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⚾ | Nippon-Ham “transfers” the right to host the opening game next season Exchange with Rakuten in preparation for the opening of the new stadium in 2023

Photo "Es Con Field HOKKAIDO" scheduled to open in March 2023 in Kitahiroshima City [Image courtesy of Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters]

Nippon-Ham “transfers” the right to host the opening game next season Exchanged with Rakuten in preparation for the opening of the new stadium in 2023

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In addition, Nippon Ham, which had the right to host the opening game next season, announced that it will enter the opening game at the Softbank game (PayPay Dome) on March 3th.

Next season, the opening game against Softbank at PayPay Dome NPB announced the Pacific League schedule for next season on the 3rd.Moreover… → Continue reading


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Fukuoka Dome

Seaside mochi > Fukuoka Dome

Fukuoka Dome(Fukuoka Dome) isFukuokaFukuoka CityChuoJigyohama 2-chome (Seaside mochi), Multipurpose with a retractable roofDome Stadium.. Building area is 69,130m2The highest point is 83.96m, which is equivalent to 7 stories above ground, and is the largest dome stadium in Japan. Received the "35th BCS Prize"[5].

Professional baseball-Pacific LeagueBelongs toFukuoka Softbank Hawks OfPrivate stadium(Base),Japan Baseball Organization(NPB) It is located in the westernmost part of the home ground of the affiliated team.

2020 May 2"Fukuoka PayPay Dome"(Fukuoka Pay Paydome)[6].


March 1993, Jigyohama 3-chome, Chuo-ku, FukuokaAsia Pacific Expo(Yokatopia) On the site of the venue (parking lot), it can be used for multiple purposes as a new home for the Fukuoka Daiei Hawks (hereinafter, all "Hawks" are abbreviations for teams).Round stadiumWas built as. It is the second dome stadium in Japan and is located in the southernmost part. The field is wide and the outfield fence is highHome runIt was said that it was a stadium where it was difficult to get out, but in 2015Home run terraceWith the installation, a new fence was added to reduce the fairground area, and now it is a stadium that is a little easier to get out than the league average.[4].

Changes in owned companies

After the construction, the owned company has changed several times from now.

Daiei era
The first-owned company was the parent company of Hawks at that time.Daiei.. The construction was also carried out by the company (the exact company owning the facility is currentlyHawks TownThe predecessor of Fukuoka Daiei Real Estate Co., Ltd.). The original concept of the construction was the chairman of Daiei at that time.NakauchiThe idea of ​​a high-rise resort hotel (formerly Sea Hawk Hotel & Resort. Later.JAL ResortAfter working at Sea Hawk Hotel Fukuoka, nowHilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk) Was sandwiched in between, and a "twin dome concept" was planned in which this dome and an amusement dome (indoor amusement park) with the same specifications and shapes were added. However, due to the deterioration of Daiei's business environment, the construction of the amusement dome was postponed and the Hawks Town Mall, a general commercial facility, was completed instead. The operating company also changed the company name from "Twin Dome City Co., Ltd." to "Hawks Town Co., Ltd." (a company different from the current company of the same name).
Overseas enterprise era
Since 2003, Daiei has set the dome, hotel, and mall as an American investment company due to the deterioration of the management of the company itself.Colony capitalSold to (Colony Fukuoka Co., Ltd.) (Hawks also2004 OffSoftbankWas sold to). On January 2005, 1, the company acquired 28 billion yen from the Daiei Co., Ltd. and 50 billion yen from Hawks Town Co., Ltd. with a business license transfer contract for sports facilities such as baseball fields and 150 billion yen per year (every 48 years). A 5-year (review) option (20-year extension to baseball team) long-term lease contract was signed with Fukuoka Softbank Hawks Marketing Co., Ltd. Also, a portal site that is a subsidiary of SoftBankYahoo! JAPANRunYahooAcquired the naming right, the new name is "Fukuoka Yahoo! JAPAN Dome(Fukuoka Yahoo! Japan Dome, commonly known as "Yahoo Dome]) became. At that time, the contract period was 5 years and the contract amount was 25 billion yen. In the contract moneyCo-sponsorIt also includes the holding of competitions.
Colony Capital moved to Hawks Town on April 2007, 4.SingaporeGovernment-affiliated investment companySingapore Government Investment CorporationAnnounced that it has been sold to "Real Estate" (GIC). However, the operating company was directly under the umbrella of GIC, so there was no change in actual equipment or operation.
Softbank era
On March 2012, 3, SoftBank agreed to acquire the Fukuoka Dome from Singapore Government Investment Corporation for about 24 billion yen. This will eliminate the cost of renting about 860 billion yen per year and will allow the stadium to operate quickly.[7][Note 1].
January 2013, 1, the name of the dome is one of the services of Yahoo! JAPAN from February 25, 2Yahoo! auction(Name changed to “Yahoo!” on March 3 of the same year)Fukuoka Yahoo Auctions! Dome(Known as "Yahoo Auction Dome")[8][9][10].
2014 [Source required], The English name of the stadium name was changed from "Fukuoka Yafuoku! DOME" to "Fukuoka Yafuoku! DOME".huoku! DOME".
Shiodome Estate Co., Ltd. acquired the trust beneficiary right on July 2015, 7, and Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks Co., Ltd., which was transferred, became the owner of Fukuoka Yahoo Auction Dome both in name and reality. The Hawks Town Mall will continue to be owned by the Singapore Government Investment Corporation and the trust beneficiary rights will beMitsubishi EstateOwned by.
August 2019, 11,PayPayCo., Ltd. acquired the naming right, and the name was changed from February 2020, 2.Fukuoka PayPay Dome(Known as "PayPay Dome")[11].
Entertainment building beside the dome on July 2020, 7BOSS E ・ ZO FUKUOKAOpened.

Equipment outline

Facility data

*Refer to facility overview[12]

  • Location: 2-2-2 Jigyohama, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka
  • Open: April 1993, 4
  • Capacity: 40,122 (at the time of professional baseball holding) *A total of 65 wheelchair seats are available.
  • Building area: 70,000 m2
  • Total floor area: 176,000 m²
  • Height: 83.96 m (7 floors above ground)
  • Diameter: 212m (excluding protrusions)
  • Roof opening and closing time: 20 minutes
  • Both wings: 100 m, mid-sized: 122 m, left-right middle: 110 m (up to 2014: 116 m)
  • Outfield fence height: 4.2 m (up to 2014: 5.84 m)
  • Ground area: 1 m² (Field sheet・Number before the new outfield fence was installed in 2015)
  • Height from field surface: 68 m
  • Long pile both in and outArtificial grass・"Field Turf HD"
  • Main scoreboard:LEDFull color free board (vertical 9.984 m x horizontal 52.992 m)
  • Lighting: 668 (field lighting 554, space lighting 90, audience seat lighting 24)[13]


Size isOfficial baseball rulesBoth wings are 2.01m and the midsize is 100m which meets the regulations of 122. According to the Pa League official website, the middle of the building is 118m.[14], It is a little deeper than other stadiums where both wings and the middle tier have similar numbers. However, the theory is 115.8m, which is close to the value when the entire dome is a perfect circle.[15], 116m is also available[16].. After installing Home Run Terrace in 2015, the middle of left and right is about 110m[17]Is the shortest home base of Japanese professional baseball and has a straight outfield fenceTokyo DomeIt has a fair ground shape very similar to.

The foul ground was the standard size for a stadium in Japan, but since the installation of the field seats, the outfield has become very small. Because the fence of the field seat is low,First baseman,third basemanThe number of entitled to bases where the fly that bounced in the rear of the car enters the stand has increased.

