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🇯🇵 | Sumo and Pokemon collaborate Pikachu and other prize flags and make-up mawashi

The top two photos are the Pokemon Sweepstakes Flag, the Pikachu Sweepstakes Flag from the bottom left, and the McNosita Sweepstakes Flag (provided by the Japan Sumo Association).

Sumo and Pokemon collaborate Pikachu and other prize flags and make-up mawashi

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Sumo Association's public relations manager Shibatayama (former Yokozuna Ohnokuni) said, "Pokemon, which is familiar to many generations as well as children, and sumo, which has been familiar to many people in Japan, are taking various measures together. I am very happy to have the opportunity to do it.

Sumo and Pokemon will collaborate.The Japan Sumo Association will be in Kyushu on the XNUMXth, November (Fukuoka International Center) ... → Continue reading

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Japan Sumo Association

Japan Sumo Association(Japanese,English: Japan Sumo Association) IsGrand Sumo"The Regent Palace Cup" (laterEmperor's Cup) To award1925 ToFoundationWas established as2014 ToPublic interest incorporated foundationIs a sumo entertainment group that has moved to.Public interest corporationTo maintain and maintain the legal personality ofSumoGuidance/spreading of competition, sumoTraditional cultureThe spread ofArticles of IncorporationThe purpose is above.


The Japan Sumo AssociationPublic interest corporationHowever, it is the only one that holds a commercial and professional sumo boxing event on a nationwide scale.CorporationIs. Before moving to a public interest incorporated foundation,Ministry of educationSports and Youth BureauCompetitive Sports Division[1]It was a special foundation corporation. Known as the “Sumo Association”. In the media outside Japan, "Japan Sumo Association" and its abbreviationJSAIs used.

Articles of IncorporationArticle 3 (Purpose) states, "This corporation originates from a Shinto ritual (festival) that has been praying for a good harvest of five grains since ancient times, and in order to maintain and inherit the tradition and order of Sumo-do, which is a national technique unique to Japan. In addition to holding this place and touring, developing human resources who will be responsible for this, instructing and disseminating sumo roads, preserving and utilizing sumo records, and conducting international goodwill, maintaining and managing the facilities necessary for these activities The aim is to contribute to the promotion of culture and the improvement of the mind and body of the people." Based on this, it encourages youth and students to teach sumo wrestling.[Note 1],Sumo schoolMaintenance ofKokugikanMaintenance ofSumo MuseumThe main business isBook place-Pilgrimage OfEntertainmentIs. The members areElderly,Wrestler,Gyoji,Call,Tokoyama,Youth headandCaretakerAnd so on.

Public interest corporationFor eligibility asPublic utilityAs a guide extension department has been set up to promote the guidance of sumo, as well as a promotion test for general members of the guidance extension department.EntertainmentToo much attention toFoundationMay not have fulfilled its responsibility and obligation.” In addition, at an expert meeting on the reform of the public interest corporation system, doubts were raised regarding the existence of public interest in corporations.[2].

Given that the Board of Directors of the Cabinet Office Public Interest Recognition Committee received an order for correction of organizational governance at the Board of Directors on March 2020, 3, the Association independently determined that continued membership was not appropriate,Japan Professional Sports AssociationDecided to leave[3].


The mother body is the Tokyo-based Kakurinkai, which is based in Tokyo, and its origin dates back to the Edo period. For history other than the following,"History of Grand Sumo"See.

  • 1925 May 12 - Jiji Press"The Tokyo Grand Sumo Association has been reorganized into the Dainippon Sumo Association," (the official name at that time was the "Tokyo Grand Sumo Association").
  • 1925 May 12 - Dainippon Sumo AssociationEstablishment is permitted.
    at that timeregentCrown princeMetEmperor ShowaFrom the incentives received from the catalog of "The Regent Palace Gift Cup" (laterEmperor's Cup), but a group that is nothing more than an entertainerChrysanthemum flower emblemI couldn't use the winning cup that contained, and received permission to establish a foundation. It seems that this permission seems to be difficult because there is no public interest in the existence of the organization in the first place, and there is a behind story that he dared to apply for it at the end of the year and forcibly received the permission.
  • 1927 May 1 - Osaka SumoThe association was disbanded, joined the Dainippon Sumo Association and merged with Tozai Sumo.
  • 1927 May 1 -NewNumberingAnnounced (created based on the results of the East-West Federation Sumo Tournament held from 1925 to 1926)
  • 1927 May 1 -Re-elected officerMasataro Fukuda(Army general) Is appointed.
  • 1928 January-renamed the Japan Sumo Association.
  • 1966 May 4 -From the Japan Sumo AssociationJapan Sumo AssociationRenamed to (Ministry of EducationAmend some of the regulations for enactment of extraordinary measures order such as permission approvalMinisterial Ordinance(Showa 41 Ministry of Education Ordinance No. 6)).
  • 2014 May 1 -Certified as a public interest incorporated foundation[4].
  • 2014 May 1 -From Japan Sumo AssociationJapan Sumo AssociationRenamed to.

Board Member

Since it became a public interest incorporated foundation, the rules for officers have changed significantly.


  • Based on Article 12 of the Articles of Incorporation, the number of councilors is 5 or more and 7 or less (the majority of the total number is external experts).
    • Up to 3 wrestlers will be elected as councilors, but since they have strong authority such as the appointment and dismissal of directors, they are not allowed to concurrently serve as senior citizens. Retired from the elderly while holding the aged stock[5].. Therefore, he/she will not be in the post of director or below, and will be listed with his real name on the HP of Sumo Association including ranking. March 2014, when the place was numbered, the councilor at that timeOtoru Tadaaki,Kenji Iwao,Dairyu TadahiroThree of them (both names in the active era) were listed with their real names. Changes (resignation, new appointment) were reflected in the numbering after that. However, none of the three councilors newly appointed from the sumo wrestlers who were newly appointed by the Council on March 3, 2018 were active seniors.[6].
  • The term of office is until the end of the regular council meeting for business years ending within 4 years after election. That is, from the council meeting held from March 2018 to March 3 (planned).
Full nameTitleRemarks
OutsideShoji EbisawayuanJapan Broadcasting CorporationPresident
11nd generationYokozuna Deliberation CommitteeChairman
Former Japanese Sumo Association Outside Director
Council chairperson[7]
Ikenobo YasukoyuanDeputy Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Kinya TakinoyuanDeputy Secretary-General, Cabinet Secretariat
Kimura KeijiyuanMitsubishi EstatePresident
WrestlerTakeo MoritaMotoseki WakiTakeo Fujinokawa
Former Director of Japan Sumo Association
Yoshida IshidaMotoseki WakiYoshikazu Washuyama
Former Director of Japan Sumo Association
Kozuka Hajime2nd piece of frontalSho Asano

Director/Vice Director

Directors are appointed by the Board of Trustees from candidates for directors selected from the elderly and candidates for directors selected from outside.Capacity is between 10 and 15 people.Candidates for directors from senior citizens are elected by a single anonymous vote by all senior citizens. , The right to vote for wrestlers and gyoji is gone).

The board of directors elects the president (representative director) by mutual election. Directors other than the president, who are senior directors, become executive directors.

In addition, the deputy director is appointed by the board of directors by selecting a candidate for the deputy director from the elderly by the election of the elderly.


Two to three external experts are appointed as members of the Board of Trustees.

Current officer

As of July 2020

  • TaiziIs an experienced director
PositionNameTitle (internal director is a senior name and a four-pronged name during active duty)Remarks
DirectorNobuyoshi HoshiNobuyoshi Yakuza(The 61st YokozunaNobuyoshi Kitakatsu)Takasago family
Division ManagerKoichi NakayamaKoichi Osha(Ozeki・Gokin Kofu)Nisho no Seki Ichimon
Compliance Manager
Crisis Management Department
National Maintenance Committee Chairman
MuseumSteering Committee
Guidance Promotion DepartmentNoboru KuroyaKojiyama Shoji(Sekiwaki/Ryuji Taga)Togitsu Kaze
Life Guidance Manager
Museum Steering Committee
Local Area Manager (Fukuoka)Hideaki KobayashiSakaigawa Gosho(summary-Ryogoku Kajinosuke)Dewa Sea One Gate
Travel managerKiyotaka SoudaKiyotaka Kasugano(Sekiwaki/Tochino Waka Kiyotaka)Dewa Sea One Gate
Inspector Chair
Security Division Manager
Regional Location Manager (Nagoya)Koiwai ShowaDewa Sea Showa(前2Kojo Nohana Showa)Dewa Sea One Gate
Public Relations ManagerAoki YasushiYasushi Shibata(The 62st YokozunaOhno Kuniyasu)Nisho no Seki Ichimon
General Planning Department
Museum Steering Committee
Regional Location Manager (Osaka)Mitsuyoshi HomodaTakashima Taizo(Sekiwaki/Kobozan Taizo)Isehamama family
Referee DirectorMasaya SuginomoriMasaya Isehamama(The 63st YokozunaMasaya Asahifuji)Isehamama family
New disciple inspection charge
SchoolmasterTadaaki SakazumeTadaaki Hanago(Sekiwaki/Tadaaki Taijuyama)Nisho no Seki Ichimon
Referee manager (in charge of organization)
New disciple inspection charge
(Outside Director)Tomoichi YamaguchiYomiuri Shimbun Tokyo Head OfficeChief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board
Tamaki ImaiyuanJapan Broadcasting CorporationDirector
Toshio TakanoyuanNagoya High Public Prosecutor's OfficeAttorney General
AuditoryuanKoyasan High Schoolhead teacher
Koyasan Shingon sectPriest
yuanHiroshima High Public Prosecutor's OfficeAttorney General
yuanMinistry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsGeneral Counselor

As of March 2020, 3, Ichimon Dewa has three directors, while Tokitsu Fuichi and Takasago Ichimon each have only one director. It is also a feature that there are four directors with the highest rank "Ozeki" or higher in the active age, and one "frontal" director.


