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⚽ | Hiroki Ito is the 5th person!Stuttgart becomes the "most" Japanese club


Hiroki Ito is the 5th person!Stuttgart becomes the "most" Japanese club

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Shinji Okazaki, Gotoku Sakai, Takuma Asano, Wataru Endo, and Hiroki Ito are the fifth.

Hiroki Ito is transferring a loan from Jubilo Iwata to Stuttgart. The 22-year-old newcomer is Bundesliga in the Mainz battle ... → Continue reading


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Shinji Okazaki

Shinji Okazaki(Okazaki Shinji,1986 May 4 -) isHyogoTakarazukaFromProfessional soccer player.position TheFW.Spain-Segunda Division-FC CartagenaBelongs. ExRepresentation from Japan..The record holder who is the 3rd place in the history of Japan national team score ranking and the 4th place in the number of appearances.

2015 から2019 UntilEngland-Premier League OfLeicester CityBelong to.2016 ToVardy,MahrezThe first in 132 years since the club was foundedPremier League victoryBecame a member of the historical member[2].MainzHas recorded the highest score (15 points) for Japanese in major European leagues.


Before entering professional

1986 ToTakarazukaWas born in.母は元テニス選手で、高校時代にMy mother was a former tennis player and was in high schoolInter HighHas won doubles and team competitions in[3].

Sanda City Keyakidai Elementary SchoolWhen I was in the second grade, I was influenced by my brother and started playing soccer. When I was in junior high school, with club team Takarazuka Junior FCMita City Keyakidai Junior High SchoolPlayed in the soccer club and was selected for prefecture selection[4].. After graduating from junior high school, he is a strong man in Hyogo prefectureTakigawa Daini High SchoolWent on to. I got a regular from 1 year, and in the national high school championship, I formed 3 tops with my 2rd year brother, Hiroshi Hiroshi, and entered the best 4[5][6].. In the third year national competition, he served as captain andYu Kijima, One year juniorYasuhito MorishimaAnd formed an attack team. 2 years juniorYume KanzakiThere is.

Shimizu S-Pulse era

When I graduated from high school in 2005,KobeShimizu's two clubs called, but from the intention of the person himself, "I want to play at a high level",Shimizu S-PulseJoined. At the time of joiningKenta HasegawaThe director's evaluation was "8th out of 8 FW"[3].. New Year's Day 2006Emperor's cupIn the final, the official start for the first time. He steadily produced results in satellites, and was appointed as a midfielder by the top teams in the 2007 season, scoring five goals in the league.

In the early part of the 2008 season, there were a lot of substitutions in the middle, but he scored in a short time, and from the middle of the season he was used as a starting point for the FW, recording the goal of 10 goals a year. However, it has come to be seen as Ace of Shimizu.

New member in 2009Frode YoungsenBecame the axis of FW, Okazaki was appointed as FW or side half, and participated in 34 official games including all 41 league games. In J League Awards, it will be 10 years since Shimizu.J League Best ElevenIn addition to being selected, he won the Excellent New Face Award,Newcomer KingAlthough Okazaki's election, which has already earned the award, has already had a good track record in the professional fifth year, it was controversial and triggered the review of the criteria for selecting a newcomer.

2010 J1 Section 2YamagataImmediately after scoring the first score in the 43rd minute of the second half of the season, the elbow hit the mouth with the opponent player and the two front teeth were bent from the root and injured, leaving the next section.[7], Participated in 31 league games and scored 13 points.

VfB Stuttgart era

2011 May 1,Bundesliga, Germany OfVfB StuttgartAnnounced that it has acquired Okazaki in full transfer with a three-and-a-half year contract with an estimated annual salary of 130 million euros (1 million yen)[8](Agent Sports Consulting Japan Robert Tsukuda).However, during the contract period with Shimizu, it was until "January 2011, 1", and Shimizu did not hear anything including the details of the contract, and could not contact his agent Roberto Tsukuda.[9]。シュトゥットガルトがドイツサッカー協会を通じて行なった岡崎の国際移籍証明書発行依頼では、シュトゥットガルトとの契約開始日が「2011年1月31日」と記載されていたため、清水は「2011年1月31日」までは岡崎との契約期間中であることを日本サッカー協会(JFA)を通して、シュトゥットガルトおよびドイツサッカー協会に対して、移籍証明書発行依頼の記載内容が誤りではないかと照会。同時にシュトゥットガルトにFIFA規則第18-3項第1文及び第2文にあたる所属クラブへの事前通告無く規約違反にあたるなどの問題点があったことから、清水はInternational Football FederationJFA did not issue an international transfer certificate, claiming to violate (FIFA) rules[10] Because of the Bundesliga debut, which was seen on February 2,1. FC NurembergI was not able to participate in the battle[11][12].

February 2, same year, in the form of provisional registration by the decision of FIFA[10],UEFA Europa LeagueWill be able to participate inBenficaFull debut in the left MF. February 2, Bundesliga Round 20Bayer LeverkusenHe made his debut in the Bundesliga as a starter in the battle. After that, although it was settled on the starting lineup, due to the team circumstances that were in the midst of the battle for the remaining, it was difficult to score a goal because it was difficult to score, but by exerting abundant exercise amount and devoted defense , The team wandering around the relegation zone before joining Okazaki improved their condition and decided to stay without waiting for the final round on May 5Hannover 96In the match, I scored the first goal of the Bundesliga, which will be the final point.[13]. Of the last sectionBayern MunichHe also scored points in the match and contributed to the team's remaining part (the Japanese scored in the match against BayernNaoyasu TakaharaSince).

