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⚽ | Yoshito Okubo, who finished the J last match, "what he wants to tell" to his juniors in the remaining time


Yoshito Okubo who finished the J last match, "what I want to tell" to juniors in the remaining time

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Cerezo Osaka, which Okubo holds, will face the Emperor's Cup semi-final with Urawa Reds on the 12th.

Cerezo Osaka forward Yoshito Okubo has announced his retirement from active duty this season. Meiji Yasuda Life J4 league best on the 1th ... → Continue reading


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Urawa Red Diamonds

Urawa Red Diamonds(Urawa Red Diamonds,British: Urawa Red Diamonds) IsJapan OfSaitamaSaitamaHometown,J Leagueclub.The name isUrawa Reds(Urawa Reds).


Mitsubishi Motors soccer team(1950 At the soccer club whose predecessor was Wound1991 10 teams that joined the J League (Original 10)one of.home town TheSaitamaSaitama(OldUrawa). Home stadiumSaitama Stadium 2002[1]Urawa Komaba Stadium[1], Practice groundOhara Soccer FieldIs[1].. The team name is "diamond"The highest brilliance of the[1], The club color "red"[1] It is a combination of. The Mitsubishi Group and its predecessor sports teams often bear the diamond symbol, the Mitsubishi company emblem.

Three major titles in Japan(J1 league,J League Cup,Emperor's Cup JFA All Japan Soccer Championship) Is the first club in the J League clubAFC Champions LeagueIs a club that has won multiple times in[Note 1].. In terms of audience mobilization and operating revenue, it has continued to maintain the highest record among J-League affiliated clubs for many years (This itemchecking).

Operating company

The operating company isUrawa Red Diamonds Co., Ltd.". Headquartered in Saitama Stadium 2002, Midori Ward, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture.

Mitsubishi Motors(Mitsubishi Motors Co., Ltd.) was established with a wholly-owned investment.Mitsubishi Motors Football Club Co., Ltd.)).1996 At the time of capital increaseSaitamaAnd received an investment from Urawa City. Furthermore, in 2000, 27 companies including several companies in Saitama prefecture and other companies in the Mitsubishi group[Note 2]Mitsubishi Motors continued to be the largest shareholder, holding a majority stake (50.625%).

However2016 , Mitsubishi MotorsFuel economy test fraud problemWhen rebuilding from business difficulties caused byNissan Motor(Nissan) became the single largest shareholder holding 34% of the shares, so Nissan holds about 75% of the shares.Yokohama F. MarinosBetween the J.League club and the parent company of another club are prohibited from holding shares of the parent company of another club.[Note 3]The possibility of conflicting with[7].. about this,J League Chairman OfMurai MitsuruAfter the extraordinary board meeting in June 2016Club license grant first instance (Reds is a subsidiary of Nissan and MitsubishiRelated CompaniesThe J-League side cannot certify it to certify (the above is applicable)", and expressed the view that "currently there is a high possibility that it will conflict with the J-League regulations".[8].

As a result of considering the transfer of shares by Mitsubishi Motors and the club, on October 2016, 10, Mitsubishi MotorsMitsubishi Heavy IndustriesJointly invested withHolding company"Diamond FC PartnersLtd.Announced to transfer all shares of the club to the company[9].. As a result, the indirect investment ratio of Mitsubishi Motors became 19.8% and solved the problem.[10].

Of 2017 million yen in January 1Third-party allotment15 new companies[Note 4]Became a shareholder and the number of shareholders was 43 companies and 2 groups.[3].. Diamond FC Partners also underwrote the capital increase (410 shares), and the company still holds a majority stake.

Club management status

The following points can be cited as the background for raising the operating income of the J League top.

  • 1996年-1999年、2001年-2002年、2006年以降と過去に18シーズンでJリーグ観客動員1位を記録。2007年はナビスコ杯4試合、ACL6試合とカップ戦を含めた年間観客動員数がJリーグクラブでは初めて100万人を突破し、2008年はリーグ戦でJリーグ史上最高となる809,353人を動員した。2012年8月4日FC TokyoMobilized 1000 million people in the match.
  • The mobilization unit price per person is about 1 yen (Niigata: about 2,900 yen), which is a relatively high level. This is because there are very few visitors with invitation tickets (1,700% in the same year).[12]), even though the discount rate is less than 10%, the season tickets (including about 2 tickets from Saitama Stadium) are sold out, so that they bring high stability to secure entrance fee income. Is mentioned.
  • uniformSupplier is1993 から1996 League game[Note 5] AtMizuno, And1997 In the leagueUMBROThe past is consistent exceptPumaWas,2004 からNikeHas an exclusive supply contract,2007 It is reported that the contract will be renewed to 4 billion yen in four years.

Contribution to the community

  • In addition to strengthening the team, the operating revenue is allocated to the financial resources for business operations, enabling high-level contributions to the region, including capital investment (reference: business operation costs of 33 million yen in the same year). In 200, it cost 2004 million yen to build a new clubhouse. A supporters cafe was set up on the second floor, and a practice tour stand with 4 seats was set up on the front of the first floor. The club donated this to Saitama City as an exchange base centered on local fans. In addition, as a popularization project for youth soccer, we have opened a variety of soccer classes, and used part of the club top team's winning prize money in the form of equipment to support local kindergartens, elementary and junior high schools.Special schoolWe are developing unique methods for regional returns, such as donating to Regarding women's soccer in February 2005,Japan Women's Soccer League OfSaitama Reinus FCIntegrated,Urawa Reds LadiesEstablished. It contributes to the spread and enhancement of women's soccer by providing a practice field for amateur teams and opening the road to professional players for professional contracts.
  • SaitamaBrought by Urawa RedsEconomic ripple effect [2] Is 127 billion yen per year(2006 base)[13].. Of which, the direct effect was club expenditure of 68 million yen.Supporterの交通費・飲食代21億25百万円の合計89億80百万円となり、一次波及効果は16億74百万円、二次波及効果が20億65百万円で、経済波及効果の合計は127億19百万円と算出されている [3].. For thisSKY PerfecTV!(SKY PerfecTV! Premium ServiceIncluding),Cable TVEtc.J LeagueIt does not include the increase in viewing of pay broadcasts, the effect of promoting the purchase of large-screen TVs, etc., and the increase in consumption due to the rising popularity of soccer locally.
  • One of the distinctive businesses is the operation of "" mainly for kindergarten children and elementary school students. The club, which started in 2003,Hiroshi OchiaiServed as captain and coachKoichi Sugiyama,Masaki Dobashi,Katsuyuki MiyazawaTotal 8 people. In addition to the weekly soccer school, we also conduct local kindergartens (Reds Kids Soccer), elementary school class support, junior high school soccer club activity support, etc., and also provide soccer fields to people with disabilities to contribute to the local community. Is put. In 2006, about 36000 children were collected, reaching a total of 10. Urawa Reds does not have an elementary school team that emphasizes competitiveness because it does not emphasize technique improvement for children under junior high school and has a policy of promoting fun and communication in soccer.
  • J League Centennial PlanAs a part of theTokyo University of AgricultureSoccer field (on the ground)Natural grass2 sidesArtificial grassOne surface),FutsalPlace (Artificial grassOne surface),TennisPlace (9 faces including all weather type),baseballPlace (Natural grassOne surface),rugbyPlace (Natural grassOne surface),Cyclingcourse,CampWe have prepared a place and, in addition to the club house mentioned above,RedslandAs open to the public. Futsal classrooms and youth soccer classrooms taught by Urawa Reds players who have retiredKimiko DateWe are also working on the promotion of lifelong sports by opening tennis classes and other events produced by. By avoiding public funds that are often criticized during maintenance and construction as much as possible, a free design that meets such user needs has been realized. Adjacent to indoor sports in April 2006Urawa West Gymnasium OfDesignated administratorBecame. The club aims to be a comprehensive European sports club rooted in the community.
  • In addition, in order to support the reconstruction of the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 2011, 3, we are working on the “Great East Japan Earthquake Support Project” and are striving to care for the mental health of children through soccer.

International Exchange

  • 2007 sponsored by Asian Football FederationAFC Champions League 2007Since becoming a Japanese representative club in (ACL), it has set the goal of "aiming to be a strong club that conquers Asia and compete with the world". ACL's home games tend to be held at small stadiums on Wednesday, when the regular qualifying league is held, due to the low customer draw rate. Held.[14] All games after passing the qualifying were held at Saitama Stadium. At the time of ACL's overseas expedition, the “Heartful Club” activities were also conducted at the expedition site to promote international exchange and football at the grassroots level. In 2008, during the ACL final of the previous year, we held a preliminary training camp in UAE in Dubai, and carried out the first “Heartful Club” activity in the Middle East.
  • RegularlySaitama City CupHeld and are playing against overseas club teams.
  • In 2006, he was nominated for the "Kings of Clubs" program by the British television program production company IMG London, which featured 10 world-class clubs. In the same program,real Madrid(Spain),Chelsea FC(England),AC Milan(Italy),Boca Juniors(Argentine) And 12 other clubs worldwide have been nominated and 10 of them will be introduced as "Top 10". "Mr. Urawa's name recognition is high in Europe," said Gail Farmer, a producer at IMG London. The program was broadcast in 2007 countries around the world, including Japan, from March 3.
  • In 2014, she was ranked 2013th in the 14 Choreography Top 10 of the 7-XNUMX season in La Grintà.[15].
  • 2017 years,Suruga Bank Championship 2017Associason Chapecoense The Fuchibo(Brazil), we held a donation fund-raising activity (total donation: 4,246,634 yen) at home games venues of top teams and ladies' teams in hopes of reconstruction of the club. Furthermore, Urawa Reds supporters participated in the fund-raising activities and also wrote "Let's meet again on the world stage, friends!" in Portuguese immediately after the match because of the desire to "help us as a soccer lover". Along with the banner, a green visual sheet filled the stand behind the goal. The visual sheet used at that time was presented to Associason Chapecoense The Fuchibow with the transportation support of DHL Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President: Taketo Yamakawa) who agreed with the purpose of the plan.[16]. Also,AFC Champions League 2017When Urawa won theTwitterSent a blessing message in[17].
  • In 2017, "5 clubs with the most hardcore fans" by American "Fox Sports",CA Liber Plate(Argentina),Galatasaray SK(Turkey),Liverpool FC(England),FC BarcelonaSelected alongside (Spain)[15].


Until the launch of Urawa Red Diamonds

Urawa City (then) was originallyJapan Soccer League(JSL) Part 1Honda Motor Co. Soccer ClubAttract[18],Honda Motor Co. Sayama Soccer ClubI was planning to create a new soccer club that was integrated with. However, because the headquarters of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced that they would not participate in the J League,NTT Kanto Soccer Club(CurrentOmiya Ardija) Was refused because of not participating in the J. League.SaitamaWas the chairman of the Pro League Exploratory Committee at the time because there was no other soccer club of a large company that belonged to JSL and could expect great financial cooperation.Kawabuchi SaburoWhen I consulted withMitsubishi Motors OfKoji MoriWas introduced. Mori was devoting himself to professionalizing the soccer club at Mitsubishi Motors[19][20][21].

