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⚾ | Hawk and Hiroshi Kaino will sign for 200 million yen, a decrease of 3600 million yen. "I want to praise you" after returning from right elbow surgery.

Photo Softbank Richard faced negotiations for renewal of contract [Photo: Representative photo]

Hawk and Hiroshi Kaino are signing for 200 million yen, a decrease of 3600 million yen. "I want to praise you" after returning from right elbow surgery.

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I changed to a pitching form with a smaller takeback in consideration of the burden on the elbow, but "I'm still crazy about pitching, but I think I can still grow.

Off is scheduled to hold a voluntary training in Miyazaki Prefecture with the guardian god's forest. Softbank pitcher Hiroshi Kaino will be based on PayPa on the 4th. → Continue reading


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PitchingWhat is (Toho)?baseball,soft ball Ofpitcher ballTheThrow(Pitching) method.Pitching formAlso called[1].

Baseball overview

A baseball pitcher swings his hand with the ball to the back and bends his arm from there to throw. This series of actions is classified into the following four types depending on the angle of the arm when throwing.[1].

  • Overthrow -A pitching method in which the release point at the time of pitching is above the shoulder, and the ball is thrown down from an angle of the arm that is close to the ground.
  • Three Quarter -A pitching method that throws from an angle between the mid-throw and the side throw. *In the United States, it is often over-thrown.
  • Side throw※Japanglish. It is a sidearm in English. -A pitching method in which the angle of the arm at the time of pitching is horizontal to the ground or close to horizontal.
  • Underslow※Japanglish. It is submarine in English. -A pitching method in which the angle of the arm at the time of pitching is less than horizontal with respect to the ground.

Also, to prevent the runner's stealing, the pitching motion is completed quickly only when the runner is on the base.Quick motionSome pitchers have adopted the pitching method.

As an irregular pitching method other than the above, major leagueCarter capsWas throwing a further step with the foot when throwing,2017 By the rule revision ofIllegal pitchingCame to be considered[2].

Release the ball over your back in the middle of the pitching motionThrow backIt is,(English edition ALL STAR SERIES in November 1955And March 1956Major league baseballIn the open battle[3],Kentaro OgawaIn June 1969Japanese professional baseballIn the official game of[3], Have been used respectively.

Back throwIllegal pitchingOpinions are divided on whether or not this is the case, and at the time of Tommy Burn, the major league umpires expressed a unified view that it was an illegal pitch.[3]At the time of Kentaro Ogawa, the rules committee of Nippon Professional BaseballIllegal pitchingCertified as a regular pitch[3].

Overview of softball

Softball pitchers are different from baseball pitchers in that they pitch downward from an angle perpendicular to the ground. Therefore, not the angle of the arm but the trajectory drawn by the pitcher's arm at the time of pitching is classified as follows.

Name of unique pitching form

The unique pitching form is often nicknamed “◯◯ pitching”.

  • Chouji Murata: Masakari casting method
  • Hideo Nomo : Tornado Throw
  • Murayama MinoruThe pitching method was called "Zatopek pitching", which is a long-distance runner whose Murayama pitching style was known as "human locomotive".Emile ZatopekIt is a name that is named to reminiscent of the running style of, and is used in a different meaning from the "throwing method" here.


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