In the 2011-12 season, he was mainly used in the left MF and scored 3 points in the first half, but he often went to the sub. In the second half, he scored three consecutive games in February, and the bicycle shoot scored in the match against Hannover on February 2, 3 was selected as the February goal of the month on a German TV program.[14]. However, after that, I could not reach the double-digit score due to injury. The 2-2012 season only scored one goal in the league.

1. The FSV Mainz 05 era

August 2013, 6,1.FSV Mainz 05Complete transfer with 3 year contract[15]. The transfer fee will be 150 million euros. At the beginning of the season, it was used in the left side half as in the Stuttgart era, but in Section 10Eintracht BraunschweigWhen he started as a top player in the match, he scored his first multi-goal since going to Germany (UEFA Europa LeagueThen beforeSteaua BucharestRecorded in battle). December 12, Section 21Hamburger SVHe showed 2 goals and 1 assist in the battle, and was selected as the third Man of the Match on the Bundesliga official website. January 1th, German magazine "KickerIs the FW category of Bundesliga's position-based ranking, and Okazaki, who finished 16 games in the first half with 8 goals, was ranked 8th. April 4th,DortmundIn battleShinji KagawaWas lined up with 2011 points, which is the highest scored Japanese score of the Bundesliga in the 12-13 season of the Dortmund era,NurembergThe Japanese highest score record was updated in the battle. May 5 of the last sectionHamburger SVHe continued to score points in the battle, and eventually ended the 15-2013 season with a season tie record of Mainz and a season score of 14 points, which is his career high even in the Shimizu era. In addition, due to this achievement, he was selected as the annual best eleven by German online media SPOX.[16].

2014-15 season league opening gameSC Paderborn 07Then he scored 1 point and was selected as the Man of the Match for the German magazine "Kicker". Section 3Hertha BerlinIn the battle, I scored 2 points, and with this scoreOkudera YasuhikoUpdated Bundesliga's highest score record for Japanese[17].. Section 25FC AugsburgIn the battle, he scored his 10th goal in the season and scored double digits for the second consecutive season. Section 2SC FreiburgIn the match, he scored 2 points and finally scored 8 points, which will be tied 12th in the league.

Lester City FC era

August 2015, 6,England-Premier League OfLester City FCTransferred to 13 billion yen, transferred with a 4-year contract[18][19][20]. Opening day on August 8 of the same yearSunderland AFCAfter starting as one of the top two in the match, the Premier League Section 2 enemy land held on August 8thWest HamScored the first goal of the Premier League in the match. Made on January 1FA Cup3 RoundTottenhamHe scored the FA Cup's first goal in the battle. Premier League Round 2016 on March 3, 14Newcastle UnitedBased in the first 25 minutes of the battleKing Power StadiumThe first goal inOverhead kickAnd brought in 1-0 victory. The goal has become a hot topic all over the world, and the British mediawith the BBCIn the soccer show "Match of the Day", it was ranked as the best candidate for the month in March and ranked second in the fan vote.[21]. Then in the same positionJamie VerdyAlthough the score is less than that ofSky Sports"Is"Shadow heroIs evaluated as[22].May 5Second place in the matchTottenhamBecame the first member of the historic 132-year club to win the Premier League for the first time.[2]. It was also the first club league title for Okazaki that could not be won during the J. League era or the Bundesliga era. At the moment of winning the decision, he was happy with his teammates at Verdi's home and tweeted on his Twitter that "I'm so happy that I lose myself after a long time and I can't believe it".[23]. This season Okazaki had changed halfway through 25 games, which was the Premier League tie record.[24].. Of the final roundChelseaIf I changed in the middle of the battle it was a record update, but the result was a participation from the bench start and I could not update[24], Okazaki himself regretted this later, but said it is now a laughing story[25].

2016-17 season, September 9thEFL Cup3 RoundChelsea FCIn the battle, the team lost 2-2 despite the success of scoring 4 points. October 10,European CLSection 3FC CopenhagenIn the second half of the battle, he participated in the game from the latter half and played CL for the first time. October 10, Premier League Round 22Crystal palaceIn the battle, he scored the first score of the season. November 11, European CL Section 22Club BrugesIn the match, he scored his first CL score and contributed to CL's final tournament advancement. In the final tournament, we will advance to the best eight,Atletico MadridIn the match, both games took turns in the first half, and the team lost 2-1, losing. Round 2 of May 5Manchester CityIn battle,Volley shootHowever, the team lost 1-2.

2017-18 season,Arsenal FCIn the league opening game with, he scored the first score of the new season. Section 2BrightonHe scored two goals in a row by scoring a goal in 52 seconds in the match. September 2th,Carabao CupRound 3 ofLiverpoolContributed to the victory in the battle with one goal and one assist[26].. Aug. 12,Maya YoshidaThe Japanese confrontation with Section 17Southampton FCIn the match, they started each other and showed their performance of scoring 2 points and contributed to 4 consecutive victories.[27]. In addition, opponent Yoshida also scored 1 goal, and this match was the first match in the history of the Premier League to be scored by multiple Asian players.[28]. Although he scored 6 goals in the first half of the game, he continued to miss the injury and did not score double digits.

