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⛳ | Nasa Hataoka also coordinated with the coach before the opening "a decent start" The final race started in 25th place in Thailand

Photo Nasa Hataoka struggles on the green "A decent start" (Photo: Getty Images)

Nasa Hataoka also coordinated with the coach before the opening "a decent start" The final race started in 25th place in Thailand

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Before the opening, I called in swing coach Gary Gilchrist to make adjustments, but "I was hitting with the image of accelerating a little by strengthening the awareness of the release by follow-through, but on the contrary, a little punch I think there were some places where I could hit it like entering it. "

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Follow Through CorporationIt is,Professional golfer OfAgentbusiness,Portrait rightFrom comprehensive management such as management, media adjustment, content planning and development, to sports event planning and management for juniorsJapanIs a sports management company.


  • Founded in 2004.Representative Director Seiaki Yamashita has been working for 1 years until January of the same year.TV KumamotoWorked at.A player belonging to the companyMiho KogaIndependently launching a follow-through for the purpose of her total support.
  • As of March 2015, 3, it has grown into a management company to which 3 professional golfers, 17 professional baseball players, and 3 table tennis players belong.Agentbusiness·Portrait rightWe are engaged in comprehensive management, including management, media adjustment, content planning and development.
  • Since 2010, we have been engaged in social contribution activities in earnest with our players.ECO+GOLF= Start environmental conservation activities with ECOLF as the slogan.The main activities are 1. Promotion of the ground lawn of kindergartens and nursery schools and 2. Holding of sports garbage picking championships nationwide.


  • 2004 October - Kumamoto-shiEstablished in Tokyo, at the same time TokyoMeguroOpened a sales office in
  • 2007 October - TokyoShibuya WardEbisuOpened Japanese restaurant ""
  • 2009 March-Tokyo sales officeShinagawaMoved to
  • 2009 October --Moved the head office location from Kumamoto City to Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
  • December 2009 --Established "Co., Ltd." as an affiliated company, and at the same time transferred "Banker" from follow-through to takeback.


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