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🥋 | <Wrestling> [2021 East Japan Student Autumn Championship / Special Feature] 1st grade university champion wins the record ... Men's fleece ...


<Wrestling> [2021 East Japan Student Autumn Championship / Special Feature] 1st grade university champion wins the record ... Men's fleece ...

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The presence of his older brother, Ryota (4th year of Nippon Sport Science University), who won the university championship in Greco-Roman, is also a big power.

11 days ago, Iori Koshiba (Nippon Sport Science University), who won the 2021st grade championship at the 74 Japan National Collegiate Championship 1kg class, is an East Japan student autumn ... → Continue reading

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Amateur wrestling

Amateur wrestlingIt is,OlympicIt is also a formal competition ofFighting sports,Sports.International Federation TheUnited World Wrestling Union(UWW) (formerly: International Wrestling Federation ).Official namewrestling.. aliasAmares.wrestlingSometimes referred to as "amateur wrestling" to distinguish it from, but the United World Wrestling UnionProfessional wrestlerAnd professional fighters are not restricted from entering (see below),professionalとamateurIt is also called "wrestling" because there is no distinction between.

In the narrow sense, "wrestling" refers to the freestyle and Greco-Roman styles in which competitions are held at the Olympic Games among the rules under the jurisdiction of the United World Wrestling Union, and these are collectively referred to.Olympic style wrestlingSometimes called.


The exact origin of the prototype wrestling is unknown, but it is said to have existed since ancient times.[1], Already established as a competition in 3000 BC[2], Bunbu RyodoAncient greeceIn the prestigious familyphysical educationEncouraged as a philosopher born in 427 BCPlatoHave won the tournament when he was young[2][Note 1] By this time, it was a major sport that had already been established.

Ancient olympicIt was a popular competition and had an advantage over other competitions.[2]. Also,Pankration,Ancient Greek boxingBecause it was safer than other fighting competitions where casualties occur as a matter of course.PentathlonIt was also introduced as one of.It goes down once with the end of the ancient Olympics[2] However, when it was adopted at the 1st Modern Olympics, it continues to be adopted without changing the rules.Women's wrestling began in Europe in the 1970s, and in 1985 the first (at that time) international wrestling association-certified women's international competition "Roger Coulomb" in Clermont-Ferrand, France, followed by the first global competition "World Women's Festival" Is held. The World Championships have been held since 1987 and have been added to the Olympic Games since 2004.

It is spread all over the world due to the low cost of starting the competition, simple and well-established rules, and a long history of well-developed training methods and instructors.It is also popular as a children's competition because it has the advantage of being relatively safe in fighting competitions.

History in Japan


Olympic style

Free style(Freestyle)WhenGreco-Roman style(Greco-Roman style) There are two rules.There is no difference in the points and the judgment of victory or defeat in either style, but the rules are different as follows.

Free styleIn, the whole body can be used for offense and defense[3]. for that reason,Leg dive(Tackle) Will be the center of the game[4].. this is,18st centuryAroundUnited KingdomWas prosperous inCatch As Catch CanDerived from the rules of.

As of 2020, girls are only freestyle.

Greco-Roman styleIn, the athlete cannot use the waist to the bottom for offense and defense.[4]. for that reason,SuplexIt will be a game development centered on throwing techniques such as[4]..This rule is from ancient GreeceAncient romeAtPankrationIt is derived from the rules of. "Greco-Roman" means "Greek and Roman".

After several rule changes, as of 2020, 3 period 2 minutes will be done in 6 periods for a total of 2 minutes, and points will also be contested for a total of 8 periods.If there is a difference of XNUMX points, the game will be decided, and the parter position will start from the hungry state.

Non-Olympic style

Other wrestling rules under the jurisdiction of the United World Wrestling are non-Olympic (non-Olympic style)Pankration,Grappling,Beach wrestling,Belt wrestling,(English edition)Exists.Long time agoSamboWas also in charge.

Olympic style rules

In a circle (circle or ring) with a diameter of 9m on the mat, two players team up with each other and put their shoulders on the mat for at least 2 second to decide the victory or defeat (fall).

  • At the 1908 London Olympics, a momentary fall (also known as a touch fall) was adopted, which would be a fall if both shoulders were attached even for a moment, but it was revised from the 1960 Rome Olympics.Later fallPinfallCalled.
  • In addition to the fall, there is also a decision based on points.Points from 1 point to 4 points will be added according to the decided technique, and it will be judged if the time is up without falling.Also, if there is a difference of 8 points or more in Greco-Roman style and 10 points or more in free style, at that pointTechnical fallWill be settled by.
    • If there is a tie at the end of the match, the player who will win the period will be decided in the following order.
    1. A player who has decided a technique with a large point
    2. Players with less caution
    3. The last player to score points
  • Strikes, joints, and chokes are prohibited.

