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⚾ | Unexpected attention to the “contract photo” of Lottedra 1 Fan “Come with a brush” on colored paper

Photo Ichi Wakayama, Torao Matsukawa, who was nominated for the first draft by Lotte [Photo: Yuji Arakawa]

Unexpected attention to the "contract photo" of Lotte Dora 1 Fan "Come with a brush" on colored paper

If you write the contents roughly
With a team ERA of 4.67 (12th in the league) this season, it is essential to improve the pitchers, and he said, "I feel that I need to get more, and I will try."

Kozono, who assembled a battery at Ichiwakayama High School, has 10 steps of calligraphy, and Lotte, a powerful character who is as strong as "Aibo", is on the 24th, draft 1 ... → Continue reading


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