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⚽ | [Emperor's Cup Quarterfinals] Starting soon! Gamba Osaka vs Urawa

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[Emperor's Cup quarterfinals] Starting soon! Gamba Osaka vs Urawa

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After this, from 10/27 18:30, the match between the Emperor's Cup All Japan Soccer Championship quarterfinals Gamba Osaka vs Urawa Reds will be held at Panasonic Stadium Suita.

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Final Gamba Osaka vs Urawa Reds

Suita City Soccer Stadium

Expo Memorial Park > Suita City Soccer Stadium

Suita City Soccer Stadium(Soccer stadium,English: Suita City Football Stadium) IsOsakaSuita City OfExpo Memorial ParkIt is inSoccer-specific stadium.

Japan Professional Soccer LeagueJoin the (J League)Gamba OsakaUsed by (Gamba Osaka) as a home stadium[2] On the premise of that, a voluntary organization led by Gamba Osaka (Stadium construction fundraising organization) Was built. After completion, Suita City received a donation to own the facility, and Gamba Osaka Co., Ltd., the operating company of G Osaka,Designated administratorIt is operated and managed as. The contract period for designated management is about 2063 years until March 3, which is an exceptional long-term contract for sports facilities.[9].

By constructing public facilities with private funds (donations, etc.) and entrusting them to designated management even after completion, the government will own the public facilities without spending any expenses.(English editionIt is also attracting attention as a pioneering case of (Public-Private Partnership, PPP)[10][11].

OsakaKadomaHeadquartered inPanasonicIs nicknamedNaming rightsTo get2018 May 1From "Panasonic Stadium Suita"(Panasonic Stadium Suita) Is used ()Later[12].. The abbreviation in J League is "Panasta'[13](From the opening to the 2018 season, "Suita S"). From some media outlets, "Suita StadiumWas also used[14][15].

History of construction

It has been the home stadium of Gamba Osaka since the opening of the J League.Expo Memorial Stadium TheJ League club license systemSome of the stadium standards are not met (such as lack of roof), the stadium is aging, and the capacity is large.International Football FederationGamba Osaka participated in 2008 because it does not meet the international standard of (FIFA).Suruga Bank Championship 2008It is,Japan Football Association Cerezo OsakaIt is the home stadium of C-Osaka in the form of requesting cooperation from (C-Osaka).Osaka Nagai StadiumThere was a history that it was done in[16].. Based on this, Gamba Osaka released a news release on July 2008, 7, stating, "Gamba Osaka is coordinating and considering further progress toward construction, rather than relying on regional administration."[17] Announced the promotion of a new stadium plan led by Gamba Osaka, 4 hometown cities at that time (Suita City, Suita City)Ibaraki City-Takatsuki-Toyonaka City) Clarified that it aims for construction.

The following day, July 2009, 7, Gamba Osaka announced that it would take the following policy regarding the construction of a new stadium.[18].

  • The construction site isExpo Memorial ParkOn the premise ofJapan World Exposition Memorial OrganizationCoordinate with (Expo'XNUMX Commemorative Organization), Suita City, and Osaka Prefecture.
  • It has a capacity of 32,000 people, is fully covered to meet FIFA stadium standards, and has solar panels installed on the roof in consideration of ecology.Solar powerTakes part in the power supply.
  • The estimated amount of construction funds is assumed to be 150 billion yen, of which about 20 billion yen is from various subsidies and the remaining 130 billion yen is from the general public and companies.DonationAppropriate with.

In response to this plan, Suita City is premised on using this stadium.2018/2022 bid for FIFA World CupNamed as a domestic candidate site in[19].

As for the business entity, Gamba Osaka plays a central roleVoluntary group"Stadium construction fundraising organization(See below), and the organization will place an order for construction work as well as receiving donations for construction funds.[20].

However, after that, Suita City presented the following four conditions to Gamba Osaka and the stadium construction fund-raising organization in order to collect donations for the stadium.[21].

  1. Suita City will donate the facilities completed on the condition that it has "more than 32,000 seats and has two or more roofs" and "a design that can be expanded to 2 seats".DeliveryReceive only at (do not accept monetary donations).
  2. Suita City is related to the stadium construction siteProperty taxWe will not bear more than a considerable amount (we will not subsidize the land rent, etc. from the Expo Memorial Organization).
  3. Suita City will not bear any large-scale repair costs (which will occur in the future).
  4. Suita City will not bear any expansion or renovation costs to 40,000 seats due to the bid for the FIFA World Cup.

