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⚾ | NPB announces list of reserved players for training Giants 2019 Dora 1 Kenshin Hotta 53 people have free contract

Photo Giant Kenshin Hotta [Photo: Editorial Department]

NPB announces list of trained player holders Giants 2019 Dora 1 Kenshin Hotta and 53 other free contracts

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Trained athletes automatically become free contract athletes three years after they conclude a training contract.

The Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) announced on the 74st that 1 people on the list of trained players and free contract players were announced. → Continue reading


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Free Agent (Professional Sports)

In professional sportsFree agentWhat is (Free Agent)?OUR TEAMWithAgreementIs in a state where you can freely conclude a contract with another team, or thatSportsRefers to a player.FAAbbreviated as.

In a broad senseFree contractIt refers to a player, but in recent years it has been used in a narrow sense to refer to a player who has a special right to transfer freely.In addition, there are two types of free agents (Unrestricted Free Agents, abbreviated as UFA) and restricted free agents (Restricted Free Agents, abbreviated as RFA), and depending on each sport or league, UFA alone or both coexist. There is.


North AmericaBehind the birth of the free agent system in professional sports is the provision based on the hold system from the 19th century (Reserve Clause) Has severely restricted the transfer of players by their free will.This was due to the fact that players were transferred voluntarily during the season, and due to the imbalance caused by excessive outflow, fans were separated and the box office became unsuccessful.Avoid competitionDerived from the conclusion of the agreement[1].

Later, when the reserve clause was strengthened and the team side was granted the right to hold players even after the contract period expired, the increase in annual salary due to the purpose of retaining players was suppressed, but on the other hand, the means for players to transfer was The team relinquishes the reserve (Free contract), Trading of holding rights between teams (trade) Or transfer to another athletic organization where the provisions do not take effect.As a result, the athlete has a "slave clause"[1]The players were forced to negotiate a contract at a disadvantage, or traded like a thing for a long time, as they continued to be bound by a particular team under this reserve clause, also known as. Appeal for the abolition or improvement of the system, numerous judicial decisions andLabor-management negotiationThrough1976 First of allMLBNBAWill win the rights of free agents in[2].

On the other hand, there are quite a few opinions that acknowledge the validity of the hold system, and taking into consideration the recovery of funds spent on the acquisition and training of players and the replenishment and training of new forces, until the acquisition of rights. In some cases, compensation for the period and transfer is set.

Unlimited free agents and restricted free agents

You can negotiate a contract with any team with a restricted free agent (RFA), but the former team can preferentially retain players under certain conditions, or the former team will compensate when transferring teams. Refers to a player who has rules to obtain draft nomination rights and transfer fees, or the state of a player.

An unlimited free agent (UFA) is a player or player's condition that allows them to freely negotiate and sign new contracts with any team without the above special restrictions or compensation at the time of transfer.Players who have been dismissed from the team, players whose contract period has expired, players who have not been nominated in the draft, etc. are applicable.

Of the major sports in North AmericaNFL-RFA and UFA are clarified in the NBA, and when simply called "free agent", it usually refers to UFA.

In Japan, it is almost regarded as free agent = RFA and free contract = UFA.

Major league baseball

MLB during the regular seasonActive roaster(Injured listNumber of days registered in various suspension list registration period (including the period during registration)British: Major League Service time , Less thanMLS) Reached 6.000 (6 years in total) to acquire FA rights[3][4].

FA players are announced by the MLB Players Association,World seriesContracts with all teams will be possible 5 days after the end (5 days until then)[5]Can only be re-contracted with the previous team).

According to the above rules, many teams make their major debut (with active roaster) after a certain period of time has passed since the start of the season for young promising players (top prospects) who can be the main players of the team.This is due to the speculation that by delaying the debut, MLS will not reach 6 at the end of the 6.000th year and will keep the hold right until the end of the 7th year of actual work.[6][7].

Also,"Minor leagueThere is also a system called "FA"40 peopleAthletes who have been out of the game for 6 years (1032 days) will get the FA right, and after the end of the season, the players will become FA.[4]..Major contract with a player who became a minor league FA[8]It doesn't matter, so it also plays a role in preventing murder in minor leagues.

The meaning of free agent in MLB isJapanese professional baseball It is different from that of (NPB).Players whose contract period has expired, players who refused contract extension options and minor contracts themselves and became free contracts, players whose contracts were canceled from the team, amateur players who can freely acquire MLB teams, all of these are "FA (free) Agent) ”is expressed as a player (the Japanese translation of“ Free Agent ”is the“ free contract ”).In addition, since players who meet the FA right acquisition conditions are automatically exercised, there are no "players who do not exercise the obtained FA right" seen in NPB.[9]In addition, players who have once acquired the FA right do not need to reacquire the right (they automatically become FA each time the contract ends).For this reason, there are many players who become FA in the off-season, and transfers by FA are more active than in NPB.

