marriageHowever, in 2016, he submitted a marriage registration and became a formal couple.[12].

Ex-wifetalent OfSaeko..Former general fighter (Dark Sho)[13], Former actorKENTAIs a younger brother[14].


Before entering professional

(I.e.Born as the eldest son of three siblings, having a father and a Japanese mother as parents. When I was a child, I used English until I entered kindergarten[15]..In 6, when he was 1993 years old at the time, he was watching the first baseball game in the Giants vs. Yakult game on June 6, and in this game.Kazunori Shinozuka Tomohito ItoAfter hitting a walk-off home run and seeing the players happy, it was the opportunity to start baseball later.[16].. In the second grade of elementary school, started baseball with the local baseball team "Habikino Black Eagles"[17], At that timeIce hockeyI also went[18][19], Later focus on baseball only[19].. At the All Habikino Boys, when he was in the third year of junior high school, he was ranked 3th in the national competition and 8rd in the world competition as an ace.[20],Tohoku High SchoolEnrolled in April 2002.Two years senior at the school, thenYakultJoined theYuhei TakaiI was aiming for[21]..When entering high school, you will be scouted from more than 50 high schools, but on the condition that you can be separated from your parents in the dormitory life and that the hierarchical relationship is relatively looseUemiya Prince High School(Osaka),Koryo High School(Hiroshima),Tokai University Sugao High School(West Tokyo),Maebashi Ikuei High School(Gunma Prefecture) and Tohoku High SchoolMasahiro WakoHe said on his YouTube channel that he chose Tohoku because of his personality, Yuhei Takai's presence and the atmosphere of the team.[22].

So-called after enrollmentGrowth painI was suffering from another menu[23], Entered the bench from spring, got an ace from the fall of the first grade, and got a uniform number 1.[17][24].. Winner of the Tohoku tournament in October[17], Of the Meiji Jingu Baseball Tournament held on November 2002, 11Heian High SchoolDebuted nationwide in the war and won a shutout victory with 7 and 12 strikeouts.[25]The fastest ball speed is 147km / hWas measured[25].. As a result, the team finished in the top four[17].. In the third grade2004 6 month 27 dayYokohama High SchoolBattle (Akita Prefectural Kinshi Agricultural High SchoolIn the invited game sponsored by), he is measuring 150km / h for the first time.[26].

2 years in KoshienSpring:Summer: , Participated four times in the spring and summer of 3rd year. 4 yearsSpring:Is pulled strongly when a woman asks for a handshake after the opening ceremonyInfraspinatusDiagnosed with pain for 2 weeks[27]Also on March 3thShizuoka Prefectural Hamana High SchoolComplete game victory (2 to 1) in battle[17].. Result in the third roundTokuei HanasakiLost to.2 SummerHurts the back in the first round[28]Advance to the final. In the finalKatsuhiko SakaTo holdJoso AcademyLost to XNUMXnd place. It was not the first victory for the Tohoku team[17].. Became captain of the baseball club after the tournament[29].. The Tohoku tournament in October, which he faced as captain, won the championship for the second time in a row.[17].Spring 3Then in the first roundKumamoto12th time in the history of the tournament, the first time in 10 yearsNo hit no runTo achieve[30][31][Note 2].. However, before the second round, he hurt his right shoulder this time and was defeated without pitching in the quarterfinals.[32].. At the summer prefectural tournament finalMiyagi Prefecture Rifu High SchoolWon the championship by defeating 20 to 1 and played in Koshien for 4 consecutive seasons.Last summer KoshienThen, two games in a row from the first round are shut out[33].. Even in the third roundChiba Keizai UniversityAlthough he kept the opponent to no goal in the 8th inning, he suffered his first goal in the 27th inning, which is the 9th inning of this tournament, and then lost the game after the extra time. I became the last batter[34].

At the end of OctoberProfessional baseball reorganization problemIn Miyagi prefecture, where the high school is locatedProtected areaWas in the process of enteringSendai Livedoor PhoenixTohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles(Only Rakuten will enter the market on November 11nd), same as the place of originKansaiLocation of Orix Bluewave (December 12st)Osaka Kintetsu BuffaloesMerged withOrix Buffaloes),furtherHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersA total of 4 teams have revealed their intention to acquire Darvish[35]"No. XNUMX in attention"[36]"Daisuke MatsuzakaMonsters since[36][37]It was said that. Held on November 11thProfessional baseball draft conferenceThen, he was nominated as the first place by Nippon Ham alone, and on December 1, he signed a temporary contract with a contract fee of 12 million yen, an annual salary of 17 million yen, and a turnover of 1 million yen under the highest conditions of the third high school graduate in history.[17].. Uniform number11.. It was the last decision to join the 2004 draft nominee[38].

  • High school grades:Pitching67,Throw times332 1/3,Strikeout375,Defense rate1.10
  • Koshien total results: pitched 12,Complete pitch7,Closed4, pitching times 92, strikeouts 87,Four dead balls27,Self-responsibility15, 7 wins, 3 losses, ERA 1.47
    • センバツ:登板4、完投2、完封1、投球回30、奪三振29、四死球7、自責点9、2勝1敗、防御率2.70
    • 選手権:登板8、完投5、完封3、投球回62、奪三振58、四死球20、自責点6、5勝2敗、防御率0.87

Japan ham era

2005 Due to the arthritis of the right knee that hurt during the voluntary training in December of the previous year, a doctor stop was taken in the newcomer joint voluntary training in January, and the spring camp started as a farmer.

However, in the weekly photo magazine released in FebruaryMinorNevertheless, at a pachinko parlorsmokingIt was reported that he was doing it. On the other hand, the team will be on the 21st of the same month.Kamagaya cityTohoku High School was repatriated to the dormitory of the team and sentenced to indefinite suspension and social contribution activities during suspension (attended the 28-team joint rookie workshop on the 12th of the same month). Was suspended indefinitely.For this reason, I could not attend the graduation ceremony on March 22st because I was in suspension.After that, he graduated one week later than other students on March 3, when the disposition was lifted.[Note 3].

Then in the second armyリ ハ ビ リ テ ー シ ョ ンContinue on May 5thEastern LeagueFirst pitched as a middle pitcher (against invoice)[17]After that, the shutout victory was also recorded. Promoted to one army in June and paired on the 6thHiroshima Toyo CarpPlayed the first starting pitcher for the first pitch in the battle.In the same game, he kept no runs up to eight times, and in 8Shinichi KondoIt was also expected that he would be the first to win and shut out for the first time in the first pitching of a high school graduate rookie. Then in the 9th inningTakahiro AraiKenjiro NomuraBeing hit by two consecutive home runsClosedMissed, but won his first professional victory. At the Seibu match (Sapporo Dome) on June 2, which was the second pitchingDaisuke MatsuzakaAlthough he struggled to control the ball in the early stages, he pitched well with 7 goals in the 2th inning, and became a winning pitcher with the support of the batting line.[39].. Since then, he has settled in the starting rotation, pitched in 14 games and scored 5 wins (5 losses) including a shutout victory. September 9thTohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesBattle (Sapporo Dome) Then 2Hit2Four ballsRecorded the first professional shutout in[17].

Regarding the smoking turmoil of this year, he apologized again at the press conference in January 2012, which also served as a major transfer report.Also, during the press conference, he said that he warmly welcomed him during the first pitching and first victory hero interview, which led to his subsequent efforts.[40]..Signed one shot with an estimated annual salary of 1500 million yen, an increase of 3000 million yen in contract renewal[24].

2006 , I was late because I hurt my right shoulder in February, but I entered the opening rotation for the first time as a professional player. Due to the delay mentioned above, the ERA was 2 until April.WHIPAlthough it was sluggish at 1.45, he recorded 5 consecutive victories in his official game after May 30th. In addition, June 10thHanshin TigersRecorded the first double-digit strikeout with a professional in the battle (Sapporo Dome). As it is, even once until the end of the seasonDefeated pitcherIn the end, he pitched in 25 games and reached the prescribed number of pitches.Defense rateRecorded 2.89, 12 wins and 5 losses. July 7thSaitama Seibu LionsBattle (Invoice SEIBU dome) Was the starting lineup, but the uniforms for visitorsSapporo DomeLeft in the lockerTomoya YagiHe pitched in his uniform and led the team to victory with a good throw of 7 goal in the 1th inning. Nippon-Ham on that day was a match that took 1961 consecutive wins for the team (team tie record, then) since the predecessor Toei Flyers achieved it in September 9. By the way, at that time, he commented, "It would be the worst if I lost this."[41].. From around the end of this year, from the good compatibilityShinya TsuruokaIn 2007, the catcher at the time of pitching Darvish was almost fixed at Tsuruoka from the middle of XNUMX onwards.

play offThen the 2nd stage (Fukuoka Softbank HawksBattle) Starting in the first game, he won with 1 strikeouts and 11 complete game.Chunichi DragonsWithJapan seriesでは初戦を任されるも6回3失点で敗戦投手となる。3勝1敗で迎えた第5戦に中4日で再び先発し、7回1/3を1失点で勝ち投手となり、チームは44年ぶり2度目の優勝を果たした。この活躍により日本シリーズ優秀選手賞を受賞した[17].

Asia seriesThen.TaiwanRepresentativeLa New BearsStarting in the final match with. Became a winning pitcher with a good pitching of 7 strikeouts and no runs in the 10th inning, and won the series MVP.[17].. Contributed to Japan's second Asian Series victory for the first time in 44 years.

Signed with an estimated annual salary of 4200 million yen plus piecework payment, which will increase by 7200 million yen in contract renewal[42].

2007 , firstOpening pitcherServed as[17].. On June 7All star games He made his first appearance in the game and made his first start. August 8,Sapporo DomeMade inTohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesDarvish, who started the game and became the winning pitcher 4-2, said he was "aiming" after the game.Hero interviewso,SaecoWithShotgun weddingReported[43].