Mitsubishi Motors is the center of the soccer club's activities,Mitsubishi Yowa SCIs locatedTokyoIt was planned to be based inNational Stadium Kasumigaoka Athletics StadiumThat we have launched a policy not to certify as a home stadium,Edogawa Athletic StadiumSince it was difficult to increase the number of seats and to secure a practice area near the stadium, the requirements for joining the J. League were not met, and the alternative candidate site was hurried.Fujita(CurrentShonan Bellmare) Was using the Ogami practice areaKanagawaHiratsukaIt was the initial center of activity of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Soccer ClubHyogoKobe CityThey also negotiated with each other, but none of them reached the point of obtaining satisfactory cooperation from the local government.

The ties that have arisen from the circumstances of both Urawa and Mitsubishi Motors have been well negotiated based on the agreement of the visions of both parties to create a solid team, and the Urawa Reds were born without waiting time.[20][21].. In 1991, Urawa Reds had 10 groups participating in the J League (Original 10) Was elected.

1990 era


  • 1992 -Held before the opening of the J LeagueNabisco CupParticipated in and won the qualifying league with 5 wins and 4 losses, but failed to advance to the final tournament by the top 5 clubs in 4th place in qualifying. Also in the same yearEmperor's cupAdvanced to the best four.
  • 1993 Both stages of1994 Of the 1st stage (Suntory series) and the lowest for the third consecutive year, and the yearly ranking is also the lowest for the second consecutive year. In the 3 season, both teams (Suntory series:Kashima Antlers, Nicos series:V Kawasaki) Was decided in front of me. After the 1993 season, the directorKoji MoriIn addition to saying "I lost for three years", the color of the second uniform for league games in 3 and 1993 was light blue, but in the game using this uniform, I can win one victory in two years. could not.
  • There was also a question mark in the reinforcement policy at that time. Center forwardVictor Hugo FerreiraWas fired in four games and was expected to be the cornerstone of the attackUwe LearnBeing converted to a center back without any results was a symbol of the club's straying. Also, to strengthen defense, GKMiroMiro was successful as a GK, but the important DF was not reinforced, so the third game playedNagoya GrampusAfter losing to the battle and losing three consecutive losses, he commented to the press that "the next (the one I will be in) will be the last (the match)" and "I want to go home", and as a result, foreigners were at this time. The player was activeMichael RunmenigeWas only. However, from the second stage in 1994Guido Buchwald,Uwe VineWhen he joined, he gradually showed signs of improvement.
  • After the 1994st stage Suntory series in June 6, the Komaba Athletic Stadium has a capacity of less than 1 people of the J League standard (at that time accommodating about 15000 people), and extension/renovation in the form of receiving J League recommendations Decided to do so and temporarily closed. After the 1nd stage NICOS series, home games are held at the Omiya soccer field (also at that time with a capacity of 2 people and outside the J.League standard).
  • November 1994, 11 19nd stage, the last section of the NICOS seriesYokohama MarinosThe battle was due to the renovation work on the Komaba Athletics Stadium and all being refused by the stadium in the Kanto area with a capacity of over 15,000.Toyama Sports Park Athletic FieldHeld in.


  • 1995 Was appointed toGermandirected byHolger OjekMake a break under. Yuan who joined last yearGermany national teamThe defense was stabilized by the success of DF Buchwald of, and became the 1995rd place in the 1st stage (Suntory series) of 3. In this year, he has been a core member of the company since its founding, and is nicknamed "Mr. Reds".Masahiro FukudaBecame the first Japanese J League scorer.
    • In the same year, the Suntory series continued to host a match at Omiya, but the expansion of Komaba Stadium was completed in August when the NICOS series began, and it returned to its home base.
  • After that, it often stays in the middle position. In the background of this, there was a decrease in reinforcement funds due to the poor management of Mitsubishi Motors.
  • It was the whole season1996 Took the lead in Section 22, but won the mid-game in the middle of the season, when expectations for victory increased, and he did not reach the stars and ended in 6th place.
  • 1997 To change to aggressive football as new coachHorst keppelWas invited, but withdrew in just one year without any content. After the season, Buchwald resigned and transferred.
  • 1998 Mitsubishi OBHiromi HaraNew director under supervisionShinji Ono,Zelico PetrovichAnd was in 2rd place on the 3nd stage.


2000 era



  • We tried to change the route from European style football to Brazilian style football until then, but there is no strong connection in Brazil,CITTAWas acquired with the intention ofAdrianoDid not work at all. Shinji Ono after the 1st stage Netherlands OfFeyenoordTransferred to, in SeptemberMasayuki Okano KobeTransfer to the deadline.Kawasaki FからEmersonWas won. The 2nd stage did not show good results, and managed to achieve the remaining J2 due to 3 wins and 5 minutes in the final stage and 1 consecutive undefeated games.
  • May 10ToSaitama Stadium 2002AtDrop OfYokohama FMThe fight was held, and the audience mobilization was 60,553 people, which was the J.League record at the time, and the first league match was 6. Saitama Stadium is2002 UntilW cupThe number of games was limited due to lawn management in preparation for the event,2003 Was registered as a home stadium with Komaba Stadium.


  • Mori KoujiGMReturn as and make positive reinforcement[22][23][24].. Former Japanese coachHans OftDirector, formerHiroshimaDirector'sBim JanssenBecame a coach and returned to Europe again. In the 2nd stage, he was undefeated with 9 wins and 8 minute until the 1th round, but after that, he lost 6 consecutive losses and sank to 8th place. Also, at the Nabisco Cup in the finalKashimaAlthough he lost to the second place and finished in the second place, he played for the first time after the club was established. In addition, we have supported the times of hardship for many yearsMasahiro FukudaOf the former captain of JapanMasami IharaRetired.
  • Koji Mori Under the initiative of GM, we have started reforming the youth and junior youth that have been operating from an educational perspective. It relaunched as a subordinate organization for training professionals, and in 2003, the Heartful Club was established in XNUMX with the purpose of nurturing the fun and heart of football.


Team slogan:GO ON SAILING
  • In November, he played Kashima again in the Nabisco Cup final. Although the game was played in heavy rain, he won the first title at the same time he played the insult of the previous year with a 11-4 win.
  • In the J1 league, he had the chance to take the lead in the 2th stage of the 12nd stage and win the second title, but FW Emerson's suspension of the event sounded two consecutive losses and missed the stage victory again. It should be noted that Outoto retired as director in this year.
  • Appointed president last yearInukai MotoakiHowever, it was also the first year of working on strong player reinforcement, clubhouse remodeling, and breaking away from parent company-dependent management. Against the backdrop of creating an attractive team, the expansion of the use of Saitama Stadium 2002 began in this year.
  • He rubbed a lot about Ohto's policy of trying to strengthen the team over three years and Inukai's request for results early. As a result, Ofut was dismissed after the season ended.


  • ShimizuからSanto Lord AlessandroEarned,Masayuki Okano KobeReturn more.
  • Urawa OBGuido BuchwaldBecame director and head coachGerd EngelsWelcome. Nabisco Cup in the finalFC TokyoAlthough he was defeated by, he made a good run in the lead in the second stage. In the match on November 2th, Nagoya lost 11-20, but G Osaka lost 1-2 to Yokohama F. Marinos, leaving them two games and deciding on the long-awaited stage victory in the local Komaba area. This year will be the last because of the season systemSuntory championshipI won the right to participate. The 37 points in the stage were the J League's most points in the 15-game stage.
  • In this match held at Komaba, the "largest confetti operation in history" was developed in which 290 years of newspaper (about 20 tons) of confetti was scattered before the match started.
  • At the Suntory Championship held on December 12th and 5th, the first round lost to Yokohama 12-1 but the second roundア レ ッ ク スFK won 1-0 and entered extra time. It was an unfortunate defeat that wasn't settled even in the extension and entangled until the PK match. Although he missed his first annual victory, he was ranked first for the first time in the league league annual overall results including the 1st and 2nd stages.
  • The club began to develop goods while the admission revenue was expanding to nearly 19 billion yen and 5800 billion yen. Goods sales jumped from 20 million yen in 2002 to 4 million yen, 4100 times, partly due to the first stage winning effect.


Team slogan:Fast, violent, without keren ~ TAKE OFF TOGETHER NOW! ~
  • Just before the openingKoji YamaseMoved to Yokohama FM, Emerson in the Qatar League in the first half of the seasonAl SaddCompletely transferred to, the league match was only 8 win (1 minutes 4 losses) in the first 3 games, the lowest rank was tasted, and the start dash failed. Still from the middle MFRobson ponteOr YuanCroatia national teamFWMaritchTo reinforceLast sectionIn addition to participating in the battle for the championship, he won second place for the second year in a row with 1 points, which is one difference from the winning G Osaka. The score is 59 points, next to G Osaka with 2 points. Furthermore, I returned from rehabilitationKeisuke TsuboiWas selected as J.League Best Eleven for 2 consecutive yearsFighting kingAnd the season was at its peakHideki UchidateFast growingHorinouchi KiyoshiFrom these achievements, the league's minimum goal was 37 goals, and it was a good content from the difficult battle of the first half. The Emperor's Cup has won the first victory (5th time in 6 years including the predecessor Mitsubishi Heavy Industries era) due to the fact that Maritch scored 25 goals in 5 games and scored in all games.2007 OfAFC Champions LeagueI won the right to participate. In addition, in this year, he won the Philips Writing International 7-Player Soccer Tournament.
  • In February 2005, a women's team based on Saitama Reinas FCUrawa Red Diamonds LadiesWas launched. July,RedslandWas temporarily opened.
  • Since 2005, the contract with Mitsubishi Motors to compensate for the loss compensation has been terminated. A capital increase plan was announced to strengthen ties with the region, but as of April 2009, it was released that there is no plan to increase capital.[25].


