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⚽ | Ghana League “Gives a Car” to Best Referee of the Season


Ghana League "Gives a Car" to Best Referee of the Season

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This season's Ghana Premier League is set to begin on October 10th.

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) announced on the 26th that it will "give a car to the best referee of the Ghana Premier League" ... → Continue reading


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Premier League

Premier League(British: Premier League, Official name: The Football Association Premier League Limited)EnglandThe professionalサ ッ カ ーFirst division league[1].. Competing by 20 teams, the bottom 3 clubsEFL ChampionshipDemote to.

イタリア OfSerie A,スペイン OfLa Liga Santander,Germany OfBundesliga,France OfLeague Annと と も にEuropeHas formed the five major professional soccer leagues[2].

The national soccer league in England started in 1888 and the Premier League was founded in 1992.[2].


It is the most popular league in the world, watched by over 10 billion people worldwide[3], Is one of the highest leagues in the world. Not only in soccer competitions, but also in the world's sports leagues, the number of viewers is the largest on TV, and both popularity and ability are high. In addition, the financial power from the upper team to the lower team and the level difference are small, and the lower team often wins the upper team. For this reason, it is said to be the most difficult league to win in the world today. Since 2000, it boasts overwhelming sales among the major European leagues, with 2009-2010 sales of €24 million, secondBundesligaFar apart[4].

tv setBroadcast feeIt is a huge amount and has signed a contract of 2016 billion euros (about 2019 trillion yen) in the three years from 3 to 95. Half of the broadcast fees are distributed evenly to each club, with 1.3% being the number of games played and the remaining 25% being distributed according to ranking.[5] In addition, overseas broadcasts will be evenly distributed. 2014st place in 2015-1 Chelsea has 1 million euros (about 2400 billion yen), the lowestQPREven earned €7900 million in revenue.[6]

Since the establishment of the Premier League, there is a victory experienceArsenal,Blackburn Rovers,Chelsea,Manchester United,Manchester City,Leicester City,Liverpool7 clubs only. In the 2000s, Manchester U, Chelsea, Arsenal,LiverpoolIt has been called the “Big 4” because the four clubs in the United States are fighting for the championship every year, but since 4Tottenham HotspurManchester CityIs becoming "Big 6". In May 2011, Manchester United won the twelfth championship since the establishment of the Premier League in 5. As a resultFootball leagueIt became the 7th victory, including the 19th victory of the times,EnglandBecame the most winning team in the top league. The next season, the winning team will have the lion logo embroidered on their sleeves in gold (usually dark blue).



1980 era, The English football world was sluggish. The stadium was old and damaged, and the spectators were obliged to watch the old equipment. Soccer world is AmericanNFLIt was sought to shed the skin for entertainment such as. Also, in the same eraHooliganViolence on behalf of was also spreading.1985 Is a tough year for the English football world, May 5Bradford56 people burnt to death in a city soccer field fireBirminghamOne person died in the collapse of the city soccer field,May 5,UEFA Champions Cupfinal LiverpoolversusJuventusIn the war, supporters became mobs and 39 people were killed (Hazel tragedySee).EnglandThe club isUEFAParticipation in the tournament sponsored by the (European Football Federation) was banned (indefinitely, 5 years later. Liverpool of the party will be changed to 7 years). Finally this oncewith the BBCITVThe soccer broadcast by the was suspended.

It was before the Premier League transitionFootball leagueDivision 1 (1st division league until the establishment of the new Premier League)Serie A,Liga EspanyolaIs far behind and is excellentEnglishSeveral players were looking for opportunities to play abroad, and Italy, France and Spain were the top three in Europe. But,1990 This downward trend began to slow down at the border.Italy World CupSo, England advanced to the best 4 (defeated in the semifinals, defeated in the 3rd place final match, 4th place). The ban on UEFA tournaments was lifted, and there were signs of a revival in the English football world.