From the opening on the field side, from the short pile artificial grassOtsuka Turf TechThe company's Grand Turf (replaced once in 2003) was laid, but since 2009, Field Turf Turket's long pileArtificial grassIntroduced "Field Turf OSI". In 2017, it was replaced with a new long pile artificial turf "Field Turf HD".

Outfield fence

The original outfield fence was very high at 5.84m because the movable seats in the lower tier of the infield slide in front of the outfield seats. In 2008, rubberMajor league baseballIt has been replaced with a soft rubber fence that has been used at (MLB) stadiums and has excellent shock absorption (including the fence behind the home plate). In the off-season, he became a Hawks coach from 2009.Koji AkiyamaBy the request of "I want to brighten the image in the stadium", the upper half of the outfield fenceBack screenIt was repainted in bright green except right underneath (the ceiling of the first base side dugout is also repainted in sky blue). But,Open battleBecause the color was unpopular, it became bright from bottom to top just before the start of the official game.GradationWas repainted. In addition, regarding the top part, it was pointed out by the jury that "a bright color will interfere with the judgment of home run", so the original dark green is repainted. The new fence added in 2015 has a height of 4.2 m (2.7 m rubber, 1.5 m net), the conventional fence is not removed but the color is restored[4].

Is held every yearHawk festival", the text color of the advertisement is changed to the same color as the uniform.


Stands were popular in the United States in the 1960s and 1970s, and in JapanYokohama StadiumIt has been used as a football-type. When football is held, the lower movable seats in the infield slide to the outfield side (the artificial turf in the moving part is removed), and they move in parallel to each other. The doors at the top of the outfield fence (five on each wing) and the fences on both sides of the back net back stand are used at that time. However, it was rarely used in practice, and the long pile artificial turf adopted in 5 takes time to remove and re-install, so it may have been virtually abolished like Yokohama Stadium. It was added in 2009Field sheetThe area can be removed.

Except for the field seat area, the seats are green in the infield and outfield seats. The infield seats have a flip-up backrest and cup holder, while the outfield seats do not have a backrest. In 2006 off, the lower seats behind the infield backnet were equipped with Tempur cushions. In 2011 off, the seats behind the infield backnet were replaced with "premium seats" with seat and back cushions. Partitions are provided on both sides of the premium seat, making it an independent area.

There is also a seat under the scoreboard, which is used when baseball is not held. When baseball is held, the bottom side is covered with a black curtain to effectivelyBack screenIs used as a substitute. At the beginning of opening in 1993Open battleThen, only the upper part was open to the audience, but there was an opinion that the function as a back screen would deteriorate, and the upper part was completely off-limits. There were some difficulties in selling tickets against the Giants on June 2010th and 6th, 12. To deal with this, we urgently set 13 seats on both sides of the back screen. In the center of the back screen, a giant that appears during the home run of the HawksHarry hawkIs installed.

There is no "banner support after 10 pm", which is restricted at other stadiums in the city center, and fireworks are displayed even after the game ends at 22:XNUMXRoof open show(From the roof above the infield seatsCannonUsedPaper tapeThe blessing is also done).Jet balloonsFlying is the only closed dome in the country that is permitted from the time of opening (Kyocera Dome Osaka-Sapporo DomeIs lifted from the middle,Nagoya DomeIs lifted only on the match day on Jet Balloon Day).However, in order to prevent the spread of the new influenza infection in most of the 2009 season and the spread of COVID-2020 infection in the 19 season, the audience was asked to refrain from doing so as in other stadiums.

At the age of 15 while enrolled in Daiei Hawks in the passage 31 that connects the concourse on the venue and the standLung cancerFell toFujii MasaoIn connection with No. 15 of No., on the entrance of the concourse, there are two plates commemorating Fujii (record and last message). This continued even after the parent company of the team changed from Daiei to Softbank, and is called the "Fujii Gate." The gate of this dome is exactly the entrance from outside to inside.

Coca cola sheet

It was added off in 2005Field sheetIs. Naming rights purchase companyCoca-Cola West Japan(Current:Coca-Cola West).

In the Hawks-sponsored match, the price is set to nearly double the price of other stadiums, and even at the lowest price, there is a high ticket price that is the same as the back net bottom of the highest price (up to the highest class) The seat is because it uses a large seating area and leather seating per seat). However, the number of seats for each type of field seats is small, and most of them are sold out at the same time the ticket is released.

In 2006, a three-seat sofa seat "Coca-Cola sofa seat" was installed.

The entrance to the field seat area is separated by a net, so no one without a ticket can enter. The seller does not enter because the hit ball is very dangerous. In addition, the helmet and glove are rented to the audience free of charge, and attention is given to such things as the display on the scoreboard etc. before the start of the game prompting the user to wear the helmet.

Super box

On the 4th, 5th, and 6th floors above the infield seats, there are around 120 special viewing rooms called "Super Box" surrounding the field. It is a private room with a balcony facing the ground. You can watch baseball freely while maintaining privacy in a calm private room like a hotel room, and there is a gate for exclusive use of the super box for the entrance gate. Mainly for corporate users, the annual contract is basically priced at 900 to 1,900 million yen a year. In the 2009 season, it was also released as a limited edition for the general public. It is not open at events other than baseball, such as concerts. At the beginning of the opening, more seats were installed than at present, but the number has been reduced by being converted to passenger seats such as wing seats.

Victory Wing

It is a special seat that was made by remodeling the outfield side of the Super Box (around both-wing foul poles) in 2008 off.Cisco Systems"Cisco seat", which is co-sponsored by and has a terminal display that displays various game information, and there is also a tatami space.JA ZennoNagomi sheet, "for groupsJAL"Sky View Sheet", playground equipment, etc.ECCThere is "kids park". This is sold as a general ticket. Up to 7 times, you can enjoy cooking, desserts and soft drinks with a buffet.All you can eat and drinkIs for sale. All naming rights have been introduced, but in 2009 they were not introduced in the JAL Skyview Seat and were called "Group Seats". Skyview seats in 2013Yuichi HondaIt is a popular interior shop under the supervision of JAL's CA.ActusConran shopWe carried out a renewal for women in collaboration with.

Visitor seat

Home run terrace

Outfield field seat area added from 2015.First base side until 2017ANA"ANA Home Run Terrace" sponsored by "Fukuoka Toyota Home Run Terrace" sponsored by Toyota Motor Corporation from 2018, all seats are counter seats.The third base sideSankyuIs sponsored by "SANKYU Home Run Terrace" and has table seats and deck chair seats.[4].

Like the field seats, the home run terrace area can be removed.

Yamayama Mentaiko BOX

As part of the renewal from the 2018 season off, box-type seats on both the right and left sides behind the outfield seatsYamayaThe Mentaiko BOX has been completed and has been operating since the 2019 season[18].MentaikoIn addition to offering hors d'oeuvres, etc., the mentaiko type object in the back is a lightning type, and it is a mechanism that shines in various amusements.

Plan to increase seats

The number of people in the stand (at the time of holding baseball) was initially set at 48,000, but in reality it was able to accommodate only 13,000 (at that time), which was about 35,157 less than that. On the other hand, SoftBank plans to increase the number of seats immediately after the acquisition of Hawks.