Of these, especially for the first conditionCorporate tax lawDue to the interpretation of Article 37, if all donations are not premised on donating to Suita City (even if surplus is generated in stadium construction), tax exemption will be applied to "countries, etc." Does not correspond to "donation to"[22] In addition, even if the specifications are lowered to ensure construction and construction is started, Suita City will refuse to collect donations unless the conditions of "32,000 seats or more and two or more covered roofs" are met. In March 2, the initial goal was to postpone the proposal for "stadium collection" to the Suita City Council, suspend discussions with Suita City, and start the donation procedure with the approval of the Suita City Council, a local public organization. Suita City also withdrew its candidacy for the FIFA World Cup as it was postponed because it was not available.[23].. Regarding the planned construction site, in addition to the Expo'XNUMX Commemorative ParkFarm attached to the Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University(Takatsuki City, at that time) will also be reexamined with a view to it.[24].

About the design and construction of the stadiumNomination type proposal methodAdopted the "design and construction batch ordering method" by "Soccer stadium with a capacity of 30,000 or more andAthletic fieldWhether or not there is a construction record ofExamination of management itemsSatisfy the condition of "Score 1,800 points or more"Obayashi team-Kashima construction-Shimizu Construction-Taisei construction-Takenaka Corporation5 companies were asked to participate in the proposal, and Obayashi Corporation, Kajima Corporation, and Takenaka Corporation agreed to carry out the proposal.[25], It was revealed that the designer was selected as Takenaka Corporation on August 2010, 8.[26].

Since Suita City showed its acceptance of the new stadium in May 2011, discussions with Suita City, which had been suspended since March 5, resumed. On October 2010, 3, the policy to build a new stadium in the sports plaza next to the South No. 2011 parking lot in the Expo'10 Commemorative Park was decided, and a report on the decision to build the stadium was submitted to Suita City.[27].. On December 12, the Suita City Council approved a related bill to build a stadium in Expo Park.[28].

After that, as a result of a ground survey conducted by a stadium construction fundraising organization in February 2013, it was found underground in the planned construction site.Former Japanese NavyThe start of construction was delayed due to the discovery of a large cavity that seems to be the site of the Yamada underground ammunition depot.[29], Suita CityEnvironmental Impact Assessment Ordinancebased onEnvironmental assessmentAfter the evaluation procedure, the groundbreaking ceremony for the stadium was held on December 2013, 12.[2].. The tentative name under construction is "Suita City StadiumWas (Suita Stadium)[30].. In July 2015, Suita City signed a contract with Gamba Osaka Co., Ltd. to delegate operation and management as a designated manager of the stadium.[9].. In August 2015, the official name was decided as "Municipal Suita Soccer Stadium"[4]

Completed on September 2015, 9,Stadium construction fundraising organizationDonated a stadium to Suita City[1].. As night lighting for the stadium on October 10thPanasonicMade ofLED floodlightIs delivered[5].. The stadium completion event was held on October 10th[31].

Equipment outline

The distance from the front row of spectators' seats to the touch line is JapanInternational A MatchThe shortest stadium that can be held is about 7m (Saitama StadiumIs about 14m,Kashima StadiumIs about 15m)[33]..All seats are covered with a roof.The south side of the roof is made of glass so that sunlight can reach the lawn, and a ventilation port is provided at the bottom of the stand to improve ventilation and make the lawn grow.[10][33].

The spectator seats have a three-layer structure of the lower floor, VIP floor, and upper floor, and the seats on the VIP floor are wider than the seats on other floors except for the back of the home goal (on the left when viewed from the main stand). Used. In the initial construction, all the second layer including the back of the home goal was planned to be the VIP area, but at the discussion meeting with the supporters, "Behind the goal of the home (the lower floor and the upper floor are separated by the VIP floor) The VIP area was removed only behind the home goal due to the request that "I want to support as one (without being done)". In the seat map of Gamba Osaka, the seat types are subdivided into 3 types.[34].

Inside the stadium is the clubhouse relocated from the practice area in the Expo'XNUMX Commemorative Park and the official shop "Blu SPAZIO" of Gamba Osaka.[Note 1]) And the museum "Blu STORIA" that exhibited the history of Gamba Osaka, which opened before the opening of the stadium.[Note 2]) Is permanently installed[35].. Also, at the request of Suita City, inside the stadiumDisaster storage warehouseHas set up a stadium in the event of a disasterShelterHas a function that can be used as[10].