In the 2018-19 season, I didn't get a regular start. Inaugurated in FebruaryBrendan RogersUnder the director's system, he was not given the opportunity to participate, and he will leave Leicester after the contract expires after the season ends[29].

Malaga CF era

August 2019, 7,Segunda DivisionBelongs toMalaga CFIs announced to join the 1-year contract[30][31]..However, Okazaki's player registration was not possible because Malaga exceeded the player's annual salary set by the league, and the contract was canceled on September 9.[32][33].

SD Huesca era

August 2019, 9,Segunda DivisionBelongs toSD HuescaJoined with a one-year contract (with extension option)[34]. The uniform number is "12". September 9th, section 8Sporting de GijonMade a Spanish debut in the battle[35].. March 9, Section 28Girona FCScored the first goal after transfer in the battle[36].. February 2020, 2, Section 23RajoIn the match, the header score was canceled by VAR intervention, which was the seventh goal cancellation of the season.[37].. March 2, Section 29ExtremaduraIn the battle, I scored two goals in the first league match[38].. March 7, Section 2Las PalmasScored points in the battle and achieved double-digit scores in the first year of Spain[39].. April 7CD NumanciaHeel kick in the game, scoring the 12th goal of the season and contributing to the team's victory[40]..And the final section of July 7thSporting de GijonAfter winning the battle, he emerged as the leader and won the Segunda victory in the reversal.[41].. Okazaki himself recorded 12 points in the league match and contributed greatly to the victory as the team scorer.[42].. Best player of the year selected by fans and supporters on SNS held after the season[43]And Heumal against Numancia were selected as Huesca's best goals of the year[44].. On July 7, we signed a one-year contract extension with Huesca[45].

2020-21 season, Section 12GranadaIn battlePrimeraThe first goal is about 35mloopI decided by shooting.With this goal, he was selected as the best goal of the 12th section of La Liga's official Twitter account, and last week.Yoshinori MutoBecame the second Japanese player to score in three major European leagues.[46][47].. February 2021, 2, Section 7real MadridIn the battle, from the escape to the backJavi GalánHe recorded his first assist, which was the first goal, but the team lost 1-2.[48].

FC Cartagena

August 2021, 8,FC CartagenaAnnounced to join[49][50][51].

Representation from Japan

Beijing Olympics national team coachKoji SorimachiIn July, in JulyBeijing OlympicsHe was elected a member of this tournament as a representative. Participated in the second half of the match against the U-23 Australia National Team, which was held as a send-off match for the Olympics,Hiroyuki TaniguchiThe left cross was combined with the diving head to score the Olympic team's first score and contribute to the victory. However, in this tournament there was no score.

First selected as representative A in September 2008, on October 9Giraffe challenge cup-UAEUnder the top in the battleStamenParticipated and recorded A representative's first appearance[1].. July 2009, 1Asian Cup Qualifying OfYemenDecide the national team's first score in the battle[1], June 6World Cup Asian Final QualifyingAwayEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIn the battle, we scored the final points that decided to participate in the World Cup for four consecutive games in Japan[3].. October 10 Asian Cup Qualifier vs.Hong KongOf the Kirin Challenge Cup that was held about a week after the battleト ー ゴRecorded a hat trick in the battle[1][52].. This year, the national team participated in 16 games and scored 15 points.International Federation of Football StatisticsWas ranked No. 1 in the world score ranking by[53].

From the beginning of 2010, among all 6 matches of the A national team until the match against Côte d'Ivoire on June 4th[54] He was used as a starting member in eight games, but he could not give a result with only one goal in the Asian Cup final qualifying match against Bahrain on March 8.World Cup South Africa TournamentJust before, I was demoted from regular to sub. Participated in all four games as the right side half in this tournament,DenmarkIn the second half 42 minutesKeisuke HondaAfter receiving a pass from, he scored his first goal in the World Cup and contributed to the Japan national team's final tournament advancement. Became the national team coach after the World CupAlberto SackeroniTook the first command on October 10ArgentineContributed to the 1-0 victory by scoring the final goal in a friendly match with[1].

2011 year 1 month 17 dayAsian CupGroup leagueSaudi ArabiaFor the third time as a representative in the battlehat trickAchieved[1].. This recordChiura Miura2nd place in Thailand[55].. A charity match held on March 3 of the same yearTohoku Pacific Ocean Earthquake Recovery Support Charity Match Ganbaro Nippon!In ", I decided the second point with the assistance from Honda.

Kirin Challenge Cup on February 2013, 2ラトビアIn battleChiura MiuraThe record is the fastest Japanese national team to beat the record and topped 30 points.

March 2014, 3, before renovation of National StadiumNew ZealandScored 2 points in the battle,Hiromi HaraIt was 3 points which was the third place in the past. Held in June of the same year2014 FIFA World CupIn the third roundコロンビアDespite scoring a goal in the match, the team lost and the group league was eliminated.

2015 Year of 1 MonthAsian Cup 2015Then, although he scored a goal in the Palestine match, Okazaki scored only one goal throughout the tournament. Japan's quarterfinalsUAEIt was defeated in the best 8 after defeating in the penalty shootout. March 3, Kirin Challenge CupチュニジアParticipated in the 90th game of A national team in the battle,Chiura MiuraBecame the most contestant in A match in FW[56].

August 2016, 3,2018 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 2 Qualifying(I.e.Achieved the fifth international A match 5 game participation in Japan[57].. I didn't get a score in the match,Vahid Haril HosicFrom "Captain Okazaki is qualified to receive a reward (of the game captain)."Makoto HasebeThe captain's mark was wound up instead of, and after the match, the bate of raising the body was received from the teammate.[58].