TV money has become important since the late 1980s. Football league1986 Contracted for £2 million over two years, which was signed between the BBC and ITVcartelIt was discovered that, and the distribution of the broadcasting rights fee was distributed evenly to all 92 teams in the league, so the Big 5 (which was particularly popular with the powerful team)Liverpool FC,Tottenham Hotspur FC,Arsenal FC,Everton FC,Manchester United FC), the voice of dissatisfaction from the team said to start rumored to leave the league. 1988 In January, the 1th anniversary of FA's founding, FA gathered big 100 managers to create satellite broadcasting BSB (current:Sky Sports), the broadcasting rights were transferred to BBC and ITV to break the cartel and increase the broadcasting rights fee. Contracts with broadcasting stations that had not yet launched satellites were worrisome, but 92 teams out of 91 clubs were approaching a contract. At this time, ITV, which had been holding the broadcasting right in the past, secretly presented an expensive broadcasting right fee to the Big 5, but since only 5 teams cannot make up the league, the Big 5 secretly invites other clubs. It was1989 May 4Hillsboro StadiumKilled 96 peopleHillsboro tragedy), at that timeMargaret ThatcherThe Prime Minister has instructed a soccer judge, Peter Taylor, to renovate a soccer field in a poor environment. After that, the standing seats were completely abolished.

1990 In November each Big 11 manager secretly had a dinner in London, decided to leave the league, and when he reported to the FA, a strong backlash from the league was invited,1991 May 6High CourtThe referee confirmed that FA had the right to operate the league.

TV broadcastITVBut withdrew to Sky and withdrew.


1992 May 2,Football leagueAll clubs that belonged to Division 1 (1st division) of the division have left and established the FA Premier League. The FA Premier League is now able to independently conclude contracts for TV broadcasting rights and sponsorships. After that, with the football league, it was agreed to promote and demote each three teams as usual. The 3-1992 season opens the first FA Premier League. The first goal isSheffield UnitedBrian Dean (2-1 Manchester United). afterwards,1995 The number of league clubs was reduced from 22 to 20.2006 May 6, FIFA has required all European leagues to have 2007 clubs in the top division before the 08-18 season, but has announced that it will not cut the Premier League.

2007 May 2, From the "FA Premier League" to "Barclays・Changed to “Premier League”.

Youth League from 2012-13 seasonPremier Reserve LeaguePremier academy leagueIntegrated,U-21 Premier League,U-18 Premier LeagueWas newly established.

FA announced on June 2015, 6 that it will no longer sponsor the Premier League. After the 4-2015 season, the Premier League ended its contract with Barclays and was renamed to "Premier League." U-16 Premier League isPremier League 2It was changed to "," and it became possible to participate up to the age of 23.

YearssponsorOfficial league name
1992-1993NoneFA Premier League (FA Premier League
1993-2001curlingFA Curling Premiership[7](FA Carling Premiership
2001-2004Barclay cardFA Berkeley Card Premiership[7](FA Barclaycard Premiership
2004-2007BarclaysFA Barclays Premiership (FA Barclays Premiership
2007-2016Barclays Premier League[7][8](Barclays Premier League
2016-NonePremier League(Premier League


The Premier League operates as a joint-stock company owned by the 20 clubs to which it belongs. Each club can be considered as a shareholder with voting rights on amendments to contracts and rules.

If you make major changes to the rules or make important proposals related to the league, retain the authority to reject them.Football Association (FA)Approval is also required[9].

the way

The Premier League1992 With the reorganization of the English professional football league,Football leagueIt was separated from and was newly established. 20 clubs belong toHome and awayA total of 2 games will be played from August to May of the following year in two round robins according to the method.The points won are 8 for victory, 5 for draw, and 38 for loss, and the ranking is determined by the points earned.If the points are equal, it depends on the difference in points, and if they are the same, it depends on the total points.The winning club, 3nd, 1rd and 0th place clubs will be in the next yearUEFA Champions LeagueQualification to participate in this tournament. The 5th place club will be in the next yearUEFA Europa LeagueQualifications for participation in the main competition are given. Also, the lower 3 clubs will automaticallyEFL ChampionshipDemoted to the top two clubs from the championship and the four clubs ranked 2 to 3play offA total of 1 clubs will be promoted, including 3 club that has won.

