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⚽ | Fukuoka and Kaue have also announced their departure! "The cycle at Avispa Fukuoka is over, but ..."

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Fukuoka and Kaue also announced that they would leave the group! "The cycle at Avispa Fukuoka is over, but ..."

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Thank you to all the staff, front desk, team members, fans and supporters who have always warmly supported Avispa Fukuoka!

Brazilian midfielder Kaue (1), who belongs to Avispa Fukuoka in the Meiji Yasuda Life J32 League, is Cameroon national team FW Jo ... → Continue reading

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Avispa Fukuoka

Avispa Fukuoka(Avispa Fukuoka)FukuokaFukuoka CityHometown[1],Japan Professional Soccer League(J League) Professional football club.


1982Central crime prevention soccer clubIs the predecessor. Became an associate member of the J League in 1994 and has been a member of the J League since 1996.[1]..The club name Avispa isSpanish"Kuma bee (Wasp)"Meaning of[1]..The collective behavior and agility of the bees symbolizes the team's style of "light, disciplined and diverse group attacks."[1]..The operating company is Avispa Fukuoka Co., Ltd.[1].

HometownFukuoka CityOnly one city,2017/May 4There is a home stadium inHigashihirao ParkLocated in the suburbs ofKasuya-gunUmi Town,Shimen Town"Regional revitalization and promotion of sports culture", "Community-based sports club" and "Give children dreams and excitement through sports with people living in the community, and give pride and vitality to the community" We have concluded a "friendly town agreement" for the purpose of [6][7]..This Friendly Town Agreement is 2021 municipalities as of October 10[Note 1]Has been concluded with.

Home stadiumHigashi Hirao Park Hakata no Mori Stadium(Naming rights name, Best Denki Stadium)[1], The practice areaFukuoka City Ganosu Recreation Center Ball StadiumIs[1](Detail is#StadiumSee).

Most of the companies and organizations invested by the operating company have their main bases in Fukuoka City, or are companies that originated in Fukuoka.[Note 2], Directors are major shareholdersCoca-Cola West-Fukuoka City (Citizen's Bureau)-Kyushu Electric Power-West Japan Shimbun-Kyudenko-Fukuya-Fukuoka Bank-West Japan City BankExecutives are employed.In addition, to major investorsSECOMIs the mother of the clubCentral Security Act Service (currently Central Security)Has a connection with a SECOM distributor,Daito GikenIs included because the company accepted the intention to invest from the big city at the time of the capital increase in 2008 (described later). Increased capital in 2014System softwareBecame the largest shareholder (described later).

Fukuoka CityIs also a sister city ofBordeaux(France) HometownFC Girondin Bordeaux(League Ann), And engaged in short-term study abroad for young athletes and exchanges with coaching staff.[21].



In 1982ShizuokaFujiedaWas founded inCentral crime prevention soccer clubIs the predecessor[1],1991/ToJapan Soccer LeaguePeriod 2[1],1993/ToJapan Football LeaguePromoted to 1st division[1]. In 1994Central Security FC Fujieda BrooksRenamed to J League Associate Member in the same year[1] However, at that time, there was no stadium in Fujieda City that met the J.League standards, so they were moving to attract J.League clubs.Fukuoka CityIn 1995, he moved his hometown to Fukuoka City.Fukuoka BrooksRenamed to[1].

1995 (JFL)

1995 JFL championship major members
Team slogan:iARRIBA! (Let's go up)

To the director1978 FIFA World CupArgentina national teamMetJorge Mario OrginIs appointed.

Tosu FThanHugo Maradona,Yusuke Minoguchi,Masayuki NakagomiFormer Argentine national team who has been affiliated since the central crime prevention eraPedro TroglioTo hold京都, Tosu F,KobeAs a result of competing with others, he won the JFL with a record of 24 wins and 6 losses, and decided to join the J League from 1996.[1]..Holguin retired from the coach after the season ended.

In addition, the name was changed to "Avispa Fukuoka" in line with joining the J League.[1]..This is the men's clothing maker called "Brooks"Brooks BrothersCompany "商標This was because selling uniforms bearing the Brooks name would raise the risk of trademark infringement.

1996-1998 (J League)

1998 J 2nd Section 04 Shimizu Battle
(Lowest overall ranking in the year)
1997 J 1st Section 02 Iwata match
1996 J Section 02 Urawa Red Diamonds
(J League home game first match)

1996 years,Yokohama MFormer directorHidehiko ShimizuIs appointed as a director.Maradona, Troglio, and Mayor, three foreign nationals, remain.Former representative of JapanTonami Tonami,HiroshimaからHideaki MoriVeteran players such as Nakaharai, Fujimoto, Hisanaga, and Ishimaru also joined the team, but the ranking was 15th. It was 1997th in 17 and 1998th in 18, the lowest in the season for the second consecutive year.1998/ TheJ1 entry decision matchI participated in1 Round(I.e., Defeated Sapporo in the 3rd entry club deciding match and played J1 remaining.In 1998Mitsuru Chiyotanda(Higashi Fukuoka High SchoolStrengthen the first designated player (currently 3 years)Specially designated player) Was accepted.

1999-2001 (J1)

2001 J1 2nd Section 10 FC Tokyo(I.e.
(Final victory before J2 demotion)
2000 J1 1st Section 11 Shimizu Battle
1999 J1 2nd Section 08 Urawa Red Diamonds
(At the time of consecutive wins)
Team slogan:¡MAS ARRIBA! (Let's aim higher)
To the directorYoshio KikugawaIs inaugurated.Served as a director the previous yearKoji MoriBecame GM.
HiratsukaTo GKNobuyuki Kojima,KashimaTo DFMasafumi Mizuki,HiroshimaTo DFMitsuaki Kojima,Yokohama FMTo MFSatoru Noda,IchiharaTo MFNenad Maslovar,V KawasakiTo MFYasushi MiuraHowever, the final ranking is 14th.
Team slogan:¡JUNTOS, PODEMOS! (If you work together, you can do it)
Formerly affiliated with Fukuoka, the assistant coach of the previous yearNestor Omar PiccoliBecame the director.
Keeping in mind that we aim to get out of the team state that is sluggish in the lower ranks every year, we will practice in the morning, noon, evening and tactical aspects, etc. We asked the athletes to improve their basic mental and physical skills (skill improvement).In the second stage, he participated in the race for victory until the end, and as a result, he finished in 2th place.
New high school graduate rookieTakashi HirashimaFunctions as the main force, and foreigners are also formerYokohama MMFDavid Bisconti,Hiratsuka,oakPlayed an active part inBadea, Ace forwardMontojaWas also active.
Team slogan:¡MAS JUNTOS, PODEMOS MAS! (If we are more united, we can do more)
The second year of the Piccoli system.Former Korean national teamHiroshima,C OsakaMF who belonged toJun Roh, OriginalU-23 Japan National TeamFWYoshihara MatsubaraHowever, he was demoted to J15 with an annual record of 2th place.In addition, the DF to which he belongsTakashi HirashimaWas arrested for violating the child prostitution prohibition law (because he was 19 at the time, it was not reported under his real name).
Piccoli retires as director after the season ends.In addition, veterans such as Yasutoshi Miura also left the group due to the reduction in operating costs.

