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⚾ | [MLB] Seager agrees with Rangers and Ray agrees with Mariners The transfer of big FA players is decided one after another

Photo Corey Seager (left) and Robbie Ray [Photo: Getty Images]

[MLB] Seager agrees with Rangers and Ray agrees with Mariners The transfer of big FA players is decided one after another

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In addition, this season's Cy Young Award pitcher Robbie Ray, who had been FA from the Blue Jays, agreed with the Mariners for a total of 5 million dollars (about 1 billion yen) for five years.

Seger has a 10-year total of 370 billion yen, and Ray has a 5-year total of 130.6 billion yen. → Continue reading


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5 years total $1 million

Toronto Blue Jays

Toronto Blue Jays(English: Toronto Blue Jays, Abbreviation: TOR) IsMLB-American leagueEast districtThe professional baseball team to which he belongs. Is basedCanada OfOntarioTorontoIt is inRogers Center..Known as "Jays". Since 2005The United States of AmericaThe only MLB team based outside[Annotation 1].


1977 yearsExpansionAn emerging team founded in.Same districtIs an old Australian teamNew York Yankees,Boston Red SoxSince he belongs, he initially struggled, including sinking to the bottom for the sixth consecutive year. But in 6Bobby coxWhen he became the manager, around this time, young players who were still young began to emerge, and the team gradually advanced to the top.

In 1985, he won his first district, and by 1993 he won five districts.1992 ,1993 Has become the world champion for the second consecutive year, and the number of spectators has exceeded 2 million (the first time in MLB history) at this time, and it will be the golden age (as of 400, as a baseball team born with the expansion of the league. Is the only consecutive World Series title). But,1994 strikeAfter that, it lost momentum and the main players also left the group one after another. For the 2014st year until 21, the team was the longest away from the postseason in the eastern region for XNUMX years until XNUMX.

The current parent company in 2000Rogers CommunicationsAcquired the team. Based in 2004Sky domeWas acquired from the following February 2005,Rogers CenterRenamed to. Rogers Center is the world's first retractable covered stadium, close toCN towerThe tower stands tall and you can see its majesty from the stadium when the roof is open.

The 2006 season marks the 30th anniversary of the team's founding, so the 30th anniversary emblem is on the right sleeve, and the "TC" emblem is attached to the left sleeve in honor of Tom Cheek, a former announcer who died in 2005. ..

As the only Canadian team

As mentioned above, this baseball team is based in a Canadian city. Every match in the MLB official game, before the startUS National AnthemIs played, but the game of the baseball team[1]Only for home games and visitor games, the Canadian national anthemOh Canada'[2]Is also played. In the Blue Jays home game, the US national anthem is played first, followed by the Canadian national anthem, and in the visitor game, the order is reversed. Listed in a stadium in a match held at the Rogers CenterNational flagAlso, the flags of the two countries of the United States and Canada are displayed, and the Canadian flag is also displayed temporarily at the stadium of the visitor game.[3].

Every yearMay 7 OfCanada DayA home game is held in principle (national holiday on the day of the formation of the federation), and various events are held for fans inside and outside the stadium before the game starts. In the matchCanadian flagUsed inColorIsredA special jersey based on is used only for this day in the year. The character "CANADA", which means "Canada", is entered on the back instead of the player name[4].

Because it is the only Canadian team, officials cross the border between the United States and Canada,2020 ToInfluenced by COVID-19, From the Government of CanadaRogers CenterI was notified that I would not allow the match in[5].. Initially home to AAA gradeNew York StateBuffaloAnd in the spring campgroundFloridaWill be a candidate, but on July 7, AAA classBuffalo bisonsHome toSeiren FieldAnnounced that it will be a temporary home for one year[6].2021 Will continue to be unable to hold matches in Canada and is home to its affiliated teams.(English editionAnd Sahlen Field as a provisional home. With permission from the Government of Canada on July 7, the official match was held at the Rogers Center in Toronto for the first time in 31 days.[7].