  • If the deputy directors after Tsunenohana are divided by one gate, it will be Dewa Kai Ichimon 7 degrees, Tokizu Kaze Imon 2 times, Futatsunoseki Imon 2 times, and Takasago Imon 1 degree.In addition, when a director other than Ichimon Dewa is appointed, all of his predecessors and successors are the masters of Kai Ichimon (there are cases where the masters of Kai Ichimon have changed their directors).
  • The president is all masters who have a room, except for the first generation (army general), or a master who has a room, and there is no case where a master who has no room served as a chairman. The master who did not have a room when he was in office was Fujishima in the first half of his term → Hidemitsu Dewakai (I did not have a room when he became president, but he inherited the Dewa sea room while he was in office) and became Musashigawa. There are only three people, Kiwei (who has experience holding a room in the master's era before Deputy Director) and Tomotaka Dewa in the latter half of the term → Hisashi Sakaikawa (changed his name to Sakaigawa because he was devoted to his post).
  • Only Toshimanu in the north has reappointment.

Deputy Chief of Staff

AlgebraNameOne gateTenureHighest rankActive nameRemarks
First generationMasanori Hirose1920 August-1938 OctoberarmyMain accountLieutenant general
2 feeHidemitsu Fujishima→ Hidemitsu DewaDewa Sea1944 August-1957 October31nd generationYokozunaHiroshi TsunohanaRetired mid-term due to suicide attempt.
3 feeTogitsu WindTokitsu wind1957 August-1968 OctoberThe 35th YokozunaFutabayamaFirst president of the public election. He died during his term of office.
4 feeYoshii MusashikawaDewa Sea1968 August-1974 OctoberFrontalThe firstDewa no HanakokuAppointed chairman from the only flat curtain
5 feeKiyotaka KasuganoDewa Sea1974 August-1988 OctoberThe 44th YokozunaTochinishiki KiyotakaFutakoyama acting as chairman
6 feeKatsuharu FutakoyamaNishonoseki1988 August-1992 OctoberThe 45th YokozunaWakano Miki
7 feeTomitaka Dewa→ Takashi SakaigawaDewa Sea1992 August-1998 OctoberThe 50th YokozunaSada's Yamamatsu
8 feeKatsuo TogitsuTokitsu wind1998 August-2002 OctoberOzekiToyoyama Katsuo
9 feeNorth Lake ToshimitsuDewa Sea2002 August-2008 OctoberThe 55th YokozunaNorth Lake ToshimitsuMid-termSumo wrestler cannabis problemTake responsibility and resign
10 feeMusashikawa AkiDewa Sea2008 August-2010 OctoberThe 57th YokozunaGoji MinoumiMid-termSumo baseball betting problemTake responsibility and resign
ActingHiroyoshi Murayama2010 7 Month 4 Day - 8 Month 5 Day[Note 2]Tokyo High Public Prosecutor's OfficeAttorney GeneralRetired in 2000
11 feeHokoma KamonNishonoseki2010 August-2012 OctoberOzekiAkira Kaiki
12 feeNorth Lake ToshimitsuDewa Sea2012 August-2015 May 11The 55th YokozunaNorth Lake ToshimitsuDied during his term[8].
ActingNobuyoshi Yakuza[9]Takasago2015 11 Month 21 Day - 12 Month 17 DayThe 61th YokozunaNobuyoshi KitakatsuActing by the business manager. Later he was officially elected president.
13 feeNobuyoshi YakuzaTakasago2015 March 12-The 61th YokozunaNobuyoshi Kitakatsu
  • The senior name is when he was appointed
  • Before the war, he had a chairmanship. The chairman wasMasataro Fukuda(January 1928-May 1),Minobu Ono(Army General, May 1930-May 5),Takeshita Isamu(Navy Admiral, May 1939-November 5). All the presidents, including Fukuda, are generals of the Army and Navy.Baseball magazine companyPublished monthly magazine "SumoThere was also a question in the "" corner. However, it was not uncommon for organizations to have military personnel at the top at that time (even after that, corporations with politicians and senior bureaucrats as chairmen are not uncommon).

Director resignation

Association organization

Each head is served by a director, and each senior citizen takes on the duties under the direction of the director. There are many elderly people who also work as departments of two or more departments.

As before, the position is a member, chief, senior citizen, and directors and non-vice directors are deputy directors. In addition, from November 2014, when the elderly who retired from work are re-employed, they will be treated as counselors and will be divided into duties.

  • Sumo school
    Guidance education for wrestlers newly registered in the Sumo Association for 6 months.
  • Guidance extension department
    Training for sumo skills, publication of publications on sumo wrestling and instruction for sumo tradition.Public interest corporationAsPublic utilityAlso in charge of the promotion test for general members. As a general rule, all seniors under the committee belong.
  • Life guidance department
    Appropriate and appropriate guidance will be given to the life guidance of the association members. All masters who own the room belong to it.
  • Division
    Operates and manages this location in Tokyo.
  • Referee
    Judgment of wins and losses in this place sumo and making efforts. The numbering system is also under the jurisdiction of the referee.
  • Rural place section
    Operates and manages local locations in Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka.
  • Travel Department
    Conduct and manage local tours.
  • Public relations department
    Public relations work for domestic and overseas. In addition, he is in charge of shooting, producing, and managing video.
  • Social Contribution Department
    Support for disaster areas.[13]
  • Sumo competition inspection committee
    The purpose is to prevent deliberate lethargy in this place wrestling, and to inspect and punish.
  • Sumo Museum
    Mainly researches sumo, exhibits, organizes and stores sumo materials, and publishes publications. It is attached to the Kokugikan. It is customary for the director to be a person who has retired from the association and has experienced Yokozuna, and the steering committee is appointed from the board of directors and vice directors.
  • Health insurance association
    The Japan Sumo Association operates its own health insurance association, and all members are members of the association. Main business is Sumo AssociationClinicIt mainly manages the medical care of its members, but can also treat the general public.

Officers in the foundation era

Executive review

  • Position/Class
    • The highest rank is the president. The highest rank at the time of establishment was the chairman, but it was abolished after the war.
    • The job title isDirector, Deputy Director (Auditor before 2008), Officer Treatment Committee, Commissioner, Chief,ElderlyIt is divided into 6 job floors (also called the average elderly people). In addition,Board MemberAsAuditorsHowever, there was a problem with the fact that the auditor, who should be the supervisory body of the director under the corporate legal system, is involved in business execution as the deputy director of the director's subordinate.Therefore, it is a regulatory agencyMinistry of educationUnder the guidance of, the legal supervisor later promoted to outside. On the other hand, the auditor as a position became a “vice director”. Also,1968 Until then, the position of control was placed on the board of directors, and control played a central role in the management of the association.Furthermore, in 1959, the rank of counselor was established above the chief, but in 1996 Otowasan (Wakanoumi), The number of counselors appointed was zero, and in January 2007, the act of donating to the Japan Sumo Association was amended and temporarily abolished.
      • WrestlerRetirementLater the elderly (formerYokozunaIs the original for 5 years after retirementOzekiIs also assigned to the Guidance and Extension Department for three years as a member's treatment)Rice ballIn charge of etc. At the time of subsequent reelection, he will be promoted to chief and even committee members. However,Old nameThe so-called borrowed seniors who do not own the stock are kept in the normal year, and in the numbering, they are placed below the other normal stock owners.
  • Capacity
    • The number of officers (directors/vice directors) isDonation actAccording to the regulations, the number of directors is 9 to 13 and the number of vice directors is 3 or less.
  • Term and appointment method
    • DirectorIs determined by mutual election of directors.
    • The term of office of directors (directors/vice directors) is two years, and they are appointed after the place of January in the even years of the year.
    • The officer is a councilor (Old nameUp to 105 + 2 seniors, up to 4 active wrestlers,GyojiElected by a vote of 2). The active wrestlers and the councilors of Gyoji are respectivelyWrestlers association, Established by mutual election of the moderator.
      • As a customary member of the active wrestler, the highest numbered person (Yokozuna/Ozeki) with Japanese nationality is customarily selected. Since the latter half of the 2000s, the percentage of foreign wrestlers in Yokozuna and Ozeki has risen, and the number of active wrestlers has been chronically falling below four. The Emperor Ozeki retired at the place in July 4. There was a period when there was no corresponding person until Koto Shokiku was promoted to Ozeki after the place in September of the same year.
      • Gyoji's councilorTatsuyukiIt is customary to work.
    • The candidacy/voting system for officers (directors/vice directors) was established by the reform of the association in January 1968. In the first election of 1, there were four candidates for auditorship, so a vote was held (Takasago Ichimon9th WakamatsuWas defeated) but since then eachOne gateAdjusted the number of candidates for each councilor (elector) and faced a director/auditor election,1970 から1996 During the 14 consecutive terms and 28 years until then, all directors and auditors were elected without voting. When the election was held,1998 ,2000 ,2002 ,2010 ,2012 ,2014 6 times of (A member of the association).
      • At the time of the 1998 re-election, 18th generation Magaki (2nd Wakanohana(Futatsunoseki Ichimon)) and the 8th Takadagawa (Yamataro in front(Excommunication of Takasago Ichimon)) ran for outside the coordination of Ichimon, and the 18th Jinmaku (Northern Katsuaki Fuji(Takasago Ichimon)) resigned from the association due to being removed from the candidates, so the number of director candidates was 11, and the first director election was held by voting (the number of directors at that time was 7 to 10).
      • At the time of reelection in February 2010,TakanohanaHowever, he announced that he would leave Futatsunoseki Ichimon and run for a position outside the coordination.Eleven people will run for the board of directors against the fixed number of 10, and the voting for the board of directors election was held for the first time in four terms since 11.As a result, Takanohana was elected and became the fifth youngest director since the current board system.
  • Introduction of outside officers
    • Togitsu Kaze room wrestler assault deathで15s TokitsukaIn response to their arrestMinistry of educationWas strongly instructed by "I would like to have an outside expert as a director of the Sumo Association so that the voice of Sumo fans can be heard."Donation act(CorporateArticles of IncorporationEquivalent to 2008)May 9Held an extraordinary board of directors and a board of trustees, and decided and elected two directors and one auditor from non-parents for the first time after the war.[14].. At the same time, the auditor, who was served by three masters, was renamed Vice Director.
    • Also, outside directors and auditorsNumberingNot listed in.
  • Treatment of executives
    • If you have been the presidentConsultantReceive the same treatment as a director. In addition, a person who has experience as a director or a person who can fulfill the duties of a deputy general manager can receive the same treatment as an executive director.


