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⚾ | Director Yakult Takatsu “I was able to play baseball in a jumpsuit” for both the batting line and the pitcher.

Director Takatsu (photographed by Sho Horiuchi) who decides to win the photo league and raises his body

Director Yakult Takatsu Both the batting line and the pitcher "I was able to play baseball in a jumpsuit" V, 6 times in the air for the first time in 5 years

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While Tetsuto Yamada and Munetaka Murakami, who represent the league, are as strong as other teams, Shingo Takatsu, who is a pitcher, has steadily improved the pitcher team, which has been an issue. Each player met the expectations entrusted to him.

"DeNA 1-5 Yakult" (Yokohama Stadium, 26th) Yakult has won the league title for the first time in six years for the eighth time. ... → Continue reading

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