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⚽ | 2022 World Cup, qualifying playoff card decision!Ronaldo or Italy to be eliminated


2022 World Cup, qualifying playoff card decision!Ronaldo or Italy to be eliminated

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It was a tough card for Asians, but it is said that North and Central America have more chances to play, and it is reported that the possibility of going to the main tournament in Canada has increased.

The combination of the European Qualifying Playoffs for the 2022 World Cup has been decided. 12 countries have 3 guru ... → Continue reading


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North America

North America(Come America,British: North America,West: North America,Buddha: North America) OrNorth America(Hokubei) isNorthern hemisphereMost of the continents inWestern hemisphereBelongs to.NorthArctic Ocean, East大西洋, SoutheastSouth AmericaCaribbean, West and SouthThe Pacific OceanFacing.Greenland TheNorth American plateGeographically, it is part of North America because it is located above.

範 囲

Broad sense

North AmericaAnd its surroundingsWest Indies,Greenland,Queen Elizabeth Islands,Bermuda such asislandsConsists of.South AmericaThe land boundary with and the isthmus is the narrowestPanama GorgeIs.However, beyond the isthmus with the North American continentSouth AmericaHave a territory that spansPanamaIs included in North America in country statistics.For this reason, the substantial North-South American border lies southeast of the Isthmus of Panama and forms the border between Panama and Colombia.Darien GapHas become[1].CaribbeanIslandsコロンビア OfSan Andres Island,Leeward Antilles,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIncludes the entire area up to the islands in North America (Trinidad and Tobago IslandsGeologyTypicallySouth Americacontinental shelfIs continuous).

The United States of AmericaIs a territoryHawaiiIt is,Oceania(For more detailsPolynesia) And not North America, but according to country statistics, it will be added to North America as part of the United States.

AsiaThe boundary withBering Strait.EuropeThe boundary with Greenlandアイス ランドBetweenDenmark Strait.

Narrow sense

The southern countries of North America are sandwiched between North America and South AmericaCentral AmericaIt may be regarded as an area called.In that case, what is North America?English-speaking countries OfThe United States of AmericaCanadaRefers to only two countries,Anglo AmericaIs almost synonymous with[2].


The terrain of North America, which occupies most of North America, is characterized by the Mt. Ooyama vein, which runs north-south through the western part of the continent, the Great Plains in the center, and the gentle, low mountains in the east.[3].

Western Mt. Ooyama veins in the continental United States and CanadaRocky mountainsIt is called, but there are continuous mountain ranges to the north and south of it.[4]..The mountain range extending to the south traverses Central America at a lower altitude and continues to the south of the Isthmus of Panama.The Rocky Mountains are sparsely populated, but the mountain ranges of Central America are blessed with a warm climate and are densely populated.AztecSuch asMesoamerican civilizationHas prospered on this plateau.To the west of the Rocky MountainsGreat basinA dry basin called is spreading.The Columbia Plateau to the north of this basin and the south to the southColorado PlateauSpreads.To the west is along the Pacific OceanCascade Mountains,Sierra Nevada MountainsThe inland mountains rise, and the coastal mountains run to the west.[5]..As the name suggests, many of these coastal mountains are close to the Pacific Ocean, but in the lowlands scattered along the coast.Los AngelesThere are several big cities such as.To the east of the Rocky MountainsGreat planesThe great plain called[6]..This plain is drier as it goes west.Spreads east of the Great PlainsPrairieIs a fertile grasslandWheat,cornGrains such as are actively cultivatedGranaryIt has become.To the east of the prairie is the longest river in North AmericaMississippi RiverHowever, this region is also basically flat terrain.To the northeast of the Mississippi water system is the world's largest group of freshwater lakes.Great LakesThere is.To the east of the Mississippi River system is the eastern Backbone Mountains.Appalachian MountainsExtends from north to south, but the altitude is low and slightly gentle compared to the Rocky Mountains.[7]..To the east of the Appalachian Mountains大西洋There is a flat land between the two, but this region is the center of the world economy.ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クIt is an industrial area with a dense population, dotted with cities.

To the south of North AmericaGulf of Mexico,CaribbeanThere is such an inland sea, and there are many islands.The largest islandCubaIncluding,Hispaniola,プ エ ル ト リ コ,Jamaica such asGreater AntillesHas many relatively large islands, but extends to the eastLesser AntillesIs dotted with innumerable small islands, and many islands are nations with only one island or a combination of several islands, making it the most densely populated area of ​​the world.