As mentioned above, there are minor changes depending on the times, but the basic rules of "putting both shoulders on the ground" and "prohibiting striking, joint and chokehold techniques" have not changed since BC.

According to international rules, the total match time is 6 minutes.

  • The game is played in two periods of three minutes each, and the player with the most total points wins by taking a pinfall or making a specified point difference.

2008 Beijing OlympicsThe rules have been partially revised toward, and 2 periods are performed every 3 minutes, the player with the most points at the end of each period wins that period, and the player who wins 2 periods first wins. A series of reforms after the 2012 London Olympics reverted to the old system of competing for total points.

By challenge when dissatisfied with the judgmentVideo judgmentIt is possible to request.If the challenge does not overturn the decision, the opponent will be given 1 point and lose the right to challenge.


By age and weightclassIs decided and contested.The class name is usually a numerical value,boxingA similar class name may be given (it was widely used in Japan after the war).The number of classes and numbers change according to the times.

Class as of 2019 (TaiziIs adopted by the Olympics)
FlyweightBantamweightFeatherweightLight weightLight welterweightWelterweightLight middleweightMiddle classLight heavyweightHeavyweightSuper heavyweight
Men's Greco55 kg60 kg63 kg67 kg72 kg77 kg82 kg87 kg97 kg130 kg
Men's free-57 kg61 kg65 kg70 kg74 kg79 kg86 kg92 kg97 kg125 kg
woman50 kg53 kg55 kg57 kg59 kg62 kg65 kg68 kg72 kg76 kg-
Past class
2016-2017 class
FlyweightBantamweightFeatherweightLight weightLight welterweightWelterweightLight middleweightMiddle classLight heavyweightHeavyweightSuper heavyweight
Men's Greco-59 kg-66 kg71 kg75 kg80 kg85 kg-98 kg130 kg
Men's free-57 kg61 kg65 kg70 kg74 kg-86 kg-97 kg125 kg
woman48 kg53 kg-55 kg-58 kg60 kg63 kg69 kg75 kg-
Past class of boys (common to Greco Free)
Light flyweightFlyweightBantamweightFeatherweightLight weightWelterweightMiddle classLight heavyweightHeavyweightSuper heavyweight
2002-2013 --55 kg60 kg66 kg74 kg84 kg-96 kg120 kg
1997-2001 -54 kg58 kg63 kg69 kg76 kg85 kg-97 kg130 kg
1985-1996 48 kg52 kg57 kg62 kg68 kg74 kg82 kg90 kg100 kg130 kg
1969-1984 48 kg52 kg57 kg62 kg68 kg74 kg82 kg90 kg100 kgOver 100 kg
1962-1968 -52 kg57 kg63 kg70 kg78 kg87 kg97 kgOver 97 kg-
1950-1961 -52 kg57 kg62 kg67 kg73 kg79 kg87 kgOver 87 kg-
Women's past class
Light flyweightFlyweightBantamweightFeatherweightLight weightWelterweightMiddle classLight heavyweightHeavyweight
2002-2013 -48 kg51 kg-55 kg59 kg63 kg67 kg72 kg
1997-2001 -46 kg51 kg-56 kg62 kg-68 kg75 kg
1987-1996 44 kg47 kg50 kg53 kg57 kg61 kg65 kg70 kg75 kg

The Olympics, world championships, regional multi-sport events, continental championships, and national championships are held in the prescribed class, but in other competitions, there are some competitions such as the World Cup that allow over 2 kg.


UWW-defined tournamentsLoser RevivalUses a knockout method that also uses.The player who lost to the finalist goes to the repechage.The players who lose in the semi-finals will be seeded in order, and the 3rd place will be decided by the step ladder method.In addition, there are 3 people each in 5rd and 2th place (unless the ranking is deprived by the violation), and there is no 4th or 6th place.3rd place matchWill be held in two races, with the winner in 2rd place and the loser in 3th place.However, 5th place and belowPointsDetermined by the total of.The results of the team competition are also decided by the points.The points are as follows.

  1. 5 points: Fall win, warning win, abstention win, etc.
  2. 4 points: Win the technical fall in both the first and second periods.
  3. 3 points: 2-1 and 2-0 wins.
  4. 1 point: Lost the judgment by taking points.
  5. 0 points: No point judgment lost.

Some tournaments may use different methods, such as general knockout tournaments.