  • Appointed to the Hawks team in 2005Itaru KobayashiSet 2005 as a seat at a camp held in Miyazaki in February 2.Field sheetThe company has clarified plans for additional seats centered on the construction of VIP seats.
    • The content was to install a total of 200 seats, including a field seat for 400 seats (1 seats in total) centered around the foul zone on the first base side and the third base side, with the completion of construction scheduled for the end of 2006. Also stand to match thisConcourseThe company was also aiming to build a mini basketball court and a mini putt golf course.
    • As the first step in this plan, a field seat (Coca-Cola seat) with 2005 seats was installed in 532 off. February 22006 World Baseball Classic Japan National TeamIt made its first appearance in the send-off match.
    • In 2006 off, Tempur cushions were installed on all SS reserved seats behind the backnet, a counter seat was created by converting a part of the press seats on the back net behind the back net into spectators, and a part of the upper infield seats on the third base side was installed. We converted to a box type seat with a capacity of 5 people (box five) and added 3 seat sofa seats (Coca-Cola sofa seats) to the field seat area. There are 35,773 people.
  • It is reported that the company is considering increasing the number of seats by 2007 seats by the end of 2008 as well as by the end of 1. Also, at the Hawks team's appreciation gathering on November 2008, 11, Kasai owner's acting representative is 27 seats It is reported that they have indicated their intention to increase their seats.
    • It was said that this was a complete refurbishment of the Super Box, but in the end the refurbishment in 2008 was only a part of the Super Box remodeled into a Victory Wing, and the capacity could only increase to 36,253.
  • In the middle of the 2010 season, the number of seats was 36,723 due to the installation of museum seats in the "Sadaharu Oji Baseball Museum" and review of the number of seats available for sale in the entire area. In fiscal 2011, the number of seats was 37,025, as a result of a review such as making part of the back screen a spectator seat.
  • In the 2012 season, the capacity of the Super Box was increased to 4 by remodeling part of the 38,561th floor of the Super Box and changing it to an infield seat (including standing).
  • Although the outfield field seat was newly installed in the 2015 season, the part renovated in 2012 was changed to a bench seat, and conversely the capacity was reduced to 38,500.[19].
  • A large-scale renewal of the 2018 season is being held, and the amusement building ``Sadaharu Ouji Baseball Museum'' scheduled to be established in 2020E ・ ZO FUKUOKA(Ezo Fukuoka), so the baseball museum part (formerly: The Big Life) has been renovated to an outfield seat. Capacity increased to 2019 from 40,178 season[20].

score board

The main scoreboard has been a large video device since 2006.Matsushita ElectricMadeAstro VisionIt is a full-color LED free board. It is nicknamed "Hawks Vision" and the score is displayed on the right third. From 3, while the game is in progress, the results of Hawks pitchers and batters will be displayed on the left one-third with face shots, and the center of the rest will be displayed with the stadium logo at the top.

From the time of opening until 2005, the score display and the video device (the name at that time was also Hawks Vision) are separate, and the score display is an orange single color display. Video equipmentSonyMade ofJumbotronMet. In 2005, Hawks Vision and scoreboard were integrated into one model,Tokyo DomeThe same as 1,024 gradations (more than 10 million colors) and the only domestic ballpark equipment (at that time)High definition(720P) compatible and replaced with a high-precision expression. As a result, the new Hawks Vision will be the largest in the domestic stadium measuring 9,984 m in height and 52,992 m in width and the largest in the world (at that time) for high-definition screens, and at the same time, the animation when the starter announcement was made was updated to a luxurious one. JumbotronAvispa FukuokaIs the home ofHakata no Mori StadiumSince there was no vision at that time, it was about to be sold due to the fact that the same Fukuoka was the hometown, but it was a compromise because it could not be agreed. When converted to TV size, it is 2,123 inches.

From 2006 to 2014 after the renovation, the score display part used only orange except for the team logo and advertisement, and had the same layout as until 2005.In addition, the team notation on the old scoreboard was represented by one or two letters of the alphabet (example: Hawks → H).The sub-score board behind the back net is still labeled like this. From around 1, the number of pitches thrown by pitchers has been displayed alternately with the ball speed in the space under the referee.The score is basically displayed up to 2 times, but when overtime is played, instead of erasing all, it will slide to the left by the innings when overtime was held (for example, 2009 extra times). If, only one score is erased and 9-10 scores are displayed).Even after the expansion of the Hawks Vision, which will be described later, the layout is close to the original layout when used by amateurs.

The name of the team is not a nickname such as "Hawks" or "Eagles", but "Softbank", "Tohoku Rakuten", "Saitama Seibu", "Nippon Ham", "Chiba Lotte", and "Orix".

It is easy to change the layout because it is a freeboard all over, and it was held on 2006/2007/11 and 22/Nov/23.Beijing Olympic Baseball Japan National TeamSend-off match between Japan and Australia, 2013World Baseball ClassicLet's do it at Tokyo DomeUS-Japan baseball, All of them were displayed in alphabetical/horizontal design, and the referees were displayed around the diamond figure. This display was diverted during the 2014 Fukuoka Classic/Fukuoka Softbank Hawks vs. Saitama Seibu Lions match,Heiwadai baseball fieldIn order to get closer to the scoreboard, the color of the letters is white, the names of the players and referees are written in Japanese, the team name is written as "L", Hawks is the orange "H" of the Daiei era (the acronym for the Hawks logo) Same design).

In the design used in Fukuoka Classic, the team notation on the score display part was changed to the logo mark of each team's hat (for Nippon Ham and DeNA for home), and the team name notation on the player name display part was changed to the company name. , It was also used in regular games in the following year 2015. Colors have been changed from the 2016 official game (team colors for each team in the player notation), and in 2017 the batting average, home runs and RBIs will be displayed to the right of the player names.

Since 2011,Hawk festivalIn ", the color of the letters has been changed to the color of the special uniform. There was an opinion from Director Koji Akiyama that it was “dark and hard to see”, but it was continued during the “Hawk Festival”. However, when it was made purple in 2013, there were many opinions that the letters were hard to see, but it has been continued since the following year.

In addition to the Hawks Vision, a large image device will be installed behind the left and right stands from the 2010 season. They are named "Left Wing Vision" and "Right Wing Vision", respectively, and are collectively called "New Hawks Vision" together with the existing "Hawks Vision". The size is 5.7m long and 33m wide. The total area of ​​3 visions is 905.2m2So, it's the world's largest baseball field[21].. system·Solutions TheSony broadband solutionIs in charge. The manufacturer of the video display device itself has not been announced.

Also from the same year, on the left side of the vision, the image of the player in the bat at the time of attacking the Hawks and the pitcher throwing at the time of defense and the individual performance are displayed.

From the 2011 season, due to NPB policy, both main and subBall countWas changed from "SBO" of strike (S) ball (B) out (O) to "BSO" display of ball (B) strike (S) out (O).

Since 2013, the large-scale advertising space between the main scoreboard and the left/right wing vision has been renovated into a freeboard. As a result, the total area of ​​5 visions between the left and right wing visions is 1,542.83 m2(this isBoeing 7473 aircraft, which is comparable to the length from side to side when lined up side by side), which was the largest ever in the worldUnited Arab Emirates OfMaidan RacecourseWorld's Largest Vision at (1,169.8 m2) Became the size[22].

From the middle of the 2015 season, on the left side of the results of Hawks players, the part that displays the results of the pitchers and batters of the opponent team with a face photo is also displayed so that the lyrics of the cheering song of the players standing at bat are displayed Has become.

From the 2016 season, a large hanging-type video device "Skyscreen", which is the first permanent baseball stadium in Japan (various in concerts, etc.), was installed above the sub-board behind the back net.6m long and 32.1m wide. It can be displayed in 3 divisions, and the stats of Hawks players are displayed during the match.Initially, it was planned to operate from May 5th of the same year, but it was announced that the working day would be postponed due to a malfunction of the display electrical equipment.[23], Has been operating since May 5, the following day. Sky screen is renewed in 7. 2018m long and 10.8m wide, about 43.5 times larger[24].

As part of the renewal from the 2018 season off, the center's large vision (Hawks Vision) has been further enlarged. The watch and ball count lamp installed on the right side of the Hawks Vision were removed and repairs were performed to connect the 5 visions together, and it started operation from the 2019 season. Total area of ​​5 visions is 1,923m2Expanding further and singing the best in the world[25].

There is a sub-score board on the back of the back net, which is displayed in a single orange color, and the batting average and the number of home runs of the players standing in the turn at bat are displayed.