As a feature of the building, the compression strength is 200N / mm in order to shorten the construction period, reduce the feeling of oppression, and improve the design.2 OfUltra high performance concreteSlim type usingPrecast concrete (PC) Pillar[36] It is mentioned that it uses a lot of precast segments such as, and also adopts the world's first ultra-lightweight, seismic isolated roof frame (3D truss structure) for the roof.[37].. On-site workers due to the mass introduction of PCsRebarEngineeringFormworkSignificantly reduce labor costs (such as construction work)[38]In terms of design, by eliminating curves as much as possible and using many straight lines, it becomes compact and leads to cost reduction.[39].. In addition, solar panels are laid on the roof for night lighting.LED lightingBy adoptingCASBEE(Comprehensive evaluation system for building environment) Designed to be an S-rank "eco-compact stadium"[37].. Large-scale commercial facility adjacent across the road "EXPOCITYWhat isKansai Electric PowerIt is connected via the power receiving facility of the above, and in the event of a large-scale disaster, the power generated by "EXPOCITY" is supplied through the power receiving facility, realizing the area use of energy at multiple facilities.[40].. For construction management at the time of constructionMulticopterIt is also mentioned that it uses[32].

As a building, the 2017th in 37Osaka Cityscape Architecture AwardIncentive award[41], 2018 59thBCS Award[42], 2020Architectural Institute of Japan AwardWon the Best Picture Award[43].


Lending of the stand section started on October 2015, 10, and lending including the ground started on February 26, 2016.[1].

Gamba OsakaJ1 league of the same yearStart using from the opening[4], Held all games hosted by top teams at this stadium,2016 J3 LeagueThe U-23 team will hold 15 out of 9 sponsored games (the remaining 6 games were home stadiums until 2015).Expo Memorial StadiumHeld at).

In 1, the first year of use, from the viewpoint of considering the condition of the turf, it was basically used only for soccer. From the second year (2016) onward, we are inviting events that have little effect on the turf, provided that the condition of the turf is stable.[10].. October 10, the same year (Monday,Sports Day), It is dressed to use a part of the stand and pitch,Good morning personality is Yozo Michigami』(ABC Radio) Was broadcast live to commemorate the 40th anniversary. On the other hand, since it also has one aspect of being a public facility, it is expected to be used as a "base for regional exchange".[10].

Naming rights

Suita City, which owns the facility, will be nicknamed the stadium that will be used after January 2018, 1.Naming rightsWe recruited people (naming rights partners). "There is a head office / branch office in JapanCompany-Public interest corporationFrom August 1st to September 5th, 2017, under the conditions such as "A 8-year contract of 21 million yen or more per year" and "Insert the characters" Suita "in the nickname and abbreviation of the nickname (alphabet / kana allowed)" Recruited during the period[44][45] By the wayKadomaHeadquartered in Gamba Osaka, a major electrical equipment manufacturerPanasonicThere was only one application from, and the company was decided as the preferential negotiation right holder[46].. Nickname is "Panasonic Stadium SuitaThe naming rights grant period is 2018 years from January 1, 1, and the contract amount is 5 billion yen for 5 years (annual amount 10 million yen, both including consumption tax)[47].. In Suita City, only this English notation is used as a nickname based on the naming right, "There is no recommended abbreviation or Japanese notation."[47], In the J League, "Panasonic Stadium Suita"(Panasonic Stadium Suita), abbreviated as"Suita S(Same as before the introduction of naming rights) has been announced.[12].. In some media outlets, "PanastaAlthough the notation was also seen[48], From January 2019, the "Panasta" notation will be used in the J League as well.[13].

After adopting the naming rights, the above names are basically used,Clean stadium regulationsIs appliedInternational Football Federationas well as the Asian Football FederationOrganized international games and competitions (AFC Champions LeagueEtc.), use the official name as an exception.