The team that has the main players who will become FA in the near future is exposed to the competition for acquisition with other teams after FA, and carries the risk of losing the ownership of the players.As a countermeasure, send the player to a team that needs further immediate reinforcement.tradeHowever, in return, players and money may be earned.Virtually especially in the middle of the seasonPost seasonIn the lower team that dropped out of the competition, how many promising young players can be pulled out by using the main players of the own army close to FA as trading personnelGMIt can be said that it is a showcase for your arm.


The origin of the free agent systemMajor league baseballIn (MLB).1975 ToMontreal Expos OfDave McNallyPitcher andLos Angeles Dodgers OfAndy MessersmithThe pitcher is dissatisfied with the contract terms presented by the team and does not sign the contract (retention clause)[1]After playing one season with the same team (according to), he insisted that "the team has no right to detain itself and can freely negotiate contracts with other teams." By a Third Party Mediation Committee on December 1, 1975arbitrationSo, it was decided that the two were "free contract players".The following day, February 2, 1976John oliverFederal district courtThe judge also upheld the ruling.The restrictions that the management has tied up baseball players will be abolished, and with the MLB organization sideMLB Players AssociationAs a result of discussions with, a free agent system was born.[2]

International FA

As of 2020, will not be nominated in the MLB draftDominican Republic,ベネズエラ,Mexico, South Korea,Taiwan,JapanOverseas amateur players living in[10]Is treated as an "International Amateur FA" player, and it is a rule that you can freely earn within the range of the total contract amount (international bonus pool) set for each MLB team.[11].

In addition, young professional players belonging to these national leagues (players under 25 years old, players with professional career less than 6 years) will also be treated as international FA players who can freely acquire within the range of the international bonus pool.In addition, you can negotiate with players who are 25 years old or older and have a professional career of 6 years or more without any contract fee restrictions.However, in NPBFA system,Draft system,Posting systemIf there are transfer restrictions within each country's professional league, follow them[4].

FA by contractual exception

As mentioned above, it takes at least 6 years for a player who has signed a contract with MLB for the first time to acquire the FA right.However, there are cases where the contract includes a clause that becomes FA when the contract period expires.Many Japanese players who challenge MLB through Nippon Professional Baseball have also become FA without satisfying the conditions for MLS 6 years by incorporating such provisions.[12]..However, this is just a convention for players who have achieved results in overseas professional leagues such as Japan, and if the FA clause is not included in the contract, it will take at least 6 years to obtain the FA right as a general rule.As an example of not including such a clause and not becoming FA after the contract expiresHideki OkajimaThere is[13]..Also, as an example of not joining the contract as a dissatisfaction with a contract that does not include such a clauseHiroyuki NakajimaThere is[14].

Who are the players who contract after being nominated in the MLB draft and the players who are eligible for the contract in the International Bonus Pool?Labor-management agreementUpper minor contract[8]It can only be concluded, and the above FA clause cannot be included in the contract.As an example of the latterOtani XiangpingThere is[11].

Non-tender FA (Non-tender FA)

Deadline (usually, annually) for players with MLS less than 6 years after the end of the seasonWinter meetingIf the team does not offer a contracted salary for the following season (Non-tender) by early December, before the start, the team loses the right to hold and the player becomes FA.This is called "non-tender FA".Principle MLS 12 years[15]Can be obtained withAnnual salary mediation rightIn most cases, non-tenders are executed for the purpose of avoiding mediation with players who are not worth the cost, because the annual salary tends to rise regardless of the results of the players who have the contract. Some players negotiate and re-contract / remain[16].

Mechanism of FA compensation system in MLB

If a player who has become an FA contracts with another MLB team, for some FA transfers, the outflow source team will be compensated.ド ラ フ トNomination rights are given.This point has not changed until now, but the compensation provisions have changed significantly since the 2012 off.Formerly, Elias Sports Bureau (Sports Statistics Company)Elias Sports Bureau) FA players classified as "Type A" or "Type B" have contracts with other MLB teams, and the outflow source team has given the players in advance.Annual salary mediationIf you have applied for, you will be transferred the draft nomination right from the transfer destination team depending on the type of player and the ranking of the acquired team, or you will be given the supplementary nomination right after the first round nomination (second round nomination). It was.