Retractable roof

At Fukuoka DomeEquipped with the first roof opening and closing mechanism in a Japanese baseball stadium..The roof consists of three panels with a thickness of 4 meters, two of which rotate 3 degrees to the left and right to fully open and close in about 2 minutes (opening ratio when fully open is 120%).The total weight of the roof is about 20 tons.It has been reported that the cost of opening and closing once is about 60 million yen in some sports newspapers (the electricity bill for opening and closing the roof is 1 yen, and various expenses such as labor costs are 2000 yen).[26][27]..Opening and closing is usually limited to pre-match practice (implemented only in the early stages) and when the "Roof Open Show" is held after the Hawks win the home game.

Originally, it was supposed to play in an open state when it was sunny according to the weather, and initially the game was held with the roof open, but the slope of light etc. It was designed to be the best conditions at the time of the event, "the difference in the reflection angle due to the structure (because not all the roofs are open) will hinder the player's play" , Near the hospital (National Hospital Organization Kyushu Medical CenterFukuoka City Children's Hospital/Infectious Disease Center, The infectious disease center was relocated in 2014) and there is a noise problem due to the surrounding high-end residential area around Seaside Momochi. The match wasn't played for a while.

OnceKinKi KidsWas requested at the time of the concert here, "We want to pay ourselves, so we want the roof to be opened during the performance as part of the performance," but this was not realized because of the noise problem. Hawks sponsored youth baseball tournaments and other games are held with the roof open.

2008 year 9 month 10 dayRakutenIt was held in the first time in nine years with the roof open. In September, it was the first time in 9 years to drop the 9th place and it was to try to cut off the bad flow of consecutive losses, and it was done with the consent of the Rakuten baseball team, the athletes' association, and the adjoining hospital. It was closed at the end of 11 times due to a defect).

On June 2011, 6, it was opened and closed just to get rid of the stray crow.[28].

In the game against Seibu on April 2012, 4, the game was held with the roof fully open as "Roof Open Day"[29](At this time, the temperature in the stadium dropped and it was closed at 20:1). With this as a starting point, "Roof Open Day" is held every year with a certain 2 to 3 games of one card.[30][31].

2021 May 5In the match against Lotte, when the roof was opened before the match in preparation for "Roof Open Day", it rained unexpectedly, and the outfield ground and spectators' seats were also wet with rainwater, so the staff was forced to clean up until the gate opened. There was a happening.Although the weather recovered due to this, the roof was closed from the beginning of the game on that day, and the opening was abandoned.[32].

If the following conditions are met on the day when the roof open day is held, the roof may be closed before or during the holding time.

  • If the wind speed is 8m or more before the start of the match on the day, or if the probability of precipitation at the start time of the match is 30% or more, the roof will not be opened at the start of the match.
  • Since the roof will be closed after the game is over, the roof will be closed once from the bottom of the 8th attack, but before that, it is unavoidable to close the roof early due to rain, temperature, strong wind, etc. There is.[33]


The back net fence advertisement displayed on TV broadcast has been installed with a large LED since 2016, and the advertisement of 6-8 companies is always displayed on the LED. It is a collection of all the old rotating advertisements, the sticker advertisements around the old advertisements, and the old LED advertisements.

Until 2015, there was a rotating advertisement on the bottom and an LED plate on the top. The revolving advertisement was installed in 2002 and is sponsored by multiple companies. Before thatJingu Stadium-Yokohama Stadium-Nagoya DomeThere was this revolving advertisement in, but it is an advertisement for only one company[Note 2][Note 3], Is the first rotary advertisement by multiple companies in Japan. Until thenLawson,Sanyo Shinpan,Asahi beerAlthough the advertisements were lined up vertically, it is now possible to put them out for each inning by the rotary type. The LED plate advertisement was installed in 2008, and until then, the advertisement board was placed on the rotating advertisement and the stickers and plates for 1 to 3 companies were pasted and operated.

Until 2004, Lawson, a convenience store chain that was once owned by Daiei, was the main sponsor of backnet advertising, and advertised "Ganbare! Hawks LAWSON." At the stadium in Japan at that time, there was only such an outright support advertisement in the backnet that was always reflected in the TV broadcast, only at Fukuoka Dome (this support advertisement is also used in the Japanese series).

From the middle of the 2007 season, by painting artificial turf separately, it becomes a left light on the outfield groundSeven-ElevenThe advertisement is posted. Also, in front of the backnet fenceJ LeagueThere are illusionary advertisements used in. The illusionary advertisement was discontinued at the end of the year after it was first posted in 2006, but it was revived midway through the 2008 season.


Mainly used for lighting at the time of constructionMetal halide lampWas used since 2015Koito Electric WorksHas been replaced by the company's LED lighting[13].

Warm open space

There is a boardwalk around the dome, and there is a place called "Dante Square" on the deck that connects with the Seahawk Hotel. Here, bronze monuments that reproduce the three-dimensional handprints of celebrities who have been active in various fields such as culture, sports, arts, and academia are displayed along with the plates with their signatures. It is exhibited so that you can "shake hands".

Hawks players and directors' bills were added in 1993 when the dome was completed,Makoto Sasaki,Murata Katsuki,Koji Akiyama,Shuichi Watanabe,Yuki Kokubo, Of the director who was appointed in 1994 offSadaharu OhAnd so on.

Sadaharu Oh Baseball Museum

Opened on July 2010, 7 in honor of Fukuoka Soda Bank Hawks former director and current team chairman Sadaharu Oh.[Note 4].. The entrance/exit gate is next to Gate 7. Some areas have seats.

The museum was temporarily closed due to renovation from the off-season 2018. From the 2019 season, the site has been renovated to an outfield stand seat.The museum will be an entertainment building adjacent to 2020BOSS E ・ ZO FUKUOKAIt was relocated to (Boss Ezo Fukuoka).


*See gourmet[34]

The lunch box stores at the stadium are labeled "hawk lunch."

Hawks Cafe (RoyalManagement),Mos Burger,Pietro, Dipper Dan,Dom Dom Burger,Subway,Kentucky Fried ChickenThere are stores such asFried noodles-hormone"Umakamon Street Yataimura", etc., on the first base sideUdon-TempuraThere is a Japanese food "Kozen" and an "Orange Kitchen" on the third base side.In addition, wagons for light meals are lined up in the aisle.

Around the domeJapanese cuisine tavern"Tomasa", Kentucky Fried Chicken, Dipper Dan Cafe.

From 2015, payment at shops and restaurants in and around the domenimocaFirst, a transportation IC card that is common throughout the country (PiTaPaExcept)WAON-nanacoCan be used[35].. However, points are not added to the card. It is not possible to charge inside the dome, so it is necessary to charge it at the station ticket vending machine in the bus or subway or at a convenience store before entering.

Use by Hawks

The on-site broadcast at the Hawks-sponsored game will show the Hawks players their full names when the starting members are announced, when the starting pitchers are in the first at-bat, and when substitute pitchers and players appear.[Note 5], Uniform number, hometown (prefecture and municipality for Japanese, country for foreigners, but up to the state for Americans and Canadians, country of origin and city of origin for Koreans and Taiwanese).This is because during the Daiei era, many players from Kyushu were acquired, and the aim was to acquire fans throughout Kyushu, which continues even now when the parent company has replaced Softbank.

From the 2014 seasonStadium dj-Fujisawa Tsubasa(DJ Tsubasa) has appeared and is in charge of the introduction announcement of Hawks players.Also, from the same year, players have been called by their full names regardless of starting lineup, number of at-bats, or pinch hitter.