Olympic style clothing and equipment

In the ancient Olympics it was mandatory to be naked, but today's athletes are called singlets (commonly known as "hanging pans").DressesType ofuniformとWrestling shoesWear and play a match.White for hemostasishandkerchiefCarrying is also obligatory.Although not obligatoryMouthpieceThere are many players who wear.Focusing on junior generation competitionsAuricular hematomaFor countermeasuresEar guard,Knee padsMay be installed.

The singlet used in the official game is divided into blue and red, and it depends on the color of the corner.In 2001, red-blue color coding was abolished for boys and girls wrestling.

The men's singlet was defined as a low-cut type,Sydney OlympicsHigh cut has become possible since that time.


The dawn of girls was not specified and was not unified.T-shirtAlthough there were some players who piled up low-cut singlets on the top,ShortsorBloomersIs the mainstream, laterleotardHas increased, and someSwimwearSome players wore.And when the world championship started, it was unified into a singlet similar to boys.However, the national championship is a leotard for a while (Unitard) Was the center.


It has been pointed out that non-fashionable designs are not supported by young people and are a factor that hinders their popularity, and since the mid-2010s, some states in the United StatesRash guardと(English edition)Began to adopt the wearing of[5].. This allowsWisconsinThe wrestling population of junior high school students has doubled[5]..Other states are also moving to abolish singlets, with 2016% of the 3436 respondents agreeing to change the rules in a 75 survey of junior coaches conducted by the National Association of Wrestling Coaches.[5]..In addition, it was found that about 7% of junior athletes do not use singlets as training clothes.[5].

Similar problems are occurring in Japan, and in 2020Kazuyuki MiyataProposed to improve the rules for increasing the competitive population on SNS[6]..There is an example of a female junior champion actually retiring because of a uniform[6].Seiko YamamotoAlso answered that it was one of the reasons for hesitating to return to the Masters Tournament.[6].

Professional participation

Judo OfAnton Geesink TheRome olympic OfwrestlingHe was trying to participate in the game, but he was judged to be a professional player and did not participate because he had experience in circus wrestling.International Judo FederationIs not a problem.1964 Tokyo Olympics OfjudoHas participated in and won a gold medal.

In Japan since the 20th quarter of the XNUMXth centuryjudo,Sumo,boxingThe regulations for amateur athletes to participate in professional wrestling are strict, and in reality, they will retire from the competition and participate in the competition, while amateur wrestling competitionsProfessional wrestlerAnd other martial arts athletes are also allowed to participate.But globallyOlympicThe ban on professionals is lifted atjudoSame as1992 OfBarcelona OlympicBecause.Also in 2009Japan Wrestling AssociationPlayed a central role and involved many martial arts groups regardless of professional or amateur, "Japan Martial Arts FederationWas founded.Also, Germany Bundesliga (en) And American real professional wrestling that was active from 2002 to 2007, there are also entertainments that perform "amateur wrestling between professional players".The world's largest professional wrestling organizationWWEIn 2006Jake HagerversusTommy DreamerIn battles, etc., games have been played according to the rules of amateur wrestling.

Professional athletes who participated in amateur wrestling competitions

This section gives examples of professional wrestlers and mixed martial artists participating in amateur wrestling.

Competition survival issues at the Summer Olympics

Sudden exclusion decision from "core competition"

Wrestling is a modern summer Olympics, and from the first time, following the above-mentioned transitionRio de Janeiro Olympics(2016 ) Is included in the competition.But,International Olympic Committee (IOC)Then,2012 London Olympics A meeting will be held immediately after the end of.TokyoDiscussed the possibility of excluding wrestling from the Olympics at the 2020 Summer Olympics, which was proclaiming to invite the venue.On top of that2012 May 9ToSwitzerlandAt the board meeting held in, it was decided to exclude wrestling from the 25 competitions that correspond to the "core competitions" (competitions that are surely held at the Olympic Games).

In this board of directors, "competitions that should be excluded from core competitions" are thoroughly voted.Exhaustive BallotDetermined by.WrestlingModern five types-hockeyWith a maximum of 8 votes (2 votes for each of the other 3 competitions), the competition was decided to be excluded from the core competition.Of the 26 sports (including modern pentathlon and hockey) held at the London Olympics, only wrestling has been decided by the board to be excluded from the "core sports". IOC2013 May 2According to the voting results announced in the appendix, it is clear that the number of votes for wrestling was the highest in all four votes.[8].