August 2017, 3,2018 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 3 Qualifying OfThailandIn the battle, he scored the 50th point in total. The representative scored 50 pointsKunimoto KamamotoThis is the third person after Chiura Miura.

2018 year 6 month,Russian World CupBeing selected as a member of the World Cup, he has participated in three consecutive World Cup competitions. Even though he participated in three group stage games, no points were scored, and the goal for three consecutive games was not achieved.BelgiumWhen asked about the surrounding players declaring retirement from the national team the day after the war, he said, “I still want to do my best for Japan,” and said that he would retire from the national team. Revealed that there is no[59].

August 2019, 5,Giraffe challenge cupWas selected as a member ofMoriichiIt was the first representative call in the system[60].. The next 24th,Copa America 2019Was selected as a member of. At the competition,Tokyo OlympicsAmong the young members who are mainly composed of generations[61], Scored in the second match against Uruguay and the third match against Ecuador. However, the team was eliminated in the group league, and in the match against Ecuador, he left the tournament with no goals, such as finishing with zero shots.[62].

Play style

Off the ballOf the type that competes with the movement ofstriker. I am good at shooting out of the back of the DF line in an instant, and I am willing to play with a muddy goal such as a diving head.[63].

High amount of exercise and quality, high defensive ability such as intense chasing from the front,forwardOtherswing,Below the topandSide halfManage[64][65]. Also, the quality of movement is high, which contributes to the team.[66].

Previously it was a blunt admission for both myself and others,Barcelona OlympicsA physical trainer with 100m experienceRyuyu Sugimoto(Okazaki was a physical trainer when he was playing S-Pulse, and he has a personal contract as of 2015), improved his running style and gained a sharp start. Physical strength and sharpness are also increasing[67].

Brendan Rogers said in a Leicester era: “First of all, as a human being, it's very nice. Honestly, I do my hard work every day and do it with great energy and passion. And I always try my best on the pitch. In the UK, "empty a tank" is an example of a person who does everything but he was the man who empty a tank. I ran until I ran empty." "It was a short time, but it was a pleasure for me to do with him," he said.[68].


  • He joined the company in July 2008, and the first child was born in January of the following year. January 7, 1Asian Cup 2011-QatarOf warShinji KagawaCelebrating the birth of the second child born on this day with a cradle dance during the first goal of the game (Kagawa pushed the Okazaki loop shoot)[69].
  • The word "lifelong diving head" sent from the coach of the Takarazuka Junior FC era just before joining the pro is the inscription.[70][71].
  • Respected players are known for similar play stylesMasafumi NakayamaIs[72]"When I lined up Nakayama with the total score, I couldn't exceed Mr. Gon (Nakayama)," he said.[73]. By the way, the match that Okazaki scored in the Japanese national team was on January 2011, 1.Saudi ArabiaAt the time of the battle, I won all 13 games[74] On January 2011, 9Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euThe record of consecutive wins was stopped by the draw in the battle.
  • August 2014, 8,GermanyEstablished "FC BASARA MAINZ" in the 11th division league and became super advisor. Since its establishment, it has been promoted for five consecutive years and is in the German 5th Division League as of 2020.[75].
  • In November 2014, he opened the soccer school "Meister Soccer School", which he represents.
  • 2015 May 3Made inEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euScored in the 9th minute of the second half and in the 35th minute of the second halfTakeshi AmagasakiMade a long shot at an unmanned goal when the opponent's GK went up. In the scene, the opponent DF desperately tried to clear Shibasaki's long shot, but Okazaki blocked the opponent DF and scored the goal of Shibasaki. Okazaki said, "It was a good shot, and I could hear the cheers, so I don't want to touch it." "Same as me, but it is a barometer whether or not to score a goal. (For Shibasaki) I thought it would be.''[76] Director Halil Hodzic praised Okazaki, saying, "Okazaki got on the ball, but didn't score a goal. That was a spectacle (magnificent)."[77]. However, OkazakiMay 4In his own blog, I have no regrets about that play, but "Unexpectedly a DF came from behind, and unexpected sliding also caught my foot. I think I was injured if I made a mistake." It has said[78].
  • July 2017, ``FOX SPORTS"Asia's 5 most iconic athletes"Manny Pacquiao(boxing),Sachin Tendulkar(cricket),Li Na(Tennis), Ding Shun Aki (ビ リ ヤ ー ド) Was chosen with[79].
  • January 2019Malaga CFWhen I joined theSpainLeading paperMundo DeportivoOf the 2019-20 season2 club11 players to watch in, Shinji Kagawa, Mt. Shibasaki,Javi Fuego,Louis Adbinkra,Samuel SosaWas elected with[80].
  • In April 2020, it was selected as one of the 4 best representatives of Japan in the 21st century selected by British media, and at that time it was described as "CF that can be called a "monument" of Japanese football."[81].
  • April 2020. British media "4min" has been selected as one of the top 90 projects by Leicester City, "The Greatest Striker TOP 25"[82].
  • Was a colleague at LeicesterChristian FuchsAnd Fuchs in 2020New coronavirusWhen was popular,LockdownWhat players would you like to spend together with? To the questionRobert HootSaid Okazaki. The reason is that he is always a smiling person and makes everyone around him smile.[83]. Fuchs spared goodbye to Okazaki when he left Leicester, saying, "Who should I stretch with?"[84].