2002-2005 (J2)

2003 J2 Section 39 Hiroshima match
2002 J2 Section 09 C against Osaka
Team slogan:Just in ONE
NagoyaFormer coachMasataka ImaiBecame the director.
Daisuke Nakaharai-Yoshiteru YamashitaWhile they left the groupRubisu Wagner-Introducing Naito-Jun RohEtc. remain, from Yokohama FMSeiji Koga,IwataFrom former Japan national team GKTomoaki OgamiAlthough he aimed to return to J1 in one year by reinforcing such factors, he finished in 1th place with only 3 wins in the second half.
Team slogan:newborn
Hiroshi MatsudaIs appointed as a director.Although the first half of the game was sluggish at the bottom, Chiyotanda, Yoneda, Miyazaki, Koga, Miyahara, Hayashi and other young players were patiently used, and in the second half of the game, 5 wins, 16 draws and 3 losses including 3 consecutive wins (the top result in the second half only). He left and finished 4th in the season.
2005 J2 Section 27 against Kyoto
2004 J2 Section 35 Omiya War
Team slogan:We WILL make it! Achieve!
Matsuda system second year.Went in the previous yearSupporterI changed the color of the uniform in response to the questionnaire to (I reversed the 1st was silver and the 2nd was navy).
In the league match, he won 37 consecutive games from the 8th round to the final round and finished 3rd.J1・J2 replacement gameHas advanced tooakI was defeated by and was not promoted.
Team slogan:Challenge ~ Try it again to J1!
Matsuda system third year.Nakamura, who is in his second year of high school, Tanaka, who is also from youth in his second year, and Grausio, a former Brazilian youth representative who is a new member, are playing an active role.May 11Section 42 at HomeTokushimaDraw the battle and confirm the 2nd place. I decided to return to J5 for the first time in 1 years.
6 of the month2005 FIFA World Youth ChampionshipToNakamura Hokuto-Tomokazu YanagakuParticipated as a representative of Japan.

2006 (J1)

2006 J1 Section 09 Niigata match
(First victory after returning to J1)
Team slogan:Climb to the top!

Matsuda system third year.Mitsunori Yabuta(PreviousKobe),Nunobe,Seiichi Kuto(Both beforeC Osaka), But at the end of Section 12, he was 1th with 6 win, 5 losses and 16/XNUMX.May 5Matsuda was dismissed from the director.To succeedV KawasakiKobeFormer director ofRyoichi KawakatsuIs appointed.

2006 FIFA World CupFrom Kobe during the league match suspension periodBaronComplete transfer, alsoOmiyaからNaoya Saeki,Tokyo VからKazuyoshi IioWith a loan transfer.The season result is 16th.J1・J2 replacement gameIn J2 / 3rd placeKobeWhile dividing into twoAway goalLosing by the difference, J1 relegation was decided in one year.

Kawakatsu resigned as director after the season ended. I was left in the 5th roundEmperor's cup TheOkino, etc.Acted as acting director.In this year, the trade name of the operating company was changed from Fukuoka Brooks Co., Ltd. to Avispa Fukuoka Co., Ltd.

2007-2010 (J2)

2007 J2 Section 43 Yamagata Battle
Sydney FCFormer directorPierre LittbarskiIs appointed as a director. GKYuichi Mizutani oak, DFMitsuru Chiyotanda NiigataTransferred to each.In addition, the midfielder who served as captain the previous yearHovertoHas left the group.On the other handBrazilTo FWRincon, DF who once played under LittbarskiChekccoriWon.The combination of Rincon and Alex became an important scoring source for the 2007 team.
Of the opening roundTosuWithDerbyThe aggressive lineup worked and finished the first course in 5st place, winning 0-1.Even after entering the second cool, it was in the top, but Section 1京都Round 40 from the warTokyo VFive consecutive losses for the first time in five years until the war.Section 5SendaiLost the battle and the J1 promotion disappeared.The final ranking ended in 7th place.After the season is over, the team leaderShinji Kobayashi, The deputy directorShigekazu Nakamura, Training supervisionOkino, etc.Was dismissed.
2008 J2 Section 40 Yokohama FC match
Team slogan:Hearty!
Second year of Littbarski system.Since they did not sign contracts with 2 players (including rental players and foreign players), which is more than half of the 31 registered members of the previous year, the players have changed significantly.In addition, all foreign players have left the group, and all of them are new.AustraliaDF fromRudan, MFTalay, FWGriffithWas won. Also,京都Former midfielder belonging to FukuokaDaisuke Nakaharai,千葉To FWMuroaki Kurobe,Yokohama FCTo DFTakanori Nakajima,C OsakaTo GKMunehiro YoshidaJoined.Yokohama FMからHalfner Mike,oakからTetsuya OkuboBoth FWRental transfer,Suzuki Atsushi,Mt. Ooyama KyoheiBoth of them were promoted from the youth team (Suzuki2007 seasonParticipated in 2 types registration).
4 month 12 dayGifu5 runs in 4 minutes[22] The defense collapsed, and the first course ended in 1th place out of 15 teams.May 7, Dismissed coach Littbarski, head coach Kruk, and physical coach Claire due to poor results,Yoshiyuki ShinodaWas appointed as coach, but the final ranking ended in 8th place.
2009 J2 Section 51 Yokohama FC(I.e.
Team slogan:Consolidation ~ All hearts in one ~
Shinoda, who took over as director from the middle of the previous year, will continue to take command.Nakamura Hokuto FC TokyoIn addition to the complete transfer to, all foreign players who belonged last season also left the group.On the other handKumamotoTo FWYasushi Takahashi,IwataFrom originalRepresentation from JapanDFMakoto TanakaAcquired.At the beginning of the season, he joined the J-League from this year.OkayamaAt the end of the first course (2 games), 1 wins, 17 draws and 4 losses, 5 points, including the first J8 victory.Section 17TokushimaJ2 remains decided by the draw of the battle.The final ranking is also 11th.Also, with TosuDerbyIt was the first time in club history that he had not won.On the other hand, he won J2SendaiWon 2 wins and 1 loss.
2010 J2 Section 34 Oita War
Team slogan:Fukuoka Ishin
Shinoda system third year.Off last yearMunehiro Yoshida,Muroaki KurobeThe contracts with nine players, mainly veterans, have been terminated, and coaches other than the manager have also left the team all at once. A player over 9 years old was greatly rejuvenated with only Kuto and Makoto Tanaka, and was promoted from the subordinate organization.Korean register OfSon Jeong-ryunOther than that, only Japanese players entered the season (Korean in July)Lee ZhongminJoined).On January 1, just before the season, Tsuzuki Ko, who had been the club president since the middle of 27 during the J1 era, resigned, and on March 2006, Dentsu Kyushu Oita branch president Yuji Otsuka took office as his successor.
Joined from Tokyo VNagasato GenkiIs the source of points, and even college graduatesKosuke Nakamachi(2004 after graduating from high school-in 2007ShonanEnrolled)Sueyoshi JunyaFormed a voluntary combination, and Makoto Tanaka, who was in the second year of the transfer, led the team as the center of defense.
In the opening gameKofu3-1 and a good victory. He lost four games in a row in April, but on May 4th, Section 4KumamotoAfter winning 6-1 in the match, they have steadily accumulated points and won the home game against their rivals in the promotion battle with Chiba on September 9 and Tokyo V on November 12, and Gifu away. RippedMay 114th place ChibaKusatsuLost to 3rd place and decided to return to J5 for the first time in 1 years (final ranking is 3rd place).Since there were only two foreign players, Lee and his grandson, the Japanese player scored all the points in the league match this year (by the way, his grandson scored one goal at the Emperor's Cup).
In the Emperor's CupHiroshima,OmiyaAfter winning the J1 team in a row and becoming Avispa Fukuoka for the first time in 15 years, he advanced to the first best 8 (quarterfinalsFC TokyoLost 2-3 at the end of overtime).

