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⚽ | Impact on Kashima Everaldo's departure ... A big move for the former Brazilian national team FW of naturalization in China!

Photo Ricardo Goulart (center of photo) Photo courtesy of Gettyimages

It also affects the departure of Kashima Everaldo ... A big move for the former Brazilian national team FW of naturalization in China!

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He has already undergone a medical check on Palmeiras, and Palmeiras was expected to make an official announcement after the Copa Rierta Dores (South American Championship) final and CR Flamengo match on the 27th of this month.

Former Brazil national team FW Ricardo Goulart (30), who had been naturalized in China, is already in the Chinese Super League Guangzhou FC ... → Continue reading

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CR Flamengo

Courbet the Legatas de Flamengo(Portuguese: Flamengo Regatta Club) IsBrazil-State of Rio de JaneiroRio de JaneiroHometown,Brasil RayronA professional soccer club that is a member of.

There are many clubs in Brazil that call themselves flamengo, but flamengo is often referred to as this club because of its track record and popularity.The mascot of the teamBlack vulture(Urubu).


The name of the club is that the club was founded in Rio de Janeiro.FlamengoIt comes from being a district.Home stadiumEstudio de MaracanaAnd also based in Rio de JaneiroFluminense,Vasco da Gama,BotafogoHas a rivalry with.The uniform has horizontal stripes of red and black.Once formerJapan national football teamDirector'sZicoWas enrolled and was active.

FlamengoRio de JaneiroOf courseBrazilIs the most popular football club in[1][2]According to a survey conducted by sports marketing company Gerardo Molina-Euroamerica, it is the football club with the most fans in the world in absolute numbers.[3][4]..For these reasons, it is the Brazilian club with the highest value of broadcasting rights, and in addition to being the 2019th most valuable soccer team in the world in 70, South America with a value of more than 1 million euros. Has become the most valuable team in the world.It is also Brazil's wealthiest football club, with an annual income of R $ 4570 million (€ 2019 million) in 9.[5].

Originallyボ ー トAt the club (in the club name, "レ ガ ッ タ (Regatas) "(that's why), now in addition to soccer and boating,basketball,volleyballAlso owns a club.

On February 2019, 2, a fire broke out at the youth team dormitory in the training center Nino do Wolve, killing 8 boys aged 14 to 16 and injuring 10 in the facility. One person was seriously injured[6].


Domestic title

  • Tassa dos Campionis Rio-Sao Paulo: 1 time
    • 1955
  • Campionato Carioca : 37 times
    • 1914, 1915, 1920, 1921, 1925, 1927, 1939, 1942, 1943, 1944, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1963, 1965,
      1972, 1974, 1978, 1979, 1979ex, 1981, 1986, 1991, 1996, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2004, 2007, 2008,
      2009, 2011, 2014, 2017, 2019, 2020, 2021
  • Taça Guanabara : 22 times
    • 1970, 1972, 1973, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1984, 1988, 1989, 1995, 1996, 1999, 2001,
      2004, 2007, 2008, 2011, 2018, 2020
  • Taça Rio : 9 times
    • 1983, 1985, 1986, 1991, 1996, 2000, 2009, 2011, 2019

International title

Past results 

SeasonCampionato CariocaCampionato BrasileiroCopa de BrazilCopa LibertadoresCopa SudamericanaClub world cupOther
2001WinSerie A 24 bitBest 8-second place-Copa dos Campionis
20028 bitSerie A 18 bit-Group league lost--
20033 bitSerie A 8 bitsecond place-Playoff defeat-
2004WinSerie A 17 bitsecond place-Playoff defeat-
20058 bitSerie A 15 bitBest 16---
200611 bitSerie A 11 bitWin---
2007WinSerie A 3 bit-Best 16--
2008WinSerie A 5 bit-Best 16--
2009WinSerie A WinBest 8-Group league lost-
2010second placeSerie A 14 bit-Best 8--
2011WinSerie A 4 bitBest 8-Best 16-
20123 bitSerie A 11 bit-Lost the first league--
20133 bitSerie A 16 bitWin---
2014WinSerie A 10 bitBest 4Lost the first league--
2015second placeSerie A 12 bitBest 16---
20164 bitSerie A 3 bit--Best 16-
2017Win 6 bitsecond placeGroup league lostsecond place-
2018Best 4 second placeBest 4Best 16--
2019Win WinBest 8Win-second place
2020Win WinBest 8Best 16--Supercopa do Brasil Win
Recopa Sudamericana Win
2021WinBest 4second place--Supercopa do Brasil Win

Current member

2020 season major formation
2021/May 9Now

Note: The nationality notation of the players isFIFA's national qualification rulesbased on.