Season record is 15 wins and 5 losses,Defense rate1.82, WHIP 0.83, batting average .174, complete game was 12 at the top of 12 teams. At the end of the seasonYoshihisa Naruse(Chiba Lotte Marines) And ERA battle, 0.003 points differenceBest defense rateMissed, butShinji KonakaSatisfying all 14 selection criteria for the first time in 7 yearsSawamura PrizeIn addition to being elected toMost strikeout,Golden Grab Award-Best nineWon the title. Greatly contributed to the team's consecutive league titles, the Pacific LeagueSeason MVPElected to. MVP at the age of 21Eiji Sawamura,Kazuhisa InaoBecame the youngest record after 20 years old[44].Beijing Olympic Baseball Japan National TeamDirector'sSenichi HoshinoFrom, he was also nominated as the representative ace.

Climax seriesIn the 2nd stage, he started in the first game and became a winning pitcher with 1 goals in the 9th inning. In the final round of the 2th round Climac series, which was greeted with 2 wins and 2 losses, he also defeated Naruse and advanced to the Japan Series. Darvish, who was the driving force behind the advancement of the Japan Series with two wins, won the Climax Series Second Stage MVP Award. Confronted with Chunichi for the second consecutive yearJapan seriesThen, starting in the first game, complete game with 1 goal and 1 strikeouts.Nobuno KawakamiHe became the winning pitcher by controlling the pitching with. In the 1th round, which was greeted with 3 win and 5 losses, he started again and held down 7 innings with 1 goal and 11 strikeouts, but his teammates struck out.Daisuke Yamai,Hitoki IwaseI couldn't even put out one runner in front of the relay (Perfect match= Reference record for achievement by succession pitching) Became a defeated pitcher and allowed Chunichi to be the best in Japan, but this good pitching was evaluated and won the Series Fighting Player Award.[17].

In the contract renewal, he signed one shot with an estimated annual salary of 1 million yen plus a piecework payment, which is an increase of 2800 million yen.Reaching 2 million yen in the 4th year of professionals will reach in the 2th yearTakeshi WadaIt was the fastest and the youngest player in history to reach 2 million yen.[45].. Monthly women's fashion magazine "GLAMOROUSIn the August issue of the same year, she showed off her nude photos for the first time.[46], Then the women's magazine "an ・ anIn the August issue, he appeared on paper and gravure and showed off full nude photos.[47].

2008 On March 3, he served as the opening pitcher for the second consecutive year, winning a 20-2 shutout victory against Lotte. It was the first feat in history to take 1 strikeouts, shut out the opening game 0-10, and take double-digit strikeouts.[48].. Accumulating white stars at a pace higher than the previous year, Rakuten's number of wins and ERA from the first half of the seasonHisashi Iwakumaとタイトル争いを繰り広げた。シーズン唯一の直接の投げ合いとなった4月10日には、両者ともに5回までノーヒットピッチングで、岩隈が100球で被安打3の1失点完投、ダルビッシュが95球で被安打3の完封という投手戦の末に勝利を収めている。7月17日、Tokyo DomeIn the match against Rakuten, he scored his 89th win with 10 pitches, 11 strikeouts and no four-ball complete game.[49]However, in the game against Lotte on July 7, which was the last pitching in the first half of the game, he lost 24 goals, including a complete game of 165 balls and a full-base home run.

Held in August in the middle of the seasonBeijing Olympics OfBaseball representative from JapanWas elected to. It will be the first match in the qualifying leagueCubaStart pitching in the game, throw 4/0 four times and become a losing pitcher with 3 runs[50].. After the match, cut your long hairWhole cuttingAnd appeared in the stadium[51].. I was half-forced to say, "I'll do it, so do you too."Masahiro TanakaTanaka commented, "I was taken along." Darvish's head was clipped with a clipperMunenori KawasakiAnd the next day, following the two, KawasakiShinnosuke AbeAppeared in the stadium as a buzz cut[52].. At the Beijing Olympics, he pitched in a total of 3 games with 0 wins and 1 loss and an earned run average of 5.14.[53]I couldn't get the result[17].

After returning to the team, he started in 5 games with 2 wins and 5 losses including 0 complete games, an ERA of 1.29, and a pitch of WHIP 0.66, which became the driving force to control the fierce battle for 3rd place with Lotte.Climax seriesThen, he pitched in two games, and recorded two wins and an earned run average of 2 with one goal, 1 strikeouts and three hits. Although he couldn't win the major titles this year, he was second in the league in terms of ERA, number of wins, and strikeouts. The ERA was in the 14-point range for the second consecutive year, and WHIP also recorded 3 or less. The selection criteria for the Sawamura Award were also achieved for the second consecutive year, but Iwakuma was selected alone for the number of 2 wins, and was not selected for the second consecutive year. It was in 0.50 that the standard was established that all the items were achieved and the Sawamura Award could not be won.Takashi EgawaIt was the second person since then (however, in 2, he won the Sawamura Award.Kitabeppu studiesも基準を全項目達成しているのに対し、岩隈は完投数が選考基準に達していなかった)。勝ち星(ダルビッシュ16、岩隈21)、勝率(ダルビッシュ.800、岩隈.840)、防御率(ダルビッシュ1.88、岩隈1.87)、投球回数(ダルビッシュ200回2/3、岩隈201回2/3)、登板数(ダルビッシュ25、岩隈28)は岩隈が上だったが、奪三振(ダルビッシュ208、岩隈159)、完投(ダルビッシュ10、岩隈5)はダルビッシュの方が上だった。

Climax seriesThen the 1st stage (vs.Orix BuffaloesBattle) Starting in the first game, he completed a complete game with 1 strikeouts and 9 goal in the 14th inning.[54].. The ban on forkball and two seams, which had been held in the latter half of the regular season, was lifted, and the fastball measured a maximum speed of 153km / h. In addition, the 14 strikeouts taken in this game were the highest in the history of the postseason including the Japan Series. If you loseSeibuThe starting lineup for the 2nd stage of the 2nd stage of the climax series, which takes a check. He threw a lot of two seams around the inside corner of the Seibu line, which has many right-handed hitters, and shut out three hits on the Lions line, which had a strong hit this year.[55][56]..Hits 3 was the lowest in postseason history.

On December 12st, he signed a contract renewal with an estimated annual salary of 1 million yen, an increase of 7000 million yen, plus a piecework payment.It was the highest amount in the history of the ball world for the fifth year of professionals[57].. With Saeko on the 19th (20th Japan time)Hawaii-HonoluluWe held a wedding ceremony at a church in the city. In addition to his father, Farsa, his eldest son, who was born in March of the same year, and his family,Shugo Fujii,Munenori Kawasaki,Tsuyoshi Nishioka,Aoki NobuchikaSeibu on a V tripHideaki Wakui,Hiroyuki NakajimaThey attended and blessed.

2009 Was held in March before the start of the season2th World Baseball Classic (WBC)Representation from JapanWas elected to. At the same tournamentDaisuke Matsuzaka, Along with Iwakuma, the representative director as the starting three pillarsTatsunori HaraNominated by. March 3th, the first match of the Japanese national teamChugokuHe participated in the game as a starting pitcher and became a winning pitcher with no hits and no runs in the 4th inning. Also, on March 3th South KoreaAlthough he participated as a starting pitcher in the game, he suffered 3 goals in the first game due to missteps, and became a losing pitcher with 5 strikeouts and 7 runs (earned run 3) in the 2th inning. Matsuzaka and Iwakuma started in the semi-finals on March 3 and the finals on March 23, and Darvish played in both games.Closer pitcherIn the final, he became the winning pitcher. Ball speed 100 in this matchmph(Approximately 161km / h) was clocked, and 108mph (approximately 174km / h) was also clocked on the local broadcast, but this was not displayed on the electric bulletin board in the stadium and was seen as an erroneous measurement.[58].. Throw 13 times in total, 2 wins and 1 loss, ERA 2.08, 20 strikeouts, the most in the tournament,WHIPLeave a record of 1.00,Manny Ramirez,Ken Griffey Jr.Received praise from MLB smashers such as[59].

In the season, he pitched with Iwakuma as the opening pitcher for three consecutive years, but suddenly presented three points for the first time, became his first opening defeated pitcher with three goals in the ninth inning, and experienced the first black star in the match against Iwakuma.[60].. The first professional shutout at the outdoor stadium, which was said to be weak in the game against Orix on April 4th.He continued to pitch stably in the subsequent games, and in May, he was active in the Pacific League pitcher division with 24-5, ERA 4, and WHIP 0.Monthly MVPWas awarded.Exchange battleWon the Nippon Life Award in 12st place in 3 pitchers in 1 teams[17].. July 7th, Softbank game (Fukuoka Yahoo Dome) Announced that he had a second child in a hero interview after a complete game victory[61]。その後も好成績を持続し、7月22日、前半戦最終登板の対ロッテ戦を9回2安打1失点で勝ち投手となり、自身通算60勝目とした。通算107試合目での60勝到達は2リーグ制後、高卒の選手としては松坂の111試合をしのぐ最速記録であった[62].. The first half of the season was returned with 12 wins and 3 losses, an ERA of 1.31, WHIP 0.83, and 122 strikeouts.All-star game of the yearHowever, both fan voting and inter-player voting will be ranked first. I started in the first day of the All-Star Round on July 1th, butAlex RamirezThe pitcher assault hit the right shoulder directly, and after throwing one time, he got off the board urgently.[63].. After that, he got sick with an ERA of 2.80 and WHIP of 1.09, and in the match against Softbank on August 8, he suffered a black star with his worst 21 goals (6 times).[64]。打球が肩に当たってから、試合後半に球威が落ち、失点する場面が目立ち、内出血が引いた後も肉離れのような硬さがあり、肩の張りが出やすい状態であったため、翌日の8月22日に右肩の違和感を訴えた2006年6月以来になる故障による登録抹消となった。9月13日に一時復帰し、対ロッテ戦に先発して8回1失点で15勝目を挙げるも、本来の球速は影をひそめ、その次の9月20日の対オリックス戦では7四球の乱調で5回2失点で降板となり、その後右肩と腰の違和感により再び登録を抹消され[65]After that, the season ended without a chance to pitch.

