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⚾ | Seiya Suzuki is "Right-handed Hideki Matsui" NY media has been selected as a "player to catch" by the Ya army

Photo Hiroshima/Seiya Suzuki [Photo: Yuji Arakawa]

Seiya Suzuki is "Right-handed Hideki Matsui" NY Media has been selected as a "player to catch" by the Ya army

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This season, the Red Sox advanced from the wild card to the American League championship series.

Boston Media has made a major transfer from Hiroshima, "one of the top outfielders in the FA market," through the posting system ... → Continue reading


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League championship series

League championship series(League Championship Series, LCS) IsMajor league baseballInNational league,American leagueThe winning team deciding match.Postseason gamesIt is the third round of.

National League (National League Championship Series , NLCS) And the American League (American League Championship Series , ALCS) Will be held respectively.Of both leaguesDivision seriesThe team that won the championship (1969-1993, the east and west district champion teams of both leagues) competed, and the winning team became the league champion.World seriesAdvance to.JapaneseMediaIn, you can often see the notation of "Playoff League Championship Series".

History / system

1968 It was done before when two teams lined up at the same rate, but here1969 I will explain the current system that is being implemented from.

1969 Four teams were born in the expansion, and both leagues increased from 4 teams to 10 teams, and the regular season was changed to a method of competing for the championship in each district, mainly divided into two districts, east and west, depending on the base of the team to which they belong. ..After the regular season, the League Championship Series is held to determine the league championship between the district champion teams.

Initially it was a 5th round system (3 rounds first win system),1985 From now on, it will be the current 7th round system (4 rounds first win system).1994 Since then, both leagues have become a three-district system in the east, middle and west, and the winning team in each district and the team with the highest winning percentage among the second place teams in each districtWildcardIt was decided to advance to the postseason as.Therefore, it has become possible for teams that have not won the district to win the league, that is, to advance to the World Series (in 1994).232-day long-term strikeThe season was discontinued due to the influence of, and the postseason was also canceled).The order of holding is the same as the World Series, 2 games-3 games-2 games (5 games-2 games were played in the 3th round era).

The team with the higher winning percentage in the regular season gains the home advantage of fighting in the 1st, 2nd, 6th, and 7th rounds.However, if a wildcard team advances, the team that won the district will be given an advantage even if the winning percentage is higher (this system did not exist until around 1997, and there are cases where a team with a low winning percentage gains an advantage. T).

In the national league1977 From the American League1980 からSeries MVPHas come to be elected and commended.

Nominated batterAs with the regular season, the system will not be adopted in the National League, but will be adopted in all games in the American League.

There will be a one-day travel day between Rounds 2 and 3 and between Rounds 5 and 6 (however, the travel date may be omitted if cancellation occurs).

In 2020New coronavirusDue to measures to prevent the spread of infection, the number of postseason nominations for each league, including wildcards, has been expanded to eight teams, and from the perspective of centralized holding, the American League will be held in a central location while maintaining the conventional game system. IsPetco Park, National LeagueGrove Life FieldIt will be held at one venue each, and will be held without a rest day.[1].