Team slogan:RAISE YOUR SPIRITS!-Fast, fierce, and crazy-
  • Tokyo VFW that contract has expiredWashingtonAnd MFTakato SomaWith a complete transfer,C OsakaTo FWMuroaki KurobeThe2007 May 1It was acquired by a transfer with a deadline (rental source is Kyoto), and Shinji Ono returned from Feyenoord for the first time in about five years since 2001.
  • FUJI XEROX SUPER CUP TheG Osaka3-1 and won the same title for the first time (3 times in the predecessor Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in the Super Cup). In addition, of home opening gameIwataFor the first time in the history of a club, winning the game has led to a victory in the league record. In May, he won the Philips Writing International 5-Soccer Tournament with all the wins, achieving the second consecutive title in a row.
  • The number of spectators in J1 sponsored games including the initial J League in the home opening game exceeded 500 million. this isJ LeagueFirst member club.
  • In the previous year, the failure of the start dash was a factor that missed the league title, but in this year, it continued to be strong from the opening and steadily accumulated points, and from the third round onwards, always keep within 3rd place, Furthermore, after winning 3 consecutive games from Section 22 and taking the lead in Section 6, he never gave up. 25nd place in the final sectionG OsakaIn a direct confrontation with the league title, unless it is defeated by 3 points or more, it is preempted under the absolutely superior condition of winningPonteAnd the tie goal ofWashingtonIt was the first time to win with 2-3 with the achievement of 2 goalsJ LeagueWin the championship[Note 6].. Urawa is the first J-League year champion of the J2 relegation experience team.
  • In the home game in the league game, 15 wins and 2 minutes, achieving the first undefeated season home game in J League history. In addition, the number of spectators in the final section that decided the championship was 62,241, which was the highest record in the J1 league game at that time.[Note 7].
  • In the final at the Emperor's CupG OsakaWas defeated 1-0 to achieve the first consecutive Emperor's Cup title after the opening of the J League. at the same timeJ LeagueHe won the championship and the Emperor's Cup, two crowns, and won the AFC Champions League title in 2. In addition, he contributed to the development of Reds as a player/managerBuchwaldRetired from the coach after this match.
  • In October, the activity of "ALL COME TOGETHER! The presidentMitsunori FujiguchiWas changed to.
  • After the end of the seasonSanto Lord Alessandro Austrian Bundesliga OfRed Bull SalzburgTransfer to the deadline.


Team slogan:Sing out Together Heartily
  • International Football FederationWas the technical manager ofOjekReturned to director for the first time in 11 seasons.
  • 千葉からYuki AbeIs acquired by full transfer.
  • Before the openingAustria OfSalzburgParticipated in. This is the localAustrian BundesligaBelongs toRed Bull SalzburgIt is an international competition with a strong event color sponsored byGermany OfBayern MunichAlso participated. The 45-minute match is played in a round-robin 3 match format, and the reds areSalzburgTo 1-3,BayernWas defeated by 0-3.
  • FUJI XEROX SUPER CUPIs defeated by G Osaka.May 3Of the J2 championship in the previous year in the opening game ofYokohama FCIt won 2-1 and won the opening game for the first time since returning to J2001 in 1.
  • The Phillips Writing International 3-man soccer tournament in May, aiming for the third consecutive title, was eliminated in the quarterfinals.
  • First appearanceAFC Champions LeagueEntered the final tournament in the group first place. Of the previous champion in the quarterfinalsJeonbuk Hyundai( South Korea), in the semifinalsIchiwa Jonan( South Korea) And become the current tournament, the club will advance to the J Club's first final. In the finalSepahan((I.e.First win as a Japanese club with 1 win 1 minuteAFC Champions LeagueConquered[Note 8]..It is the first time in the history of the tournament that he won the championship from the group league to the final without losing.By winningFIFA Club World Cup 2007Has decided to participate in the Asian national team.
  • In the J.League, he was at the top of the list with a maximum points difference of 2 below 10nd place,ACLAfter winning the championship, he was struck by an overcrowded schedule and stalled. In the 33rd round, he lost to the direct confrontation with 2nd place Kashima and reached the final round with 1 point difference.In the final section where Tulio Tanaka had to be suspended, he was already demoted at the bottom.Yokohama FCAbe is on the left sideChiura MiuraAfter being shaken off, only 2 goals were scored before the matchShingo NejimeThis is the final point after being robbed of the goal. Kashima, who lost to 0-1 and had 1 point difference, won, so he missed the consecutive championship and finished in 2nd place.[Note 9].
  • Emperor's cupIn the first matchEhime FCLost toEmperor's cupHe didn't win the third consecutive title.
  • Club world cupThen in the quarterfinals (first match)SepahanTo win. The semifinalsAC Milan(Italy), but in the 3rd place matchEtoile Sahel(チュニジア) In a PK match[Note 10].
  • March 12ACLThe winning parade was planned,J LeagueIt was canceled due to the fact that he had missed consecutive wins. But,ACL,Club world cupThe breakthrough inJ LeagueBe the first in the clubJapan Professional Sports AwardWas awarded.


  • Off for the 2008 seasonBundesliga-FrankfurtからNaoyasu Takahara,OitaからTsukasa Umezaki,NiigataからEdmiwson,Red Bull SalzburgからSanto Lord AlessandroMade a comeback and made a large-scale reinforcement,Masahiro FukudaWill return to the team as a coach.
  • Although it was a season that I was prepared for, I was appointed as a coach after dismissing Ojek after losing consecutive games early in the opening season.Gerd EngelsWill be promoted to director. After the change of director, the center back rushed to the upper part due to a strange measure that the main job was to use Toriou under the top and returned to the top in the first half of the game, but gradually stalled, suffering a black star in J1 Section 33 against G Osaka. The possibility of winning the league disappears. The next dayNagoya SapporoAs a result, he lost the 4th place or less of the season and missed ACL participation for the third consecutive year.
  • ACL emerged from the quarterfinals[Note 11],Al cardissiya(クウェートIn the semifinals, he won two games with a total of 2-4, but in the semifinals he lost to G Osaka in two games with a total of 3-2 and did not win the ACL. In addition, it was confirmed that the season will be uncrowned for the first time in five years without being able to advance to the upper ranks in the Nabisco Cup or the Emperor's Cup, and Engels retired as director after the season.


Team slogan:Devotion to URAWA
  • To the directorVolker FinkeIs appointed. The defense line was changed from 3 backs to 4 backs, and the transition from reaction soccer to possession soccer was attempted. Also, as a new team managerYokohama FCDirector'sKenji ShindoThe appointment of the team director (TD) has been announced.
  • Hideki UchidateRetired,Masayuki Okano,Takato SomaLeft the group (then OkanoTSW PegasusTo SomaCS MaritimoJoin),Yuichiro NagaiMade a complete transfer to Shimizu, but returned from the rental transferTakafumi Akahoshi, College graduateHiroshi Noda, Promoted from youthGenki Haraguchi(Promotion to jumping grade),Naoki Yamada,Takahashi Saki,Mizuki Hamada,Takuya NagataAnd young players (Akaboshi isYamagataTo NodaOkayamaTransfer to rental during the season).
  • At a regular board meeting held in April, he was president since the middle of the 4 season.Mitsunori FujiguchiIn 2008Holger OjekHe took the responsibility of the poor performance of the club, which was triggered by the dismissal of the director, and retired from the president while leaving his term. To succeedMitsubishi MotorsFormer Managing DirectorHashimoto MitsuoWas appointed.
  • Actively hiring a young player who was promoted from youth, he maintained a good condition such as jumping to the first position at the beginning and returned to the second place after Kashima in the first half. However, in Oita, which had lost 2 consecutive league games in July, lost 7-14, and suffered a large stall, including 0 official losses until the victory in Yamagata in September, and then picked up. However, in the end, the league match finished in 1th place.
  • The Emperor's Cup is the second round of the Nagano representativeMasaru Matsumoto FCLost to.

2010 era


Team slogan:KEEP REDS ON!


  • Urawa OB to the directorZelico Petrovich [27]To the coachAdorie bohersWere appointed respectively. Director Petrovich hoped for Bohsell's appointment[28].
  • Robson ponteLeft the group,Takuya NagataIs a rental transfer,Yusuke HayashiIs a complete transferKusatsuWas transferred to Kusatsu in the previous yearNishizawa Daishiya Tochigi SCWas transferred to Tochigi SC for a limited timeHashimoto Masato V. Farren NagasakiComplete transfer to,Hosokai Moe Bundesliga Part 1 OfBayer LeverkusenComplete transfer to (thenBundesliga Part 2 OfFC AugsburgRental transfer to),SanuIs due to the expiration of the rental transfer period1. FC CologneReturned to. I was transferred to Shonan for a limited timeRyuta TsuzukiDid not renew the contract[29]Tsuzuki announced retirement on January 1[30].. The retirement ceremonyMay 8Was planned[31],May 8Postponed to[32].
  • Reinforcement from NiigataMarcio Richardson,Mitsuru Nagata,TokushimaからHayao AoyamaEarned,Sao Paulo FCからMazolaEarned for a limited time,Shunsuke Tsutsumi,Hiroshi NodaReturned from the rental transfer, it was a rental transferSpiranovicWas completely transferred.
  • May 6EdmiwsonAl GharafaComplete transfer to[33],May 7Tsutsumi transferred to Tochigi SC for a limited time[34][35] However,May 7ToDespotovichJoined[36].
  • Although we made a major reinforcement aiming to win the title, this year it was sluggish enough to fall into the relegation range from the beginning,May 9Club announces termination of contract with General Manager Yasutani and appointment of Morihiko Yamamichi[37].. Furthermore, in Section 29, I lost to Omiya and dropped to the relegation zone,May 10Director Petrovich and Bohers Coach dismissed[38]Of youthTakashi HoriHowever, the coach is a youth coachKenichi AmanoWere appointed respectively[39].Ventforet KofuAfter the fight for the remaining with, the 15th place was decided in the final section and decided to stay. It is the first time in six years since the 10 season that no player who scored more than 2005 points in the league game appeared.
  • On the other hand, the Nabisco Cup made a good start from the first round and advanced to the final after seven years.[Note 12], Defeated in the final race at the end of the extra time, Kashima, and finished second. Despotovich, who scored four points, became the top scorer in the tournament.
  • As before, the two registration bases are Saitama Stadium and Komaba Stadium, but Komaba is not used for truck repair work, and home games were held in all games (both league and Nabisco Cup) in Saitama. The reason why games are not organized throughout the year in Komaba1992 J League CupExcept for, it is the first time since the establishment of J League.