Climatically, the northern part of the Pacific coastWest coast marine climate, ChubuMediterranean climateBelongs to.At the northern end of the continentTundra climate, The wide area of ​​the north from there to around 40 degrees north latitudeCold continental climateBelongs to.Most of the western inland plateaus are climatically arid.Step climate, In Arizona, northwestern Mexico, etc.Desert climateSpreads.South of latitude 40 degrees north and east of 100 degrees west of the United StatesWarm and humid climateBecome[8]..Although the central plateau of Mexico is at low latitudes, it belongs to the temperate zone due to its high altitude, but the Caribbean Islands and southern Mexico / Central AmericaTropical climateBelongs to[9].


North America is roughly divided into the northern part and the southern part.The northern part consists of the United States and Canada, and is called Anglo-America because it is a nation pioneered mainly by British immigrants.On the other hand, the southern part of the continent south of Mexico and Cuba are former Spanish territories, and together with the countries of South America, which were also former Spanish and Portuguese territories.Latin AmericaIt is called.Central AmericaベリーズIn addition, many countries in the Caribbean Sea are independent of the colonies of other countries such as the United Kingdom and are not strictly included in Latin America, but there are large economic and cultural differences between the two Anglo-America countries. Therefore, it is often treated as a group with Latin American countries after having a certain unity as a Caribbean country.[10].

LinguisticallyIndo-EuropeanThe overwhelming majority of speakers belong to the indigenousイ ン デ ィ ア ンSpeakingNative American languagesFew speak.Of the Indo-European languages, in northern Canada and the United States, which belong to Anglo-AmericaEnglish Official terminologyIt is a language that is overwhelmingly used in daily life.However, both countries have a large number of immigrants, and it is not uncommon for the immigrants' native language to be used within the immigrant community.Also in eastern CanadaQuebecIs a French nouvelle, as the center of the French colony was dominated by French immigrants, even today.FrenchMontreal, Quebec's largest city, is the only region in Anglo-America where is mainly used.Paris,ブ リ ュ ッ セ ルIt is one of the leading cities in the French-speaking world after.In Central America, all countries except Belize, which was formerly British territorySpanishIs the official language.The Caribbean region is a mixed colony region, with Spanish centered on Cuba and the Dominican Republic, English spoken in Jamaica and the Bahamas, half of the Lesser Antilles, and more.Sovereign countryBy french orDutchEtc. are used.

Ethnically, British descent was the mainstream in the United States and Canada, but due to the long-term influx of immigrants from all over the world, especially in Europe, considerable chaos has progressed.Native Indians have settlements throughout the United States and Canada, but only a small proportion of the population.Also, the proportion of Hispanics and blacks is high, especially in the south of the United States.Like the United States, Canada has a majority of people of British descent, but Quebec has a majority of French descent.Quebec is a well-developed state with a large population, and Quebec nationalism is flourishing due to conflicts with other Canadian states, mainly English, and the independence movement is smoldering, and referendums asking for independence have been held several times in the past. It was done, but both were denied.In Central America, with whitesIndioMixed raceMestisoMakes up the majority of the population in many countries.Indios are also particularly populous in the continental parts of Central America, where they have built up a great civilization in the past, and are home to much more indios than Anglo-America.Also, blacks do not live much in Central America, but in the pastsugar cane OfPlantationQuite a lot in the Caribbean, which was heavily relocated to operate[11]There are also black-dominated nations, such as Haiti, Jamaica, and many of the Lesser Antilles.[12].

The United States, which occupies the central part of the North American continent, is the largest power in the world, and Canada to the north is also an industrially well-developed and affluent country.On the other hand, most of the countries in Central America and the Caribbean to the south are poor countries with underdeveloped industrial development.