2011 (J1)

2011 Basic Team
Team slogan:Fukuoka Riki! ~ Run with the ALL ~

Shinoda system 4th year.Enrolled for many yearsSeiichi KutoRetired and scored 15 goals last seasonNagasato GenkiTo Kofu,Takanori Nakajima oakWhat,Tetsuya Okubo YamagataWhat,Tomokazu Yanagaku FC TokyoWhat,Shu Abe KanazawaTransfer toMt. Ooyama Kyohei,Kenta HiraishiLeft the group.

The reinforcement is千葉からTakuzo Wada,IwataからSho Naruoka,Yokohama FMからNorihisa ShimizuIs a complete transfer from IwataTakuya Matsuura, From FC TokyoKentaro ShigematsuJoined by rental transfer.Kim Min Jae,Tokio Hatamoto,Taku UshinohamaIs a new member.AlsoNiki DaikiThe rental transfer period has also been extended.

In the opening gameNiigata9 consecutive losses since the opening (10 consecutive losses in the official match including the J League Cup and Iwata match). On June 6th, Section 15 (15th league match)KobeHe drew in the match and got his first points.After that, he lost 3 games in a row with 13 consecutive losses, but he won his first victory in the 7th league match against Kofu on July 2, but he dismissed Shinoda in August and became the head coach.Tetsuya AsanoBecame the director.

Defeated in Niigata on October 10 and decided to be demoted to J22[23]..The final ranking was 17th and the season ended.The Emperor's Cup was defeated by Sendai in the third round.

2012-2015 (J2)

Team slogan:Gamshala !! It's this year, so I have the power to put it out. 2012 Fukuoka Jikara
At the club alumnusKobeFormer coachKoji MaedaBecame the director.Makoto TanakaRetired,Yusuke Tanaka 千葉What,Okamoto Hideya KashimaWhat,Kosuke Nakamachi,Rokutan Yuji Yokohama FMWhat,Tatsunori Yamagata Tochigi SCComplete transfer to,Niki Daiki(G OsakaReturn to),Takuya Matsuura(IwataReturn to),Kentaro Shigematsu(FC TokyoReturn to) has expired the rental transfer period,Norihisa Shimizu,RamazottiHas left the group.On the other handYokohama FCからTakeshi Nishida,C OsakaからHiroki OjiFrom IwataMasahiro Koga, From FC TokyoDaisuke Sakata,UrawaからShunsuke TsutsumiWith a complete transfer,OmiyaからKihara Masakazu, G from OsakaKohei KawadaFrom IwataTakashi OkadaAcquired by rental transfer, Oh Chang-hyun,Daisuke IshizuIs a new member.
Kagoshima出身の前田を始めとして九州にゆかりのある人物で戦っていく「オール九州」の方針を打ち出し、同時に1年でのJ1復帰を目指したが、開幕2連勝を挙げて4位タイとなったが、それが最高順位となりその後はJ2ワースト2となる失点の多さ(68失点53得点 得失点差-15)などで、第6節京都War, Section 7AtagoAfter losing consecutively in the match and falling from 5th place to 8th place to 13th place, he could not return to the single digit ranking even once, and there is a possibility that he will lose to the Kumamoto match in Section 35 and be promoted to J1 automatically within 2nd place. , Draw for the 36th round against Yokohama FCJ1 promotion playoffsThe possibility of being in the 6th place to participate in the event has disappeared. Section 8 of August 26Masaru Matsumoto FCMaeda was dismissed from the coach after the defeat in Section 10 Oita on October 10, when he had not won 28 games in a row.Futoshi IkedaWas appointed as acting coach, but as a club with J12 experience, he has not won 5 consecutive races (7 minutes 1 losses) until the end of the season.2011/ OfYokohama FC2th place in the J18 league match, which is the lowest ranking at the end of the season[Note 3] The season ended with.Battle of KyushuIn the first half of the three games, which were all home games, two wins and one draw, but in the second half, all three games were defeated, and finally became the bottom.
Emperor's cupWas defeated by Omiya in the third round.
Team slogan:One Burn Uprising ~ 2013 Fukuoka Jikara ~
NK MariborFormer director ofMarijan PušnikBecame the director.Sho Naruoka Albirex NiigataWhat,Suzuki Atsushi Tokyo VWhat,Yasushi TakahashiandShogo Kobara Ehime FCComplete transfer to,Takuzo WadaRetired,Kohei KawadaReturned to Gamba Osaka after the loan transfer period expired, while he belonged to Fukuoka until 2006.Yuichi MizutaniAcquired by complete transfer from Kyoto, the previous yearGiravanz KitakyushuToSpecially designated playerBelonged asShuto Nakahara Fukuoka University of EducationJoined from.
Starting from the opening, he will be in 2nd place at the end of the 2nd round, but immediately after that, he will not win 3 games including 5 consecutive losses and will drop to 15th place.Section 8,Fukuoka DerbyAfter winning the match against Kitakyushu and re-emerged to 9th place when he won the 8th round in a row, he will move between 21th and 8th place until the 11st round after the end of the first half of the game. On June 6th, YuanFortuna DusseldorfI have been participating as a trainee in U-19 since MayKinjo Christopher TatsukiJoined.Also, in August,NagasakiWas transferred to theOh Chang HyunReturned by canceling the contract before the expiration of the periodルーマニアからBratislav PunosebatchWon.At the end of verses 24 and 25J1 promotion playoffs圏内の6位となるが、その直後10試合で3連敗5連敗各1回を含む1勝1分8敗と低迷し、第34節終了時には15位まで転落。11月10日、第40節の時点で6位以内の可能性が消滅し、最終的に14位でシーズンを終了した。ただし、Battle of KyushuThen,Fukuoka DerbyIt was the second victory since the 3 season with 3 wins and 2010 draws, including consecutive wins.
Emperor's cupThen, in the first round (second round)Tochigi SCDefeated.In October, management problems surfaced (for details, see#Management problemsSee).
Team slogan:Cooperation Concentric Fukuoka Jikara 2014
The second year of the Pušnik system.Takuya Miyamoto,Yuji Funayama,Hiroki OjiWithout renewing the contract withTakashi Okada,Kanakubo Jun,Kinaga groupHas expired for a limited time (Kanakubo later(I.e.Loan transfer, moneyNaganoComplete transfer to),Yuichi Mizutani Toyama,Takeshi Nishida,Kim Min Jae Atago,Kihara Masakazu Cambodia League OfTri Asia Phnom Penh FCCompletely transferred toTokio Hatamoto KanazawaTransferred to for a limited time.on the other hand,KitakyushuからKota Morimura,KobeからLee Kwang-seon,AndからAbe takumi,G OsakaからMasao HiraiAll are completely transferred,UrawaからMasaya Nozaki,OitaからYusuke Shimizu,NiigataからNobufumi Sakai,Yokohama FMからEijiro TakedaAll joined with a loan transfer.
Emperor's cupThen in the first roundMitoWas lost to the first round for the sixth consecutive year.
In the first half of the game, they climbed to 9th place at the end of Round 5 and then dropped to 16th place, but with 17 consecutive wins from Round 4, 21 wins, 9 draws and 5 losses at the end of Round 7, 32 points and playoffs. 6th place in the area.Although he dropped to 10th place in the second half of the game, he was still in 30th place with 12 points, 8 wins, 10 draws and 44 losses, and 6th place with a point difference of 1.However, in the 7 games from the 31st section to the final section, 12 win, 1 draws and 3 losses, and after the 8th round, there were no consecutive wins in 35 games. 8th place below the year.Battle of KyushuWas at the bottom.
With this seasonMarijan PušnikRetired.
2015 J1 Promotion Playoff Final
Team slogan:Fukuoka MOVEMENT heartbeat.Yakudo.Impressed.
Former Japan national team DF beforeoakWas the head coach ofMasami IharaBecame the director.Kenji SuzukiBecame the general manager of the teamFumitake MiuraBecame a coach.In the player, MFKinjo Christopher Tatsuki, MFTam Sheang Tsung, DFTokio HatamotoExpired contract with[24], DFKazuki YamaguchiIs retired from active duty.Also, MFMasaya Nozaki, DFEijiro Takeda, FWNabeta Ajin dream, GKYusuke ShimizuHowever, he left the group when the loan transfer period expired. DFOh Chang Hyun Soul Eland FCTransferred to.Meanwhile, MFSuzuki Atsushi, DFNakamura Hokuto, MFSueyoshi JunyaHas returned due to a complete transfer, andUrawaTo DFMizuki HamadaSendaiTo FWTakayuki NakaharaAre completely transferred,oakTo GKKosuke NakamuraShonanTo DFRie KamekawaJoin each with a loan transfer.Also, a midfielder from Urawa YouthYoshihiro Kunimoto,Fukuoka UniversityTo MFTomo TamuraIs a new member.
Although he lost three consecutive games from the opening round and sank to the bottom for a while, Ihara's challenge to rebuild the defense with three backs was successful, and he set a new club record from the fourth round with 3 undefeated games (3 wins and 4 draws). Is improved[25]..In addition, FW who played in Shonan etc. during the summer transfer periodWellingtonIf you get a complete transfer, the attack will become thicker, and the system that uses 3 backs and 4 backs properly depending on the opponent will start to function, and in the latter half of the season it will be involved in the automatic promotion battle.At the end of the season, they finished the season with no losses in 8 races including 12 consecutive wins (11 wins and 1 draw), and finally finished in 2rd place with the same points as 4nd place Iwata but not reaching 3 points due to the goal difference.J1 promotion playoffsIt was decided to advance the piece to[26].
Promotion playoffs in the semifinalsNagasakiWin the battle.In the finalC OsakaIt was decided to be promoted to J5 for the first time in 1 years due to the regulation by a draw.
Emperor's cupDefeated Iwata in the second round and broke through the first round for the first time in three years, but in the third round J2MachidaLost to.