Affiliation club

Youth career
Professional career

Individual grade

Domestic competition individual performance
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberleagueLeague matchLeague cupOpen cupTotal period
JapanLeague matchLeague cupEmperor's cupTotal period
GermanyLeague matchLeague cupDFB PokalTotal period
2010-11 Stuttgart31Bundes Part 1122--122
2011-12 267-30297
2012-13 251-61312
2013-14 Mainz233315-203515
2014-15 3212-113313
EnglandLeague matchFL cupFA cupTotal period
2015-16 Lester20Premier3651021396
2016-17 3031220335
2017-18 2762130327
2018-19 2103010250
SpainLeague matchKing's CupOpen cupTotal period
2019-20 マ ラ ガ23Segunda---00
2020-21 Primera25110-261
2021-22 Cartagena16Segunda-
GermanyBundes Part 112837-12214039
International competition individual results
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberParticipationscoreParticipationscore
2010-11 Stuttgart3120-
2012-13 92-
2016-17 Lester20-71

Other international official games

Participation meet

  • High school third grader National High School Soccer Championship (Best 4)
  • High school third grader National high school overall (Best 16), National High School Soccer Championship (Best 4)
  • 3rd year high school National high school overall best 8 (excellent player selection), national high school soccer championship Hyogo prefecture championship (national competition participation)

Japanese representative history

Participation meet

Number of matches

  • International A Match 119 games 50 goals (2008 -)[1]

Representation from JapanInternational A Match


#Date heldvenueOpponentVictoryMatch outline
1.2009/1/20Japan,KumamotoYemen flag Yemen○ 2-1AFC Asian Cup 2011 Final Qualifying
2.2009/2/4Japan TokyoFinnish flag Finland○ 5-1Giraffe challenge cup2009
4.2009/5/27Japan, OsakaChilean flag チリ○ 4-0Giraffe cup football 2009
6.2009/5/31Japan TokyoBelgian flag Belgium○ 4-0
7.2009/6/6Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu,TashkentUzbekistan flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 1-02010 FIFA World Cup Asia Final Qualifying
8.2009/9/9 Netherlands,UtrechtGhana flag ガーナ○ 4-3Friendly match
9.2009/10/8Shizuoka, JapanHong Kong flag Hong Kong○ 6-0AFC Asian Cup 2011 Final Qualifying
122009/10/14Japan, MiyagiTogolese flag ト ー ゴ○ 5-0Kirin Challenge Cup 2009
152009/11/18Hong KongHong Kong flag Hong Kong○ 4-0AFC Asian Cup 2011 Final Qualifying
162010/3/3Japan, AichiBahrain flag バーレーン○ 2-0
172010/6/24South Africa,RustenburgDanish flag Denmark○ 3-12010 FIFA World Cup
182010/10/8Japan, SaitamaArgentina flag Argentine○ 1-0Kirin Challenge Cup 2010
192011/1/17Qatar,Al RayanSaudi arabia flag Saudi Arabia○ 5-0AFC Asian Cup 2011
222011/9/6Tashkent, UzbekistanUzbekistan flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu△ 1-12014 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 3 Qualifying
232011/10/11Japan, OsakaTajikistan flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 8-0
252011/11/11Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu,DushanbeTajikistan flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 4-0
272012/5/23Shizuoka, JapanAzerbaijan flag アゼルバイジャン○ 2-0Kirin Challenge Cup 2012
282012/6/3Japan, SaitamaOman Flag Oman○ 3-02014 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 4 Qualifying
292012/11/14Oman,MuscatOman Flag Oman○ 2-1
302013/2/6Japan, KobeLatvian flag ラトビア○ 3-0Kirin Challenge Cup 2013
322013/3/22Qatar,DohaCanadian flag Canada○ 2-1Friendly match
332013/6/11Qatar, DohaIraqi flag (I.e.○ 1-02014 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 4 Qualifying
342013/6/19Brazil,RecifeItalian flag Italy● 3-4FIFA Confederations Cup 2013
352013/6/22Brazil,Belo HorizonteMexican flag Mexico● 1-2
362013/11/19Belgium,ブ リ ュ ッ セ ルBelgian flag Belgium○ 3-2Friendly match
372014/3/5Japan TokyoNew Zealand flag New Zealand○ 4-2Kirin Challenge Cup 2014
392014/6/24Brazil,CuiabaColombia flag コロンビア● 1-42014 FIFA World Cup
402014/11/18Japan, OsakaAustralian flag Australia○ 2-1Kirin Challenge Cup 2014
412015/1/12Australia,NewcastlePalestinian flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 4-0AFC Asian Cup 2015
422015/3/27Japan, OitaTunisia flag チュニジア○ 2-0Kirin Challenge Cup 2015
432015/3/31Japan, ChofuUzbekistan flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 5-1JAL Challenge Cup 2015
442015/6/11Yokohama, JapanIraqi flag (I.e.○ 4-0Kirin Challenge Cup 2015
452015/9/8(I.e.,TehranFlag of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan アフガニスタン○ 6-02018 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 2 Qualifying
472015/10/8Oman, MuscatSyrian flag (I.e.○ 3-0
482016/3/24Japan, SaitamaFlag of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan アフガニスタン○ 5-0
492016/6/3Japan, ToyotaBulgarian flag Bulgaria○ 7-2Giraffe cup football 2016
502017/3/28Japan, SaitamaKingdom of Thailand flag Thailand○ 4-02018 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 3 Qualifying



Lester City FC
SD Huesca


TV appearance




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外部 リンク

Takanori Sakai

Gotoku Sakai(Sakai Gotoku,1991 May 3 -) isJ League-VISSEL KOBEBelongs. ExRepresentation from Japan.. Position isDefender(leftSide back).The second son of four brothers, the older brotherJudo OfGohi Sakai, My brothersoccer player OfNobufumi Sakai,Takasei Sakai.


