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⚽ | J3 relegation ・ Kitakyushu made a statement "Sometimes it may retreat ..."

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J3 relegation, Kitakyushu statement "Sometimes it may retreat ..."

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To that end, we need the support of everyone who supports Giravanz Kitakyushu.

Giravanz Kitakyushu, who was relegated to the Meiji Yasuda Seimei J3 League, said on the 5th, "I was supporting Giravanz Kitakyushu ... → Continue reading

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Giravanz Kitakyushu

Giravanz Kitakyushu(Giravanz Kitakyushu,Giravanz Kitakyushu) IsFukuokaKitakyushuHometown,Japan Professional Soccer League(J League) Professional football club.


1947/Was founded inMitsubishi Kasei Kurosaki Soccer ClubBecame the predecessor[1],2010/In the Kyushu areaRoasso KumamotoIn Fukuoka prefecture, the fifth afterAvispa FukuokaIt became the second J-League member club after.The operating companyGiravanz Kitakyushu Co., Ltd.(In February 2011New Wave Kitakyushu Co., Ltd.Changed the trade name from)[1].

The club name "Giravanz" isItalianso"Sunflowers"(Ichihana in Kitakyushu City)" means "Girasole" and "Advance" means "Avanzare"Coined wordIs[1].. "Girasole" is originally pronounced "Girasole", but "Gira" is read as "Gira" in order to give it a strong sense of words that reminds us of the brilliance and dynamism of the sun.[6].

Kitakyushu City 1 city is the home town[1] Has signed a "Friendly Town Agreement" with local governments around Kitakyushu City for the purpose of "promoting sports, revitalizing the region, and improving services for residents" in 2014.May 2 OfOnga-gunMizumaki Town[7] Starting with, 6 cities and 11 towns around Kitakyushu[Note 1]Has been concluded with.

The team mascot has been designated as an Endangered Species II by the Ministry of the Environment, which flies to the Sone Tidal Flat in Kokuraminami Ward.Saunders's gullWas used as a motifGuilin(Giran). In 2010WavyIt changed from (Wavy).[1].



1947 (Showa 22),Mitsubishi KaseiKurosaki Factory (currentlyMitsubishi ChemicalFukuoka Office)Soccer clubIs the wound[1].Kyushu LeagueThen, I will pay the results of 7 league championships.

In April 2001, the executives of the Kitakyushu Football Association (Chairman: Kazo Yano) played a central role at that time.Nippon Steel Yawata Soccer Club, The management body of the citizen soccer team aiming to enter the J League in consultation with the representative of Mitsubishi Chemical Kurosaki FCKitakyushu Football Club(Representative is Hidemi Hayashi) was established (in 2004)NPO corporationMigrate to). Undertaken operation of Mitsubishi Chemical Kurosaki FC from 2001[1], Citizen-led club team "New Wave Kitakyushu"Restart as.2007/Won the Kyushu LeagueNational Regional Soccer League Final TournamentSecond place in, the following yearJapan Football LeaguePromoted to (JFL)[1].. In the same yearAssociate membership in the J LeagueApproved[1]In the same year, the operating corporation was converted into a joint-stock company.2009/, 4th place in JFL, approved to join the J-League from 2010[1].

2010-2016 (J2)

Results of 2010 unwinned seasons from 2011 to 35[13]
20104Ks studio0-0 △Mito 201023Naruto Otsuka4-4 △Tokushima
5Honjo0-3 ●千葉24Honjo0-2 ●oak
6Toyama0-1 ●Toyama25Nagara River ball0-1 ●FC Gifu
7Honjo1-1 △Tochigi SC26Honjo2-2 △Okayama
8Daigin de0-0 △Oita27Honjo0-1 ●Kusatsu
9Honjo0-1 ●FC Gifu28Taste studio0-4 ●Tokyo V
10Kansta0-0 △Okayama29Honjo1-1 △Oita
11Shoda Star1-1 △Kusatsu30Tochigi Gu0-2 ●Tochigi SC
12Honjo0-1 ●Sapporo31Revester0-2 ●Fukuoka
13Ninsta1-1 △Ehime FC32Honjo1-2 ●Toyama
14Honjo0-1 ●Fukuoka33Kose0-6 ●Kofu
15Bearsta2-3 ●Tosu34Honjo0-3 ●Atago
16Honjo0-0 △Kofu35Fukuari1-2 ●千葉
17Hitachi Kashiwa0-2 ●oak36Honjo0-1 ●Tosu
18Honjo2-2 △Kumamoto37Kumamoto0-3 ●Kumamoto
20Honjo1-1 △Mito20111Honjo0-3 ●千葉
21Sapporo Atsubetsu0-2 ●Sapporo8Honjo0-2 ●Tottori
22Honjo1-4 ●Yokohama FC9Ninsta3-0 ○Atago


Team slogan:Impression creation

George YonashiroContinues to direct (4th year).Due to trademark issues, the team name was changed to "" in February.Giravanz Kitakyushu(Applied for trademark registration on July 7)[14].

KofuからShogo Tokihisa,FukuokaからSatoshi NaganoWellington,KumamotoからKazuya Kawabata,MitoからJun MuramatsuWith a complete transfer,oakからYuki Ikemoto(Return to Kitakyushu for the first time in 4 years) was acquired by rental transfer.I had a rental transfer from Tokushima in the middle of the previous seasonYasuaki OshimaAcquired by complete transfer.Furthermore, in July in the middle of the seasonTochigi SCから ,(Indonesian versionFrom (Indonesia)Tomoaki KomoridaWas won.

The first match of the J LeagueYokohama FCLost to, but Section 3 (Tokyo VHe scored his first J-League victory (and first points) in the match.

その後は得点力不足(年間で2得点以上は全36試合の内4試合)および守備崩壊(無失点は全36試合の内5試合、第17節以降シーズン最終戦まで20試合連続計47失点、うち4失点3試合6失点1試合)に苦しみ、第33節の甲府戦に敗れリーグ戦1シーズン29試合連続勝ち試合なし(それまでは2003年シーズンのTosu), November 11th千葉Lost to and won 31 consecutive league games, and set the worst J-League record without any games (until then)2003/から2004/Tosu of the season)[15].

At the time of losing in the above-mentioned match against Chiba, the lowest rank was decided with 2 games (section 3) left, and the remaining 2 games were also lost in a row. J-League worst record with one win per year[Note 2] So, the league match away game annual non-winning is the worst tie along with Tosu in 2003.After the end of the season, Yonajo retired from the coach, and many players, including those who have played since the New Wave Kitakyushu era, have left and transferred.

Emperor's cupIn the second round on September 9thKusatsuAfter winning the match, he won the official match for the first time in about five and a half months since the league match against Tokyo V.[Note 3].


Team slogan:One mind

Formerly the new commanderShizuoka FCTechnical advisor (general director)Yasushi MiuraInvited[16]..The coaches other than the director have also been renewed.A new coach specializing in goalkeepers has also been introduced.

In the players,ShimizuからYuki Nagahata,SapporoからYuya Sato,(I.e.からYuki Kimura,G OsakaからAkihiro YasudaFrom TochigiToru Miyamoto,Hiroyuki HayashiFrom Tokyo V with a complete transferRyoji Fukui,Yokohama FCからYuta Hashimura,FC TokyoからKota Morimura(Belonging to the previous year was Mito) was acquired by rental transfer.In March after the openingKim Soo-yeon(Contract canceled in August, no official competition), in AprilKure Sho,In SeptemberGold bell mustAnd won a Korean player.Furthermore, among the players belonging to the previous year, he was a specially designated player.Takayuki Tada(Kanoya University of Physical Education) Officially joined and Leonardo, who was a rental, moved to a complete transfer,Yuki IkemotoThe rental period has also been extended.