The team won the league,Climax seriesHe advanced to the 2nd stage and won the victory, but he did not completely recover from the breakdown and did not pitch himself. But,Japan seriesThen, although it is still unsuccessful, on November 11st, starting the second game,巨人Effectively used the slow curve in the low 100km / h range, which he usually does not throw a lot against, and survived 6 innings with 7 strikeouts and 2 runs, winning 4-2.[17][66][67]..It was a catch ball-like pitching form with a narrow stride so as not to put a burden on the injured part, but it recorded a maximum speed of 149 km / h, and on the stand, he said, "I think I was able to throw a generation."[66]..After the end of the series, I didn't take a rest for 3 years, so I used my right index finger for a detailed examination at the hospital.Fatigue fractureTurned out to have been[66][68]..The pain had been on the mound since October 11, before November 1 when he pitched, but he went up to the mound without telling anyone, and had a stress fracture in his right index finger and left hip, left.HipsIn pain, he suppressed the giant hitting line and became a winning pitcher.

Although he left the front in the second half of the game, he was the only active starting pitcher to record WHIP 3 or less for the third consecutive year.With the best ERAHighest win rateWon the Best Nine and MVP. The second MVP award within 5 years of becoming a professionalKazuhisa Inao,IchiroThis is the third record after.In the contract renewal, he signed with 3 million yen plus piecework payment, which is an increase of 6000 million yen. In 3, he became the fastest and youngest player in history to surpass Ichiro, who exceeded 3000 million yen at the age of 1997.[69].. On July 7th of the same year, I wanted to return the technology I had cultivated to the Japanese sphere.Baseball magazine companyPublished "Yu Darvish's Changing Ball Bible", which explains how to hold and throw 10 types of balls with photos.[70][71].. same year,Yamazaki Masayoshi,Makihara NoriyukiA collection of "crying songs" by male artistsCompilation albumIt was appointed as a jacket photo of "Otokonaki"[72].

2010 3月20日に4年連続4度目の開幕投手を務め、ソフトバンク戦に先発。147球13奪三振で史上5人目の4季連続開幕戦完投を果たすも、5失点(自責点3)で敗戦投手となる[73].. Lotte / Yoshihisa Naruse and Rakuten / Hisashi Iwakuma also had a complete game on that day, and the third pitcher in the opening round was the second complete game after 3.[74]。3戦目にしてようやく初勝利を挙げると、4月17日の対西武戦まで、開幕から5試合連続で2桁奪三振という日本プロ野球新記録を樹立した(13K→11K→11K→12K→10K)[75][76].. From the match against Rakuten on April 4th to the match against May 24stYokohama Bay StarsRecorded 31 innings in a row until the battle, breaking the record for 25 innings in a row[77].. In May, although WHIP 5, he held down the key points and made a good ERA of 1.23, but he was not blessed with the support of the batting line and lost with 0.90 win and 1 losses.I avoid the starting lineup on June 2 due to the discomfort of my right knee.[78], In the match against China and Japan on June 6, he scored a white star since May 12 with a good throw without any goals in the 7th inning. In the match against Rakuten on July 5, he recorded 1km / h, which is the fastest in Japan so far, 7km / h.[79].. In the following match against Rakuten on July 7, he recorded 17km / h and set a new self-record, but he lost the pitcher with 156 goals in the 7th inning, and his consecutive wins from June 3 stopped at 6.[80].. In the first half of the season, he recorded 9 wins and 5 losses, an ERA of 1.56, WHIP1.04, and 143 strikeouts. 4th time in a row for 4 yearsAll starWas elected to the pitch and pitched in 7nd place in the 23st round on July 1rd. One seam, showing off a new ball following a high-speed change-up, etc., kept the 2nd inning to 2 goal (earned run 1)[81].. In the second half of the season, he threw 69 times, recording 3 wins and 3 losses, an ERA of 2.22, WHIP 0.95, and 79 strikeouts. In addition to suffering 8 losses, which is his worst, he missed WHIP 4 or less for 1.00 consecutive years, but achieved 2008 innings pitched for the first time since 200. Obtained the most strikeouts with 222 strikeouts,1959 Achieved an ERA of 4 point for 1 consecutive years since Kazuhisa Inao, and also won the highest ERA for 2 consecutive years. Shows how much you have prevented a goal compared to when the average pitcher throws the same number of inningsRSAAHowever, he has achieved more than 1959 points for four consecutive years, the second person in the history of professional baseball since Inao in 2. To offArizona DiamondbacksPrepares 8000 million dollars (about 65 billion yen) as acquisition funds, etc.[82],Posting systemAlthough a major challenge was mentioned in Japan, on October 10th, he declared that Nippon-Ham would remain on his official blog.[83].. In the contract renewal, a single-year contract with no volume was signed from a three-year contract with a total of 8 million yen plus volume payment up to the previous year, and signed with 3 million yen, which is the highest annual salary in the ball world for active Japanese players. Reaching 5 million yen at the age of 241998 At that timeOrix Blue WaveIt was the fastest and youngest player in history to overtake Ichiro's 25-year-old, and it was the first time in history that he exceeded 5 million yen as a starting pitcher.[84].

2011 On April 4, he served as the opening pitcher for the fifth consecutive year, the longest in the history of the team.[85]Recorded 7 goals of self-worst[86].. Achieved a total of 4 strikeouts, the 26th person in history, in the match against Softbank on April 129.[87].. In the scene of the second death and third base in the bottom of the third inning against the Hanshin Tigers on June 6, the batter'sTakahiro AraiThe third ball that was thrown into the ball floated high and became a wild pitch, and during this time, the third base runnerMatt MertonReturned to home base, and with this goal, the consecutive no-goal record that has continued since the match against Rakuten on May 5 is the 10th place in the history of professional baseball (among active players).Fujikawa KojiIt stopped at 2 times 46/2 (3nd place after), and missed the shutout of 4 games in a row, which is a new record for the Pacific League.[88].. In the exchange battle, he recorded 43 with the highest ERA in history with 1 earned run in 1 times. He won his 0.21th victory in the 6th game, the fastest of the century, against Lotte on June 30th.[89].. In the first half of the season, he recorded 13 wins and 2 losses, an ERA of 1.44, and 140 strikeouts. 1st place in both fan voting and player voting, 5th time in a row for 5 yearsAll star gamesWas elected to. In the second half of the season, he recorded 5 wins and 4 losses, an ERA of 1.43, and 136 strikeouts. In the end, he threw his best 232 innings, his best ERA 1.44, his most 18 wins, and WHIP the smallest of the starting pitchers 0.83.1993 ToHideo NomoRecorded 250 strikeouts in the season since the record, the first ERA in the history of Nippon Professional Baseball for the fifth consecutive year, and achieved more than 5 points for the first time in the history of RSAA. He also won double-digit wins for the sixth consecutive year, but Seibu's record of double-digit wins for the sixth consecutive year is for active pitchers.Fumiya NishiguchiThis is the record since the 7th consecutive year.Climax series first stageLet's play against Seibu. Starting in the first game, he showed a good throw of 7 goal in the 1th inning and entrusted the rest to the relief team, but it was suppressed to 9 times.Takeda HisashiWas struck by a tie and missed the winning pitcher. As a result, he was defeated by winning 10 extra times. He lost in the next game and was eliminated from CS, and the starting pitcher of the first game of CS was the last pitching in Japan. This year, he achieved all the items of the Sawamura Award selection criteria for the third time, which set his own record for the first time in three years since 1, but the actual winners also achieved all the criteria.Masahiro TanakaMet(It is the first time in history that the number of missed awards while achieving all the selection criteria of the Sawamura Award is the first in history, and it is the only one at the end of the 2020 season.)。勝ち星(ダルビッシュ18、田中19)、勝率(ダルビッシュ.750、田中.792)、防御率(ダルビッシュ1.44、田中1.27)、完投数(ダルビッシュ10、田中14)は田中が上、奪三振(ダルビッシュ276、田中241)、登板数(ダルビッシュ28、田中27)、投球回数(ダルビッシュ232回、田中226回1/3)はダルビッシュが上だった。オフにはPosting systemAnnounced on his blog that he applied for the exercise of[90].. On June 12Texas RangersOn a dollar basis in postingDaisuke MatsuzakaIt was announced that it got the right to negotiate for the highest ever amount of $ 5170 (about 3,411 million yen)[91][92].

Rangers era

2012 $ 1 million for 18 years with Rangers on January 6 + $ 5600 million in volume for a total of $ 400 million[93]Announced that the contract was agreed with[94][95], The uniform number is the same as in the Nippon-Ham era11Was decided[96].. Wife on the same daySaekoAlso announced divorce with[97]..Darvish had previously stated that he would stop playing baseball if he went to major league baseball, but at the Nippon-Ham Fighters press conference on the 24th, he said, "I like to go to the opponent batter with a strong feeling. Before the game, I was told "I can't hit" or "Don't throw", and I thought I wasn't playing a fair match. I really wanted to play a great game. " Told[98].

