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⚾ | Announcement on 27th Yakult erases 4 players including Shingo Kawabata

Photo Yakult Shingo Kawabata [Photo: Yuji Arakawa]

Announcement on the 27th Yakult erases 4 players including Shingo Kawabata

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Hanshin's regular season has ended in the Chunichi match (Koshien) on the 26th.

Kawabata recorded 30 hits in the season as a substitute hitter, and Yakult was high at the announcement of professional baseball on the 1th, which was one more in the professional baseball record. → Continue reading


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Season (sports)

Season (season) is organizedSports-leagueAnd officially managed at sports competitionsmatch(Competition) Is held for a series of periods.League matchThen it is usually a one-year cycle,Olympic,World CupIn the case of biennial competitions such as, the cycle is several years.Depending on the type of sport, avoiding periods that are not suitable for playing, setting them as off-season, and selecting periods, for example,baseballThen, because the cold period is not suitable, it starts in spring and ends in autumn.basketball,サ ッ カ ーSports that you want to avoid the hot season start in autumn and end in spring.AlsoProfessional sportsThen, as much as possible, the periods do not overlap between each sport,audiencemobilization,Broadcast rightA convenient period is set.

Season composition

A season is often divided into several different periods.

  • Pre-season (pre-season): team building, playersTrainingA series of training games, set before the start of the season for the purpose,Exhibitiongame,Preseason match(Open battle) Etc. are also included.
  • Regular season: LeagueOfficial gameThe main period of continuous operation.
  • Break: League events, such asAll star gamesA period during which the regular season is temporarily suspended due to such events.
  • Post season: Based on the results of the regular seasonSeed rightDuring the period when the competition is mainly tournament-style, in order to set and determine the league champion of the season,play offIn the end, the champion will be decided, including the final of the two-team match.
  • Off-season (season off): A period when there are no official games or events.Training that is not related to the player's team during this period is called voluntary training in Japan.

Season of each league

The table below shows the season classifications of various leagues on a monthly basis.Blanks are displayed in off-season, and the sport is displayed in the same color.The abbreviations are as follows.