On the other hand, in JulyYuya Sano SC SagamiharaRental transfer to,Yuta KawachiResigned due to the expiration of the contract.

From March 2th to 9th,NagasakiShimabaraIncluding the predecessor, the first camp since the foundation of the team was held, and midfielder Kimura, who was transferred to the captain for the first year, was appointed.[17].

Opening game (千葉Battle),Great East Japan EarthquakeFirst match after interruption by (Section 8 ・May 4,TottoriLost in a row (war), but Section 9 (May 4AtagoHe won the match and stopped the unwinning consecutive games from the previous year at 35 (12 minutes 23 losses).Also, Section 13 (May 5京都First home winning streak in the battle, Section 14 (May 5ToyamaHe won his first consecutive victory in the battle (home).

Section 19 (May 7OitaWin the battleBattle of KyushuFirst victory.Section 23 (May 7)soFC Tokyo, Section 3 (May 8)soTokushimaAnd defeated the leader at the time of the section.Also, Section 36 (May 11) Also defeated Tosu in 2nd place (Tosu lost in 19 games in the second half of the game only in this game), achieved the season goal of "56 points", and temporarily moved up to 5th place.

Throughout the season, he lost only twice in a row (one of which was two consecutive losses from the opening), and his final ranking was 2th, up from the bottom of the previous year.

On the other hand, the foul points due to unfair play in the J League were 2010 in 125.[18] To 180[19] The amount of penalties that will be sanctioned will also increase to 60 yen in the previous year.[18] From 150 million yen[19] Increased to.Especially in the 2011 season, the amount of foul points and foul money was the highest among 1 clubs of J2 and J38.[19].

Emperor's cupIn the third roundNagoyaLost to.


Team slogan:One mind(Continued from the previous year)

Miura system third year.OmiyaからRyohei Arai(Belonging to the previous yearFC Gifu),TokushimaからKentoku Noborio,MitoからSatoshi TokiwaWith a complete transfer,KofuからMiran Kabe, From Tokyo VKirouran bell,Kirora orchid with vegetables,Koji Takano,ShimizuからRyo Takeuchi,Yokohama FMからHitoshi SutoWas acquired by rental.furtherDaiki Watari(Hiroshima Minami High School) And was a specially designated player last yearTakeda University(Tokyo Gakugei University) Joined[20] In addition,oakWas more rental transferYuki IkemotoFC TokyoWas rented fromKota MorimuraWas completely transferred.

On the other hand,Takamitsu Shigemitsu,Hiroyoshi KuwaharaRetired,Kazuya Kawabata(NagasakiTransfer to),Miyagawa Daisuke(SC SagamiharaTransfer to),Shinya Sato,Kure ShoLeft the group when the contract expired,Shogo TokihisaCompletely transferred to Gifu,Taiki Suwon SanukiRental transfer to,Tokyo VWas rented fromRyoji FukuiReturned (then completely transferred to Kashiwa),Yuya SanoHas completely transferred to Sagamihara.

In the league match, after winning the season's first victory in the opening round 4, he won four consecutive victories, and at the end of the seventh round.J1 promotion playoffsMoved up to 6th place in the area.From Section 28 Oita War (August 8) to Section 12 (September 34)千葉Until the match, he left a record of 2 wins and 4 minute, including 6 consecutive wins for the second time in the season.Section 1 (August 29th)Fukuoka DerbySo, in the last 3 races and 3 lossesFukuokaFirst victory.In addition, Battle of Kyushu also achieved the second straight victory.

October 9th, 28J League club licenseReceived J2 license in application[21]..As a result, there is no J1 promotion after the end of this season.The final result was 9th, with 58 points, up from 64 in the previous year.

The Emperor's Cup is the first round (second round)FC Machida ZelviaToPKLost in the battle.Miura retired from the coach after the season ended.

Daiki Watari in JuneAFC U-22 Asia Cup 2013 (Qualifying) OfU-19 Japan National TeamWas elected to the club and became the first national player in club history.


Team slogan:Renewal

Former directors of Kyoto and YamagataKoichi ShitaniWas appointed[1],PreviousIga FC KunoichiDirector'sNaoto OtakeIs appointed as the top team head coach.Satoshi Tokiwa,Yuya Sato,Akihiro Yasuda,Gold bell must,Mitsuhiro SekiEt al. Tokyo V,Ryohei Arai Kofu,Yuki KimuraOita,Ryosuke Kawanabe AndCompletely transferred to each.In addition, as a long-term policy, the club has reduced reinforcement by loan transfer (2012 out of 29 players in 7) and changed to actively acquire college graduate rookies.[22]DF with loan expirationKirouran bell, GKKirora orchid with vegetablesTo Tokyo V,Hitoshi Suto,Ryo TakeuchiRespectivelyYokohama FMShimizuReturn toKoji TakanoFrom Tokyo V, where he belongsMachidaTransferred to for a limited time.furtherMiran Kabe TheFukuoka UniversityGo on toYasuaki OshimaandHiroyuki HayashiRetired,Taiki SuwonandSuzuki ShingoLeaves the group (after thatAlbirex Niigata SingaporeTransferred to). Seven players have been enrolled since 2012.

On the other handTochigi SCTo GKHiroyuki TakedaAnd MFSuzuki Hisato,京都To MFYohei Naito, Kansai LeagueAmitie SCTo DFYosuke Matsumoto,Yokohama FCTo MFTakeshi YakugonAnd DFMasaki Watanabe, Oita to MFHiroki Otegawa,ShonanTo GKTakuya Matsumoto,YamagataからKazuya Maeda,SapporoからHideo Oshima, South Korea-Daejeon OfKim Dong-heeWith a complete transfer, South KoreaSuwon OfAhn Young-kyu,OmiyaからLeeIs acquired by transfer with a deadline. Also,Kyushu Kyoritsu UniversityからKenta Kakimoto,Momoyama Gakuin UniversityからIsao TaniguchiFive college graduates and one high school graduate joined.Further on July 5stCerezo OsakaからShota InoueWas acquired by a loan transfer until January 2014, 1.

In the league match, the highest ranking of the season was in 3th place as of the third round.He suffered six consecutive losses from the 10th round against Fukuoka to the 8th round against Sapporo, and dropped to 13st place from the 6th to 11th rounds.In the 14th round against Kumamoto, he scored 21 goals per game, which is a league record, but he did not win 19 games from the 1st to the 7th round (21 minutes and 26 losses) and was sluggish at 6th place as of the 2th round. .. 4 wins, 27 draw, 20 loss in September[Note 4] As of the 35th round, the ranking went up to 16th place.However, he has never won more than three consecutive wins in official games throughout the year, and his final ranking is 3th, which is lower than last year.In addition, it should be notedBattle of KyushuWith a record of 2 wins and 4 losses, he did not win the championship for the third consecutive year.Emperor's cupIn the third roundJFL-AC Nagano PulceiroToPK battleLost in.

On September 9, in the J.League club license application for 30, the J2014 license was issued following 2013, and at that time, "By the end of 2Debt overrunReceived a correction notice stating, "Submit concretely how to resolve the problem."[23].