Due to the act of donation, the number of directors is 10 or more and 15 or less (of which 7 or more, 10 or less, and 5 or less outside directors)AuditorsNo more than 3 people.

Directors other than the director serve as directors of each department. Auditors may attend the board of directors and the board of trustees but have no voting rights.lawThen, the auditor of the foundation is an organization that "audits the status of business execution of directors". However, until the auditor becomes an outside officer, the director's department manager performs business operations ignoring the legal system, such as the auditor engaging in business execution as the deputy general manager, and the audit function for the director's business execution is performed. Was being neglected.

Advisory body

Advisory bodies includeYokozuna Deliberation Committee, There are two management councils. In 2, including experts, based on the case at the Togitsufu room mentioned above.Recurrence Prevention Review CommitteeWas launched.The committee members are from the association11th Isenoumi(Chairman),Teen friend rope,11th Hidenoyama,Teen Nakamura,Kiriyama in his 20s,9th Matsukane,19st Chiganoura,15th Izutsu8 masters, Takeo Too from the outside (Japan Sumo FederationVice-president),Yaku Mitsuru(manga artist), Hironori Yamaguchi (Japan Professional Sports Association(Former Vice Chairman),Hiroshi Yamamoto(OriginalNHKCommentator).

Independent Committee on Governance Development

It consists of external experts for the purpose of reforming the Japan Sumo Association in general. No voting rightsオ ブ ザ ー バ ーMasters and wrestlers also participate. Inaugurated on July 2010, 7.The first meeting was held on 10 July.The members of the committeeTakayasu Okushima,Hiroshi Yamamoto,Koichi Okamoto,Takanobu Nakajima,Ichiro Nitta,Maeda Masahide,Miki Watanabe,Mayumi Mori.

Japan Sumo Association independent employment support consultation room established

The Sumo Association of Japan supports the retirement of wrestlers who have been left to their respective rooms and teachers, such as scandals after retirement of wrestlers, troubles near retirement, relief of anxiety when new pupils are introduced, etc. In order to do so, approved by the Board of Directors on the end of September 22, and from October 9, 10Japan Sumo Association Independent employment support consultation roomWas installed. Management is outsourced to an external consulting company, and seminars for retired wrestlers have been held since the beginning of 23.

There are a wide variety of activities such as management of related seminars, individual consultation, introduction of internship destination, introduction to private Hello Work.

Scandals and turmoil

In recent years, many scandals have come to the fore, and the responsibility and way of being a public interest corporation is being questioned.

2007 IsWeekly Hyundai"byMatchfixSuspicious news, Tokitaizan Takashi assault death case, 68th generationYokozuna-Morning blue dragonUnauthorized return to Japan/tour off leave problem occurred one after another and attracted public attention (2010 Responsible for another scandalRetirement..Regarding the match-fixing suspicion, it is the publisher of "Weekly Hyundai"KodanshaMultiple wages and senior citizens seeking damagesCivil actionHas been filed and all the cases have been won as of February 2011).

2008 In August, possession of cannabis of active wrestler was discovered. Unannounced implementation by the recurrence prevention review committee of the associationDrug testingA positive reaction came out atNorthern lakeThe president resigned[Note 3].

In October 2010Ozeki-Kotomitsu OfBaseball bettingInvolvement[15]It was revealed that a lot of wrestlers regularly played baseball gambling. Furthermore, in June of the same year, the active masterGangsterTo executivesBook placeIt was discovered that he was watching the game in the maintenance seat (so-called "sand cover seat").

2011 Has been denied by the association until then, the police revealed the existence of a mobile phone email of a wrestler who was allegedly involved in the matchfix, and some wrestlers acknowledged the involvement. The Sumo Association has decided for the first time in history to “stop holding this place due to scandals”.

2017 から2018 The 70th yokozuna during the autumn tourHima FujiBy MakuuchiKinoiwaAssault at the liquor table (Humafuji retired from responsibility. Later, Takanoiwa also assaulted his attendant and retired from responsibility), by GyojiSexual harassmentDiscovery of actions,Ten cars-Big sandstormThere were a series of scandals within the association, such as unlicensed driving (Osuna Arashi retired after receiving a retirement recommendation). At the Grand Sumo Maizuru place in the spring 2018 tourMaizuruLongRyozo TatamiCollapsed during a greeting on the ring,Life supportAbout the fact that Gyoji made multiple announcements to the women who went up to the ring, saying, "Women should get off the ring."[16][17][18][19], Pointing out problems with the lifesaving system in the tourDiscrimination against womenThe article was distributed overseas and was criticized.[20].OctagonThe president apologizes on the night of the tour[21], Gyoji resigned in July of the same year[22].

During the winter tour of the sumo tournament held in Saga City in December 2019influenzaWas diagnosedKigen OsamuBut,KasuganoWe were working according to the instructions of the traveling manager[23]..In this winter tour, the wrestlers, masters, and behind-the-scenes who developed the influenza epidemic have left one after another.[24], Made in the same monthWrestlers associationAttendedTail carIn front of Sekitori, the business manager said, "I've just returned to Tokyo from the winter tour, but I want to be able to get vaccinated in front of the place in Fukuoka."[25], Currently, the inoculation is done before the place in November.

Since the spring of 2020, with the epidemic of new coronavirus infectious diseases, the association has "Guidelines for dealing with new coronavirus infectious diseases".[26]However, it is often found that the masters and wrestlers violate the guidelines, such as unnecessary and unurgent going out, and there are a number of cases of being punished.Later).

Enforcement of a series of violent acts and regulations prohibiting violent acts

Beginning with the injury incident to Makuuchi and Takanoiwa by Yokozuna Hima Fuji that occurred in 2017, the witnesses were found to be violent against junior wrestlers such as attendants, and the association ``instructed on October 2018, 10. Announced a "violence farewell declaration" over 25 articles, "Nominal and any other purpose, no violence"[27][28]..However, shortly thereafter, in November, it was discovered that Takanoiwa, who was the victim of the case of Harumafuji, committed violence against his attendants during the tour.In response to a series of discoveries of violence, the association established Article 11 "Prohibition of Violence" at the extraordinary board meeting on December 12, the same year, and enforced it on the same date.[29][30][31][32].. When violence is discovered, the content of the disposition for association members is as follows:

  1. In the case of yokozuna, "Yokozuna is the highest rank and has great social responsibility (KagamiyamaCrisis Management Department)""Retirement recommendation" and aboveTake strict disciplinary action.
  2. In the case of Sekitori (other than Makuuchi), one place of suspension will be the standard, and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken by considering the content, degree, circumstances, ranking of the Sekitori, etc. of the case.
  3. In the case of the Makushita and below, depending on the content, degree, circumstances, ranking, etc. of the case, it is possible to select not only suspension of participation but also reprimand or disciplinary action.Age is also an important requirement, such as whether the wrestler is a minor.
  4. For minor wrestlers, a disposition will be provided for the guidance of the master.
  5. Regarding (violent acts by) the parents, "We will deal with it more strictly than active wrestlers (OctagonChairman)".

In addition, a compliance committee was newly established to prevent the recurrence of violence, and the following persons were appointed.In the event of a problem that appears to be a disposition case, the Sumo Association will rely on the Compliance Committee for a detailed investigation and a report of disposition opinions, and the board will decide the disposition based on the report.

At the same time, in addition to Kagamiyama Crisis Management DepartmentOne gate15th generation Dekiyama (former Sekiwake, former Sekiwake)Dewa flower,Dewa Sea One Gate), 12th Nishiiwa (former Sekiwake /Wakanosato,Nisho no Seki Ichimon), 13th Katsunoura (former Makuuchi)Kiki Nishiki,Togitsu Kaze), 13th Higashiseki (in the former Makuuchi)Shiomaru,Takasago family), 5th Oshima (former Sekiwake /Kaiki,Isehamama family) Was appointed as a committee member and used as a contact point for reporting violence and other issues.[29].

