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⚾ | Softbank Shuto, why is the preparedness to go down significantly by 400 million?Contents of the evaluation that Mikasa GM talked about

Photo: Softbank Shuto Ukyo, who negotiated a contract renewal [Photo: Representative photo]

Softbank Shuto, why is it 400 million less prepared to go down significantly?Contents of the evaluation that Mikasa GM talked about

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Of course, it was a disappointment, but with 188 at-bats, Lotte's Takashi Ogino outfielder, who won the stealing king, recorded 4 stolen bases in 5th place in the league.

Ukyo Shuto infielder of Softbank, who participated in 70 games in total for the season, was based on the 1st, even though he was absent in the second half due to injury. → Continue reading


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Most stolen bases

Most stolen bases(Saito and Urui) is one of the individual titles in the professional baseball league.

Takashi Ogino Outfield


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