There are no registration restrictions for foreign nationals,EUandEFTAAthletes with member country nationality do not need to obtain a work permit. All other national athletes are required to obtain a work permit, but as a condition of acquisition, they must have participated in 2% or more of the representative A matches (official games excluding friendly games) in the past two years. Must be a representative player from a country with an average FIFA ranking of 75th or higher. However, a work permit may be issued as a special case even if the conditions are not met. By the way,The United Kingdom(England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland) and Irish nationals are treated as domestic players. Up to 7 people can enter the bench.

Player registration

  • Up to 25 players can be registered in the top team, and there is no foreign quota, but it is necessary to include 7 homegrown players. A maximum of 18 non-homegrown players can be registered. Players under the age of 23 can register regardless of the number of registered people.
  • Foreign players are required to obtain a work visa, and the conditions for obtaining the visa are to enter at least 2% of the international A match for the last two years.
  • Up to 7 people can enter the bench.


  • 2003 From around that time, each club in the Premier League was acquired by foreign investors. CurrentlyLiverpool(America),Manchester U(America),Chelsea(Russia),Manchester CityBig clubs like (United Arab Emirates),Aston Villa(America),Portsmouth(France),BirminghamEven medium-sized clubs such as (Hong Kong) are owned by foreign owners (Wimbledon phenomenon).2011 As of October, half of the 10 clubs in the league are foreigners who are the owners.[9].
  • Perhaps because of the national character of preferring a manual battle, he is more tolerant of tackle compared to other leagues.
  • Although it is an English league, the percentage of British nationals is by no means high (the starting percentage of British nationals in the season 13-14 was 34%, the lowest ever). At the time of the Arsenal and other events, the starting members were all foreign nationals.
  • From the 2013/2014 season, the goal judgment systemHawk eyeIntroduced and started using.

Affiliation club

The number of Premier League clubs for the 2021-2022 season is the same as the previous year, 20.Norwich City,Watford,BrentfordIs promoted to the Premier League.

OUR TEAMFoundingdirected byhome townStadiumSeating capacityLast year's results
Newcastle United Newcastle United1893 England flag Eddie HoweNewcastle
・Upon Tyne
St. James Park52,38712 bit
Watford Watford1881 Italian flag Claudio RanieriWatford22,200* (2nd place)
Burnley Burnley1882 England flag Sean DaichiBurnleyTurf Moore22,54617 bit
Manchester City Manchester City1880 Spanish flag Josep GuardiolaManchesterEtihad Stadium55,097Win
Manchester United Manchester United1878 German flag Ralph LangnickOld Trafford76,1002 bit
Everton Everton1878 Spanish flag Rafael BenitezLiverpoolGoodison Park40,56910 bit
Liverpool Liverpool1892 German flag Jürgen CropAnfield54,0743 bit
Leicester City Leicester City1884 Northern Ireland flag Brendan RogersLesterKing Power Stadium32,5005 bit
Wolverhampton Wanderers Wolverhampton Wanderers1877 Portugal flagWolverhamptonMolineu Stadium31,70013 bit
Aston Villa Aston Villa1874 England flag Stephen GerrardBirminghamVilla Park42,78511 bit
Leeds United Leeds United1919 Argentina flag Marcelo BielsaLeedsEland Road37,8909 bit
Norwich City Norwich City1902 German flagNorwichCarrow Road27,244*(Winner)
Arsenal Arsenal1886 Spanish flag Mikel ArtetaUKEmirates Stadium60,4328 bit
Chelsea Chelsea1905 German flag Thomas TuchelStamford Bridge41,6234 bit
Crystal Palace Crystal palace1905 French flag Patrick VeraSelhurst Park26,30914 bit
Tottenham Hotspur Tottenham Hotspur1882 Italian flag Antonio ConteTottenham Hotspur Stadium62,8507 bit
Brentford Brentford1889 Danish flag Thomas Frank17,250* (3nd place)
West Ham United West Ham United1895 Scottish flag David MoiseLondon Stadium60,0106 bit
Brighton & Hove Albion Brighton & Hove Albion1901 England flag Graham PotterBrighton and HoveFarmer Stadium30,75016 bit
Southampton Southampton1885 Austrian flag Ralph HasenhuttlerSouthamptonSt Marys Stadium32,68915 bit

EFL Championship

  • The names of teams, directors, and bases are the current ones (excluding those officially announced changes).