Team slogan:One step

The second year of the Hashiratani system.Hiroyuki Takeda C Osaka,Kota Morimura Fukuoka,Takeda University KagoshimaComplete transfer toYosuke MatsumotoWhen,Kim Dong-hee,Ahn Young-kyu,Nam Il Woo Of South KoreaWithout renewing the contract with the 3 registered players,OmiyaWas transferred from for a limited timeLee Gun HoContract with expired (laterAkitaLoan transfer), alsoIsao TaniguchiWill be transferred to Kagoshima for a limited time.on the other hand,京都からKazuki Hara,ShonanからTomi Shimomura,(I.e.からHiroki Kazama,G OsakaからKenta Hoshihara,KashimaからKawashima Daichi, From AkitaSuzuki AyakiBoth are complete transfers,UrawaからYuuki OtaniJoined each with a loan transfer, and in the middle of 2013, joined from C Osaka with a loan transferShota InoueWill be completely transferred.Also, as a newcomerKansai UniversityからMasahiro TeraokaJoined.Of the 1 clubs belonging to J2 and J40 in the same year, it became the only club with no foreign players throughout the season.

Based on the previous year's team, Kazama, Hoshihara, Otani, etc. seized the regular position and built a solid defense team. Defeated Section 12 Toyama and made a leap to 4th place, the highest ranking in the club.After that, he never fell below 6th place and finally finished the league match in 5th place.Since the J2 license was issued, he did not participate in the J1 promotion playoff.

Emperor's cupThen J2Tokyo V, Last year Emperor's Cup champion J1Yokohama FM, J1KofuAnd achieved the club's first best 8 advance (J2 in the quarterfinals)YamagataDefeated in).


Team slogan:One Heart ~ Hop to Dream! ~

For the team slogan,New stadiumIn the sense of stepping up to the goal of promotion to J2017 for the 1 season, which is scheduled to be completed, it was announced all at once for three years, 3 was "Ichishin ~ Step to Dream! ~ Jump to a dream! ~ "[24].

The third year of the Hashiratani system.Goalkeeper who participated in all official games last seasonYuuki OtaniHowever, at the end of the loan transfer periodUrawaReturn to, predecessorNew Wave KitakyushuFW to know the timesYuki Ikemoto AndTo, DFYuki Fuji GifuCompletely transferred to.Furthermore, DFMasaki Watanabe KofuTo GKTakuya MatsumotoAnd local FWKenta Kakimoto TheAkitaDF who has been transferred for a limited time from the previous seasonIsao TaniguchiIs JFLKagoshimaTo, DFMasaki Tanaka Chinese League-Matsue City FCAll transferred to. DFTomi Shimomura, MFSuzuki HisatoRetired (SuzukiMeiji Gakuin UniversityBecame a soccer club coach), andKyu LeagueHe has been enrolled for a total of 2007 years since 8, and has been a regional communicator since 2013.Shinji Fujiyoshi Tokyo VHe left the club to become a youth coach.on the other hand,ShonanTo GKNobuyuki Abe,GunmaTo MFKoken Kato,OitaTo FWKomatsu base(From the 2013 seasonNagasakiTransferred to for a limited time),TochigiTo FWYusuke Kondo,Yokohama FCTo DFHiroyuki Nishijima,千葉To FWShohei OtsukaAre all fully transferred and joined as newcomersFukuoka UniversityからKyohei Yumisaki,Kinki UniversityTo GKKaiho Nakayama,Kanoya University of Physical EducationTo MFKengo Kotani3 people joined, and from the previous season U-18 teamType 2 registered playerDF registered asYukiya KajiwaraHas officially become a professional contract.

Home opening game (Section 2) for the first time in the 6th season of J2 entryTokushimaAlthough he won the match, he lost three games in a row with no points in three games, and dropped to 3st place, which was relegated at the end of Section 3.He won the 5th and 21th rounds in a row and got out of the relegation zone, and for a while he repeated the consecutive wins and losses. Once raised to 6th place, the first half will end in 7th place with 15 wins, 2012 draws, 3 losses and 4 points.In the second half of the game, he had repeated two consecutive wins, three wins, two consecutive losses, and two consecutive losses, but in eight games since October, he moved up the ranking with 5 wins, 10 draw, and 9 losses, and was ranked 2th in the playoffs for the second consecutive year. Although it was not within the range, the season ended in 10th place with 29 point difference from 13th place Nagasaki.

Komatsu baseScored a new club record and 18 goals, the highest number of his own, in the J2 scoring rankingJay(Iwata),MurjaIn addition to being 3rd (1st among Japanese players) following (Omiya)[25],Kazuki Haraも13ゴールで7位タイとなるなどした結果、リーグ戦全42試合の半数近い20試合で複数得点を挙げ、チームの総ゴール数は59で全22チーム中4位と攻撃面で躍進した一方、守備面では前年度のレギュラーが3人抜けたこともあり不安定な状況が続き、無失点の試合7試合に対し複数失点した試合は17試合(うち3失点以上5試合)、Gifu-TochigiSecond only,Yokohama FCと並んで22チーム中ワースト3位の58失点であったため得失点差は僅か+1。また順位こそ7位ながら、勝敗では18勝5分19敗と負け越しとなった。また、反則ポイントが-5と初めてマイナスとなり、2014年に続き2年連続でフェアプレー賞を受賞した[26].


Team slogan:One Heart ~ Step to Dream! ~

The fourth year of the Hashiratani system. On January 4, Toshio Yokote, who had been the president for more than 1 years since the club management company was converted into a joint-stock company in October 1, retired, and Kenichi Hara, the general manager of the strengthening division, became the successor president, the day before the announcement (2008). With (December 10, 7)FukuokaI just retired from the boardAtsushi NomiyamaBecame the head of the strengthening headquarters to succeed Hara[27]..Coach'sNaoto Otake 京都Resigned to become head coach[28]Former successorNaganoDirector'sNaohiko MinobeWas appointed[29].

In the player, FWShohei Otsuka((I.e.), DFToru Miyamoto(Retired from active dutyFukuokaTurned into a U-18 coach) withdrew due to contract expiration.Tokai League-FC Suzuka LamporeMF who is transferring toYuki YamanouchiThe contract with Oita has also expired (later transferred to Oita).Also, FWDaiki Watari TokushimaWas completely transferred to. on the other hand,NagasakiTo MFNaoya Ishigami[30], MFSho Hanai[31] And a local DFRyosuke Tone(NagoyaTransferring for a limited time)[32] And furtherKashimaA local midfielder who left the groupMotoyama Masashi[33] Acquired by complete transfer.Also, the previous yearAndFW transferred toYuki IkemotoReturned due to a complete transfer[34].

Before the season, the director and staff stated that they would aim for the playoffs, saying, "A perfect score of 100 points (reinforcement). I did everything I could do."[35], The club's first victory in the opening round in the 2th season of joining J7, but in the following Section 2Yamaguchi戦から11試合連続未勝利(5分6敗)を記録、第9節終了時には“J3降格圏”となる21位に転落する。第13節でシーズン2勝目を挙げるも以後4連敗を喫し、第16節終了時には、2010年シーズン以来となるJ2最下位となる[36].

In response to this situation, during the summer transfer period, Omiya to DFShunsuke Fukuda, FW from NagasakiRodrigoAll are acquired by transfer for a limited time.Kanoya body sizeDFKenta FukumoriJoined as a specially designated player.Rodrigo became Kitakyushu's first foreign player in three seasons since 2013.

Although he recorded the first consecutive wins in the 20th and 21st sections of the season and moved up to 2th place, which is the J20 remaining area, as a result, this was the only consecutive victory in the league match, and he entered the second half and did not win eight games in a row (8 minutes). 4 losses).In particular, he scored five goals in the first match of the second half, the 4nd round against Yamaguchi.At the end of Section 22, he fell to the bottom again, and the season passed without a chance to emerge.Although he was drawn to the match against Nagasaki in Section 5 and temporarily moved up to 25th place, he could not win in the final 39 sections including the match against Nagasaki (20 minutes and 4 losses), and was greeted in 2st place with no difference in points from the bottom Kanazawa.Last sectionLost to Yamagata, overtaken by Kanazawa who drew with Sapporo, the bottom was confirmed, and was demoted to J1 in the year when the J3 license was first obtained.[37].

