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🎾 | Women's Tennis Association suspends tournament in China Peng's safety is unknown


Women's Tennis Association suspends tournament in China Peng's safety is unknown

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The Winter Olympics and Paralympics are scheduled to be held in Beijing, China next February to March.

The Women's Tennis Association (WTA) was in China on the 35st, amid concerns about the safety of Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai (1). → Continue reading


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Winter Olympics

Winter Olympics(Touki Olympics,Buddha : Jeux olympiques d'hiver,British : Winter Olympic Games) IsModern olympicIt is a kind of, and is held once every four years in winter.Multi-sport event.JapaneseThe official name isOlympic Winter Games.

Of the first convention held in 19241924 Chamonix Montblanc Olympics1992th Convention held in 16[Note 1] Of1992 Albertville OlympicsUntilSummer olympicIt was held in the same year as1994 Lillehammer OlympicsAfter that, the year that is in the middle of the year when the Summer Olympic Games are held (Even number that does not break at 4Year,FIFA World Cup,basketball,volleyball, The same year as the world championships such as handball) was revised to be held.Therefore, the Lillehammer Olympics are exceptionalThe only tournament held two years after the previous tournament.

The main competition isSki,skateEtc., it is a competition that uses ice and snow.Prior to the Winter Olympics,1908 London OlympicsToFigure skating,1920 Antwerp Olympic GamesToIce hockeyIs being held at the Summer Olympics.

List of competitions

Until the 16th, it will be held in the same year as the Summer Olympics.From the 17th, it has been held in the middle of the Summer Olympics.note that1940 と1944 TheSecond World WarHowever, unlike the Summer Olympics, only the tournaments held are counted as rounds. As of 2020, it has never been held in the Southern Hemisphere (it has been held three times in the summer).

* "Country" is the number of participating countries / regions.
YearsvenueHost Continent / Host CountryCountryNumber of participating players[1][2]RemarksEventMain venue
(Main stadium)
011924French flag ChamonixEurope France160258024701116
021928Swiss flag St. Moritz (1)Europe Switzerland250464043802614
031932United States flag Lake Placid (1)North America America170252023102114 
041936Nazi Germany flag Garmisch-PartenkirchenEurope Germany280646056608017
1940Japanese flag SapporoAsia Japan
[Note 2]Cancel
1944Canadian flag1Italian flag Cortina d'AmpezzoEurope Italy 1Italy kingdom
051948Swiss flag St. Moritz (2)Europe Switzerland280669059207722St. Moritz Olympic Icelink
061952Norway flag OsloEurope Norway300694058510922
071956Canadian flag2Italian flag Cortina d'Ampezzo (1)Europe Italy 2Italy320821068713424
081960United States flag Olympic ValleyNorth America America300665052114427
091964United States flagAustrian flag Innsbruck (1)Europe Austria361091089219934
101968French flag GrenobleEurope France371158094721135
111972Japanese flag SapporoAsia Japan351006080120535 Makomanai Indoor Stadium
Makomanai Outdoor Stadium
121976United States flagUnited States flag Denver →
Austrian flag Innsbruck (2)
Europe austriaNorth America America →
Europe austria
3711230892231[Note 3]37Bergisel
131980United States flag Lake Placid (2)North America America371072084023238
141984Flag of the Federal Republic of Socialist Yugoslavia SarajevoEurope ユ ー ゴ ス ラ ビ ア491272099827439
1519881Canadian flag CalgaryNorth America Canada571423112230146McMahon Stadium
161992French flag AlbertvilleEurope France641801131348857
171994Norway flag LillehammerEurope Norway671737121552261
181998Japanese flag NaganoAsia Japan722176138978768 Nagano Olympic Stadium
192002United States flag Salt Lake CityNorth America America78[3]2399151388678Rice Eccles Stadium
202006Canadian flag3Italian flag TurinEurope Italy 3Italy802508154896084Stadio Olimpico
2120102Canadian flag VancouverNorth America Canada822566152299104486BC place
222014Russian flag SochiEurope Russia8828731714991159[4]98Fisht Olympic Stadium
232018Republic of Korea flag Ping ChangAsia South Korea9229221680991212102Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium
242022Flag of the People's Republic of China BeijingAsia Chugoku
Beijing National Gymnasium
252026Italian flag Milan / Cortina d'Ampezzo (2)Europe ItalyStadio Giuseppe Meazza
262030 Unknown flag Venue undecidedUndecided
272034 Unknown flag Venue undecidedUndecided
282038 Unknown flag Venue undecidedUndecided
292042 Unknown flag Venue undecidedUndecided
302046 Unknown flag Venue undecidedUndecided

Formal competition

Olympic Winter Games FederationTo (AIOWF)International FederationSports to which (IF) is a member


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注 釈

  1. ^ Originally the 18th tournament, but in 1940 and 1944Second World WarCanceled due to the influence of.
  2. ^ Second World WarCanceled at.
  3. ^ It was decided to be Denver at the 1970th IOC General Assembly in 69, but it was changed to Innsbruck in February 1973 after the event was returned due to the opposition movement of local residents.


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