In addition, most of the weekends in the Pa League are held in day games except in summer, but the Hawks-sponsored match at this dome sometimes starts at 18pm on Saturdays (except Sunday). Often starts at 13:2005). Since XNUMX, the number of cases where giants are held in day games on weekends mainly in early spring and autumn has increased, so other stadium games at this timeYakultExcept for the above, most of the games are held in day games, so there are cases where only this dome becomes a night game.

Hawks won the league in the 2000 seasonJapan seriesHowever, due to the plan to loan this dome to the Japanese Society for Brain Surgery on that date (contract was signed 3 years ago), it was forced to change part of the series schedule, exposing the operational blunder. , The team was fined 3,000 million yen for breaching the schedule-keeping obligation. At this time, DaieiKitakyushu City Stadium,Nagasaki Big N StadiumAlthough it was supposed to be held at the conference, it was planned to use it for 4 days due to the kindness of the academic society, but it was shortened to 3 days (until the last day until the morning), so the schedule was changed.

Roof open/Victory fireworks

If the Hawks win in official games or exchange games, the "roof open show" will be held with sponsor sponsorship. After the hero interview is over, the lights in the stadium are turned off and the image of Hawks player is shown in "Hawks Vision". (Until 1999, there was no video showing, and there was a laser show where the laser was projected on the top of the dome.) After that, "Victory Fireworks (Fireworks from the ceiling)" was raised, and the team song "Izayake Wakataka CorpsWhile opening the roof.The usual win is the 2nd, while the league win or the 3rd best match in Japan is the XNUMXrd.

Until 2008, the player video was for the current year in the first minute, and today's highlights in the second minute. In addition, there was an illumination with a laser beam in front of the fireworks, and the hawk mark and the word "VICTORY" were displayed on the laser.

After the Izayake Wakataka Corps, the ceremony song "To the sky of victoryIt is customary to stream. Until 2004Queen(Queen)of"Legendary champion"(We Are the Champions) Was flowing.

In bad weather, the roof cannot be opened and there is a notice in the dome.

Music played during the victory fireworks for a long period from 1993 to 2008 (Yanny"Part of "Standing in Motion") is popular among fans, and inquiries flooded into the club office regardless of the days of Daiei and Softbank, and it was introduced on the Hawks support program in Fukuoka and became a specialty. However, since 2009 it has been the original team. Many of the music that played on the stadium at the same time became original, but the detailed reason is unknown.

In addition, after the defeat, turn off the lighting early and hear the hero interview voice of the opponent team.

○○ series

In line with the local event in Fukuoka, in the Hawks sponsored game ``Dontakuseries""YamakasaThe series is called "Series" (both series areHeiwadai StadiumAtNishitetsu LionsHas been done since the times).

In addition, the base opening series, Dontaku series and Yamakasa series areAsahi SuperdryIt was held as a "special", and the advertisement for "Asahi Super Dry" was drawn on the grand staircase in front of the dome. Since 2010, fun other than baseball has been offered, such as holding pre-match mini-lives inviting artists. Misato Watanabe, Hill Climb, Naoto Intiraimi, Kyoko, Kima Glen, Rake, Kana Uemura, etc. appeared, 7-8 games are held annually.

Pepper cheering party

2020 Season isNew coronavirusAt the beginning of the official game due to the spread of infectionUnaided matchContinued for a while.So, in order to fill the stand, we started cheering with 5 peppers.After that, the number of "members wishing to join" increased one after another, and eventually increased to 100.It is said that one pepper for corporations will cost 1 million yen, and it will cost 200 million yen in total.[36].

2021 Admission is still restricted during the season, soSoftBank RoboticsAs a joint project of the Hawks team and the Hawks team, near the left middle of the left stand,pepperA stage of a robot cheering party with a total of 100 bodies was set up.During the match, various cheering performances will be held, including collaboration with the team-approved cheer dance team "Honeys".[37].

Use other than Hawks

Holding an all-star game

Held at this domeAll star gamesは、1996年と2001年、2010年、2016年(いずれも第1戦)である。2001年から2010年まで9年間隔が空いたのは、2002年以降は年2試合制で固定されたことと、随時地方球場での開催試合が組み込まれるようになったためで、この間に2006年第2戦がホークス主管相当試合としてSun Marine Stadium MiyazakiIs held at (otherNagasaki Big N StadiumHeld in 2000, the third round of Hawks has been held as the equivalent game). As an example of an interval between the events at the headquarters, Hiroshima (the second round of 3Hiroshima Civic Stadium (at that time)Held in → Round 2009 of 2Mazda StadiumIt is held in Japan, and there is an interval of 14 years).The last event held at Heiwadai Stadium, the former home of the Hawks, was in 1990.The next round is scheduled to be held in 2022.[38].

NPB and other team sponsored games

Yomiuri Giants

Yomiuri GiantsThe Kyushu series, which started in 1975, has been hosting 1993-1 games in official matches since 3 when it opened. From 2005Exchange battleAlthough it continued every year until 2007, the last match against Tokyo Yakult on April 2009, 4 was not held.In the open game, from 23 to 2002, the Hawks played one Giants-sponsored game every year, and the next day, the Hawks-sponsored game was held in two consecutive games.However, the bench is on the third base side on both days.The open game is from 2009 to 1Kitakyushu City StadiumWas done in.

Official match
Open battle holding results

Tokyo Yakult Swallows

Yakult Swallows (then)Has been holding three official games from the opening to 1979 since the opening of the Fukuoka series at the Heiwadai Stadium, which was held from 1988 to 2001. From 3, from FukuokaSeto Inland SeaSandwiched betweenEhimeMatsuyama City OfMatsuyama Bocchan StadiumThe stage is moved to Matsuyama quasi-headquarters and the game is held 2-3 times a year.

Yokohama DeNA Baystars

Yokohama Bay Stars (then)Was originally home to 1988Shimonoseki StadiumIn 1989, only one official match was held as the stage for the Kyushu series, which was revived from 2004 the following year in conjunction with the relocation opening of ChunichiWar).Other stadiums held in conjunction with Shimonoseki stadium areKumamoto/Fujisakidai Stadium,Saga / Midori no Mori Prefectural Baseball Field,Yamaguchi/Saikyo StadiumAnd so on. From 2008Shimonoseki StadiumからKitakyushu City StadiumIt will be held once every three years after moving to another place.The match hosted by Yokohama in Fukuoka City was held on April 3, 1 during the Western Matsu era.Chunichi DragonsSince the war.

Official match
  • 2004 May 4 3-3 Yokohama 14,000 Chunichi Audience: XNUMX

Orix Buffaloes

In June 1999,Orix Blue Wave (then)Is holding a Hawks match in a sponsored match as a measure to avoid the cancellation of rainy weather. Detail isArticlesSee. This was only for this year because criticism of sales priority came from ORIX fans, and the number of customers was about 1 less than when it was usually hosted by Hawks.

Hanshin Tigers

In 2010,Hanshin TigersIs local Kyushu (NagasakiSasebo) Originally from HawksKenji KijimaHeld one sponsored game in the open game with the aim of expanding fans in Fukuoka from joining the team (March 1, 2010) Hiroshima(I.e.[Note 6]).However, due to the opening game of the Hawks (Nippon-Ham Fighter, Sapporo Dome), many Hawks fans prioritized the TV broadcast of the opening game, and the opposition to the transfer of Jojima to the Hanshin Tigers, the audience did not get excited with 7,394 people this year. It became a limit.

Open battle holding results

Saitama Seibu Lions

2021 years,Saitama Seibu LionsWill be held in the same yearJapan seriesIn, if the team advanced and was entangled up to the 6th and 7th rounds, there was a possibility of using the main stadium.[40]..Due to the influence of the new coronavirus and the weather, the schedule of the climax series and the Japan series has been delayed by one week due to the extension of the regular season, so on November 1 and 11 of the same year,Uta no Prince-sama♪Saitama Prefecture, where the live event of Seibu is the home of SeibuTokorozawa OfMetLife DomeIn addition to the trade-offs of being held at Seibu, it is the predecessor of Seibu.Fukuoka baseball(Nishitetsu, Taiheiyo Club, Crown Writer) was based in Fukuoka prefecture, and it was planned to be the first time in 58 years if the Japan Series sponsored by Seibu was held in Fukuoka prefecture.[40][41].