Baseball history

1970 era

With the expansion of the American League in 1977,Seattle MarinersBorn with. In the opening game on April 4, the same yearChicago White SoxPlay against. LaterHanshin TigersAlso enrolled inDoug OrtoWith the success of two home runs, he has won his first victory 2-9.However, after that, he couldn't get a winning star and finished the season at the bottom with 5 wins and 54 losses.After that, he recorded 107 losses in the season for the third consecutive year until 1979.

1980 era

1982 ToBobby coxBecame the director.

1983 For the first time, the winning percentage exceeded 5% and the season ended in 4th place.Also, at that timeGMIsPat GuillichBy acquiring many promising young players, by this timeGeorge Bell,Lloyd Mosby,Jesse BarfieldConsists ofOutfielderThe rise of the trio.

1984 Was second.

1985 Won the district's first victory with a record of 99 wins and 62 losses (as of 2019), which is the highest win rate for the team.This yearLeague championship seriesThen,Kansas City RoyalsPlay against. He won the league title with 3 wins and 1 loss, but after that he suffered 3 consecutive losses and missed the league title.In addition, Cox retired for this season only, and became the director.

1988 Until then, he was unable to win the district championship for the third consecutive year.

1989 Has been in a slump with 12 wins and 24 losses since the opening, so in May he replaced Williams.Sito GastonBecomes the new director. In June, Sky Dome (currently the world's first stadium with a movable roof)Rogers Center) Opened. With the appointment of the new director and the opening of the new headquarters, the team continued to make good progress and achieved the second district victory. But in the League Championship seriesAuckland AthleticsAnd lost 1 win and 4 losses.

1990 era

1990 Had a good season overall, but was the leaderBoston Red SoxIt ended in 2nd place with a difference of 2 games. Off of this yearSan Diego PadresBetweenTony Fernandez,Fred MaglyphJoe Carter,Robert AromarWe are doing a large 2 to 2 trade by.

1991 Won the district championship for the third time with 91 wins and 71 losses, but in the League Championship Series,Minnesota TwinsLost to the league title this year as well. It should be noted that this year, MLB was the first to mobilize more than 400 million spectators (maintained 3 million over the next three years).

World Series championship for 2 consecutive years

1992 Played in the Twins the previous year and of the teamWorld seriesContributed to the conquestJack MorrisEarned. AlsoCalifornia AngelsからDave WinfieldWas won. And because of their success, they won the fourth district victory. Compete against athletics in the League Championship series. In the 4th round, which won 1 win and 2 losses, he allowed a lead of 4 to 7 up to 1 times, but he caught up with the same run with 6 runs of the aroma in 9th and won 2 to 11 after 7 times of extension. I put it in. With this victory, he captured the trend, and after that, he won the first league title with two consecutive wins and finally four wins and two losses. It was also the first appearanceWorld seriesThen,Atlanta BravesWas defeated with 4 wins and 2 losses, and became the first world champion. In addition,AtlantaAt the ceremony of the second round atMarinesIt was said that the Color Guard raised the Canadian flag upside down, which inspired the Blue Jays players and fans, and encouraged their first World Series title. Also, in the third round, outfieldersDevon WhiteIn the scene of undying first and second baseDavid JusticeHe showed a super-fine play in which he hits a large flying ball in the back while catching it in a backward direction. Immediately after this, first basemanJohn OrludoHe returned the ball to and stabbed the first runner who had jumped out. Orold is immediately a third basemanKelly GruberGruber touched the second runner. by thisTriple playIt seemed to have been completed, but this did not happen because the referee had missed it.

