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⚾ | Fan laughs at Yuhei's “anonymous video” with his face hidden.

Photo Yakult Yuhei [Photo: Yuji Arakawa]

Fans burst into laughter at Yuhei's "anonymous video" that hides his face.

If you write the contents roughly
However, it seems that the fans were able to "verify their identity" with only the muscular forearm.

Appealing his account with "anonymous video" showing only the upper body Yuhei Takai of Yakult who announced his retirement from active duty only this season ... → Continue reading


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Identification(Really) is for administrative agencies, etc.公 文書Application ofpublic agencyWhen proceeding withCrime Profit Transfer Prevention LawWhen making a transaction with a specified business operator in, the relevant government agency, public organization and specified business operator confirm that there is no mistake that the other party is the principal.

Cases where identity verification is required

Examples of cases in which identity verification is required include the following.

Initially, identity verification was not required, or only simple procedures (such as not showing official documents and letting people fill in the minimum personal information such as address and name by self-reporting) were seen and many services were provided. But gradually, such as fraudcrimeSince the number of cases of misuse in acts has increased, we will introduce identity verification later,lawThere are even cases that require you to do so.

From this caseSecurity,Crisis managementI can not deny that I was neglecting,SpoofingTo prevent this, the importance of identity verification has come to be recognized once again.

At the beginning of the service just started, it was easy to purchase without the need for identity verification,Kidnapping,Wire fraud,Darkness finance(090 Finance) And other crimes have been frequently exploited, soMobile phone illegal use prevention lawIdentificationCame to request the presentation of.
A large number of terminals purchased before introducing identity verification have been resold and continue to be abused for criminal acts, but there are many legal users, so we stopped using all terminals, It leaves a problem that cannot be disposed of.
It has been occurring frequently in recent yearsOne-click fraud,Wire fraudBy etc.Fictitious accountSince the problem of the rampage is a problem, from the perspective of strengthening their prevention, it is necessary to confirm the identity when opening an account at a financial institution, and it is operated under more strict conditions.
Yahoo auctionEven when the service of (formerly known as Yahoo! Auction) is started, the identity is not verified, andFree user registration and listingFrom that,Auction fraudHas happened a lot.
for that reason,Yahoo! JAPAN Was forced to introduce identity verification, resulting in the basic measures being delayed.Yahoo TheAll services are chargedIt was also said that there were constant complaints from users.
Internet auction,ScalperThis is done at the time of admission to the venue to prevent resale at such places. Mainly the name on the ticket face andIdentificationIs checked to see if their names match. At large venues that take time to enter, not everyonerandomIt is sometimes done in.

Means of identity verification

In generalCitizenship(Foreignerin the case of)·Current address[1]-Name-Date of Birth(age[2]) Etc.personal informationCan be confirmed公 文書[3]The following official documents are mainly used.


Once you are an adult, the official documents used to identify yourself,Residential land building dealerLike a proofNational qualificationThere will be more opportunities to have a certificate ofChildrenIn the case of, it is difficult to have an official document for identity verification (unqualifiedResident card,Personal number card,National Health InsuranceTestimonypassportI can only carry about)Age limitMay be difficult to apply for[4]Therefore, in that case, the guardian may have to apply on behalf of the parent. In general, even if the student ID card/student ID card is issued by a national public school, it cannot be used for identity verification by itself.


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  1. ^ Japanese nationalityTo confirmPermanent domicileIf you want to check.
  2. ^ To see if you're older than a certain age (20+)Lower age limitIs often investigated, but rarelyAge limitIs imposed (Public employee examinationEtc.)
  3. ^ Personal informationFalsification(Official document counterfeit crime) To prevent the presentation of a copy,originalMay be required to present.
  4. ^ By law, if you are 16 or olderscootersObtaining a license is not impossible, but full-timehigh schoolOften studentsThree movementsOr school rules,Driver's licenseIs prohibited or the conditions for acquisition are restricted.

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