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⛳ | To the Men's Tour Reversal Prize Winner Encourage Japanese professionals to inspire in the "Japan Series JT Cup" (Yutaka Hagawa)

Mone Inami (left) and Ayaka Furue (C) Nikkan Gendai who fought for the prize queen until the final round of the photo.

To the Men's Tour Reversal Prize Winner "Japan Series JT Cup" encourages Japanese professionals to inspire (Yutaka Hagawa)

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Isao Aoki once screwed in a putt from anywhere on the green.

[Yutaka Hagawa's Perspective Weekly Watch] The Japan Women's Tour was last week's "JLPGA Tour Championship Ricoh Cup" ... → Continue reading

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Isao Aoki

Isao Aoki(Isao Aoki,1942 May 8 -) isChibaAbikoFromProfessional golfer.JapanProfessional golf tourPermanent seedHolder. From 2016Japan Golf Tour Organization(JGTO) Chairman. In 1980US Open1983nd place, the first Japanese in XNUMXPGA TourTo win the championship, etc.Shoji Ozaki(jumbo),Nakajima TsuneyukiAlong with that, he is one of Japan's leading golfers called "AON".Japan Golf Tour51 wins in total is second in history[1].


  • 1956 At the age of 14Abiko Golf ClubAtAbiko Junior High SchoolBecome an ally with your classmateNanao TakasuWithCaddy OfPart-time jobMeet golf through.
  • 1957  Upon graduating from Abiko Junior High School, he got a job as a caddy at Shin-Tokyo Min Golf Course (Adachi-ku, Tokyo).
  • 1958 , MasterYoshiro HayashiPulled out by a professional and transferred to Abiko Golf Club.
  • 1961 , Transferred to Hanno Golf Club.
  • 1964 6月1日、二回目の受験でプロテストに合格。4月20日鎌ケ谷カントリークラブで36ホール147、6月1日大宮ゴルフコースで36ホール155(38-42-36-39)で、合格ラインに2打差で合格。
  • 1965 , Japan tour debut at the Kanto Pro Golf Championship.
  • 1971 , Won the Japan Tour for the first time at the Kanto Pro Golf Championship.
  • 1973 ,International businessSubordinateNikkenConcluded an affiliation contract with.
  • 1975 , The first non-US player to win the Masters Opening Match "Par 3 Contest".
  • 1976 , The first Japan tour prize money king.
  • 1978 から1981 Over the years, he has been the winner of the Japan Tour prize for the fourth consecutive year.
  • 1978 ,World match play championshipFirst victory in an overseas tour.In the same year, he remarried with Mrs. Hiroko (Mrs. Chie).
  • 1980 ,US Open2nd place. "Emperor" for 4 daysJack NiclasAnd fought a deadly battle.
  • In 1981, obtained a formal US regular tour license.Won the Masters "Par 3 Contest" for the second time.
  • 1982 , No. 122 in the US regular tour prize ranking.Acquired the first Japanese seed right.
  • 1983 ,Hawaiian OpenSo, the first Japanese in the United StatesPGA TourVictory.European TourWinner of the "Europe Open".
  • 1989 , Winner of the Australian tour "Coca-Cola Classic".Won the world's four major tours (Japan, US, Europe and Australia).
  • 1992 , US Senior Tour (current name is "Champions tourMoved to the main battlefield and won the "Nation Wide Championship" for the first time in the same year.
  • 1994 から1997 OverJapan Senior Open Golf ChampionshipAchieved two consecutive victories.
  • 1997 , Isao Aoki Junior Club established.Since then, he has been focusing on training juniors.
  • 2001 , US Senior Tour "Ford Players Championship, Achieved a total of 1,000 appearances.
  • 2004 , The first Japanese manWorld Golf Hall of Fameenter.
  • 2007 , Mark 65 on the last day,Age shootAnd won the Japan Senior Open Golf Championship for the first time in 10 years. 2002Castle Hill OpenNanao TakasuThe "59 years and 4 months" established by the company was repainted by nearly 6 years old, and the tournament was won at "65 years and 2 months".
  • 2008 ,autumn Purple ribbonReceived the award. On the final day of the Kinojo Senior Open on November 11, he went around the final round with 9, achieved his second age shot, and won the championship (playoffs, 66th hole).
  • 2010 , For one month from February of the same year,Nihon Keizai ShimbunIn the morning edition, "My resumeIs serialized.
  • On May 2010, 5, he scored 9 at Charity Golf, The Legend Charity, and achieved his third age shot.
  • 2015 , In the autumn honorAsahi day small badgeThe award.
  • 2019 ,Prime Minister OfShinzo AbePresident of the United States OfDonald TrumpAccompany the round[2].
  • 2020 On March 3, the Japan Golf Tour Organization decided on three elections for Isao Aoki's chairman.[3].
  • 2020 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,AbikoHonorary citizenDecided[4]