At the end of the season, Winfield, who was the driving force behind the World Series title, left the group. insteadMilwaukee BrewersからPaul MoriterFrom athleticsDave StewartWas won. In 1993, he also showed overwhelming strengthNew York YankeesHe won the fifth district championship with a 7-game difference. It should be noted that as many as seven players this yearAll star gamesWas selected, and both popularity and ability reached the peak. In the league championship series, they defeated White Sox with 4 wins and 2 losses, winning the league for the second time.World seriesThen,Philadelphia PhilliesBlue Jays won the World Series for the second time in a row with 4 wins and 2 losses. The series was memorable in many ways. In the fourth round, both starters collapsed and it became a rough game with 2 to 4 by the 7th inning, and the Blue Jays took a total of 9 points in the 14th to reverse, and finally the Blue Jays won 8 to 6. did. The total score of 15 points for both teams is the highest score in the World Series. Also, in the 14th round in which the Blue Jays won the game with 29 wins and 3 losses, by the 2th inning, he was leading with 6 to 6, but the Phillies took the lead in the 5th inning with a 1-run homerun and scored 7 points to reverse. .. 3th, guardian deity of PhilliesMitch WilliamsWent up to the mound, but in the scene of the first and second bases, Carter hit the left stand with a good-bye home run and it was a dramatic break in MLB history.

After 1994

1994 strikeSince then, as a result of releasing the main players with high salary one after another, both the results and the mobilization of spectators have been sluggish.During this timeCarlos Delgado,Sean GreenSuch young people are emerging.

1996 IsPat Gentgen Sai Young AwardWas won.

1997 Earned from Red SoxRoger ClemensHas also won the Cy Young Award for the past two years in a row. However, these situations continued to be unrelated to the team's performance.

2000 era

2000 ToRogers CommunicationsAcquired the baseball team.

2004 Lost to 67 wins and 94 losses, and sank to the bottom.

2005 Off is GM at the timeJP Rich ArdyHas been greatly reinforced byAJ Burnett,Troy growthGet big hits one after another.

2006 In addition, the reinforcement players and the existing players stimulated by it, and the rise of young players, ended the season in second place for the first time in the three-district system, breaking the corner of the second strong that has continued for a long time since 3.

2007 Is newlyFrank thomasHowever, due to the sickness of the striking team and the insufficiency of trainees, it was more than 1 games away from the 2st Red Sox and 10nd Yankees, and it was not possible to advance.

2008 In the early stages, Red Sox andTampa Bay RaysIt was sluggish with the bottom separated by. Director's on June 6John GibbonsWas the director of the 1992 and 1993 World Series titles.Sito GastonWas invited as a new director. It won 86 wins and 76 losses, but finished in 4th place in the district. The team defense rate was the top of both leagues.

2009 The pitchers are injured one after another, and they are forced to start rotation mainly by newcomers.In the early stages, he was in good shape and was the leader in the district with 40 wins and 27 losses at the end of 13 games.However, when he suffered nine consecutive losses immediately afterwards, he stalled sharply after that and ended up in fourth place in the district for the second consecutive year.GM's Rich Ardy, who had repeatedly failed large contracts on October 9rd, was dismissed and replaced.Alex AnthropoulosWas inaugurated.AceRoy Haradey Philadelphia PhilliesTraded to, the team steered to rebuild.

2010 era

2010 Succeeded in winning for the first time in two years (2 wins and 85 losses). He achieved a rare record of winning all the matches at home with the Orioles. Hit 77 home runs for team recordJose BatistaA strong batting line was formed centering on, and the highest number of 30 baseball teams was recorded, 257 home runs. This season's coach Gaston retired, replacing former Red Sox pitcher coachJohn FarrellWas appointed.

2011 Also achieved a win rate of 2% or more for the second consecutive year (5 wins and 81 losses).

2012 The team is sluggish due to a series of injured people.It sank to 22th place, 4 games behind the leader.In response to this result, GM Anthopoulos made a big reinforcement in the off-season. In mid-novemberMiami MarlinsStarting pitcher to exchange with young players in a large trade withMark BurleyJosh Johnson, Thief three-dimensional shortstopJose Reyes,Utility player OfEmilio BonifacioAnd so on.Furthermore, on December 12, he was the team's No. 17 prospect at the time.Travis DarnaudIn exchange for that yearSai Young AwardAwarded pitcherRA DickyTheNew York MetsEarned from.

2013 Is the director who returned for the first time in five seasons before the start of the seasonJohn GibbonsHe was also called as the rightmost wing of the championship. However, right after the opening, Reyes leftheelWas injured and left. Johnson wasn't as humorous as he was sick with an ERA of 6.20. The team once again fell into a slump and fell to the bottom of the district for the first time in nine years with 74 wins and 88 losses.