2016 (J1)

Team slogan:Dreams and excitement for children!
The second year of the Ibara system.Coach'sFumitake Miura NaganoHe left the team to become the director.GK who played an active part in the defense of the previous yearKosuke Nakamura oakIn, MFNobufumi Sakai NiigataAlthough it returned toShonanDF who was transferring for a limited time fromRie KamekawaIs acquired by full transfer. Also,NagoyaTo MFDanilson,(I.e.To DFYuki Minato,千葉To DFKim Hyun Hun,NagasakiTo MFKenta Furube,OitaTo MFHirotaka TamedaIn addition to winning the K League ClassicBusanからKorean representativeGKLee Bum YoungJoined.
J5 for the first time in 1 years has not won 7 games since the opening (3 minutes 4 losses), and in the 9th roundFC TokyoAlthough he won his first victory in the battle, the 1st stage ended up with only two wins and ended up at the bottom.DF from FC Tokyo for a comeback during the summer transfer periodYuichi Komano,Yokohama FMからSanmon YudaiHowever, due to the fact that FW Wellington, the scoring source, worsened his left knee pain in July and his chances of participation decreased sharply, he will suffer the longest five consecutive losses of the team from August to September.[27].. In the 2nd section 14NagoyaLost to and was fighting for survivalNiigataWas decided to be 16th or lower in the annual ranking due to the victory, and was demoted to J1 in one year.
The fourth demotion from J4 is the most in the history of the J League, and the demotion of J1 at the bottom of J1 is the first in the club, and it is also the lowest in the overall ranking of J2 years before J1 was established.1998 season(J1 entry decision matchIt was the first time in 1 seasons since J18 remained after winning.
YBC Levin CupThen, although he was 6th at the end of the 6th round of Group B, he became 2nd in the group due to the victory of the final round against Niigata, and achieved the first quarter-final advance in the history of the club.Lost to FC Tokyo in the quarterfinals.
Emperor's cupIn the first roundYamaguchiLost to the penalty shootout.

2017-2020 (J2)

