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⚾ | [Intercity Baseball Tournament Round 1] Hakuwa Victories wins with a big difference over Shikoku Bank

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[Intercity Baseball Tournament Round 1] Hakuwa Victories wins with a big difference over Shikoku Bank

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Hakuwa Victories 6-0 Shikoku Bank, Hakuwa Victories won by a large margin of 6 points.

The first round of the Intercity Baseball Tournament will be held on November 1th (Monday) at Tokyo Dome, where a match between Hakuwa Victories vs. Shikoku Bank will be held ... → Continue reading


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Hakuwa Victories

Hakuwa Victories(Hakuwa Victories)HiroshimaHigashihiroshima CityBased inJapan Baseball FederationTo joinAdult baseballCorporate team.

The mother's body revolves around Hiroshima PrefecturepachinkoIt's a company.The team name "victoryThe plural form of "" is originally "victoriesHowever, in the team logo etc., "victorysIt has become.


1993 ,Oriental Tourism GroupIs the hygiene brand name (one business)TokaiWithFranchiseOperated by contract)Leeskin Hiroshima baseball club] Is founded.

2004 The team name is "Leeskin baseball club』Renamed to[1], Same yearBaseball against cityHe made his first appearance in the 12th year of the founding.But the same yearJapan ChampionshipAfter losing the qualifying round, the next day2005 TheClub teamIt was announced that it will be abolished at the end of the season.

After that, a pachinko company that operates mainly in Hiroshima Prefecture will take over the entire team, and since 2005, the company has been registered as ""Hakuwa VictoriesI took over the team by changing the team name as[2]..The same yearJapan ChampionshipHe made his first appearance as a representative of the Chugoku region, and made his national tournament debut as "Hakuwa" in the first year.

In addition,2006 Is the first time since becoming "Hakuwa"Baseball against cityPlayed,2012 OfBaseball against cityThen I made it to the top eight.

The founder, Yohaku YasumotoLee Byung HunLee Byung Hun is the team's deputy cheerleader, who has been supporting the team for some time.In addition, the topic of Lee sometimes appears in women's weekly magazines.[3][4].


  • 1993 -"Leeskin Hiroshima』As Sobu.
  • 2004 -"Leeskin』Renamed.Baseball against cityFirst appearance (defeated in the first match).
  • 2005 --The team name was changed to "" due to the change of the mother's body.Hakuwa Victories』Renamed.Japan ChampionshipFirst appearance (defeated in the first match).

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