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⚽ | "I have a great player ..." Keisuke Honda looks back on the Nagoya era "I can't forget it yet"

Photo Keisuke Honda (right photo) Photo courtesy of Gettyimages

"I have a great player ..." Keisuke Honda looks back on the Nagoya era "I can't forget it yet"

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Then, in January 2008, he completely transferred from Nagoya Grampus to VVV Venlo of Eredivisie (Netherlands 1st Division) at that time.

Former Japan national team MF Keisuke Honda (1), who belongs to Lithuanian first division powerhouse FK Suduva, is on the 35th, his official You… → Continue reading

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Netherlands 1st division

VVV Venlo

VVV Venlo(VVV-Venlo, Dutch pronunciation: [ˌVeːveːˈveː ˈvɛnloː], Official name: Venlose Voetbal Vereniging, [ˈVɛnloːzəˈvudbɑl vəˈreːnəɣɪŋ]) Is NetherlandsSoutheast,LimburgThe city ofVenloBased inサ ッ カ ーIt's a club.


1903 May 2Founded in.EredivisieIn the 1960-61 season when I belonged toFeyenoord,AjaxIt is the third place after.However, in the next season, the second part (Eerste Divisi), And then repeated promotion and demotion. Since the 1994-95 season, he has been in the second division.However, since Hai Berden became chairman in 2 with the ambition to make VVV a team that always fights in the first division, the team has increased its performance and spectator attendance.Adrie Koster (currently responsible for Ajax Youth Development), Herbert Neumann (but dismissed before the start of 2003), Wetzel (currently ADO director), and Van Dyck are the directors, and the aggressive team style is solidified. It was.Eventually VVV grew into a popular team in the region, a strong team, and a financially stable club. 1nd place in the 2006-2006 season and won the qualification matchEredivisieReturned to.

In the 2007-08 season, he finished in 17th place and was relegated to the second division after a qualification match, but he succeeded in maintaining the strength that can be said to be the strongest in the second division with many players remaining.and2009 May 4He won the second division and decided to return to the first division in one year.

It is a club that has a close relationship with Japan in recent years,2008 From October2009 Until MayKeisuke Honda,2010 From September to June 1Maya Yoshida,2011 From September to June 1Karen RobertBelonged to[1][2].. From August 2012 to 8Yuki OtsuBelongs to.Also as a coach since 2014Toshiya FujitaBelonged to.

The 2012-13 season ended in 17th place, even in a qualification matchGo Ahead EaglesHe lost two games in a row and was demoted to the second division league.

October 2020, 10, at homeAjax0-13 and a big defeat.Eredivisie had the most goals in history[3].