No.PosPlayer name
1GKBrazilDiego Alves (Vice captain)
2DFBrazilGustavo Enhiki
3DFBrazilRodrigo Caio
4DFBrazilLeo Pereira
5MFBrazilWillian Aaron
7MFBrazilEverton Ribeiro captain
9FWBrazilGabriel Barbosa
14MFEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euGiorgian de Arrascaeta
16DFBrazilPhilippi Lewis (Flag of Italy.svg, Flag of Poland.svg)
18MFBrazilAndreas Pereira
No.PosPlayer name
23DFBrazilDavid luiz
25MFパラグアイRobert Piris Da Motta
27FWBrazilBruno Henrique
30DFBrazilBruno Viana
33MFBrazilThiago Maia
45GKBrazilUgo Souza
55DFBrazilMatheus Dantas
directed by

Loan transfer


Note: The nationality notation of the players isFIFA's national qualification rulesbased on.

No.PosPlayer name
18MFBrazilAndreas Pereira (England flag Manchester United)
30DFBrazilBruno Viana (Portugal flag Braga)
No.PosPlayer name
33MFBrazilThiago Maia (French flag reel)
--FWBrazilKennedy (England flag Chelsea)

Note: The nationality notation of the players isFIFA's national qualification rulesbased on.

No.PosPlayer name
--GKBrazil (Portugal flag Estril Praia)
--GKBrazilAlex Santana (Colliciva)
--DFSpainPablo Mari (England flag Arsenal)
--DFBrazil (Internacional)
--DFBrazilCrevinho (Japanese flag Tokyo Verdy 1969)
No.PosPlayer name
--DFBrazil (Danish flag Midtjylland)
--DFBrazilMatheus Thuler (French flag Montpellier)
--MFBrazilHonaldo (Bahia)
--FWBrazil (Portugal flag Braga)

Successive directors

Successive players






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Medical checkup

Medical checkupWhat is (Health Examination)?ExaminationAnd variousInspectionBy assessing your health condition withHealthMaintenance ofdisease Ofprevention・It is useful for early detection.Medical checkup(Kenshin),Medical checkupAlso called.screeningOne of the.

For the purpose of discovering a specific disease,Medical examination(For exampleCancer screening) Is specifically called.

Health examination in Japan

To give a pre-modern example,Yoshijun Matsumoto ShinsengumiHealth checkups for members of[Annotation 1].

The modern health checkup system in Japan istuberculosisStarted for the purpose of eradication of[1].. In Japan, it is also common to travel by medical examination car, but this is the beginning of X-ray cars for the purpose of preventing tuberculosis.[1].

Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricularOr workplace,Local governmentThere are some that are "mandated by law" such as those held in "," and those that are "voluntarily" at the will of the examinee. Optional medical checkupMedical certificateIt is often used as a general evaluation for the issuance of theServicesIs also widely used,Ship OfoverhaulLike a facilityComplete medical checkupCalled.

またIndustrial Safety and Health ActDue to dangerous goods/specificChemical substanceIt is obligatory for employees who are engaged in occupations such as to undergo regular medical examinations, and this medical examination is important.Occupational diseaseIt has a slightly different personality from the general one in that the purpose is to prevent the occurrence of.

Medical examination 5 items

Created by the Public Welfare Science Research Group for the general publicGuidelines(Minds Medical Information Service) 5 medical examinations to be taken and target diseases There is a commentary about.