Team slogan:Dreams and excitement for children!
The third year of the Ibara system. FWKenshi Kanamori Kashima, MFKenta Furube Nagasaki,NumazuDF who was transferred with a deadline toYuya Mitsunaga Kumamoto, GKLee Bum Young K League Classic-Gangwon FCComplete transfer to MFTomo Tamura Urawa, MFSuzuki Atsushi OitaLoan transfer to, DFAbe takumi(GunmaTransferred to), MFShuto Nakahara, FWMasao Hirai(that's allKitakyushuTransferred to) has expired, whileNagoyaTo FWRiki Matsuda,G OsakaTo DFKeisuke Iwashita,ShimizuTo GKRikihiro Sugiyama,京都To MFKoji YamaseAcquired by complete transfer. FWDaisuke Ishizu KobeDF who returned from a loan transfer toYuichi KomanoJoined with a complete transfer, U-18 FWYusuke SakimuraIs promoted,Shizuoka Gakuen High SchoolGKTakumi YamanoiJoined as a new foreign playerIwata-Kofu-GifuMidfielder playing inGilsinho Atletico GoianienseJoined from.
Midfielder during the seasonDanilsonResigned due to family circumstances,Hanyang UniversityDFWon DujeEarn, moreYokohama FMTo FWTeruhito NakagawaJoined with a fixed transfer.
Although he lost to Oita in the opening round, he maintained a single-digit ranking from the 3rd round, and with 1 consecutive victories from the 12th round, he took the lead at the end of the 4th round.Although he finished second in the 15th round, he kept the lead from the 16th round to the 2st round at the end of the first half of the war.After surrendering the lead to Shonan in the 17nd round, he kept the 21nd place after that, but he did not win 22 games from the 2th round and finally overtook Nagasaki in the 28rd round to take 6rd place.He won 33 consecutive wins from the 3th round and moved up to 34nd place again, but in the 3th round he was overtaken not only by Nagasaki but also by Nagoya and fell to 2th place.In the end, I couldn't overtake Nagasaki and finished the season in 39th place for the first time in 4 seasons.J1 promotion playoffsIt was decided to turn to.Ega Health StadiumHeld at[Note 4]5th place in the first playoff game, Tokyo V gameKoji YamaseWin 1-0 with the goal. 3rd place Going to the playoff final with Nagoya, but awayEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIt ended in a 0-0 draw, and Nagoya was stipulated by regulation.2018 J1 LeagueHe was promoted and missed his return to J1 in a year.
In the league match, he scored only 42 goals in 36 games, and despite being proud of his defensive strength, which is 41 points less than the 5 goals scored by Shonan, who won the next few games, he scored 54 points and tied for 12th place in the league, of which Wellington alone scored 19 goals. The runner-up was Ishizu's 8 points and Yamase's 6 points, which was a big difference, and the offensive power other than Wellington was an issue.
The Emperor's Cup in the fourth roundUniversity of TsukubaLost to.
Team slogan:Stick to emotion and victory
The third year of the Ibara system. FWDaisuke SakataRetired, DFTakehiro Kayasu(Belgium-Sint-Troyden VV), DFNakamura Hokuto(Nagasaki), DFRie Kamekawa(oak), MFSanmon Yudai(Omiya), FWWellington(Kobe), DFMizuki Hamada, MFSueyoshi Junya(that's allOkayama), GKAkishige Kaneda(Oita), FWTakayuki Nakahara(JFLAomori), MFYuta Mishima(JFLMiyazaki), MFGilsinho(Brazil-Ferroviaria), FWWillian Popp( South Korea-Bucheon) Is a complete transfer, DFKoki ShimosakaOrMachidaLoan transfer to.FW who was transferred for a limited timeTeruhito Nakagawa Yokohama FMReturned to.Meanwhile, DFKojiro Shinohara(Okayama), DFNaoki Wako(Kashiwa), FWTakayuki Morimoto((I.e.), FWTurio de Melo(Brazil·Chapeco ense) Is a complete transfer, FWTakeshi Hirao(G Osaka), MFYou Ins(FC Tokyo), GKKentaro Wu(C Osaka), MFTakuma Edamura(Shimizu), FWDudu(Kofu) Joined each with a loan transfer, FWKoki Kido(Meiji University) Is a new member.Also MFSuzuki Atsushi(Oita), DFTomo Tamura(Urawa) Has returned from a loan transfer.In June during the season, DFEuleAnd FW Turio de Melo left the group one after another, while FW from Brazil Coimbra ECLeo Mineiro, FC Tokyo to DFKazushi Yoshimoto, DF from KashiwaKoga TaiyoAll joined with a loan transfer (Koga is a training type). In July, Yu Tamura completely transferred to Yamagata.
開幕から3節は負けなし(2勝1分)だったが、直後に3戦未勝利(1分2敗)で一旦順位を11位まで下げた後、8戦負けなし(5勝3分)で3位まで浮上、1敗の後3連勝で、第17節終了時には暫定2位、第18節終了時には暫定首位に浮上する。しかし自動昇格圏内順位となったのはこの時だけで、直後に連敗し暫定4位となり、その後は第26節ホーム横浜FC戦がTyphoon 12の影響で中止になった際に暫定8位、第29節栃木戦に敗れた直後と第33節から第34節にかけ暫定7位となった以外、第41節終了時点までプレーオフ進出圏内となる6位以内を維持していたが、最終節アウェー岐阜戦に引き分け、前節まで7位だった大宮が最終節勝利したことにより順位を逆転され、最終的に5位大宮、6位東京Vと勝点差1の勝点70(19勝13分10敗)、7位で終了、2年連続のプレーオフ進出を逃した[28]。ホームゲームでは6連勝するなどし、優勝した松本と並びJ2トップの勝点42(12勝6分3敗)を挙げながら、アウェーでは最終節含め勝ちきれない試合も多く、勝点28(7勝7分7敗)しか挙げられなかったことも、昇格を逃した原因の一つとなった[29].
On November 11th, after the final section, the retirement of director Ihara was announced.[30], On the 23th of the same month,Okuno mentor right,Noriyuki Yamagishi,Yasukazu Takehara,Shinobu KikuchiThe departure of each coach was also announced[31].
Team slogan:Stick to emotion and victory
Italy-Ellas Verona FCFormer directorFabio PecchiaIs appointed as director[32].
Ryuichi Kamiyama,Shunsuke Tsutsumi,Koji Yamase[33],Yuichi Komano[34]However, 6 players including Dudu, Takuma Edamura, and Yu In-soo have completed the loan transfer period.[35]A total of 11 people were released, including leaving each group.In addition, Koki Shimosaka, who had been transferred to Machida for a limited time, was completely transferred to Machida.On the other handSerantes,Hirokazu Ishihara,Naoya Kikuchi,Mikuni Kennedy Ebbs,Tanabe grass peopleA total of 10 new members have joined.
Immediately after the start of the seasonKeisuke Iwashita TosuWhile transferring toC OsakaからYang Dong HyunJoined with a complete transfer.During the summer transfer periodKazushi Yoshimoto ShimizuWhile completely transferred toRyo Hatsuse,Dai Kato4 players joined with a loan transfer.
開幕から4戦未勝利で最下位に転落、第5節アウェー新潟戦でシーズン初勝利を挙げ20位に浮上するも、続く第6節に敗れ再び最下位となる。第7節栃木戦でようやくホームゲーム初勝利を挙げ最下位は脱したが、順位は第1節終了時以降常に17位以下、第14節終了時にはJ3降格圏内の21位となるなど低迷。第16節終了翌日の6月3日、監督のペッキアが家庭の事情を理由に急遽退任、コーチを務めていたSeiichi KutoWas promoted to director.Since the game against Tochigi mentioned above, 10 home games have not been won (3 minutes and 7 losses), and the slump has continued, such as being ranked 17st again in the 21th to 23st and 21rd sections. He moved up to 16th place and finished the season.After the season, Kuto retired from the coach.
Team slogan:Stick to emotion and victory
The year beforeMitoWas the director atShigeru HasebeIs appointed as director[36].
Kikuchi retired from active duty,Riki Matsuda, Yang Dong Hyen,Won Duje, Ishihara, Hase, Kato and a total of 12 people left the group.In addition, Iwashita, who had been transferred to Tosu the previous year for a limited time, was completely transferred to Tosu.On the other hand, I played for Hasebe in Mito the previous year.Hiroyuki Mae,Fukumitsu Takaki,Masaaki MurakamiIncluding,Juanma Delgado,Emil Salomonsson,Masato Yuzawa,Takuya Shigehiro,Daisuke KikuchiA total of 14 new members have joined.
After the start of the seasonYuki Minato Yokohama FMWhile completely transferred toYuta Fujii Yokohama FCI joined with a complete transfer from.
Opening round, the first time in 5 seasonsKitakyushuWithFukuoka DerbyAfter winning 1-0 toSpread of new coronavirus infectionAfter resuming from the interruption of more than 4 months due to the influence of, although he dropped to 3th place at the end of the 4th round without winning 17 games, he moved up to 3rd place at the end of the 8th round with 3 consecutive wins immediately after.
On July 7, one staff member was found to be infected with the new coronavirus, so the club itself was responsible for a total of 27 other players and club personnel.PCRWhen the test was done, all the players were negative[37], On August 8nd, as a result of the J-League official test, it was diagnosed that there was a high possibility that the pre-MF was positive, and the 2th section of the same nightOmiyaBattle (NACK5 Stadium Omiya) Was suddenly canceled after 2:17, which was less than XNUMX hours before the start of the match.[38]Previously, the patient was diagnosed as positive by the PCR test on the next 3 days, and although he was asymptomatic, he was followed up at a medical facility and left the team.[39].
After this cancellation, he lost 11 win, 3 draws and 10 losses in 7 games from the 1th round, including 2 consecutive losses from the 4th round, and dropped to 16th place again at the end of the 17th round, leading the same section.NagasakiThe difference in points with and has expanded to 17.Meanwhile, on August 13, after the end of Section 8,HiroshimaFrom U-23 Japan National Team MFTaishi MatsumotoJoined with a training-type loan transfer, and when the previous section returned from Section 17, he won eight games in a row, including the transfer game of Section 9 mentioned above, and was undefeated in September, and Nagasaki in Section 8. Re-emerged in 8rd place[40]In addition, on October 10, he won the match against Fukuoka Derby Kitakyushu at the Round 4 home 24-2, achieved a new club record of 0 consecutive victories, and at the same time, overtook Kitakyushu to move up to 9nd place for the first time in the season.[41].
October 10th, immediately after the promotion zone emerged,YamagataFrom the same team's top scorer this seasonYuya YamagishiWith a complete transfer[42].
After that, in the 27th round, the leaders lined up with pointsTokushimaWhile losing, he won the away Gunma match 1-0, and when he extended his winning streak to 12, he emerged as the first leader of the season, and although his winning streak stopped at 12, he continued to extend his undefeated record to 15.But Section 30 AwayIwataAfter losing 1-2 to the match for the first time in 16 games, Tokushima, who won the same section, will be lined up with points and will be second in the goal difference.Although he did not return to the top position after that, he did not allow Nagasaki to reverse in 2rd place, and Section 3 Away.Atago戦に2-0で勝利、同節長崎が引き分けたことにより、1試合を残して2位以上が確定、2005年、2010年、2015年に続く5年ぶり4度目のJ1昇格が決定し、"5年周期"神話が続くこととなった[43].
In the final round, they also defeated Tokushima, the leader, and in the second half, they scored 14 points with 5 wins, 2 draws and 47 losses, which is the top of all teams. finished.Takumi KamijimaParticipated in 41 games, the most in the teamToya Daiyaがチームトップの11得点、フアンマが8得点を挙げた以外は5得点以下ということもあり、チームの総得点は51でリーグ10位ながら、失点は全チーム中唯一30を下回る29という堅い守備で勝ち抜き、25勝のうち実に15勝までもが1-0の勝利だった。