Country and region

Continental region

Country / RegionLocal language notationcapitalSovereign country
Canadian flag CanadaFrenchEnglish: CanadaOttawaIndependent country
Mexican flag MexicoSpanish: Estados Unidos MexicanosMexico City
United States flag The United States of AmericaEnglish: United States of AmericaWashington DC


Country / RegionLocal language notationcapitalSovereign country
Belize flag ベリーズEnglish: BelizeBelmopanIndependent country
Costa Rica flag Costa RicaSpanish: República de Costa RicaSan Jose
El Salvador flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euSpanish: República de El SalvadorSan Salvador
Guatemala flag GuatemalaSpanish: República de GuatemalaGuatemala City
Honduras flag ホンジュラスSpanish: República de HondurasTegucigalpa
Nicaragua flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euSpanish: República de NicaraguaManagua
Panama flag パナマSpanish: Republic of PanamaPanama City

Bahamas Islands

Country / RegionLocal language notationcapitalSovereign country
Bahamas flag (I.e.English: Commonwealth of The BahamasNassauIndependent country
Turks and Caicos Islands Flag Turks and Caicos IslandsEnglish: Turks and Caicos IslandsCockburn TownBritish flag United Kingdom

Greater Antilles

Country / RegionLocal language notationcapitalSovereign country
Cayman Islands Flag Cayman IslandsEnglish: Cayman IslandsGeorgetownBritish flag United Kingdom
 CubaSpanish: Republic of Cubaハ バ ナIndependent country
Dominican Republic flag Dominican RepublicSpanish: Dominican RepublicSanto Domingo
Haiti flag ハイチHaitian: Repiblik d Ayiti
French: République d'Haïti
Jamaica flag JamaicaEnglish: JamaicaKingston
Flag of Navassa Island (local) .svg Navassa IslandEnglish: Navassa IslandUnited States flag The United States of America
Puerto Rico flag プ エ ル ト リ コSpanish: Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico
English: Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
San Juan

Lesser Antilles

Country / RegionLocal language notationcapitalSovereign country
Anguilla flag AnguillaEnglish: AnguillaValleyBritish flag United Kingdom
Antigua and Barbuda Flag バ ブ ブ ダ ダ ダEnglish: Antigua and BarbudaSt. johnsIndependent country
Barbados flag バルバドスEnglish: BarbadosBridge town
British Virgin Islands Flag British Virgin IslandsEnglish: British Virgin IslandsRoad townBritish flag United Kingdom
Dominican country flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euEnglish: Commonwealth of DominicaRoseauIndependent country
Grenada flag グレナダEnglish: GrenadaSt George's
Guadeloupe flag GuadeloupeFrench: GuadeloupeBasse-TerreFrench flag France
Martinique flag MartiniqueFrench: MartiniqueFort-de-France
Montserrat flag モ ン ト セ ラ トEnglish: MontserratPlymouth
Blaze(Temporary capital)
British flag United Kingdom
Flag of Saint Barthélemy (local) .svg Saint BarthelemyFrench: Saint BarthélemyGustaviaFrench flag France
Flag of Saint Kitts and Nevis セ ァ · · · · · · · · · · ·English: Federation of Saint Christopher and NevisBasseterreIndependent country
Flag of Saint Lucia セントルシアEnglish: Saint LuciaCastries
Flag of France.svg Saint MartinFrench: Saint MartinMarigotFrench flag France
Flag of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines セ レ ン ン ン ン ン ン ン ン ン ン ン ン ン ン ンEnglish: Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesKingstownIndependent country
Flag of Sint Maarten Sint MaartenDutch: Sint MaartenPhilipsburgDutch flag Netherlands
Trinidad and Tobago flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euEnglish: Trinidad and TobagoPort of SpainIndependent country
US Virgin Islands Flag United States Virgin IslandsEnglish: United States Virgin IslandsCharlotte AmalieUnited States flag The United States of America


Country / RegionLocal language notationcapitalSovereign country
Greenland flag GreenlandDanish: Greenland
Greenlandic: Greenland
Nuuk Denmark
Flag of Saint Pierre Micron Saint Pierre and MicronFrench: Saint-Pierre et MiquelonSaint-PierreFrench flag France
Aruba flag ArubaDutch: ArubaOranjestadDutch flag Netherlands
Curacao flag CuracaoDutch: CuraçaoWillemstad
Bermuda flag BermudaEnglish: BermudaHamiltonBritish flag United Kingdom