  1. smokingAboutInterview(Target disease: Smoking behavior)
  2. height-Weight(Target disease:obesity, The resulting disease)
  3. In the bloodLipid(Target disease: dyslipidemia)
  4. blood pressure(Target disease:high blood pressure, Diseases secondary to hypertension)
  5. fastingblood sugar・Glycohemoglobin HbA1c (target disease: diabetes)

Medical examination required by law

Industrial Safety and Health Act

The medical checkup for workers isIndustrial Safety and Health ActArticle 66 et seq. and Occupational Safety and Health Regulations[2] Is determined by. This is the obligation of the business operator (Article 66, Paragraph 1 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act), and failure to perform a health check by the user is a violation of the law and costs less than 50 yen.fine(Occupational Safety and Health Act Article 120).

General medical examination

Employers must carry out the following medical examinations for workers who use them all the time. For temporary workers,Dispatch originMust be carried out.

  • Health check-up when hired
  • Regular medical checkup-Once a year for employees engaged in general duties, and once a half year for employees engaged in specific duties (Specific tasks are defined in Article 1 Clause 1 of the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations, and there is always more than 13 people for that task. When engaging the workers ofIndustrial physicianOf hazardous work that is required to be exclusively).

11 items of general medical examination(Article 44 of the Industrial Safety and Health Regulations)

  1. History and work history survey
  2. Examination for the presence or absence of subjective symptoms
  3. Height, weight, waist circumference, eyesight, hearing test
  4. Chest x-ray examination, Sputum test
  5. blood pressureMeasurement of
  6. anemiaInspection
  7. liverFunctional inspection
  8. Blood lipid test
  9. blood sugarInspection
  10. PeeInspection
  11. electro-cardiogramInspection

Part-time workerWith regard to the above, if either of the following 1 and 2 is applicable, it corresponds to the “worker who is always used” (the same applies to the regular health checkup and the health checkup of a specific business worker).

  1. One weekPrescribed working hoursIs more than three-quarters of the prescribed working hours per week of ordinary workers engaged in the same type of work at the workplace.
  2. A person who is used by a labor contract with no fixed term, or a person who is used by a fixed-term labor contract and whose "contract period of the fixed-term labor contract is one year (1 months for specified employees) or more. "Persons who are scheduled to use for more than one year (6 months for specified workers) due to renewal of the contract and those who continue to use for more than 1 year (6 months for specified workers)" Person who falls under any of
Occupational stress check

Examination to understand the psychological burden of doctors (Stress checkSince December 27, the implementation of () has become an obligation of businesses with 12 or more workers who are constantly used (Occupational Health and Safety Law, Article 50-66). For workplaces with less than 10 employees, it is mandatory to make efforts for the time being. Businesses specify by law once per year for workers who use them regularlyOccupational stressMust be inspected.

Specific worker
  • Medical examination of overseas dispatched workers
    • More than 6 months for workers out of JapanWhen trying to dispatchShall, in advance, give the worker a medical examination of general items and items specified by law that the doctor finds necessary (Article 45-2 of the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations). ).
    • Workers dispatched to areas outside Japan for 6 months or more,When you get a job in the area of ​​JapanShall conduct a medical examination for the worker by a doctor, among general items and items specified by law.
  • Health checkups for employees
    • In the cafeteria or kitchen attached to the businessLunchTo workers engaged inWhen hiring or when relocating to the relevant business,Stool examinationMedical examination must be carried out (Article 47 of Occupational Safety and Health Regulations).
  • Medical checkup for harmful workers
    • A business operator shall, for workers engaged in hazardous work specified by law, at the time of hiring or reassignment to such work, and for a prescribed period thereafter (3 months for tetra-alkyl lead work, depending on the classification of the work, Every 6 months), the doctor must do a medical examination for special items once every 1 months (Occupational Safety and Health Act, Article 66, paragraph 2). Even for workers who have been engaged in harmful work and are currently using it, once every 6 months (1 for certain items (Once every year), the doctor must regularly perform a medical examination for special items.
    • The employer shall provide a worker who is constantly engaged in work in a place that emits gas, steam or dust that is harmful to teeth or its supporting organization, at the time of hiring, when relocating to that work, and the relevant work. A medical examination by a dentist must be carried out once every 6 months after the checkup (Occupational Safety and Health Act, Article 1, paragraph 66).