However, as the possibility of Seibu's advance into the climax series disappeared completely on October 10, the same year, it was decided not to use the main stadium or MetLife Dome in the Japan Series sponsored by Seibu.[42].

International baseball tournament

In December 2013,2013 WBC] Round 1 match A was held. The first round of the "1st" and "2nd" competitions was held at Tokyo Dome, so it was held for the first time outside Tokyo. Immediately before that, a total of 1 games were played as a strengthening match between Group A 4 teams and NPB baseball team (Softbank/Giant).

Friendly match

September 2012, 11SAMURAI JAPANCubaAn international friendly match was held.

high school baseball

Canceled on August 2020, 8 due to the effects of the new coronavirusThe 102rd National High School Baseball ChampionshipThe final match of the "Ganbare Fukuoka 2020 High School Baseball Championship" Fukuoka District Tournament was held in place of the Fukuoka Prefectural Tournament.Prefectural Fukuoka High School Fukuoka University Ohori High SchoolDefeated 4-3 to win the championship[43].

The Fukuoka Prefectural Tournament of the National High School Baseball Championship was held in 2012, and the opening ceremony and the North Fukuoka Tournament and Minami Fukuoka Tournament were also held in 2018.[Note 7]Was planned to be held, but it was canceled due to the heavy rain caused by the rainy season front.[44].

As the largest hall in Kyushu

The dome is designed for use as a trade fair or concert venue. Kyushu's largest indoor concert venue, commonly known as "5 large dome tours(Sapporo/Tokyo/Nagoya/Osaka/Fukuoka)”.

Music event

First concert at this dome on April 1993, 4. It was held with musicians from Fukuoka prefecture.
It was held on July 1999, 7.

Artist holding a solo concert

Domestic artists (in alphabetical order)
Overseas artists (in alphabetical order)

Main event held every year

Other events held so far

About other uses

Also available for general useGrass baseballAvailable from 25 yen (excluding tax). You can also see the fields, bullpen, dugouts, and more on the "PayPay Dome Tour" (formerly known as the Backstage Tour). Guidance is provided by the dome guide, and you can choose from "dome tour tour", "practice tour with OB commentary", and "learning course".

A movie released in 1995Gamera large monster aerial decisive battle"(directed by:Shusuke Kaneko), appeared in an important stage related to the progression of the story. The foldable roof, which is the sale of this dome, was taken up as the subject (the left and right sides are reversed for the performance).

In football In soccerUrawa RedsBut,Olympia(パラグアイThe club) has held a friendly match.

September 2005, 9TBS OfHanamaru MarketSince it was the 9th anniversary of the start of broadcasting (Kyushu year), the first live broadcast from outside the studio was broadcast live from Fukuoka Dome.

In a rare case, November 2020, 11,Nogata OfYamatoseirankoto High School New coronavirusWas canceled due to the spread of the infectionsports festivalCultural FestivalI have held an alternative event for renting this dome[52].

Award system

In the official professional baseball game held at Fukuoka Dome, prizes will be presented if you hit a ball on a signboard. The main ones are as follows. Note that some awards are valid only for Hawks-sponsored matches, and are introduced almost every match before the start of the match.

  • On the right wing pole of the outfield fenceFukuoka BankIn the advertisement, the accompanying mascot character "Humor" with a grab is drawn. If you hit the ball directly to the glove, that is, without a bound, you will receive a prize of 100 million yen as a "Fukugin Prize" from the bank (later expanded to the entire mascot and the ellipse surrounding the mascot). So far, seven people have won the prize money under this system.
Fukugin Award Winners
Achievement datePlayer nameMatch card
2004/8/1Hiroshi ShibaharaDaiei × Nippon Ham
2006/3/26Toshiya Tsuji(LotteSoftbank x Lotte
2007/5/26Hidenori TagamiSoftbank × Hiroshima
2013/6/16John Bowker(巨人Softbank x Giants
2015/8/11Yuki YoshimuraSoftbank × Oryx
2016/7/16Bog Cevik (Oryx)Softbank x Orix
2017/7/22Kenta ImamiyaSoftbank x Lotte
  • When the hit ball hits the ceiling in the fair zone and does not fall due to being caught by a skeleton or the like, the record will be a double run and a cash prize of 500 million yen will be given. Not achieved as of 2015 (but in 2004Shigeru IguchiHas hit the ceiling in the foul zone and caught it in the skeleton. However, since it was not in the fair zone, the hit ball was recorded as a foul).
  • Once above the light standAsahi beerIf the hit ball hits the panel signboard, the batter who hit 10 years' worth of canned beer (3,650 bottles) will be hit, and it is above the left stand.Yodobashi CameraWhen hitting the panel signboard, 1,000 million points were to be presented to the batter who hit and the spectator who picked up the hit ball.However, the Right Left Wing Vision was installed in the place where the advertising panel was located from the 2010 season, and no player hit the Asahi Breweries sign. Although only the "Yodobashi Camera" award was continued and the area width became wider, it is effective only when the advertisement is displayed and the installation position is far away, so no player has hit the ball until now.