Major cities

Metropolitan areapopulationareaCountry
Mexico City21,163,2267,346 square kilometers (2,836 sq mi)Mexican flag Mexico
ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク19,949,50217,405 square kilometers (6,720 sq mi)United States flag The United States of America
Los Angeles13,131,43112,562 square kilometers (4,850 sq mi)United States flag The United States of America
Chicago9,537,28924,814 square kilometers (9,581 sq mi)United States flag The United States of America
Dallas-Fort Worth6,810,91324,059 square kilometers (9,289 sq mi)United States flag The United States of America
Houston6,313,15826,061 square kilometers (10,062 sq mi)United States flag The United States of America
Toronto6,054,1915,906 square kilometers (2,280 sq mi)Canadian flag Canada
Philadelphia6,034,67813,256 square kilometers (5,118 sq mi)United States flag The United States of America
Washington DC5,949,85914,412 square kilometers (5,565 sq mi)United States flag The United States of America
Miami5,828,19115,896 square kilometers (6,137 sq mi)United States flag The United States of America

2011 census figures

Mexico City is the largest city in North America in terms of population, but New York, which is located in the central eastern coast of the North American continent, is the most important city economically and culturally.In new yorkUnited NationsIn addition to having important international organizations such as the headquarters, it is a city that has a great influence on the world's economy and culture, and is one of the most important cities not only in North America but also in the world.In addition to this, on the northern east coast of the United StatesDuffel Bag,Philadelphia,Baltimore, And a series of big cities such as Washington, DC, the capital of the United States,Boss washCalledMegalopolisIs forming[13]..There are also other megacities in the United States that are central to the region, in Chicago in the Midwest and in the South.AtlantaAnd Miami,TexasHouston, Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, westernDenver, West Coast Los AngelesSan Francisco,SeattleIs a particularly large city.Canada's largest cities are concentrated in the southern part of the country, but the most populous areas areOntarioFrom the southeastQuebecThe southern region, Canada's largest city, Toronto, and the second largest city.MontrealExists in this area.

The big cities on the Pacific coast of CanadaVancouverIt is the only one and is the western gateway to Canada.Canada's fertile western plains are dotted with several cities with a population of 10 to 50.CalgaryIs the largest and is becoming the center of the region.

In North America, the largest city is Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, as mentioned above, where Mexico's population and wealth are concentrated.But in Mexico,Guadalajaraモ ン テ レ イ,in additionPueblaThree cities have a population of over 3 million.All four cities are located on the densely populated central plateau of Mexico.On the other hand, on the coast, on the Caribbean coastVeracruzAnd the Pacific coastAcapulcoAlthough there are many important port cities, there are no big cities with more than 100 million people.

In the smaller Central American nations south of that, the capital of GuatemalaGuatemala CityAnd the capital of NicaraguaManaguaIs the largest with a population of over 100 million and is the capital of HondurasTegucigalpaAnd the capital of PanamaPanama City, The capital of El SalvadorSan SalvadorIs next to this.In the Caribbean, the capital of Cubaハ バ ナAnd the capital of the Dominican RepublicSanto DomingoHas a population of over 200 million and is the capital of HaitiPort-au-PrinceHas a population of over 100 million.


RankingCountryGDP (Purchasing power parity, 2015)
American dollar($100 million)
1United States flag The United States of America18,124,731
2Mexican flag Mexico2,224,313
3Canadian flag Canada1,640,370
4 Cuba211,947
5Dominican Republic flag Dominican Republic146,277
6Puerto Rico flag プ エ ル ト リ コ125,633
7Guatemala flag Guatemala124,941
8Panama flag パナマ81,801
9Costa Rica flag Costa Rica74,324
10El Salvador flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu52,682
RankingCountryGDP (Nominal, 2015)
American dollar($100 million)
1United States flag The United States of America18,124,731
2Canadian flag Canada1,615,471
3Mexican flag Mexico1,231,982
4Puerto Rico flag プ エ ル ト リ コ103,135
5 Cuba68,234
6Dominican Republic flag Dominican Republic66,199
7Guatemala flag Guatemala66,037
8Costa Rica flag Costa Rica52,800
9Panama flag パナマ47,478
10Trinidad and Tobago flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu29,210

In terms of economic scale, the United States is overwhelming, and the sum of all other countries in North America is far less than half the economic scale of the United States.The United States is also the richest in North America in terms of per capita wealth, but Canada has achieved about the same number as the United States in this regard.However, Canada's industrial areas are concentrated in areas close to the US border, and economic exchanges between the two countries are very active, and the economic areas are virtually integrated.Mexico is second only to the two countries in terms of economy, but its per capita wealth is far below that of both countries.In addition, most of the Central American Isthmus and Caribbean countries are economically at the level of middle-income countries, and some are at the level of developing countries, so the difference between the two countries in the north is large.But especially poor in developing countriesLeast developed countriesHaiti is designated as one country[14], Other countries are not very poor or their economies are collapsing.