4 month 9 daySeattle MarinersFirst major starter in the game[99].. In the 4th inning, 5/2 hits 3 hits, 8 runs, 5 strikeouts, and 5 strikeouts, including 5 runs in the first run, but he was blessed with the support of the batting line and won his first major victory. The first major pitching victory with 4 goals or more for the first time1910 ToSt. Louis CardinalsIt was the first record in 102 years since it was achieved.[100].. 24thNew York YankeesIn battleHiroki KurodaIn the 8th inning, 1/3 hits 7 hits, no runs, 10 strikeouts, and 2 walks, the fastest pitching of 97mph (about 156km / h).[101].. In April, he pitched 4 games, 5-4, ERA 0, and WHIP 2.18.Best Rookie of the MonthAward[102].. April 5Toronto Blue JaysIn the battle, he threw 5 times with his hips and dropped off, but he won the 100th NPB / MLB total.[103].. In the first half of the first 16 games, 10 wins and 5 losses, 3.59 ERA, WHIP 1.36Final voteAll star gamesElected to[104].. Just before the final voteTwitterIt became possible to vote on Twitter, and I called for a vote on my Twitter with my teammates.At the press conference the day before the All-Star Game, he commented, "It feels weird because there are only amazing players. I think that being here in any way has grown."[105]..There was no pitching on the day of the All-Star game,David Price,Joe MauerTalk to[106]"It was my first all-star and I enjoyed talking with some players."[107].

In the second half of the game, he fell into a difficult walk with a walk rate of 6 in the first six games, and on August 6.15nd.Los Angeles AngelsIn the battle, he suffers 1 inning and 6 runs, which is the worst career after entering the pro.GMAssistantGreg MadduxReceive guidance from[108][109], Improved the pitching form by referring to the pitching form of David Price[110].. In the following seven games, the walk rate was 7 and the ball control was stable, and on September 1.77th.Tampa Bay RaysStrikeout team rookie record in battle[111].. In the Mariners game on the 14thHisashi IwakumaIn the 7th inning, 2 hits and 1 run, he scored his 15th win and reached 200 strikeouts.[112].. In the game against the Angels on the 20th, he won the 8th victory, which is the largest number in the history of new Japanese players, with a good throw of 4 hits and 1 run in the 16th inning.[113], 6 wins in 16th place in the league and 5 strikeouts in 221th place in the season, but the team misses the district championship in the final round of the regular season. In the post seasonBaltimore OriolesWithWild card gamesIn the 6th inning, he pitched 1/3 with 5 hits and 3 runs, but the team lost and became a losing pitcher himself, and missed the division series advancement.[114].Newcomer King3rd place in the vote[115].

2013 Is the second race of the season on April 2ndHouston AstrosThe first starter of the season in the battle. No hits, no walks, 9 strikeouts, the fastest, and a fast 14mph (about 97km / h) until the 156th inning, but the 27th batterMarwin GonzalezThe 111th ball was hit by Nakamae,Perfect matchI missed the board.Michael KirkmanHolds back and wins the first win of the season[116][117].. It was the 9th person in history to miss a perfect game after two deaths in the 11th inning.[118].. Achieved a total of 19 strikeouts for NPB / MLB in the Mariners game on the 1500th[119].. April 5Boston Red SoxIn the war, 2000 in the American LeaguePedro MartinezMike MussinaRecorded 2 strikeouts for the second time in the season since then[120].. In the Astros game on the 11th,Dwight GoodenReached a total of 2 strikeouts in the 37th game, the second fastest in major history after[121].. April 5Arizona DiamondbacksIn the match, he recorded 14 strikeouts in Thailand, the most in his career, and reached the first Japanese player to strike out 100 in both leagues in the season.[122].. In the first half of the game, he started in 18 games with 8 wins and 4 losses, an ERA of 3.02, WHIP1.05, and 1 strikeouts in 157st place in the league.All star gamesElected to[123].. On July 7th with the tension of the right trapezius muscleDLBecause I entered[124], There was no pitching on the day of the All-Star game for the second consecutive year, but on that dayJustin Verlander"I enjoyed being surrounded by wonderful players, and I definitely want to come back," he said, talking with them in English.[125]。MLB通算50登板目となった8月1日のダイヤモンドバックス戦では7回を5安打、無失点、自己最多タイの14奪三振の投球で10勝目を挙げ、シーズン4度の14奪三振は球団新記録となり、3度目の無四球での14奪三振以上は1997 OfRoger Clemens2001 OfRandy JohnsonSince[126].. In the Astros game on the 12th, he took the most 8 strikeouts and reached 15 strikeouts in the season with a good throw of no hits and no runs until one death in the 200th inning.[127].. 30thMinnesota TwinsRecorded 64 strikeouts per month, a new record for the team in the battle[128].. April 9Auckland AthleticsIn the match, he reached the record of 240 strikeouts in the Japanese season, but suffered the seventh loss with 5 goals of the season's worst self.[129].. Reached the first 24 innings after transferring to MLB in the Astros game on the 200th[130].. In the second half of the game, he started 14 games and recorded an ERA of 2.59 and WHIP 1.11.1989 OfOrel HershiserThere is also a black star at 4 degrees 0-1 for the first time since[131]The number of wins and losses ends in 5 wins and 5 losses. In the season, 13 wins and 9 losses, 4th place ERA of 2.83, 4th place WHIP1.07, and 277 strikeouts, the most in both leagues.Hideo NomoSecond in Japanese historyMost strikeoutWin[132].. The strikeout rate of 11.89 this season was 9th in the history of majors. The team competes for the remaining 1 slot in the wild card game with RaiseOne game playoffLost to and missed the post-season advance. In the Cy Young Award voteMax ShurzerNext to the second place, which is the highest in Japanese history[133].

2014 On March 3th, the 30-day disabled list will be entered due to stiff neck and the opening will begin.[134].. Off list on April 4th[135], In the Red Sox game on May 5th, although it was a perfect game until two deaths in the seventh inning,David OrtiseAllows the first baseman at bat (the ball falls between the second baseman and the right fielder, and is judged to be a right fielder's misstep).After that, he continued to hit no hits and scored until he died in the 9th inning, and Ortiz again hit a ball that passed the two games and allowed the first hit in the scene of one more person until he achieved no hitter.The Rangers won the game 1-3, but Ortiz's hit dropped him and he became the third pitcher in MLB history to miss a no-hitter more than once in the ninth inning.[136](On the 14th, the MLB organization corrected the record that Ortiz made a mistake in the 7th inning of this game to hit, and the number of hits was 2.[137]). June 6thMiami MarlinsIn the game, he won the first shutout victory of MLB with 6 hits and no runs.[138].. In the first half of the game, he started in 17 games with 8 wins and 5 losses, an ERA of 2.97, and a record of WHIP 1.21, and voted among players for the third consecutive year.All star gamesElected to.On the day of the All-Star Game, he made his first pitch in the 3rd inning and kept the 1st inning with no hits and no runs.[139].. Achieved double-digit wins for the third consecutive year since his debut as a Japanese player since Hideo Nomo in the match against the Yankees on July 7[140].. In addition, since 2006 during the Nippon-Ham era, he has won double-digit wins for nine consecutive years through NPB / MLB. However, on August 9th, the right elbow was inflamed and entered the disabled list on the 2th.[141]..After that, he continued to rehabilitate, but the number of disabled people continued to break the record of MLB players who participated in the season, the most in history.[142]Due to the sluggishness of the team, the team was at the bottom of the league, and on September 9th, GMJohn DanielsAnnounced that it will not pitch in the remaining games of the season[143].. OffSeiko YamamotoThat you are dating withTwitterPublished in[144].

2015 Complains of tension in the upper right triceps at the first pitching of spring training and drops with 12 balls[145].. Received on March 3th the next dayMRIRight elbow on examinationMedial collateral ligamentTurned out to be damaged[146].Tommy John surgeryAnnounced to receive on the 13th[147], Surgery on the 17th[148].. Announced on his Twitter account that a boy was born with Seiko Yamamoto on July 7th.[11].

2016 In the Pirates Warfare on May 5, he will return to MLB for the first time since August 28, 2014.[149].. Recorded his first home run through NPB / MLB in the Reds game on August 8th.[150].. In the playoffs, he started in the second leg of the Division Series on October 10, but became a losing pitcher with five goals in five innings.[151].. In the regular season, he started in 17 games. He recorded 7 wins and 5 losses and an ERA of 3.41.

2017 Recorded 5th MLB win against Phillies on May 13th[152].. In the game against the Yankees on June 6, he recorded 24 strikeouts and recorded the 10st double-digit strikeout in total, which is the highest number of Japanese pitchers in Thailand.[153].

Dodger era

July 2017, 7, in exchange trade with 31 players belonging to the minor leagueLos Angeles DodgersTransferred to. The uniform number is21[154][155].. He became the first pitcher after the transfer in the match against Mets on August 8, and became the winning pitcher, but it was in 4 that he recorded 10 strikeouts in his first pitch at the Dodgers.Kazuhisa IshiiSince then[156].. In the game against the Rockies on September 9th, he achieved a total of 8 strikeouts in the 128th game and 812 innings pitched, which is the fastest in MLB history (the fastest record in the past).Kelly wood134 games, 853 pitches)[157].. After joining the Dodgers, he pitched in 9 games, 4 wins and 3 losses, ERA 3.44, and the total of the two teams with the Rangers started in 2 games, 31 wins and 10 losses, ERA 12.[158]So, I won the double digit for the first time in 3 years[159].. The team won the National League West for the fifth consecutive year and in the postseasonArizona DiamondbacksWithDivision seriesRound 3,Chicago CubsWithLeague championship seriesStarting in each of the 3rd round. In the 5th inning against Diamondbacks, he scored 0/3 with 2 hits, 1 run, and 7 strikeouts to win his first postseason victory.[160]In the following Cubs game, he became a winning pitcher with 6 hits and 1 run in 3/6 of the 1th inning.[161].. team is1988 League championship for the first time in 29 years since thenWorld seriesHas made a foray intoHouston AstrosEnemy land in the World Series withMinute Maid ParkRound 3 and home baseDodger StadiumAlthough they started in the 7th round in the 3rd round, 1/2 in the 3st inning, 6 hits and 4 runs.[162]In the 7th round, he was a losing pitcher with 1 hits and 2 runs in 3/3 in the first inning, and could not play the role of starting pitcher. It was in 5 that the starting pitcher dropped out twice in the World Series of the same year with less than two innings.(English editionIt was the second record in history after[163].. In addition, the ERA of 21.60 is the worst second place among pitchers who have pitched more than 3 innings.[164].. The team ended up losing the World Series with 3 wins and 4 losses[165][166][167].. On June 11FABecame[168].