Although the number of defeats is almost the same, the number of games that cannot be won has increased, and the number of goals conceded especially in additional time has increased.[38]。後半44分以降に失点した試合が実に42試合中13試合に上り、また第14節からの19試合連続失点や、第22節からの5試合連続やシーズン最終3試合連続を含む複数失点した試合が19にも上ったこともあり、失点64と岐阜・群馬に次ぐJ2リーグワースト3位となったことが戦績に大きく影響した。

In the Emperor's Cup, he lost to Tokushima in the second round.

After the season, Hashiratani retired from the coach[39], Minobe, Yoshimitsu, Toyoshima coaches retired[40] Were announced one after another.

2017-2019 (J3)


Team slogan:Isshin ~ Restart to Dream ~

To the directorNagasakiWas serving as U-18 director etc.Takeo HaradaWas appointed[41]..Also as a coaching staffShigenori Hagimura,Jiro Takeda, Saito Naoyuki was invited.

The club slogan for this year was decided in advance for three years at the stage of 1 on the premise of promotion to J2015 at the timing of completion of the new stadium.Isshin ~ Jump to a dream! ~However, according to the 2016th Supporters Conference 8 (held in January 2017), "When we demoted to J1, we reviewed the slogan and gathered various opinions to discuss it.Isshin ~ Restart to Dream ~With the slogan, we will start the season with a new start. We hope that as many customers as possible can come to the stadium in order to return to J1 in a year, to meet the wishes of the government that created the wonderful stadium, and the citizens who have approved it. The team and the front desk will work together to attract customers, "he said.[42].

DFTakayuki Tada・ FWHideo OshimaRetired from active duty, MFHiroki Kazama Yamagata, FWKazuki Hara Sanuki, MFJunpei AraiAnd DFMasahiro Teraoka Nagano, MFHiroki OtegawaIs the old nestOita, DFKenta Hoshihara And, GKSuzuki Ayaki Yokohama FMAll transferred to. GKNobuyuki Abe(Transferred to Nagano) and DFKeita Ichikawa(GunmaTransferred to) but withdrew when the contract expired. FW who joined from Nagasaki for a limited time in the middle of the 2016 seasonRodrigoWas withdrawn due to the expiration of the contract.

On the other hand, also in the middle of the previous yearOmiyaDF who had joined with a loan transfer fromShunsuke FukudaHas fully transferred and joinedFukuokaTo FWMasao HiraiAnd FWShuto Nakahara(Nakahara returned to Kitakyushu since he was a specially designated player), MF from NagasakiDaisuke Kanzaki, Yokohama FM to GKTakuya Takahashi,JFL-NaraからLast year JFLRookie King MFShigeheiAll joined with a complete transfer.AlsoKumamotoTo DFShoto Suzuki, MF from NagasakiTatsuya Onodera,千葉To DFUrata Itsuki(The previous yearRyukyuTransfer to the deadline),KanazawaTo FWShouma Mizunaga, Yamagata to GKNorihiro YamagishiHowever, each joined with a loan transfer.Also, as a newcomer, DF who was a specially designated player last yearKenta FukumoriAnd MFTakato Kito(Mie High School) Is a new member.The captain is from the local areaYuki IkemotoBecame a deputy generalTakeshi YakugonKoken KatoWas chosen[43]..Also in March after the start of the seasonSuper class-Shanghai PortからSun JungangWith a loan transfer (withdrawal at the end of the contract period on November 11, before the end of the season[44])did.

At the start-up ceremony at the beginning of the year, both the manager and the players clearly stated that they would return to J1 in one year.[45], Became a home stadium from the same yearMikuni World Stadium KitakyushuThen, in the opening roundAkitaAfter drawing the game, he won 5 consecutive wins at home, showing good compatibility with 17 wins, 6 draw and 1 loss at home in the first half (1 games), but on the contrary, it was sluggish with 2 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses away.In particular, it was sluggish at 7th place at the end of the first half due to the fact that he could not win the top team competing for promotion at all.

Emperor's cupThen, it will be the prefectural qualifying participation since 2009, and in the finalKyushu Sangyo University3-2 to win the tournament[46].. In the second roundKagawaRepresentativeAlverio TakamatsuDespite a big win of 10-0, in the second roundShimizu S-PulseWas completely defeated by 1-4.

On August 8st during the suspension period, midfielder Shuto Nakahara, who had been transferred from the same year,KagoshimaWhile completely transferring to[47], On August 8th,TochigiTo FWNaoto AndoIs a complete transfer[48], On the 12th,KanazawaTo MFKenta YamatoIs a loan transfer[49] I joined each.


Including director Harada for the same season[50], General managerAtsushi Nomiyama[51], Saito, Takeda[52], Hagimura's coaching staff retired[53]..Furthermore, President Kenichi Hara has also retired.[54].

The mayor of Kitakyushu at that time, following the result of missing the return to J1 in one yearKenji KitahashiAt a regular press conference on November 11st, due to the severe financial situation of the city itself, the city intends to review the way of support regarding the annual management subsidy of 1 million yen and how to utilize Mikuni World Stadium. Shows[55].

On the other hand, Itsuki Urata in November just before the end of the seasonU-20 Japan National TeamWas elected to[56].


Team slogan:to the next stage ~ With this Kitakyushu (town) ~

Former as Hara's successor presidentWest Japan ShimbunYukio Tamai, the representative of the Kitakyushu head office, takes office[54]. beforeVerspa OitaDirector'sToru SanoInvited to the General Manager of the Strengthening and Training Division[57]. beforeKyushu Sangyo UniversityAs a soccer club manager,KanazawaFormer directorYoshiyuki MorishitaIs appointed as director[58], Before to GK coachTosuGK coachTakaki RikiInvited[59].

Regarding the subsidy from Kitakyushu City, which was reported at the end of the previous year, the city council approved the grant of 1000 million yen, a decrease of 5000 million yen from the previous year.[60][61].

DFHiroyuki Nishijima, DFKazuya Maeda(Later appointed as Academy U-15 coach), MFTakeshi YakugonRetired from active duty, DFNaoya Ishigami(FC Maruyasu Okazaki), DFKyohei Yumisaki(Transferred to Toyama), DFYukiya Kajiwara(Retired from active duty, became a school coach), MFDaisuke Kanzaki(Retired from active duty), FWKomatsu base(Retired from active duty, appointed as Cerezo Osaka soccer school coach) expired[62][63], DFShoto Suzuki(KumamotoReturn to), MFKenta Yamato(KanazawaReturn to), FWShouma Mizunaga(Tegebagjaro Miyazaki(Transfer to) has expired and the transfer period has expired. DFRyosuke Tone OitaTransferred to[64].