Team slogan:REDS 020th We stand beside you forever always
  • To the directorHiroshimaFormer directorMikhail PetrovichIs appointed. Hori became the coach of the top team. Interpreter for Petrovic during the Hiroshima eraDaisuke SugiuraBecame the coach.[40] Coached last seasonOsamu HiroseRetired from the top team coach and became the youth team coach.
  • MazolaHad completed the rental transfer period and had transferred to Tochigi SCShunsuke Tsutsumi FukuokaWhat,Hiroyuki Takasaki KofuWhat,Horinouchi Kiyoshi Yokohama FCCompletely transferred toKazuki Hara 京都What,Hayao Aoyama TokushimaTransfer to rental.KusatsuHave transferred toTakuya NagataThe transfer period of was also extended. Further in the middle of the seasonSpiranovic Qatar OfAl Arabi DohaCompletely transferred toTakahashi Saki 千葉,Escudero Sergio[Note 13] K League OfFC SeoulTransferred to each rental.
  • As a new playerBundesliga-1. FC CologneWas playing under Petrovic during the Hiroshima eraTomoaki MakinoWith a rental transfer,KobeからPopo,Lester City FCFrom Moto UrawaYuki AbeIs acquired by full transfer.
  • On May 5, the name of the operating company was changed to "Mitsubishi Motors Football Club Co., Ltd.From "Urawa Red Diamonds Co., Ltd.Was renamed to[41].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Saitama City Komaba Stadium OfNaming rights(The stadium name is "Urawa Komaba Stadium".Auxiliary stadium <ball game only>Will be changed to "Urawa Reds Heartful Field Komaba"). This is the first time that the J League club has acquired the stadium naming rights.
  • Although the opening match was lost to Hiroshima, in the first half of the year, in contrast to the previous year, points were steadily accumulated, and the team returned to 8rd place with 6 points, 3 minutes, and 30 losses, and 3 points. After that, it was noticeable that he lost to Sapporo immediately after the J2 relegation was decided and G Osaka which was in the lower rank, but he won Nagoya in the final race and finished the season in 3rd place, 2008 years since the 5 season. For the first time, he won the ACL participation right. The victory in the final section was the first time in six years since the 2006 season when the league championship was decided against G Osaka.
  • Held on August 8FC TokyoIn the battle, the total number of spectators at home games in the first league match in J League history exceeded 1000 million. Also, by winning the final round, the team has achieved a total of 7 wins in the J1 league game, which is the seventh team.


  • Petrovic system second year.
  • Tatsuya Tanaka NiigataWhat,Popo KobeComplete transfer to. Also, during the transfer with a deadlineKazuki Hara,Escudero Sergio[Note 13],Hayao AoyamaIs transferred as is. Also,Mizuki Hamada NiigataTransfer to the deadline (until January 2014, 1) to千葉Have been transferred toTakahashi SakiHas been extended until January 2014, 1.
  • In the previous year1. FC CologneJoined by rental fromTomoaki MakinoBecame a complete transfer,HiroshimaからRyota Moriwaki,SendaiからSekiguchi Kunimitsu,KashimaからShinzo Korogi,oakからDaisuke NasuEach with a complete transfer.Meiji UniversityからToyofumi SakanoJoined. Also,KusatsuWas transferred to with a deadlineTakuya NagataHas returned.
  • In the opening round, he won the champion of the previous year, Hiroshima, and stopped the consecutive losses of the opening round that continued from 2008Opening game victory in away gamesAchieved. After that, the opening 6 games remained unbeaten and remained strong from the beginning,Confederations CupBy the time the league game is suspended byYokohama FMHe was running alone with 27 points and 2nd place, which was higher than the goal difference.Omiyaと勝点差5の状態だった。前半戦最終2戦でリーグ戦2度目の連敗を喫し9勝4分4敗で勝点31の4位で折り返す。第19節終了時に3位に再浮上して以降、終盤まで3位と2位を行き来するかたちで、第22節広島、第24、31各節Yokohama FMAlthough they were involved in the race for the championship, with a close to 3 point difference up to 1 times in the top position, they all showed the weakness of the game by losing in the next match and widening the gap again. In verse 33TosuThe possibility of winning disappears when you lose toC OsakaWas defeated 2-5 in the same season, losing the first 3 consecutive games in the same season league league match, and retreating to 4th place with no final 6 round victory,ACLI missed the right to participate.Shinzo Korogi,Yousuke Kashiwagi,Genki HaraguchiWhile the attack team centered on 1 top 2 shadow of 1st place showed the ability to score 66 points in the league 3st place, Moriwaki and Makino who are located in the side back among 5 backs of variable formation actively participated in the attack Because of the weak counter measures, the defense team exposed 16 points in 12 games in the final game, showing 56 points and fragility of the XNUMXth tie in the league, and the unbalanced balance of offense and defense cannot be won. It caused many games and became a factor that stalled.
  • It was the first time in 5 years that the weakness of the game was revealed in the cup game as well as the league game.ACL2013Then, the record was 3 wins, 1 draw, 2 losses, 10 points, butJeonbuk Hyundai (Korea)Lost in the group league because the result of the direct confrontation with was less than 1 minute 1 loss.Emperor's cupThen, as a result of preserving the main power, in the third roundYamagataLost toNabisco CupHas reached the fifth final for the first time in two yearsoakWith a 0-1 loss to the runners-up, the domestic triple crown was within range but ended up without a crown.
  • Home held on May 5thKashimaThe battle is commemorating the 20th anniversary of the opening of the J League, which was just around the corner.J League 20th Anniversary MatchWas held as[Note 14].
  • In the game of Albirex Niigata on March 3,Marcio RichardsonScored 1 goals for the J1000 team. Also, on October 10oakIn battleNobuhisa Yamada J LeagueAchieved 500 games in total.


Team slogan:REDS-FULL of LIFE!
  • There was some confusion due to the aforementioned troubles at the beginning of the game, and although I was slightly stumped by losing 5 at the time of digesting 2 games, after that I was in good shape with strong defense as a new record for the club for 4 consecutive games For the first time in the Petrovich regime2014 FIFA World CupThe suspension period has been reached. The record continued even after the suspension period, and on July 7, the J23 new record was reached, which was the seventh consecutive closing of the game.
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Genki HaraguchiOf Bundesliga, GermanyHertha BerlinComplete transfer to. June 6Norihiro Yamagishi OfYamagataWith a fixed transfer toNao Iwadate OfMitoHas announced that it will join the transfer with a deadline.
  • On October 10, he renewed his contract with Petrovic. As the director of Urawa Reds, it will be the fourth season, the longest in club history.
  • November 10, Section 22KofuDespite celebrating 1000 games in the J League's first official match in total, the number of spectators was 1, and for the first time since Saitama Stadium 9977 opened in 2002, the number of spectators in one game was 2001. Fell below.
  • The league game continued to be strong after the interruption, and temporarily stood at the top with 2 points and 7 points, but stalled at the end as in the previous year. Kojogi, who had 12 goals and score points at the time, was injured in the 30th match against Kashima, and if he won the 32nd match, he would win the championship.G OsakaEven though the direct confrontation with him was in a situation where it was very close to winning even if it was a draw, he tried to win and decided to win and lost with two goals in the final stage. Not only that, even though Petrovich was injured in the battle against Kashima, using Korogi as the third replacement made the right fibula fracture worse. The second half of the 2rd Tosu battle that followsAdditional timeParticipated in the last playHisashi AkiraScored the same goal and broke the pain and handed over to G Osaka. Last sectionNagoyaIn the match, Makino's goal was the goal at the beginning of the matchYusuke MutaIt is pushed to and is caught up with the same score. Then, when Suzuki, who had just returned from the arrhythmia, was thrown into the third replacement frame, from the counter due to Suzuki's pass mistake on his own.Kensuke NagaiWas defeated by the final bullet. G Osaka has already decided to be the lowest J2 relegationTokushimaNishikawa set the record for the number of G1 J16 closed games to 93 in spite of the drawV Kawasaki OfShinkichi Kikuchi,Year 09FC Tokyo OfShuichi GondaThe record was 15), and after 2007, when Kai was vacant and conquered ACL, he was defeated and won the victory.
  • Yamazaki Nabisco CupHas passed the top of the group league but has drawn two draws with Hiroshima in the quarterfinals.Away goalLost by the rules.Emperor's cupIn the third roundGunmaHe lost to 2-1 and lost to J2 after Yamagata in the previous year.
  • On December 12, G Osaka won the Emperor's Cup,FUJI XEROX SUPER CUP 2015Participation is decided by moving up to.


Team slogan:WE BELIEVE in REDS
  • Petrovic system second year.
  • Keisuke Tsuboi ShonanToJundai Kato OmiyaComplete transfer toNaoki Yamada ShonanToToyofumi Sakano TochigiTo eachTransfer with time limit,YamagataWas transferred to theNorihiro YamagishiWas completely transferred. Also,Sekiguchi Kunimitsu(afterwardsC OsakaTransfer to),Marcio RichardsonWas transferred to Fukuoka for a limited timeMasaya NozakiEach withdrew due to expiry of contract.
  • oakからHashimoto Kazu,SendaiからYuki Muto,ShimizuからToshiyuki TakagiFrom OmiyaZlatan,HiroshimaからNaoki Ishihara,FC TokyoからKenichi KagaJoined by full transfer,Hidehito Kojima TheTokushimaからTakuya Okamoto TheNagasakiReturn fromMitoTransferring from theNao IwadateExtended the transfer period.
  • IbusukiDuring the camp, he participated in the J League SKY PerfecTV!
  • In the 1st stage of the league match, after winning 3-1 against Shonan in the opening game, and steadily increasing the number of points without losing even after that, in the Kashiwa match on June 6, J3 new record 1 consecutive games Achieved undefeated. Then, in Section 14, he drew to Kobe and decided the first undefeated victory in history. The undefeated record lasted until 16th July, when he was defeated in the home game with Hiroshima on the 7rd stage of the 19nd stage.
  • On the other hand, it was the fourth appearanceAFC Champions League 2015Then in the first matchSuwon SamsungAfter losing 1-2 with a come-from-behind loss, he couldn't finish the game with three consecutive losses, losing the fifth round and losing the group league at the bottom.
  • In the 2nd stage, 9 wins, 4 losses and 4 draws were finally drawn, and Sanfrecce Hiroshima won 2 points, not 2 points in the annual result,ChampionshipWill be challenged from the semi-finals. The semi-final match against Gamba Osaka entered the extension with a score of 1-1, but lost 2 points in the latter half of the extension and lost 3-1, ending the season in 3rd place.
  • In the Nabisco Cup, in the quarterfinals,Niigataと対戦し、1回戦は0-5と大敗し、2回戦は3-0で勝利したものの、トータルスコアでは3-5で敗れ、2年連続ベスト8で敗退となった。
  • On the other hand, the Emperor's Cup steadily defeated the opponent and made it to the final for the first time in nine years, but after allowing the preemption in the final match against Gamba Osaka, he caught up with the goal of Korosu and returned the first half with 9-1. .. However, he was unable to win the championship for the first time in nine years, allowing 1-1 in the second half and losing.