Successive winning clubs and top scorers

Successive winning clubs

*League championship team up to 1992Football league # successive winning clubsSee.

年度Win2 bit3 bitNumber of clubs
1992-93 Manchester United(1)Aston VillaNorwich City22
1993-94 Manchester United(2)Blackburn RoversNewcastle United22
1994-95 Blackburn Rovers(1)Manchester UnitedNottingham Forest22
1995-96 Manchester United(3)Newcastle UnitedLiverpool20
1996-97 Manchester United(4)Newcastle UnitedArsenal20
1997-98 Arsenal(1)Manchester UnitedLiverpool20
1998-99 Manchester United(5)ArsenalChelsea20
1999-00 Manchester United(6)ArsenalLeeds United20
2000-01 Manchester United(7)ArsenalLiverpool20
2001-02 Arsenal(2)LiverpoolManchester United20
2002-03 Manchester United(8)ArsenalNewcastle United20
2003-04 Arsenal(3)ChelseaManchester United20
2004-05 Chelsea(1)ArsenalManchester United20
2005-06 Chelsea(2)Manchester UnitedLiverpool20
2006-07 Manchester United(9)ChelseaLiverpool20
2007-08 Manchester United(10)ChelseaArsenal20
2008-09 Manchester United(11)LiverpoolChelsea20
2009-10 Chelsea(3)Manchester UnitedArsenal20
2010-11 Manchester United(12)ChelseaManchester City20
2011-12 Manchester City(1)Manchester UnitedArsenal20
2012-13 Manchester United(13)Manchester CityChelsea20
2013-14 Manchester City(2)LiverpoolChelsea20
2014-15 Chelsea(4)Manchester CityArsenal20
2015-16 Leicester City(1)ArsenalTottenham Hotspur20
2016-17 Chelsea(5)Tottenham HotspurManchester City20
2017-18 Manchester City(3)Manchester UnitedTottenham Hotspur20
2018-19 Manchester City(4)LiverpoolChelsea20
2019-20 Liverpool(1)Manchester CityManchester United20
2020-21 Manchester City(5)Manchester UnitedLiverpool20

Successive scorers

The highest scorer in the Premier League match.

Even if you transfer to another Premier club during the season, points will be added in the league.

年度Player nameClub at the timescoreCitizenship
1992-93Teddy sheringhamNottingham Forest
Tottenham Hotspur
22England flag England
1993-94Andy ColeNewcastle United34England flag England
1994-95Alan ShearerBlackburn Rovers34England flag England
1995-96Alan ShearerBlackburn Rovers31England flag England
1996-97Alan ShearerNewcastle United25England flag England
1997-98Chris SuttonBlackburn Rovers18England flag England
Dion DublinCoventry cityEngland flag England
Michael OwenLiverpoolEngland flag England
1998-99Jimmy Floyd HasselwinkLeeds United18Dutch flag Netherlands
Michael OwenLiverpoolEngland flag England
Dwight YorkManchester UnitedTrinidad and Tobago flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu
1999-00Kevin PhillipsSunderland30England flag England
2000-01Jimmy Floyd HasselwinkChelsea23Dutch flag Netherlands
2001-02Thierry HenryArsenal24French flag France
2002-03Lut van NistelrooyManchester United25Dutch flag Netherlands
2003-04Thierry HenryArsenal30French flag France
2004-05Thierry HenryArsenal25French flag France
2005-06Thierry HenryArsenal27French flag France
2006-07Didier DrogbaChelsea20Cote d'Ivoire flag コ ー ト ワ ワ ー ル
2007-08ク リ ス テ ィ ア ー ノ · ロ ナ ウ ドManchester United31Portugal flag Portugal
2008-09Nicola AnelkaChelsea19French flag France
2009-10Didier DrogbaChelsea29Cote d'Ivoire flag コ ー ト ワ ワ ー ル
2010-11Carlos TevezManchester City20Argentina flag アルゼンチン
Dimitar BerbatovManchester United ブルガリア
2011-12Robin van persieArsenal30Dutch flag Netherlands
2012-13Robin van persieManchester United26Dutch flag Netherlands
2013-14Louis SuarezLiverpool31Uruguay flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu
2014-15Sergio AgueroManchester City26Argentina flag アルゼンチン
2015-16Harry caneTottenham Hotspur25England flag England
2016-17Harry caneTottenham Hotspur29England flag England
2017-18Mohammed SalahLiverpool32 Egypt
2018-19Mohammed SalahLiverpool22 Egypt
Pierre-Emerick ObermeyanArsenalGabon flag ガボン
Sadio manetLiverpoolFlag of senegal セネガル
2019-20 Jamie VerdyLeicester City23England flag England
2020-21 Harry caneTottenham Hotspur23England flag England