On the other hand, GK who had subscribed for a limited time in the previous yearNorihiro Yamagishi(YamagataFrom), DFUrata Itsuki(千葉From), MFTatsuya Onodera(NagasakiFrom) are all transferred to complete transfer.AkitaTo DFShingo Arizono[65],FujimoriTo DFNobuyuki Kawashima,FukushimaTo MFRyu Kawakami,RyukyuTo FWHiroki MaedaAll are completely transferred,G OsakaTo DFBae Soo YoungJoin each with a loan transfer. DFWataru Noguchi(University of Tsukuba), MFSoya Fujiwara(Hannan University), FWSota Sato(Nissho Gakuen High School) Is a new member.Furthermore, after the opening of the J3 league (but before the first match in Kitakyushu),Kochi United SCTo FWJung Won JaeWith a fixed transfer,ShimizuTo DFDaisuke MuramatsuAcquired by complete transfer.On April 4th, after the start of the season, he was the former J6 top scorer and the previous year.AndAffiliated FWDaviOn the 27th of the same monthSapporo,京都Belonging to, beforeSan Bernardo FCAffiliated FWFehoWas acquired respectively.FW on July 7 during the league breakMasao Hirai JFL OfFC Maruyasu OkazakiTransferred to for a limited time[66].

Emperor's cupIs in the Fukuoka qualifying finalFukuoka UniversityIn a penalty shootout, the game was not settled even in overtime in 1-1, and lost in 8-9.New Wave KitakyushuAsKyu LeagueI missed the main tournament for the first time in 2007 tournaments since I belonged to 11.

Although he stated that he would return to J2 the following year, he was sluggish below 3th place except for the provisional 9th ​​place after winning his first victory of the season in Section 12.[67], 8 games in a row from Section 5 (1 minute 4 losses) At the end of Section 12, it finally fell to the bottom, 4 consecutive losses and 6 home games lost from the opening Section 14YSCC YokohamaOn June 6, the day after the war, Morishita was dismissed from the coach because of poor results.[68], 3 days later, 20th, as a successorTetsuji ShitaniAnnounced the appointment of director[69]..After the change of manager, he has not lost 5 games in a row (2 wins and 3 draws) on August 8th.Kagoshima(I.e.[70] Although I was drawn to and once got out of the bottom[71], Lost to the Ryukyu match on October 10, and fell to the bottom again due to the results of other matches the next day, and when eight games were left, the possibility of being in second place in J6 of the same year disappeared, and it was the second consecutive year. As a result of missing J8 promotion[72]..In response to this result, on November 11, it was announced that the coaches of directors Hashiratani, Chung, Hatta, and Takasaki and Sano, the general manager of the strengthening and training division, will retire for the same season.[73]。その後も勝ち点を伸ばせず最終5節を未勝利、かつ柱谷の監督就任後はアウェーゲーム未勝利(3分6敗)のままシーズンを終了、年間順位は最下位の17位で、6勝9分17敗の勝点27に終わった。チームの総失点は、森下体制時では13試合でリーグ最低の25(1試合平均1.92)、特に辞任直前には4試合で12失点であったが、柱谷体制以後は19試合で17(同0.895)と、年間最少失点だった沼津(32試合29失点平均0.907)レベルに改善、最終的にはリーグ8位の42失点となった一方、総得点が22と、次に少ない藤枝の32点より10点も少ないリーグ最下位、かつ同年のJ3得点王の It was below the 24 goals scored by (Tottori) alone.The number of individual points was less than 5 points except for the team's top scorer Ikemoto's 4 points and Davi's 2 points, and 17 games, which is more than half of the league games, had no points.As a result, the goal difference was -17, the lowest among all 20 teams.

After the final match of the same year, GKNorihiro YamagishiDuring the retirement ceremony, supporters called us to complain that multiple players on the bench were chatting and playing around during the ceremony, and on December 12th, a statement was posted on the club's official website. Became[74].


Team slogan: CHANGE FOR KITAKYUSHU ~ For this Kitakyushu (town) ~

Former director ShimizuShinji KobayashiBecame director and sports director[75]For the head coach, former Urawa head coachKenichi AmanoWas appointed[76].

GKNorihiro YamagishiRetired from active duty (at a later date)JFA Academy FukushimaMen's goalkeeper coach inauguration). DFShingo Arizono (Nara with a complete transfer at a later date),Urata Itsuki(sameUkrainian Premier League FC Zorya Luhansik),Nobuyuki Kawashima(Fujieda),Shunsuke Fukuda(Gunma),Daisuke Muramatsu(Retired from active duty), MFTatsuya Onodera(sameTegebagjaro Miyazaki),Kengo Kotani(sameFC Tiamo Hirakata),Sho Hanai(Toyama),Naoto Ando(Fujieda), FWDavi,Feho(sameSaudi Arabia(English edition (English edition),Hiroki Maeda(sameVerspa Oita) Is the contract expiration, DFBae Soo YoungAnd FWJung Won JaeHowever, the transfer period has expired, and from the middle of the previous seasonFC Maruyasu OkazakiFW that was transferred toMasao HiraiMoved to complete transfer and left each group.

On the other hand, from Nagano to DFMasahiro TeraokaHas completely transferred and returned for the first time in three seasons, as well as DF from SanukiKazuya OkamuraIs completely transferred, from Yokohama FM to DFJin Ikoma(Transfer to Toyama last year for a limited time) and FWShuto Machino, Oita to MFShintaro KokubuJoined each with a loan transfer,Meiji Gakuin UniversityTo DFHiroto Arai,Kansai UniversityTo DFTakashi Kawano,Hosei UniversityTo FWDisaro Akira Silvano,Ryutsu Keizai UniversityTo MFTakayuki Arakaki,Meiji UniversityTo GKDaiki Goto,Toin University of YokohamaTo DFTaiki Uchikoshi,Funabashi City High SchoolTo GKYuya TanakaIs a new member.

In response to the lowest grade in the club's history, which was the lowest in J3 in the previous year, President Tamai said in a greeting at the beginning of the year, "In a situation where the team's tactics and style change every year, the team's tactics and style change every time the manager changes, the team will be reborn from the ground up. "We decided that it would be difficult to achieve this." "In order to overcome a serious recession, we will start from 2019 and work on building a new team foundation from a medium- to long-term perspective."[77]At the new system presentation before the season, coach Kobayashi also said, "First of all, I want to give the players the mentality and confidence that they can be promoted to J6 by ​​being in the 2th place."[78]Kobayashi, who had the first impression of "small. Can't jump. Can't run" to the team, will strengthen the physical strength and measure the player's heart rate, movement speed, mileage, etc. in the game and practice.Satellite Positioning System (GPS)Introduced, continued high-load practice based on numerical values, and thoroughly practiced two parts a week two days a week throughout the season, which was also successful.[79], Wins 3 consecutive games from the start of the J4 league match and takes the lead.After that, he kept 1st place-3rd place for a while, but he did not win 15 consecutive races from the 5th round.[80] となり、前半戦終了となる第17節時点で8勝6分3敗、勝点30で藤枝にかわされ3位に後退、さらにその後群馬にも追い抜かれ、第20節対G大阪U-23戦で6試合ぶりの勝利を挙げたものの、J3リーグが一時中断した第20節終了時点では9勝7分4敗の勝点34、首位の藤枝に勝点差3の4位となる。

Emperor's cupThen, he defeated Fukuoka University 1-0 in the Fukuoka Prefectural Qualifying Final and played in the main tournament for the first time in two years. In the first roundTokuyama UniversityWon 6-0, but lost to Kobe 2-0 in the second round.

FW from Yamagata on August 8th during the suspension periodKitagawa ShutoIs a loan transfer from Yokohama FM to MFNaoki Tsubaki, MF from ShimizuDaigo TakahashiAll joined with a training-type loan transfer.