School Health and Safety Act

School Health and Safety ActEstablishes annual health examination obligations for students and teachers.

Article XNUMX At school, health examinations of children and students (excluding students who receive correspondence education) must be conducted on a regular basis every grade.Article XNUMX The establishment of a school shall conduct a health examination of school staff on a regular basis every grade.

Child welfare facility

Child welfare facilityStandards for facilities and management of child welfare facilities for residents of[3] According to the School Health and Safety Act, a regular physical examination will be conducted at the time of admission and at least twice a year.

Optional medical checkup

Specific medical examination

Those over 40Act on ensuring medical care for the elderlyBy the insurer based onSpecific medical examination/specific health guidanceIs the target of.It should be noted thatHealth examination according to the Industrial Safety and Health Act(Business operator examination) is obliged to be carried out in preference to the specific medical examination, and it is considered that the specific medical examination was carried out by submitting the result of the business operator examination.[4].

Health business under the Health Insurance Act

Health insurance lawOne of the health services (obligation to make efforts) carried out voluntarily by the insurer.Association KenpoThen.Lifestyle-related disease prevention medical examinationIt is carried out as.Other health insurance associations have similar names,Complete medical checkupIt may be done as.

Health insurance lawArticle 150 The insurer shall provide specific health examinations pursuant to the provisions of Article XNUMX of the Act on Assurance of Medical Care for the Elderly and specific health guidance pursuant to the provisions of Article XNUMX of the Act.Specific health checkSupport for self-help efforts of insured persons and their dependents related to health education, health counseling and health examinations, health management and disease prevention, and other maintenance and promotion of health of insured persons, etc. We must strive to do what we need to do.

Mother and baby

Municipalities are specified by the Cabinet Order for the following infantsInfant health checkupMust be done (Maternal and Child Health LawArticle 12).

  • Infants who are over XNUMX year and XNUMX months old and under XNUMX years old
  • Infants over the age of three and under the age of four

The Cabinet Order stipulates the age of medical examination (4 months, 1 year 6 months, 3 years old) and examination items.

A-bomb survivor

Atomic bombbyA-bomb survivorThere are two regular health examinations every year and a hopeful health examination that does not exceed twice a year (one of which is available for cancer screening).


hospital-ClinicIn Japan, various medical examinations are conducted. In addition to general health condition evaluation and medical checkup service,Industrial Safety and Health ActIt may be performed as a transfer of the medical examination required by.

Health center

Health centerAs a simple health checkup, a basic health checkup (resident checkup) is conducted according to the Health Law for the Elderly.MunicipalitiesDepending on the health checkup, some people may provide transportation allowance.

household use

In order to save the trouble of going to a health checkup or to perform a frequent test for a specific item, a test kit for easily performing a health checkup at home is commercially available. In addition, there are institutions that carry out physical examinations by mailing test kits. There are the following inspection items.

According to administrative recommendations

Infectious disease lawByClass I infectionThe prefectural governor can recommend health checkups for patients with type 17, infectious disease, type 1 infectious disease, and infectious diseases such as new influenza (Article 17 paragraph 2), and it is sufficient to suspect that they have an infectious disease. If you do not follow the recommendations for some reason, you can have the staff perform a medical examination (Article XNUMX, paragraph XNUMX).