Domestic title

1993-94, 2008-09, 2016-17
1958 59

International title


Past results

EredivisieEerste DivisieEredivisieEerste Divisie
SeasonDivisionKNVB cup
1956 57Eredivisie34166125053387 bitLost the quarterfinals
1957 58Eredivisie34147136159357 bitEliminated the second round
1958 59Eredivisie341013117165339 bitWin
1959 60Eredivisie341212105760366 bit
1960 61Eredivisie34186107747423 bitLost the quarterfinals
1961 62Eredivisie341071738622717 bitEliminated the second round
1962 63Eerste Divisi30791440632314 bitBest 16
1963 64Eerste Divisi30791438662314 bitEliminated the second round
1964 65Eerste Divisi30911104651298 bitEliminated the second round
1965 66Eerste Divisi28451932781315 bitGS defeated
1966 67Tweede Divisie44221577941592 bitBest 16
1967 68Eerste Divisi36952247812318 bitGS defeated
1968 69Tweede Divisie34991640692715 bitEliminated the second round
1969 70Tweede Divisie32581929611816 bitEliminated the second round
1970 71Tweede Divisie321181342463011 bitEliminated the second round
1971 72Eerste Divisi4011121742503416 bitEliminated the second round
1972 73Eerste Divisi386161625452818 bitEliminated the second round
1973 74Eerste Divisi388171346533316 bitEliminated the second round
1974 75Eerste Divisi36151385930435 bitEliminated the second round
1975 76Eerste Divisi3621786133492 bitEliminated the second round
1976 77Eredivisie348111537602713 bitEliminated the second round
1977 78Eredivisie349101546662814 bitEliminated the second round
1978 79Eredivisie34462423791418 bitEliminated the second round
1979 80Eerste Divisi361391455683512 bitEliminated the second round
1980 81Eerste Divisi361451768743313 bitBest 16
1981 82Eerste Divisi34151186447417 bitEliminated the second round
1982 83Eerste Divisi30143135456317 bitBest 16
1983 84Eerste Divisi321441454533210 bitEliminated the second round
1984 85Eerste Divisi3420597539452 bitEliminated the second round
1985 86Eredivisie341151839622713 bitEliminated the second round
1986 87Eredivisie34101774645375 bitBest 16
1987 88Eredivisie34131294335385 bitEliminated the semi-finals
1988 89Eredivisie345141540622417 bitEliminated the second round
1989 90Eerste Divisi36121595344394 bitEliminated the second round
1990 91Eerste Divisi38217107346493 bitEliminated the second round
1991 92Eredivisie34362532841218 bitLost the quarterfinals
1992 93Eerste Divisi3424288446501 bitEliminated the second round
1993 94Eredivisie347111630622517 bitEliminated the second round
1994 95Eerste Divisi341091554622912 bitEliminated the second round
1995 96Eerste Divisi34151275533575 bitLost the quarterfinals
1996 97Eerste Divisi3416995755404 bitEliminated the second round
1997 98Eerste Divisi3412111145464711 bitGS defeated
1998 99Eerste Divisi341261659664211 bitEliminated the second round
1999 2000Eerste Divisi348111538623515 bitGS defeated
2000 01Eerste Divisi34842237632818 bitBest 16
2001 02Eerste Divisi341151851643813 bitEliminated the second round
2002 03Eerste Divisi341071742603713 bitEliminated the second round
2003 04Eerste Divisi36194137662617 bitEliminated the second round
2004 05Eerste Divisi36188105636623 bitEliminated the second round
2005 06Eerste Divisi38208105334682 bitBest 16
2006 07Eerste Divisi3821896444712 bitEliminated the second round
2007 08Eredivisie34781944762917 bitEliminated the second round
2008 09Eerste Divisi3825588638801 bitEliminated the second round
2009 10Eredivisie348111543573512 bitEliminated the second round
2010 11Eredivisie34632534762117 bitEliminated the second round
2011 12Eredivisie34942142783116 bitEliminated the second round
2012 13Eredivisie346101833622817 bitEliminated the second round
2013 14Eerste Divisi38187135852615 bitEliminated the second round
2014 15Eerste Divisi381612104843607 bitEliminated the second round
2015 16Eerste Divisi3623678439752 bitEliminated the second round
2016 17Eerste Divisi3825587535801 bitEliminated the second round
2017 18Eredivisie347131435543415 bitBest 16
2018 19Eredivisie341181547634112 bitEliminated the second round
2019 20Eredivisie26841424512813 bitEliminated the second round
2020 21Eredivisie34652343912317 bit

Current member

October 2021 [4]Now

Note: The nationality notation of the players isFIFA's national qualification rulesbased on.

No.PosPlayer name
1GKGermanyTorsten Kirschbaum
2DFGermanyTobias Pachonik
NetherlandsArjan Swinkels
4DFスイスRoy Gelmi (Flag of Netherlands.svg)
5DFGermanySteffen Schäfer
NetherlandsDanny Post
NetherlandsGuus Hupperts
8FWFranceZinédine Mashak
9MFクロアチアAnte Chorich
NetherlandsVito van Crooij
11FWGreeceGiorgos Giakoumakis
12FWAruba (Flag of Netherlands.svg)
NetherlandsChristian Kum (Flag of Germany.svg)
No.PosPlayer name
NetherlandsTristan Dekker (Flag of Korea.svg)
Netherlands (Flag of Suriname.svg)
NetherlandsEvert Linthorst
Netherlands (Flag of Morocco.svg)
25FWCuracao (Netherlands)Jafar Arias (Flag of Netherlands.svg)
26DFGermanyLukas Schmitz
44DFスウェーデンKristopher da Graca (Flag of Cabo Verde.svg)
--MFGermanyMeritan Shabani (Flag of Kosovo.svg) (Flag of Albania.svg)
--FWGreeceAnastasios Donis

* National flags in parentheses indicate other nationalities held, or citizenship, and stars indicate non-EU players.

directed by

Rental transfer player


Note: The nationality notation of the players isFIFA's national qualification rulesbased on.

No.PosPlayer name
8FWFranceZinédine Mashak (Italian flag Naples)
9MFクロアチアAnte Chorich (Italian flag Rome)
No.PosPlayer name
--MFGermanyMeritan Shabani (Wolves)
--FWGreeceAnastasios Donis (Stud lance)

Note: The nationality notation of the players isFIFA's national qualification rulesbased on.

No.PosPlayer name
No.PosPlayer name

Successive directors

NameCountryInaugurationResignationmatchwin分けLosingWin rate%
Jan van DijkDutch flagOctober 2008October 201095371741038.95
Dutch flagOctober 2010October 2011196310031.58
Dutch flagOctober 2011October 20110000!
Belgian flagOctober 2011October 2011161411006.25
Dutch flagOctober 2011October 20112101050.00
Dutch flagOctober 2011October 201358151231025.86
Dutch flagOctober 2013October 20144219716045.24
Dutch flagOctober 2014October 2019195884562045.13
Dutch flagOctober 2019October 2019143011021.43
Dutch flagOctober 2019October 20194202050.00
Dutch flagOctober 2019

Successive players






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