Before entering professional

JapaneseWith his fatherGermanWith my motherThe United States of AmericaNew York StateNew York CityBorn in Japan, when he was 2 years old, due to his father's workNiigataSanjo CityMoved to[4].

Albirex Niigata era

Started playing soccer at the age of 10 and worked for Sanjo Soccer Sports Boy Scouts and Leather FS Junior Youth in 2006.JAPAN Soccer CollegeGo to high school,Kaishi Gakuen High SchoolWhile registering atAlbirex NiigataJoined youth.By living in the dormitory, I was able to balance study and soccer.[5].. In 2008,Type 2 registered playerWas also enrolled in the top team[6]..Promotion was announced on November 11, the same year[7].. November 2th, during the 11nd class registration periodTorigin Bird StadiumMade inEmperor's cupRound 5 (Opposite: FC Tokyo)[8], First appearance in the official game.

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayAjinomoto StadiumHe participated in the league match for the first time in J1 Section 1 (opponent: FC Tokyo) held in.In the same year, he participated in 18 league games, mainly in the middle of the game. Since 2010, he has been participating in games as a regular.[9], The following October 2011, 10Yokohama F. MarinosBattle (Tohoku Electric Power Big Swan Stadium) Scored the first professional score[10].

VfB Stuttgart era

August 2011, 12,Bundesliga-VfB StuttgartTimed transfer to was announced[11][12]..Deadline2013 Until June 6th.This is the first time a Niigata player has been transferred to a European club. February 30, 2012, Section 2Hertha BerlinHe made his first appearance in the Bundesliga in the starting lineup.Since then, he has become a regular member while joining in the middle, and has been praised by local newspapers for his activities from the German newspaper "WELT".Germany national teamWas reported to be convened in[13].

Complete transfer to VfB Stuttgart on January 2013, 1[14]..The contract is until June 16.

March 2015, 2, Bundesliga Section 14HoffenheimHe scored his first Bundesliga goal in the match. The 2014-15 season was appointed as a starting lineup at the beginning of the season, but it was often settled at the end of the season when the team was in the midst of a residual battle.

Hamburger SV era

Considering transfer as the chances of participating in Stuttgart have decreased.He was the director of the transfer to Stuttgart (as of 2011)Bruno LabbadiaOn July 2015, 7Hamburger SVTransferred to[15].. May 11, Section 7DarmstadtFirst starter in the war. February 2016, 2, Section 7CologneAfter the war, it became a regular player, and on March 3th, he recorded 6 Bundesliga appearances in the 25th round against Hertha Berlin.[16].

Appointed as team captain by manager on November 2016, 11[17]..This is the first time a Japanese player has been the team captain in the Bundesliga.[18]..Also, from this time on, not only the side back, which is my main job, but also playing voluntarily has increased. January 2017, 1, Bundesliga Section 28FC Ingolstadt 04Then, he scored a middle shot, which is his first goal in about two years.In the final section, also fight for the remaining partVfL WolfsburgFully participated in the battle and contributed to the victory of 2-1[19]..As a result, he succeeded in leaving one copy of the team that was the lowest in the league when he became the captain.[20]..After the end of the season, he will be assigned the captain of a team that has never been demoted to the second division. "No matter what,'the first captain who was demoted to the second division is Japanese' is no longer. There was a feeling that my pride would never allow it. There was a lot of pressure on me. What if I played in the middle of the final round of the game thinking "Is it really?" There was also, "he said, expressing his feelings under pressure.[21].

Despite playing as captain in the 2017-18 season, the team was relegated to the second division for the first time in club history in the 55th season.[22].Super Rig OfBesiktas JKShowed interest, but after the end of the season he extended his contract with Hamburger and remained.

In the 2018-19 season, he remained within 2nd place in the automatic promotion range until the end of the season, but stalled at the end of the season and finished in 3th place without being able to enter the 4rd place where he could participate in the playoffs. Due to the situation of the team that missed the promotion in one year, the supporter gave him a spear ball, and in the final sectionMSV DuisburgIn the war, the supporters booed me[23]..For that boo, after the matchLewis HoltbyTeammates criticize and protect Sakai[24]..However, the treatment of war criminals who missed the promotion did not change, and when a picture of Sakai who participated in the camp for the 19-20 season appeared on the team's Instagram, it became a situation of burning.[25].

Vissel Kobe era

August 2019, 8,VISSEL KOBEAnnounced full transfer to[26].. March 8, Section 17Urawa RedsHe returned to the J-League for the first time in eight years since 2011.[27]..Since then, he has been active as a main player in Kobe, and was held on January 1st of the following year.Kashima AntlersWithEmperor's cupHe won the final and won his first title.