The violence problem has left a mark on the Sumo Association's finances, and it has been revealed that the investigation cost conducted by the violence problem recurrence prevention review committee to the members of the association in the settlement in 2018 was about 2 million yen. ..As a result of this expense, the surplus amount has decreased by about 2017 million yen from FY3.[33].

Violence by wrestlers even after the violence prohibition regulations have been enforced (Naruto Room[34],Miyagino room,Chiganoura room) Occurs, or depends on the room master or the kamiPower harassment,MoraharaCases that are also recognized (Nakagawa room,Shikihide room) Has occurred, and the parties concerned have been punished ()# Wrestlers, bosses, and officials disposed of in the pastSee also).

In the case of the Naruto stable and the Chiganoura stable, the wrestler who was the perpetrator of the violence retired after receiving a recommendation, and in the case of the Nakagawa stable, the room was closed.On the other hand, regarding the case of the Shikihide stable, Okami (master) who performed power harassment.Teen ShikihideBecause there is no direct employment relationship with the association)[35], The association only pays attention to the teenage Shikihide and his wife, and takes a wait-and-see attitude.Since there is no master with a room, there is no choice but to work on improving the situation while paying attention to health, and institutional problems have been pointed out.[36].

Problems of safety measures in efforts

In recent years, as the size of wrestlers has increased, some wrestlers are seriously injured in their efforts.

It is a relief system for wrestlers who have been injured and closed.Public injury systemWas abolished in November 2003 when he was President of the North Lake.Therefore, it is often the case that Sekitori cannot return to the original ranking while falling to a position below the Makushita (for details on the "public injury system"). Injury system #HistorySee).

Meanwhile, in 2021, serious accidents that required safety measures occurred one after another. January 1th day (January 10th), MakushitaShonannoumiとAsatama groupAt the very beginning, the priest witnessed and waited for the failure.However, the heads collided with each other, and ShonannoumiConcussionI couldn't stand up because of the symptoms that seemed to occur.After the referees discussed and confirmed the intention of the person, the effort was redone.[37]However, this decision was said to be dangerous, and the Japan Sumo Association said at the board meeting after the first place, "If the referee admits that sumo wrestling is not possible before the wrestlers' wrestlers are established, after consultation. The sumo wrestler can be defeated in the war. "[38].

March place 3th day (March 13th), 3rd stageHibiki RyuWas scooped at the edge of the ground during the effort.At that time, the head fell between the bales of the ring and was pinched, and the head was fixed, and the person concerned who was closely watching that the pressure of the other party and himself might have been applied. Is talking[39]..Kyoryu couldn't move while lying down on the ring, and about one minute after he fell, the three callers turned over.Referee ChiefWas serving18s HanaregomaContacted the video room through an earphone / microphone, and from there he called the sumo clinic in the Kokugikan to call a doctor.Approximately 3 minutes later, a doctor arrived to check the condition of Kyoryu, put it on a stretcher, got off the ring, and carried it by emergency.It took about 6 minutes or more for a series of responses[40][41]..He was admitted to the hospital where he was transferred and was treated on suspicion of cervical spine injury, but he remained bedridden.Pulmonary thromboembolismOnset.Acute at 1:4 on April 29, about a month after the accidentRespiratory failureDied at the age of 28[42][43][44]..The original death case due to the accident in the effort was extremely unusual, and there were opinions criticizing the fact that medical personnel were not always on standby under the ring and the association's response in the event of an accident.[41].

In response to the situation in January and March, the association responded on May 1, before the May location, with about 3 participants including the referee / security master, the sumo clinic doctor, the youth head and the call. A treatment class was held around the ring of the Kokugikan[45]..The instructor wasNPO corporationYutaka Saho, representative of Sports Safety Japan (Athletic trainer)[46]So, he answered the interview that he received a request from the association, "I would like you to tell me how it should be transported in an emergency, and I would like you to verify it."Saho says that it is not realistic to have medical personnel always stand by under the ring for 15 days (from about 8:30 to 18:3) in this place, and it should be transported to a medical institution promptly. It was judged.Guidance is given to the master of the refereeing department about the unification of intentions and judgment criteria of who decides that it is an emergency, and the knowledge and skills of transportation are taught to the master of security along with the latest usage of the stretcher that can fix the head ( (Because even three rescuers cannot carry a wrestler), and after receiving specific questions from members of the association about the cases of various accidents that actually occur, they continued to consider further.[47][48].

The results of the seminar have been shown since May.According to an association official, when a sumo wrestler is injured, relief is given top priority, and the injured person is first transported. On the 5th day, when Daishosei was injured in the third stage of the 8th day and fell to the bottom of the ring, and when the beach of Koshiro hurt his knee and fell to the bottom of the red bunch in the 8th day of the Makushita effort. When Sacred Sae was injured in the Makushita effort and fell to the bottom of the ring, the master in charge of security rushed in immediately and a wheelchair was prepared within 14 minute and prompt transportation was carried out.[48].

In addition, the establishment of a safety management committee was decided at the regular board meeting on July 7, the same year.[49]..We will improve the environment for safe activities and training at this place and tours, conduct first aid training and seminars to take appropriate measures in the event of an accident, and prepare necessary equipment and parts. And create an emergency response plan assuming the worst situation[50][51]..The chairman is the chief of the security headquartersKasugano, The vice chairman is the deputy director of the refereeing departmentFujishimaServed, from each gateOnogawa(Ichimon Dewa),Naruto(Futatsunoseki Ichimon),中(Tokizu style Ichimon),Azumazeki(Takasago Ichimon),Aji River(Isegahama Ichimon) was appointed as a committee member.[52].


Remediation/salary allowance reduction (reduction)Suspension-Descent with number (master demoted. If you cannot demote, you will be promoted for a certain period)-Retirement recommendation-Dismissal-ExpulsionThere is. Also, although not in the prize and punishment regulations, the master of the room may have closed the room when it was disposed of (corrupted). Other than expulsion can be invoked by resolution of the board. It should be noted that strict caution is not the official disposition prescribed in the prize and penalty regulations.[53].


Expulsion was regarded as the heaviest discipline in the association under the former law foundation, and it was stipulated that the board of council was called in favor of more than three-quarters of the board of directors and a special resolution was made in favor of more than three-quarters of that. ..

1925 (TaishoAfter the Japanese Legal Foundation Japan Sumo Association was established in 14), there are no wrestlers or masters who have been dismissed through the former legal foundation or public interest incorporated foundations, especially after the end of the Showa era, the process until confirmation is loose with the board of directors. In most cases, "dismissal" has the same meaning as expulsion (see below). Before the warShimizu River,Manazuru,Fukuzumi, Etc. exist as examples of expulsion, but none are recognized as formal disciplinary action. Of these, Shimizu River and Fukuzumi were lifted after a certain period of time and returned to the sumo.

However, in the Meiji era, several wrestlers who tried to launch a different organization from the Sumo Association were expelled due to conflicting management methods,1873 (Meiji 6) The four-pronged name of the winter place has been black-painted.[54].. As a difference from dismissal, it is explained that the weekly post August 2012, 8, 17 issue will erase all records such as names and grades.

In the public interest incorporated foundation system, "dismissal" is equivalent to expulsion in practice (described later). If there is a situation where the fan's understanding cannot be obtained by dismissal, a special resolution of the board of council will respond[55].


"Dismissal" in the association isDisciplinary dismissalとDismissalIt is positioned as an intermediate form of. Since the 1990s because it can be flexibly handled by the board, it has been used to permanently exilate guilty active wrestlers and bosses from the association.

If sacked, a resolution of three-quarters of the board is passed.pension,Service allowance(For general companiesSeverance payIs equivalent to) is paid at the request of the principal if the Board of Directors does not make an additional resolution to suspend payment. No special service contributions (equivalent to special retirement payments for general companies; only Yokozuna and Ozeki) are not paid.

2009 (HeiseiWas dismissed in 21 years)Kirin ShinichiThere was also a call for expulsion in this case, but the external officer pointed out that "it is strange to dismiss (because the same case as the dismissal of the previous year) because you do not pay the endowment", and calmed down. For this reason, the Association amended the bylaws for enforcement of donations, and it was stipulated that some or all of the endowment could not be paid by an accompanying resolution of the Board of Directors even if dismissed.[56].. However, there are many cases in which even dismissals who were given the right to receive an endowment/retirement payment did not claim the Jiro Kirin.

2007 At the time of the 19th Tokitsukaze stable (15), the payment was frozen even though there was no explicit provision for payment of the endowment money to the dismissed person, so they were brought to the trial and eventually both parties settled.

Retirement advice

Retirement recommendation disposition according to award and penalty rules,2014 It was established at the same time as the public interest incorporated foundation (26). Although it is not as strong as "dismissal", it is said to be willing to not let it rise to the ring.Civil servantIt is expected to operate in a form similar to that of the applicant's retirement. The first application in this form was2018 (30)Big sandstorm.

In addition to the award and penalty rules for the association"Disciplinary provisions for deliberate apathy sumo"Also exists, and here from before"Retirement Recommendation"There was a system.

In addition, among wrestlers, it is virtually impossible for Yokozuna to descend.Yokozuna Deliberation CommitteeCan make "retirement recommendations".

The Board of Directors' recommendation for retirement can be timed and can be switched to enforceable termination if the retirement notice is not submitted by the due date. On the other hand, the court's recommendation for retirement is not enforceable.