2014 By winning 83 times, he made positive reinforcement to the off.Brett LawryIn trade with 4 players etc.Josh DonaldsonEarned,Pittsburgh PiratesHas been FA sinceRussell MartinAlso won.

2015 At the end of July trade deadlineWildcardSince I was in a position where I could aim for, I also actively strengthened the trade here.Jose ReyesAnd many other minor players,Troy Turowitzky,Ratroy Hawkins,David Price,Ben Libya,Mark Lowを獲得した。9月25日、22年ぶりのプレーオフ出場を決めたのに続き、優勝へのマジックナンバーを1としていた9月30日、前年17年ぶりに東部地区を制したオリオールズに15-2で大勝し、ワールドシリーズと優勝した1993年以来22年ぶりの東部地区優勝を果たした[8]..Donaldson, who sat in 2nd place, had 41 home runs and 123 RBIs, the most in the league, 3rd Bautista had 40 home runs and 114 RBIs, and Encarnation 4th had 39 home runs and 111 RBIs. Of these, the destructive power of these three players made him say something, and he scored double-digit RBIs in 5 games, the most in the league.The Rangers, who won the Western Division Championship for the first time in four years in the Division Series, lost the first two races in a row, but rebounded from adversity and won three consecutive games, advancing to the League Championship Series with a big turnaround.League championship decision seriesではリーグ最高勝率で中部地区を制したロイヤルズ相手にも最初の2戦を落とし地区シリーズの再現も期待されたが、地区シリーズでは打率3割3分3厘で出塁率4割7分8厘だったエンカルナシオンが打率2割2分7厘で出塁率2割9分2厘、途中入団ながら9勝1敗と抜群の成績を残しながらポストシーズン7敗と調子の上がらないプライスに至ってはポストシーズンでは防御率6.17と投打で大ブレーキ。最終的にはロイヤルズに6戦目で敗北、World seriesI missed out.

2016 Has been involved in managing Indians since 2001-15[9]Shapiro became president of the team and entered the postseason for the second year in a row, while sweeping to the Rangers who won the Western Division in the Division Series.ALCSThen, strangely, Shapiro was enrolled before and won the Chubu district.Cleveland IndiansHe lost only one win in the League Championship Series for the second consecutive year.However, the number of spectators was the highest in the league.[10]..Encarnacion, the main hitter, moved to Indians this year to fill in the gap.Kendris MoralesWas won.

2017 Injured people continued from the beginning, and the team was sluggish. After advancing to the postseason for the second consecutive year, he fell to 2th place in the turnaround district.Bautista left the group off.

2018 Succeeded in winning the month only in April, but then stalled. After the summer, the team turned to rebuilding mode,Robert Osuna,JA Happ, Released Donaldson and other main forces, and finished in fourth place for the second consecutive year. In addition, director Gibbons retired only this season.

2019 As a new directorCharlie MontoyoWas appointed. Continuing rebuild mode this season, Martin before the opening, during the seasonKevin Pillar,Marcus Straumann,Aaron SanchezMembers who know the postseason, such as releasing, left the team one after another. On the other hand, in the team's top prospectBradymir Guerreroson ofBradymir Guerrero Jr.,Dante Bichetson ofBo Bichet,Craig Visioson ofCavan VIZIOThe promising stock made a major debut, and the season was marked by the rise of young people. In the regular season, he finished fourth for the third consecutive year. Off this year's National LeagueBest defense rateLos Angeles DodgersHas been FA sinceKenshin Yanagi,furtherYomiuri GiantsからPosting systemAtMLB ChallengeAimed atShun YamaguchiContracted.