Qualifying Offer

Since 2012, the type classification of players has been abolished, and instead, the compensation will be "a qualifying offer (a one-year contract equal to the average annual salary of the top 125 players in MLB as a whole) presented by the team to which they belonged. Being a player[17].. New labor-management agreement signed in 2016[18], Will be enforced according to the following rules for 2017 years after 5[19].

Qualifying offer (belowQO) Has never been presented with a QO in the past[20]In addition, the team has the option to present to the players who have not transferred their team during this season and who will become FA after the end of the season.As mentioned above, the contract period is only one year and the annual salary is fixed, and the teams and players (Agent) Side cannot change these terms and conditions.

The team can present QOWorld seriesWithin 5 days from the end.Athletes must accept the QO and decide whether to remain or reject it within 10 days of the QO presentation deadline.If you refuse, it will become FA and you can negotiate with all the teams, but after refusing, you can negotiate a normal contract with the former FA team and re-contract.[21].. By 2021, a total of 110 athletes were presented with QOs, but only the following athletes accepted the QO and extended their contract for one year.[22][23].

The player who refused QO and became FA in June of the following yearDraft meetingIf you sign a contract with another MLB team by then, you will be compensated for the nomination right at that draft meeting.

The nomination rights acquired by the outflow source team of players are as follows[19].

  1. Luxury taxIf you are a taxable team
    • Complementary nomination right immediately after the end of the 4th round nomination
  2. Not subject to luxury tax andRevenue sharing systemFor teams that are not eligible for dividends
  3. If the team is not subject to luxury tax and is eligible for dividends under the revenue sharing system, and the total annual salary contracted with the transferee team is less than $ 5000 million.
    • 2.3. All after the second round nomination (Force Balance Round BComplementary nomination right (immediately after nomination)
  4. If the team is not subject to luxury tax and is eligible for dividends under the revenue sharing system, and the total annual salary contracted with the transfer destination team is $ 5000 million or more.
    • Complementary nomination right immediately after the end of the 1th round nomination

The nomination rights that the player's acquisition team loses are as follows[19].

  1. If you are a taxable team of luxury tax
    • Of the nomination rights held, the second and fifth highest overall ranking nomination rights.In addition, he will lose "$ 2 million in the International Bonus Pool".
  2. Not subject to luxury tax andRevenue sharing systemFor teams that are not eligible for dividends
    • The second highest nomination right among the nomination rights held.In addition, he will lose "$ 2 in the International Bonus Pool".
  3. In the case of a team that is not subject to luxury tax and is subject to dividends under the revenue sharing system
    • The third highest nomination right among the nomination rights held

Teams that have contracted with two or more QO refusal players will continue to be subject to the above rules and will continue to lose the next highest nomination right after the lost nomination right.[30].

As mentioned above, players tend to refuse QO and aim to conclude a large contract for multiple years, but although they refused QO and became FA, they could not win the contract under favorable conditions, and finally the QO contract Accepted a new contract for a price well below the termsMike MoustakasCases like (2017)[31]Is also happening.In addition, the acquisition was postponed by the team that hates the loss of nomination right, and the contract conclusion was delayed until after the end of the MLB draft held in the middle of the season (no compensation is required).Kendris Morales(2013 years),Dallas KaikelandCraig KimbrelCases such as (both in 2019) have also occurred.

Japanese professional baseball

Japanese professional basketball

Japanese professionalbasketballThen.bj leaguePlayers who meet the conditions set by the bj league and who have the right to conclude a player contract with any team including the previous team are called free agents and are given that right.systemIs called a "free agent (FA) system".In many cases, the right is exercised with the possibility of transfer being included on the premise of remaining, but there are also cases where the contract expires (dismissal) due to the exercise of the right.Therefore, unlike Nippon Professional Baseball, employment is not always guaranteed.


More than 80% of matches in a regular seasonPlayer registration(Bench registration), players will be entitled to free agents when the cumulative number of seasons reaches 3 seasons.However, if there are seasons in which the number of registered players is less than 80% of the regular season, the total number of registered players in those seasons will be added up, and the one that reaches 80% will be calculated as one season.In addition, in the case of transfer (trade), the results of the transfer source team and the transfer destination team are totaled.

After the end of the regular season, the players who have acquired the rights will be announced by the bj league, and the announced players will bePlayoffWithin the declaration period from the end (Draft meetingApproximately one week before), after declaring the exercise of FA rights to the bj league through the team to which they belong, negotiations will be possible from the next day (1 was stipulated until just before the draft meeting).

