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⚾ | Daisuke Matsuzaka said, "Completely defeated, I can't win no matter what I do." Yasutomo Kubo was convinced 23 years ago.

Photo Yasutomo Kubo (right) at the Hyogo Bravers press conference [Photo: Kengo Hashimoto]

Daisuke Matsuzaka said, "Completely defeated, I can't win no matter what I do." Yasutomo Kubo was convinced 23 years ago.

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In the 2021 season, Seibu Matsuzaka, who has been leading the same generation, will retire.

Played in the 1998 selection final "How can I destroy a player like him?" Played at Lotte, Hanshin, DeNA ... → Continue reading


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Retirement(Intai) isOfficial office,StatusOr withdraw fromathleteIs to leave the status as a player. In addition to professional athletes, they also play sportsStudentstudentAre the final gradesUniversity,UniversityI have no chance to participate in the game due to taking an examination, job hunting, etc.ク ラ ブ,Extracurricular activitiesLeaving away from is also called retirement.In the case of professional sports, retirement may be announced in advance, in which caseRetirement matchIt may be said that.Grand SumoThere is no retirement game as an initiative in the retirement ofHaircut ceremonyIs famous.

In the case of the armyRetireIs called.In addition, if the person dies before quitting the activity, it is not expressed as "retirement".


Professional baseball

Professional baseball playerWhen retiring, there are the following types of procedures. However, not because of retirement,Transfer, On the premise of treatment of injuries and illnesses, etc.MeasureMay be taken.

Voluntary retirement

Japan Professional Baseball AgreementDuring the contract period or the holding period (period for contract renewal) according to the provisions of the following (baseball agreement)[1]Saying about retirement.

In the case of the current voluntary retirement, not only Japan but also overseas professional baseball organizations that have contract agreements with NPB (MLB,CBE,CPBL,CNBL) Will not be able to belong toHideo Nomo Major LeagueWhen transferring to, because there was no provision for professional teams in other countries yet, has been transferred as a voluntary retired player in Japan (measures to prevent free transfer to other domestic teams). In addition to this, when there is a trainee system and only 60 registered players are allowed under control, there is a long period of treatment for breakdowns and foreigners who are no longer likely to participate when the foreigner quota is exceeded. It was not uncommon for non-registered players to remain unregistered or to be announced as voluntary retired players when studying baseball in a minor league. Of Nippon HamHirofumi KonoMistakenly assumed that the temporary voluntary retired player announcement due to an injury was a notification out of force.disappearanceHowever, the trainee system was abolished, partly due to this turmoil.[Note 1]And led to 70 players under control.

It is also possible for players who voluntarily retire to return to active duty, but as a general rule, voluntary retirement is due to the wishes of the players, so when returning to the professional baseball world, it is necessary to return to the last club they belong to. If you want to return to another team, you need permission from your last team.

Also, substantialOut-of-force notificationEven if the retirement is not necessarily desired by the person himself, if it is decided to contract as a team staff (coach, batting pitcher, bullpen catcher, scout, scorer, etc.) in the next year, in order not to negotiate with other teams Voluntary retired players may be announced.Even if this is not the case, if a player who has a good track record does not want to continue playing in another team, the team will consider the contributors to the team (with the nuance of "Kubi"). It may be voluntary retirement (rather than a strong free contract).vice versaRetirement matchIn some cases, even the athletes who performed the training do not choose the voluntary retirement notice because they are not restricted by their activities after retirement. In 2020Fujikawa KojiMany choose a free contract, and voluntary retirement notice becomes a team staffKokuba TsubasaWas only.

In addition, a person who was a professional baseball player due to the change of rules in 1999Amateur baseballSince it is necessary to have a free contract from the final team to change into a player/leader of, the free contract announcement may be made again after voluntary retirement. For such players1979 OfTokiba Yoshiro(2004 ToHiroshima Toyo CarpFrom the free contract announcement),1985 OfShoji Sadaoka(2006 ToYomiuri GiantsFrom the free contract announcement),2005 OfKiyoshi Hatsushiba(In 2006Chiba Lotte MarinesThere is a free contract announcement).

Furthermore, due to the revision of the 2009 baseball agreement, voluntary retired players after 2009 will be treated as free contracts if three years have passed from December 12 of the year of the announcement of voluntary retirement.[2]. However,2006 OfTakeshi Shinjo(2019 ToHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersIt is not applicable to voluntary retired players before 2008, such as free contract announcement.

Free contract

Under the terms of the baseball agreement, a player whose contract with a team has been canceled or whose team has lost ownership has the meaning of "a player who can freely contract with any team".Free contractA player. The fact that becoming a free contract player is not directly linked to retirement, and it is merely the fact that any team can freely sign a contract. However, if it is not possible to sign a contract with any of the baseball teams, it will be virtually retired, and the player may give up on the contract and announce retirement after the free contract is announced. However, it does not switch to voluntary retirement notice (Tomohiro Kuroki,Takeshi TaguchiSuch). In addition, even if you can not sign a contract once and enter the next season, and even if you are substantially retired, you may be reinstated by signing a contract with one of the teams (Satoshi KuriyamaAfter the end of the 2003 seasonChunichi DragonsAfter being announced as a free contract, he returned to Orix in the middle of the 2004 season).

The most common form is a free contract because it is not listed in the pending player list. In Japan professional baseball, after the season ends, the team holds a reserved player list that is a list of players who are willing to continue contracting in the next year.commissionerThe Commissioner will announce this on December 12nd, but if he is out of this list, he will automatically become a free contract player. In addition, each team informs the athletes that they will not sign a contract in the following year prior to submitting this pending player list and publicizing the commissioner.Out-of-force notificationIt is carried out. this isJapan Professional Baseball Players AssociationDue to the agreement with, tryouts, enrollment tests, etc. are usually conducted before December 12 when the list of reserved players is announced, so by clarifying that the contract will not be concluded by the announcement This is to leave the possibility that players can belong to other teams the following year.

Contract renewalIf an annual salary that exceeds the reduction limit is presented at the time, the player can refuse the contract, and even in such a case, the contract will be free.

In addition, it is possible to announce free contract players even during the season, but in that case, even during the trade prohibition period, it will not be possible to substantially trade by issuing this free contract player announcement. Yo, prior to the announcement of free contract playersWaver Announcement[Note 2]Will be done. For 7 days after this announcement, the player will have the right to receive the contract transfer of the player in order from the lower team, and will be a free contract player only if none of the teams show the intention to contract.

In English, there are also free contract playersFree agentIt is written as (Free Agent), but this is so-calledFree agentIt is separate from the system (the free agent system allows athletes to declare a free contract "at their own will").

Disqualified player

A disqualified player is qualified to be a member of the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) under a baseball agreement.[Note 3]Say the player who lost. There are three types of disqualified players: fixed term, indefinite, and permanent. Of these, permanent disqualified players are in principle dismissed permanently, and even if they become indefinitely disqualified players, they are inevitably disqualified. It will be a de facto retirement because it will be a long-term blank.

As a requirement for permanent disqualification, a defeat act that intentionally defeats the team to which he belongs (Matchfix), Etc., and as an example of retiring due to this1969 から1971 Happened duringBlack fog caseThere are six athletes (see below) who have been permanently disqualified. Permanent disqualification is often referred to as "permanent expulsion."

Until 2005, there was no room to return to active duty if exiled permanently.2005 Due to the revision of the baseball agreement in (17), 15 years have passed since the disposition, and a new clause has been established to cancel the disposition for the future for those who are found to be repentant. For this reason, even if he becomes a disqualified player, there is still room for him to return to active duty, but this rule itself was permanently disqualified in the Black Mist Scandal.Masaaki IkenagaAbout the team Nishitetsu Lions at that time and became the successorSeibu Lions,Fukuoka Softbank HawksIn response to the rehabilitation movement from the alumni and fans of the company, no player has returned to active duty.