2020 era

2020 Was FA from Mets on January 1th, before the start of the season.Joe PanicWon.In the seasonImpact of COVID-19Due to the delay in the opening of the event, and the policy of not allowing the Canadian government to use the headquarters,The United States of AmericaNew York StateBuffalo OfSeiren FieldWill be used as a temporary home.2020 MLB draftThen.Austin MartinWas won. On April 7Santiago EspinalMade a major debut. Traded from Diamondbacks on August 8stRobby Ray, Trade from the DodgersRoss StripringWas won. On April 9Alejandro KirkMade a major debut.Eventually, the number of teams that advanced to the postseason increased to eight teams in each league only in the same year season, and as a wild card, they advanced to the postseason since 8.(English editionThen.Tampa Bay RaysLost in a row and lost.

2021 Was FA from Astros before the start of the seasonGeorge Springer, Was changed from Athletics to FAMarcus SemienWon. In a trade with Mets on January 1thSteven MatzWon.On the other hand, after making Yamaguchi DFA, it is released.The headquarters issue is located in Dunedin, Florida, as in the previous year, due to the influence of COVID-19, the Rogers Center is not permitted to use and crossing the border with the United States.(English editionWill be used as the base. Due to a past sexually illegal investigation on April 4Robert AromarIs on the MLB Inappropriate List[11], The Aroma monument at Rogers Center has also been removed[12].. On May 5th, it was announced that the provisional headquarters from June 5st would be Sahlen Field, which was used the previous year.[13].. On June 6st, as scheduled, the provisional base was set to Sahlen Field from the same day, and the stadium was upgraded.[14]..The official match in Buffalo was held for the first time in 106 days against the Marlins held on the day[15].. On June 6Riley AdamsMade a major debut. Panic and trade on June 6thAdam cimber,Corey DickersonWas obtained from the Marlins. July 7thLoody TeresAnd trade from BrewersTrevor RichardsWon. Held on July 7thAll star gamesGuerrero Jr., Semien and Hernandez were voted by fans, Bichette was elected as a reserve fielder, and Guerrero Jr. was the youngest ever to win an MVP.[16]..With permission from the Government of Canada on July 7th, when the second half of the game began, it was announced that the match will be held at the Rogers Center, which is the home base, after July 16st.[17]..Nominated for the first round on the same dayGunner HoglandSigned a contract with[18]..In the playoffs, it was difficult to play in the postseason due to the dust of the Rays Yankees Red Sox, but he turned to a buyer in the summer transfer market. From the Nationals on July 7th in a trade with AdamsBrad handWon. Martin on July 7th,Simeon Woods RichardsonAnd tradeJose BeriosWas acquired from Twins. The official match was held on July 7 at the Rogers Center in Toronto, Canada, for the first time in 31 days.[7].. Hernandez wins Player of the Week from the team on August 8th[19].. Ray won the Pitcher of the Month from the team on September 9nd[20]..In September, the team swept their rivals Athletics and the Yankees in the playoffs and achieved eight consecutive victories, jumping to the top of the wildcard.After that, the playoff battle intensified, and when there was only one game left in the regular season, the American League wildcard was behind the Yankees and Red Sox by one game behind the Blue Jays and Mariners.The Blue Jays won the final round, but the Yankees Red Sox also won, marking 9 wins over 8 and missing out on the postseason.As an individual player, Guerrero Jr. hit 1 home runs, Semien hit 1 home runs, and Guerrero Jr. won the home run king.In addition, all four RBIs selected as all-stars scored more than 1 RBIs, forming a powerful hit line.As a pitcher, Ray shines in two crowns with the highest ERA and the most strikeouts, and is a rookie.Alex ManoahBreaks with 9 wins.Yanagi and Matz all played an active part in winning 2 wins, which was the second place in the league.Semien won the Gold Glove Award from the team on November 14th off, the first Blue Jays second baseman since 11's Straumann and 7's Hudson.[21].. On June 11Baseball Writers' Association of AmericaRei won the Cy Young Award for the first time and the fourth person in the history of the team.[22]..Also, on the same day, the contract was extended with a 7-year contract with Berríos.[23].

Origin of the team name

The origin of the team name is a beautiful bird found in North AmericaBlue jayTaken from (Blue Jay).

