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⚾ | [University Baseball] Chuo Gakuin University's “Washoi Baseball” won 12 consecutive victories from the crisis of the qualification match.

Photo Chuo Gakuin University won the long-cherished first victory in its third appearance [Photo: Tomoyo Nakatogawa]

[University baseball] 12 consecutive victories from the qualification match crisis Chuo Gakuin University's "Washoi Baseball" won the best in Japan

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Chuo Gakuin University defeated the "King of the Land" with an attitude of not giving up in any situation.

Nine who won the see-saw game with Keio University and jumped out of the bench all at once at the end of the first victory match in the third appearance ... → Continue reading


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Chuo Gakuin

Chuo Gakuin(Chuuogakuin)


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