  • "Q"Official preseason period
  • "S"Regular season starts
  • "P"Playoff period
  • "F"Final period
leagueSportsCountry / RegionOctoberOctoberOctoberOctoberOctoberOctoberOctoberOctoberOctoberOctoberOctoberOctober
A leagueサ ッ カ ーAustralian flag New Zealand flag   PF    S  
ACL [1]サ ッ カ ーAsia QS     PPF 
AFL Australian footballAustralian flag  S     P F   
ATP Tour [2]Tennis世界          FS
ANZNetballAustralian flag New Zealand flag S   PF     
B League[3]basketballJapanese flag    P F   S   
BWF Super Seriesbadminton世界  S        P F
Bundesliga [4]サ ッ カ ーGerman flag       S    
CAFサ ッ カ ーAfrica QQS      PF 
Campionato Brasileiro Serie Aサ ッ カ ーBrazilian flag    S       
CBAbasketballFlag of the People's Republic of China P F       S  
CEV Champions LeaguevolleyballEurope PPF      QS
CFLCanadian footballCanadian flag      S   P F 
Champions leaguebasketballEurope PPPF   QQ S  
Chinese Super Leagueサ ッ カ ーFlag of the People's Republic of China  S         
CONCACAF Champions Leagueサ ッ カ ーNorth America  PPF S     
Copa Libertadoresサ ッ カ ーSouth AmericaSPPF      
Copa Sudamericanaサ ッ カ ーSouth America       SPPF
Country championshipcricketEngland flag Wales flag    S   
CVLvolleyballFlag of the People's Republic of ChinaPF       S  
Euro leaguebasketballEuropePPPPF    S  
Euroleague WomenbasketballEurope  PF     S  
European Challenge CuprugbyEurope  PF     S  
European Champions CuprugbyEurope   PF    S  
European TourGolfEuropeS           
FIFA Club World Cupサ ッ カ ー世界           P F
FIVB Men's Club World Championshipvolleyball世界         P F  
FIVB Women's Club World Championshipvolleyball世界         P F  
F1Motor sports世界  S         
Indian Premier LeaguecricketIndian flag   SPF      
IndyCar SeriesMotor sportsUnited States flag  S         
ITTF World TourTable tennis世界S          P F
J League [5]サ ッ カ ーJapanese flag  S         
JLPGA Tour[6]GolfJapanese flag  S       F 
KBLbasketballRepublic of Korea flag  PF     S  
CBEbaseballRepublic of Korea flag   S     P F  
KHLIce hockeyBelarusian flag Croatian flag Czech flag Kazakhstan flag Latvian flag Russian flag Flag of Slovakia Ukrainian flag Croatian flag  PP F    S   
K League Classicサ ッ カ ーRepublic of Korea flag  S         
Liga Espanyolaサ ッ カ ーSpanish flag       S    
Primera Divisionサ ッ カ ーMexican flagS   P   F  S  PP   F
League Annサ ッ カ ーFrench flag       S    
LPGA TourGolfUnited States flagS           
MLBbaseballUnited States flag Canadian flag   S    PP F  
MLLLacrosseUnited States flag Canadian flag    S  F    
MLSサ ッ カ ーUnited States flag Canadian flag  S       PF
MotoGPMotor sports世界  S         
NASCARMotor sports United States flag Canadian flag Mexican flagEurope S      PPPF 
NBA[7]basketballUnited States flag Canadian flag   PPP F   S  
NBLbasketballAustralian flag New Zealand flag PPF    S   
NCAA basketballbasketballUnited States flag  PF      S 
NCAA footballAmerican FootballUnited States flagF       S PP F
NFLAmerican FootballUnited States flagPF      S   
NHLIce hockeyUnited States flag Canadian flag   PPP F   S  
Japan Golf Tour[8]GolfJapanese flagS          F
NLLboxLacrosseUnited States flag Canadian flagS   F       
NPBbaseballJapanese flag  S      PF 
NPFsoft ballUnited States flag    S  P F    
NRLrugbyAustralian flag New Zealand flag  S     PF  
NWSLサ ッ カ ーUnited States flag   S    PF  
PGA TourGolfUnited States flag       PP   FS  
PBAbasketballPhilippines flagPP F S P   FFSP   F S  
Premier Leagueサ ッ カ ーEngland flag       S    
Premiership [9]rugbyEngland flag    P F   S   
Primera Divisionサ ッ カ ーArgentina flag S     S    
Pro 12rugbyIrish flag Italian flag Scottish flag Wales flag    P F   S   
PSLサ ッ カ ーSouth African flag       S    
Serie Aサ ッ カ ーItalian flag       S    
Sheffield ShieldcricketAustralian flag  F      S  
SUPER GTMotor sportsJapanese flag   S        
Super LigavolleyballBrazilian flag  PPF     S 
Super leaguerugbyEngland flag French flag S      PP F  
Super rugbyrugbyAustralian flag New Zealand flag South African flag Argentina flag Japanese flag S   PP FP F    
Top 14rugbyFrench flag    PF S    
UCI World TourBicycle competition世界S           
UEFA Champions Leagueサ ッ カ ーEurope PPPF QQS   
UEFA Women's Champions Leagueサ ッ カ ーEuropePPPPF  QPPPP
UEFA Europa Leagueサ ッ カ ーEurope PPPF QQS   
ULEB Euro CupbasketballEuropePPPF     S  
V8 supercarMotor sportsAustralian flag S          
V LeaguevolleyballRepublic of Korea flag  PF     S  
WNBAbasketballUnited States flag    S  PP FF  
World rugbyrugby世界         S  
WRCMotor sports世界S           
WTA TourTennis世界         FS 


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