Home stadiumRugby World Cup 2019To participate inRugby Wales National TeamSince it will be used as a campground for the league, the four games in September after the resumption of the league match became four consecutive away games.[81]、新加入の北川が全て途中交代出場ながら4試合連続5ゴールを決めるなど活躍、アウェイ4連戦を全勝しクラブ史上初の5連勝でJ2昇格圏の2位に浮上。第27節には過去5戦未勝利だった沼津にアウェイで1-0で勝利し首位に立つと、第26節から6戦負けなしで迎えた第32節ホーム讃岐戦に4-0で勝利したことにより、同年のJ3における2位以上が確定、4シーズンぶりのJ2復帰が決定した[82]..In the following Round 33, although he drew 1-1 in the home Tottori match, which would be his own victory if he won, the victory was decided because Fujieda in 2nd place was defeated, and he won the club's first title from the bottom of J3 in the previous year.[83].. There have been two cases in the past where the team was promoted from J2 to J1 and won immediately, Kashiwa in 2011 and Gamba Osaka in 2014, but the lowest team in the previous year won the championship in the following year, including J2, J1 and J2. It was the first feat in history[84][85]..In addition, the number of visitors to the home game reached 102,831, reaching 2016 spectators for the second time in J3 history after Oita in 2, and the average number of spectators per game was 10, both of which were the highest in club history.

最終的な成績は19勝9分6敗の勝点66。得点51はリーグ5位、ゴールランキングもチーム得点王の町野が8得点でリーグ20位タイ、他に7得点の選手が4名と、いわゆるエースストライカー的存在がいない中、失点が18チーム中唯一30点を下回るリーグ最少およびクラブ新記録の27、無失点試合14、1試合で3失点以上した試合が0[86] With their stable defensive strength, Kitagawa and Takahashi, who joined in the summer reinforcements, both scored 7 goals, which led to good results in the final stages.

2020-2021 (J2)


Team slogan:AGGRESSIVE CHALLENGER ~ Towards a new peak ~

Kobayashi system second year.Formerly coached under Kobayashi in Yamagata and Tokushima 2 teamsHiroaki NagashimaJoins as a new coach[87].. GKKaiho Nakayama(At a later dateMito), DFTaiki Uchikoshi(sameChiba Prefecture Soccer League1st Boso Rover's Kisarazu), MFShota Inoue(sameFC Tiamo Hirakata),Kawashima Daichi(Retired from active duty → Appointed as coach of Extension Business Division),Takato Kito(At a later dateSuzuka Unlimited FCTransferred to),Motoyama MasashiWithout renewing the contract with FWKitagawa ShutoHas expired the loan transfer period, MFShigehei TheAkitaWithdrawal from each group due to complete transfer to.Meanwhile, MFShintaro Kokubu, DFJin IkomaLoan transfer, as well as MFDaigo Takahashi,Naoki TsubakiExtension of all training-type loan transfers, and moreC OsakaTo MFAkizawa HayakiAnd the previous yearYokohama FMFW who had joined with a loan transfer fromShuto MachinoIs a complete transfer,Shonan(With a loan transfer from the middle of the previous yearTottori) To FWKunitomo Suzuki,Tokyo VTo DFTakuya Nagata,And(Last year was a loan transferTokushima) From GKKengo NagaiAre all transfers with a time limit,Juntendo UniversityTo DFKota Muramatsu,Toin University of YokohamaTo DFYoshiki Sato,Hannan UniversityTo MFYudai Nagano,Meiji UniversityTo FWRyo SatoAll joined as newcomers.

The opening game of the J2 league is2015/It will be the first time in 5 seasons since thenAvispa FukuokaWithFukuoka DerbyBut lost 0-1Spread of new coronavirus infectionAfter a break of about 4 months, the league match resumed in the first matchV. Farren NagasakiAlthough he lost the game and lost the opening two consecutive games, it was held at home on July 2th, Section 7 vs.FC RyukyuWon the match 4-0 and played against October 2016, 10FC GifuHe won the J3 league match for the first time in about 8 years and 2 months since the war, and won his first J2 victory at Mikuni World Stadium Kitakyushu.[88]..Section 7 is the club's second win since J3 the previous year, and J2's first club's fifth consecutive win.Zuegen KanazawaThe victory of the game became 2 wins in total of the club's J100 league[89]..Continued Section 12FC Machida ZelviaWith the victory of the battle, he achieved the first 6 consecutive victories in the history of the club and moved up to 1nd place in the J2 promotion zone.[90]After that, the record of consecutive wins was increased to 9, and the undefeated consecutive games was extended to 10.[91].. September 9, Section 9 AwayEhime FCHe won the match 1-0 and moved up to the top of J10 for the first time in club history with a goalless victory for the first time in 2 games.[92], At the end of the first half (Section 21)Disaro Akira SilvanoIs 10 points,Shuto MachinoScored 7 points in Thailand, the most in the league, including 35 points, and maintained the lead with 2 point difference from 1nd place Tokushima and returned to the league.[93]..However, the 22nd section away, which is the first match of the second halfTokyo VerdyRetreat to 2nd place due to losing the battle[94]、さらに第24節アウェー福岡戦での敗戦により13節ぶりにJ1昇格圏外の3位に転落、そしてJ2全22チーム中唯一の後半戦7試合未勝利(前半戦最後の水戸戦を含めると8試合連続)となった第28節終了時に4位に落ち、その後勝利なしは9試合連続まで延びる。

XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Jubilo IwataTo MFTakeaki HarigayaJoined by transfer with time limit[95]。第33、34節と後半戦初の連勝を記録したものの、昇格争いからは遠ざかり、第38節、首位徳島に1-4で敗れた時点で、4試合を残し同シーズンの3位以下が確定、2シーズン連続の昇格は逃した。J2において、1シーズン中に90分間勝利で9連勝以上したチームは過去6チームあり、その全てが最終結果では2位以上に入っていたため、9連勝しながらJ1昇格を逃した初の事例となった[96].. December 12th, Naoki Tsubaki's transfer with a limited time limit on November 5th, andAustraliaA league-Melbourne City FCTimed transfer to was announced[97]。結局、後半戦はアウェー12試合で僅か1勝、勝点6しか勝点を挙げられなかったこと、得点は24で前半戦より11減少した一方で失点が前半戦より7多い29に増加したことなども影響し、僅か5勝、前半戦の半分以下の勝点21しか挙げられず、前半戦の倍の10敗を喫したものの、年間通算では、2014年シーズンと並びJ2リーグにおけるクラブ史上最高タイ記録、かつJ2創設後JFL/J3から昇格した翌年度のチームとしては史上最高となる5位で終了、また勝点65、19勝(8分15敗)、59得点はいずれもJ2リーグにおけるクラブ史上最多タイ記録となった。個人ではディサロが2015年のKomatsu baseWith 18 points, which is the highest number in the history of clubs, he was ranked second in the scoring ranking.