In addition, a player who is disqualified indefinitely can be disqualified at the discretion of the commissioner at the discretion of the commissioner if he / she requests it after 2005 years, as in the case of eternity, due to the amendment in 5.In addition, there is room for a deadline to be set later, in which case it is possible to return without this.However, there is no record of being released.

Athletes who have been disqualified indefinitely or permanently will be treated in the same way as voluntary retirement (the team to which they belong at the time of disposal will have the ownership right).Therefore, it is not possible to conclude a contract not only with NPB but also with overseas professional baseball organizations that have contract agreements with NPB.AlsoJapan Independent League,Japan Baseball FederationHas jurisdictionAdult baseballThen, only players with free contracts have a record of registration.Exclusive to newspaper companiesBaseball critic, Broadcasting station exclusiveBaseball commentatorAlso, those who are disqualified will not be hired.Gentleman agreementThere is. Not under the jurisdiction of NPBMasters LeagueAlthough it is possible to carry out activities in Japan, activities as a league have been virtually suspended since 2010 (Heisei 22).It is also possible to play in the American Independent League and the European League, but no such player has ever existed.

Players applied in the past
Player namethe reasonDisposal detailsRemarks
Masayuki NagayasuMatchfixInvolvement inPermanent exile
Masaaki IkenagaPermanent exileReleased after 35 years, returned to the ball world
Junda YodaPermanent exile
Akio MasudaPermanent exile
Kentaro OgawaPermanent exile
Toshiaki MoriyasuPermanent exile
Tadakatsu TakayamadisappearanceIndefinite disqualification
Val SnowReturn home without permissionIndefinite disqualification
Koji KobayashiScandal (crime)Indefinite disqualification
Richard DavisScandal (crime)Indefinite disqualification
Satoshi FukudaBaseball bettingInvolvement inIndefinite disqualification
Masao KasaharaIndefinite disqualification
Tatsuya MatsumotoIndefinite disqualification
Kyousuke TakagiFixed disqualification for one yearOne year later, it will be canceled as prescribed,巨人Return to

A similar concept is suspended athletes.

Deregistration of controlled players

Registration under controlIf a player in dies as is, the registration under control is deleted. This is a measure for the player who has already died, and has a slightly different purpose than retirement (unlike sumo and professional wrestling, there is a "registered player list under the control of each team", so delete it from there. Those that require procedures).

Grand Sumo

Grand SumoIn the activeWrestlerAsEffortsEven if I quit challengingElderlyAsAngular fieldThe case of putting yourself in is expressed as "retirement", and you retire from active duty.Youth head,CaretakerIf you get a wrestler or a wrestler who retires from active dutySuspension yearWhen the former master etc. leaves the corner worldClosed business(Haikyo)".

Officially1996 (Heisei8 years)May 11After that, "retirement" refers to retiring from active duty regardless of subsequent retirement,Suspension yearTo quit beforeretirement"." The trigger was that he was active in October of the same year.Kazuyasu AsahiSuddenlyMember of the House of RepresentativesDetermined to run for candidacySakaigawaJapan Sumo AssociationIt is said that the word and image of "closed business" when submitting a business closure notification to the president was bad.

In addition to this, as an equivalent to a disqualified player in professional baseball, "Dismissal""ExpulsionThere is. Dismissal is possible by board decision, and in recent yearsKeiji Kotomitsu-Wakano Peng JushinHowever, until 2014, the expulsion of allTatsuyukiSince then, a special resolution of the board of council consisting of representatives selected from outside experts and masters who have not held the position of deputy director is required, and there is no example of application after the war. ..

Before the war, it was not uncommon for people to be expelled due to withdrawal or poor behavior, but at that time the expulsion was lifted after a certain period of time and they could return to active duty.[Note 4]Compared to the current system, it is a much more modest disposition, and expulsion before the war is not recorded as an official disciplinary measure.

SekitoriAnd if Motoseki is retired, it will be announced on the same day, and if the efforts were made on that dayUndefeatedHowever, from that day onward, it will not be treated as a closed day, and the star chart will not be recorded (the retirement announcement will be made again after the Banzuke organization meeting).Therefore, it is rare in sumo wrestling to "participate in an official game called" retirement game "after announcing retirement" as seen in professional baseball.[Note 5].. this is"Body to deathIt is because it is rude to the other person who becameTaiho,KonishikiExamples such as are famous.Kotonoka,ShiomaruLike a masterRetirement ageEven if it is decided that he will retire and become the successor of the room, he will not generally declare that he will retire at the retirement age of his teacher until he actually announces his retirement.

On the other hand, the highest rankMakushitabelowWrestlerIn the case of, even if you retire in front of the place or in the middle of the place (including death), it will not be officially announced at that time, and after that point the star chart will be treated as closed, and it will be summarized after the ranking organization meeting. Will be announced.In recent years, there have been an increasing number of cases in which wrestlers and related persons under the Makushita profess to retire on SNS in front of the place and go up to the ring.[4][5].

Instead of not doing "retirement efforts" at this placeMakuuchiFor wrestlers who served more than 30 placesFlower sumoIsRetirement sumoIs done. Wrestler'sSupporters' associationFuretaiko, sponsored bySumo wrestling, Hairdressing demonstration,With Yokozuna ringAnd so on, it will be a big event for one day. The most famous of themHaircut ceremonyThen, the wrestler's Daigincho was replaced, and many related people, relatives, and acquaintances cut out with scissors little by little, and finally the masterStop shearsIt is a ritual that puts in and cuts out completely. In the case of Yokozuna, the lastWith Yokozuna ringI do.In addition, he may actually wrestle against his rivals and sons during his active career.

GyojiHowever, retirement retirement sumo may be performed when retired. EspeciallyTatsuyuki TheWarIt is often held to hold a ceremony to pass on to the next standing priest.

In the case of sumo wrestling, unlike other sports competitions, if you submit a retirement notice, you will never be able to return to active duty.[Note 6].. At the end of 1951Mt. Kuraiyama TaishiroSaid, "I'm finished retired sumo, but it doesn't make sense."Wrestlers associationIt is proved by the case that was rejected in the above and was not allowed to return to active duty.

On the other hand, the retirement notice is valid only after it is submitted by the master of the room to the Sumo Association executive department, so while the retirement notice is not accepted by the association (as an extreme example).SquashingThe right to continue as an active wrestler remains (even if the message is lost).There are many cases in which the person concerned was once informed of his intention to retire, but withdrew before the retirement notice was submitted and continued to be active. In March 2019, he was a former Juryo and was reigning in the third stage at that time.Flying DragonAnnounced that they will retire after the 13th day's efforts, and it is reported that the venue and schedule of the haircut ceremony have been decided[6]However, due to various reasons, the retirement notice was not submitted, and he participated in the July location after the entire holiday in the May location.As a result, it was an unusual situation for wrestlers whose retirement was made public in the media to return to the ring.In some cases, the association will not accept the retirement notice even if it is submitted (after the July 5 location).Fire, May 2021 after locationAsanoyama, Because they both caused scandals).In this case, the retirement notice will be kept by the association and will be valid if a problem occurs again.For this reason, in sumo wrestling, although there is a loss of association membership due to dismissal or expulsion, it is said in professional baseball.Free contractThere is no equivalent to.

サ ッ カ ー

In the case of soccer, as one case defined as retirementJapan Football AssociationAn example is when the registration of a player in (JFA) is canceled. This is because unlike professional baseball, sumo and boxing, the barrier between professionals and amateurs is low,Japan Professional Soccer LeagueThis is because it often becomes a professional player again by playing an active part in domestic clubs other than (J League).