Cubs era

2018 March 2Chicago CubsSigned a contract with $ 6 million for 1 years[169].. Uniform number11[170]..However, he pitched in eight games and broke his right elbow after leaving a record of 8 win, 1 defeats and an ERA of 3.Although he showed a strong will to return, he was diagnosed as taking at least 4.95 weeks for medical treatment, and he stopped pitching during the 6 season.[171].

2019 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Marlins ParkMade inMiami MarlinsAlthough he scored a goal in the early stages of the game, he scored his first victory of the same year with 5/2 in the 3th inning, 1 hits including 4 home run, 2 runs, 8 strikeouts and 5 XNUMX dead balls.[172].. It was the first time in 2018 days that Darvish had a white star since May 5, 21.[173].. In the first half of the game, he pitched 18 games and had an ERA of 5.01. While taking 97 strikeouts in the 111th inning, he suffered from 49 walks and 6 hits and difficulty in controlling the ball. However, in the second half of the game, the results that had been sluggish wereCraig KimbrelOf the new ball type taught byKnuckle curveShow dramatic growth with[174]、13試合登板で防御率2.76と復活。81回2/3を投げて驚異の118奪三振数を記録し、7四球5死球と与四死球は激減。8月27日の対New York MetsBattle (City field) To 6 timesJD DavisAchieved a total of 4 strikeouts (NPB2500, MLB1250) for MPB / MLB by stealing the 1250th strikeout on this day.[175]..This is the 2500th Japanese pitcher to strike out 11 strikeouts in total. In NPB / MLB total,Hideo Nomo(3122),Kazuhisa IshiiIt became the third person after (2550)[176]..In addition, in this game, he achieved 100 strikeouts and 3 walk, which is the third person in history in MLB 42 years.[177].. The 142 consecutive strikeouts were the longest in MLB in the same year, with a total strikeout rate of 11, which is the Red Sox's.Chris SaleSecond place in history (more than 11 pitches) after (08/2)[178].. In the match against the Reds on September 9, he lost the game while showing a good throw of 17 hits, 7 runs and 6 strikeouts in the 4th inning, but in this match he recorded 13 consecutive strikeouts in the Cubs.Kelly woodIs a new record for the team, surpassing the 1998th consecutive record in the Astros match on May 5, 6.For Japanese pitchers, the same year as Hideo Nomo in 7 and 1998Kenta Maedaが記録した7者連続を上回る新記録。また、同月12日のパドレス戦で14奪三振を記録しており、日本人投手の2試合連続13個以上は1995年野茂英雄が13個ずつを記録して以来24年ぶり2度目。連続2試合で27奪三振はカブスでは最多となった[179][180].. The first half is at homeBooIn the latter half of the game, "Ewing" began to reverberate, and the result changed the reaction of the fans. He pitched 31 games with 6 wins and 8 losses, an ERA of 3.98, 178 times 1/3, 229 strikeouts, and 56 walks.[181]..It has been open since offYouTubeStart updating channels actively[182], The content of the video that makes a statement to the ball world is often taken up in the Japanese media[183].

2020 TheImpact of COVID-19The opening was delayed and started with a 60-game system, and although he was selected as the 2nd place in the opening for the second consecutive year, he started with a black star with 2 runs in the 4th inning. 3 games in a rowQuality start(6 times or more, ERA 3 or less), his first 6 consecutive victories. The consecutive pitching wins without any wins or losses of Japanese pitchers are tied along with the six consecutive wins of Hideo Nomo (1995) and Kazuhisa Ishii (2002). In addition, it was the first Japanese pitcher to record five or more games with one goal or less.[184].. The ERA is 2, which is the second place in the league, and the pitching is overwhelming, and the number of strikeouts is divided by the number of walks.K / BB』In the league third place 3. 6.50rd place tie with 43.0 pitches[185].. US national newspaper "USA TodayWas selected as the best nine in the National League in the special feature of "All Stars in the first half of MLB"[186]..Also in AugustPitcher of the MonthWas chosen for.Recorded 7 consecutive wins in 7 races for the first time as a Japanese pitcher in the first race of the second half.It was the highest single record, overtaking Nomo and Ishii mentioned above.Also, if you have 7 wins in 7 races and 1 goal or less in all pitches, the team1906 OfEd RoylebackIt's been 114 years since then. In MLB2014 OfClayton KershawSince (Dodgers).投球回6イニング以上かつ1失点以下を開幕から40試合以内で7度以上達成は、ナ・リーグではAchieved XNUMX or more pitches within XNUMX games from the opening with XNUMX innings or more and XNUMX goal or less in the National League1985 OfMario SotoIt's been 35 years since (Reds), and in the team1919 OfHippo BoneIt has been 101 years since then.[187]..After that, he was a little sick, but he closed the final pitch seven times with no runs and recorded the eighth win, which was the top of the league alone.This will be the first JapaneseMost winsWon the title[188]..The final result was 12 starting pitchers, throwing 76 times (3rd place in the league), 8 wins and 3 losses, an ERA of 2.01 (2nd place), 93 strikeouts (4th place),WHIPHe left a good result of 0.961 (4th place).To offSai Young AwardRanked second in the vote[189].. On October 10th, he was praised for promoting friendship and understanding between Japan and the United States, contributing to society through various charitable activities, and winning the most wins for the first time in MLB.ChicagoJapanConsulateA dinner party was held in Japan and was commended by Kenichi Okada.[190].. On June 12All MLB TeamFirst elected as one of the starting pitchers of the first team[191]..It was the first time that a Japanese player was selected for the first team.[192].

Padres era

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayZach DaviesBy trading with ,,,,Victor CaratiniWithSan Diego PadresTransferred to [193].

2021 Served as the opening pitcher in the opening game with Diamondbacks on April 4st, even though he was in the first year of transfer.[194].. Starting on June 6st against the Dodgers in San Diego. At the beginning of the 21thSteve soouza juniorHe stole the 11th strikeout on the day with a cutter and achieved 1500 strikeouts in MLB. Achieved in 197 MLB games in totalRandy Johnson206 games, 1220 times 1/3Steven StrasburgIt was the fastest record in MLB history, surpassing 1272/1 of 3 times.[195].. It will be the 7th time in total by voting between players on July 4th.All star gamesWas elected to, but declined[196].. At the pitching on August 8th, he complained of waist tension and dropped off.[197], Entered the disabled list for 8 days on August 15th[198]..In addition to recording 4.22, which is the worst career ERA for the entire season, it was a disappointing result such as 7 consecutive losses and 10 consecutive wins without stars.

Characteristics as a player

Pitch type

Pitching data (2021 regular season)[1]
Pitch typeProportionAverage ball speedMaximum ball speed
%mphkm / hmphkm / h
Four seam2294.5152.197.5156.9
Change up0[199]80.2129.180.2129.1

Three Quarter[200]From average ball speed 94.5mph (about 152.1km / h, 2021 season)[201], Fastest in regular season 99mph (approx. 159.3km / h)[202]With nobiFastball(Fastball,Two seams,One seam) And several typesslider[203],Cut ball (cutter), Several types with different ball speedscurve[204], Several typesFork ball(Splitter),RarelyChange upThrow various changing balls[205][206].

The average speed of a fastball was 2010km / h in 146,[207]In 2011, the average ball speed was increased to 149km / h due to physical modification that was off in the same year.[204], Even 9 times, the average ball speed did not fall below 148km / h[208].. MLB移籍後も肉体改造を続け球速を増加させた他After transferring to MLB, he continued to remodel his body and increased the ball speed.[209], In the Cubs eraJustin VerlanderWe also started to improve the rotation efficiency with reference to, and improved the ball speed and quality.[210].. The average speed of fastballs after transferring to MLB was 2014km / h in 148.6, which was the slowest year, and recorded 149km / h or more in all seasons other than the same year, and 2016km / h or more in all seasons after 150. Is recording[211].. In the 2020 season, in the MLB starting pitcher's straight miss rate ranking,Luis CastilloRecorded 5%, which is the highest number, exceeding 1%.[211].

In the NPB era, all ball types were shown to outperform the average NPB pitcher.[212]..Above all, the slider is "John SmoltzSince then, it has been described as the best substitute. "[213]From the MLB batter, "The fast slider disappears from view. You can't even see the seams of the ball." "The looser slider seems to change like a slave if it's that slow. It's not like Frisbee, it bends down away from the right-handed batter. "[214].. In the 2014 best player survey by category for managers of all MLB teams, it was ranked first in the slider category of the American League.[215].

From 2019, the pitching ratio of cut balls (cutters) has been increased to more than fastballs, and the pitching ratio was 34.2% in the same year and 2020% in 40.2.[211]..As for the type, a fast cutter in the early 90mph range and a cutter with a large bend in the latter half of the 80mph range are thrown separately.[210][216]..バッテリーを組んだI assembled the batteryVictor CaratiniLists this cutter as the deciding ball for Darvish[217]..By throwing mainly cut balls, the rate of walks has been significantly reduced.The rate of walks in the 2012 season was 4.19 throughout the year, and the worst was 4 in April, but it was centered on cut balls. Reduced to 5.19 in September and October when switching to pitching[211], 2020 recorded 1.66, the highest number since the major transfer[211].

Many types of curves are also featured in the media, and among themSlow curveWas taken up as a slow ball that may be below 60mph (about 96km / h)[218],Power curveWas featured to boast a head of up to 41 cm[219]..カブス時代に投げ始めたStarted throwing in the Cubs eraKnuckle curve TheCraig KimbrelI learned the grip and pitching approach from[220].

in the pastKnuckleball,sinkerI threw it, but I haven't thrown it in the official game since 2007[205].. In 2005, the rookie year was pitching centered on a changing ball with the sinker as the deciding ball, and the straight ball speed was about 140 km / h, but from 2006, the change-up and the accuracy of the forkball improved, so the sinker was hardly thrown. The following year, 2007, it was sealed.[205].. Cut balls and vertical sliders from 2007, 2008Split finger fastballLearned and started throwing[205].