Team slogan:Beating Heart Together!
  • Petrovic system second year.
  • Keita SuzukiRetired, Toyono Sakano, Rikiya MogiAtago, Shota SaitoMito, Takuya OkamotoShonanThe transfer period for Naoki Yamada and Shinya Yajima has been extended.
  • ShonanからKo Endo,FC AstanaからBlanco IlitchFrom KyotoYoshinari Komai, High school graduateRyotaro ItoEarned. Also1. FC CologneからKazuki NagasawaAt the same time千葉Has been announced for a timely transfer to. Iwate Nao, who had been transferred for a limited period of time, moved to full transfer.
  • May 6Fukushima Haruki OfTottori, August 7Hashimoto Kazu OfKobeHas been announced for a timely transfer to.
  • AFC Champions League 2016Then join Group H, the champion of the previous yearGuangzhou constant1 win 1 draw and 2 win 3 draw 1 loss advance to the final tournament in the group second place. In the first round of the final tournament, Takahagi, who belonged to Petrovich in the Hiroshima era, was inFC SeoulIn the 1st leg in Saitama CityUga ShintoyaScored 1-0 to win first, as captain in 2nd leg in SeoulAFC U-23 Championship 2016Endo who contributed to the victory was near his own penalty areaAdrianoMake a mistake that is robbed byDeyan DamiyanovichWas defeated by 90 minutes and became 0-1 at the end of 2 minutes and entered extra time. In the extra-time, Lee overwhelmed the two goals, but after entering the additional time, he was overtaken by the goal of Gaohan Han and two games totaled 2-3 and entered the PK game. In the PK match, he was 3-4 by the 4th player, but if he decided, the 3th Nishikawa who decided the best 9 advancement for the first time in 8 years failed and entered Sudden Death, the 5th Komai dropped out and lost 8-6. ..
  • On the 1st stage of the J League, he was running from the opening race, but on June 6thKashimaLost in the match, lost consecutively in the June 6 G Osaka match and fell from the top position. In addition, he lost three consecutive games in the Hiroshima match in Section 15 and missed the 17st stage victory.
  • May 8Achieved 2 home games in the J-League 7nd Stage Round 500 Shonan Battle.
  • May 9J1 2nd Stage Round 13HiroshimaIt was decided that he would be in the 3rd place in an annual ranking in the battle, and that he will participate in the championship for 2 consecutive years.
  • Seeded as an ACL pairJ League YBC Levan Cupではここ2年鬼門だった準々決勝で4日前のリーグ戦では1-2で敗れている神戸に敵地で1-2で競り勝つと第2戦は4-0の圧勝。準決勝でも第1戦で得意のTaste studioFor 12 years, I have not lost in the official gameFC Tokyo2-1 to win the come-from-behind victoryMay 10The second round was held at 2-3. The final for the first time in 1 yearsGamba OsakaIt was decided to welcome.After a fierce battle of 1-1 in the final match, he entered the penalty shootout without being able to settle in the extra time, all kickers decided the Reds, and Gamba was removed by Kureya for the first time in 5 years with 4-13.J League CupI won the championship.
  • May 11J1 2nd Stage Round 17Yokohama FMIt was drawn in the battle and was ranked 1st place (74 points)J League Championship FinalDecided to participate. In the championship, he played against Kashima, and in the 1st leg on the away side, Kouki invited the penalty and defended 1 point where Abe sank to win 1-0, and in the 2nd leg of the home, he was the first to win with Kouji's goal. Although leading 2, Ugagami's poor response to long balls[42] PartlyYume KanzakiReturned 1 point with a diving head and attacked at the counter in the 35th minute of the second halfYuma SuzukiMakino defeated him in the penalty area to give away the penalty, and again Kanazaki was awarded 1-2, and he missed the champion yearly due to the number of away goals.


Team slogan:Version upgrade in all
  • Petrovic system second year.
  • Yuuki Otani Niigata,Mitsuru Nagata Tokyo V,Kenichi Kaga YamagataComplete transfer to,Naoki Ishihara SendaiWith a fixed transfer,Rikiya MogiIs a transferee with a deadlineAtagoChanged from Yamagata to YamagataHashimoto Kazu Kobe,Toyofumi SakanoCompletely transferred to Yamagata,Shota SaitoThe transfer period with the deadline of is extended, in SeptemberRyotaro Ito MitoTransferred to a deadline.
  • 千葉からOnaiu Ado,NiigataからRafael Silva,ShonanからDaisuke Kikuchi,Yokohama FMからTetsuya EnomotoWith a complete transfer,FukuokaからTomo TamuraIs acquired by transfer with a deadline. furtherFukushima Haruki,Kazuki Nagasawa,Shinya YajimaReturned from the transfer with a deadline. In August to rebuild the fieldCS MaritimoからMauricioWas won.
  • J1 leagueIn the 6th match against Sendai, the club scored 7 points, the highest score ever, and won 7-0.
  • The team was in the lead with 8 wins, 6 draw and 1 loss at the end of Round 1 but was at the bottom of the league at the time of Round 9OmiyaSlumped from losing in Saitama Derby, and then Section 13Kawasaki F(I.e.[Note 15] After the defeat in the game, coach Petrovic developed from the next round of the 18th match against Niigata to the supporters who would leave the team if they could not win consecutive games. We won Kumamoto in the third round of the Emperor's Cup in Niigata, but continued Section 3C Osaka(I.e.[Note 16] Defeated, and in Section 19SapporoThe match was also defeated, the results after Section 9 were 3 wins, 1 draw and 8 losses, and the ranking was sluggish to 8th place, and on July 7, Petrovic and coach and interpreterDaisuke SugiuraDismissed[43], Successor of coachTakashi HoriBecame the director for the first time in about five and a half years since October 2011[44].
  • AFC Champions League 2017Then the group leagueShanghai Port,FC SeoulEven though they are in the same group, they have passed the lead with 4 wins and 2 losses. In round 16Jeju UnitedPlay against. A situation where at least 1 points are required to win the second game by dropping 0-2 in the first game[Note 17] , But he won 3-0 at the end of the extra time and survived. The quarterfinals Hori took office inKawasaki FPlay against. The first round was dropped by 1-1, and the first round was given in the second round, but after Koukogi's scoreKurumaya ShintaroTo leave and balanceKengo NakamuraAfter lowering the score, Zawatan, Rafael Silva, and Toshiyuki Takagi finished the game at 4-1 with the attack on Kawasaki, which had become a defense. The two races totaled 2-5, marking a historic great victory. Also played in the group league in the semi-finalsShanghai PortDefeated two races in a total of 2-2 and decided to advance to the final for the first time in 1 years.[45].. The final of Saudi ArabiaAl HilalPlay against. Two wins 2-2 in total, and in Japan in 1G Osaka It has been nine years since then, and the club has won the championship for the first time in ten years since 9.In addition, he achieved the first feat in the history of the tournament, winning all seven home games.Also, the moat is this seasonAFC Best Director of the Year AwardWas chosen by.
  • だが、2007年の優勝とは違い、2年連続で出場する為には最低でも4位に入らなければならないJリーグでは、監督交代後は守備に重きを置き競争力を取り戻したものの、8月は3連勝を含む勝ち点10を稼いだが、その後はACLでの闘いもあって連勝が叶わず、ラスト3試合も全て0-1と黒星を重ね、結局リーグ戦は7位で終了した。沖縄での2次キャンプで「相手のコートで戦う」(ペトロヴィッチ)[46] Under the concept, the whole team has become a front-runner more than the previous year, and the number of runs, which was 28 last year, has almost doubled to 54, and the number of shutouts including scoreless draws is less than the three demoted teams. Four[Note 18] (Minimum in the league), the defensive defensiveness hindered the advancement to the top.
  • FIFA Club World Cup 2017Then in the quarterfinalsAl JazeeraHe lost to 0-1 in the second half and went to the 5th place match. In the 5th place matchWidard Casablanca2 goals of Mauricio,Yousuke KashiwagiDefending one goal, he won 1-3 and finished 2th.
  • Welcomed as champion last year,Levan cupIt is,quaterfinalsso,C OsakaIn the first game, 0-0 in the away game, in the second gameAt home, 2-2 away due to goal difference.


Team slogan: Harden your feet for stepping up
  • The second year of the moat system.
  • Shinya Yajima G Osaka,Tsukasa Umezaki Shonan,Toshiyuki Takagi C Osaka,Daisuke Nasu Kobe,Rafael Silva Wuhan Takuji,In SeptemberKo Endo Sint-TruidenComplete transfer to,Yoshinari Komai Sapporo,Onaiu Ado Yamaguchi, Promoted from youthHaruki Izawa TokushimaTransfer to a deadline,Tomo TamuraHas expired the transfer period has expired,Naoki IshiharaOf the transferee with a deadlineSendaiComplete transfer to.Ryotaro ItoThe transfer with a deadline of is extended,MitoWas transferred to with a deadlineShota SaitoLeft the group when his contract expired.
  • From Kobe as a force reinforcementTakuya Iwanami,Yokohama FMからMartinos,oakからKousuke Taketomi,Newcastle JetsからAndrew About,In SeptemberPortimonenseからFabricioIs acquired by full transfer.Shonan BellmareからNaoki Yamada,In SeptemberYamagataからRikiya MogiReturned from the transfer with a deadline.
  • In the opening 5 games, he lost 2 minutes and 3 losses and was unable to win a single win. On April 1, the contract with director Hori and head coach Kenichi Amano was canceled.[47], Training director and youth directorTakeshi OtsukiOf the youth coachUeno YusakuBecame the top team coach[48].
  • It became the first team of director Otsuki TsuyoshiJ League YBC Levan CupGroup stage Section 3HiroshimaThe match ended in a scoreless draw, but the official games that followed showed consecutive victories, surpassing 4 wins and 2 minutes in total and passing the baton to the next coach. Also,all backHer hairstyle and her soul have become immensely popular with fan supporters. There are many supporters who are called "Otsuki union chief" because of their good appearance as movie actors.
  • On April 4, Urawa will be the next director from 19 to 2007KashimaLed to 3 consecutive winsOswald OliveiraContracted with Mr.[49].
  • October 8, section 1Kawasaki FWon the battle and achieved a total of 1 J400 wins.
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Heisei 30 year 7 month heavy rain4,309,232 yen including fan supporters, volunteers for club staff, and player associationJapanese Red Cross SocietyPresented to.
  • The Oliveira coach's tactics penetrated from the opening of the World Cup break, and the first 10 games began to rank up with 4 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses, but the Fabricio had scored 9 goals in 6 games after joining. Section 25C OsakaHe was severely injured in the left anterior cruciate ligament and medial meniscus and left the battle. ThereforeKazuki Nagasawaを起用しフォーメーションを「3-4-2-1」から「3-5-2」に変更すると、これが功を奏し第26節から3連勝を含めて6戦5勝1分と大いに巻き返し、ACL出場権獲得圏内の3位に勝ち点差3まで近づいた。しかし、第31節でG Osaka, At verse 33ShonanAfter being defeated by the team, the final ranking was 5th, and the ACL participation right was not acquired in the league game.
  • The Emperor's Cup will appear in the second round. Of the third roundMasaru Matsumoto FCExcept for having scored 1 goal in the battle, all of them showed the solid victory of being a closed victory and advanced to the final after 3 tournamentsUga ShintoyaProtect the goal ofSendaiDefeated 1-0 to win the championship for the first time in 12 tournaments. at the same time,AFC Champions League 2019Won the right to compete in the main battle.


