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⚾ | Miu Goto, a soft Olympic gold medal, looks back on the turmoil.

Photo: Toyota Motor Corporation Miu Goto, who appeared at the awards ceremony of the Japan Women's Softball League [Photo: Yuji Arakawa]

Miu Goto, a soft Olympic gold medal, looks back on the turmoil.

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Next year, it will be reorganized into the "Japan Diamond League (JD League)" by 16 teams.

9 wins in the Japan League MVP and 0.83nd place with an earned run average of 2. → Continue reading


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Japan Women's Softball League Organization

Japan Women's Softball League Organization(Nihonjo Softball League Kikou)JapanGirls insoft ballIt is an organization that manages league games.Japan Top League Cooperation OrganizationAlso participates in.


2006 ToJapan Softball AssociationEstablished as a voluntary organization that is a subordinate organization of.Initially with the Japan AssociationJapan Women's Softball LeagueI was hosting one copy.

2020 May 9, General incorporated association[1]..Started considering the establishment of a new league in 2022 in the "Women's Softball League Revitalization Project" within the organization.

June 2021, 6, the new league name for the opening of the spring of 29 "Japan Diamond League(JD.LEAGUE) ”and the participating teams have been decided[2].

At a press conference on December 2021, 12, the opening card for the first league match will be held on March 7, 1, the exchange match "BicCamera Takasaki vs. Toyota Motor" (Venue:ZOZO Marine Stadium) And to be the crown sponsor of the league matchNitoriWas inaugurated and "Nitori JD.LEAGUE2022It was announced that[3]

Board Member

As of July 2021[4]

Representative Director and ChairmanYutaka MiyakePresident of Japan Softball Association
Representative director and chairmanToshimasa Shimada
Vice Chairman and CaptainTaeko UtsugiVice President of Japan Softball Association
DirectorTami IharaWalt Disney Japan Vice President
DirectorKeiji TaishaNippon HamConsultant
Osaka Gakuin UniversityProject Professor
DirectorTomoaki OkamotoManaging Director, Japan Softball Association
DirectorMasakazu KawashimaSecretariat
DirectorChikuma KikumaLawyer (belonging to Matsuo Sogo Law Office)
DirectorToshihiro KuriyamaOgaki Minamo Softball ClubGM
DirectorKazuya TanimuraToyota Motor Softball ClubManager
DirectorKento TeramuraJapan Softball Association Managing Director and League Chairman
DirectorAtsushi FurutaBaseball commentator / sports caster
DirectorHiroyuki YokotaSecretary General of Japan Softball Association
AuditorsYoshio TakahashiUniversity of TsukubaAssociate professor

Team to join

地区Team namehome townRemarks
to East MalaysiaHonda RevertaTochigiMoka
BicCamera Takasaki BEE QUEENGunmaTakasaki
Taiyo Yuden SolfeuilleTakasaki City, Gunma Prefecture
Toda Chuo General Hospital MedicalsSaitamaToda-shi
Hitachi SandivaKanagawa横 浜 市
Minamo OgakiGifuOgaki
NEC Platforms Red FalconsShizuokaKakegawa
Denso Bright PegasusAichiAnjo City
WestToyota Motor Red TerriersAichiToyota City
Toyota Loom Shining VegaAichiKariya city
Tokai Rika Cherry BlossomsAichiNiwa-gunOguchi Town
NSK Brave BeariesShigaHunan
SG Holdings Group Galaxy StarsKyotoKyoto City
Shionogi Rainbow Stokes HyogoHyogoAmagasakiFormer Shionogi Pharmaceutical Popon Gals
Iyo Bank WalesEhimeMatsuyama City
takagi Kitakyushu Water WaveFukuokaKitakyushu

Battle method

Rough season schedule image (2022)

MonthSeason title
* Monday night game-based "Monday Softball" will be held at any time
  • Weeks 1-4 Home Game Series (1st round)
  • Week 5 Preliminary Section
  • Week 1 Tour Game Series Section 1
  • Week 2 Home Game Series (1st round)
  • Week 3-4 Interleague Play Series
  • Weeks 1 and 2 Interleague Play Series
(June 6rd week-August 3rd week league match suspension)
  • Week 4 Home Game Series (2st round)
  • Week 1 Tour Game Series Section 2
(2nd and 3rd week Asian Games / Hangzhou GamesSuspended during the holding period)
  • Week 4 Tour Game Series Section 3
(Week 1 All Japan Women's Softball Championship(Kagoshima), 2nd week Ichigo Ichikai Tochigi National Athletic MeetSuspended during the holding period)
  • Weeks 3 and 4 Home Game Series (2nd round)
  • Week 5 Preliminary Section
  • Week 1 Preliminary Section
  • Week 2 Postseason Tournament Section 1 Playoffs Rounds 1 and 2
  • Week 3 Postseason Tournament Section 2 Diamond Series Semifinal Final
  • Week 4 Award Ceremony

Regular season

The 16 teams are divided into east and west districts, and the district series consists of two rounds of the home game series (home town or designated area of ​​each team) and one round of the tour game series (neutral zone) (2 games per team).One round each of the exchange battle series by the east district team vs. the west district team (1 games per team).1 games are held annually.

The ranking is determined by the winning percentage of the regular season in each district.

Post season

Of the top three teams from the east and west of the regular season and the two teams in 3th place, the team with the highest winning percentage (Wildcard) 7 teams in the postseason (final tournament) Step ladder method).The postseason will be held in a one-game system in a mid-sized location, and the first-placed team in the district will be unconditionally seeded in the "Diamond Series" semi-final (semi-final).The remaining 1 teams will play off for the right to participate in the "Diamond Series".

First, the wildcard team will play against the 3rd place team in the opposite district of the district to which the team belongs (for example, the 4th place in the west district will be the wildcard).NominationIf so, play against the 3rd place team in the eastern area), and the winning team will play against the 2nd place in the eastern area.The other is a match between the West districts in 2nd and 3rd place, and the winner advances to the "Diamond Series" semi-final.After the semi-final, they will compete in a general tournament format, and the winning team of that tournament will be the Queen of the Year.

Postseason tournament example when the above example is applied

Second playoff roundSecond playoff roundDiamond series semifinalDiamond Series Final
1 Round1
 East district 3rd place
Round 2 (1)1
 West district 4th
 Winner of the first round
 East district 2rd place
Semifinal (1)
 Winner of Round 2 (1)
 East district 1rd place
 Winner of Semifinal (1)
 Winner of Semifinal (2)
Semifinal (2)
 West district 1th
 Winner of Round 2 (2)
Round 2 (2)1
 West district 2th
 West district 3th
1 If the 4th place in the east area is nominated for a wild card, some combinations will change to play against the 3rd place team in the west area.


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