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🥋 | [Karate] Kiyou Shimizu's “rival” XNUMX-year-old Sandra Sanchez has the best rest in the world after the Olympics for only one week

Sandra Sanchez (East Sports Web) who achieved great achievements

[Karate] Kiyou Shimizu's "rival" XNUMX-year-old Sandra Sanchez has only one week of rest after the world's best Olympics

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After the match, I posted a thank-you message on Twitter to my friends who fought in the world championships, saying, "I am honored to be able to play a match with these children on tatami mats."

The late-blooming karateka has achieved great achievements.The women's form of the world championship will be held in UAE Dubai, XNUMX-year-old Sandra Sanche ... → Continue reading

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