Wrestlers, masters, and related parties who have been disposed of in the past

The dispositions to date include:

 dateSubject disposalthe reason
11962 May 58 feeNishonoseki(Ozeki・Katsumi Saga)
12 feeOne man wave(Sekiwaki/Tamasaumi Taisaburo)
Humbleness12 feeOne man wave Tamaki Kai Shinkawa-Tamaarashi-TamanoshimaThe transfer notifications of 19 people were submitted to the Japan Sumo Association, while the 8th Nishonoseki stable submitted the transfer notifications of the 19 wrestlers who had reached the age of majority to the Japan Sumo Association. Because I was confused by submitting it.
21976 Mutsuarashi Yukio
Shirayama Hidetoshi 
Pay cutIt was confused by the fact that the youngest member, who had developed a quarrel during a discussion with the leader of the gang, fired at the ceiling.
31976 October17 feeAsahiyama(KoiWakafutase Yuiyuki)Pay cut16s AsahiyamaDue to a feud with the widow of the room, six wrestlers from Tonga in the room were closed on October 6, 1976, and the room and the association were confused.[Detail 1].
41982 October12 feeKokonoe(YokozunaNorthern Katsuaki Fuji)Relegation (executive treatment → committee member)
November Place
A gangster who has a relationship with Kokonoe attended Chiyonofuji's wedding reception.
51985 October12 feeFlower basket(YokozunaWajima Daishi)Relegation (committee → senior citizen)
Indefinite[Detail 2]
Old nameWas used as collateral for debt.
61986 5 feeTakasago(YokozunaTaro Asashio)10% salary reduction 3 monthsDiscipleKonishikiResponsible for overseeing the dinner with the advisor of the gangster office.
71988 October5 feeTatsunami(Sekiwaki/Haguroyama)HumblenessDiscipleFutaba blackResponsibility for oversight that has led to the closure of business.
81991 May 3SekiwakiKonishiki KomuneBlameIn 1991, it was reported that he was married to a general woman, but he denied it, and it was reported that he was dating another woman on the premise of marriage, which confused him.
12 feeSadogatake(YokozunaMaster Kotosakura)20% salary reduction 3 months
Responsible for overseeing Kotonishiki's women's issues.
91995 10 feeNishonoseki(Sekiwaki/Masahiro Kongo)Judge dismissal
6% salary reduction for 20 months
March place, etc.
Because it was filed with the Metropolitan Police Department by mahjong gambling.
101995 October14 feeDistribution(Front 12Asabashi Daizaburo)Relegation (committee → senior citizen)
This year's drink
OwnSide businessI violated the portrait rights regulations of the Japan Sumo Association.
111997 October16 feeYamabiki(KoiMaeno Yasuo)DismissalMissed this place without notice from the place in November 1996 to the beginning of next year (Lost) Because.
121998 October14 feeThunder(KoiTomokazu Haguro)Relegation (committee → senior citizen)March 1998 Because we didn't record a part of the admission revenue for the place.
131999 October9 feeMutsu (Ozeki ・Kirishima Kazuhiro) 6% salary reduction for 20 months
Relegation (committee → senior citizen)
It was pointed out that a total of about 5 million yen was missed in the income declaration over the acquisition of the old man's name, and a surcharge of about 2 million yen was filed.
142000 October6 feeTakasago(KoiFuji Nishiki Takemitsu)Relegation (Board member → Senior Citizen)DiscipleStruggleViolated the ban on driving principles of active wrestlers, and was charged with the responsibility for supervision that caused a traffic fatal accident.
152006 OctoberFrontal 3Dew Peng YukioSuspended for 3 daysIn this place,カ メ ラ マ ンBecause he was assaulted by.
16 feeOtaki(Sekiwaki/Your strength)Salary reduction 3 months (10/1)Oversight responsibility for the assault of his disciple Roho.
162007 OctoberFrontal 8Asahi Pengsheng1 place stop
During the period
In violation of the ban on driving principles of active wrestlers, causing a personal injury while driving a car.
172007/8YokozunaAsashoryuu Akinori2 place stop
During the period
Payroll allowance 30% reduction 4 months
WaistfractureFor medical treatmentEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euImmediately after returning toHidetoshi NakataBy playing football withMalingeringWas suspected.
182007/1015 feeTokitsu wind(KoiFutatsu Ryujun)DismissalTogitsu Kaze room wrestler assault deathBecause I was involved in.
192008/8/21Frontal 1Wakano Peng JushinDismissalCannabis Control Law(Possessed) because he was arrested for the violation[Detail 3].
202008/9/8Frontal 3Dew Peng Yukio
Juryoku 6Yuta Shirakuroyama
DismissalFor suspected cannabis use[Detail 3].
16 feeOtaki(Sekiwaki/Your strength)Relegation (committee → senior citizen)Responsibility for overseeing alleged cannabis use by disciple Roho[Detail 3].
212008/12/18Introduction7. Masakazu Akiyoshi
Banzuke, Yuichiro Rage
Banzuke, Masanori Tokiomaru
DismissalBecause he was involved in the Togitsu Kaze room wrestler assault death case.
222009 May 2Juryoku 3Kirin ShinichiDismissal[Detail 4]Cannabis Control LawBecause he was arrested for (possession) violation.
8 feeTail car(Ozeki・Gokin Kofu)Relegation (committee → senior citizen)Oversight responsibility for the arrest of his disciple Wakarin for violating the Cannabis Control Law.
232010 May 27 feeTakasago(Ozeki・Taro Asashio)Relegation (Executive Treatment Committee → Chief)Responsibility for overseeing the assault of a general man by his disciple Asashoryu[Detail 5].
242010/5/2711 feeSemura Kimura(Previous 1Naoya Higo)Relegation (committee → senior citizen)
Promoted until May 2013[Detail 6]
Room closed[Detail 7]
Dating with the gangsters, they watched the gangsters in the maintenance seats.
10 feeKiyomigata(Previous 1Kazuo Ohryukawa)Blame
252010/7/416 feeOtaki(Sekiwaki/Your strength)Dismissal
100% reduction of retirement allowance[Detail 8]
Sumo baseball betting problemBy.
OzekiKeiji KotomitsuDismissal
2612 feeAbumatsu(Sekiwaki/Hiroo Masuhara)Relegation (committee → senior citizen)
Promoted until May 2020[Detail 9]
16 feeTokitsu wind(Previous 3Masahiro Togitsu)Relegation (Chief → Senior)
Promoted until May 2015[Detail 9]
27All regular vice directorsSalary allowance reduction 2 months maximum 30%
282010/9/8Third stage 23Sadahide Furuichi
Tokoyama and Tokoike
2913 feeSadogatake(Sekiwaki/Haru Kotowaka)Relegation (committee → senior citizen)
3022 wrestlers[Detail 10]Blame
31Juryoku 11Yuya Matsutani
Third stage 21Seiya Wakorido
2 place stopSumo baseball betting problemMissing declaration.
9 feeMatsugane(Ozeki・Wakashima Tsuroo)Relegation (committee → senior citizen)
322010/10/214th generation Rinnosuke Kimura2 place stopBecause he was convicted of injury to his wife and children.[57]
332010/12/2411 feeMiyagino(Two Cars 2Kim Akin)Miyagino roomTeacher replacement recommendation
Relegation (Chief → Senior)
Promoted until retirement (November 2034)
In a weekly articleMatchfixBecause he made a suspicious remark.
342011/4/121 wrestlers
19 elderly people
Retirement/Retirement Recommendation 20 people
Suspended/suspended 2 years 3 people
14 demoted
Promotion seeing off 3 people
Sumo match-fixing problemBy.
352011/4/612 feeTanikawa(KoiHai Peng Ryoji)Dismissal
362011/4/14Frontal 15Eikichi Aoki
Juryoku 5Yoshihiro Hoshikaze
Dismissal[Detail 11]
8 feeTail car(Ozeki・Gokin Kofu)
8 feeStorm(KoiMasao Oyutaka)[Detail 12]
Demoted to chief
372011/4/2017 feeOnoe(KoiHiroshi Hamanoshima)Promoted until May 2021[Detail 9]Because he was caught by the Metropolitan Police Department for drunk driving.
382011/12/22Call・ KokichiBlameHe was arrested on suspicion of injury to a dating woman.[58]
392015/10/116 feeKumagaya(Two Cars 2Kim Akin)DismissalThe manager was arrested and charged with injury.
402015/11/1440 feeShinomori InosukeSuspended for 3 daysPunishment for 2015 misplaced military placements in 2 consecutive locations in autumn 3 in Kyushu[Detail 13].
412017/12/20YokozunaWhite peng shoPayroll allowance 100% reduction 1 months
Payroll allowance 50% reduction 1 months
Fujima Hima OfYoshinobu TakanoiwaPunishment for losing the trust of Kakukai due to subsequent actions due to being unable to stop violence against[Detail 14].
42YokozunaTsurugi RikisaburoPayroll allowance 100% reduction 1 monthsSolidarity responsibility for not being able to stop the violence against Yoshiji Takanoiwa by Fujihei Hima.
432018/1/4Takanohana (Yokozuna, Yokozuna)Koji Takanohana)Relegation (Director → Officer Treatment Committee)Violation of Yoshihisa Hima to Yoshishi Takanoiwa violates the duty of loyalty to the association[Detail 15].
442018/1/1340 feeShinomori Inosuke3 place stop[Detail 16]
100% reduction in grace and salary allowance during the period
Against the young guruSexual harassmentaction.
452018/3/9Makushita 6Ohsago Arashi KinroRetirement advice[Detail 17]
30% reduction in pension benefits
In addition to violating the ban on driving principles of active wrestlers, it caused a rear-end collision.Road Traffic LawBecause a summary indictment was made due to a violation (unlicensed driving).
462018/3/29Juryoku 14Kimi Shungo1 place stopSpring placeMiddle and violent acts against the keeper (Ryuichi Nariishi) in the preparation room.
47Takanohana (Yokozuna, Takanohana Koji)Relegation (committee)[Detail 18]→ Elderly people)Oversight responsibility for violations of the association's duty of duty, such as absenteeism during the spring, and violence by his apprentice, Toshigo Takagiko.
48Third stage 25Light source1 place stopRegular violence against former disciples.
7 feeMinezaki(Front 2Misugi Iso Takuya)Payroll allowance 10% reduction 2 monthsOversight responsibility for disciple violence.
492018/11/2917 feeOtaki(Two Cars 4Dairyu Tadahiro)Payroll allowance 20% reduction 6 monthsThe disciple Kamitake Hikaru that happened just before the above-mentioned Osand Arashi and Kyushu[Detail 19]Is responsible for oversight of car accidents.
502018/12/1920 feeChiganoura(KoiRyu Misugi Taichi)BlameYoshinobu Takanoiwa[Detail 20]Oversight responsibility of the attendant's violence against General Talent Hiiragi.
512019/2/815 feeNaruto(Ozeki・Katsunori Kotosu)Payroll allowance 10% reduction 3 monthsRoom affiliation Third-stage wrestler[Detail 21]Responsibility for violence against disciples by the.
522019/4/24Yokozuna/ShohoBlameMarch Place With the audience at the end of the interview with the winner of ChiakirakuThree tightenedThe act of violating the compliance regulations is an act that violates the tradition and order of Sumo Road, such as lack of courtesy and manners on the ring.
12th Miyagino (frontal 13.Takebayama Shinkuni)Payroll allowance 10% reduction 3 monthsOversight responsibility for the violation of compliance regulations by his disciple Hakuho.
532019/9/26Frontal 17Kigen JikenBlameAn act of violence against a new disciple or an act considered "unreasonable" in a room or a rehearsal hall in Nagoya.
5420s Chinoura (Koi and Ryu Misugi Taichi)Payroll allowance 20% reduction 6 monthsDiscipleTakanofujiActs of violence against parents and discriminatory remarks to new disciples[Detail 22], A blame for the new disciple of Genji Kigen, the responsibility of the director who could not stop the act considered "unreasonable".
552019/10/25Standing call-Takuro2 place stop[Detail 23]Violence against two people who called the second stage and Makushita in a tour that was held in Itoigawa City, Niigata Prefecture.
562020/1/9Frontal 10Ishiura MasakatsuBlame
Payroll allowance 20% reduction 1 months
During the morning practice in the room, they quarreled with each other and violated the prohibition rule of violence.
Makushita 16Houka Peng HirosakuBlame
12th Miyagino (frontal 13, Takehayama Makuni)Payroll allowance 20% reduction 3 monthsResponsible for the quarrel caused by Ishiura and Houka Peng.
572020/7/1315 fee中(Front 14Kenji Asahisato)Relegation (committee → senior citizen)
Room closed[Detail 24]
Responsibility for improper instruction such as using abusive language or violence against the disciple.
582020/8/6Frontal 5Masanori Aen3 place stop
Payroll allowance 50% reduction 5 months[Detail 25].
Established by the associationNew coronavirus infectionIn response guidelines required to refrain from going out unnecessarily and urgently, I went out in front of the place in July and several times during the place.Cabaret clubDisciplinary action against behavior that has been treated in.
20 feeKazan(Sekiwaki/Terao Tsunefumi)Payroll allowance 20% reduction 6 monthsSupervision responsibility for Abi's going out and receiving entertainment.
59Makushita 45Gokushindou Takahiro2 place stopDisciplinary action against behavior that accompanies Abi and is treated at restaurants that involve going out and entertaining several times before and during July.[Detail 26].
10 feeNishikido(Sekiwaki/Ito Masato Mito)BlameSupervision responsibility for the fact that Takahiro Fukushima went out and received entertainment.
6016 feeTagonoura(Front 8Takano Tsuruichi)BlameThe guideline for new coronavirus infectious disease established by the association was required to refrain from going out unnecessary and urgently, but a picture of being drunk at an outing and at a restaurant was spread on the net in July place Responsibility for.
612020/10/116s Tokitsu style (frontal 3, Masahiro Tokitsuumi)Relegation (committee → senior citizen)While the association's guidelines for dealing with new coronavirus infections required us to refrain from going out unnecessarily, we responded to the fact that we had a trip, dinner, and golf competition to Miyagi and Fukuoka prefectures before September. responsibility[60].
6210 feeMatsugane(Front 8Tamarikidō Hideki)BlameResponsibility for having gone out unnecessarily and urgently at least four times before the September location, while the association's guidelines for dealing with coronavirus infections required refraining from unnecessarily urgent outings.[60].
632021/2/2216s Tokitsu style (frontal 3, Masahiro Tokitsuumi)Retirement advisory[Detail 27]
30% reduction of retirement allowance
While the association's guidelines for dealing with new coronavirus infections required us to refrain from going out unnecessarily, we went in and out of mahjong stores and sex shops multiple times during the January location, contrary to the guidelines. Discipline for things[61].
642021/5/27Frontal 14Ryuden Goji3 place stopWhile the association's guidelines for dealing with coronavirus infections required refraining from unnecessary and unurgent outings, a total of 2020 unnecessary and unurgent outings were carried out from March 3 to January 2021. Discipline for things[62].
9 feeTakadagawa(Sekiwaki/Akinojima Katsumi)Payroll allowance 20% reduction 6 monthsResponsibility for supervision of Ryuden going out unnecessarily[62].
652021/6/11OzekiAsanoyama Hideki6 place stop
Payroll allowance 50% reduction 6 months[Detail 28]
Contrary to the guidelines for dealing with new coronavirus infections set by the association, he went out with a sports newspaper reporter during the period when he was banned from going out and was treated 10 times in a cabaret club. Disciplinary action against false declarations in the association's investigation[63].
8th Takasago (Sekiwake /Ryutaro Asaaka)Payroll allowance 20% reduction 3 monthsSupervision responsibility for Asanoyama's unnecessary and unurgent outing[65][Detail 29].
662021/7/30Juryo 6 Takagenji SatoshiDismissal
100% reduction of retirement allowance
Disciplinary action against false declarations at the initial hearing of the association, in addition to the use of cannabis tobacco found around the room dormitory in Aichi prefecture during the Nagoya venue[67].
17 feeTokiwayama(Koyui, Takamisugi Takakatsu)Relegation (committee → senior citizen)Takagenji Satoshi's oversight responsibility for cannabis use.