The second year of the Hasebe system.Suzuki AtsushiSerantesWas enrolled due to the expiration of the contract and with a loan transferTakumi Kamijima(oak),Masuyama Chaoyang(Kobe),Taishi Matsumoto(Hiroshima),Toya DaiyaA total of 12 people left the club, including (Kawasaki) returning to their respective clubs.On the other hand, on the reinforcement sideDaiki Watari(Oita),Takaaki Shichi(Mito),Daiki Miya(Tosu),Taro Sugimoto(Matsumoto),Jordy Croux(Roda JC, Netherlands),Masakazu Yoshioka(Nagasaki),Kenshi Kanamori(Tosu),Kaue(Portugal Belenenses SAD) with a complete transferNagaishi Takumi(C Osaka),Bruno Mendes(Uruguay Deportivo Maldonado),Ryuki Nara(Kashima),John MaryAcquired (Shenzhen FC, China) with a loan transfer.In addition, I was subscribed with a transfer with a time limit the previous yearEmil SalomonssonWas completely transferred as it was.During the seasonKonan UniversityScheduled to join the next yearSeiya InoueJoins as a JFA / J League specially designated playerMikuni Kennedy EbbsKaito KuwaharaTransferred to Tochigi and Yamaguchi, respectively, with a training-type loan.During the summer transfer periodShun NakamuraAcquired (Shonan) with a complete transfer.
The J1 League won their first victory of the season in the fourth match against Tokushima, which they faced without winning the opening three games.After that, he achieved a new club record of 3 consecutive victories in J4 and succeeded in raising the ranking to 1th place at the end of Section 6.However, from the 14th round of Yokohama FC on May 5th to the 5rd round of Hiroshima on August 26th, a big brake was applied with 16 wins, 8 draws and 9 losses including 23 consecutive losses, and the ranking dropped to 5th place. rice field. After winning the match against Cerezo Osaka on August 0th for the first time in about two and a half months, it turned upward again, and in the match against Kawasaki F on August 2th, Croux scored 5-11. He won and succeeded in putting the first soil of the season on the J8 champion of the previous year. SeptemberKyushu DerbyThen, overwhelming victory over Tosu 3-0.After that, although he was defeated in the match against Kobe on October 10th, which was the possibility that he could decide to remain on his own, the remaining was confirmed based on the results of other venues.This will2001/After being demoted to J2 for the first time, the negative jinx of "be sure to be demoted to J5 the year after being promoted to J1", which has continued every five years, has ended.[44]..In the final round, he drew in a direct confrontation with FC Tokyo, which is approaching a point difference of 1 away, and ended the season in 1th place in J8 year, which is the highest ranking in club history.
Levan cupLost the group stage,Emperor's cupIn the first roundSagan TosuLost to.
Hasebe system third year.Kaue's contract expired, Bruno Mendes' loan expired, Salomonsson'sIFK Gothenburg(Sweden), Gutierrez left Tochigi and Masakazu Yoshioka left due to complete transfer to Yamaguchi.On the other hand, Tatsuki Nara and Takumi Nagaishi have moved to complete transfer.Yota Maejima(Yokohama FC),Last year J2Of the top scorerLucian(Iwata), from Higashi Fukuoka High SchoolYuta Kumamoto(Yamagata), from Avispa Fukuoka U-15Tatsuya Tanaka(Urawa) and others were acquired by complete transfer, and Seiya Inoue (Konan Univ.), Who was a specially designated player in the previous year, officially joined.