August 2020, 1,IshikawaHakui-gunHodatsu Shimizu TownBecome a special envoy of[28].. Aug. 3,2019 New CoronavirusIt was discovered that he was infected with the disease and he was hospitalized. He was discharged on April 4. Became the first J-Leaguer to be infected with the new coronavirus[29].. March 9, Section 5Shonan BellmareHe scored his first goal in the match after transferring to Kobe. Scored in the J1 league for the first time in nine years[30].. My firstAFC Champions LeagueThen, he participated in 6 games and contributed to the advancement to the best 4.

In the 2021 season, he participated in all 38 league games and contributed to the 1rd place in the league, which is the highest ranking in J3 in Kobe within the ACL area.Also, the ownerHiroshi MikitaniReceived the "Ryoichi Mikitani Award" selected by[31], Was also selected for the J-League Outstanding Player Award[32].

Representation from Japan

In 2006, he was elected to the U-16 Japan National Team, and has since been elected to the U-17 and U-18 national teams in each category. In 2008U-20 Japan National TeamAlso elected toSBS Cup International Youth SoccerParticipated in[33].

September 2010, 1AFC Asian Cup 2011 Final QualifyingRound 5 (Opposite: Yemen)Representation from JapanWas elected to[34] However, this was the first election for A representative.2010 FIFA World CupWas not elected to the national team, but accompanied the team as a member of the support members[35].

In June of the same yearAFC U-19 Championship 2010Elected to the U-19 Japan National Team to participate inMidfielderParticipated in 3 games as, but lost in the quarterfinals2011 FIFA U-20 World CupI couldn't get the right to participate in. In decemberAFC Asian Cup 2011 Main TournamentWas elected to the Japan national team to participate in[36] But withdrew from the team due to back pain[37].

Selected as U-2011 Japan National Team from June 6London Olympic qualifying Participated in[38].. Elected as a member of the 2012 Olympic Games, right SBHiroki Sakai, Left SBTokunaga YuheiWhile positioning it as a backup of[39] Partly due to Hiroki Sakai's injury, he participated in four games and contributed to the final four.

Located in my hometown of Niigata on September 2012, 9Niigata StadiumMade inGiraffe challenge cup2012, vs.UAEDebuted as A representative in the battle[3].

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayWorld Cup Brazil TournamentWas elected as a member of the Japan national team[40]..However, there was no chance to participate in this tournament and the team also lost in the group league.

Japan national teamJavier AguirreAfter becoming a system, I was the right SB until thenAtsuto UchidaBecame heavily used due to the effects of withdrawal from injury, and participated in all games under the Aguirre system.[41][42].2015 1 of the monthAFC Asian Cup 2015However, the team lost in the quarter-finals even though they made a full start in every match.

The representative directorVahid Haril HosicEven after changing to, he was still convened and was in charge of the club at that time, so there was a match that he participated in as a DH that was thin, but when he could not play an outstanding role and the DH personnel were out of the plan, both SBs The position of back upper did not change. May 2018, 5World Cup Russia TournamentWas elected as a member of the Japan national team[43].. Round 3PolandHe made his first appearance in the World Cup in the match, but his position was a different right midfielder.After losing, he said, "I'm not aiming for the next World Cup. Players with a future and hope should aim for it," he said, revealing his intention to make this tournament the last World Cup.[44].

Play style

Physically strong, stamina that can go up and down a long distance is a characteristic[45], You can also play in the left and right side half positions[46].. "Kicks are confident on both feet," he said, and he may be entrusted with a free kick on his left foot, which is not his dominant foot.[47]..In addition, it shows an absolute sense of stability in interpersonal defense and is highly trusted by the team (described later).[48].

The director of Hamburger SVBruno Labbadia"His mentality is Pikaichi" "He is an extremely flexible player. He is ambidextrous and can do both left and right side backs. Besides, it is also a powerful starting point for attacks."[49].

The manager who won the Dortmund U-17 for the second consecutive season from the 2013-14 season has also been evaluated for its utility, saying, "There are not many sidebacks that can be played even in the'2th position'."[50](No. 6 is a defensive midfielder position[51]).

Affiliation club

Individual grade

Domestic competition individual performance
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberleagueLeague matchLeague cupOpen cupTotal period
JapanLeague matchLeague cupEmperor's cupTotal period
GermanyLeague matchLeague cupDFB PokalTotal period
2011-12 Stuttgart2Bundes Part 1140--140
2012-13 270-40310
2013-14 280-20300
2014-15 181-10191
2015-16 Hamburger SV24220-10230
2016-17 331-40371
2017-18 260-10270
2018-19 Bundes Part 2310-30340
JapanLeague matchLeague cupEmperor's cupTotal period
GermanyBundes Part 11682-1301812
GermanyBundes Part 2310-30340
  • 2008 types registered in 2

Other official games

International competition individual results
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberParticipationscore
2012-13 Stuttgart291
2013-14 20
2020Kobe246[Annotation 1]0

Other international official games

Japanese representative history

Participation meet

Number of matches

  • International A Match 42 games 0 goals (2012-2018)[3]