In order to reacquire the FA right of a player who has been announced as an FA declared player, it is necessary to register 2% or more of the participating players for two seasons regardless of whether they remain or transfer.If the right is not exercised, it will be carried over to the next year.

From the 2009-10 season, temporary ownership rights for foreign players will be granted, so FA rights similar to those for Japanese players will be granted.

Constraints and compensation in FA

Lump sum

In addition to the annual salary, FA-declared athletes are allowed to pay a lump sum that is not covered by the salary cap.The upper limit is 50% of the previous year's basic remuneration.

Number of people won

Up to 10 players from each team can sign a player contract for the following year with FA players who were enrolled in other teams until the previous season. Players who belonged to the team before the FA declaration are not included in this.

Transfer Compensation

The team that has acquired the FA player pays compensation to the transfer source.The amount is calculated based on the number of seasons enrolled at the transfer source, and the basic remuneration at the transfer source or the basic remuneration at the transfer destination is multiplied by the coefficient in the table below to obtain the higher amount.

In 2008, 50% of the previous year's basic remuneration was paid uniformly.

Number of seasons enrolledOld contractNew contract
Within 3 seasons40%20%
4 season30%15%
5 season20%10%
6 season10%05%
After 7 seasonNone

Players who exercised FA rights and transferred to other teams

YearsplayerTransfer sourceTransfereeRemarks
2008 Kimitake SatoNiigata Albirex BBOita Heat DevilsFirst FA transfer player
Taira YoshidaRyukyu Golden KingsRyuseki Club (Club)This is a de facto dismissal due to the expiration of the contract from the team.
2009 Kazuhiro ShojiSaitama BroncosTakamatsu Five Arrows
Tsubasa YonamineOita Heat DevilsRyukyu Golden Kings
2010 Makoto HasegawaNiigata Albirex BBAkita Northern HappinetsAlso serves as director
The first player to transfer to a new entry team FA
Okada YuTakamatsu Five ArrowsShiga Lake Stars
Aoki HayatoRyukyu Golden KingsOita Heat DevilsAlso serves as an assistant coach
The first player to transfer to the FA team to which he belonged in the past
Naoto KosugeNiigata Albirex BBRyukyu Golden Kings
Tashiro ShimizuSaitama BroncosMiyazaki Shining Sands
Toshiyuki ChijiiwaRising FukuokaThis is a de facto dismissal due to the expiration of the contract from the team.
2011 Kimitake SatoOita Heat DevilsNiigata Albirex BBFirst and second FA transfer
Nakanishi ShojiShimane Susanoo MagicHamamatsu / Higashi Mikawa Phoenix
Satoshi TakedaTakamatsu Five ArrowsOsaka Evessa
Satoshi Maki DarrenTokyo ApacheSaitama Broncos
2012 Junpei NakamaShimane Susanoo MagicShiga Lake Stars
Tashiro ShimizuMiyazaki Shining SandsOita Heat Devils
Kazuya HatanoShiga Lake Stars
Okada YuKyoto Hannarys
Shingo OkadaHamamatsu / Higashi Mikawa PhoenixGunma Crane Thunders
Daiki TerashitaSaitama BroncosShiga Lake Stars
Naoto NakamuraKyoto HannarysIwate Big BullsThis is a de facto dismissal due to the expiration of the contract from the team.
Kohei AokiOsaka EvessaTokyo Sun Reeves
Shuichi TakadaTakamatsu Five ArrowsOsaka Evessa
Kenichi TakahashiSendai 89ERSIwate Big BullsThis is a de facto dismissal due to the expiration of the contract from the team.
2013 Haruyuki IshibashiIwate Big BullsOsaka Evessa
Takuya KomodaSendai 89ERSKyoto Hannarys
Hikaru Kusaka
Yuki KitamukiSaitama BroncosAomori Watts
Minoru KimuraYokohama Bee CorsairsIwate Big BullsThis is a de facto dismissal due to the expiration of the contract from the team.
Takamichi FujiwaraShiga Lake StarsNiigata Albirex BB
Shota KonnoOsaka EvessaShinshu Brave Warriors
Masashi ObuchiGunma Crane Thunders
Tsubasa YonamineRyukyu Golden KingsIwate Big Bulls
2014 Shingo OkadaGunma Crane ThundersHamamatsu / Higashi Mikawa Phoenix
Reina ItakuraSaitama BroncosToyota Motor Corporation Albark Tokyo(NBL)
Daiki TerashitaShiga Lake StarsWakayama Trians(NBL)
Hayato KantakeKyoto HannarysIwate Big Bulls
Okada YuShiga Lake Stars
Takanori GoyaOsaka EvessaWakayama Trians (NBL)
Koki YabuchiShimane Susanoo MagicTakamatsu Five Arrows
Jun NakanishiRising FukuokaIwate Big Bulls
Akitomo TakenoAkita Northern Happinets
Masahiro KanoShiga Lake Stars