Domestic title

* As Fukuoka Brooks

By individual

hat trick

leagueScorePlayer nameDatesCompetitive clubStadiumScoring time
J13 pointsViscontiNovember 2000, 11 (18nd Section 2)Jeff United IchiharaIchihara SeasideGoal in 12 minutes 12 minutes44 minutes82 minutes
J23 pointsTomoji EguchiJuly 2002, 7 (Section 24)Cerezo OsakaHakata ballGoal in 19 minutes 19 minutes28 minutes29 minutes
Kohei MiyazakiJuly 2003, 5 (Section 31)Sagan TosuGoal in 19 minutes 19 minutes39 minutes80 minutes
ア レ ッ ク スJuly 2007, 7 (Section 25)The Spa KusatsuGunma RikuGoal in 11 minutes 11 minutes31 minutes34 minutes
Old JFL3 pointsHugo MaradonaJuly 1995, 5 (Section 7)Fukushima FCHeiwadaiGoal in 36 minutes 36 minutes55 minutes68 minutes
July 1995, 6 (Section 11)NTT Kanto Soccer ClubGoal in 15 minutes 15 minutes40 minutes70 minutes


Home stadium is Fukuoka CityHakata Ward OfHigashihirao ParkInHigashi Hirao Park Hakata no Mori Stadium(Naming rights name: Best Denki Stadium).

All official league games since 2008 have been held at the stadium, but the stadiumRugby World Cup 2019Since it became one of the venues of, on November 2017, 11 for renovation work for thisJ1 promotion playoffsSemifinalKumamoto Prefectural Sports Park Athletic FieldHeld at (naming rights name: Egao Kenko Stadium)[45]In addition,2019 league matchThen.Higashihirao Park Hakata no Mori Athletics StadiumAs a home stadium[46].

In addition, the past home game holding stadium is "Avispa Fukuoka Yearly Results List #Number of Visitors by Year"checking.

The practice area is Fukuoka CityHigashi Ward OfFukuoka City Ganosu Recreation Center Ball Stadium.

Stadium dj

When Nobukawa is absent

Team mascot

  • Abbey[1]
  • Bibby[1] (First unveiled at "Gathering of Player Encouragement" on February 2000, 2)


Uniform color
カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
FP (1st)NavyNavyNavy
FP (2nd)silversilversilver
GK (1st)Sunset redSunset redSunset red
GK (2nd)グ リ ー ング リ ー ング リ ー ン
GK (3rd)blackblackblack
FP 1st
FP 2nd
GK 1st
GK 2nd
GK 3rd

Team color

Until 2003, the 1st uniform was silver and the 2nd uniform was navy blue, but from 2004AboveThe 1st uniform was changed to navy blue and the 2nd uniform was changed to silver in response to the results of the supporter's questionnaire.Regarding the club color, the main color was set to navy blue, but because there was a gap in consciousness about the color between the club and the supporters in 2020, the main color was navy (color code: PANTONE281C). )[47].

Limited uniform

  • Produced "1996th Anniversary Uniform" based on the 20th anniversary of joining the J-League in 20.The design is the result of public offering from fans and supporters in advance[48], J The design was decided based on the uniform of the first year of membership.A vertical stripe pattern is included on a white background, and mauve, which was the team color of the predecessor "Fujieda Brooks", was also used as part of the accent color.[49].
  • Produced under the title of "2017 Bee Festival Commemorative Uniform".Based on the uniform design of the predecessor "Fukuoka Brooks", the design was finished with the image of "bee", which is the origin of the club name, with a navy and yellow border pattern. August 8, J27 Section 2MitoWorn in battle[50].
  • Produced under the title of "2018 Bee Festival Commemorative Uniform". Based on the concept of "Victory", the V line on the chest expresses the goals of the season, J2 victory and J1 promotion.Finished with traditional stripes based on navy blue[51]..In the initial announcement, the wearing match was scheduled only for J8 Section 11, Mito match on August 2.[51], Won the match and received requests from many fans and supporters, September 9st, J1 Section 2OitaI wore it in battle[52]..He also won the same game, and after that he expanded the wearing game to all home games in September.[53], Away in response to a request from a supporter living in KantoFukuda Electronic ArenaSeptember 9th, J16 Section 2 held at千葉I wore it in battle[54].
  • Produced under the title of "2019 Bee Festival Commemorative Uniform".The design is a camouflage representation of the municipalities in Fukuoka Prefecture. August home game (8thYokohama FCWar, 17thTokushimaWar, 31thAtagoBattle) and the final sectionKagoshimaWorn in battle[55][56].
  • Based on the fact that we celebrated the 1995th anniversary of the club's establishment in 25, we produced a "25th anniversary uniform".A design homage to the uniforms of the Fukuoka Brooks era, which won the former JFL in the first year of the move to Fukuoka (1995). Blue veil dance is used for FP and black is used for GK as the base color, and the striped pattern of the 2020 uniform is designed. 9 home games from mid-September to October (September 10)MachidaWar, 23thGunmaWar, 30thTochigiWar, October 10thKitakyushuWar, 25th千葉Wear in battle)[57][58].

Uniform sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
chestShinnihonseiyakuShinnihonseiyaku2021-2018-2020 is the upper back
clavicleHakata Green HotelHAKATA
2018-Written on the left
DMM.comDMM Hoken2022-Written on the right
2021 upper back
Upper backBybit Fintech LimitedBYBIT2022-October 2021-December of the same year is the back of the pants[59]
Lower backUPSUPS2020-"Plantel EX" notation for 2020
sleeveKirin BeverageKIRIN
Kirin Beverage
Front of pantsPietroPietro2020-2017-2019 lower back
Back of pantsNone--

The history of uniform supply

Successive uniforms

FP 1st
1996 - 1998
1999 - 2000
2001 - 2002
2022 -
FP 2nd
1996 - 1998
1999 - 2000
2001 - 2002
2022 -
FP other
20 anniversary
Bee Festival Memorial
Bee Festival Memorial
Bee Festival Memorial
25 anniversary
Autumn team of the game

Chronology of successive uniform sponsors

chestLeft clavicleRight clavicleUpper backLower backsleeveFront of pantsBack of pants
1995GEORGIABefore ban-
Before banSanyo Shinpan-Before banAdmiral
1996RICOHAdmiral /
1999Sanyo ShinpanRICOH
2002Pocket bank
2004Kyushu Electric Power
2005J: COM
2008-Access Japan.R
Dot Ah!
Kyushu Electric Power
2009everlife Emperor JunOdyssey
2011- /
West Japan Newspaper
- /
Aji no Mentaiko
Hakata Nakasu
2012- /
Nishitetsu Group
-Aji no Mentaiko
Hakata Nakasu
West Japan Newspaper
2013Nishitetsu Group
2014-Broad-mindedAji no Mentaiko
Hakata Nakasu
Amaou Strawberry Processing Sales Office from Itoshima, Fukuoka Prefecture
Ito King
Fukuoka estate
2016Toppa!E insuranceBIKING
Premiere Mobile
2020Plantel EXPietro-
2021ShinnihonseiyakuJapan ParkDMM HokenUPS- /
Kirin Beverage



  • Avispa Fukuoka U-18
  • Avispa Fukuoka U-15
  • Avispa Fukuoka U-14
  • Avispa Fukuoka U-13




Problems / troubles

Lee Kwan-woo joining problem

1999/In September, South Korea OfHanyang UniversityBelonged toLee Kwan Woo(at that timeOlympicsThe Korean national team) was announced, but the K-League canceled the membership contract due to a violation of the draft rules and a backlash.

Mainstay preservation (J League regulations) problem

2000 J League CupQualifyingShonan BellmareBattle (May 4), Avispa preserved its mainstay, and young and mid-level players played a central role, and although it became a problem that it would violate the league rule of "fighting the match with the strongest members", the match Won a victory.