Precautions when visiting

  • Get a medical examination with clothes suitable for the medical examination[5].
    • make up-ManicureDo not wear such as as it may cause misdiagnosis.
    • Please be careful when you visit your doctor (some items may not be worn)footwear
      • Stuck to the skinClothing,turtleneck -When collecting bloodwrist,Physical findingsIt is difficult to roll up the clothes or easily put on and take off the clothes due to medical examination. TurtleneckfirstI cannot receive medical examinations for
      • Not plain or undecorated,clothClothing that does not consist only ofTrinkets -When shooting X-rays, shadows are created and normal shooting is not possible.
      • For medical examinationbraExcluding bras or similarFoundation (clothing) -Many medical examination items do not allow medical examination while wearing, and it is difficult to put on and take off easily. A part of the medical examination cannot be worn by all foundations including the brassiere.Spinal column examinationEtc.)
      • Long skirt -It is an obstacle when the consultation area is small.
      • Dresses -You will have to roll up from the bottom for a physical examination of your upper body.
      • stockings-BootsSuch as long lengthSocks-shoes - footIn addition to being unable to receive medical examinations for patients, it is difficult to put on and take off the socks/shoes when taking a medical examination.
    • TopsIt is a plain, undecorated, cloth-onlyT-shirtBottoms are soft and easy to stretchJersey pantsFor example, the slip-on type allows the shoes to be easily taken off and put on, and the socks have a short length that makes them easy to take off and put on.
  • If conditions such as food intake are specified, follow them. For example,stomachEndoscopeIn the case of inspection, fasting of 10 hours for rice food and 6 hours or more for bread food is required.


Guaranteeing the effectiveness of screening

The ultimate purpose of a health checkup is to make the subject as healthy and long-lived as possible.Average lifeIs an extension of. It is easy to think that it is unconditionally good to be able to detect the disease early and to deal with it early, but in reality, due to various factors listed below, the medical examination is macroscopically invalid and wastes resources. Not only that, but it can even be counterproductive to your health.

Since the implementing entity bears a large financial burden, it is not possible that its effectiveness is worth the cost.statisticsof,EpidemiologyHowever, in many cases it takes a very long time to prove thatevidenceDepending on your expectations, you may be forced to have a medical examination. Since the 1970s, many studies such as chest X-rays and liver functional blood tests, which have been conducted in Japan's medical checkups, show that the medical examinations in Europe and the United States are not effective in many cases. Efficacy for reducing mortality rate denied[6].Heisei 17ToMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareIn the verification of the effectiveness of each item of the health examination conducted by the research group of the above, 24 out of the 16 main types of tests and interviews were evaluated as "no evidence of efficacy or not found".[7].. In this regard, as a representative example of controversy,metabolic syndromeSee also

  • The "harm of a health check" appears before the "benefits of a health check". For asymptomatic patientsBlood sampling,EndoscopeAnd invasionradiationExposureRarely bycomplicationsOccurs. Also, early detection of illness at the asymptomatic stage,Internal use,手術Treatment bycomplicationsAlso occurs at a constant rate. For exampleLung cancer OfCTRegarding screening, there is an opinion that the effectiveness of surgery is too high, even if a small lung cancer can be detected by CT, and there is an opinion that its effectiveness is questioned.
  • Early detection of a disease through a health check will raise indicators such as the 5-year survival rate, but it does not necessarily mean that the end goal, lifespan, has been extended. Life expectancy is 5 years if removed at stage I (early/symptom free), and life expectancy is 1 year if stage IV (end stage/symptom appears).cancerIf there are many screening stage I patients, "the overall 5-year survival rate for patients with this cancer" will definitely increase. However, if it takes an average of 4 years to progress from stage I to IV and show symptoms even if left untreated, the screening actually does not extend the life span at all, Would simply give the patient anxiety and invasion early on. Apparently the treatment results for cancer will improve, soLead time bias Called lead time bias.Prostate cancer OfPSAMedical examinationBreast cancerThere is an opinion that such a system may not lead to extension of life in medical examinations.
  • In extreme cases, there is even the possibility of accidentally picking up a slow-moving disease that hardly affects the lifespan itself, or a disease that does not adversely affect health, giving unnecessary treatment, and doing harm on the contrary.length bias, The latteroverdiagnosis biasCall. AdultThyroid cancerAnd newbornNeuroblastomaSince such a situation has actually occurred in Japan, there is currently no mass screening for these diseases. byaneurysmThis kind of discovery alsobiasIt has been pointed out that there exists.

