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⛳ | Can I get a prize? "Amateur qualification" revised, enforced from January 22

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Can I get a prize? "Amateur qualification" revised, enforced from January 22

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Not only will many high-level amateur players compete in more competitions, but it will also lead to the healthy development of amateur golf at all ages and levels. "

Golf Headquarters R & A and USGA (United States Golf Association) announced on the 26th a change in regulations regarding "amateur qualifications". … → Continue reading

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Golf(English: golf,Scottish: gowf) isOur Courses(Course), stationaryballHit a ball with a tool called a club and compete for how few strokes you can put into a hole called a hole.Ball skillsA kind of.It is a competition that is held alone, and the competition isCompetitive PatienceIt is done as and compared by score.

SportsIt is widely known as, but the play by the general public isleisureIt is often positioned as.In recent years in Japan, as a sport that women can easily do, "Golf girlsIs also a sport that is popular with men and women of all ages.In kanjiGolf ballNotated as (Dakyu)[Source required]..The pronunciation in English is "Galph | Goolf" [gɑ'lf | gɔ'lf].


紳士Known as the sport of[Source required].ProfessionalEven golferspressureIn general, mental strength is important, such as making a miss shot at, and it is said that 7% of mental strength and 3% of technical ability.

It is essential to predict the force and the direction in which the ball is heading, and the player is required to be accurate.This is true not only for putts, but for all shots such as tee shots.

Basically, it is an individual ball game, but there are also team competitions.Even in the case of individual competition, the athlete (golfer) And accompany the courseCaddyThere is.In addition to transporting the club, the caddy also advises the athlete.

Unless you are an amateur or a professional golfer, you can start from middle and old age and enjoy playing even if you are relatively old.Finish one round with a number of strokes lower than your age (Age shoot) Is called an "age shooter" and is respected by golfers.

It is a sport that tends to cost money such as equipment and play fees, and is a sport that is mainly enjoyed by those who can afford it.But lately, you can play cheaply, especially on weekdays.

  • In Japan, the cost of playing and membership is generally high, but in Europe and the United States, there are many golf courses where you can enjoy playing at a relatively low cost, in addition to high-end prestigious golf courses.For this reason, it is purely in JapanSportsRather than having fun as a business partner, etc.ReceptionThere are also many golf plays involving.Also, the membership of so-called prestigious clubs is not playSpeculationIt is often the target of.
  • In Japan, players play every playGolf course taxIs imposed.However, national polity games and under 18 years old are exempt.
  • In Japan, golf is sometimes played as entertainment, so it is especially so-calledluxury carLike being saidD segment~E segmentMore thansedanIn, "how many golf bags can be loaded in the trunk room" may be one performance index.


There are various theories about its origin, but it was in Scotland that golf developed into its present form.

About its originEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euBeginning with Netherlands,ChugokuThere are origin theories around the world, and there is no established theory.

  • "Corfu", which originated in Scandinavia, is a sport in which a hit ball hits a pillar.Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euThe theory that it was transmitted to.
  • NetherlandsThe theory that comes from "Foot Corfen".recent years, NetherlandsからEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euToGolf ballExport documents have been discovered and have come to be regarded as a promising origin.
  • ChineseyuanThe theory originated from the competition called "Chuiwan" described in the book "Marukyo" (Wanchin) of the era.About Oshimaru, Chinese scholarsFive Dynasties and Ten KingdomsThere is a theory that it goes back to the time of.
  • According to the theory that it originated in Scotland,shepherdTo kill time, they hit a stone with a stick chasing a sheep,wild rabbit,MoleIt is said that it was the beginning of golf that he was playing in his burrow.

Although there are various theories as far as the origin is concerned, there is no doubt that it is Scotland that the current sport of golf has developed and completed to become a modern sport.15st centuryAround that time, a modern golf-equivalent competition format was developed and became popular in Scotland.1457 Of timeKingdom of ScotlandkingJames IHas issued a golf ban on aristocrats who indulge in golf and neglect to practice archery.Scottish historyIt is said to be the first appearance of golf in Japan.Golf spread from the east coast of Scotland,ReformationDespite the negative attitude of the Scottish Presbyterian Church at the time, it became popular as a popular pastime. Around 1750 (1754 EdinburghSt AndrewsGolf club[1],1834 ToWilliam IIThisRoyal and Ancient Golf Club of St AndrewsThe club has established official codified rules.AlsoBritish EmpireEmigrated to various parts of the world with the expansion ofScottishGolf has also come to be played in various places.1860 Is the world's first golf championshipBritish OpenIt started.But so far golf has been nothing more than a Scottish sport.