Representation from JapanInternational A Match


No.DatesHost cityStadiumOpponentResultdirected byConvention
1.2012/9/6Japanese flagNiigataTohoku Electric Power Big Swan StadiumUnited Arab Emirates flag United Arab Emirates○ 1-0ZaccheroniKirin Challenge Cup 2012
2.2012/11/14Oman FlagOmanSultan Qaboos Sports ComplexOman Flag Oman○ 2-12014 FIFA World Cup Asia Final Qualifying
3.2013/2/6Japanese flagKobeHolmes Stadium KobeLatvian flag ラトビア○ 3-0Kirin Challenge Cup 2013
4.2013/3/22United Arab Emirates flagAl AinKhalifa International StadiumCanadian flag Canada○ 2-1International friendly match
5.2013/3/26Saudi arabia flagBridaKing Abdullah Sport City StadiumJordan flag Jordan● 1-22014 FIFA World Cup Asia Final Qualifying
6.2013/8/14Japanese flagMiyagiMiyagi StadiumUruguay flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu● 2-4Kirin Challenge Cup 2013
7.2013/9/6Japanese flagOsakaOsaka Nagai StadiumGuatemala flag Guatemala○ 3-0
8.2013/9/10Japanese flagYokohamaYokohama International StadiumGhana flag ガーナ○ 3-1
9.2013/10/15Belarusian flagZhodzinaTorpedo StadiumBelarusian flag ベ ラ ル ー シ● 0-1International friendly match
102013/11/16Belgian flagGenkCristal ArenaDutch flag Netherlands△ 2-2
112013/11/19Belgian flagブ リ ュ ッ セ ルKing Baudouin StadiumBelgian flag Belgium○ 3-2
122014/3/5Japanese flagTokyoNational StadiumNew Zealand flag New Zealand○ 4-2Kirin Challenge Cup 2014
132014/9/5Japanese flagSapporoSapporo DomeUruguay flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu● 0-2Aguirre
142014/9/9Japanese flagYokohamaYokohama International StadiumVenezuelan flag ベネズエラ○ 3-0
152014/10/10Japanese flagNiigataDenka Big Swan StadiumJamaica flag Jamaica○ 1-0
162014/10/14Singapore flagカ ラ ンSingapore National StadiumBrazilian flag Brazil● 0-4International friendly match
172014/11/14Japanese flagToyotaEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euHonduras flag ホンジュラス○ 6-0Kirin Challenge Cup 2014
182014/11/18Japanese flagOsakaYanmar Stadium NagaiAustralian flag Australia○ 2-1
192015/1/12Australian flagNewcastleNewcastle StadiumPalestinian flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 4-0AFC Asian Cup 2015
202015/1/16Australian flagBrisbaneBrisbane StadiumIraqi flag (I.e.○ 1-0
212015/1/20Australian flagMelbourneMelbourne Rectangular StadiumJordan flag Jordan○ 2-0
222015/1/23Australian flagSydneyStadium AustraliaUnited Arab Emirates flag United Arab Emirates● 1-1


232015/3/31Japanese flagTokyoTokyo stadiumUzbekistan flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 5-1Halil hodzicJAL Challenge Cup 2015
242015/10/8Oman FlagMuscatSeeb stadiumSyrian flag (I.e.○ 3-02018 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 2 QualifyingandAFC Asian Cup UAE Qualifying
252015/10/13Iran flagTehranAzadi StadiumIran flag (I.e.△ 1-1International friendly match
262016/3/29Japanese flagSaitamaSaitama Stadium 2002Syrian flag (I.e.○ 5-02018 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 2 QualifyingandAFC Asian Cup UAE Qualifying
272016/6/7Japanese flagOsakaSuita City Soccer StadiumBosnia and Herzegovina Flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu● 1-2Giraffe cup football 2016
282016/9/1Japanese flagSaitamaSaitama Stadium 2002United Arab Emirates flag United Arab Emirates● 1-22018 FIFA World Cup Asia Final Qualifying
292016/9/6Kingdom of Thailand flagBangkokRajamangala StadiumKingdom of Thailand flag Thailand○ 2-0
302016/10/6Japanese flagSaitamaSaitama Stadium 2002Iraqi flag (I.e.○ 2-1
312016/10/11Australian flagMelbourneDocklands StadiumAustralian flag Australia△ 1-1
322016/11/11Japanese flagIbarakiIbaraki Prefectural Kashima Soccer StadiumOman Flag Oman○ 4-0Kirin Challenge Cup 2016
332017/3/28Japanese flagSaitamaSaitama Stadium 2002Kingdom of Thailand flag Thailand○ 4-02018 FIFA World Cup Asia Final Qualifying
342017/6/13Iran flagTehranPAS stadiumIraqi flag (I.e.△ 1-1
352017/10/10Japanese flagYokohamaNissan StadiumHaiti flag ハイチ△ 3-3Kirin Challenge Cup 2017
362017/11/14Belgian flagBrugesJan Braidell StadionBelgian flag Belgium● 0-1International friendly match
372018/3/23Belgian flagLiegeStade Maurice DufrasRepublic of Mali flag (I.e.△ 1-1
382018/3/27Belgian flagLiegeStade Maurice DufrasUkrainian flag ウクライナ● 1-2Kirin Challenge Cup 2018
392018/5/30Japanese flagYokohamaNissan StadiumGhana flag ガーナ● 0-2Akira Nishino
402018/6/8Swiss flagLuganoSwiss flagSwitzerland● 0-2International friendly match
412018/6/12Austrian flagInnsbruckTivoli StadionParaguay flag パラグアイ○ 4-2
422018/6/28Russian flagVolgogradVolgograd ArenaPolish flag Poland● 0-12018 FIFA World Cup


ク ラ ブ



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注 釈

  1. ^ Actually, I participated in a total of 7 games, but in Section 1Johor Darul Takjim FCThe match became an invalid match.


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