We are also working on learning new pitches that other pitchers will not throw, and in 2010Buddy CarlyleBegan throwing the one seam taught by the Japanese pitcher for the first time[221][222].. June 6 of the same yearOrix BuffaloesFrom the war, he started throwing high-speed change-ups in the 140km / h range. The advantage of high-speed change-up is that it is difficult for the batter to distinguish from a straight ball because it bends at a ball speed close to that of a straight ball, and it is easier to control the ball than a normal change-up.[223].. In the same yearAll star gamesThen throw a cut ball that floats in the batter's hand[224], PlayedShinnosuke AbeDescribed the same type of ball as "a ball that floats softly like a side or underslow."[224]..カーブは球速の違う数種類のカーブを使い分けていたが、2011年にはカットボールの握りで投げる100km/h前後の遅いカーブを投げたI used several types of curves with different ball speeds, but in XNUMX I threw a slow curve of around XNUMXkm / h with a cut ball grip.[204].. In 2020SupremeInvented a new changing ball tentatively called.本人は「スプリットとツーシームの間のような球です。ブルペンでのストレートの球速は93~96マイル(149~154キロ)ぐらいなんですがこの球は92~94マイル(148~151キロ)ぐらい出ます。どれぐらい変化しているかというと4シームに比べ、約18cm落ちていて、約10cmシュートしている感じです」と解説しているHe said, "It's a ball like between split and two seams. The straight ball speed with a bullpen is about XNUMX to XNUMX miles (XNUMX to XNUMX km), but this ball is about XNUMX to XNUMX miles (XNUMX to XNUMX km). As for how much it has changed, it is about XNUMX cm lower than the XNUMX seams, and it feels like shooting about XNUMX cm. "[225].

Pitching form

The pitching form isSet positionThree quarters from. In 2011Side throw[226]And also showed the pitch from the windup[227].. However, he said, "Because it is originally a sidearm, the ball speed is higher on the side."[228].. We also showed no windup pitches at the 2016 spring training[229].

quickIs in the 1.3 second range, and there is little awareness of preventing stolen bases.[230],2011 Japan SeriesWhen I was in charge of guest commentary on the TBS TV broadcast of Round 6, "I feel like" If you want to run, please "stolen base from first base to second base." "If you are too cautious and hit, you will regret it," he said.

Ball control

In 2008, he was a coach at Nippon Ham.Kazuyuki Shirai"It is certain that it is at a very high level, but fine control was at that time.MatsuzakaIs still better "[231], MLB scouts say, "Control (ability to throw a strike) is above average, while command (ability to throw at a targeted spot) is average."[232]"We need to reduce the number of balls"[233]"If you improve the ball control,Tim LinscumWill be on a par with[234]"The control is excellent. The biggest challenge is the command. 20 on a scale of 80-50."[235].. MLB scoutsHisashi IwakumaWhen evaluating the ball control power of, "command (ability to throw at the target spot) and control to collect the ball low (ability to throw to strike) are much higher than Darvish" has been compared.[233]Darvish himself said, "I'm thrown into the strike zone, but the command wasn't that good and I didn't really need it. But I really want it here (MLB), so how can I improve? I'm doing it while thinking about it. "[236].

In the Cubs era, the pitcher coach(English editionAccording to the advice of, "quitting to speed up the pitching tempo", the ball control became stable, and the number of walks decreased sharply.[210]..Increasing the ratio of cut balls thrown as mentioned above also led to a decrease in walks, and the walk rate in 2020 was 1.66, the highest number since the major transfer.[211]..Darvish himself said, "Since I came to America (MLB), many coaches have tried to throw as soon as possible, but it didn't work for me. When I tried to increase the tempo, I couldn't concentrate on my pitching. , The number of four pitches will increase. "By reviewing the pitching tempo, the pitching interval has become the worst MLB number of about 30 seconds on average, but there is also room for pitching and pitcher consideration.[210].

Adjustment method

It uses a unique adjustment method, such as shadow pitching and not hardening the foam. Regarding this, Seiichiro Nakagaki, the chief trainer of Nippon-Ham Fighters, said, "You can finely adjust the physical or experiential time and spatial position with your own senses. "He has the feeling that the force generated by the whole body is naturally swinging, not the end of swinging the arm using the whole body."[205].. For the purpose of balancing the left and right of the body, even the left arm, which is not the dominant arm, is about 60 metersCatch ballThe ball speed is about 130 km, but you can also throw a changing ball[237][238][239][240][241][242]..In addition, although it is a right hit on registration, it is also possible to hit in the left at bat, and in fact MLB also hits.[243].


FieldingAlso good, he was the director at the beginning of the Rangers transferRon WashingtonPraised the throwing of the ball from the backhand catch to the home.[244].

He says to himself that he is 196 cm tall, "the hands are small and the arms are short."[245].

Although taller than 190 cm50 metersCan run flat for 6 seconds[246].

About the tools to use, from 2013ASICSUses company products[247][248]..After the end of the 1 season, the first year of the major, it is said that "I fell in love with the comfort of ASICS spikes."[247], Gloves use custom-made products with the Darvish "D" mark instead of ASICS "a"[247][248].


"Weekly baseball』Implemented in the" ranking of successive pitchers selected by 200 people in the ball world "[249].

He was the director of Nippon-Ham from 2008 to 2011Masataka NashidaIs "Nomo,AwanoI've seen a lot of good pitchers, but I don't think there are any pitchers who are so dexterous. "[250].

Hirooka Tatsuro"When I see Darvish throwing, my body is flexible and I use my whole body in a well-balanced manner, so the ball is squeaky. I think this is a professional pitcher." ing[251].

Was the director of Rakuten from 2005 to 2009Katsuya NomuraIs an orthodox sect who has excellent danger detection ability and can compete even at speed, and is a technician who can freely control the movement of speed, inside and outside, and vertical and horizontal, that is, Yu Darvish is said to be an orthodox sect and technician.

Cy Young Award Voting

Cy Young AwardVoted twice in the top 3[252][253], 2013 scored 93 points, the highest ever for Japanese[254].. In 2020, he scored 123 points.[253]

YearsRankingPointLeague LeagueSource
2012 9 bit1.0A league[255]
2013 2 bit93.0A league[256]
2020 2 bit123.0National League[253]

Social contribution activities

Attended the "Encouragement Party" held at a hotel in Osaka on January 2005, 1. I belonged to that seat when I was in junior high schoolBoys league"AllHabikino"ToMicrobusDonated 200 million yen for purchase.

Since 2007, to provide water support to developing countriesJapan Water ForumEstablished "Darvish Water Fund" in cooperation with. Every time we win one official game, we donate 1 yen to the Japan Water Forum.[257].

Since 2008, he has donated 1 yen to Habikino City, Osaka Prefecture, where he was born and raised every time he wins. "Children'swelfareIn May of the same year, the city established the "Darvish Children's Welfare Fund" with the hope that it would be useful for. Utilizing a part of this "Children's Welfare Fund", "Darvish Yu Bunko" was opened on December 5, 31 in Habikino City Central Library, Osaka Prefecture, which collects 2009 sports-related books including baseball.[258].. In addition, in response to an offer from Darvish, "I would like to pay for the construction of the ground to give back to my hometown," Habikino City, Osaka Prefecture, established a ground for baseball based on donations from Darvish, and within FY2013. Announced in 2010 that it aims to complete. It is said that discussions will be held with the Darvish side regarding the cost of constructing a baseball stadium.[259].

2010, livestock infectious diseaseFoot-and-mouth diseaseThere is Saeko's parents' house that was damaged byMiyazakiIn late May, we sent a donation of 5 million yen to the livestock farmers in Japan. Furthermore, from the pitching on June 300, it was announced that 6 yen will be donated to the Miyazaki Community Chest of Japan for each out.[260]Donated a total of 981 million yen[261].. These activities were evaluated and 2010Golden spirit awardWas decided to be given[261].

In 2011, it happened on March 3thGreat East Japan Earthquake(Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake) As a donationJapanese Red Cross SocietyDonated 5000 million yen through[262].

August 2013, 10,(English edition4DollarDonated[263].

In September 2014, it was reported that $ 9 was donated to the US volunteer organization "PET CONNECT RESCUE", which is working to find foster parents for dogs.[264].

August 2018, 9,Hokkaido Iburi Eastern EarthquakeIt was announced by the team that 1000 million yen was deposited with Nippon-Ham for the purpose of supporting the reconstruction of[265][266].