At the time of the epidemic among Scottish people, the concept of par did not exist.This is because two golfers decide whether to win or lose each hole by the number of strokes in the hole (if the number of strokes is the same, the hole is a draw), and compete for which one won in many holes by 2 holes.Match playBecause it was done by the method, it was not necessary to decide the specified number of strokes for each hole.

Match play was straightforward when two players competed because the wins and losses were decided for each hole, but in a match with more golfers, it was necessary to repeat the 2-hole match many times before deciding the winner. Compete for the total number of strokes (strokes) at the time of going around a predetermined hole, which is easy to rank when competing with a large number of people.Stroke playThe method has become widespread.When stroke play became mainstream, it became necessary to set a uniform standard for the total distance of 18 holes, which had been different for each course, so we decided the default number of strokes for all holes and decided for each course. The origin of par is to make it easy to compare by the total number of strokes.

The explosive spread of golf is1880 eraToEnglandAfter the golf boom happened in[2]..Golf courses built throughout England, and more1890 eraToAmericaBut the epidemic began, and the British built golf courses around the world, making golf a global sport.

The first golf course in Japan1901 ToKobe City OfMt. RokkosanMade inKobe Golf ClubIs.This is for foreigners, and the golf course for Japanese by Japanese is1913 ToJunnosuke InoueByTokyo-KomazawaThe Tokyo Golf Club, which was built in Japan, is the first[3][4]..The first time I published a golf magazine or commentary in Japan was when I became familiar with golf while studying in England.HarimaNagazo Ito from the Ito family, the landowner ofAristocratMember of ParliamentChojiro ItoBrother)[5]..Ito published the first Japanese golf magazine "Hanshin Golf" in 1921.KobeFirst published in (later renamed "Gorumdom")[6]In 1926, he also published the "Golf Glossary", which helped popularize golf.[7].

Today, it has spread all over the world, and there are players in each country.Golf courses have also been built in various countries2008 There are now 35,112 golf courses in[8] But above allThe United States of AmericaIs overwhelmingly large, accounting for about half.Golf was called "green opium" in China and was considered a decadent pastime of capitalism,Beijing UniversityIt has become a popular sport that is being considered for use in the curriculum, and the number of golf courses in Asia is second only to Japan.[9].

It has been pointed out that the popularity of golf is declining worldwide, and efforts are being made to stop the decline in the playing population by making changes such as simplifying the rules and shortening the time required for competition.[10].
Taking an example in Japan--

  • Membership pays 10 units a year.
  • A large amount of money is required to prepare the tools.
  • The bosses are forced to accompany them on holidays, and they have to be careful about entertainment (because they are forced to contract, promote at the company, and in the worst case, be demoted or retired), which causes stress.

It is said that such cases are the factors that make golf less popular.

CountryNumber of golf courses (2008)%
The United States of America17,67250%
The United Kingdom2,7528%
South Africa4501%
World total35,112

Impact of new coronavirus

According to the US Golf Foundation (NGF), which is rekindling the popularity of golf in the United States with the new coronavirus disease, the number of golf rounds played in the United States increased by nearly 2020 million in 6100, pushed by Tiger Woods. It became a star that was neither pushed nor pushed, and it was the largest increase since 1997 when interest in golf increased.[11].


1 holes

Usually, a group of 4 people goes around the course.Since there is no rule to decide the order of the first shot in the first hole, the order is often decided by lottery.In the case of competition, it depends on the batting order specified by the competition organizer.After the first hit, hit in order from the player farthest from the hole.

First,Teeing areaFrom (the launch point of the first shot)Tee shotI do.The batting order of the tee shot is initially determined by lottery, etc., but after that, it is done in the order of the results of the previous hole.Usually on a tee shotfairwayThe goal is for the ball to stop.Fairways where tee shots are likely to arrivebunkerHazards (obstacles) such as ponds and ponds are installed, and the course bends to the left and right (called doglegs to the left and doglegs to the right, respectively), so aim safely in front of the hazard or risk the distance. Choose whether you want to get closer to the earning green.Making such choices is one of the real pleasures of golf, which is why mental strength is important.

next,holeThere is a (cup)グ リ ー ンIf it seems to reach, aim.However, instead of aiming directly at the green, you may shoot close to it and put it on the green on the next shot.thisCarveIt's called (layup).The reason for this is that hazards such as bunker are installed around the green, so only the teeing ground direction is safe and the other directions are dangerous.Hit the green from around the greenApproach shotCalled.If the green cannot be aimed, the shot will continue with the goal of stopping the ball on the fairway.Even in this case, for example, in the case of the remaining 300 yards, even a player who flies 250 yards often dares to fly only 200 yards and leaves 100 yards.This is because if you leave the distance to fly in the half swing (50 yards in this case), it will be difficult to hit, so it is better to leave the distance that you can swing full (100 yards in this case). It is judged that it is easy to hit because it is not necessary and good results can be expected.