Victory team

World seriesWinWildcardFrom wildcard
World Series victory
年度National league(NLCS)American league(ALCS)
Victory teamVictoryDefeated teamVictory teamVictoryDefeated team
1969New York Mets3-0 Atlanta BravesBaltimore Orioles3-0 Minnesota Twins
1970Cincinnati Reds3-0 Pittsburgh PiratesBaltimore Orioles3-0 Minnesota Twins
1971Pittsburgh Pirates3-1 San Francisco GiantsBaltimore Orioles3-0 Auckland Athletics
1972Cincinnati Reds3-2 Pittsburgh PiratesAuckland Athletics3-2 Detroit Tigers
1973New York Mets3-2 Cincinnati RedsAuckland Athletics3-2 Baltimore Orioles
1974Los Angeles Dodgers3-1 Pittsburgh PiratesAuckland Athletics3-1 Baltimore Orioles
1975Cincinnati Reds3-0 Pittsburgh PiratesBoston Red Sox3-0 Auckland Athletics
1976Cincinnati Reds3-0 Philadelphia PhilliesNew York Yankees3-2 Kansas City Royals
1977Los Angeles Dodgers3-1 Philadelphia PhilliesNew York Yankees3-2 Kansas City Royals
1978Los Angeles Dodgers3-1 Philadelphia PhilliesNew York Yankees3-1 Kansas City Royals
1979Pittsburgh Pirates3-0 Cincinnati RedsBaltimore Orioles3-1 California Angels
1980Philadelphia Phillies3-2 Houston AstrosKansas City Royals3-0 New York Yankees
1981Los Angeles Dodgers3-2 Montreal ExposNew York Yankees3-0 Auckland Athletics
1982St. Louis Cardinals3-0 Atlanta BravesMilwaukee Brewers3-2 California Angels
1983Philadelphia Phillies3-1 Los Angeles DodgersBaltimore Orioles3-1 Chicago White Sox
1984San Diego Padres3-2 Chicago CubsDetroit Tigers3-0 Kansas City Royals
1985St. Louis Cardinals4-2 Los Angeles DodgersKansas City Royals4-3 Toronto Blue Jays
1986New York Mets4-2 Houston AstrosBoston Red Sox4-3 California Angels
1987St. Louis Cardinals4-3 San Francisco GiantsMinnesota Twins4-1 Detroit Tigers
1988Los Angeles Dodgers4-3 New York MetsAuckland Athletics4-0 Boston Red Sox
1989San Francisco Giants4-1 Chicago CubsAuckland Athletics4-1 Toronto Blue Jays
1990Cincinnati Reds4-2 Pittsburgh PiratesAuckland Athletics4-0 Boston Red Sox
1991Atlanta Braves4-3 Pittsburgh PiratesMinnesota Twins4-1 Toronto Blue Jays
1992Atlanta Braves4-3 Pittsburgh PiratesToronto Blue Jays4-2 Auckland Athletics
1993Philadelphia Phillies4-2 Atlanta BravesToronto Blue Jays4-2 Chicago White Sox
1994232-day long-term strikeCanceled due to
1995Atlanta Braves4-0 Cincinnati RedsCleveland Indians4-2 Seattle Mariners
1996Atlanta Braves4-3 St. Louis CardinalsNew York Yankees4-1 Baltimore Orioles
1997Florida Marlins4-2 Atlanta BravesCleveland Indians4-2 Baltimore Orioles
1998San Diego Padres4-2 Atlanta BravesNew York Yankees4-2 Cleveland Indians
1999Atlanta Braves4-2 New York MetsNew York Yankees4-1 Boston Red Sox
2000New York Mets4-1 St. Louis CardinalsNew York Yankees4-2 Seattle Mariners
2001Arizona Diamondbacks4-1 Atlanta BravesNew York Yankees4-1 Seattle Mariners
2002San Francisco Giants4-1 St. Louis CardinalsAnaheim Angels4-1 Minnesota Twins
2003Florida Marlins4-3 Chicago CubsNew York Yankees4-3 Boston Red Sox
2004St. Louis Cardinals4-3 Houston AstrosBoston Red Sox4-3 New York Yankees
2005Houston Astros4-2 St. Louis CardinalsChicago White Sox4-1 Los Angeles Angels
2006St. Louis Cardinals4-3 New York MetsDetroit Tigers4-0 Auckland Athletics
2007Colorado Rockies4-0 Arizona DiamondbacksBoston Red Sox4-3 Cleveland Indians
2008Philadelphia Phillies4-1 Los Angeles DodgersTampa Bay Rays4-3 Boston Red Sox
2009Philadelphia Phillies4-1 Los Angeles DodgersNew York Yankees4-2 Los Angeles Angels
2010San Francisco Giants4-2 Philadelphia PhilliesTexas Rangers4-2 New York Yankees
2011St. Louis Cardinals4-2 Milwaukee BrewersTexas Rangers4-2 Detroit Tigers
2012San Francisco Giants4-3 St. Louis CardinalsDetroit Tigers4-0 New York Yankees
2013St. Louis Cardinals4-2 Los Angeles DodgersBoston Red Sox4-2 Detroit Tigers
2014San Francisco Giants4-1 St. Louis CardinalsKansas City Royals4-0 Baltimore Orioles
2015New York Mets4-0 Chicago CubsKansas City Royals4-2 Toronto Blue Jays
2016Chicago Cubs4-2 Los Angeles DodgersCleveland Indians4-1 Toronto Blue Jays
2017Los Angeles Dodgers4-1 Chicago CubsHouston Astros4-3 New York Yankees
2018Los Angeles Dodgers4-3 Milwaukee BrewersBoston Red Sox4-1 Houston Astros
2019Washington Nationals4-0 St. Louis CardinalsHouston Astros4-2 New York Yankees
2020Los Angeles Dodgers4-3 Atlanta BravesTampa Bay Rays4-3 Houston Astros

League Championship Series before 1968

Until 1968, if the two teams lined up at the same rate, the American League had a one-round playoff and the National League had a three-round playoff.In the American League1948 In the National League1946 -1951 -1959 -1962 (Strictly speaking, it was also carried out in 1908,Rematch(Excluded here because it has a strong meaning).This match has been added to the regular season.