Detailed information

Pitcher results by year


Every time











A person




2005Nippon Ham14142105500. 50041094.19774813522037373.531.54
2006252432012501. 706627149.21281264061155155482.891.28
20072626123115500. 750790207.21239491132104048421.820.83
20082524102216400. 800764200.21361144092084144421.880.90
2009232382115500. 750701182.0118945061675036351.730.90
20102625102312800. 600805202.0158547072226048401.781.01
20112828106218600. 750885232.01565360627610142371.440.83
2012TEX292900016900. 640816191.115614891102218089833.901.28
2013323200013900. 591841209.21452680182777168662.831.07
2014222221110700. 588605144.113313491218214154493.061.26
201617170007500. 583416100.1811231131326043383.411.12
201722220006900. 400564137.01152045051489163614.011.17
LAD990004300. 57120249.24471311613020193.441.15
'17 total3131000101200. 455766186.215927581620912183803.861.16
2018CHC880001300. 25018040.03672104492124224.951.43
201931310006800. 429731178.2140335611122911082793.981.10
202012120008300. 72729776.05951412933018172.010.96
2021SD303000081100. 421681166.11382844181999081784.221.09
NPB: 716716455189933801. 71049821268.19165833325012503633102811.990.98
MLB: 9212212211796700. 54153331293.1104716544286215917245425123.561.15
  • At the end of the 2021 season
  • Of each yearTaiziIs the best league

Olympic pitcher performance


Every time







A person




Pitcher results at WBC


Every time







A person




MLB postseason pitcher results


Every time









A person



2012TEXALWC110100. 000276.250001700322.700.75
2016ALDS110100. 000225.054101400559.001.20
WS220200. 000223.1922000009821.603.30
2020CHCNLWC110100. 000266.251211600222.701.05
Participation: 4 times772500. 28614033.0329614310021195.181.15
  • At the end of the 2021 season

Defensive results by year

Every time






2005Nippon Ham14215011.000
20072553622. 953
20082563714. 977
20092323311. 972
20102682620. 944
20172251312. 947
'17 total3181813. 963
2018CHC84210. 857
201931141311. 964
20201241012. 933
NPB16753202613. 977
MLB21281104412. 979
  • At the end of the 2021 season
  • Of each yearTaiziIs the best league
  • In the NPB eraBold year TheGolden Grab AwardAward


  • Most wins: 1 time (2020) * Second in Asian history, first in Japanese history
  • Most strikeout: 1 time (2013) * 2nd person in Asian history, 2nd person in Japanese history





First record
Pitcher record
  • First pitching, first start, first victory, first start victory: April 2005, 6, vs.Hiroshima Toyo Carp5rd round (Sapporo Dome), 8 run 0/3 for 2 runs
  • First strikeout: Same as above, 4th inning without deathGreg LaroccaFrom strikeout
  • First complete pitch: June 2005, 8, vs.Seibu Lions13th round (Sapporo Dome), 9th inning with 3 runs
  • First complete throw victory/First closed victory: June 2005, 9, vs.Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles20th round (Sapporo Dome)
  • First hold: July 2006, 9, vsFukuoka Softbank Hawks20th round (Sapporo Dome), 6th table 2nd place rescue pitching, 2st run
Hit record
Record of milestone
  • 1000 Throws: September 2010, 8, vsOrix Buffaloes18rd round (Kyocera Dome Osaka), Second death in the bottom of the firstMitsutaka GotoAchieved by hitting a grounder on the second base * The 321st person in history
  • 1000 strikeouts: April 2011, 4, Fukuoka Softbank Hawks 26st round (Sapporo Dome), 1th inning without deathYuichi HondaAchieved a strikeout with a missed strikeout * The 129th person in history (1058th fastest in history with 2 pitches 3/7)
Other records
  • 12 consecutive wins in official games: 5th person in history (May 2006, 5-April 30, 2007)
  • First pitching victory for new high school graduates: 12th in history (June 2005, 6)
  • Shutout victory for new high school graduates: 14th in history (September 2005, 9)
  • Japan Series victory under 20 years old: 5th person in history (2006, Round 5)
  • 2 strikeouts or more in 14 games in a row (up to 9 times): Second person in history (March 2, 2007-April 3, 30)
  • Japan Series 1 game 13 strikeouts: 3rd person in history (October 2007, 10)
  • Same Japan Series 24 strikeouts: 2nd place in history (2007 is the 5st place in the number of strikeouts in 1 games)
  • Climax Series 1 game 14 strikeouts: Most in history (October 2008, 10, most in postseason history including Japan Series)
  • 5 consecutive double-digit strikeouts in the opening of the official game: First in history (April 2, 2010)
  • 46 times 2/3 consecutive no runs: 11th in professional baseball history, 2nd in Pacific League history, Nippon-Ham Fighters record
  • Shutouts in 3 games in a row: Pacific League & Nippon-Ham Fighters Thailand record
  • All star gamesParticipation: 5 times (2007-2011)


First record
Pitcher record
Hit record
Record of milestone
Other records
  • Monthly strikeouts with 1 walk or less: 42 strikeouts 1 walk (August 2019) * 8rd in major history, 3rd in history
  • Number of consecutive strikeouts: 8 (September 2019, 9) * Record of the most Japanese pitchers, Chicago Cubs team record
  • 2 strikeouts or more in 13 games in a row: (September 2019, 9-September 12, 9) * Second Japanese pitcher
  • Strikeouts in two consecutive games: 2 (September 27-2019, 9) * Chicago Cubs team record
  • MLB All-Star GameElection: 5 times (2012, 2013, 2014, 2017, 2021)

NPB/MLB total

Record of milestone

Uniform number

  • 11(2005-July 2017, 7, 30-)
    • 18(2008 Beijing Olympics)
  • 21(July 2017, 8-End of the same year)

Representative history

Related information

Awards other than baseball




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注 釈

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  3. ^ Some media outlets have reported that this indefinite suspension could leave the enrollment blank.
  4. ^ The popular name is "Newcomer Best Nine". In the unification of both leagues in the new players to be elected, each team will be elected by each team's position for each defensive position (for example,Silver Slugger AwardIs not elected for each league like).pitcherUntil 2009, there were two divisions, "Right pitcher" and "Left pitcher". After 2, "Relief pitcher" was added and there are three basic divisions.


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Streaming(English: streaming) Is mainlyvoice,MovieSuch asマ ル チ メ デ ィ アFileTransfer / playDownloadIt is a kind of method.

Normally, the file is opened after the download is completed, but when playing a large file such as a movie, it takes a very long time to download, which causes a big problem especially in live distribution.Therefore, by downloading the file and playing it at the same time, the waiting time of the user is greatly reduced.This method is often loosely referred to as "streaming".

Progressive download

Similar transfer methodProgressive downloadThere is. It is the same as streaming in that it plays while downloading the file,HTTPSince it can be transferred byVendor Lock InnStreamingserverNo need to buy,Reverse proxy,Content delivery networkThere is a big advantage that it can be delivered on a large scale at low cost, such as good compatibility with.On the other hand, unlike streaming, after playback,hard diskHowever, there was a time when the service provider avoided it from the viewpoint of copyright protection because the multimedia file remained accessible.Flash video is a typical file format that can be downloaded progressively.YouTube,Nico Nico DougaPost type such asVideo distribution siteIt is also commonly used for free content distribution. Recently, streaming technology that adds bandwidth control to progressive download has also appeared (Microsoft Smooth Streaming, Adobe Dynamic Streaming, HTTP Live Streaming, MPEG-DASH, etc.),GYAO!,Yahoo! JAPANWas adopted by[1].

Streaming protocol

Browser standard compatible protocol

  • (English edition (HLS)
    • AppleHTTP-based streaming protocol by.IETFSpecifications have been published for standardization, and many servers andclientIs supported.Also someWeb browser(Safari,ChromeEtc.) can also be played directly. Flash Player also supports playback.Also, by using a script such as hls.js,HTML5 Of(English edition It can also be played on a browser that supports the API.
  • MPEG-DASH ((English edition)
    • HTTP-based streaming technology developed by MPEG. In addition to VLC and GPAC playback support, you can also use dash.js to play on a browser that supports the HTML5 Media Source Extensions API, and use dash.as to play on Flash Player. be able to.
    • MP4Box and FFmpeg support the generation of MPEG-DASH compatible MP4 fragments.

Protocols that require plugins for browser playback

  • RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol)
    • It is standardized by IETF,RealMedia / QuickTime / Windows Media / GStreamer It can be played on many players, including.Also, from Flash Player, it can be played through players such as Locomote Video Player.However, many browsers do not support it directly,PluginAnd need to use an external player.
    • Most streaming software can send this.
  • MMS ((English edition)
    • Windows MediaUsed for streaming delivery of. Due to EU antitrust issues, protocol specifications including DRM using elliptic curve cryptography have been published. Many players can play MMS, but some have compatibility issues. Also, many browsers don't support it directly, requiring the use of plugins and external players.
    • Some streaming software can do this.
  • Microsoft Smooth Streaming
    • By MicrosoftSilverlightStreaming protocol for. Using HTTP progressive download technology[2].VLC media player 2.1 or later supports this playback. It can be played from Flash Player by using Smooth Streaming Plugin for OSMF. Many browsers don't support it directly, so you'll need to use a plugin or external player.
    • FFmpeg supports the generation of ISMV fragments used for smooth streaming.
  • RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol)
    • AdobeStreaming protocol for Flash Video by.reverse engineeringMany because the spec has been parsed byOpen source softwareCorresponds to this reproduction and transmission.However, many browsers cannot play directly and require the use of plugins.This is especially problematic for mobile devices that don't support plugins.
  • Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS)
    • Adobe's HTTP-based streaming protocol for Flash Video.The method of dividing the file and downloading it for each fragment is used.Many browsers do not support it directly and you need to use a plugin.
    • FFmpeg supports HDS fragment generation.

P2P multicast delivery protocol

  • Real Time Media Flow Protocol
    • It is a P2P protocol for Flash developed by Adobe, and the protocol specification is published as RFC 7016. Supports P2P multicast distribution[3].
  • PeerCast protocol
    • The protocol used by PeerCast.
  • WebRTC
    • It is a Web standard P2P API that enables P2P multicast distribution, and is directly supported by browsers. The P2P delivery protocol itself is not standardized. Chrome, Firefox, and Opera are browsers that support WebRTC.

In addition, P2P multicast distribution using Java applets is also used.

Communication path encryption

The HTTP-based protocol can encrypt the communication path by passing HTTPS instead of HTTP.

  • An encrypted streaming protocol for Flash based on RTMP and SSL developed by Adobe.Many open source software supports this playback and transmission because the specifications have been analyzed by reverse engineering.
  • RTMP and developed by AdobeDiffie-Hellman key agreementAn encrypted streaming protocol for Flash based on.Many open source software supports this playback and transmission because the specifications have been analyzed by reverse engineering.There is a flaw in the design that allows a man-in-the-middle attack.[4][5].
  • Clear Key
  • HLS encryption
  • Encryption using AES-128.