Significant reforms for survival at the Olympics

On the other hand, in FILA,2013 OctoberToプ ー ケ ッ ト(Thailand), Chairman Rafael Martinity ()Switzerland) Confidence vote.Against the background of the above exclusion decision, the vote of no confidence exceeded the vote of confidence by one vote, so it was decided to effectively dismiss Martinity from the chairmanship.[9]..Furthermore, as a provisional measure until the presidential election in May of the same year, Director Nenad Lalovich (Russia) was elected as acting chairman.[10].. 2020 to decide the host city of the 1 Summer Olympics and additional competitions (2013 competition) at the Olympics from "non-core competitions"May 9With the goal of the IOC General Assembly (described later), we have started activities for the survival of the Olympic Games in wrestling.

Lalovich proposed to the IOC that the number of weight divisions, which differed by gender and style, should be unified to six as a condition for the survival of wrestling at the 2020 Summer Olympics.[11]..Also, in FILA2013 OctoberToMoscowHeld an extraordinary general meeting at.With the appointment of Lalovich as chairman, he officially decided on a bill to amend the charter and rules, including the following.Furthermore, regarding the competition rules subject to revision, the date of the general meetingMay 5Immediately adopt new rules from[12]..The lottery system for the right to attack will be abolished from 2014, based on the point that "players who got the right to attack in the lottery often have an advantage and lack fairness as a competition". became.

  • Based on the IOC's indication that "there are fewer female officers than other sports organizations," the number of female directors of FILA has been increased from two to three.2014 OctoberFor the first time in the re-election of officers scheduled at the general meeting, a female vice chairman will be elected.
  • The game format will be changed to "1 period 3 minutes x 2 periods", and the total points in the 2 periods will determine the outcome.
  • The difference in technical fall will be changed to 10 points for freestyle and 7 points for Greco-Roman.

Decided to survive in 2020 and 2024

IOC2013 May 5ToSt. PetersburgWrestling as a finalist for additional competitions from "non-core competitions" to the 2020 Summer Olympics at a board meeting held in (Russia)baseball-soft ball,squashElected[13].. On June 9ブ エ ノ ス ア イ レ ス(ArgentineAt the general meeting held in), after presentations and questions and answers by the representatives of the above three competitions, voting to narrow down the additional competitions to one competition is a thorough final voting system.Exhaustive BallotIt was carried out in. As a result of the first vote, wrestling received a majority of 1 votes out of a total of 95 votes.The survival of the wrestling competition at the 49 Tokyo Olympics, which was officially decided at the general meeting the day before, will be decided, and the competition will also be held at the 2020 Summer Olympics according to the IOC regulations.[14].

To unify the number of classes for men and women and change the class classification significantly

At FILA2013 May 8Held a board meeting in Moscow.On condition that the weight classification will be discussed in the future, it was decided to officially introduce the above-mentioned class number unification plan by Lalovich from the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.[15].. The competition report on the 2020 Summer Olympics proposed to FILA to change the weight classification as follows, assuming the introduction from the Olympic Games.[16].

  • Girls (2nd class increase from the past): 48kg class, 52kg class, 56kg class, 61kg class, 66kg class, 72kg class
  • Men's freestyle (reduced by 1 class from the past): 55 kg class, 65 kg class, 75 kg class, 85 kg class, 95 kg class, 125 kg class
  • Men's Greco-Roman style (reduced by one class from the past): 1 kg class, 57 kg class, 67 kg class, 77 kg class, 87 kg class, 97 kg class

In addition, FILAMay 12In addition, the classification to be implemented at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics was announced as follows.Saori YoshidaHas disappeared from the women's 14kg class, which has achieved 55 consecutive victories through the Olympic and World Championships, and some of the classifications have been changed from the above classification plan.In response to this announcement, Yoshida announced that he would challenge the Rio de Janeiro Olympics with the newly established 53 kg class.[17]..In the future, depending on the athletes and competition groups, there is a possibility that the response to the class will change like Yoshida.[18].

  • Men's freestyle: 57 kg class, 65 kg class, 74 kg class, 86 kg class, 97 kg class, 125 kg class
  • Men's Greco-Roman style: 59 kg class, 66 kg class, 75 kg class, 85 kg class, 98 kg class, 130 kg class
  • Women: 48 kg class, 53 kg class, 58 kg class, 63 kg class, 69 kg class, 75 kg class [19]

Dan system

Originally, there is no grade system for wrestling, but it is a public interest incorporated foundation.Japan Wrestling AssociationHas introduced a dan level system unique to Japan.but,karate,judoThere is no promotion examination as in the case of, but it is a mechanism to be certified by recommendation to the association, judging from the number of years of competition and the results of the competition.In domestic competitions, a dan level is required to qualify for participation, for example.All Japan Wrestling ChampionshipAt the (Meiji Cup), university students and the general public are required to obtain the third dan or higher, and high school students are required to obtain the first dan.In addition, wrestling does not wear dogi or obi, so even if you are promotedBlack beltDo not tighten.


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