National league
年度Victory teamVictoryDefeated team
1946 St. Louis Cardinals2-0 Brooklyn Dodgers
1951 New York Giants2-1 Brooklyn Dodgers
1959 Los Angeles Dodgers2-0 Milwaukee Braves
1962 San Francisco Giants2-1 Los Angeles Dodgers
American league
年度Victory teamScoreDefeated team
1948 Cleveland Indians8-3 Boston Red Sox

Famous scenes, etc.

National league

  • 1951 : In Round 3Bobby ThomsonLaterThat blow changed the world ("Shot heard'round the world")He hits a goodbye home run that comes to be called.
  • 1973 : In Round 3Pete RoseIs a brawl.
  • 1981 : Expos is the first Canadian-based team to advance to LCS, but loses in the final round 5 in the 9th inning.After that, without being able to advance to the postseason even once2005 ToWashington DCMove to.
  • 1983 : Phillies defeats the Dodgers, who had lost 1 win and 11 losses in the regular season.
  • 1985 : 7th round system from the same year.The Cardinals won four straight games after losing two games in a row.
  • 1986 : Round 6 was entangled up to 16 times, and Mets won the league title, but the Astros lost to MVP.Mike ScottWas chosen.
  • 1988 : The Dodgers, who were expected to be overwhelmingly disadvantagedOrel HershiserWin the series that was entwined until the final round 7 with the power of.
  • 1989 : Will clerkMarked an LCS record with a batting average of .650, including a full-base home run.
  • 1992 : 1990 Pirates advanced to the League Championship Series for the third consecutive year, but lost this year and lost the NLCS for the third consecutive year.Pirates have moved away from the postseason, recording the loss of the regular season for 3 consecutive years from the following season, and have not advanced to the league championship series since this year.
  • 1997 : Marlins wins the league from wildcards for the first time in history.
  • 1999 : Round 5 was an extra 15 times in the rain.MetsRobin VenturaHits a "goodbye full-base home run", but surrounded by teammates who jumped out of the bench, Ventura stopped advancing when he went around the first base and became a single hit on record. Memorable as a "Grand Slam single".
  • 2001 : Diamondbacks wins the league in the 4th year since the fastest team in history.
  • 2003 : Cubs1945 Since then, he has won the league title for the first time in 58 years, leading the 6th round to 3-0 and progressing to 8 times, but in the 8th time the MarlinsLuis CastilloCubs left fielder trying to catch a foul fly released byMoises AlouIs disturbed by Cubs fans (Steve Bartman Incident), To foul.The Cubs lost eight points from there and suffered a come-from-behind defeat, losing Round 8 and missing out on the World Series ("Billy Goat's Curse)).
  • 2004 : CardinalsAlbert PuhorsHas 14 hits in the NLCS record.
  • 2007 : Rockies sweep the Diamondbacks with seven consecutive victories from the Division Series.With 7 wins out of 22 games in total from the end of the regular season, he made his first appearance in the World Series in the history of the team.
  • 2014 : In the 3th round, which the Giants met with 1 wins and 5 lossTravis IshikawaIs a goodbye home run. This is the first time that the final round of the NLCS has been decided by a goodbye home run.
  • 2015 : Mets sweeps the Cubs and advances to the World Series.Won the series MVPDaniel MurphyLast name isBilly Goat's CurseIt became a hot topic that it had the same name as the goat in the anecdote of[† 1].
  • 2016 : Cubs1945 Since then, he has won the league title for the first time in 71 years and advanced to the World Series.
  • 2019 : The Nationals, who have advanced to the League Championship series since 1981 during the Expos era, defeated the Cardinals in a four-round sweep and advanced to the World Series for the first time in the 4st year since the team was founded.[† 2].
  • 2021 : The year beforeSuffering from 3 wins and 1 loss to 3 consecutive lossesWorld seriesThe Braves, who missed the advance, made a humiliation to the Dodgers who became the same opponent for the second consecutive year and advanced to the World Series for the first time in 2 years.Until the 22th race, the stars were the same as the previous year.

