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⚾ | Nippon-Ham Sugiya, Kiyomiya and others are paying attention to the “cosplay appearance” at the “too strong” fan festival.

Photo Nippon-Ham Kenshi Sugiya (left) and Kotaro Kiyomiya [Photo: Kanako Ishikawa]

Fans pay attention to the "cosplay appearance" at the "too strong habit" fan festival by Nippon-Ham Sugiya and Kiyomiya.

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Kenshi Sugiya Infielder wore a wig with black hair in the middle, and Kotaro Kiyomiya infielder wore Christmas tree-shaped glasses on a purple afro wig to make fans laugh.

At the fan festival held on November 11th, the players dressed up as they wanted ... Nippon Ham held at Sapporo Dome on November 30th ... → Continue reading


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Kenshi Sugiya Infield

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