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Impact of new coronavirus infection

Has been in fashion worldwide since early 20202019 new coronavirus infection(COVID-19) has a great influence on the angular field.


On March 3th of the same year when the infection spread in JapanOsaka Prefectural Gymnasium(Edion Arena Osaka) celebrated its first dayMarch placeWas held for the first time after the war by no spectators.In addition, regarding the March location, we decided on a policy that "if a wrestler infected with coronavirus appears during the spring venue, we will stop at that point", and we have thoroughly implemented infection prevention measures, health management, coverage regulations, etc. I was able to welcome Chiakigaku safely[68][69][70].

However, in April, after the location of March, there was a case of infection with the new coronavirus in Kakukai under the circumstances that the infection spread further in Japan and the government issued a declaration of emergency.Takadagawa RoomOf the master9th Takadagawa, Juryo wrestlersMt. ShirasuIn addition, several people including the wrestler trainer were announced[71],this house,On May 5th, the third stage wrestlerSamuraiDue to new coronavirus infectionMultiple organ failureDied because of.In the first sumo roomclusterIn addition to being the first professional athlete in Japan, including Kakukai, to die from a new coronavirus infection, Shobushi Kanji, who died at the age of 28, has been revealed in Japan. It was the first case of death in his twenties, and it had a great impact on the world.[72].. In response to this situation, on the same day, the Japan Sumo Association announced a policy to test all the members who wish to be members of the association.[73].

Revised by the government in MayNew influenza measures special measures lawWas announced in April based onPandemic influenza etc.Was extended, and at the extraordinary board meeting on the 4th of the same monthIt was decided to cancel the event in May at the Kokugikan.In addition, the July location was originally planned "to avoid moving from Tokyo to Nagoya by a large number of people and staying for a long time".Aichi GymnasiumChanged the location from (Dolphin's Arena) to Kokugikan and decided to implement it[74].. Initially, the July location was supposed to be held with no spectators, just like the March location, but due to the government's state of emergency being lifted, an admission limit of about 7 people per day was set. It will be carried out in the form of including the audience[75], It was decided to welcome Chiakigaku safely.

The association is a guideline based on expert advice to prevent infection of members[76]In principle, wrestlers are prohibited from going out and practicing, but during the July venue in MakuuchiFireThey go out at night in violation of the guidelines and are punished after the place[77]And so on.