In the case of athletes retiring, if the contract is not renewed by their own intention,OctoberBy the end, there may be a notification (so-called "0 yen offer") that you will not sign a contract next season. The former is similar to "voluntary retirement" in professional baseball, and the latter is similar to "free contract", but no ownership rights arise.

Depending on the player, it will be posted on the "transfer list" by the Japan Football AssociationTry outAlthough you will be able to freely search for your affiliation, etc., in many cases you will be retired before the expiration date of the list. In addition, there are cases in which the organization remains unregistered and remains in fact unregistered due to uncertain affiliation, and it is often seen that they will participate in the tryout of the following year as a player with no affiliation.

Professional basketball

Established in 2016B LeagueThen, the players whose contracts with their previous affiliations have expired or been canceled according to the provisions of the B League rules and who have not signed a player contract with any club are called "free negotiation players" and are called "free negotiation player list" to register them. The list exists.Once the list is announced, it will be possible to freely sign contracts with any club, but even if you retire, you must be announced on the list after the declaration, and you will become a free negotiator and any of them by the start of the next season If you do not make a player contract with the team, you will be retired.

Once existedJapan Basketball League(JBL) andJapan Basketball League Second Division OrganizationThere is a "retired player list" in (JBL2), and it was said that he was retired when it was announced on the list.In addition, when registered in the retired player list, it was not possible to register as a player for one year in the JBL and JBL2 teams excluding the final affiliation.Similar to voluntary retirement of professional baseball, but teams other than JBL and JBL1 were able to register as players, so even if they are registered in the retired player list, they will continue to play in business teams and club teams, transfer overseas, etc. In some cases.In addition, it was supposed to be retired if it existed separately and was registered in the "transfer player list" and the transfer destination was not decided (however, the same restrictions as the retired player list were not imposed).BackNational basketball league(NBL) andNational Basketball Development League(NBDL) has been integrated into the "Free Contract Player List".

Professional boxing

JapaneseProfessional boxerin the case of,Japan Boxing CommissionBoxer by (JBC)licenseWill be retired when is expired. However, the license has expired in Japan (domestic retirement), and if you qualify overseas, you can carry out athlete activities in that country. Therefore, even if the JBC license expires, there are many players who continue or return to active duty overseas (Kenichi Yamaguchi,Kazuto Ioka,Takano HitomiSuch). However, in overseas commissions that have an agreement with the JBC, players whose JBC license has expired cannot participate in official games without the permission of the JBC.

The cases where licenses of Japanese boxers have expired are as follows.

Notification of retirement

After announcing his intention to retire to Jim, he submits a "retirement notice" specified by JBC to the JBC Secretariat via Jim, and the license is expired when it is accepted. This applies when the athlete retires at will, and this applies to most boxers. On the other hand, club owners ormanagerIn some cases, retirement will be recommended, but in this case, submission of a retirement notice will be the principle. However, there are some players who are automatically revoked after waiting for the deadline without submitting a retirement notice. In addition, even if the license expires once in this rule, it will be possible to return to active duty if JBC allows re-licensing, and there are players who have passed the protest again and returned to active duty.

37 retirement age system

It was defined in the 1980s. In principle, the license will automatically expire on the 37th birthday. For those with experience in the world titleJoichiro Tatsuyoshi(Domestic retirement),Daisuke Naito,Naomi TogashiApplied this.

  • 2001 yearsRulesDue to some revisions,championUntil the fall from the throne,Tournament matchThose who have participated in will have their license expired until they win or lose the tournament (the first applied player isEiji Terachi).
  • Due to a partial revision of the rules in 2003,WBA,WBC(Since 2013IBF,WboAlso join. The following world champions, certified world champions,OPBFBecame a certified Oriental Pacific champion, WBO certified Asia Pacific (WBO-AP) champion (since 2017), or Japan championCareerA world certified by major organizationstitleOnly experienced challengers and active world rankers (within 15th place in major groups) can participate in the match even after the age of 37. JBC non-official titles (world titles of minor groups, regional titles other than OPBF / WBO-AP, etc.) are not applicable (JBC official recognition)Youth World ChampionshipIs unknown). However, the application for this special case must be made within 3 years from the player's final match.Commission DoctorIt is a condition to pass the special diagnosis by (for athletes to whom the special case is applied)Yoshinori Nishizawa,Rick Yoshimura,Shimada Yudai,Yuba Tadashi,Ishida Nobuhiro,Takashi UchiyamaThere is).
  • When the official recognition of girls was started in 2008, the age for eligibility to take the protest was conditionally abolished only in the same year, soKazumi Izaki,Nao IkeyamaThere are also players who made their debut over the age of 37. Also, from 2011, you can get the right to obtain a boxer license regardless of age.Pro trial matchHas started,Noriko TsunodaThey have made their debut over the age of 37.
  • In 2016, considering the current situation that there are many Japanese rankers who are near retirement age, we decided to apply a special case to Japanese rankers as a transitional measure.[7].. As for girls, from 2018 after the establishment of the Japan Ranking, special provisions will be applied to Japanese women's rankers in addition to the above transitional measures, considering that no serious accidents have occurred until then.[8].
  • This age rule applies not only to players in Japan, but also to players who come to Japan for a match from overseas. In 2018Kouki KamedaCame to Japan to play againstPonsakrec Wonjeongkham(40 years old at that time) violated the JBC age regulation, so it could not be done as an official game and was treated as an exhibition[9].

Retirement advice

Intracerebral hemorrhageAthletes suffering fromRetinal detachmentAthletes who have a high possibility of recurrence or who are at risk of blindness[10]If a serious health problem is discovered and it becomes difficult to continue the competition, JBC will advise you to retire. Recommendations are often made based on the test results of commission doctors. Also, if the same abnormality is found in the medical examination at the time of license renewal, the license will not be renewed. For those who have experienced the world titleAkinobu Hiranaka,Katsuya Onizuka,Shinji Takehara,Keiji YamaguchiApplied this.

  • Strict medical care until March 2013, even for those who have completely recovered from retinal detachmentDiagnosisOn top of that, it was only possible to participate in the World War or games similar to the World War (Joichiro Tatsuyoshi received this special case).
  • Due to the regulation change on December 2021, 12, if it is judged that the possibility of recurrence is the same as that of a healthy person among the athletes diagnosed with intracranial hemorrhage, the application for license reissue will be permitted conditionally. In response to thisRyuya YamanakaAnnounced to return to active duty[11].

License revocation

Corresponds to a disqualified player in professional baseball. If it is determined that the JBC rule is violated, the law of Japan is violated, or the license is not eligible to be issued, the JBC license will be revoked or the renewal will not be permitted at the time of renewal. In this case, not only boxers but all licenses provided by JBC such as trainers, owners, promoters, managers and seconds are covered.

  • Requirements that fall under this category include socially unacceptable malicious scandals, fraudulent activities, and breach of contract. As cheatingMatchfix,dopingSuch. JBC does not recognize it as a type of breach of contractChampionshipThere are also dispositions associated with participation in other martial arts games (Yosuke NishijimaEtc.).
  • There is an indefinite license suspension as a disposition for requirements that do not lead to deprivation.Puma WatakujiIn the case of, the disposition was later lifted and returned, but in many casesNaotaka Hozumi,Hiroto OgushiIt is forced to retire without being released from disposal.

