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🏓 | Hina Hayata wins over three deuces Quarterfinals with Hong Kong ace <WTT Cup Final>


Hina Hayata wins over three deuces Quarterfinals with Hong Kong ace <WTT Cup Final>

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The victorious Hayada will face Doo Hoi Kem (Hong Kong, China), who defeated World Championship Queen Wang Manyu (China) with a 3-0 straight in the quarterfinals.

<WTT Cup Final Singapore Date: December 12-4 Place: Singapore> 7th, WTT Ka ... → Continue reading

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Doi Hoican

Doi Hoican(Mori KaiRyu,Jyutping:Dou6 hoi2kam4, Doo Hoi Kem, and Tookin[Note 1], November 1996, 11 -)Hong KongGirlsTable tennisBe a player[4][5][6].. Right shake backDrive type. T League OfKinoshita Avier KanagawaBelonged to.


Beginning table tennis at the age of seven, Shogun Ao Catholic Elementary School[7], Kyoen Junior High School[8]And began participating in the international youth competition as a Hong Kong representative from 2010,Asian Junior Table Tennis ChampionshipsとWorld Junior Table Tennis ChampionshipsHe won medals several times.

2015 World Table Tennis ChampionshipsWon inYellow courtWon a bronze medal in the mixed doubles of the combination with.

2016, held in Hong Kong on April 4, 13Rio de Janeiro OlympicsIn the 16 best East Asian regions of the Asian qualifying,Liu PoonIs defeated with a game count of 4-2[9][10].

From January 2018, 12Kinoshita Avier KanagawaPlayed in[11].

2019 yearsWorld Championship Individual MatchThen in the first roundKazumi IshikawaDefeated and entered the best eight.

2021 yearsTokyo OlympicsThen won the bronze medal in the women's team.

Main battle record

  • Youth Olympic Games Table Tennis Women's Singles Runner-up, Group 3rd
  • Women's World Cup Group Runner-up
  • Asian Games Group Runner-up
  • World Championship Singles Best 8
  • ITTF World Tour / China Open Mixed Doubles Runner-up


  • Hong Kong excellent player election
"Outstanding Youth Athletes in Hong Kong" (2014)
"Hong Kong's Best Sports Team"-Table Tennis Hong Kong National Team (Mixed Doubles Team) (2015, 2017-selected twice in total)


注 釈

  1. ^ "RyuSince "" is a variant of "Koto", the reading is not "Kan" in "Shiori" but "Kin".


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