Main record

  • 1980 OfUS OpenThen, the runner-up. (The winner is Niclas, and Aoki is second. Both finishes 2 and 1 by breaking the winning record at that time. This is the 2 years until Hideki Matsuyama's Masters victory in 2021 for Japanese male players.Major competitionWas the best result)
  • Same yearBritish OpenThen, on the third day, the minimum score record "3" was set. (Thailand record as of 63)
  • First Japanese in the United StatesPGA Tour(Hawaiian Open) Winner.Chip in with a shot with a distance of 128 yards to the pin on the final day and the final holeイ ー グ ルIt was a victory by one stroke to the second place. It was a miracle reversal in the midst of submitting a scorecard, although he holed out with a one-stroke lead.This shot was selected as one of the most memorable shots of the 2s in the United States, and the company-made PW used in this shot isWorld Golf Hall of FameIt is exhibited in the facility of.In addition, 128 yards is a number that Aoki walked and confirmed the day after the victory, and it is said that he was caught in the bunker no matter how many times he hit the same club from the same place the next day and did not reach the green.

Professional championship (78)

Japan Tours (51)

PGA Tour Winner (1)

No.DateTournamentWinning scoreStrike2 bit
11983/2/13Hawaiian Open-20 (66-70-65-67 = 268)1 strokesUnited States flag Jack Renner

European Tour (1)

Other victory (7)

Champions Tour Winner (9)

No.DateTournamentWinning scoreStrike2nd place (Thailand)
127 September 1992Nation Wide Championship−8 (70-66 = 136)1 strokesUnited States flag Raymond Floyd
218 September 1994Bank One Senior Classic-14 (69-64-69 = 202)3 strokesUnited States flag Chichi Rodriguez
325 September 1994Brickyard Crossing Championship−11 (66-67 = 133)1 strokesUnited States flag Jimmy Powell, United States flag Tom Wago
4Aug 27 1995Bank of Boston Senior Classic-12 (69-66-69 = 204)1 strokesNew Zealand flag Bob Charles, United States flag Hale Irwin
526 May 1996BellSouth Senior Classic-14 (64-68-70 = 202)1 strokesAustralian flag Graham Marsh, United States flag
630 June 1996Kroger Senior Classic-15 (63-69-66 = 198)1 strokesUnited States flag Mike hill, United States flag Rocky Thompson
728 September 1997Emerald Coast Classic-14 (71-60-65 = 196)PlayoffUnited States flag Gil Morgan
814 June 1998BellSouth Senior Classic-18 (62-66-70 = 198)2 strokesUnited States flag Larry Nelson
919 May 2002The Instinet Classic-15 (69-67-65 = 201)4 strokesUnited States flag John Jacobs

Japan Senior Tour Winner (9)

  • 1994 Japan Senior Open
  • 1995 American Express Grand Slam, Japan Senior Open
  • 1996 Japan Senior Open
  • 1997 Japan Senior Open
  • 2000 N. Cup Senior Open
  • 2002 N. Cup Senior Open
  • 2007 Japan Senior Open
  • 2008 Kinojo Senior Open


Major championship


DNP = Do not participate
WD = Decline due to injury
CUT = half way cut
T = rank Thailand
Yellow is in the top 10.