Team slogan:KEEP YOUR HEART BURNING ~ We will continue to challenge ~

Kobayashi system third year. DF who had surgery at the end of 3 and had been withdrawn for a long timeMasahiro TeraokaAnd the predecessorNew Wave KitakyushuFW who has been enrolled for a total of 12 seasons since the timesYuki IkemotoRetired, GKTakuya Takahashi(At a later dateSanukiComplete transfer to), MFYohei NaitoWithout renewing the contract with FWShuto Machino ShonanTo, MFSoya Fujiwara NiigataTo FWDisaro Akira Silvano ShimizuTo, DFKenta Fukumori OitaTo, DFRyu Kawakami SagamiharaTo, MFKoken Kato Tokyo VComplete transfer to, FWKunitomo Suzuki(After expirationAndComplete transfer to), MFShintaro Kokubu(sameYamagata), GKKengo Nagai(Same Shimizu) left the team after the loan transfer period expired, and even excluding Tsubaki who had already transferred in December of the previous year, 12 people left the team, and 13 of the top 11 players in the previous season left the team. The total number of points scored in the previous season was 8, which is more than two-thirds of the team's total score, and GKDaiki Goto TheOmiyaTransferred to a deadline.

on the other hand,KobeTo GKYoshimaru AzusaAnd DFSo Fujitani, MF from ShimizuRitsuhira Mitsunari,IwataTo GKKo Shimura,Urawa(The previous year was a loan transferKagoshima) To MFHaruki Izawa,千葉(sameMito) To DFTakaya Inui,C Osaka(Yamagata) to MFMaekawa TaigaAll transferred completely, GK from OmiyaYuki KatoAnd FWTakamitsu Toyama, DF from ChibaTakeaki HommuraIs a loan transfer, from Shimizu to MFKishi NishimuraTransferred with a training-type loan,Tokai Gakuen UniversityDF who did not participate while becoming a specially designated player in the previous seasonHiroki Maeda,Hosei UniversityTo FWShun Hirayama,Meiji UniversityTo FWKado MeizenDF who joined as a newcomer and also joined with a loan transfer the previous yearTakuya NagataIs a complete transfer, DFJin Ikoma, MFDaigo Takahashi, MFTakeaki HarigayaHas been extended for a limited time transfer period.FW is the longest among the playersSota Sato, MFWataru NoguchiIn the three years of, all players except both players became players who joined after Kobayashi took office.


At the time of the victory prayer held prior to the opening, Director Kobayashi and Captain Muramatsu announced that they would aim for J1 promotion.[99], Lost two consecutive home games from the opening, and at the end of Section 2 will be the lowest in J2 since the end of the 2016 season.Section 2 Away Gunma won the season's first victory and once rose to 5th place, but as a result, this is the highest ranking of the season.In the 15th section away against Kyoto, the team lost 8-1, which was the most conceded goal in one game, and then lost to the 1th and 6th sections in a row and fell to the bottom again in both sections. May 10rd, one playerNew coronavirus infectionWas found, and the same player and 4 players who were judged to be close contacts withdrew[100]。直後の第12節アウェー栃木戦の勝利で18位浮上し一旦J3降格圏を脱するが、第13節ホーム長崎戦に敗れ、クラブワースト記録となる開幕からホームゲーム7戦連続未勝利を記録し、再び降格圏の19位に転落、続く第14節アウェー東京V戦で連敗を喫し、シーズン3度目の最下位転落。直後の第15節大宮戦でホームゲーム8戦目にして初勝利を挙げ最下位を脱し、第16節アウェー町田戦勝利でシーズン初の連勝を達成したものの、結局これがシーズンを通じて唯一の連勝となり、続く第17節からクラブワースト記録を更新する6試合(Emperor's cup7 games in a row (665 games in the official game), 755 (7 games in the same) in a row with no points, and 8 league games (XNUMX games in the official game) without victoryTokyo Olympicsによる約3週間の中断期間前となる第23戦まで終了した時点で、4勝7分12敗の勝点19、18位群馬と勝点差2、最下位の相模原とは勝点差3で同年の降格圏である19位に低迷。ホームゲーム12試合で僅か7得点(17失点)しか挙げられず2010年と並ぶ前半戦クラブワーストタイの1勝(4分7敗)だったことも影響した。

In the Emperor's Cup, which he participated in for the first time in two seasons, he lost to Sagamihara 2-2 in the first round of the second round and lost the first round.

On July 7, the midfielder who belonged to Yokohama FM with a training-type loan transfer until November of the previous yearNaoki Tsubaki [101],Tokyo OlympicsOn July 7st, during the league match suspension period, the defender who completely transferred to Oita after the end of the previous seasonKenta Fukumori [102], Both have been announced to join again with a loan transfer.

However, he could not win even after resuming the suspension period, and when he was drawn to the 25th round away Ehime match, he had no consecutive wins in 9 league matches (10 official matches), and at the end of the same section, he fell to the bottom for the fourth time in the season.After winning the match against Home Machida in the 4th section and getting out of the bottom, the victory in the match against the home Kanazawa in the 26th section once raised the ranking to 29th place and maintained it until the 17th section, but the first match in the 30st section away Matsumoto match. Although he won the PK, he lost the game after failing and fell to 31th place in the relegation zone again. After that, he never left the relegation zone until the end of the season. He sank to 19th place or lower without winning 10 games in a row for the second time in the season, such as losing 3 minutes and 2 loss in additional time.After winning the match against Yamaguchi in Section 1 for the first time in 2 games, they lost in a row immediately after losing to Section 9, the final match against Tochigi. It is confirmed that it will be as follows.J3 leagueの結果次第では19位に残留の可能性は残されていたものの、19位で勝点38の相模原が得失点差-18に対し北九州は-27のため、勝点で追いついても逆転することも難しくなり、結局、奇遇にも前回J3降格が決定した2016年最終節と同じ会場となった最終節アウェー山形戦も1-5で惨敗し、同節引き分けた愛媛に勝点で並ばれ得失点差で逆転され最終順位は21位、Jリーグ史上初となる2度目のJ3リーグ降格、かつJ3リーグ優勝経験チーム初のJ3降格となった。攻撃では複数得点試合8(4勝3分1敗)に対し無得点の試合がその倍の16(7分9敗)に上った結果リーグワースト2位タイ、前年の前半戦で挙げた得点と同じ35得点にとどまり、一方守備は、前年は永井堅梧が契約上出場不可だった松本戦2試合以外全試合守った正GKの座を固定できなかったことなどもあり[103]、無失点試合も11あったものの4勝7分と多くを勝利に繋げられず、逆に複数失点した試合は全試合の半分の21で3分18敗、うち3失点以上した試合が開幕戦と最終戦を含む7もあるなど崩壊を修正出来ず、クラブワースト記録を更新する66失点でリーグワースト3位タイ。前年の5位から順位を16位下げたのは、2015年の7位から2016年の22位へ15位下げた事例を超えてクラブ史上ワースト記録、年間21敗、ホームゲーム3勝および11敗は本拠地移転後J2・J3を通じてクラブワースト記録[104], Home game points 16 were the lowest in J3 2018[105] After relocation alongside Club Worst Thailand[106], 3 wins in the home game and 16 points were the worst 2nd place after Ehime in J2 in the same year.

The day after the end of the season, Kobayashi's retirement and full-time sports director were announced.[107]. AlsoHiroaki Nagashima(Tokyo V coach inaugurated[108]),[109],Makoto MuraokaCoaches have retired.



Team slogan:Kitakyushu's Counterattack-REGAIN STRENGTH REBURNING

Served as head coach for 3 years under former director Kobayashi until the previous yearKenichi AmanoIs appointed as the new director[110]..In front of the head coachFC TokyoBefore the new coach of U-18 coachTochigiCoach'sNorichika KanemuraBefore the new physical coachNagasakiInauguration of physical coach[111].

DFHiroto Arai(At a later dateVONDS Ichihara(Kanto Department 1) Completely transferred),Kazuya Okamura(sameGifu),Wataru Noguchi(sameImabari), MFAkizawa Hayaki(sameJFLHirakata), FWSota Sato(sameMiyazaki) And without renewing the contract, DFYoshiki Sato TheTochigi City(Kanto 1st Division), DFKota MuramatsuIs Nagasaki, MFTakayuki Arakaki TheYamagataMF who had joined with a complete transfer, a time-limited / training-type time-limited transferDaigo Takahashi(Shimizu), FWTakamitsu Toyama(Omiya), MFNaoki Tsubaki(Yokohama FMMitoTransfer to for a limited time), DFJin Ikoma(Yokohama FM →YamaguchiComplete transfer to), DFKenta Fukumori(OitaTochigi(Transfer for a limited time) will be withdrawn after the transfer period has expired.Along with the previous year, 3 people left the team, exceeding the 2016 people who were off in 12 when they were demoted to J13 last time.[112], The players who were enrolled at the time of the previous J3 enrollment in Kitakyushu joined in 2019Takashi Kawano,Daiki Goto,Yuya TanakaThere were only three people.