The September location was held after the association members were asked to strictly adhere to the guidelines for infection prevention measures, but before the venueTamanoi roomIn Juryo wrestlersFuji EastA cluster in the sumo room, which is the second case in the Kakukai, occurs in which 24 members of the association belonging to the room, including14th TamanoiAll wrestlers, including the wrestlers, have been closed in September to prevent the spread of infection.[78][79]..Regarding the closure of the Tamanoi stable wrestlers, it is suggested that relief measures may be taken with the policy of discussing the handling of the ranking of the next place at the ranking organization meeting after the place.[80], At the ranking organization meeting after the place, the ranking of 28 wrestlers in the Tamanoi stable who took a rest will be left unchanged.[81].. On the other hand, I went out unnecessarily and urgently contrary to the guidelines.16s Tokitsuka,Teen MatsuganeWas closed for parents and then punished[82][83][84].

The November location is the same as the July locationFukuoka International CenterThe location was changed from to Kokugikan, and the maximum admission limit was raised to about 5,000.[85]..It was also decided to cancel the winter tour that is held in November and December every year, and as a result, in 11, the main place in the region will be only Osaka, which was held without spectators, and all the regional tours will be canceled.[86].. In December after the end of November, the number of infected people is increasing in Japan due to the decrease in temperature.Standing roomOf the Makuuchi wrestlersSky sea11 members of the association belonging to the room, including the one, were infected and became the third cluster in the Kakukai.[87]..Furthermore, during the year-end and New Year holidaysWild roomBut the master's8th generation Arashio stable, Makuuchi wrestlersWakatakakage, Juryo wrestlersWakamotoharuMultiple infections of 12 members of the association were found below[88]Infection in the sumo room continues.

Japan Sumo Association on December 12thKokugikanAt the annual general meeting, it was reported that the income and expenditure settlement in 2020 is expected to be a large deficit of about 55 billion yen, according to the people concerned.By the way, in 2011, when there was a match-fixing problem, the deficit was about 1 billion yen due to the cancellation of one place.[89].. On March 2021, 3, it was reported that the board of directors of the association reported that the financial results for fiscal 13 were reported to be in the red of about 2020 billion yen.As a result, profitability will be stopped for 50 consecutive years until 2019[90].. The deficit of 50 billion yen is the largest ever[91]..In May of this year, there were reports that the association would go bankrupt if sales continued to decline.[92].


Due to the increase in the number of infected people during the year-end and New Year holidays, the government has spread to 1 metropolitan area and 3 prefectures (Saitama, Kanagawa, Chiba) including Tokyo, where the infection is particularly widespread.Pandemic influenza etc.Has been reported since the beginning of the year.In response to this, on January 1thShibataThe public relations manager revealed that the January location, which will be the first day of the same month, will be held as scheduled.[93]..A state of emergency was issued on the 7th of the same month.

Initially, the maximum number of spectators was 2 until the first day and the second day, and from the third day onward, the maximum number of spectators was planned to be about 5,000, which is half the capacity of the Kokugikan. Held with a daily limit of 3.The sale of Chan, which was planned on the 5,300nd floor of the building, was also canceled, and members of the association confirmed that if there was fever or other symptoms, they would be thoroughly inspected.[94]..In the previous year, the test before the place for all members of the association was an antibody test, but the test before the place from January is a saliva PCR test.[95].

Before January, there were sporadic announcements of infection by members of the association.On the 1th of the same monthMiyagino roomAffiliation 69s YokozunaWhite PengWas announced, and it became virtually impossible to participate in the January location, which has been attracting attention for advancing and retreating after the three locations that have continued since last year.All members of the association belonging to the same room were also tested and confirmed to be negative, but all the members of the same room will be closed in January to prevent the spread of infection.[96][97].

On the 9th of the same month, a simultaneous event was held for about 900 members of the association.PCR testThen, in MakuuchiChiyoshoma, JuryoChiyotoriFive people including Sekitori (two in the Kokonoe-beya and one in the Tomozuna stable) were newly found to be positive, and they were infected or concentrated, including those involved in each room who had positives since the end of the year. Due to suspicion of contact, it was decided to close the place in January as follows.As a result, 5 wrestlers, including 2 Sekitori, will be closed in January.[98], The 71st yokozuna who was closed due to back pain just beforeCrane dragonThe number of Sekitori people, including 16 people, was the largest after the war.[99](After that, OzekiNoble scenic[100], JuryoMinoumi[101]andMomentum[102]Was closed in the middle of the place, so the number of Sekitori people who were closed increased to 19).

After that, the infection in the Kokonoe-beya became more widespread throughout the place, and new members of the association who belonged to multiple rooms under the 14th generation of the master, Kokonoe-beya, became positive, and 17 people including those who were positive in the above-mentioned simultaneous test were infected. Known[104][105]..Although it was such an unusual situation, it was held with spectators until Chiakigaku on the 24th of the same month without any discontinuation.

At the March place ranking meeting held on the 27th of the same month after the place, among the handling of wrestlers who were closed due to the above-mentioned new corona virus infection or suspected close contact, wrestlers under the curtain are deferred relief It is not stated whether or not the measures have been taken and deferred measures have been taken for more than 3 wrestlers, excluding Yokotsuna and Hakuho, who do not have a ranking descent, saying that "the ranking was created while maintaining the fairness of all the resting wrestlers." However, in the March place ranking announced on March 3, in consideration of the performance of the participating wrestlers, among the wrestlers who were closed for the new corona, the wrestlers in the curtain and below the curtain are left unchanged, and one for ten wrestlers. Adjusted by lowering the ranking.In the future, we will continue to discuss the ranking of wrestlers who have been closed due to the new corona, at each location.[106][107][108].

On the other hand, on the 1th, the day before the first day of January,Sadogatake RoomBelongingFirst two stepsWrestlers own themselves because of concerns about new coronavirus infectionTwitterRetired at (Association member)Social MediaUse is prohibited by the association's internal regulations from November 2019, but a retirement notice has been submitted)[109]..According to the association, the master who received the offer of the first two wrestlers13th SadogatakeHe received a telephone consultation on the 8th and explained that he needed to submit a medical certificate during the holidays.[110]..The sumo wrestlerLabor lawCan't receive protectionSole proprietorshipTherefore, it is not possible to point out violations of the association's obligation to consider safety, and the person himself / herself will decide to advance or retreat.[111][Note 4]..The second stage wrestler finished the haircut ceremony in his room on the 10th.[112], Retirement announced by the association on the 27th after the place[113].

Have had heart surgery after getting started[114]The retirement of a second-tier wrestler was perceived as a "courageous decision," "wise judgment," and "correct and scared result."[115]..On the other hand, it was pointed out that the association lacked consideration for wrestlers and that it was harassment.Although the association has stated that it will be held after observing the guidelines and taking all possible measures to prevent infection, there are many wrestlers who are on leave due to infection or suspicion of close contact, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, where the Kokugikan is located, While counting the highest number of infected people in the past, there were many criticisms for holding spectators under the declaration of emergency by the government.[116].

On January 1th, after the place,16s TokitsukaWas reported to have gone out several times in violation of the association's guidelines throughout the location.At the extraordinary board meeting on February 2, the association dismissed the 22th Tokitsufu as a retirement recommendation (the 16th Tokitsufu retired on the same date.Togitsu style roomWith the same room20th generation MagakiIs in his 17sTokitsu wind(Succession)[61].

The March location, which will be held from March 3, will be held at the Kokugikan instead of Osaka from the perspective of the infection status of the new coronavirus and the prevention of its spread.[117]Prior to that, the results of the PCR test conducted on 750 wrestlers and other related parties were announced on the 11th of the same month, and all the wrestlers were negative for the new corona.29s Onogawa(Sankyo RoomWith),23th Otowayama(Onoe room(With) announced that parents are positive[118]..As a result, 28 wrestlers belonging to both Onoe and Yamabiki rooms will be closed in March as follows.[119][120].

In addition, the following parents who belong to the Social Contribution Department of the association as well as Onogawa in the 29th and Otowayama in the 23rd were negative in the test, but will be closed until the 4th day as a follow-up period.[120].

The May location, which will be held from May 5th, is the initial deadline from the first day due to the government's announcement of a state of emergency due to the third spread of the new coronavirus infection in Tokyo from April 9rd. It was decided that the event would be held without spectators until the 5rd day.[121]..The declaration was subsequently extended by the government until May 5st, but due to the relaxation of the event's spectator restrictions, the event will be held from the 31th (12th day) with spectators who have already purchased advance tickets. It became a thing[122]..In addition, by the first day of May placeToryuThere were sporadic cases of infected members of the association.[123][124]However, it did not reach a large-scale closure on the first day of May.

On the other hand, in MakuuchiRyuden, OzekiAsanoyamaWas found to have violated the association's guidelines.Ryuden will be closed from the first day at the discretion of the master[125], Asanoyama in the placeSports NipponSumo reporter (later the companyDismissal[126]) And multiple night outs were reported.Going out was during the state of emergency and during the period when the association notified the prohibition of going out (from the announcement of the ranking to Chiakiraku).Asanoyama denied that the association was "factless", but after that, he admitted the facts and has been closed since the 20th (12th day).[127][128].. After the May location, the board of directors on the 5th of the same month decided to dispose of Ryuden and his master Takadagawa, and the extraordinary board of directors on June 27 decided to dispose of Asanoyama and his master, Takasago 9th.[129][130]..In addition, the former master of the Takasago stable had a room since October 2020.18th Nishikishima(7th Takasago) is virtually forced to retire[131][132].