Horse racing

Horse racingIn the case of JapanRacehorseYou will be retired when you notify the cancellation of registration. Even if you die in an accident during a race, you will still be an active horse until you receive deregistration. However, in JapanJapan Central Horse Racing(Central horse racing)WhenLocal Horse Racing National Association(Local horse racing), there are two organizations, one may delete the registration and transfer to the other. At Central Horse Racing, races that are not yet won will be eliminated when the race is held around the age of 2 in November, but it is possible to race in a higher-class race without winning and it is also possible to convert to a disability race. Or sometimes transfer to a local horse race. In local horse racing, the class goes up according to the amount of prize money obtained by the high-ranking entry, even if you do not win. Therefore, there is no systematic automatic retirement due to the lack of victory, and there is no age limit.

For the retirement ceremony,

  1. GIThe horse that won
  2. Stag-GeldingHeavy prizeHorses that won 5
  3. Mare-Obstacle raceHorses that have won four heavy prizes in
  4. When performing a retirement ceremony jointly with a horse that meets any of the above conditions

For example, horses that have made great achievements in the development of horse racing can be held on the day of the race if desired. However, the cost of the retirement ceremonyHorse ownerWill be a burden. For this reason, not all GI winners will hold a retirement ceremony, but rather a small number.

In the retirement ceremony, return horses from the entry to the horse riding grounds, and riding rides are held, but depending on the state of the horses, return horses and riding rides may be omitted. Mainly in January of the year following retirementNakayama Racecourse-Kyoto RacecourseMany horses run inArima Memorial,Hanshin CupHorses that run in may be run immediately after the race. In a special case, a retreat ceremony was conducted as a guide horse.May Show Kaido [12],Tokyo,Kyoto,KasamatsuIt was held in 3 placesOguri cap, Retired ceremony held twice due to avoiding Arima Memorial of retirement raceAisin flash [13][14]Such. Also, the joint retirement ceremony is the sameMatsuyama KissaburoOf the stableMonte princeCB CrossHad a rivalryTM Opera OhMay Shodo TouThe retirement ceremony is famous.

Even if you do not meet these conditions, if you win one of the heavy prizes, JRA will announce on the official website etc. that the racehorse registration has been deleted and the future.[15].. However, there are also cases where racehorses that have had their racehorse registration deleted in JRA debut again overseas (Shadow gate,Kings trailIs an example). In most cases, the retirement of stallions and breeding mares has been decommissioned.

JockeyIn the case of, will be retired when the request to revoke the jockey license is accepted. To the jockeyRetirement ageThere is no system, and if retirement determines the limit of physical strength, income as a jockey is low due to poor performance, and income is relatively stable to maintain life.Training assistant,TrainerIf you decide that you need to convert to, you are entrusted to yourself.

Retirement system has been introduced for the trainers of the Central Horse Racing, and the trainer's license will be automatically revoked at the end of the first February after the age of 70, and the qualification as a trainer will be returned (for that reason).Shigeharu NaitoFormer trainer turned to a jockey without retirement[Note 7]Thought to try, I took the Jockey license test, but I could not pass. In addition, trainers with poor track record tend to not collect horses to manage when retirement age is approaching, and because the world of severe competition of winning and losing is a direct cause of poor performance of managed horses As a result of getting stuck in the stable management as a result, there are not a few trainers who dismiss the stable and retire from their stables before they retire before they retire.

Regarding the horse racing trainers in the local horse races, there are many variations depending on the organizer (regulations are set for each racecourse/horse racing association, such as whether there is a retirement age system).

Incidentally,Horse racing lawAn organization that manages qualifications due to cases or acts that violateLocal Horse Racing National Association) Is used to revoke (deprive) licenses of jockeys, trainers, etc., and is forced to retire in the form of disqualification (or dismissal from the management organization), the term retired is used. There are few things. Especially horse racingMediaFor example, "horse racingExile, Etc. is made, and this means retirement in effect (Shigeki Tahara OfArrestWhen,Tsunobu Kono OfGangsterThis expression was used when the license was deprived of the trainer's license).


Professional wrestlerIn many cases, their retirement is not a virtual retirement. Since wrestlers who are ace are not allowed to take a rest on the box office, they often continue to participate by pushing hard even if they get injured, and in many cases they declare retirement due to physical problems, but their physical condition after retirement When it gets better, there are many cases where you declare a return.Tennis OfKimiko DateAnd boxingGeorge Foreman,F1 OfMichael SchumacherThere are cases of returning after retirement, but very few compared to professional wrestling). for that reason大仁 田 厚Some players have made multiple retirement declarations. Since the performance at the time of retirement is crowded with spectators and it is also a festive event, there are many criticisms about the return afterwards. In the Japanese professional wrestling world, the trend of retiring due to poor physical condition → returning to physical condition after recoveryTerry FunkIs said to have been made.When Terry Funk returned, great criticism arose, especially among fans who cried in the "retirement match," and their popularity dropped significantly.Also,Fujinami TatsujiSome athletes declare their retirement once due to poor physical condition, but withdraw due to improvement in their physical condition.Kuniaki KobayashiDeclared that he would never "return" when he retired, but he has made a one-game return (see below). Also,Kawada Toshiaki"When I quit my professional wrestling, I'll call it "closed" instead of "retired."ア ン ト ニ オ 猪 木Said in an interview with Nikkan Sports, "If I put on my costume and stand in the ring, I'm confident that Tokyo Dome will be full. But if I do that, it's over."[16].. (On the other hand, Inoki himselfHideaki TakizawaHe has participated in several games even after retiring from active duty in 1998, such as an exhibition match with. ) Therefore, there are quite a few cases in which they have announced that they will retire from active duty and stick to it, even though they are not physically weakened and are not caused by poor physical condition.Killer KhanCan be said to be a typical example, but he clearly states that his disgust with this trend in the professional wrestling world led to his retirement.As another prominent wrestler who has been retiring from active duty,Maeda Himei,Kazuo YamazakiAnd so on.

Against this background, when a wrestler temporarily leaves the ring due to an injury or illness, it is often reported as a "retirement crisis" even if it is relatively light. However, in recent years, there are many players who have returned after denying retirement even if they have left for a long time.Peregrine FalconHad a serious aftereffect due to an accident during the match, and was in a difficult state to return to, but had denied retirement until the end. In addition, veteran wrestlers who are confident in their physical strength may declare that they are "active for the rest of their lives," that is, "will not retire," and that the memorial ceremony after their death is "retired."

On the other hand, this is also a situation that professional wrestlers tend to have, but although there is no clear "retirement declaration", there are some athletes who are not in the ring as athletes for a long time and are in fact retired. .. As an extreme caseChiyo Obata TheInternational wrestlingHe retired from the ring as a player last time in 1976 when the girls' club disbanded, but as of March 2014, he has not stubbornly admitted that he has no memory of making a retirement statement and will continue to be active throughout his career. Also,Masahiro ChonoThere is no possibility of returning, but there are some players who declare "closed" instead of "retired".On the other hand, he is "retired" because he has not stated "return", but there are cases where he is "half active and half retired" who plays a small number of games.

FormerAll Japan Women's WrestlingThe "25-year-old retirement age" was promulgated, but in many cases they continue to work or return to work in other organizations or freelance, and later the retirement age became famous and innocent. The reason for incapacitating retirement age wasBull NakanoIt is said that. Nakano continued to be active after the age of 25, but at the age of 29 he left the ring due to an injury without a formal retirement statement. After that, he held a retirement ceremony on his 44th birthday.

on the other hand,JWP Women's WrestlingThen at the end of 2011Mt. Yoneyama KaoriHas made an unprecedented act of "withdrawing from retirement" during the ceremony, so he has prepared a scheme for retirement so that such a situation will never happen again, and is considering penalties in case of this.

In addition, the first wrestler who made a big retirement in Japan wasMichiaki YoshimuraHowever, after retiring, Yoshimura had little to do with the world of professional wrestling, let alone returning.