Team slogan:Run, fight, and stick to the end for Urawa
  • Tadaaki HirakawaRetired only in the previous year,ZlatanLeft the group when the contract expired,Daisuke KikuchiKashiwa,Lee TadungIs Yokohama FM,Tetsuya EnomotoCompletely transferred to Toyama.Yoshinari Komai,Takuya OkamotoAlso switched to full transfer to the rental destination respectively. AlsoRyotaro Ito,Onaiu AdoIs Oita,Kousuke TaketomiMoved to Shonan with a deadline.
  • From C OsakaKen SugimotoFrom KashiwaDaisuke SuzukiFrom Yokohama FMRyosuke YamanakaFrom YamagataYasuya FutakiIs acquired by full transfer.FC PortoからEvertonWas acquired as a fixed-time transfer. In the summer Takahiro Sekine returns for the first time in two years, Kosuke TaketomiPower harassment problem in ShonanThere was also an early deadline for returning,Andrew AboutLeft the group. Taketomi suffered a fatigue fracture after returning.
  • We have acquired a talented person in each position and arranged a team that can achieve the target "double crown of league and ACL"[50] However, the league has been sluggish since the opening, probably because it didn't have any practice games during the preseason. When he suffered four consecutive losses in 10 years from Section 10, Oswald Oliveira was dismissed. Served as a temporary director last seasonTakeshi OtsukiWas appointed as official director[51].. However, due to the overcrowded schedule after that, the condition did not improve at all, and only one win (21 divisions and 4 losses) was played in 14 games from Section 1 for four months, and at the final section it was decided that the remaining part would be left. .. The result was 6 points in 7 wins, 1 minutes and 9 losses, 10 points, and only 15 point difference from 37th place in the replacement game with the second part.
  • The Emperor's Cup, which was hailed as the champion of the previous year, won the JFL in the fourth round.Honda FCWas completely defeated with 0-2. After the match, supporters who were dissatisfied reached the situation surrounding the player bus and protesting.[52].. Levan Cup faced Kashima in the quarterfinals, losing 2 minute in 1 matches, losing 1-4 in total. In addition, the team has lost 5 consecutive games (8 divisions and 14 losses) in all competitions at the end of the 3rd round of the Emperor's Cup and Mito Holy Hock on August 10th. It has been broken.
  • ACL lives with Buriram United, Beijing Guoan and Jeonbei Hyundai in the group league. The winner of the final tournament will advance to the final round, the Beijing Guoan Anhui (3-0) and complete the match with 16 wins. In Round 16, Ulsan Hyundai lost 1-2 at home but won 3-0 on the way, making it to the top of the list to win. The quarter-finals went up to Shanghai Harbor with two away goal differences, and the semi-finals won Guangzhou Hengda consecutively, deciding to advance to the finals for the first time in two years, in contrast to the poor performance in the league. In the final, he played against Al Hilal as he did two years ago,Andre Carrillo,Sebastian Giovinc,Buffettinmi GomisHe lost to a team with a powerful helper such as 2-0 in 3 battles. I didn't win the third time.

2020 era


  • The strengthening system was renewed, and Shuzo Nakamura General Manager and Daisuke Kitano General Manager GM retired. A sports director (SD) and a technical director (TD) have been newly added. To the first SDTakashi Tsuchida, To TDTsutomu NishinoWas inaugurated.In addition, the continuation of director Tsuyoshi Otsuki was announced.Tsuchida SD started illness treatment in November.
  • Ryota MoriwakiLeft the group,Onaiu AdoIs back from a fixed transfer, but soonYokohama FMTransferred to.Rikiya Mogi,Naoki YamadaHave switched to complete transfer to the rental destination.Haruki Izawa Kagoshima,Oshiro firefly Tottori,Nobuki Iketaka ToyamaTransfer for a limited time.In the middle of the season, Mauricio Fabricio was transferred to Portimonense for rental.
  • NiigataFrom last season's J2 top scorer Earned.Ryotaro ItoReturned from the transfer with a deadline. AlsoAomori Yamada High SchoolからTakeda HidetoshiJoined. After the team startsMelbourne VictoryFrom U-23 Australia captainThomas DenWas won.
  • In order to transform the team without being caught up in the immediate victory, we have set up a "three-year plan" aiming to win the league in 2022, and 3 is positioned as the first year, while trying to spread the team concept, "ACL participation The goal was to acquire rights and score difference plus two digits or more.[53]..As one of them, we changed the basic formation from the familiar 1 back to 3 back and adopted a 4-4-4 lineup.It seemed that he had made a good start with 2 undefeated official games (5 wins and 4 draw), but the tactics did not penetrate in the overcrowded schedule and gradually lowered the ranking, and he was content with 1 wins, 13 draws and 7 losses in the middle. I lost and finished in 14th place.The content of the game is often bad, and when he wins, he manages to escape and wins, and when he loses, he is thoroughly attacked and loses a lot.[Note 19].. In September, he lost three consecutive games in three consecutive home games, and suffered six goals in one game twice in a year, which he had not had since 9. It was a season with no content in both offense and defense.
  • The Levin Cup has participated in the group stage for the first time in two years.At the opening seasonSendaiIs crushed to 5-2,C OsakaDefeated 0-1.As a result of interruption and regulation change due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, round robin of the first round, the same groupMasaru Matsumoto FCHowever, because the playoff stage was canceled, only the club with the highest grade in the group 2nd place could advance to the prime stage, resulting in a result.Nagoya GrampusIt was not enough to lose the group stage.As a result of the regulation change, the Emperor's Cup also had the right to participate only in the top two league games, and was not participating because it was tenth in the league.


Team slogan: not announced



Derby match


Domestic title

International title

Other titles

  • 2015


J League
J League Cup
FIFA Club World Cup
AFC Champions League
A3 Champions Cup
  • Top scorer
    • 2007 - Brazilian flag Washington
Saitama City Cup
Philips Writing International 7-man Soccer Tournament

Other awards

ク ラ ブ

Japan Professional Sports Award
  • 2007
Sai Country Sports Achievement Award
  • 2006
Sai Country Special Achievement Award
  • 2017
Saitama Prefecture Honor Award
  • 2007
Saitama Mayor Special Award
  • 2017
Saitama Football Association Meritorious Service Award
  • 2018, 2019
  • 2018
ABest Club of the Year
  • 2007


Japan Player of the Year Award
  • 2006 - Japanese flag Tanaka Marx Fight King
  • 2007 - Japanese flag Keita Suzuki
Information Professional Sports Award
  • 2004 - Brazilian flag Emerson
  • 2006 - Brazilian flag Washington
  • 2007 - Japanese flag Tanaka Marx Fight King
  • 2016 - Japanese flag Shusaku Nishikawa
Aya no Kuni Service Award
  • 2019 - Japanese flag Tomoaki Makino
Sai Country Sports Achievement Award
  • 2006 - German flag Guido Buchwald
  • 2010 - Japanese flag Yuki Abe
Sai Country Special Achievement Award
  • 1997 - Japanese flag Masayuki Okano
Saitama City Sports Special Achievement Award
AFC Best Director of the Year Award
AFC Player of the Year Award
  • 1998 - Japanese flag Shinji Ono

Club records

Most scored match


  • Home
    • 7-2 (2004 2nd Round 2 (August 8st), Tokyo V, Saitama Stadium 21)
    • 7-0 (2005 Section 27 (October 10th), Kashiwa, Komaba Stadium)
    • 7-0 (Section 2017 (April 6), 4 vs. Sendai, Saitama Stadium 7)
  • Away


(Reference: Records other than league games)
  • 9-0 (2000 Emperor's Cup 2nd Round (December 12) vs.Honda lock sc, Komaba Stadium)

Most goals scored



Most goals won game

  • 4-3 (1994 2nd Section 3 (August 8))Ichihara Ryokuchi Sports Park Seaside Stadium)
  • 4-3 (2005 J1 Section 24 (September 9th) ・To Hiroshima,Hiroshima Big Arch)
  • 4-3 (2012 J1 Round 17 (July 7) ・Tsu Tosu, Saitama Stadium 7)
  • 4-3 (2013 J1 Round 21 (August 8), vs. Oita, Saitama Stadium 17)
  • 4-3 (2015 2nd Round 15 (October 10th)) vs. FC Tokyo,Ajinomoto Stadium)
  • 4-3 (2017 J1 Section 17 (July 7st) ・ Against Hiroshima, Saitama Stadium 1) 
  • 4-3 (2020 J1 Section 16 (September 9), Sapporo, Sapporo Dome)

Most scored defeat match

Most points (goals) draw game

  • 4-4 (2003 1st Round 9 (May 5th), G Osaka, Komaba Stadium)
  • 4-4 (Section 2014 (August 21) 8 vs FC Tokyo, Ajinomoto Stadium)
  • 4-4 (2015 1st Section 11 (May 5th) / Sendai,Yourtec Stadium Sendai)

Most consecutive undefeated games

  • 19試合 (2015年1st第1節(3月7日)から2nd第2節(7月15日) - 13勝6分)
(Reference: Including other official battles)
  • 17試合 (リーグ戦2005年J1第33節(11月26日)から2006年J1第8節(4月15日)10試合、天皇杯2005年5回戦(12月10日)から決勝(1月1日)4試合、スーパー杯2006年(2月25日)1試合、ナビスコ杯2006年予選第1日(3月29日)から予選第2日(4月12日)2試合 - 15勝2分)

Home undefeated record

  • 25試合 (2005年J1第25節(9月24日)から2007年J1第5節(4月7日) - 22勝3分)
    *J1 record-high Thailand
(Reference: Including other official battles) *Games at Saitama Stadium and Komaba Stadium
  • 37試合 (リーグ戦2005年J1第25節(9月24日)から2007年J1第5節(4月7日)25試合、Omiya Ardijaのホームゲーム1試合、2006年ナビスコ杯予選3試合、準々決勝1試合(3月29日、4月12日、5月21日、6月3日)、2005年天皇杯2試合(11月3日、12月24日)、2006年天皇杯3試合(11月4日、12月16日、12月23日)、2007年ACL2 games (3 March, 7 April)-4 wins 11 minutes)

Away undefeated record

  • 17試合 (2006年第33節(11月26日)から2007年第31節(11月11日) - 12勝5分)

Most consecutive wins

  • 8連勝 (1998年1st第16節(8月5日)から2nd第6節(9月18日)) - PK勝ち1試合含む
    • 7連勝 (1998年1st第17節(8月8日)から2nd第6節(9月18日)) - 90分勝ちのみ

Home win record

  • 10 consecutive wins (2006 Section 8 (April 4) to Section 15 (October 27))

Away win record

  • 10 consecutive wins (2007 Section 12 (April 5) to Section 19 (October 29))

Most consecutive losses

  • 9連敗 (1993年2nd第4節(8月7日)から第12節(11月13日)) - Vゴール負け1試合含む
    • 7 consecutive losses (Section 2009 (July 18th) to Section 7 (August 18th) in 24)-8 minutes only loss

Home losing record

  • 6 consecutive losses (1993nd 2 Section 5 (August 8th) to 14th Section (November 15th))

Away consecutive loss record

  • 10連敗 (1993年1st第1節(5月16日)から2nd第1節(7月24日)) - PK負け1試合含む
  • 10連敗 (1993年2nd第14節(11月20日)から1994年1st第14節(5月4日)) - Vゴール負け3試合含む
  • 10連敗 (1994年2nd第8節(9月7日)から1995年1st第5節(4月1日)) - Vゴール負け1試合含む
    • 8連敗 (1993年1st第1節(5月16日)から第14節(6月30日)) - 90分負けのみ

Most consecutive wins on the same card

  • 8連勝 (2004年2nd第15節(11月28日)から2009年第17節(7月11日)-対広島)
  • 8 consecutive wins (Section 2007 (June 15th) in 6 to Section 17 (September 2010th) in 22 vs FC Tokyo)
    • 9 consecutive wins (1997 2nd Round 17 (October 10) to 4 J2000 Round 2 (November 42)-Hiratsuka) -Including 11 J20 league games. Including two V goal win games. He lost the Emperor's Cup in 2.