Number of wins by club

Club nameNumber of timesChampionship year
Manchester United131992-93, 1993-94, 1995-96, 1996-97, 1998-99, 1999-00, 2000-01, 2002-03, 2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09, 2010-11, 2012-13
Chelsea52004-05, 2005-06, 2009-10, 2014-15, 2016-17
Manchester City52011-12, 2013-14, 2017-18, 2018-19, 2020-21
Arsenal31997-98, 2001-02, 2003-04
Blackburn Rovers11994-95
Leicester City12015-16

Audience mobilization and television rights

Audience mobilization

The average number of spectators in the 2016/2017 season was 3, ranking second in the European League[10]. On the other hand, the 2016/2017 season attracted 94.95% of customers, ranking first in the European League.[10].

TV relay

International videos of the Premier League have been around since 1997-98I'M GPremier League Productions, a joint venture withReview, highlight, information programWe are producing and distributing (currently we have a contract until the 2012-13 season)[11]).

Saturday at 15:XNUMX local time, the kickoff game will not be televised in the UK because it will go to the stadium[12]. However, since it is broadcast in countries other than the UK, there are sports bars that receive satellite broadcasts from other countries in the UK, and the pros and cons of that are being contested in court.

TV broadcast in the UK

Broadcast rights for the 2013-14 season to the 2015-16 season are B Sky B (2014)ス カ イCompany name changed to)BTHas won[13]..Sky (Sky Sports)は年間116試合放映で1シーズンあたり7.6億ユーロ、BT(BT Sport)は年間38試合放映で2.46億ユーロとなっている。この新契約の放映権料の総額は、2010–11シーズンから2012–13シーズンまでの契約よりおよそ70%増加している。この他にもBBC sports,Amazon Prime VideoBut it is being broadcast and distributed[13].

TV broadcast in America

Three seasons from 2013-14 season in the United States,NBC sportsGot the broadcasting right. TerrestrialNBCOf the cableNBCSNBroadcast mainly on. In August 2015, the broadcasting rights for 8 more seasons were extended. In November 6, we signed the broadcasting rights for 2021 seasons with a contract fee of 11 times more than before.[13]..The last clause isChampionship SundayEntitled NBC, NBCSN,USA,Syfy,CNBC,MSNBC,E!,OxygenLive broadcast on 10 channels simultaneously.

Broadcast in Japan

  • 2007-08 Season isMay 8However, due to the delay in acquiring broadcasting rights in Japan, the opening game was not broadcast at all. However, three days after the opening,May 8becomeJ SPORTSAnnounced that it has acquired broadcasting rights for three seasons from the 2007-08 season. otherNHK BS1But it will be broadcast (1 to 3 games a week, one of which is a live broadcast of the day)Delayed recording broadcast.. Other recorded broadcasts are mainly on Wednesdays and Thursdays at midnight). Then, just before the start of the 2010-11 season, J SPORTS won the broadcast right for three more seasons. More than 3 games are relayed each section.
  • In the 2014-15 season, J SPORTS will continue to be broadcast. The live broadcast results for the 2013-14 season are broadcast at least 5 games per section. Broadcasted 380 games including on-demand broadcasting[14].. NHK BS1 is also broadcasting.
  • From October 2013, 10, the internet service ``J SPORTS Football by LIVESPORT.TV'' where all Premier League games of the 17-2013 season can be viewed live[15]Is started. (Operates "GOAL.COM"Perform GroupOperated by)
  • Operated by SoftBank from the 2016-17 seasonSponavi LiveAll games were delivered at. Broadcasting on J SPORTS will be 2 live broadcasts and 3 recorded broadcasts, but due to rights, J SPORTS on-demand distribution has been discontinued.[16].. New after the season startsFuji Television Network, IncGot the broadcasting right.Fuji Television NEXTEvery two games were broadcasted live[17].
  • Sponavi Live will be terminated on May 2018, 5, and will be operated by Perform Group from the 31-2018 seasonDAZNAll games have been delivered at. Broadcasts on J SPORTS will continue to have two live broadcasts and three recorded broadcasts. J SPORTS did not get the broadcasting rights after the 2-3 season, so it ended the Premier League broadcast only for this season[18].
  • From 2019-20 season, 3 seasons will be exclusively distributed in all matches DAZN[19].