On the greenputterRoll the ball in a club calledPatMake a blow called.There are few flat, non-sloping greens, often with slopes and complex turf.It is one of the real pleasures of golf to read the situation of these greens and putt.It's very easy to hit, but due to the pressure, even professionals often make mistakes.In extreme cases, the putt itself becomes impossible.IpsSome people are in a state that can be said to be a type of mental illness called.

Each hole has a predetermined number of strokes, and it is recommended that you enter the hole with the same number of strokes.ParIt is called (Par).Below, one stroke lessbirdie(Birdie), 2 strokes lessイ ー グ ル(Eagle), 3 strokes lessAlbatross(Albatross) orDouble eagle(Double eagle), 4 strokes lessコ ン ド ルCalled (Condor) or Double albatoross or Triple eagle.By the way, it's not realistic, but it's also known that it's 5 strokes less than a par.OstrichCalled (Ostrich)[12]..Also, to put in one hole with one stroke,Hole in one(Hole in one) orAceCalled (Ace).On the contrary, if there is one more stroke,bogie(Bogey).Below, as the number of strokes increases,Double bogey(Double bogey),Triple bogeyCalled (Triple bogey).

BirdieBird, Eagleeagle(Eagle), AlbatrossAlbatrossWhen,(I.e.It was named after the difference in size. (In addition, ostrichOstrichIs. ) Japan Golf AssociationAccording to the report, the reason why the name was given after the bird is unknown, but there is a theory that it comes from the image that the ball flew down like a bird.[13].

After the end of each hole, the first shot in the next hole is made by the player with the fewest at bats in the previous hole.In the case of the same number of strokes, the batting order in the previous hole will be earlier.The first person to hit the tee shot,HonorAlso called (Honor).

1 rounds

Usually 1 in a dayholeAnd call this one round.The official name is that the 1st to 1th holes are called "Front nine" and the 9th to 10th holes are called "Back nine", but in general, the front nine is "out". (Out), back nine is often called "in" (In).

The par of an 18-hole golf course is generally set to 72. The standard is four (par 5), ten (par 4), and four (par 4).In the case of a course with a short total distance, it may be a par 10 or 3.A par 4 with 71 at bats is called an even par.If the number of strokes is 70, which is less than the par, 72 under (72 under), if the number of strokes is 71, 1 under, and so on.On the contrary, if the number of strokes is 1, it will be 70 over, and the same will be true for the above.

In the case of amateurs, it is often the case that a distance handicap is added to the launch point (teeing ground) of the first shot so that both men and women can play together.It is not uncommon to play 1 rounds (1.5 holes) or 27 rounds (2 holes) a day.

Professional golf tournament

Professional tournaments are 4 rounds for boys (1 round per day x 1 days, usually held Thursday-Sunday) and 4 rounds for girls (3 round per day x 1 days, usually Friday- (Sunday) is often contested for the total score.In the case of the men's 1 rounds, the first 3 rounds and 4 days are called the qualifying rounds.Only the top dozens of qualifying rounds will advance to the remaining two rounds, the final round.Only those who advance to the final round will receive the prize money.

However, only those who have some seed right (qualification to participate) can participate from the qualifying round, and other people can participate in the preliminary qualifying that will be held immediately before.Organizer recommended player selection), And if you don't win, you can't even participate in the qualifying round.Only a small number of professional golfers can live on the prize money, as no prize money will be given unless they advance to the final round.Many professional golfers live in side businesses such as golf instructors.

Seed rights are "Top prize money rankings of the previous year", "Winners of each tournament of the previous year", "Qualifying Tournament(QT) It is given to "superior" and so on.

Rules and etiquette

The basic rules of golf are simple.To put it simply, the basic principle of golf rules is to hit as it is.In a pro tournament, there are competition committee members, but originally it is a sport in which there are no referees other than yourself.According to the rules, it may be necessary to confirm other players like exchanging balls, but since the players themselves are the referees, "autonomy" that protects not only the rules but also the manners is very important. It is called "gentleman's sport".