Business problems

After moving to Fukuoka, Fukuoka City underwrote a capital increase of 1998 million yen and contributed a maximum of 4 million yen in 9, and in 2006, 34% of the capital of 99 billion yen.Capital reductionAnd receive additional support from major shareholders[61] The chronic deficit constitution continued.Meanwhile, the uniform breast sponsor (""GEORGIAThe logo was posted) of the largest shareholderKitakyushu Coca-Cola BottlingCoca-Cola West Japan(CCWJ,Ricoh Sanai Group) Withdrew from uniform sponsor at the end of the 2007 season[62]..All other uniform sponsors have been replaced, but only the breast sponsor has not been replaced (#Timeline of successive uniform sponsors(See also), management issues will be highlighted.

2008 year 6 month,PachislotMachine makerDaito GikenWas reported to be a uniform sponsor of the club[63]..The J-League side temporarily showed disapproval because the company's affiliated company manages pachinko halls.[64]Was officially announced to participate in the company's capital in September of the same year.[65]..However, participation as a uniform sponsor was postponed.

In the 2009 season, it became an abnormal situation that we entered the season without uniform sponsors other than pants.[66] However, in April 2009, the uniform breast sponsor said, "Ever lifeHas been decided[67]..Back sponsor Odyssey Communications Was decided[68].. In 2010DentsuYuji Otsuka, who was originally from Japan, became president and increased the number of advertising sponsors from about 90 to about 150 in order to break away from the corporate constitution that relies on large sponsors.[61]It seemed that there was a tendency for improvement in management problems.

But in 2013 and 2014J League club licenseA J1 license with an "individual notice", which is one step lighter than the "correction notice", was issued.[69] Immediately after, on October 10, a local newspaperWest Japan Newspaper(West Japan Sports) Reported that Avispa is in an extremely difficult business condition with the possibility of withdrawing from the J-League.[70]..Specifically, the operating company's cash flow became tight from around May 2013, and the working capital was diverted with a short-term loan of tens of millions of yen, but as of the end of September, the budget is expected to be about 5 million yen. On the other hand, while the actual operating revenue was only about 9 million yen, as of October, it became impossible to borrow new working capital, so the working capital of about 9 million yen was settled at the end of November when the cash flow was exhausted. It is said that it will be impossible and the salary of the players for December may be delayed, so when recruiting sponsorship money for Avispa's elementary school student invitation project "Avispa Kids Partner", the Fukuoka Prefecture Soccer Association is a subsidiary of the youth soccer club "Avispa Fukuoka is facing the biggest financial crisis. If working capital of 6000 million yen cannot be prepared by November 8, the flow of money will be stagnant and the worst result will be brought about. It was made clear by sending a document to the effect that "it will be."

Avispa President Yuji Otsuka commented, "In the worst case, I am prepared to borrow from the J.League and get minus 10 points," and requested the major shareholders for sponsorship, but in 2006 Due to the circumstances at the time of the year, Fukuoka City, a major shareholder,Western gas[71],Fukuoka Financial Group,West Japan Railway[72] Etc. expressed a negative view on the additional support for Avispa.However, small-scale sponsorships of 2645 million yen from individuals and corporations, including the "Avispa Kids Partner" sponsorship, and major shareholdersFukuyaIndirect support by (sell support products and donate sales to Avispa)[73]・ A maximum of about 1776 million yen) was gathered, and as of November 11th, it was announced that the cash flow within the year was available.[74].. On November 11, Yuji Otsuka resigned as CEO, taking responsibility for a series of management issues.[75]Former successorKashima AntlersReinforcement managerAtsushi NomiyamaWas appointed, and Satoshi Tarumi, the chief of the City Culture Promotion Department, was appointed as a full-time director to support Nomiyama.[61].

The following day, February 2014, 2, an advisory board (management advisory board) was established to strengthen club management.[76].. In the 7 financial results of 23 J-League participating clubs announced on July 51, it was reported that they had an insolvency of about 2013 million yen for the second consecutive term.Masaaki OkawaJ-League Managing Director pointed out that "although it will be possible to make a profit, there is no certainty that insolvency (elimination) will occur."[77]Of the 11 clubs that were insolvent at the time of reporting, Fukuoka was the only club that had no prospect of resolving the insolvency by the license review in September.[78].

At the extraordinary board meeting held on August 2014, 8, he was involved in the development of core and business systems and the development of Web applications, which originated in Fukuoka City.System softwareApproximately 1 million yenThird-party allotmentResolution to consult the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders in September[79].. SystemSoft announced the decision to participate in Avispa on August 8[80] Therefore, it is expected that the resolution of the insolvency and the deprivation of the J.League club license system, which had been a concern, will be avoided.The capital increase through third-party allotment was implemented on September 9, with SystemSoft becoming the largest shareholder, and Haruki Yoshio, the company's president, and the parent company of SystemSoft.Apaman Shop HoldingsManaging Director (Apaman Shop NetworkCEO,There is CityTakashi Kawamori (Representative Director) is newly appointed as a part-time director[81]..Kawamori became president at the general meeting of shareholders and the board of directors held on March 2015, 3 (former president Nomiyama was replaced by a full-time director).[82].

Takashi Kawamori, who became president, has implemented various reforms aimed at restructuring and improving efficiency.We have expanded our sales system, including the introduction of limited-time employees, established an employment environment where each employee's skills can be utilized, and improved cash flow.As a result, the number of sponsors has increased more than five times from 186 (2014) to 1010 (2015).In terms of spectator mobilization, as a result of various efforts including sharing the philosophy with top teams as well as academy school students, including the "Revesta 5 people project", the number of spectators mobilized in 1.5 was 2016% compared to 2015. Up to[83][84].


tv set







The financial results of Avispa Fukuoka are as follows.

Profit and loss

年度incomeAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationOthercostexpensePersonnel expensesAdministrative expensesProfitNet income
  • Amount of money: million yen
  • Personnel costs are included in the project cost.

Source: List of J1 club financial results for each year. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

年度RevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingOthercostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSaleProfitNet income
  • Amount of money: million yen

Source: List of J1 club financial results for each year. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

年度RevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingSalesOthercostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSalesSaleProfitNet income
  • Amount of money: million yen

Source: List of J1 club financial results for each year. 2016


年度Total assetsTotal debtNet worthCapital
  • Amount of money: million yen

Source: List of J1 club financial results for each year. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016


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注 釈

  1. ^ The signing dates with the signing municipalities other than Umi-cho and Shime-cho are as follows (as of November 2020, 12).
  2. ^ The capital structure as of September 2008, 9 isCoca-Cola West Holdings 14.95%, Fukuoka City 14.10%,SECOM 7.05%,Sanyo Shinpan 6.69%,Ricoh 5.64%,Daito Giken Was 4.94%[20].
  3. ^ However, Yokohama FC is 20th out of 18 clubs and Fukuoka is 22th out of 18 clubs.
  4. ^ Fukuoka, which ranked 4th in the league, had the right to hold a home, but it is the original home stadium.Level Five StadiumCould not be used due to repair workRoasso KumamotoIt was held at Egao Kenko Stadium, the home stadium of.


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