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⚾ | [Japan S] Director Orix Nakajima "Yoshinobu Yamamoto in Thailand" Victory interview on 27th starter unusually "announced"

Photo Orix Director Satoshi Nakajima [Photo: Yuji Arakawa]

[Japan S] Director Orix Nakajima "Yoshinobu Yamamoto in Thailand" Victory interview on 27th starter unusually "announced"

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This series hasn't been announced for the first time in four years, but in an interview with the winning coach, he made an unusual "publication" and entrusted Ace with the best.

I hoped for the "Kobe decisive battle" from the 27th round on the 6th ■ Orix 6-5 Yakult (Japan Series, 25th, East ... → Continue reading


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Advance pitcher

Advance pitcher(Yokoku Senpatsu Toshu) is in baseballStarting pitcherIt is a pre-announcement system of.

Major League Baseball advance notice

In Major League Baseball (MLB), starting pitchers are in principle strictly adhered to, and pitchers scheduled to start pitching a few days before the match (""probable pitcherIt is customary to announce ")[1]..The advance announcement of the starting pitcher is done as a matter of course rather than the system, and there is no concept equivalent to the advance notice system.[1]..In English, the explanation "policy of announcing starting pitchers in advance" is used.[1].

Advance notice in Japan


Japanese professional baseballNowCentral LeagueandPacific LeagueIt is adopted in both leagues.

Although there was a form of rotation of the starting pitcher in Japan as well, it was relatively gentle and the manager finally decided the starting pitcher in consideration of compatibility with the opponent team, so for many years the starting pitcher was just before the game. It was not revealed until the member announcement[1].

However, since the 1985 season, the Pacific League has begun to announce starting pitchers in advance for matches held every Sunday.[1]..It was planned to raise the interest of fans, and each team started to appoint an ace-class starting pitcher on Sunday.[1].1994 Is being held for all official Pacific League games[2]..This is because the general fans do not often visit the stadium during the season, so it was considered as a criterion when choosing a match.[2]..play off(Climax seriesIn)2006 More adopted.

In the Central League only in the 1994 season, all cards on Sunday and巨人-HiroshimaIt was only played in all the games, but as part of the fan service due to the decrease in spectator mobilization.2012 Since then, it has been adopted in all regular season games.It wasn't adopted in the Central League climax series until 2017, but it has been implemented since 2018.

Under the system as of 2012, the deadline for notification to the league is 1 hour before the start of the match (= match on the day before the match) on the day before the match, and until 15:00 on the day before the match on the day before. It has become.In response to this, the official website of the Nippon Professional Baseball Organization has announced it promptly.Therefore, the announcement is not exactly the deadline for notification.Since it is announced when the pitchers of both teams are available, there are cases where the time is different even in the match on the same day.However, it will not be announced before the deadline.The announcement may be delayed as it can be changed if the previous day's game is canceled or no game is played.Announcements at the stadium are voluntary for the host team, and some teams announce pitchers for all stadiums, while others do not even announce if the match is a visitor.The time is not unified except that it is after the end of the attack on the home side after 5 times.The advance notice of the Pacific League climax series will be announced after the second and subsequent games.

All star gamesThere is also a notice advance (1st round is announced the day before the match, 2nd and 3rd rounds are announced after the previous match).

2005 Started fromSep-pa Exchange BattleThen, due to the opposition from the Central League side, even the home game of the Pacific League team did not carry out the advance notice, but with the introduction of the advance notice in the Central League from 2012, the Central League In the Pacific League game, the advance notice will be implemented from the same year.

Japan seriesIn principle, no advance notice will be given, but the managers of both teams will be in advance of the series.Gentleman agreementThe advance notice may be given after agreeing as[3],1998 ,2005 ,2013 ,2014 ,2016 ,2018 ,2019 ,2020 In each year's Japan Series, advance notice was given. "The game starts with reading between the managers. The starting pitcher is something that gives the opponent a hand." "It is one of the good strategies to make an order in anticipation of the starting pitcher of the opponent team." "Starting pitcher A person who is negative to the advance notice, thinking that "predicting is one of the pleasures of the fans"Hiromitsu Ochiai,Katsuya NomuraEtc.)[4]. AlsoStarting rotationThere is also a strong voice that if you have to start an unknown pitcher for some reason, such as when you hit the valley, it will affect the mobilization of the audience.on the other handAkada OkadaThere are also those who are in favor of advance notice.

If you suddenly change the starting pitcher due to an accident, etc.RefereeThe pitcher who avoids the starting lineup will be suspended for 3 days (however, if the change is made before the member exchange, the suspension will not be taken).Most of the reasons for avoiding the advance notice are due to injury and poor physical condition immediately before the pitcher, but on July 2017, 7ChunichiIn anti-giants, it was the advance notice of the giantShun YamaguchiWas suddenly avoided as a starting lineup.The reason is the scandal of the person himself, and avoiding the advance notice for reasons other than injury and poor physical condition is the first case in history.

The advance notice is only for starting pitchers,2011 May 4In the opening game of the Pacific LeagueGreat East Japan EarthquakeBecause the opening was delayed due to the influence ofMay 4 OfNews stationThe directors of 6 teams appeared live inStarting memberWill be announced[5]. 2012 Is the day before the openingMay 3As mentioned above, the opening starting members were announced in the same way.

Independent League

JapaneseIndependent LeagueThen,Shikoku Island League plusIt has been implemented since the league was founded in 2005, and was launched in 2010 (suspended for the same year).Japan Future Baseball LeagueBut it was implemented from the beginning.It was not introduced at the time of its inaugurationBaseball Challenge League(BC League) has been adopted since the 2011 season.Island League and BC League champions play against each otherGrand ChampionshipSo, the advance notice was not implemented until 2014, but it has been implemented since 2015.[6].. 2021 openingKyushu Asia LeagueIn, the advance notice will be given only to the official games between the league teams (not adopted in the interleague games with the NPB3 army and other independent leagues).[7].. 2022 openingSea of ​​Japan Ocean LeagueWill also carry out advance notice[8].

Advance notice in Taiwan

Taiwan professional baseballThen, as in Japan, the advance notice for the next day will be announced the day before the match.


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