Player Directory

Active player

Toronto Blue Jays roaster
40 people roasterDirector/Coach/Other





directed by


* Outside active roaster

2021 12 month 1 day update  ---History 
From the official website (English):Active roaster, 40 people roaster, coach, Player transfer and breakdown information, Expected order

Roaster list

Hall of Fame

Permanent number

2011 Until now, Blue Jays has no permanent missing numbers other than 42, and both are "Level of Excellence" (Semi-permanent missing number) Was treated as a permanent absence in other teams and entering the team hall of fame, but was one of the core players of the past year in 2011Robert AromarWas the first Blue Jays playerAmerican Baseball Hall of FameSince it entered, it will be officially recognized as a permanent missing number.

  • 12 Robert Aromar (Roberto Alomar)
  • 32 Roy Haradey (Roy Halladay) *The commemorative ceremony will be held on March 2018, 3 (29th Japan time) and officially established.
  • 42 Jackie robinson(Jackie Robinson)

Level of Excellence

Past Japanese players

Team record

Total record

Hitting department

  • Participation match: 1450 Tony Fernandez(Tony Fernandez)
  • At-bat: 5470 Vernon Wells(Vernon Wells)
  • score: 889 Carlos Delgado(Carlos Delgado)
  • Batting average (2000 or above): .307 Robert Aromar(Roberto Alomar)
  • Hit: 1583 Tony Fernandez
  • Home run: 336 Carlos Delgado
  • RBI: 1058 Carlos Delgado
  • Steal: 255 Lloyd Mosby(Lloyd Moseby)
  • Base run rate (2000 or above): .395 John Orludo(John Olerud)
  • OPS (2000 bats and above): .949 Carlos Delgado

Pitcher department

  • Pitching game: 452 Duane Ward(Duane Ward)
  • Number of pitches: 2873 Dave Stieb
  • Defense rate (1000 or more throws): 3.42 Jimmy Key(Jimmy Key)
  • victory: 175 Dave Stieb
  • Strikeout: 1658 Dave Stieb
  • save: 217 Tom Henky(Tom Henke)

*At the end of the 2014 season.

Season record

Hitting department

  • Hit: 215 Vernon Wells(Vernon Wells) 2003
  • score: 134 Sean Green(Shawn Green) 1999
  • batting average: .363 John Olerud 1993
  • Home run: 54 Jose Batista(Jose Bautista) 2010
  • RBI: 137 Carlos Delgado 2000
  • Steal: 60 (Dave Collins) 1984

Pitcher department

  • Defense rate: 2.05 Roger Clemens(Roger Clemens) 1997
  • victory: 22 Roy Halladay 2003
  • Strikeout: 292 Roger Clemens 1997
  • save: 45 Duane Ward 1993

*At the end of the 2014 season.


  • No hits, no goals: Dave Stieb September 1990, 9 v. Cleveland Indians

Affiliated minor team

ClassesOUR TEAMParticipating LeaguePartnershipHeadquarters
AAABuffalo bisons
Buffalo Bisons
International league
International League
2013 United States flagNew York StateBuffalo
Seiren Field
AANew Hampshire Fisher Cats
New Hampshire Fisher Cats
Eastern League
Eastern League
2003 United States flagNew HampshireManchester
A+Dunedin Blue Jays
Dunedin Blue Jays
Florida State League
Florida State League
1985 United States flagFlorida
ALansing Ragnut
Lansing Lugnuts
Midwest league
Midwest League
2005 United States flagミ シ ガ ン 州Lansing
A-Vancouver Canadians
Vancouver Canadians
Northwest League
Northwest League
2011 Canadian flagBritish columbiaVancouver
Bluefield Blue Jays
Appalachian League
Appalachian League
2011 United States flagVirginia

Gulf Coast League Blue Jays
Gulf Coast League
Florida Coast League
2007 United States flagFlorida

Dominican Summer League Blue Jays
Dominican summer league
Dominican Summer League
1989 Dominican Republic flagDominican Republic


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注 釈

  1. ^ Until 2004Montreal Expos Na League East DistrictI belonged to, but since 2005Washington DCHeadquarters has been moved to and the team name has changed to Washington Nationals.

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