Various industries are well developed in the United States and Canada, as well asAgriculture:However, due to its fertile agricultural land and efficient large-scale agriculture, it is extremely productive and has become one of the world's leading food exporters.

The US and Canadian economies are nearly integrated, but in addition1992 Mexico, the largest nation in the southern part of the North American continent, and the United States and CanadaNorth American Free Trade AgreementSince the formation of (NAFTA), various parts of northern MexicoMaquiladoraConstruction of a bonded processing zone called is progressing rapidly, especially trade between Mexico and the United States has surged.[15].


In North AmericaHuman capitalSettlement is believed to have started about 16,000 years ago.[16][17][18][19].

The earliest civilization in North America was in what is now central Mexico.1250 BCBy the time it is the oldest civilizationOlmecCivilization was established, and thenTeotihuacanAnd other civilizationsYucatan PeninsulaToMaya civilizationWas established.These civilizationsIronwareWithoutBronze wareAlthough the spread was delayed and the use was almost limited to decoration,cornHe has cultivated many plants, including the above, and has created his own advanced civilization.

1492 ,Christopher ColumbusIs near the eastern end of the present BahamasSan Salvador IslandLanded on (Discover the Americas), In the next few decadesSpainCame fromConquistadorDestroyed all the advanced civilizations of Central America1521 Was the largest indigenous nationAztec EmpireAlsoHernan CortezWas destroyed by.Also, colonists from Europe brought in pathogens that were unknown in North America, which drastically reduced the indigenous population of North America. By the middle of the 16th century, most of the Middle American continent was a Spanish colony.On the other hand, in the Caribbean Islands, after the 17th century, Britain, France, the Netherlands, etc. advanced to sew between Spanish rule and built colonies.[20].

Colonization to the northern part of North America was delayed compared to the Central American region.The first permanent colony in the area was opened1607 ToUnited KingdomByJamestownWas built.By the way1620 ToMayflowerCame onPilgrim FathersWePlymouthSettled in, and eventually on the east coast of England13 coloniesWill be built.Meanwhile, to the northSt. Lawrence RiverAt the estuaryFranceHas advanced,1608 ToQuebecBuild a city and go inland,Nouvelle franceBuilt a colony.This colony is from the St. Lawrence RiverGreat Lakes-Mississippi RiverIt was a vast colony that extended through the water system to the Gulf of Mexico, but the population was very sparse except around Quebec.

Eventually, the British colonies on the east coast and the French colonies surrounding them clashed, and the clashes continued intermittently for over 100 years, but in the end it was the last.French and Indian WarsIsFrench indian warFrance was defeated in1763 OfParis TreatyFrance decided to transfer most of the colonies of the North American continent to Britain.However, Britain, which was in financial difficulty due to the war expenses of this war, began to impose various taxes on 13 colonies, and the dissatisfied colonies side1775 UprisingAmerican Revolutionary WarBroke out.Next time1776 ToDeclaration of American IndependenceWas announced.This war went on with the colonial dominance1783 ToParis Peace ConferenceWas signed, Britain recognized the independence of 13 colonies, and the United States, the first modern independent state of the North American continent, was born.However, the Canadian colony located to the north chose to stay with Britain, where the former British territory of the North American continent was divided into the United States in the south and the Canadian colony in the north. ..The independent United States made the eastern bank of the Mississippi River, which was a British territory, its own territory, but showed a move to move further west.1803 From France to the west bank of the Mississippi RiverAcquired LouisianaAnd doubled the territory.President of the United StatesThomas Jefferson The1804 ToMeriwether LewisWilliam ClarkThe expedition led by was dispatched to the west of Mississippi.thisLewis Clark Expedition TheMissouri RiverProceed along and through the Rocky Mountains[21], Reached the Pacific Ocean and laid the foundation for America's western expansion.