American league

  • 1970 : Orioles starting pitcher in Round 1Mike CuellarHowever, at the moment, he is the only pitcher in LCS history to record a full-base home run.However, he dropped out on the way, and although the team won, he could not become the winning pitcher.
  • 1976 : Chris chamblisHits a goodbye home run in the final round five.
  • 1977 : Royals in Round 4George BrettIs 3 home runs.
  • 1980 : The Royals humiliate the Yankees, who have been defeated for the third consecutive year since 1976.Yankees owner angry at defeatGeorge SteinbrennerIs the director after the endDick HauserDismissed.Hauser took over as Royals coach mid-year and later led the team to become the first World Champion.
  • 1982 : Brewers wins the league with two to three consecutive victories. Los Angeles Angels lost to MVPFred LynnWas chosen.
  • 1985 : From the same year, it became a 7th round system, and the Blue Jays lost 3 consecutive games with 1 wins and 3 loss.CanadaMiss the first league victory as a team.
  • 1986 : The Angels made a check with 3 wins and 1 loss, and the 5th round also reached the 5th inning with 2-9. He was narrowed down by 9 point in the 1th inning, but he hunted down to one strike later.HoweverDave HendersonIs a reliefDonnie MooreHe hit a two-run home run and turned around.The Angels, who lost after overtime, lost a lot in the next two races, and Moore fell into a slump from this shock and committed suicide with a pistol three years later.
  • 1988 : Athletics wins 4 straight wins.Dennis EckersleySaved in all 4 games and was an MVP.
  • 1989 : Ricky HendersonIs an MVP with an ALCS record of 5 stolen bases in 8 games.Jose Canseco TheSky domeHit a home run on the top floor of.
  • 1992 : Blue Jays wins the league for the first time as a Canadian team.
  • 1995 : Hershiser wins the first ever League Championship Series MVP in both leagues.
  • 1996 : Round 1, 8th, YankeesDerek JeterFly ball released byTony Tarasco(rearHanshin Tigers) Reached out of the stand when he tried to catch the ball12 year old boyCatch and hit a home run.The Yankees, who caught up with the tie, won after an extension and eventually won the league title for the first time in 4 years with 1 wins and 15 loss.
  • 2000 : In Round 4Roger ClemensIs one hit shutout.In Round 1David JusticeHit a goodbye home run and won the league for the third time in a row.World series The1956 It will be the first "Subway Series" in 44 years since then.
  • 2003 : Red Sox caught up while leading in Round 3 with 3 wins and 7 losses, extended 11 timesAaron BooneThe Yankees win a walk-off home run.
  • 2004 : With the same card as the previous year, the Yankees won three consecutive games, but the Red SoxDavid Ortise2 consecutive wins in 4 games in a row, such as a walk-off home run. Four consecutive victories from three consecutive losses is unprecedented in the World Series, and it is the first time in history not only in the League Championship Series but also in the entire Major League Baseball.[† 3].
  • 2007 : Red Sox wins 1 consecutive wins from 3 win and 3 losses and reverses.In Round 7Daisuke MatsuzakaRecorded his first postseason victory as a Japanese pitcher.
  • 2008 : Rays wins the league for the first time since the team was founded. For MVPMatt GarzaWas chosen.
  • 2010 : Rangers win the league for the first time in the 50th year since the team was founded.
  • 2013 : Koji Uehara is the first Japanese to win an MVP with 1 win, 3 saves, 6 innings, 9 strikeouts and no runs.
  • 2014 : Royals wins the league with eight undefeated consecutive wins through the wild card game.Won the first world champion in the history of the team1985 Decided to participate in the World Series since then.
  • 2017 : Astros became the American League affiliation and won the league for the first time. It became the first MLB team to participate in the World Series from both National American leagues.
  • 2019 : AstrosJose ArtubeWon the League Championship Series MVP in the final round 6 with a home run for the fifth time in MLB history to win a walk-off home run.
  • 2020 : Raise was forced into a predicament with three consecutive losses while taking the check first with three consecutive wins, but in the seventh roundRandy ArozarenaHe won the first two-run home run and won the league title for the first time in 2 years.Arozarena scored four home runs and six RBIs in seven games, making him the first rookie fielder to be named MVP in history.The defeated Astros missed the World Series after losing the regular season.


注 釈

  1. ^ In the American League of this year, only the expansion teams survived in the division series stage, so the first battle between expansion teams in the history of the World Series was confirmed.
  2. ^ The sweep in the league championship series of the wild card team is the second team in the history of the National League, and the fourth team in the history of MLB as a whole.
  3. ^ The same 7th round in other American professional sportsNBA FinalBut there is no example.NHLThen.1942 OfToronto Maple Leafs,1975 OfNew York Islanders,2010 OfPhiladelphia Flyers,2014 OfLos Angeles kingsThere are 4 cases.


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Red Sox

Red Sox

  1. American Major League Baseball,Boston Red Sox.
  2. Baseball league that once existedNational Baseball FederationBaseball team,Udaka Red Sox.. (Later renamed Kumagai Red Socks)
  3. The Japanese women's professional baseball team that once existed,Sankyo Red Socks.


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