Main players

Participation ranking

At the end of the 2019-20 season

RankplayerNumber of appearances
1England flag Gareth Barry653
2Wales flag Ryan Giggs632
3England flag Frank Lampard609
4England flag David James572
5England flag James Milner 538
6Wales flag Gully speed535
7England flag Emile Heskey516
8Australian flag Mark Schwarzer514
9England flag Jamie Carragher508
10England flag Philip Neville505
Taizi Is an active player[20]

Score ranking

At the end of the 2019-20 season

#playerSeasonScoreNumber of appearancesProportion
1England flag Alan Shearer1992-20062604410.59
2England flag Wayne Rooney2002-20182084910.42
3England flag Andy Cole1992-20081874140.45
4Argentina flag Sergio Aguero2011-1802630.68
5England flag Frank Lampard1995-20151776090.29
6French flag Thierry Henry1999-2007, 20121752580.68
7England flag Robbie Fowler1993-20091633790.43
8England flag Germain Defoe2001–2003, 2004–2014, 2015–20191624960.33
9England flag Michael Owen1996 – 2004, 2005 – 20131503260.46
10England flag Les Ferdinand1992-20051493510.42
11England flag Teddy sheringham1992-20071464180.35
12Dutch flag Robin van persie2004-20151442800.51
13England flag Harry cane20111432100.68
14Dutch flag Jimmy Floyd Hasselwink1997-1999, 2000-20071272880.44
15Irish flag Robbie Keene1999-2011, 20121263490.36
16French flag Nicola Anelka1996-1999, 2001-2005, 2006-2012, 2013-20141253640.34
Taizi Is an active player[21]

Japanese player

In 2001Arsenal FCToJunichi InamotoBecame the first Japanese to play in the Premier League after joining for a limited time[22].. Although he had no chance to play at Arsenal, he experienced the first Japanese league title. Then transferred in 2002 with a deadlineFulham FCHe made his premiere debut at and scored the first Japanese goal. At the same time, he was active in the Japanese national teamKawaguchi Noukatsu(First Japanese GK to play in Europe)Akinori Nishizawa,Kazuyuki TodaAlthough they moved to the premiere, they could not stand out.

In 2012Shinji Kagawa Manchester United FCAchieved a league match hat-trick in the first Asian premiere[23]I also experienced the league title.

In 2015Shinji Okazaki Lester City FCTransferred to. A team that was a candidate for relegation in the first year of transfer made a miracle of winning the league for the first time and became a member of "Miracle Lester"[24].

January 2020Takumi Minamino Jürgen CropSupervisedLiverpool FCHe has moved to and has won the league.

Japanese champion title

Tournament name年度playerOUR TEAMRecord
Premier League2001-02 Junichi InamotoArsenal0 game 0 goal
2012-13 Shinji KagawaManchester U20 game 6 goal
2015-16 Shinji OkazakiLeicester City36 game 5 goal
2019-20 Takumi MinaminoLiverpool10 game 0 goal
FA cup2012-13 Ryo MiyaichiWigan Athletic2 game 0 goal
2013-14 Arsenal0 game 0 goal
FA Community Shield2013Shinji KagawaManchester U1 game 0 goal
2014Ryo MiyaichiArsenal0 game 0 goal


"The Men Who Made the Premier League" (NHK 2013)


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