Record of major matches at Fukuoka Dome

  • 1993 May 4, Daiei vsOrix Blue Wave Flutter.. The same dayChiba Lotte MarinesversusNippon Ham FightersIn the open battle ofRick ShooInfielder (Nippon Ham) hits Fukuoka Dome No. 1 home run.
  • 1993 May 4, Nippon-Ham wins 5-0 in the open match between Daiei and Nippon-Ham, deciding to win the 5 Pacific League tournament.
  • 1993 May 4, Fukuoka Dome's firstJapanese professional baseballOfficial match.Hideo Nomo(Kintetsu) IsMurata KatsukiThrow (daiei), 1-0ClosedWith victory, he became the first winning pitcher of Fukuoka Dome.
  • 1993 May 4,Ralph Bryant(Kintetsu)Kenichi Wakatabe(Daie) Fukuoka Dome official game first home run. Wakatabe was the first Hawks to win the Fukuoka Dome with 1 goals,Kazunori YamamotoRecorded the first official home run at the Hawks' Fukuoka Dome.
  • 1994 May 5,Hiroki Makihara(巨人) Is a pairHiroshima Toyo CarpIn battlePerfect matchAchieved (Hiroki Makihara's perfect match[Note 8][53]..It is the only complete game in the Heisei era in Nippon Professional Baseball and the last perfect game at the end of the 2020 season.
  • 1997 May 5,Seibu LionsIs the sixth time in history against DaieiScore every timeRecorded.
  • 1999 May 6,Ichiro(Orix) takes the first and last third base defense (sponsored by Orix).
  • 1999 May 9, DaieiNippon HamDefeated 5-4 and moved to Fukuoka for the first leagueWinDecide.
  • 1999 May 9, Kazunori Yamamoto (Kintetsu) participated in the last active match, with the final at-batTakayuki ShinoharaHe hit the final home run and stopped Shinohara's winning rate of 10%.
  • 2000 May 10, Daiei defeated Orix 1-0 to win the Pacific League for the second time in a row.
  • 2000 May 10,Takanashi Takanari(Giant) achieved the first new pitcher's first pitching and first sealed victory in the Japan series against Daiei.
  • 2002 May 6,Melvin Bunch(Chunichi) is the first pitcher to hit a home run at the stadium in a match against Giants.
  • 2002 May 10,Koji AkiyamaRetirement match (against Lotte).
  • 2003 May 5,Chris LathamLeftist (giant) pairYakult SwallowsIn battleOutcount misunderstanding caseCause
  • 2003 May 7, Daiei hit 32 hits and Orix hit 13 hits. Daiei's 32 hits is a new record for Japanese professional baseball as the number of hits in one game per team. Both teams have a total of 1 hits, which is a new record for Japanese professional baseball as the number of hits in one game.
  • October 2003, 10, DaieiJapan seriesHanshin TigersDefeated with 4 wins and 3 losses, the second time as DaieiJapan.. This Japan's number one was decided by a baseball team based in Fukuoka prefecture for the first time in a match held locally. He also announced his retirement in this matchHirosawa Katsumi(Hanshin) hits the oldest home run in the Japan Series (41 years and 6 months) in a de facto retirement game, adorning the endless beauty.
  • 2004 May 10,Seibu Playoff Stage 2Defeated Daiei with 3 wins and 2 losses and won from the regular season second place.
  • 2005 May 10, LottePlayoff Stage 2Defeated Softbank with 3 wins and 2 losses and won the regular season from 2nd place.
  • 2006 May 4, Nippon Ham 3 pitchers against Softbank[Note 9]By continuous castingNo hit no runAchieved (reference record). No hit No-run due to continuous pitching in extra time is the first time in professional baseball history[54].
  • 2008 May 3,Hiroshi Shibahara(SoftBank) is of SeibuIto workIt has been 14 years since then, and the second opener in the history of professional baseball has been reversed.
  • August 2008-8, 29, Softbank vs. Seibu 31 consecutive cards of the same card will be drawn for 3 consecutive games.
  • 2009 May 6, SoftBank achieves 2 wins in total after introducing the two-league system[55].
  • 2010 May 10, LotteClimax seriesHe defeated Softbank with 1 wins and 4 losses, including 3 loss in Advantage, and won the Japan Series participation right from the 3rd place in the regular season.
  • 2011 May 11, SoftbankClimax seriesDefeated Seibu with 4 wins and 0 losses (including 1 advantage) and won the right to participate in the Japan series. It has been 38 years since the predecessor Nankai era that won the postseason in the league as a Hawks. After the franchise relocation to Fukuoka 2004-2006, including the playoffs that took place in the post-season introduced the seventh victory after the first time.
  • 2011 May 11, SoftbankJapan seriesIt defeated Chunichi with 4 wins and 3 losses, and is the first current team name to be the first in Japan in eight years, including the predecessor Nankai and Daiei era.
  • 2012 May 6,Yuki Kokubo(SoftBank) achieved 41 hits, the 2,000st player in professional baseball history, against Japan Ham[56].
  • 2012 May 10,Nishi Yuki(Oryx) achieved no-hit, no-run against Softbank. This match was the final round of both teams' regular season, and Yuki Kokubo's (SoftBank) retirement match.[57].
  • 2014 May 10, Softbank defeated Orix 10 times 2x-1 by good-bye, and became the current team for the first time in three years, becoming the current team and deciding the third league title.
  • 2014 May 10, SoftbankClimax seriesDefeated Nippon Ham with 4 wins and 3 losses (including 1 win of advantage), and won the right to participate in the Japan series.
  • October 2014, 10, SoftBankJapan seriesDefeated Hanshin with 4 wins and 1 loss, the second time in three years as the current team name, and the sixth time in Japan including the predecessor Nankai / Daiei era.
  • 2015 May 9, Softbank defeated Seibu 5-3 and became the current baseball team for the second time in a row for the second year in a row, deciding to win the league title for the fourth time. Although the decision to win the championship on September 2 was the fastest in the Pa League at that time,2017 , SoftbankMay 9The championship was decided and the record was changed (the stadium that decided the victory wasMetLife Dome).
  • 2015 May 10, SoftbankClimax seriesDefeated Lotte with 4 wins and 0 losses (including 1 advantage), and won the Japan Series participation right for the second consecutive year.
  • 2017 May 11, SoftbankJapan seriesDefeated DeNA 11 times with 4x-3, 4 wins and 2 losses in total, 2th for the first time in 4 years as the current team name, and 8th in Japan including the predecessor Nankai / Daiei era.The Japan Series was settled with a goodbye victory1988 Japan SeriesThis is the fourth time in history for the first time in 5 years since Seibu in Round 29.
  • 2018 May 10,Japan seriesIn the fourth round SoftBank won Hiroshima 4-4 and2011 Japan SeriesSince winning the 7th match against China-Japan, it has been the 11th consecutive victory for the homeland in the Japanese series, and the giant has1970 から1973 Home base achieved through (Korakuen Stadium) Achieved a new record in the Japan Series beyond 10 consecutive victories[Note 10].
  • 2019 May 9, Of SoftbankChiga UniversityAchieved the first No Hit No Run as a trained player.
  • 2020 May 7, Softbank has achieved 1,000 wins in total since the Daiei era.
  • 2020 May 11, SoftbankJapan seriesHe defeated the Giants with four consecutive victories following the previous year, and is the seventh in a row for four years as the current team name, and the eleventh in Japan including the predecessor Nankai / Daiei era.


The following description is the access map of the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks official site[58]based on. However, if the system number has been changed due to the time schedule revision, it has been partially corrected.

The following buses (allNishitetsu busBy train), get off at "PayPay Dome", "Kyushu Medical Center", "Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk Mae"
In addition, on the day of official baseball games and concerts, direct temporary buses will also be operated from the Hakata Bus Terminal and Nishitetsu Tenjin Expressway Bus Terminal (unlike the regular lines above, direct access to the exclusive boarding/alighting area within the Hawks Town site). Get in). On some other official games and event dates, temporary express buses will be operated from Kitakyushu (Moji, Kokura, Kurosaki area), Kurume (Kurume, Yame area), Chikuho (Iizuka, Tagawa area). About one round trip from the direction).
Fukuoka city highwayLoop line Hyakudo gatewayorWest Park entranceAbout 5 minutes more.
  • Parking is very crowded at the time of the event, so public transportation is recommended.
  • There is a parking lot for about 1,700 cars on the dome site (normal time system, flat-rate system for baseball/events, no overnight hold).
  • You can also use coin parking nearby.


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Related item

外部 リンク

Former base:
Heiwadai Stadium
1989 - 1992
Fukuoka Softbank HawksHome of
Next base:
n / A

Nippon Ham

Nippon Ham Co., Ltd.(Nippon Ham,English: NH Foods Ltd.) IsOsakaOsakaKitaA major headquartered inFoodProcessing maker.Nikkei Stock AverageOne of the constituent stocks of[2].


Major ham and sausage (Ito Ham-Primaham-Marudai Food), The industry leader.Professional baseball teamHokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersIs the parent company of.J League OfCerezo OsakaInvested inBoard MemberIs dispatched.group,Japan Food Group, Nippon Ham Sales Group,TreasureThere are about 90 affiliated companies such as (formerly Hoko Fisheries).The biggest hit product isChawessenAs a top sausage brand, it is still an important core product.

Written in katakana for a long timeNippon HamAlthough it was often used, the corporate logo was revised in April 2014 for the first time 4 years after the establishment of Nippon Ham, and the Nipponham Was changed to. From July of the same year, it is being written on product packages one after another.