Also, as a situation peculiar to professional wrestling, it is called "one game only return" for the sake of story lineangleMay be assembled. In the famous exampleSeiji Sakaguchi,Buddy Rogersetc.

Figure skating

Figure skatingA player's retirement is also seen as a special case. Since ISU-controlled competitions, led by the Olympic Games, are limited to amateur athletes, the conversion to a professional skater is to withdraw from life. Therefore, even if turned professional, "retirement" is also described, but there are also ISU non-official competitions where professional participation is possible.

Professional golf

Professional golferRetirement is also special, even though there is a "tour retirement" that retires from the competition life as a player, there are cases where you will take a protest to become a coach from the beginning or become a coach from the beginning, so "professional retirement" Basically does not exist.

The so-called "professional golfer" refers to a person who has a professional license established by the governing body, but this license includes "tour pro" who are qualified to participate in tournaments and "teaching pro" who only teach lessons (soccer in other competitions as well). There are competitions such as boxing and coaching qualifications exist, but are not considered professional).

Therefore, if you lose the "tour pro" qualification, you will be withdrawn from the tournament, but you will not lose the title of "professional golfer" when you are active as a "teaching pro".

In professional golf, in addition to the "regular tour", there is what is called a "senior tour" for boys 50 years old and over, and girls 45 years old and over. Alternatively, the term “regular tour retirement” may be used when devoting to a senior after continuing regular in parallel with a senior.


PoliticsIs retirement in政治家Says to withdraw from politics. Retirement may be retired due to term of office, voluntary resignation, dismissal, defeat, but generally, after declaring retirement, myselfWinningin order toelectionIt is said that no activity or political activity is carried out. Of course, legally, retirement is completely unfounded, and it is safe to withdraw from retirement and become a politician again. In exceptional cases,Hirohisa Fujiilike,Member of the House of RepresentativesAfter losing the election and expressing retirementProportional revivalAtAdvance winningThere is also the possibility of returning to politics due to (FujiiTax investigation committeeLong,Minister of FinanceHas been appointed to).

In addition, from national administrationChief,MemberIf you change to, don't call it retirement. Also,electionIn case of a person who is willing to run for the next election simply by being defeated inMoney management groupIf he continues to exist, it is not called retirement.Yamazaki Taku,Ryuji Fukaya3 years after the defeat2012 He said he would retire, but this is due to "I no longer have the will to run for the purpose of returning."

There are many reasons why politicians retire due to agingScandalIf (for example:Horie mail problemInToshiyasu Nagata) Or belong toparty,FactionThere are also lawmakers who take responsibility and retire when they are dissatisfied with or disagree with each other (Example: "Postal dissolutionAtShozaburo Nakamura). Also, as an extremely rare case,Tsuyoshi KondoIf you are appointed to an important position other than a politician, and it is difficult to concurrently serve as a politician (in the case of Kondo,Japan Highway Public CorporationPresidentTo take office,Member of the House of CouncilorsAlso resign).Heizo TakenakaA person who recruited himself to the political world like (in the case of TakenakaJunichiro KoizumiThere are also cases in which members of the parliament are retired as a result of the resignation, but in this case, they may be criticized as "belief against the voters who voted?"

However, after retirement,critic, May act as a researcher and leave a certain influence in politics (Yoshida Shigeru,Yasuhiro NakasoneSuch). In addition, some political parties have asked retired persons to support the election activities of junior politicians and allowed them to participate in policy research organizations within political parties.Adviser-Top adviserThere are many examples of giving titles such as.Tohashi Hashishita TheLawyerYou may be qualified and you are the founder after retirementJapan Restoration PartyHas been appointed as a legal counselor for Political commentary and interviews with the Prime Minister.Osaka Restoration SocietyAppointed as legal counsel[17]).

Therefore, NakasoneRetirement ageAlthough he has not declared that he will not retire in a House of Representatives election failure due to the introduction of a system, this does not mean that he will not retire a member of parliament. It does not mean that the management group/modern politics research group will be dissolved." Also of the LDPKawamoto schoolThen, of the faction chairToshio KawamotoEven after he retired as a member of the Diet, Kawamoto continued to represent the faction due to his succession, and was called the "former Kawamoto faction."

In addition,Japan Communist PartyIs not necessarily a party to the party and a member of the Diet, soSanzo Nosaka-Kenji Miyamoto-Tetsuzo FuwaSuccessive generationsParty chairHas been in the post of party chairman for some time after his retirement.

The United States of AmericaPresidentin the case of,PresidentSince he cannot serve concurrently as a member of parliament, the retirement of the president is generally an immediate retirement from the political world. What came back after the president retired19st century OfGrover ClevelandIs the only example, and even those who have had presidential electionsTheodore RooseveltIt's been a long time since then.Jimmy CarterThere are some cases where he continues to appear in politics like this, but he does not run for the president or a member of parliament, but as an elder or an intellectual.

It should be noted that the above is a story of the political world of the United States and postwar Japan, and if there is a "post where a person who has left the front line receives a merit service experience," he/she will enter such post. For some human beings, the term retiring is hard to come by even if they retire from the front lines of political parties and parliaments (for example, prewar JapanVeteran-Shigeomi-Secretary counselor, Italian Presidential Experience Senator, 1980sChugoku OfCentral Advisory CommitteeSuch). in JapanReijiro WakatsukiIt is,2st Wakatsuki CabinetCollapsedCivilian partyAlthough he is now retired from political circles when he retires from the party, he continued to be involved in politics as a heavy retainer until the end of the war.Kijuro ShimeharaAs in the second resignation of the Wakatsuki CabinetForeign MinisterMore than 10 years since retiring,AristocratIn some cases, a human being who retired as a sole member of the post was revived suddenly due to human resources shortly after the end of the war. In China, onceHachidai, A big-name politician who should have retired from the post effectively controlled the political world by his personal authority.


Shogi worldThen,1994 ToFree classSince it was prescribed and introduced,Place battleFree class transfer due to the fall from Class C 2[Note 8]Or, after declaring a free class, it is the mainstream to retire after being enrolled in the free class for the prescribed number of years of enrollment. Conversely speaking, as long as you are enrolled in the ranking battle, you can continue to be active, and the top two people in the active elderly record (2017 Retired toKato77 years 5 months 19 days1996 Retired toYuzo Maruta77 years, 0 months, 1 day) is a record of the end of a first-class professional shogi player who continued to point until he fell from Class C 2 and was forced to retire. In the past, there was a time when the Go players who had fallen from the C-class 2nd group were transferred to the XNUMXrd dan of the encouragement society and pointed out among the encouragement members, and many players retired as a shame.blindnessFallen due toKaoru NishimotoContinued to point for more than 10 years until retirement.

Some of the top players, like Kato and Maruta mentioned above, will continue to be active as much as possible in the system, but as shown in the example below, they will announce their retirement before being forced to retire in the system. Tend to do.

  • Yoshio KimuraIs the second timeMaster rankAt the time of his loss, he announced his retirement at the young age of 47 years and 5 months, leaving behind the phrase "I got a good successor."
  • Tatsuya FutakamiAt the age of 58, he retired while he was in the B-class 1 group, and maintained the results that he could expect to remain in the B-class 1 group.
  • Kunio Naito TheYuzo MarutaIn 2015, he retired from active duty at the age of 75, despite the fact that he was able to break the record for the oldest active duty at that time.
  • After the introduction of the free class regulations,Nakahara Makoto-Kunio Yonecho-Toshiyuki MoriuchiIn many cases, a free class declaration is made immediately after being demoted from the A-class or after being enrolled in one group of the B-class for several terms.