Most consecutive losses on the same card

  • 7連敗 (1993年1st第2節(5月19日)から1994年2nd第5節(8月27日)-対名古屋) - 90分負けのみ
    • 7連敗 (1993年1st第13節(6月26日)から1994年2nd第21節(11月16日)-対V川崎) - Vゴール負け1試合含む
    • 7連敗 (1993年2nd第1節(7月24日)から1995年1st第10節(4月22日)-対広島) - PK負け1試合含む

Personal records

Most games played

  • 501 matches- Japanese flag Nobuhisa Yamada (First appearance 1994 1st Round 12 (April 4), Shimizu Battle)

Most consecutive game participation

  • 152 matches- Japanese flag Yuki Abe (2013年J1第11節(5月11日)から2017年J1第25節(9月9日))

Participation in the youngest game

The oldest match participation

  • 40 years 2 months 19 days- Japanese flag Yuki Abe (Section 2021, 38 (December 12th), match against Nagoya)

Season full-time participation

Most total score

Most consecutive score games

  • 7 matches- Brazilian flag Emerson (2002 1st Section 3 (March 3) to Section 16 (July 9))

Highest score in the season

Highest score per game

  • 4 points- Japanese flag Masahiro Fukuda (1994 1st Round 9 (April 4), Hiratsuka Battle)
(Reference: Records other than league games)

GK highest score

  • 1 points- Japanese flag Yuuki Tabita (Score in 1996 Round 30 (November 11), Yokohama F) *J1 record

Youngest score

  • 17 years 11 months 3 days- Japanese flag Genki Haraguchi (2009 Section 5 (April 4th), Battle of Nagoya)
(Reference: Records other than league games)

Oldest score

  • 39 years 8 months 3 days- Japanese flag Yuki Abe (Section 2021, 13 (May 5), Sendai match)

hat trick

  • 4 points
    • Japanese flag Masahiro Fukuda (1994 1st Round 9 (April 4), Hiratsuka Battle)
  • 3 points
    • Flag of Slovakia Lulu (1994 2nd Round 12 (September 9), Shimizu Battle)
    • Japanese flag Kenji Oshiba (1998 1st Round 9 (April 4), Kashiwa Battle)
    • Japanese flag Masayuki Okano (1998 1st Round 17 (August 8)-Kobe Battle)
    • Brazilian flag エメルソン (2002年1st第5節(4月20日)・広島戦、2004年1st第6節(4月18日)・大分戦、2004年1st第9節(5月9日)・新潟戦、2004年2nd第14節(11月23日)・柏戦)
    • Japanese flag Yuichiro Nagai (2004 2nd Round 2 (August 8), Tokyo V match)
    • Japanese flag Koji Yamase (2004 2nd Round 2 (August 8), Tokyo V match)
    • Croatian flag Maritch (2005 J1 Round 27 (October 10), Kashiwa Battle)
    • Brazilian flag Washington (September 2006, 19 (August 8), Battle of Niigata)
    • Japanese flag Tanaka Marx Fight King (Section 2008 (July 17) 7, Tokyo V match)
    • Brazilian flag Edmi Woosson (Section 2009 (November 32st, 11) Iwata Battle)
    • Japanese flag Shinzo Korogi (Section 2017 (April 6th), Sendai Battle, 4 Section 7 (May 2017th), Shimizu Battle)
    • Brazilian flag Fabricio (Section 2018 (August 22th), Battle of Iwata, 8)
(Reference: Records other than league games)
J League Cup
  • 4 points
    • Brazilian flag Washington (2006 quarter-final round 1 (June 6), Kawasaki)
  • 3 points
    • Brazilian flag Tutt (2002 Qualifying League Round 5 (May 5), Kashima)
    • Brazilian flag Emerson (2002 Semifinal (October 10), G Osaka, 2 Semifinal Round 2003 (October 2), Shimizu)
    • Japanese flag Tatsuya Tanaka (2004 semi-final (October 10), Nagoya match)
    • Brazilian flag Washington (2006 Qualifying League Round 6 (May 5), Yokohama FM)
    • Brazilian flag Edmiwson (2008 Qualifying League Round 2 (March 3), Kyoto)
    • Japanese flag Shinzo Korogi (2016 Semi-final Round 2 (Oct. 10), FC Tokyo)
Emperor's cup

Other records

GoalkeeperFirst score
1996 J League30 minutes in the Yokohama F match of Section 11 (November 9)Penalty kickWas decided by Yuki Takita and recorded the first score by the goalkeeper ([Note 20]).
1 players per gamehat trick
With Yuichiro Nagai at the Tokyo V match on August 2004, 8Koji Yamase2 people achieved a hat trick. This is from Iwata on September 1998, 9.Oku DaisukeNaoyasu TakaharaIs the second case since it was achieved.


Home stadium

Home stadiumSaitama Stadium 2002It was a home stadium from the beginning of the J League membershipUrawa Komaba StadiumThere are two places. Komaba is described as a home stadium on the J League official website[1] However, the holding of the Reds competition2010 Is not done at the end (although it has been used in the Emperor's Cup, the Emperor's Cup is not sponsored by Reds). In addition, of the J League issueFans guideThen.2011 Komaba is far from being introduced to the home stadium. Past home game holding stadium is "This item"checking.

Incidentally,2020 J1 LeagueThen, Saitama Stadium2020 Tokyo OlympicsSince it is the venue for men's soccer,May 7ToHokkaido Consadole SapporoIt was originally planned to be held in Komaba since 2009 as a league game, but worldwideSpread of new coronavirus infectionDue to the influence of the J.League, the schedule of the J-League-sponsored tournament was suspended for a long time, and the Tokyo Olympics itself was postponed for one year in 2021. The day before that was incorporated in the scheduleMay 7 OfYokohama F. MarinosThe battle is not at Komaba but at Saitama StadiumRemote match (no audience game)As was done.

2021 For the same reasonMay 8ToSagan TosuBattleMay 8ToSanfrecce HiroshimaTwo games, one for the league and one for the league, were held at Komaba Stadium.

Record of audience mobilization by year

Number of mobilization
Most mobilizedMinimum mobilizationaverage
Number of mobilization
Number of matchesHome game holding stadium
(Bold letters are stadiums registered as home base)
Number of mobilizationOpponentVenueNumber of mobilizationOpponentVenue
1993J206,26550,348ShimizuNational8,258HiroshimaKomaba11,45918Komaba17, national 1
1994406,45755,125V Kawasaki7,85418,47522Komaba8,Omiya7
National 4,Riku Hakata1
Kobe Yu1,Toyama1
[Note 21]
1995508,55456,6529,168Omiya19,56026Komaba12, Omiya 10
National 3,Niigata Riku1
[Note 21][Note 22]
1996364,93650,974京都5,611FukuokaSapporo Atsubetsu24,32915Komaba11, national 3
Sapporo Atsubetsu1
1997328,06038,707Hiroshima14,937Yokohama FKomaba20,50416Komaba14, national 2
1998385,99446,547oak16,971V Kawasaki22,70617Komaba14, national 3
1999J1319,14646,401Kashima13,329oak21,27615Komaba12, national 3[Note 23]
2000J2338,45720,207TosuKomaba13,408Niigata16,92320Komaba20[Note 24]
2001J1400,79960,553Yokohama FM埼 玉16,808Shimizu26,72015Komaba11, Saitama 2
National 2
[Note 25]
2002394,44557,902Iwata14,499oak26,296Komaba9, Saitama 5
National 1
2003432,82551,195Kashima18,335京都28,855Komaba8,埼 玉7[Note 26][Note 27]
2004549,90358,334Yokohama FM18,029oak36,660埼 玉9,Komaba6[Note 28][Note 29]
2005669,06655,476Nagoya15,760Shimizu39,35717埼 玉13,Komaba4
2006774,74962,241G Osaka16,040Oita45,573埼 玉15,Komaba2[Note 30]
2007793,34762,123Kashima16,709Kobe46,667[Note 31]
2008809,35357,050G Osaka16,225京都47,609埼 玉16,Komaba1
2010678,99455,410Nagoya21,625Yamagata埼 玉39,941埼 玉17[Note 32]
2011576,47754,441oak20,240Fukuoka33,910[Note 33]
2013630,70154,905C Osaka23,295Iwata37,100[Note 34]
2014603,77056,758G Osaka19,777Kofu37,736[Note 35][Note 36]
2015658,66853,14822,36338,746[Note 37][Note 38]
2016627,89856,841Yokohama FM22,76636,935[Note 29][Note 39]
2017570,21557,447Kashima21,603G Osaka33,542
2019581,13554,59919,698G Osaka34,184
2020      [Note 40]

Stadium used for hosting games in cup games (J League Cup/ACL)[58]

GS = group stage (qualifying league), PO = playoff stage, PS = prime stage (final T = synonymous with final tournament)
年度J League CupACLRemarks
1992Omiya 3
Kawagoe 1
1993Omiya 3
1994(No sponsor)J League Cup = Complete tournament system
1995(Not held)
1996Komaba 7
1997Komaba 4J League Cup = Including Komaba and Final T1
1998Komaba 2
1999J League Cup = Complete tournament system
2000Komaba 1
2001Komaba 3
2002Komaba 4J League Cup = Including Komaba and Final T1
2003Komaba 5J League Cup = Including Komaba and Final T2
2004Saitama 1
Komaba 2
J League Cup = Saitama/Final T1 only
2005Saitama 3
Komaba 3
J League Cup = Saitama and Komaba including final T1
2006Saitama 1
Komaba 3
J League Cup = Including Komaba and T1
2007Saitama 1Saitama 6ACL=Including Saitama and T3
2008Saitama 2
Komaba 1
Saitama 2ACL=Saitama/T2 only
(Seeding from the quarterfinals for the previous victory)
2009Saitama 3
Komaba 1
Non-participationJ League Cup = Including Saitama and T1
2010Saitama 2
Komaba 1
2011Saitama 3J League Cup = Complete tournament system[Note 41]
2013Saitama 2Saitama 3J League Cup = Saitama/Final T2 only
(Seeded from the quarterfinals for ACL participation)
2014Saitama 4Non-participationJ League Cup = Including Saitama and T1
2015Saitama 1Saitama 3
2016Saitama 3J League Cup = Saitama/Final T3 only
(Seeded from the quarterfinals for ACL participation)
2017Saitama 1Saitama 7J League Cup = Saitama/Final T1 only
(Seeded from the quarterfinals for ACL participation)
2018Saitama 4Non-participationJ League Cup = Saitama/including PO1
2019Saitama 1Saitama 7J League Cup = Saitama/PS1 only
(Seeded from the quarterfinals for ACL participation)
ACL=including Saitama and T4 final
2020Non-participationJ League Cup = Original GS was planned for Saitama 3, but
Only one game due to the schedule change due to the new Coronavirus