Senior major championship

National Professional Senior Golf Championship3T5T52T20T44T15T62T20CUT
The Tradition6T92T122T13T28DNPT47T35
Senior Players ChampionshipT5T36T30T23T14T18T1721
US Senior OpenT2010T311T49T4CUTT47T2T18

National Professional Senior Golf ChampionshipCUTT27T62T28CUTCUTCUTDNPDNPDNP
The TraditionT20T53T32T67T71DNPT5764DNPDNP
Senior Players ChampionshipT12T28T1852DNPDNPDNPDNPDNPDNP
British Senior OpenT14T22T36T60CUT50CUTDQCUTCUT

Play style

  • Originally it was a draw hitter and a flyer style, but it succeeded after changing the holding ball to a fade to stabilize it.[5].
  • ・ The style is to lean forward and hold the hand down.putterFrom the posture of standing up the toe, take back on the list and hit down blowTapIt was a style called a ceremony or something.Nowadays, the mainstream method is called shoulder stroke, which does not move the wrist, and this method is a thing of the past, and few players practice it.[6]..Among the players who adopted wrist putting, Aoki, as a master who remains in the history of golf,Billy Casper, All list three people born before the 1940s[7].
  • Despite the fact that it was already an old-fashioned method, Aoki stubbornly kept the style and continued to throw long putts in the game and putts on difficult lines one after another.Especially the emperorJack NiclasAnd then, "PuttingtextbookI have to rewrite it. "The 45th generation, known for his love of golf and having been given a putter by AokiPresident of the United States OfDonald Trump"Aoki's putting is an art, but he can only hit it. You should never imitate it."[8][9].
  • Also known as a golfer who is very selfish, he is unique in his putting style as well as in normal shots.There are two external features: a deep forward leaning posture and a solid foot.When actually hitting a ball, it is a wrist turn hitting method that puts a lot of consciousness on the arm, and he said, "It is the club that hits the ball directly, and it is the hand that holds it. Many professionals turn their bodies. I'm focusing on, but my method is different. "[10].metaldriverI rarely used it because it didn't suit my batting method,TitaniumWhen the driver came out, he could use it without changing the batting method, so he immediately started using it in actual battles.[11].. (HoweverPersimmonCompared to the driver era, it is said that face rotation is suppressed. )
  • The first challenge of the British Open1977 TurnberryAoki, who failed to qualify for the 106th tournament with a score of 54-76-72 at the end of 74 holes, will be the venue for the following year in order to capture the links course in England.St AndrewsAfter inspecting the old course of the golf course and returning to Japan, he practiced on the riverbed course of the Nishikigahara Golf Course and went to the British Open in 1978.The lead was 68 on the first day, the lead was kept at 2 on the second day, and the final round was 71-73, tying in 73th place, 4 strokes behind the winning Jack Nicklaus.
  • 1980 US OpenPlayed "Baltusrol's Death Fight"Jack NiclasBut wonInterviewHe said, "Aoki's (from the hole cup) within 100Y is the best in the world," so if he competes for a small number of strokes within this distance, he is told that there is nothing like Aoki.To support this, the USPGA's bunker shot division (sand save rate: bunkerIn terms of the rate of hole-out within 2 strokes from the inside), he has been the No. 80 player for the second consecutive year in 81 and 1. In the 80s, he was ranked first in Thailand in the total results for 10 years.
  • Regarding Aoki's extra-base hitting power, it was a long course setting at that time.BaltusrolOn the final day of the US Open at the US Open, Niclas, a flyer, said "You are so long" to Aoki, who is increasing his flight distance day by day.[12]