On the other hand, the previous year千葉DF who was a loan transfer fromTakeaki HommuraMoved to full transfer, GKDaiki GotoReturned from a loan transfer to Omiya, GKYuki KatoLoan transfer from Omiya, MFKishi NishimuraFrom Shimizu, MFTakeaki Harigaya OfIwataAll of the upbringing loan transfers fromHachinoheTo FWYosuke Kamigata,SagamiharaTo FWNakayama Yuki,Urawa(The previous year was a loan transferFukushima) To MFNobuki Iketaka,Tochigi(sameKagoshima) To DFKotaro FujiwaraAll are completely transferred,Oita(sameNiigata) To FWYuya TakazawaIs a loan transfer, Iwata (the previous year was a training-type loan transferKumamoto) To MFKotaro FujikawaIs a training-type transfer with a time limit, as a newcomerShohei High SchoolTo MFTakaaki HiraharaAnd MFBunta Ino,Shizuoka Gakuen High SchoolTo DFShinnosuke Ito,Juntendo UniversityTo DFKoki HasegawaHave joined respectively.

3年ぶりに福岡県予選からの参加(ただし決勝戦のみ)となったEmperor's cupIt is,Fukuoka Universityと延長戦0-0の末PK戦の勝利で辛くも予選突破し、2年連続の本大会出場を果たしたが、1回戦で鹿児島に1-3で敗れた。



ク ラ ブ

By individual

J2 league
J3 league
  • Winning Director Award
    • Shinji Kobayashi (2019)
  • KONAMI Monthly MVP
  • Monthly best goal: 2 times
  • Monthly Excellent Director Award: 2 times
    • Shinji Kobayashi (February / March 2019, June 2)

Stadium/practice field

Home stadium

The Honjo Athletics Stadium was renovated to meet the J2 holding standards when Giravanz joined the J-League, and the capacity was 10,202 in chairs, but it was stillJ1It did not meet the capacity of 15,000, which is one of the criteria for holding the event.For this reason, Kitakyushu City was in 2013,Kokura StationNorth sideKokurakita WardAsano 3-chome(Kokura StationAnnounced to build a ball game stadium with a capacity of 15,000 at the north exit)[113]..The Kitakyushu Stadium was built after subsequent studies, and officially opened.2017 J3 LeagueIt was March 1th of Section 3.[114]..Facilities for the name of the stadiumNaming rights(Naming Lights) was introduced, and the local real estate company Mikuni won the bid and became "Mikuni World Stadium Kitakyushu".

Stadium dj

Driving range and clubhouse

The practice area is the Honjo Athletic Field in Kitakyushu City Honjo Park,Moji WardShinmojikitaShinmoji Stadium[1] Is used together.For Shinmoji Stadium, the club was operated until February 2009.Specified nonprofit corporationKitakyushu Football Club(Kitakyushu FC) (of the entire Kitakyushu Municipal Shinmoji Gymnasium including the Shinmoji Stadium)Designated administratorIt has become.

The clubhouse initially used the facilities in the Shinmoji Stadium, but based on the J1 license standard, it will be adjacent from 2016.Shinmoji MarinaA former restaurant in a corner has been renovated and rented for use.[115].


Uniform color
カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
FP (1st)Yellow x navyNavy blueNavy blue
FP (2nd)White x graywhitewhite
GK (1st)Green x navy blue绿绿
GK (2nd)Orange x navy blueOrangeOrange
FP 1st
FP 2nd
GK 1st
GK 2nd

Club color

  •     yellow,    "Red"

Uniform sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
chestYaskawa ElectricYaskawa
Yaskawa Electric
2012, 2018
2011 pants
2013-2016, 2019-2020 is the upper back
2011 and 2017 are written as "YASWAKA"
2013 --2016, 2018 --2020 is written as "Yaskawa Electric"
clavicleWingArc 1stdejiren2021-Written on the left
2021 is written as "WingArc1st"
WingArc1stWritten on the right
Upper backTOTOTOTO2017-2018
Pants in 2010 and 2012
2011, 2013-2016, 2019, 2020 are breasts
Lower backAso groupAso group2021-
Front of pantsZenrinZENRIN2013-2010-2012 is the upper back
Back of pantsNone--

Training wear sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationRemarks
chestFirst transportation industryFirst transportation industry
clavicleWingArc 1stWingArc1stPosted on both sides
Upper back (upper)Kitakyushu BankKitakyushu Bank
Upper back (lower)KitakyushuKitakyushu SDGs

Uniform supplier

Successive uniforms

FP 1st
2010 - 2012
2021 -
FP 2nd
2010 - 2012
2021 -

Chronology of successive uniform sponsors

chestLeft clavicleRight clavicleUpper backLower backsleeveFront of pantsBack of pants
2010Kitakyushu[118]Before banZENRINBefore banNafcoTOTOBefore banUMBRO
Yaskawa Electric
2013TOTOYaskawa ElectricZENRINBonera
2018Yaskawa Electric-
2019TOTOYaskawa Electric
Yaskawa Electric
WingArc1stTOTOAso group
  • Remarks about uniform
    • 2011-2012 uniform shirts are yellow for 1st and dark blue for 2nd (white pants).During this timeThe Spa KusatsuIn the war, both colors overlapped with the color of Kusatsu's 1st uniform (navy blue with yellow vertical stripes), so Kusatsu at home wore the 2nd (navy blue vertical stripes on white) and Kitakyushu away wore the 1st uniform.


The financial results of Giravanz Kitakyushu are as follows.

Profit and loss

年度incomeAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationOthercostexpensePersonnel expensesAdministrative expensesProfitNet income
  • Amount of money: million yen
  • Personnel costs are included in the project cost.

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2010 2011 2012 2013

年度RevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingSalesOthercostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSalesSaleProfitNet income
  • Amount of money: million yen

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2014 2015 2016 2017


年度Total assetsTotal debtNet worthCapital
2011114150X 36143
2012143173X 30147
2013133144X 11156
  • Amount of money: million yen

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017

Official supplier



tv set



The academy has a youth team (U-18) and a junior youth team (U-15).In addition, it was launched for the purpose of training young people.Kyushu Challengers LeagueTo2009/Has participated since the inauguration of.

In addition, "Kitakyushu Football ClubThere are separate "New Wave Kitakyushu Ladies" for junior high school girls and above, and "New Wave Kitakyushu Senior" for 40 years and older.

The uproar over cheering

When the supporters of the team cheer, the club side is inappropriate about using the word "buchikure" which means "beat down" in the local Kitakyushu dialect in the banner and cheering call. As a result, the prohibition of use was notified.In response to this, the supporters rebelled and continued to use it, but in November 2015 the club side banned those who used it.[119][120][121][122].


注 釈

  1. ^ The conclusion dates and local governments other than Mizumaki Town are as follows.
  2. ^ Including J1, Oita broke the record with 2013 wins per year in home games in 1 J0.
  3. ^ For this reason, 2 games from Sections 4 to 24 of the J21 League match have not been won in a row in the official match.
  4. ^ The Emperor's Cup Tottori Battle held in the same month also won


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