It will be held from July 7thSumo wrestling Nagoya placeAs plannedAichi GymnasiumIt will be held at (Dolphin's Arena).The local venues other than the Kokugikan will be held since the spring venue in Osaka, which was held without spectators the previous year, and the regional venues with spectators will be held since the Kyushu venue in 2019.[133].

The Sumo Association provided the Kokugikan in Sumida Ward as a mass inoculation venue for the new coronavirus vaccine, and the entrance to the Kokugikan became the inoculation venue. After the May location, the box seats will be released as a waiting area for follow-up after inoculation, and a lottery will be held to win the signature colored paper of the yokozuna.[134][135]..Inoculation to members aged 5 and over on May 24 with Sumida Ward residents[136][137][138], On June 6rd and 23th, inoculations were given to the masters and wrestlers on a room-by-room basis.[139][140].

The movement to Nagoya is done on a room-by-room basis, not on the usual "sumo train" where members of the association board the Shinkansen as a group.[141]..During the show, following the infection control measures at the Kokugikan, tours and exchanges with local residents will be suspended at the dormitories in each room, and wrestlers will be restricted from going out except for some.[142]..In addition, there were some rooms where the hotel was used as a dormitory and there was no ring for training in the dormitory during the stay.[143]..As a result of these infection control measures, the event was successfully completed without any new positives or violations of the guidelines during the Nagoya venue.[144]But on July 7th after the placeTakasago roomOf the masterTakasago Master, A cluster in which 7 members of the association, including Asanoyama, who has been suspended, has been infected has occurred.[145].

On the other hand, the 69th Yokozuna Hakuho is originally prohibited from entering by anyone other than those involved as it is held without spectators.2020 Tokyo OlympicsJudo venueTokyo BudokanIt is revealed from the SNS posts of the people concerned that they visited and had a chat with the people involved in the competition.Hakuho is an ambassador for the Mongolia Olympic Committee and is believed to have visited as a NOC (National and Regional Olympic Committee) official, but the guidelines require members of the association to refrain from going out unnecessarily. However, it has not been stated whether or not the master Miyagino's master had permission to go out, and Shibatayama's public relations manager has severely criticized Hakuho's actions, and public opinion has also expressed harsh opinions.[146][147].

From September 9th to September, after the clustering in the Takasago stable mentioned above, the frontalYano CastleAnd ten carsPukchong Peng,Tail roomAffiliation caretakerNishikikazeAmong them, the infection of Kita Seiho and another wrestler was revealed, and it has been decided that all the wrestlers belonging to the Miyagino stable will be closed in September.[148].

On October 11, before the November location, the Sumo Association announced that it had issued a notice to each room.After the spread of the infection in the spring of 10, the practice of the sumo room was closed to the public, but from November 22, when the Sumo Association members completed the second PCR test, they became close relatives and supporters at the discretion of the room master. It is said that training tours will be possible as long as possible.However, as an infection prevention measure, temperature measurement, disinfection of fingers, and wearing a mask are obligatory, and contact with wrestlers is prohibited.[149][150].

Furthermore, at the November location, it was notified that after the 11th day of the venue, the association members would be allowed to go out conditionally.The conditions are "get permission from the master when going out", "check the temperature and physical condition before going out", "be careful not to drink too much and not get drunk", "finish the dinner by 13:22 and go home" After observing the rules such as, it will be permitted to eat out and eat out with the supporters after 18:13.However, the use of stores with entertainment will continue to be prohibited.Shibatayama, the spokesman for the media, told the media representative, "Although the world is operating and acting under normal circumstances, the members of the association are taking strict infection control measures. At least it affects this place. This time, it will be relaxed in a situation where there is no such thing. From the 6th day, even if something should happen, the place can be closed. There is a possibility that the sixth wave will come. I want the members of the association to relax and refresh their feelings. "[151][152].


The new coronavirus, which has been prevalent overseas since the end of the previous yearOmicron strainInflux is also seen in Japan, and the number of infected people is increasing due to the active flow of people during the year-end and New Year holidays.Tagonoura RoomOf the master16th Daita KonouraTwo wrestler training members and one Tokoyama were found to be infected, and in the MakuuchiTakayasu14 members of the association belonging to the same room, including the one, announced that the first place will be closed as "there is a possibility of positive people and close contact".[153][154]..Further on the first dayNishikido roomThe infection of Okami (Mrs. Master) was found, and the master became a close contact.Teen NishikidoAnd tenMito RyuIt was announced that the first place of the four wrestlers would be closed (the next day, the teenage Nishikido was also positive.[155])[156].

Infection prevention measures at Kokugikan

When holding the main venue at the Kokugikan, measures will be taken to increase the number of visitors from non-spectators as the days pass, and as a measure to prevent infection of the spectators, restrictions on the use of square seats for 4 people (1 person → 2 people separated by tape) Changed for), prohibition of drinking, establishment of dining space, refraining from cheering and recommending applause[85]We are taking measures, and in cooperation with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, where the Kokugikan is located, we have created five types of announcement flags that are the same size as the sweepstakes flags (120 cm long and 70 cm wide).Calls with a notification flag go around the ring three times in total between efforts to raise awareness of infection prevention measures.[157].

In July 2021, the association published a document entitled "Wearing masks around the ring and on the flower road," and distributed printed matter to spectators who came to watch the game to explain it.According to it, all members of the association perform a PCR test in front of the place, only those who are negative participate and disinfect the broom used for disinfecting fingers and calling, and experts are about 7 to 1 minutes about the efforts of wrestlers. Therefore, it is judged that it does not hit the close contact.The wrestlers, judges, priests, and callers remove the mask only around the ring and on the flower road, but this is to protect the stylistic beauty of sumo wrestling, which is a traditional culture. I am doing.It is also stated that all members of the association have behavior restrictions for about one month in the place from three days before the announcement of the ranking, and they are strict punishment for those who break the rules.[158].

Association funeral

For those who have contributed greatly to the development of the sumo world while in office or active, the funeral of the Japan Sumo Association is held. As a general rule, only for those who have died while working or who are Yokozuna[159].. However, he retired from the associationDewa no HanakokuNeither the three roles nor the presidentKashiwado HideyoshiThere is an example of an association funeral, although I have no experience with Sekitori.In addition, the 58th yokozunaChiyo no MitsuguWas an experienced director and died as an active member of the association, but was held as a farewell party, not as an association funeral.again,Chiyonoyama MasanobuとTakanosato ToshihideDied as a former yokozuna member of the association, but since he was not an experienced director, the association was not buried.

Also, because he died after retiring from the associationFirst Wakano Miki,Sada's Yamamatsu,Kaiketsu MasateruIs not a burial of the association, but a yokozuna and a director who has experience as a directorKouki TaihoHowever, since the farewell party was not held at the Kokugikan Endras Hall because of the retirement of the association, there are some doubts about the standards for the association burial.

The past association burials are also different from those held at the Kokugikan Arena and at the Endras Hall, and the aforementioned Chiyonofuji farewell party was not held at the Kokugikan Arena, but it was held at the Kokugikan Arena. There is also a contradiction that it becomes a de facto association funeral.

 dateNameHighest rank/active nameRemarks
11922/12/28Dewa no Kaiya UemonYokozunaMt. Hitachi
21938/12/22Tamaki SanemonYokozunaTamaki NishikiDead
31940/5/30Kimura Shonosuke (Matsuo)20 Shonosuke KimuraTatsuyuki, Active death
41942/12/28Kimura YoshioKimura YoshioTenth sheetGyoji. Dead
51942/12/28Masashi HashizumeThird stageDied in war
61949/1/26Dewa KaijinosukeSmall knotRyogoku
71953/1/28Tatenami YaemonSmall knotGreen island
81959/10/6Takeshi KasuganoYokozunaTochigi Mountain
91960/12/26Demami HidemitsuYokozunaTokonohana2nd President Fujishima
101968/12/25Togitsu WindYokozunaFutabaThird President Tokitsufu
111969/10/20Masashi TachinamiYokozunaMt. Hagurosan
121971/9/2Katsuichi HidenoyamaSekiwakiMt.
131971/9/4Takasago UgoroYokozunaMaedayama
141971/12/23Tamanoumi MasahiroYokozunaJade seaIllness during active duty
151975/3/27Nissho no Seki KatsumiOzekiSaga no Hana
161977/4/22Isegahama ManzoYokozunaTerukuni
171977/12/23Junnosuke MiyaginoYokozunaYoshibayama
181982/12/28Hiroshi IsenoumiMakuuchiKashiwado
191987/6/2Kuniichi IchikawaMakuuchiDewa no Hana4th President Musashikawa
201988/12/13Takasago UgoroYokozunaMorning tide
211990/1/31Kiyotaka KasuganoYokozunaTochinishiki5th President Kasugano
221996/12/18Kagamiyama TsuyoshiYokozunaKashiwado
232005/6/13Futakoyama MitsuruOzekiTakanohana
242015/12/22[160]North Lake ToshimitsuYokozunaNorthern lake9th and 12th Kita no Lake

*Name is when he passed away. Retired person is real name.

Official character

Since 2009マ ス コ ッ トAsHakkiyo! Sekitori-kunHas appeared. Characters such as "Mt. Soppu" and "Aka Eagle" also appear with the main character "Mountain Hiyo" aiming for cough bird. The designer is Katsuyuki Nishizuka. One of the reasons for setting up a mascot for sumo is to get more interest in sumo from the younger generation who are moving away from it. Kanji for children to read on official website and related publicationsPseudonym readingConsideration is given to shake. Goods such as plush toys and stationery will also be made from 2010.


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