DRM for streaming

For streaming purposes in streaming formatCopy guardIs often provided, making it difficult to save video and music to a file. However, copyguards have been criticized for deliberately creating design flaws that narrow the viewer's viewing environment, hinder the viewer's legitimate use, and even eliminate competitor products.Defective by Design), new media aiming to be viewed on demand on any device anytime, anywhere (New media) Is often not used.


  • Google Widevine DRM
  • DRM using AES-128 CTR. Based on Common Encryption (CENC, ISO/IEC 23001-7)[6]. It can be used with MPEG-DASH. Chrome and Android support decryption. Open source Bento 4[7][8] Supports encryption. FFmpeg[9] And edash-packager and MP4BOX[10] Supports both encryption and decryption.
  • As of 2016, a problem has been found in Google's implementation of Widevine DRM[11].
  • Microsoft PlayReady
  • DRM using AES-128 CTR. Based on Common Encryption (CENC, ISO/IEC 23001-7)[6]. It can be used with Microsoft Smooth Streaming and MPEG-DASH. Decryption is supported by Internet Explorer, Windows Phone and Silverlight. Microsoft Expression Encoder, Azure Media Services samples, open source Bento4[7][8] Supports encryption. FFmpeg[9] And MP4BOX[10] Supports both encryption and decryption.
  • Adobe Primetime DRM
  • Old Adobe Access DRM. It can be used with pRTMP and PHDS. 38-bit binary for Windows after Adobe Flash Player or Firefox 32[12] Corresponds to decryption. Adobe Media Server supports encryption.
  • Marlin DRM
  • Many IP-TV support decryption. Based on Common Encryption for MP4 container of MPEG DASH and based on Marlin BBTS for MPEG2-TS container of MPEG DASH[13]. Open source Bento 4 supports encryption[7][8].
  • OMA DRM v2.0
  • Many feature phones support decryption. DCF and PDCF exist in the file format[14]. PDCF is based on 3GPP PSS[14]. Except for syntax(English editionCompatible with[15].


These are legacy, and Hollywood Studios (excluding Disney) is promoting DRM for Ultra Violet.

  • DRM using elliptic curve cryptography. It can be used with MS-RTSP and MMS. Windows Media Player and Windows Phone support decryption. Windows Media Rights Manager (WMRM) supported encryption.
  • With the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, WMDRM decryption has been removed, making it impossible to watch media encrypted with WMDRM[16].
  • Helix DRM
  • Can be used with RealRT SP. Real Player supports decryption. Helix Universal Server (Discon[17]) Supported encryption.
  • Fairplay
  • QuickTime Player supports decryption. 2016, Microsoft Azure supports FairPlay encryption[18].

Main streaming server

Currently, with the spread of HTTP-based streaming protocols, it is becoming mainstream to fragment videos and send them on HTTP servers.

  • A streaming server for Windows and Linux provided by Adobe.Today, it was the only way to deliver copy-protected videos to the most popular multi-platform Flash Player on PCs.De facto standardIt has become. It also supports distribution to iOS, which cannot use Flash Player, and can be played from a browser by using the Protected HLS protocol.Similarly, for distribution to Android 4.1 or later, which cannot use Flash Player, it is necessary to install the Adobe Air application on the playback side.To use copy guard, you need to use the professional version or higher.Since there are license restrictions on the maximum number of simultaneous connections and the number of processes depending on the version, it is necessary to purchase multiple licenses for one server and stack the licenses for large-scale distribution.
  • A video streaming server developed by Wowza Media Systems. Although it can communicate with Adobe Flash Player using RTMP, it also supports remote procedure calls between client and server, in which case the server side is written in Java. From version 4.0, it is equipped with a GUI that can be managed on a web browser basis.
  • A multi-platform streaming server for open source Flash Player written in Java.The license is Apache License 2.0 (changed from LGPLv3). It supports not only video distribution by RTMP and encrypted video distribution by RTMPE, but also Flash shared objects and Remoting.However, the programming language is Java, and server-side scripts written in ActionScript for FMS cannot be run directly.
  • An open source streaming server based on NGINX. It supports not only RTMP but also live streaming by HLS and MPEG-DASH.
  • WinampIs known as the development and distribution destination ofNullsoftWas provided free of charge, but was acquired by Internet radio station Radionomy.
  • Platforms from Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 to FreeBSD, Linux,MacOS A wide range of servers, Solaris 2.x servers (Sparc version) and supported OSbinaryIt is distributed in.
  • MP3Format data can be transmitted by streaming. In addition, you can perform live transmission by combining the plugin installed Winamp and SHOUTcast server.
  • MP3An open source streaming server capable of streaming formats.
  • An open source multimedia player developed by the VideoLAN project.GUIだ け で な く,INIt also has a web interface and supports streaming. Streaming output is possible with protocols such as HTTP, MMSH, RTSP, and Icecast.

Major development-stopped streaming server

  • Helix Universal Server
    RealServer's successor product,Real networksWas on sale. Discon[17].. The media types that can be distributed are Real Media, Windows Media,Quick TimeThere are abundant and OS types as platforms are Windows NT, Windows 2000,Linux,FreeBSD,Solaris,HP-UXAnd so on.
    It does not support copy protection of other companies' products. Although it has its own copy guard, Helix DRM, it is rarely used because it can only be viewed with Real Player. In addition,Real networksAlthough the player has developed Harmony technology to support copy protection of other companies' products in order to ensure DRM interoperability, it has stopped development due to possible lawsuits from Apple.
  • Helix DNA Server
    An open source version of Helix Universal Server developed by Real Networks. It applied its own license. The final version is 2006 released in 11.1.
  • VLS (VideoLAN Server)
    An open source streaming server developed by the VideoLAN project. Currently, most of the VLS functions are also implemented in VLC, and development of VLS has been completed.
  • Darwin Streaming Server
    An open source streaming server.
  • QuickTime Streaming Server
    OS X ServerStreaming server installed in.
  • rtmplite
    An open source streaming server for Flash Player written in Python. The license is GPLv3.
  • C ++ RTMP Server
    An open source streaming server for Flash Player written in C++. The license is GPLv3.
  • PeerCast
    An open source streaming system using P2P technology. It has no transmission function and has only a relay function. It supports RTSP and MMS relay.
  • FFserver
    FFmpegAn open source streaming server included in. It was compatible with HTTP and RTSP. Abandoned[19].
  • IIS Media Services
    MicrosoftIt is a streaming server for Windows provided by(English editionSuccessor product of. Encoders for content development are distributed free of charge. It is difficult to deliver videos with copy guard enabled to PCs and mobile devices other than Windows because they cannot be viewed on other than Microsoft products.
    Not updated and requires workaround for installation on Windows Server 2016 or later[20].

Main fragmentation software

  • MP4Box
    It supports the generation of MPEG-DASH compatible MP4 fragments and MPEG-DASH compatible MPEG-2 TS fragments. Open Source.
  • FFmpeg
    It supports the generation of MPEG-DASH compatible MP4 fragments, MPEG-DASH compatible WebM chunks, HDS fragments, and ISMV fragments used for Microsoft Smooth Streaming. Open Source.
  • edash-packager
    It supports the generation of MPEG-DASH compatible MP4 fragments. ISO Common Encryption and(English editionWidevine DRM encryption/decryption, which is one of the above. Open Source.
  • TITAN File
    ATEME video conversion software. It supports MPEG-DASH, Smooth Streaming, and HLS compatible fragment generation.


  • Amazon Elastic Transcoder
    Supports MPEG-DASH, Smooth Streaming, HLS[21].
  • Azure Media Services
    Supports MPEG-DASH, Smooth Streaming, HLS[22].
  • Akamai Media Services Live / On Demand
    Supports MPEG-DASH, Smooth Streaming, HLS, HDS[23][24].
  • Arkena Cloud4TV

Major web-based streaming media players

HTML5 and Flash based web player. Open Source.
HTML5 and Flash based web player. Open Source.
HTML5 and Flash based web player. Open Source.
Shaka Player
HTML5-based web player from Google. Open Source.
Strobe Media Playback
Flash-based web player from Adobe. It is based on OSMF (Open Source Media Framework). Open Source. Updating is stopped.
For OSMF, Microsoft has released Smooth Streaming Plugin for OSMF that supports Smooth Streaming.
Locomote Video Player
Flash-based web player. Open Source. It also supports RTSP.

Live streaming

Live streaming (en: Live streaming) Is to stream live media. More specifically, computerized (live) media recorded on the fly.networkReal-time streaming delivery via (Live distribution). The following are examples of live-delivered media.

  • Live cameraVideo (Weather, scenic spots, disaster areas, astronomical observation (comet))
  • Live music video
  • Existing media (radio, TV)

Live streamingLive broadcast (en: Live broadcast) Is considered.Live streaming, which is a live broadcast using the Internet, does not require complicated broadcasting approval procedures, examinations, and acquisitions unlike TV media that uses public radio waves.Therefore, it is possible to open pseudo radio broadcasting and TV broadcasting on the Internet, and it will be broadcast on TV by individuals, small corporate groups, and existing radio broadcasting stations (live camera images in the broadcasting station studio). ) Is also actively participating in live broadcasting.As mentioned above, there are almost no regulations (as long as the copyright of the broadcast content is cleared).Media formTherefore, if you prepare the equipment刑 務 所It is also possible to relay to the inside of the network.

The disadvantages include the following.

  • In the case of live streaming, it is possible that the viewer forgets the broadcast time and misses the target program, as with existing broadcast media.
  • As a common drawback of live streaming and non-live streaming (streaming transmission of on-demand contents without restrictions on broadcast time), when setting the image quality specifications on the Internet TV broadcast side, priority is given to the acquisition of many viewers (low specification). I am worried about whether or not to reduce the image quality, image size, and number of video frames so that I can withstand viewing even on a PC or a PC connected to a low-speed narrowband communication line.

Delivery platform

There are various livestreaming platforms.

Live streaming transmission

Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder
Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)
Open Source.
(English edition ((English edition)


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