It should be noted that none of the examples given in this section include those with no consensus among experts or those currently under evaluation, and do not claim that the screening is invalid. ..[Source required]

Other problems

  • Since the inspection method of the periodical health check is intended to be simple and quick, it is not always the best one for the purpose of determining the health condition. For example, as a diabetes test, a blood glucose test is superior to a urine sugar test, which is an item of a regular health examination, in accuracy and the like.
  • Since it corresponds to a large number of examinees, it is pointed out that in some cases the accuracy of the test is inferior and the risk of overlooking the disease is overlooked. In addition, it is pointed out that some patients do not receive medical examinations depending on the inspection items or the frequency of medical examinations is low, so that early detection of the disease cannot be performed and the risk of the disease worsening.
  • Depending on the medical examination itemsunderwear,Private zoneNeed to be exposedpubertyIt becomes painful to see underwear and private zones for other schoolchildren, teachers, doctors, etc., mainly for subsequent schoolchildren, and especially for girls after puberty (Thelarche), boys' schoolchildren and male teachers / doctors It may be even more painful to see underwear and private zones in such places.Schoolgirl removes bratoplessThere are voices from parents of female children and students who have doubts about having a topless consultation.[8].
    • Women may be able to receive medical examinations by wearing a medical examination brassiere or a similar brassiere (Precautions when visitingSee also).
    • When measuring weight, try not to add clothing weight to actual weightA pair of pantsHowever, in recent years, one pair of pants is a pain in elementary school and aboveClothing specified by the schoolIt is often the case that the body weight is measured while wearing the clothes (the weight of the clothes is subtracted from the measurement, and the clothes at the time of measurement are unified so that the weight of the clothes to be subtracted does not differ).PreschoolerIn the case of, the actual weight is light, and the error increases when the weight of clothes is added,Kindergarten-Licensed Nursery School-Authorized child institutionWhen measuring preschoolers at medical institutions and medical institutionsBottomsIn most cases, the tops are all taken off while wearing the clothes specified by the garden (upper body shirtless) or pants.赤ちゃんThere are also cases where the measurement is done in the nude, centered around.
  • In some companies, there are some cases in which mandatory medical examinations for employees are not conducted.
  • Japanese unlicensedForeign schoolIs not subject to Japanese law and is not required to have a medical examination.
  • Labor regulationsTotattoo(タ ト ゥ ーFor companies that have the item ``Prohibition of )'', if a tattoo is found in the medical examination.Disciplinary dismissal,punishmentMay be subject to. only,Labor contract lawIn (Article 16), it is said that "if the reason is not reasonably reasonable and it is not considered to be appropriate according to social norms, it will be invalidated as an abuse of that right". Only because ofDismissalIt is an unjust act to do. In fact, it is case-by-case whether or not you will be subject to dismissal or punishment (because there are some people who put on tattoos or tattoos after joining the company, even if they are not found by a medical examination at work).
  • BMI tends to be high even if the body fat percentage is lowbodybuildingIt does not correspond to special cases such as body shape, and in extreme cases, the abdominal circumference may be mechanically judged as "obese body type" by referring only to BMI even though it is judged as "A".


Health examination in China

In China, problems such as diagnosis with photographs that are difficult to interpret and operation of inspection equipment without grasping the inspection site are becoming issues, and human resource development and training of health checkup workers such as imaging technology and image interpretation technology have become issues.[1].

Price competition is occurring in medical institutions that provide medical checkup services in coastal areas and large cities of China[1].. On the other hand, in wealthy people, Japanese-style medical examinations have been evaluated, and there are people who want to receive high cost even if they pay.[1].

Health examination in Southeast Asia


IndonesiaThe government's prioritized efforts in the field are early detection of infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, and cancer and lifestyle-related diseases are at the next stage.[1].. In urban areas, the westernization of diet is advancing and the reserve army for lifestyle-related diseases is expanding to the middle class as well. Understood possible[1].. However, in Indonesia, the health checkup is not budgeted and you will have to pay your own medical examination.[1].


MyanmarThe medical environment is not well established before the medical examination[1].. A medical examination business using a Japanese-style medical examination vehicle was also considered, but first a business that responds to the needs as a medical vehicle that goes around a clinic where medical equipment is not equipped is examined rather than a medical examination vehicle.[1].


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注 釈

  1. ^ This is2004/ OfNHKTaiga drama"Shinsengumi!] Was also drawn.


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