Main products

  • Chawessen
  • Beautiful country
  • Colorful kitchen
  • Winnie
  • Fresh life
  • Antie
  • Chicken nugget
  • Tiki Tiki Bone
  • Chinese famous vegetables series
  • Stone kiln workshop series
  • Milpo de migrass hamburger
  • Hamburger of 4 types of melting cheese
  • Tianjin
  • Asian Food Museum
  • Grilled meat sauce

Past products

  • Kon-chan sausage
  • Swift
  • Essenpolka
  • Muenchner
  • Calorie soft
  • Knucker
  • Arabiki Teripanna
  • Choice
  • Beef sprinkle
  • Naples pizza
  • Morning serve
  • Teriyaki Ichiban
  • Teriyaki hamburger
  • Kabayaki chicken
  • Bacon cut off
  • Bargain bacon pack
  • This is a convenient pepper ham
  • Chopped ham slice
  • Legato Soft & Fly
  • Red wiener with tomato lycopene
  • Wiener
  • Cook demi
  • Gourmet Borona
  • Delicious and healthy
  • Western food
  • Roast beef curry
  • Master cook
  • Beautiful field
  • Clean onion dressing
  • Sticky pasta
  • Seoul Garden
  • Hallyu Garden
  • Noodle noodles
  • Everyone
  • Chawessen Mustard
  • Corn burger with chicken and white fish
  • Humming time

Many others.

Domestic affiliate

Arranged in the order of description of the Nippon Ham website and affiliated company items.

Processing business


  • Co., Ltd. (Yoshida Town, Haibara District, Shizuoka Prefecture)
  • Co., Ltd. (Asahikawa City, Hokkaido)
  • Co., Ltd. (Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture)
  • Co., Ltd. (Hyuga City, Miyazaki Prefecture)
  • Co., Ltd. (Sakaide City, Kagawa Prefecture)
  • Ltd.Jabas(Chikusei City, Ibaraki Prefecture)
  • Co., Ltd. (Hakodate City, Hokkaido)
  • Co., Ltd. (Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture)
  • Co., Ltd. (Sanuki City, Kagawa Prefecture)
  • Nippon ham foodCo., Ltd. (Kisosaki Town, Kuwana District, Mie Prefecture)
  • Nippon ham side dishCo., Ltd. (Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture)
  • Co., Ltd. (Ono City, Hyogo Prefecture)


  • Co., Ltd. (Teine Ward, Sapporo City)
  • Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo)
  • Co., Ltd. (Kita Ward, Osaka City)
  • Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo)
  • Co., Ltd. (Kita Ward, Osaka City)
  • Co., Ltd. (Chikusei City, Ibaraki Prefecture)
  • Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo)

Meat business

Production breeding

  • Co., Ltd. (Yokohama Town, Kamikita County, Aomori Prefecture)
  • Co., Ltd. (Oirase Town, Kamikita County, Aomori Prefecture)
  • Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo)


  • Nippon Food Packer Group
    • Co., Ltd. (Oirase Town, Kamikita County, Aomori Prefecture)
    • Co., Ltd. (Isa City, Kagoshima Prefecture)
    • Co., Ltd. (Ishii Town, Meishi District, Tokushima Prefecture)
    • Co., Ltd. (Inakadate Village, Minamitsugaru District, Aomori Prefecture)

Livestock extract/processing

Sales/Logistics/Trading company

  • Japan Food Group
    • Co., Ltd. (Kita Ward, Sapporo City)
    • Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo)
    • Co., Ltd. (Naka-ku, Nagoya)
    • Co., Ltd. (Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City)
  • Co., Ltd. (Kawasaki, Kawasaki)
  • Co., Ltd. (Kawasaki, Kawasaki)
  • Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo)

Other business

  • Ltd.Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters(Toyohira Ward, Sapporo City)[13]
  • Ltd.Cerezo Osaka(Osaka Soccer Club Co., Ltd., former Sumiyoshi Ward, Osaka City)[14]
  • Marine FoodsCo., Ltd. (Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo)
  • Ltd.Treasure(Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo)
  • Co., Ltd. (Otoarai Town, Mitsui District, Fukuoka Prefecture)
  • Co., Ltd. (Yawata City, Kyoto Prefecture)
  • Nippon Ham Health CreateCo., Ltd. (Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo)
  • Co., Ltd. (Kita-ku, Osaka) insuranceServices, product sales, etc.)
  • Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo education/learning support, recruitment support, etc.)
  • Co., Ltd. (Kita-ku, Osaka City Information Management Business)
  • Co., Ltd. (Architectural design and equipment maintenance business centered on the Nippon Ham Group factories and stores in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo)


The following are not mentioned in the introduction of group companies on the Nippon Ham website.

  • Co., Ltd. (Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture)
  • Co., Ltd. (Hyogo Ward, Kobe City)
  • Ltd.

Overseas subsidiary

Arranged in the order of description of the Nippon Ham website and affiliated company items.


  • Limited
  • Limited
  • Limited
  • Limited
  • Limited
  • Limited
  • Ltd.
  • CO., LTD.
  • CO., LTD.
  • CO., LTD.
  • Ltd.
  • Ltd.


  • PTY. LTD.
  • PTY. LTD.
  • Ltd.
  • PTY. LTD.
  • Ltd.
  • PTY. LTD.


  • , LLC.
  • , LLC.
  • , Inc.
  • , Inc.
  • Ltd.


  • Ltd.

PR activities

Offer program


As you can see below, he was a regular provider of numerous TV shows.However, since the "beef camouflage case" of an affiliated company was discovered, it was often offered on a weekly basis or for a limited time. From April 2012, regular programs were resumed from "The! World Astonishment News" (NTV).The provided telop isNipponham GroupAs of July 2020, it is offered weekly, so basicallySpot CMcenter.


Other than this1996 4 month - 2000 It was broadcast until MarchNippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.Wide program "Enoki's spiritOffering 1 corner at "" → "Folk train" → "Music trainWe also provided a box program,2006 March ended the 3-year history.

CM appearance

In addition to actors, actresses, singers, and other entertainers, as well as anime characters, the players of their own Fighters also appear frequently.




Non-compliance-Corporate crime
  1. Beef production area camouflage case
    • August 2002, 7,BSEA related subsidy fraud case, "Beef production area camouflage caseWas discovered[3][4][5]..Take responsibility for the case and be the founder's familyKeiji TaishaThe president has been demoted to managing director.As a result, Nippon-HamFamily businessPut an end to.After that, the president of Taisha became the owner of Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters in 2005, and retired from the board of directors of Nippon-Ham in 2019.ConsultantAppointed to.
  2. Alteration of wastewater data
  3. Omission of income tax
    • 2007 ToOsaka National Taxation BureauIn the tax investigation conducted byincome taxIt is known that there was omission of the declaration.
    • 2011 In addition, a tax examination by the National Taxation Bureau pointed out that about 2 million yen was omitted from the tax report, and the additional tax was 7,900 million yen.[15].
    • In 2014 as well, it was 5 million yen that the tax bureau went over accounting for the construction of a factory in Japan at the stage where the construction was not completed, which is equivalent to income compression for disguising and concealing income. It was found that the omission of yen declaration (of which 7,600 million yen was intentionally hidden) was pointed out.[16].
  4. Replacing gift items
  5. Misrepresentation in gifts
    • The mainstay of the companyNakamotoRegarding products, a total of 9,254 packs of inner sausage products included were falsely labeled as "own farm" even though they were not manufactured by the farm.2014 After July of the same year, the company voluntarily recalled the corresponding Chuyuan products.[18].
  6. Shipping chilled processed foods that are underheated
    • The company said that about 3 packs of chilled processed foods that the company sells were not fully heated.2015 OctoberVoluntarily collected from[19].
  7. Inappropriate remarks by executive officers
    • 2017 OctoberAt the beginning of the company,Corporate OfficerOne of the staff at the airport lounge during an overseas business trip,AirlinesThe woman's airline contacted the company when she made an inappropriate statement to a female employee. On the spotToshikazu SuezawaThe president is also present, and President Suezawa is next2018 OctoberExecutive officer who resigned to[20][21].


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Related item

  • Tokushima Ramen --There was a factory of Tokushima ham, the predecessor of Nippon-Ham, and a large amount of cheap tonkotsu was supplied.

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