  • In junior high school, he was in the baseball club and was assigned the first baseman because he was tall.
  • Until the first victory, I didn't make a noise and didn't fly, and I was content with my bottom life. "I put a heavy burden on my ex-wife who was a former caddy because of drinking and hitting?", He wrote in "My resume."
  • Introduced by Namio TakasuSadaharu OhBecome friends with.Aoki said, "Mr. Wang is an athlete.KanAfter spending his days with Sadaharu Oh as a model, he won his first victory at Kanto Pro in 1971, and after that, like Mr. Wang, he got the nickname "Aoki of the" world "". talk[13].
  • While Masashi Ozaki was mostly devoted to tours in Japan, Isao Aoki has been actively participating in overseas tours and is one of the most well-known Japanese professional golfers in the United States.
  • Known for his friendly and open personality.AmericaPGA TourEven after participating in the warEnglishWasn't good at it, but he said, "To fight on a US tourcommunicationIs necessary "[14], SmileBody languageHe talked to various players including, and made friends with many people.
    • Greg NormanAnd my best friend.Greg Norman is famous for his eccentricity and shyness and doesn't have much friendship with others, but Aoki is on good terms with him and when Aoki breaks his left elbow.Attending physicianIntroduction andRehabilitationHe was a presenter when Aoki was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame.TobariAccording to what he said he actually saw, Aoki said that during the conversation, AokiJapaneseSo, Greg speaks normally in English, but he says he can communicate without any problems.Tohari says, "It's out of my understanding.")
    • I have many friends outside the golf world,Beat takeshiHe is also one of the few people who calls him "Beat-san" instead of "Takeshi-san".
    • The tone is a mellow tone, and the habit of saying for a while is "Shanmeejanyo" (meaning that it can't be helped).It is also characterized by a frank tone in golf commentary.
  • In his private life, he is remarried to his current wife after experiencing a divorce.Mrs. Remarriage also has a daughter-in-law who is her daughter-in-law.After marrying Chie, Aoki's lifestyle and appearance have changed.
  • He won the first Japanese PGA Tour, but later won the PGA Tour.Shigeki Maruyama,Ryuji Imada,Hideki MatsuyamaWhile they participated in the tour throughout the season, Aoki achieved it under severe conditions such as the time difference of so-called spot participation in which only winter and summer are spent in the United States and the difference in green speed. There is.In his book, he wrote, "If you continue to live back and forth, it was difficult to adjust the time difference, the difference in green speed, the deviation of the form, etc. Some of them have such a hard time unless you go to the United States. Some people said they didn't have to do it. "
    • Yokoo KanameIs Aoki's "Hawaiian OpenI decided to become a professional golfer when I saw a miracle chip-in-eagle victory in a come-from-behind victory.

Nickname / nickname

  • America etc.English-speaking countriesThen, it was pronounced "Aiseio Aoki", "Aizao Eoki", etc., but after playing an active part at the US Open in 80, it was called "Izao Eoki".JapaneseIt will be called with a pronunciation close to reading.
  • In the era of regular tours in the United States, the appearance of throwing long putts one after another and the exquisite technique from a difficult bunker made "Oriental"magician (Oriental magician) "was called.
  • After winning the first overseas tour at the "World Match Play Championship" in 1978, he became known as "Aoki of the World".At first, Aoki himself expressed confusion when he suddenly began to speak with the crown of "the world", saying, "Isao Aoki is Isao Aoki. Nothing has changed."
  • rivalShoji OzakiNickname "jumboAfter "Ozaki", temporarily "ConcordeThere was a time when it was called "Aoki", but it never took root.



  • Isao Aoki Lifelong Golf Equation (Publisher: Isao Aoki Golf Planning / Engine Network, Distributor: Kinokuniya Bookstore, Part number: KKCS-22-23)


  • GOLF Isao Aoki's World Part1 ~ Part3
  • NHKHobby Encyclopedia Isao Aoki's Best Golf Vol, 1-Vol, 3 (list price 5,000 yen each)
  • Isao Aoki's Golf Quick Guide OUT / IN
  • Isao Aoki's Winning Golf Original Lesson in Hawaii Volumes 1/2
  • Isao Aoki and Masahiro Kuramoto's Golf Emperor Studies (Vap, 1985)


  • Golf Aoki style (ISBN-4 10-467901-1, List price 1,400 yen)
  • Immediately get better One of the wonders The secret to surely shrink 9 strokes (no ISBN, list price 690 yen)
  • Aim for an amazing golf cup-in! (No ISBN, list price 690 yen)
  • How to read Isao Aoki's turf (without ISBN, list price 880 yen)
  • Isao Aoki Super Battle Technique (ISBN-4 06-126780-9, List price 850 yen)
  • Aoki Golf's secret question and answer (ISBN-4 569-21191-7, List price 680 yen)
  • Sage's Golf Aoki Ryu Secret Simple Golf Recommendation (ISBN-4 334-00585-3, List price 800 yen)
  • The men who fought me (ISBN-4 08-780172-1, List price 1,200 yen)
  • Isao Aoki Golf Olympic Book (ISBN-4 08-780037-7, List price 580 yen)
  • Golf Aoki style basic edition (Comic/ISBN-4 8124-6284-3, List price 429 yen + tax)
  • Golf Aoki style Theory of 12 secret battles that increase the score (manga /ISBN-4 8124-6306-8, List price 429 yen + tax)

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(Master-disciple relationship)


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