NBAIn the case of, unlike other leagues, there is no system of FA rights acquisition years.Termination of contract or NBAWaver AnnouncementIf you are dismissed according to the procedure ofNBA draftPlayers who have not been nominated despite having the qualifications of are collectively called free agents.It takes up to 4 years for newcomers and up to 7 years for non-newcomers to become FA. With RFA.


Restricted free agent. If the former team presents a contract with the same amount as the offer sheet presented by another team, the RFA player will have the priority of the contract to the former team.The fact that a former team holds an RFA player is generally called a "match".

To make a player RFA, the team will be "by June 6"Qualifying offerIt is necessary to present.If the team to which they belonged within 3 days after signing the offer sheet of another team presents the same amount as the offer sheet, it will be a "match" and the former team and the player will contract. If you do not "match", you will be transferred to the signed team.

Restrictions are granted to players who have completed the rookie contract for the first round of the draft for four years and who are in the fifth year or less than three years in the league.


NFLIn the case of, it becomes a free agent when the contract expires after the number of years of acquiring the FA right. In addition to UFA (Unrestricted Free Agent) and RFA (Restricted Free Agent), there are also systems called "franchise tags" and "transition tags" that the team has the right to veto.It is also possible to prevent the contract from becoming a free agent by concluding the contract renewal before the contract expires or by canceling the current contract and concluding a new contract.


If you have been in the NFL for more than 4 years, you will get a UFA qualification.When the contract expires, you can freely contract with any team, and after that, you will become FA as many times as you like.

UFA players are free to negotiate until July 7nd.However, if the former team presented a "tender offer" on June 22st and did not sign a contract with the new team by July 6nd, the former team will have exclusive bargaining rights after July 1rd. If you are not presented with a "tender offer", you are completely free to negotiate.


He has been with the NFL for three years and qualifies for RFA when his team contract expires. In the case of RFA, the former team is entitled to achieve retention.

First, RFA players are presented with a one-year contract called "qualifying offer" by the former team, and the amount of compensation to the former team is decided at the time of transfer. If there is no "qualifying offer", the player will be UFA.

If an RFA player signs an "offer sheet" for a team that wants to acquire the RFA player, the former team will transfer within 7 days by presenting a contract equal to or greater than the "offer sheet". Can be stopped.This right is called the "Right of First Refusal".

If the transfer is permitted without presenting it, the former team will receive a draft nomination right from the transfer destination team depending on the "qualifying offer".

RFA players can negotiate with other teamsNFL draftUntil 8 days before.The deadline for the team to exercise the first veto is one week later, that is, the day before the draft.

The amount of the "qualifying offer" will be added to the salary cap even before signing.

Franchise tag, transition tag

Only one team can use the franchise tag or transition tag to retain the core and popular players.

A team can tag a player with a franchise tag.Athletes given a franchise tag are promised a one-year contract that is 1% of the previous contract and the average reward of the top five highest rewards for the same position in the league.There are two types of franchise tags: exclusive franchise tags and non-exclusive franchise tags.Players given the former cannot negotiate with other teams.Players given the latter can negotiate with other teams, but their team has the priority to be retained under the same conditions as other teams, and if they do not exercise the priority, they will be given two draft rankings in the first round and will be compensated. To.In this case, other teams must secure two draft orders in the first round by trading.

Teams that do not use franchise tags can give one player a transition tag.In this case, the team promises a one-year contract with the highest average pay of the top 10 highest pay for the same position in the league or the 120% pay of the previous year, whichever is higher.Athletes can negotiate with other teams, and their team has the priority to retain under the same conditions.But there is no compensation if you choose to let go of the player.


NHLSo, there is an age at which players can acquire FA rights, which was 31 years old until now, but will be reduced to 2007 years old after the end of the 08-27 season.New players will be able to acquire FA rights 7 years after joining the team, and 4 years later.

In the case of RFA, the former team can retain the rights of the player by presenting 75% of the previous year's salary (qualifying offer).The contract deadline is December 12, and players who fail to contract by this deadline will not be able to play in the NHL for the same season.


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