It is a rule that all the games of each shogi tournament that have survived when retirement is decided will be played until they are defeated, and if they are not digested, they will be treated as "undefeated", so in some cases, they will win in the remaining games. Sisters,Kunio YonechoIn some cases, he continued to be active for nearly a year after he announced his retirement. No matter how much you win, you must retire, but in the shogi world, "Same whether you win or loseI will do my best even in the game. "Unwritten rule(So-called ""Yonenaga Philosophy").

When you retireEternal title qualificationAlthough it is a rule that a shogi player who owns a player can call himself an eternal title.[Note 9]In fact, there is no example of the eternal title for the first time since Yoshio Kimura retired, except for the case where he took over the XNUMXth generation master at the same time.

Previously the stipulated retirement was at the end of the yearMay 3It was attached,2010 It fell from Class C 2 and was confirmed to retire due to age restrictions.Michio AriyoshiWas organized before the retirement was confirmedNHK CupAfter breaking through the qualifying round and deciding to participate in the main race of the new year, the rules were changed to retire on the final game date (AriyoshiChess gameHowever, he retired on May 5th after the NHK Cup broadcast (May 23rd) because he was still a winner.

Retired Go players are called "retired Go players" or "retired Go players". The only difference between a retired player and an active player is "losing the right to play official games", and retired players alsoShogi FederationHold the status of a regular member. Retired Go playerShogi FederationIt is possible to withdraw from the membership and completely abandon the status of Go player, but there are very few cases (as of April 2021, 4).Go player numberAmong the 277 Go players after the systemYoshinari NagasakuOne person).

On the other handEncouragementThe encouragement member who withdrew from the membership loses the rank when he was an encouragement member and becomes irrelevant to the Japan Shogi Association.[Note 10].

Encouragement members who have withdrawn are for a certain period of time (1 year for grade holders, 2 years for dan holders)amateurYou cannot participate in the shogi tournament.


The situation in the Go world in Japan is similar to that of the Shogi world, but there is a compulsory retirement system equivalent to the ranking battle of Shogi.GoTherefore, when a professional shogi player leaves, he is completely entrusted to his own values. Due to the nature of the gameAgingBecause there were few negatives due to, he was active until he died at the age of 97Masao SugiuchiIncluding,Eiko Sakata,Hideyuki Fujisawa,Takeo Kajiwara,Utaro HashimotoThere are many top-class players who continued to hit even in their 70s.2009 Retired toHidetomo KubouchiWas 89 at the time. Like shogi, retired shogi playersJapanese Ki-in-Kansai KiinI'm trying not to leave my affiliation.

Entertainment world

Entertainment worldThere are six main patterns of retirement in (including prospective employees here).that is,

  1. Marriage / childbirth (especially women, so-called "retirement of Kotobuki". Same as "retirement of Kotobuki" and "retirement of Kotobuki" in general companies and organizations), dissolution of peace (in the case of group bands), and retirement of peace. Announcement of retirement in advance and commemorate retirement / dissolutionconcertThose who hold events such as a retirement ceremony- The Peanut,Candies,Momoe Yamaguchi,Onyanko Club,BOØWY,Checkers,SPEED,Namie Amuro,Aya Kawasaki,E-girls,Saito Yuri,Momoko Oozono,V6,Ranyo Terada,BiSHExamples such as are famous. HoweverKyoko Aoyama,Mamiko Takai,Quantum Sano,Nakamura Azusa,Yubei Maki,Kami Yagami,Yamagishi Maisai,Okawa Ai,Small room,Nana Yamada,Natsume Miku,Inudo MinoriIn many cases, they retire as they are without holding an event (especially actors, actresses, models, free announcers, etc.).HoweverUncut stars,YanagishitaIn some cases, even men will "retire from life" (in that case, after retirement, they often change to a general occupation as described in 3 below, but female entertainers will become full-time housewives after retirement. Some become so-called "housewives" (especially when the female partner is high-income).
  2. While playing an active part in the front lines of television, movies, theatrical performances, music activities, etc., he officially "announces his retirement" and retires due to his own limitations, mental instability or illness, or immigration to a foreign country. Who does--Yoshiko Okada,Ryutaro Kamioka,Iijimaai,Noboru Ouchi,Hiroki Narimiya,Nakamoto Himuka,Ogawa Rena,Tsubasa Imai,Mayu Watanabe,Takaoka Sosuke,Matsuura Masaru,Chu Yang,Anri Sakaguchi,Keaton Yamada,Kenji Tamuraな ど
  3. Employment or change of job (that is, entertainers are office workers, OLs, clerk, factory, warehouse worker, civil engineering worker, bus, truck, taxi) for academic devotion or general occupation (especially general companies and organizations other than entertainment related) To become a general "field worker" such as a driver, security guard, medical worker such as a doctor or a nurse, a self-employed person, an agriculture, forestry and fisherman, etc. Broadcasting stations such as TV / radio, newspapers / magazines Publisher, etc.MediaSystem announcer (however,FreelanceAnnouncers (including those belonging to entertainment offices, so-called free announcers) are not included here because they are treated as entertainers), reporters, etc.), athletes (gambling (gambling)gambling), Which is a type of public competition)政治家-Government office-Local governmentStaff such asPolice officer-Firefighter-SDF-StaffSuch asCivil servant,Artist-Novelist-manga artistTransformed into a cultural profession other than performing arts, such asAffiliation officeEven if you remain in the company, you will be transferred to so-called "behind-the-scenes work" such as staff, producers and other employees and officers. Those who retire because of (talent)- Mori Katsuko,Toru Okazaki,Aika Mitsui,Kaoru Suzuki,Ogata spring water,Asuka Fukuda,Ai Murakami,Saki Ogawa,Yuka Maeda,Kakefu,Ohashi Nozomi,Tsugunaga Momoko,Nanami Hashimoto,Hideaki Takizawa,Rena Ichiki,Chiharu Saito,Mariko Nakamura,Konno Asami,Momo Shiina(Kaho Iwasaki),Moriwaki Kazunari,Hideo Higashikunihara(That manma east),Lotus,Fumika Murakami,Mitsuhiro Tsushima,Yuki Hashimoto(Sakurayuki), Zhaoren,Masao Iguchi,Toshihiro Matsushita,Mayuko Iwasa,Jimmy Onishi,Shiori Sato, Miyabi Matsuura,Yosuke Matsuo,Ayahime Takeuchi,Ayaka Yamamoto,Tomoya Nagase,Hoson Yamashita,NagimotoSuch.However, if you perform general occupations (including public offices (including civil servants including politicians)) as a side business while performing entertainment activities, or if you have done so in the past, you will not be included in retirement.[Note 11](Example:Shunshun Clinic P(Shun Miyamoto),Mino Monta(Norio Mihokawa),Mai Shinnai,Kiyoshi Nishikawa(Kiyoshi Nishikawa),Yokoyama knock(Yamada Isamu) etc.).
  4. Fellowships with scandals and other talent, troubles regarding independence from your office or transfer to another office, due to staff of your officeScandal, Due to deterioration of management of the affiliated officebankruptcyOr dissolutionClosed businessAnd talents and employeesRestructuring, Pressure from each direction due to troubles with the media staff such as TV station staff, troubles with the person himself as a side business, troubles with companies run by family, friends, acquaintances, bankruptcy, business closure, etc. Those who lose their jobs and are forced to retire in the form of being "dried"- Dan Ikeda,Kurata Mariko,Makiko Esumi,Nounana Rina(Current stage name, Non),Ari Ankaな ど
  5. Due to an accident or incidentArrestAndDisciplineviolation,BurningCancellation of contract from affiliated office due to scandals such as, contract troubles by affiliated office, etc. (=Dismissal) And voluntary retirement- Aosuke Kase,Akasaka Akira,Keiichi Yamamoto,Oshio Manabu,Yuta Takahata,Shimada Shinsuke,Yokoyama Yasushi-Kimura IchihachiParent and child,Tashiro Masashi,Tatsuya Yamaguchi,Mai Hagiwara,Kenichi Takahashi,Mai Kitajima,Kago Ai,Hitomi Yoshizawa,Yukina Kinoshita,Yamato Rina,Shinya Irie,Hirofumi Arai,Yusuke Tomoi,Kazuyoshi Miura,Maya Kobayashi,Erika Sawajiri,Ryota Yamamoto,Yokono Sumire,Yuki (Yuki Goto),Minami Hoshinoetc.
  6. Unpopular (unpopular) and unsold, or unpopular and unsold, due to contract expiration with the agency or voluntary exitRetiring quietly without knowingThose who do.OtherscoutOrauditionEven if you pass the exam or graduate from a training school (comedian, etc.) and enter the entertainment worlddebutSome retire without doing it. ―――― Takara Mitsuri(2008rd in 33Horipro Talent Scout CaravanGrand Prix) and many more

Is one of.