With this American independenceFrench RevolutionThe turmoil of the suzerains that originated in the United States has also led to independence in each region of Central America.The earliest move to independence was the French territory in the Caribbean Sea.Saint-DomingueIs.In Saint-Domingue1791 ToHaiti revolutionBroke out,1804 Haiti became independent as the second independent country in North America.Then1810 In MexicoMiguel HidalgoByMexican Independence RevolutionIs started,1821 Mexico becomes independent.From there1823 ToFederal Republic of Central AmericaBecame independent, and Spanish power was limited to the islands of the Caribbean Sea.

Shortly after independence, the United States began expanding to the west.Initially limited to the east of the Mississippi River, which was an American territory, the Louisiana Purchase further extended the American territory to the west, and a wave of immigrants gradually rushed to the west.What was important1787 Was established inNorthwest OrdinanceSo, this made it an Israeli outpostTerritoryWith a population of over 60000, it became possible to join the federation as a state and played a major role in the nationalization of the west. From the middle of the 19th centuryIndustrial revolutionThe United States was rapidly increasing its national power due to the wave of immigrants from each country and the existence of western settlements that could accept it.Such westward movement of the United States evoked a conflict with Mexico, which had territory in the area in the direction of travel, but at that time Mexico continued to have political instability in the country, and in northern Mexico, which collides with the United States, the population is thin and development is also underway. The conflict between the two countries has always been settled in favor of the United States, as it has not progressed.1836 At the northern end of MexicoCoahuila y TejasAmerican immigrants rebelled and became independent inRepublic of TexasFounded the country.1845 As the country joined the United States, the two countries clashed and1846 ToAmerican ink warBroke out.The United States won the battle completely, and the peace of 1848 stripped the vast territory of the north from Mexico.[22].. further1849 Just wonCaliforniaInFriWas discovered,California Gold RushThe development of the western part of the country has progressed dramatically.1869 ToFirst transcontinental trainOpened and became the aorta connecting the east and west of the United States.

In the 1860s, there were major civil wars in the United States and Mexico, respectively.first1861 In AmericaSlaveryThe northern part and the southern part are in conflict over the pros and cons ofUnited States of AmericaFoundedCivil WarBroke out.Then I saw this turmoilFrance Mexican serviceAnd capture Mexico CitySecond Mexican EmpireWas established.All of these battles were held by the central government (American)Abraham LincolnRegime MexicoBenito JuarezAfter the victory of the administration), the control of the central governments of both countries was strengthened.In addition, the intensification of the United States awakened the sense of crisis of the British colonies on the north side, which had been repeatedly separated and integrated.1867 Of these four coloniesBritish North American LawWas enacted and integrated as the Dominion of Canada.Other British colonies in the region joined the Canadian Dominion one after another, eventually consolidating all British territories in the northern part of the continent into Canada.

The economic growth of the United States continues, and at the end of the 19th century, the industrial power of the United States became that of the United Kingdom.GermanyEuropeStrong lineIt was about to be on the same level as the countries.1898 ToUS-West WarWoke up, the United States won, Cuba became independent, Puerto Rico became American territory, and Spain completely lost its territory on the New World.[23]..Also, from this period, American capital began to expand throughout Central America, and a large farm was built.United fruitThe control of the company etc. became stronger,Banana republicThe economic subordination of Central American countries to the United States, as represented by the word, has progressed.In mexicoPorfirio DiazEconomic development has progressed under the administration, but there has been growing opposition to the widening gap between rich and poor and dictatorship.1910 ThanMexican RevolutionBroke out.Also, in 1914, by the hands of the United StatesPanama CanalWas built, significantly reducing shipping distances between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

World War IWhen European countries were economically exhausted, the United States became the world's largest economy and led the world economy.Second World WarHas become a complete world leader in politics and military affairs.On the other hand, in many Caribbean and Central American countries, political instability continues.Coup d'etatByMilitary regimeIt was not uncommon for the United States to be established, but politically and militarily, it came under the strong influence of the United States.Under these circumstances1959 ToCuban revolutionBroke out,Fidel CastroThe revolutionary government led bySoviet UnionRapidly approaching.First in North AmericaEast sideThe birth of a nation brought extreme tension to the region.This tension1962 OfCuban crisisThe climax was reached by the storm surge, and although tensions eased a little after that, the conflict between the two countries continued into the 21st century.[24].. From the 1960s to the 1980s, the remaining British colonies in the Caribbean Sea and the Lesser Antilles became independent one after another, and especially in the Lesser Antilles, small countries became crowded.


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