The rules are mainly about relief and penalties.The relief is provided to "enable the player to continue the game if the ball is lost for some reason".The main onesOBIn the case of (the shot ball goes out of the play area. Abbreviation of "Out of Bounds"), one shot must be added to continue the rehashing competition, and in the case of water hazard, one shot must be added to the hole. You can drop it so that you do not get close to it and continue the hitting competition, and if you cannot move the obstacle, you can drop it at the nearest point and hit it.The penalty is "a punishment for changing the situation to the advantage of the competitor without maintaining the condition as it is", for example, oneself or one's own tools. If the ball hits the ball, two penalties may be imposed as a violation of changing the direction of the ball.

Basically, natural objects (trees, grass, rocks) must not be moved or destroyed even if they interfere with the shot, and must be hit "as is".On the other hand, artificial ones can receive relief to avoid obstacles. It is divided into "immovable obstacles" and "movable obstacles". "Immovable obstacles" can be relieved according to the rules and can move the ball according to the regulations. A "movable obstacle" may move or remove an obstacle.Minor obstacles such as dead leaves are called "loose impediments" and may be removed except for hazards.

As for manners, you can repair the scraped marks (dipot marks) on the ground that you made during the shot, walk on the green without damaging the green, and the green that you can make when a ball dropped from a high position gets on the green. There are ways to fix dents (ball marks), level sand after a shot in a bunker, and be quiet on shots by other players.Of particular importance to amateurs are playing in time for the previous group, not spending too much time on shots, and not spending too much time looking for the ball (if not found within 3 minutes).Lost ball= Treated as an OB), etc.

Golf terminology

Our Courses


Out start
Start from the 1st hole
Start from the 10st hole

Hall in

Taking the par 4 course as an example, if you put it in one shotHole in one, Eagle for 2 shots, Birdie for 3rd shot, Par for 4th shot, Bogey for 5th shot, Double bogey for 6th shot, Triple bogey for 7th shot, 8th shot In the case of double par, or cadrapuru bogey.

In addition, if you enter with 5 strokes only on the par 2 course (3 strokes less than the standard)Albatross(If you apply the par 4 standard, you can enter with one stroke = hole-in-one).A par 1 course with one stroke (5 strokes less than the standard) is called a condor.If you put in one stroke less than the condor, it is called an ostrich, but you can not achieve it because the normal course is par 1 or less.The symbols before the terms in the table below are symbols commonly used in golf programs.

Number of strokesPar 3Par 4Par 5
1 stroke
Hole in one
◎ Eagle☆ Albatross
Double eagle
コ ン ド ル
Triple eagle
2 stroke○ Birdie◎ Eagle☆ Albatross
Double eagle
3 strokePar○ Birdie◎ Eagle
4 stroke△ BogeyPar○ Birdie
5 stroke□ Double bogey (dowel)△ BogeyPar
6 strokeTriple bogey
Double par
□ Double bogey (dowel)△ Bogey
7 strokeKadra pull bogeyTriple bogey□ Double bogey (dowel)
8 stroke+5Double par
Kadra pull bogey
Triple bogey

If the table below is displayed on the golf program, it means that you are currently finishing the 16th hole and 3 birdies, 2 bogies and 1 under.



Hitting the ball = hitting.
Tee shot
Shot from the teeing ground.
Approach shot
Shot from around the green.
Bunker shot
A shot to escape from the bunker.
Hitting the ball with a putter, especially on the green.
Shot to change the trajectory of the ball to the right.
The flight distance of the shot ball in the air.
ラ ン
The distance from when the shot ball touches the ground to when it stops (including the amount that bounces and exists in the air).


"Head wind".Japanglish.Carry may be reduced compared to no wind.
"Tailwind".Japanglish.Carry may increase more than in no wind.
Move the ball freely regardless of the player's intentionCrowOr animals and things that change the shape of the course by digging holes.Wind and water are not outsiders.
A course that bends like a dog's paw.
Near pin
Usually, the first shot of a par 3 short hole competes for the closest distance to the cup.If you cup in directly, it is a "hole in one". (There is also a method called "second near pin" for the second shot of the par 1 middle hole.)
Driving Contest (Dracon)
Usually, it competes for the flight distance of the first shot with a distance of par 5 (long hole) or more.In recent years, a competition called "driving distance" has been held to compete for the average flight distance in a designated long hole during the holding period.

Japanese English in golf

Along with baseball, Japanese-made English, which is not understood by foreigners in English-speaking countries, is often used in golf.

A player with a single digit handicap.
カ ッ プ
Cup in
sink in
Japanese-made English born from the preposition that means against in English.In English, it is called headwind.
Wasei-eigo was born from a verb meaning follow in English.In English, it is called tailwind.
Hook / slice
The hit ball turns left / right.In English, it is expressed as bend to left / right.