In the case of 1.2.3., special programs that look back on the steps taken so far are often broadcast before retirement (However, there are some exceptions in case of 2.3.).

Many entertainers who are not paid much attention to the public even after announcing their retirement are forced to go to step 6. officialFan clubFor entertainers who have a certain number of fans, such as the existence of a fan club, the fan club newsletter may announce their retirement.インターネットAfter the spread ofBlog,Social MediaIn some cases, the retirement is announced.

In the case of pattern 1, if there is an official fan club, there may be some signs that related goods will be sold for the purpose of inventory disposal several months before the official announcement of retirement. ..After retiring, when it comes to a special special program, it may be broadcast mainly as a star of an era, and in some cases it will be re-released as a photo book or CD.After getting married, if you continue to have no entertainment activities without announcing your retirement from the entertainment world, you may be treated as a retirement by the media (example:Misaki Ito-Kanako Enomoto-Harumi root-Aya MatsuuraSuch)[18].

If you retire in the form of 2. or 3., several years after you have officially retired, your current appearance will be taken up as a nostalgic person such as a special special number, and you may appear on TV. Also, if you are active on the other side, you will beCMMay be adopted by.

If you take the form of 4. or 6, even if you have not officially announced the retirement of the entertainment world, the media may treat you as a retirement from the entertainment world in magazines.

In the case of the form 5, it is often the case that only the one-way announcement is made by the affiliated office and the comments of the person who caused the scandal cannot be heard. In case of group dissolution due to scandal/arrest of some members, other members may make comments.

There are many patterns that return after retiring from the entertainment world. In the case of 1, after the dissolution of the group, resume the activity by reuniting alone or another group or band, group or band (the above three candies have all returned,Yoshiko TanakaContinued to work until he died of illness at the age of 2011 in 55.Ran ItoMade his solo debut in 41, 2019 years after the dissolution. In the case of BOØWY and Checkers alone (Kyosuke Himuro,Hotei Torayasu,Fumiya FujiiEtc.) or join another band (Makoto TakahashiAnd so on). Onyanko Club, SPEED, etc. have been reorganized several times including temporary projects (However, in the case of Onyanko Club, even those who have retired from the entertainment world or have continued performing activities)Shizuka Kudo,Marina WatanabeSome people do not participate like this).Resumed performing arts activities due to bereavement / divorce of husband (wife in the case of men) (Example:Megumi Asaoka-Masako Mori-Mako Ishino-Noriko FujitaSuch). It has been decades since I retired from marriage, and after I have finished raising children, I resume performing arts (eg:Asami Kobayashi-Kawai SonokoSuch).Almost 20 years have passed since I retiredOnlineResumed entertainment activities for a limited time (Example:Mizuno Aoi).

If 2., cure the disease (eg:House kagaya-Rio Matsumoto), re-contract with former or former office in the form of another profession, transfer to another office and make a new contract, or establish a private office and return (eg: Nakamoto Himuka,Nagahama, Tsubasa Imai, Riko Matsudaira).

In the case of 3.Daichi Miura,Manami Oku, Asuka Fukuda, etc.) and after retiring from a workplace where he had worked for many years after the XNUMXth birthday, he resumed performing arts activities (eg,Minoru Hitomi[19][20]).Resumed performing arts activities because he had free time to advance to the executive or managerial class of the company or organization he is currently working for (example:Kiichi Naoe[21]). Resuming entertainment after retiring from public office or retiring from sports (eg:Hideo Higashikunihara-Tohashi Hashishita-Katsuhiko Yokomitsu).After retiring from the broadcasting station, he resumed performing arts activities as a free announcer (example: Asami Konno).In some cases, like Jimmy Onishi, he continued his artistic activities but then resumed his entertainment activities.After retiring from a company or organization, re-enter the former entertainment agency, re-enter a new entertainment agency, or do entertainment activities with a freelance status (eg Mao Iguchi) without belonging to the entertainment agency Resume.There are cases such as establishing a private office and returning (eg Non (former stage name and real name Rena Nonen), Momoka Ariyasu).

In the case of 5, a considerable number of years have passed since retiring due to scandals or arrests due to incidents (in prison).刑 務 所The entertainer who was imprisoned inParoleAnd after the release due to the expiration of the sentence), the entertainment activities were resumed, and the above-mentioned people such as Keiichi Yamamoto, Akira Akasaka, Yasushi Yokoyama, Kazuya Kimura, Ai Kago, Rina Yamato, Kazuyoshi Miura, and Ryota Yamamoto can be mentioned.In addition, suspension of activities on the premise of returning in the future is not usually regarded as retirement, but if the intention to return is not announced in advance, it may be reported as retirement.

In the case of 1.2.3, it is recognized as "leaving the entertainment world", and in the case of 4.5.6, it is "disappeared from the entertainment world" or "expulsed from the entertainment world" or "dismissed from the entertainment world". It becomes a state of being forgotten by being recognized as "became".

Whether or not past images can be shown depends on the relationship with the office and the person.However, in the case of 5, it can be said that there is no possibility of flowing (it may be washed away with a special memorial number when the person dies, but in the worst case it will not be washed away forever even after death, or even if it is washed away, it will be blurred. Image processing such as applying mosaics and voice processing such as muting or changing the sound are performed.terrorismAnd violent incidents (殺人,arson,robbery,rapeIn the case of the entertainer who caused (etc.), it will be completely cut).In some cases, the office to which the person belonged, the person concerned and the person concerned, and the bereaved family and the person concerned are not allowed to use the past video after the death of the person, or even if the person is shown, the appearance is not allowed (Mitsuhiro Tsushima,Toshihiro MatsushitaSuch).Also, depending on the relationship with the office, the office may treat it as "not from the beginning" (Mori KatsukoSuch).

During activities on the front linesick-Senility-suicide-Traffic accident-kill-disasterDeath andDisaster-related deathIf you die suddenly for some reason, you will not be treated as retired (example:Jiro Tamiya,Yoko Kiku,Masaya Oki,Masataka Hemi,Kyu Sakamoto,Yukiko Okada,Cute Kazumi,Rina Matsuno,Ozaki Yutaka,hide,Ikariya Chosuke,Ken Shimura,Ichiro Nagai,Tetsuya Watari,Miura Haruma,Yuko Takeuchi,Kumiko Okae,Shinichi Chiba,Sayaka KandaSuch.No cases of "entertainers who died in the disaster" have been confirmed.[Note 12]).