Most crowd mobilization match


  • 62,241 (2006 Section 34, G Osaka match, Saitama Stadium 2002)
    *1nd place in spectator mobilization history for J2 league
    • 9,822 (1994 1st Round 22, Yokohama M Battle, Komaba Stadium-Before renovation)
    • 22,150 (1995nd Round 2, Iwata Battle, Komaba Stadium-after renovation)
    • 10,354 (1995st Section 1, Yokohama F match, Omiya Park Soccer Field)
    • 56,652 (1995st Section 1, V Kawasaki Battle, National Stadium)
  • 61,246 (2008 Section 1, Yokohama FM Battle, Nissan Stadium)
Reference (highest except league match)


  • 20,207 (2000 Round 44, Tosu Battle, Komaba Stadium)

Least crowd mobilization match


  • 5,611 (Section 1996, 21, Battle of Fukuoka, Sapporo Atsubetsu Park Stadium)
    • 7,854 (1994st Section 1, Hiroshima Battle, Komaba Stadium-Before renovation)
    • 13,329 (1999 2nd Round 2 Kashiwa Battle, Komaba Stadium-after renovation)
    • 9,168 (1995st Section 1, Hiroshima Battle, Omiya Park Soccer Field)
    • 28,054 people (2002 1st Round 9, Sapporo, National Kasumigaoka Stadium)
    • 19,977 (2014 Round 29, Kofu Battle, Saitama Stadium 2002)
  • *Excluding 2014 non-spectator games
  • 3,610 (1997 2nd Round 1, Ichihara Battle, Ichihara Seaside Stadium)


  • 13,408 (2000 Round 26, Niigata Battle, Komaba Stadium)


Team color

Uniform sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
Published in league games and cup games
2020 is back
Mitsubishi Heavy IndustriesMITSUBISHIA
Posted in ACL
clavicleHorikawa SangyoEneCle2019-Posted on both sides
Upper backMitsubishi Heavy IndustriesMITSUBISHIA
2020 is chest
Lower backLetterpress printingTOPPAN2022-[59]
sleeveMitsubishi MotorsMITSUBISHIA
2017-Founding-Chest 2004
2006 is pants,
2005, 2007-2016: upper back,
2013, 2015-2016 chest for ACL
Front of pantsDHL JapanDHL2009-2007-2008 chest for international games
Back of pantsT&SNEXT
  • Not a sponsor, but at the bottom of your backUnited NationsApprovedNGO"United Nations Friend Asia Pacific(FOUNAP)" in collaboration with the "SPORTS FOR PEACE!" logo (2013 -). Although not a sponsor as well, the pride of the club "We are REDS!" is included in the same part (2006 -).
  • Three stars (★) are attached side by side on the emblem on the left chest, but until 3, both ends are2004 J1 and 2nd stageand2006 J1 League, The big star in the middleAFC Champions League 2007Represented each victory of[61].. From 2018 to the previous yearAFC Champions League 2017The design has been changed so that the two big stars on the left and right represent two ACL wins and the smaller star in between represents the 2 J.League win.[62].
  • The 2007 season is a symbol of the Japan Football Association because it is the 2006 J1 League annual championship club.YatagarasuThe champion mark with was attached to the right sleeve.

Practice clothes (practice wear) sponsor

The history of uniform supply

  • 1992-1996: League matchesMizuno(The combination of 93 and 94 league models (for 2nd and FP) is shirt = light blue, pants = black, stockings = light blue), Cup matchPuma
  • 1997: The league matchUmbro, Cup match is Puma
  • 1998-2003: Puma
  • 2004-Present:Nike

Successive uniforms

FP 1st
1993 - 1994
1995 - 1996
1999 - 2000
2001 - 2002
2022 -
FP 2nd
1993 - 1994
1995 - 1996
1999 - 2000
2001 - 2002
2004 - 2005
2006 - 2007
2008 - 2009
2022 -
FP Other
2012 3rd
2013 3rd
2014 3rd
2017 3rd
2019 3rd
2020 3rd

Chronology of successive uniform sponsors

chestLeft clavicleRight clavicleUpper backLower backsleeveFront of pantsBack of pants
1992GALANTBefore ban-Before ban--Before banPUMA
WordPerfectMizuno /
1997UMBRO /
1999MIRAGE Dingo /
2001PAJERO /
2003COLT /
2007SAVAS /
2013POLUS /
2015POLUS /
2017POLUS /
2019POLUS /
2022POLUS /
  • By convention, only chest advertisements are posted during international competitions (such as ACL).
  • 2007 and 2008 are league games, cup games are "SAVAS" and ACL is "DHL", 2013 and 2015-2016 are league games, cup games are "POLUS" and ACL are "MITSUBISHI MOTORS", 2017 and 2019 The year 2021 is the league match, the cup match is "POLUS", and the ACL is "MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES".

Partner (Sponsor)


Integrated training and organization that were separate in 2003. After that, he will focus on enhancing the Academy.

2016 years,Shinya YajimaWas the first player from the academyOlympicHe was selected as a representative of Japan, played in this tournament and scored points.

2018 years,Genki HaraguchiWas the first player from the academyFIFA World CupHe was selected as a representative of Japan, played in this tournament and scored points.

As of 2021, the following athletes from each academy are from each country:Representative AHas been elected.


2008 yearsTakamado Palace All Japan Youth (U-18) Soccer ChampionshipThe team has been prominent as a youth generation team, such as winning the.


Junior youth

It is one of the strongest teams in the youth generation.


ジ ュ ニ ア

A junior was newly established in 2013 and has started activities. The selection is conducted for elementary school students in Saitama prefecture, which have a good track record in 4 types (elementary school age). The number of applicants for selection, together with the popularity of the top team, is one of the largest in Japan.

Native player

Heartful school

Also, as part of the Heartful Club, a soccer school for elementary school students (“Heartful School”)Urawa Komaba Stadium,Redsland,Higashimatsuyama,Kumagaya dome,Saitama Stadium, Held at Yono Hachioji.

マ ス コ ッ ト

  • Redia (born March 1992, 3)
Born in Urawa City (then). It was announced at a club press conference held on that day and named on June 6 of the same year.Isetan Urawa storeThe footsteps of the athletes are embedded along with the footsteps of the athletes in the front sidewalk, and there is a statue of Lady near Kitaurawa Station.
  • Friendia (we married Lady on January 1997, 1)
  • Schalekun (born December 2006, 12)
  • Diarachan (born December 2006, 12)


The emblem was a vertical rhombus with the upper half of the soccer ball and the logo "MITSUBISHI URAWA FC" written from the time the club was launched until January 2001, but it was changed to the current one from February 1. It was The current emblem is the birthplace of football in Saitama prefecture.Saitama Normal School(CurrentSaitama UniversityFaculty of EducationOne of the predecessor schools)HoshokakuIs the prefecture flower of Saitama prefecturePrimroseIs drawn.

Admission song/official song

  • First Impression-At the beginning of the J-League, several staff members, mainly the Chief Manager of the Public Relations Group, Hitoshi Sato, are not on the market.CopyrightIt was selected because I listened to the sound library for free use without sound, and everyone gathered interest in this song that played around the 7th song.
  • -Of Reds. The original song isRod Stewartof"Sailing".The lyrics are listed at the top of the upper stand of the back stand in the home game at Saitama Stadium.Since it is sung after victory regardless of home away, it is popularly known as "victory song" among supporters, but it is not always sung, and the first cup game is at home or in a row I may refrain from doing so for some reason.With this song as an opportunity, in 2009 with StewartJundai KatoIs being talked with[68]..Originally only supporters sang, but since 2012Tomoaki MakinoThe idea was to sing with the players only for home games[69].
  • -"We are Diamonds"Coupling song..It took time to introduce the players at the stadium, but it will end in the 2012 season due to the renewal[70].
  • -Of Reds. JR since October 2007Urawa Station OfKeihin Tohoku LineOnly if there is a Reds match at Saitama Stadium from November 2007 at the Southbound (Tokyo / Yokohama area) homeSaitama High Speed ​​RailUrawamisono StationHas been adopted for each departure melody.


1993 Known for enthusiastic supporters from the beginning of the J League[71].. It was the initial supportCrazy Calls"ofleaderIs a rock-based cheering style and spreads the supporter's philosophy and philosophy for the team, and has created a prototype of supporters' support that continues to this day.[71][72],1997 から2014 I was active overURAWA BOYS"And "URAWA BOYS"Kurba EstWas inherited by[72].. It may also be described as "the best supporter in Japan".[71][73][74][75][76][77][78],Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryThe Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry said, “The team was weak at the beginning of the J League, and it helped cultivate the feeling that “we will support”.[77]"2006 December 12thYomiuri Shimbun"Is one of the reasons that "the supporters who have created the prototype of support have been picked up by the media and the young people gathered one after another"[71].

Also known as an enthusiastic supporter from overseas, the French magazine "So Foot" introduced 10 supporters in the world, and Urawa Reds of Japan was selected as the 9th place in the world.Of the teams introduced in this project, only Urawa was selected from Asia, with 7 teams from Europe and 1 team each from South America and Africa.[79].

Reds supporters are enthusiastic, but there are some supporters that cause troubles,2013 In the Shimizu battle (Away), four people were arrested on charges of assaulting a security guard who had stopped admission after throwing firecrackers and smoke tubes to the bus on which the other team player rode before the match[80].. Furthermore, it happened at Tosu battle (home) on March 2014, 3Urawa Reds Discrimination Banner CaseCaused the club to face heavy sanctions for holding the first ever unspectated match. As a result of this incident,Reds ladiesAll direct training teams including[81] Banner in the game of (big flag, gate flag,Human character,placardSelf-regulation for prohibiting the use of large flags including holding away homes was temporarily implemented.[82], 11 supporters' clubs that make up the supporter club alliance "Kurba Est" including "URAWA BOYS" have been dissolved. In addition, "URAWA BOYS" has resumed activities since 2018.

While many clubs in the J League have a number 12 that is missing as a supporter number, Urawa allows players to wear 12 without missing a number.