There are various types of balls hit by the clubspinIs added.Based on the right-handed person, if a right-handed spin is applied to the ball, the ball will curve to the right.This ball is called a slice.On the contrary, the one that deviates to the left is called a hook.Since the club swing is performed at high speed, it is difficult to hit a straight ball at all times.Therefore, professionals and advanced players consciously control either bend so that it fits within a certain width.This controlled slice is called a fade and the controlled hook is called a draw.Since the sphere rotates in the direction opposite to the traveling direction of the sphere, the sphere tends to stop in the slice, and the hook that rotates in the forward direction tends to keep the sphere rolling.

Draw myth

Draw mythBelieve that draws have an absolute advantage over fades on driver shots.The advantage is that you can earn more distance.[14].


Golf club

Golf ball

The diameter of the sphere is 1.680 inches or more, and the weight is 45.93 g or less.There is no limit to the lightness, and balls that float on water are also available on the market, and because they are easy to collect, they are used for practice.

The myriad dents on the surfacedimpleIt has the effect of lowering the pressure resistance of the airflow and stabilizing the trajectory.Taylor HobsonInvented by William Taylor, an engineer in 1905.

Depending on the surface material, it can be roughly divided into distance type and spin type.Since the distance system is hard to spin, the ball is hard to bend, and you can gain distance with driver shots.On the other hand, the spin system sacrifices the flight distance to some extent, but it is easy to intentionally control the trajectory, and it is easy to hit a shot that stops the ball on the green using backspin.Generally, the distance system is preferred for beginners to intermediate players who tend to bend the ball, and the spin system is preferred for advanced players who can intentionally control the trajectory by spinning.


Golf bag
Used to carry golf equipment such as clubs.
So-called gloves and glove.Often worn only on the non-dominant hand.
Golf shoes (Spike shoes
Golf is basically played on turf, but long turf is slippery, so it is on the sole (made of metal or resin).spikeIt is essential to wear non-slip golf shoes.In recent years, most courses have banned metal spikes.Walking on the green without damaging the grass with spikes is required as a manner.Recently, resin spikes have been attached to the soles of the feet.SandalsAnd so on.
A stake-shaped tool with a length of about 5 to 10 cm made of wood or resin that serves as a base for lifting the ball and making it easier to hit during a tee shot.You do not have to use it, and since there are no rules, you can use anything as long as there are no problems with etiquette.
Mark (marker)
It is mainly used as a mark when picking up the ball on the green.It is shaped like a small coin-like disk with a magnet or a large thumbtack with a protrusion that plugs into the ground.It is made of metal or plastic and is about 1 cm in size.In many cases, an iron holder such as a tie pin is attached to the brim of a hat or sun visor, and the iron holder is adsorbed on the holder.
Broadly refers to small course vehicles for carrying golf bags and athletes.For professionals, golf bags are usuallyCaddyHowever, in most amateurs, there is only one caddy for a group of four athletes, and in many cases there is no caddy, so it is used to carry golf bags.In the United States and the United Kingdom, it is common for athletes to carry only their own golf bags and move them by themselves.In Japan, golf bags for four people can be loaded, and electric carts are often seen. There are also passenger carts that can accommodate two or four competitors.

Well-known golfer

Professional tournament

Major championship

The world's four major tournamentsMajor championship』Called.To win all major championships in one seasonGrand slamThat is.Achieving this in a lifetime is called a career grand slam.

In the women's (LPGA) tour, winning five tournaments, including the Dumorrier Classic, which was one of the four major tournaments until 2000, is called the Super Grand Slam.However, it will only be established if the "Dumorie Classic Winner" wins the British Women's Open (in 4).Curry webAchieved).Women's major competitions have changed many times over the long history, so it can be said to be one of the terms that reflects the complicated circumstances.

World major golf tours

Many tournaments, including majors, are grouped together and called a tour.Prize KingTo decide.Prize rankings are often related to seed rights next season.

Japan major tournament


1900 yearsParis olympic, 1904St. Louis OlympicsIt was held in 2016, but it has not been held for a long time since then, and in XNUMXRio de Janeiro Olympicsso,7-person rugbyAt the same time, it was decided to adopt golf for official competition.

World ranking

Each of these tournaments is scored and ranked,World golf rankingIt is regarded as the standard of the player's ability.There are also tournaments where you can get the right to participate, and it is said to be important.

Amateur competition

Major competitions in the world

Major tournaments in Japan

Golf theme

Derivative / similar competition


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