作家,musicianSuch asArtistEven in the case of, creative activities until death[Note 13]In some cases, he may retire due to a decline in physical strength and motivation to create before he is alive.ConductorIn occupations that cannot be acted alone, such as in the entertainment world, there are some retirements that have become less popular (there is no choice but to retire if there is no orchestra that calls me). In some cases, the conductor does not always stop working,Carlo Maria GiuliniAfter expressing retirementStudent orchestraHave conductedBruno WalterAfter retirementstereoSince recording has appeared,ス タ ジ オThe recording activity in is restarting.Rafael KubericThere are also cases in which he retired after retiring, such as (because he retired as "because of poor physical condition and composition activities",CzechoslovakiaSocialist government collapsedIt was an unexpected situation thatCzech PhilharmonicAnd resumed activities with).1969 Of a writer who has announced his retirementKaionji ShiogoroIn the case of, it was a retirement announcement from the serialized newspapers and magazines, and it was a retirement from the meaning of narrowing down the work considering the life expectancy (died eight years later). Also, in musiciansGlenn GouldThere is also an example in which "only the concert is retired and the recording activity continues".

An artist who can work as an individual (画家,Potter,彫刻家Such.They are perfectFreelanceIn the case of), scandals may not lead to retirement unlike the above-mentioned sports people and entertainers.Of a potterKarakuro KatoYongrenAs a yearImportant cultural propertyI have received the designation”Nagahito's Vase CaseHowever, he was never retired from being a potter, and his reputation as a "man who burns important cultural properties" rose.

Other retirements

サ ッ カ ー,rugbyIn group competitions such asNational teamThere is a “representative retirement” that expresses the intention not to participate in the future. In this case, the club team activities will continue. There is no particular restriction on the reinstatement of the national team after retiring from the national team, as the players only publicly announce their intentions. Also, it is sometimes referred to as "retired" in the sense of "retiring from the front line", and even if you "retired" from a professional or top-level business group, you will still be able to engage in athlete activities at local level amateurs and so-called masters classes. Continued cases can be seen from time to time. In individual competitions, there are also retirements that only retire from specific activities, such as "retirement from international competitions." For example, in many cases, even if a marathon athlete declares "retired," he/she will not deny that he/she will continue to run as a citizen runner.Takeshi SoHad stated that he would "decline even if he was selected as a representative" because he had a good result in the representative class at the Asian Games representative selection race when he was leaving the front line. In contrast to these cases,Aya TerakawaSaid that when he retired from the competition activities from the idea that "swimming is a lifelong sport", he said "graduation" instead of "retiring".

Also, in the entertainment world, it is sometimes expressed as retirement to finish a specific activity such as "retirement of a singer" or "retirement of a gravure" (after the declaration, he is only involved in the actor business and does not sing or publish a photo book). ..In this case, there are many cases where other entertainment activities are continued even after the activity is completed.

TrainRoutes andTrainWhen a car or train with a name is abolished, it is often called retirement (in the case of a route,Waste lineIs more common). Also,airplane,boatThe same applies in the case of. Regarding theseGoodbye drivingSee also.

game(online game,arcade game,pachinkoStop playing),SlangThere are some people who open the retirement ceremony in the game when it comes to online games. However, unless you delete the ID in an online game, you are free to return as long as the game exists, and some people will come back to the game (extremely the day after the retirement ceremony). .. However, even if the game itself is abolished and you play on the final day and notice the end and stop it, it is not retired.

Also, when a tool or machine that you have been familiar with for a long time and have been attached to is replaced with a new model, it is sometimes called retirement.

Sometimes leaving the company is called "retiring"[Note 14].

慣用 句

Instead of using the word "retired" directly, we used tools, instruments, places, etc. related to the field慣用 句May be replaced by and expressed.

For example, "moundLeave ","batPut ","GroundLeave" (professional baseball player), "RingLeave" "TurningRemove ""Mage"Cut" (sumo wrestling), "GloveHang" (Pro Boxer), "spikeTake off" "fieldLeave" (soccer player), "TurfLeave" "dirtLeave" (Racehorse,Jockey), "Whip"Put down" "get off the horse" (jockey), "マ シ ンGet off" (motor sports), "racketPut" (ProTennisPlayer, professionalTable tennisplayer),"ringGet off / leave the ring'' (Professional wrestler・Pro boxer), "ク ラ ブPut'' (Professional golfer), "Nagata TownLeave" (Member of Parliament), "badge”” (Parliamentarian,Lawyer, U.S. police officers, "White coatTake off" (Doctor,nurse), "KasumigasekiLeave ("government official), "Get off the plane", "Release the control stick", "Get off the ground" (pilot), "Helmet townLeave" "KitahamaLeave" (Stock exchangeOfficials), "MicrophonePut'' (singer,announcer), "stage"Get off from" "Leave the stage" (An actor,Comedian), "Getting off the high seat" (Rakugo performer), "BrushFold" (calligrapher,画家), "ペ ンFold" (Novelist,manga artist,記者), "BundanLeave" (the novelist), "megaphonePut'' (Film director), "Leave the platform" (教授,teacher), "KnifePut'' (Cooks), "TueIs extinguished" "Extinguishes the fire" (Iron blast furnace,kiln,Thermal power plant), "Leave the mountain" "Close the mountain (= closed)" (mine), "Shutter down", "Shutter close" (Shop, restaurant), "Put down the curtain" (), "Fold the store" (Service industry),Such.

In addition,Police officer-SDF-Railway employee-Worker-Clerk・Warehouse worker・Aviation worker-Sailorな どuniformMany occupations to wear, baseball, soccer, etc.uniformIn many sports, the expressions "take off uniforms" ("take off badges" in the United States) and "take off uniforms" are used as retirement and retirement idioms.


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注 釈

  1. ^ 2005 ToTraining player systemThe trainee has been re-banned as
  2. ^ According to the original text of the Japan Professional Baseball Agreement.Waver means waiver and is generally written as Weber.
  3. ^ In addition to the players,directed by,coachOther jobs, NPB is amateurAll Japan Baseball AssociationOperate in collaboration withSAMURAI JAPANAnd related jobs. In addition to this,Baseball critic, Broadcasting station exclusiveBaseball commentatorAlso, those who are disqualified will not be hired.Gentleman agreementThere is[3].
  4. ^ For exampleShimizu River,Fukuzumietc.
  5. ^ Mt. Takamiyama DaigoroThere is an example in which he continued his active career until Chiaki Raku while expressing his retirement. Also before that, a comment saying "If you can not win 10 wins retired" was published in the newspaper in front of the placeYokozunaKiyoji KagamizatoHowever, there are cases where he retired after losing 6 losses and taking up to Chiaki Raku.
  6. ^ Not a retirement report submitter, but 2011Sumo match-fixing problemWas dismissed for being involved in a match-fixingEikichi AokiHowever, there are cases in which the case was won in the trial and allowed to return to active duty.
  7. ^ However, Naito himself served as a jockey until he became a trainer in 1968.
  8. ^ However, at the time when two C-class teams fell60 years oldIf it exceeds the threshold, the class will be immediately retired without going through the process of transfer to free class.
  9. ^ The honorary throne can claim itself when it reaches the age of 60.
  10. ^ Those who have withdrawn from the promotion group at the first stage or higherCoach playerIf you become a female member who has withdrawn from the incentive society in the second grade or higherFemale playerExcept when changing to.
  11. ^ Private companies often forbid unauthorized side jobs, which is possibleSpecial occupationLimited to civil servants
  12. ^ Before the establishment of the modern "entertainment world",Great Kanto EarthquakeOf a rakugoka who died in the disasterXNUMXth Reireitei YanagibashiThere is an example of
  13. ^ For writers, the last unfinished work beforePerfect stroke"become
  14. ^ Especially when there is a strong nuance that there is no intention of returning to a different industry, such as when changing jobs.Koji TakanohanaThe "master retired" statement is a similar nuance.


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