Major competitions

Domestic competition

International competition

Directions and Parking



  • From JR Kyoto Line Ibaraki Station West Exit 04 Bus StopHankyu bus-Kintetsu Bus Take No. 100 (Expo City Line) bound for "Expo Memorial Park Station (Expo City)" and get off at "Memorial Park South Exit", then walk for 3 minutes.[61]Or, take the Kintetsu Bus bound for "Expo '10 Commemorative Stadium" and get off at "Expo 'XNUMX Commemorative Stadium (in front of Japan Garden)" and walk for XNUMX minutes (operates only when Gamba Osaka Home Game is held)[61]
    • After the match, a special bus from the Expo 'XNUMX Commemorative Stadium (in front of the Japanese Garden) to Ibaraki Station will be operated.[61].
    • The bus after the match departs in front of the stadiumHankyu Senri Line Kitasenri StationThere was a trip, but it has been suspended because it is necessary to improve the operation method.[62].
    • From the match against Urawa on June 2016, 6, in front of the stadium after the matchOsaka StationVia (near the west exit)Namba Station (MidosujiSennichimae StreetThere is a direct bus to (near the intersection) (advance reservation capacity, no outbound)[63].


  • Meishin Expressway-Kinki Expressway Suita IC-Chugoku Expressway Suita IC, ChinaSoba,Central loop lineAlong
    • Use the parking lot in the Expo'XNUMX Commemorative Park on match dates (reservation required)[61].
    • In order to prevent the use of the EXPOCITY parking lot by stadium visitors, a special fee is set on the day of the match, which is "a normal 6000 yen increase", and the parking ticket is processed at the terminal inside the EXPOCITY during the match. We have introduced a "zero parking lot system" that exempts the additional amount by doing so.[64].


Stadium construction fundraising organization

As mentioned above, by donating the completed stadium to Suita CityOldness and donationIn order to receive preferential treatment of various tax systems such as Gamba Osaka, the solicitation of donations and the construction entity decided to establish a voluntary organization separate from Gamba Osaka to carry out the business.

The directors of the organization are as follows.

Of the stadium construction costs, the entire amount excluding subsidies such as toto will be covered by "donations to stadium construction fund-raising organizations", and the target amount of construction costs (including subsidies) has been set at 140 billion yen.[65].

The donation amount per unit is optional, but if you donate more than 5 yen, a nameplate with the donor (individual name, corporate name, non-profit soccer team or self-governing body name) will be posted in the stadium. And[66].. In addition, donations through tie-up projects by companies[Note 3]Was also accepted.

The fund-raising activity started in April 2012, and the amount raised at the groundbreaking ceremony in December 4 was sluggish at 2013 billion yen.[2][37] But Gamba Osaka2014 season OfTreble(J1 league match-Nabisco Cup-Emperor's cup) Was achieved, the amount of donations increased sharply, and as of December 2014, 12, the shortfall was reduced to 21 million yen, and the construction of the main body of the stadium with a capacity of 6 people (large-scale vision, VIP). that stood the prospect of the amount required in addition to the room)[68].

Acceptance of individual donations will end on December 2014, 12. All donations have been closed on March 31, 2015. Announced that the final donation amount was 3 yen[6].. Although it did not reach the target amount of about 1 million yen, it was decided to construct with almost full specifications except for the VIP room on the back stand side. In parallelMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismMinistry of the EnvironmentApply for a subsidy (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism: Ministry of Housing and Buildings CO2 Leading Project, Ministry of the Environment: Independent and Decentralized Low Carbon Energy Society Construction Promotion Project). In June 2015, the total project cost was decided due to the decision to receive the subsidy that was applied for.140 yenIt was decided to build with full specifications, which was planned to reach the target amount of 140 billion.[69]。事業費の内訳は、法人からの寄付金が99億5018万6535円(721社)、個人からの寄付金が6億2215万2091円(3万4627人)、助成金が35億1332万6757円[7].


  • The ordinance prohibits cheering using drums and other sounds after 21:2016. But on June 6, 7Giraffe cup football 2016In the final match, the match started at 19:30, so it was 30:21 after 21 minutes in the second half, but the sound of the supporter's drums did not stop after 21:XNUMX, and the drums continued until the end of the match. The Kirin Cup watching rules also clearly state that support for noise after XNUMX:XNUMX is prohibited.[70], Supporter's rule violation was regarded as a problem[71].. This is not only in Suita Stadium but also in the same Osaka prefectureYanmar Stadium NagaiIs also banned[72].



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Ajinomoto Stadium
(Chofu City
Emperor's Cup JFA All Japan Soccer Championship
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96 times
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Saitama Stadium 2002


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