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🏓 | Tomokazu Harimoto Defeated Hong Kong player and entered the top 4 at the last international tournament this year [WTT Cup Finals]


Tomokazu Harimoto defeats Hong Kong player and enters the top 4 at the last international tournament this year [WTT Cup Finals]

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For the penholder player who was once called a Japanese killer, Harimoto in the first game took the ace with an up-down serve, and further raised the receive to gain an advantage.

"WTT Cup Finals Singapore" <December 12-4> Men's Singles Quarterfinals on the 7th of the 3rd day of the tournament ... → Continue reading

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Up Down

Up Down(English: up down) IsYoshimoto KogyoTokyo Head Office(Tokyo Yoshimoto) BelongingComedy combination.

The formation is1996 April.以前はPreviouslyYoshimoto Kogyo Sapporo OfficeI belonged to (Sapporo Yoshimoto), but I moved to Tokyo and nowLUMINE the YoshimotoAppearing in theaters.


Hiroki Abe(Abe Hiroki, (‭1977-04-20-XNUMX) 1977 May 4(44 years old) -)

  • The standing position is on the right and in charge of Tsukkomi.HokkaidoSapporoI'm from. A type.
  • During elementary, junior high and high school, he worked hard on baseball and was also the captain at No. 4.
  • I was Yancha when I was a student.That is also the story of comics.
  • Since high schoolHerniated discHave.
  • In 2003, I changed my hairstyle because I was lost in my characterPunch permThere is a time when I was doing it.In addition, I used to dye my hair bright red or silver.According to him, he wanted to be ridiculed.As a result of repeating such things, 10 yen baldness was made in the past.
  • Broadcast on October 2007, 10, "It was your thanks to the Tunnels』The 11thDoctors and Assistants-Monomene Championship that is too detailed to conveyAlthough it was the first appearance, he won the championship. "Welcome" is "AerosmithSoundsKyodo StationpreviousConvenience storeShow off the story of a clerk.this is,Tunnels,Tsutomu Sekine,Teppei Arita(Creamy Chu) Received acclaim and won the championship.同じコーナーで優勝経験を持つHave the winning experience in the same cornerHakata HanamaruReceived acclaim from.After the airing, the convenience store was flooded with customers for a while to see the clerk at a glance, and he panicked enough to hinder management.
  • A big fan of X JAPANToshiI am good at impersonating.
  • "Mobile Suit Gundam"of,Char AznableI love.
  • Mongolian・ Has the character of "Abegis Khan", which is the story of Tale.bridgeIs "Uramba-Tooool! ".Genghis KhanSing "Mongolian Aruaru" such as "Riding a horse in the daytime and riding a woman in the evening" on the song.プロデュースはProduced byKendo Kobayashi.
  • In "Up and Down Talk Illusion"2009 Announced that he was enrolled on September 9th.
  • The eldest son was born in 2010, the second son was born in August 2013, and the eldest daughter was born on July 8, 2016.[1].

Takumi Takemori(Takumi Takemori, (‭1978-03-21-XNUMX) 1978 May 3(43 years old) -)

  • The standing position is on the left and is in charge of blurring.北海道HokkaidoKayabe-gunMori TownI'm from. A type.
  • 2007 May 2Enrolled in.It was announced at a solo live held on March 3st of the same year.
  • I also do music activities.At that time, he wore a ring and glasses, and said, "Arabikidan』\ When performing, that ringKoji HigashinoとTakashi FujiiI was ridiculed as "I feel sick".
  • The song "Nukazuke no Uta" from the self-produced mini album "Ai no Serenade 2" was released in April 2005.NHK"Everyone's songWas selected for the event.それを機にTaking that opportunityInstituteEstablished "Nukazuke Man Board of Education" and became the representative director, playing "Vegetable Warrior Nukazuke Man"Food educationWe are doing activities.
  • Based on a true story, he wrote and composed the song "Kizuna" (co-written with Seishin Tsuchiya), which sang the love of his mother who died at a young age.Hiromi IwasakiProvided to.It was released in May 2017 as Iwasaki's single.Takemori himself is also performing live.
  • During co-starringHarigane Rock(Takemori couldn't appear because of the high fever that day), he was jokingly described as "a child who seems to be a little difficult", but Abe says, "If you get used to it, it's not so."Yoshimoto ∞Than).
  • Nibunnogo!・ Hideki Morimoto, Tomohide Okawa,Ginnana-Kiminobu KanenariIn addition, it is often ridiculed.
  • With several people including AbeKabukichoI got drunk while walkinghostTakemori grabbed the host's collar and dragged him, saying, "Come on!"Abe was surprised at the appearance of Takemori, which he had never seen before, but after that he said "Come! Come!" And took the host to the station, and the station staff in the stationmaster's office said, "This person gets involved. But !! ", it has become just like a teller.
  • Immediately after debutingGori(Garage sale)Haruna loveHidden camera using[2] I was set up and cried ("Hitoshi Matsumoto's non-slip story] From The Golden SP3).

History / Overview

  • Two peopleHokkaido Sapporo Tsukisamu High SchoolAt first, they didn't have a good impression of each other.あるとき校外への遠足でAt one point on an excursion outside the schoolOtaru AquariumTakemori and Abe were left behind by other classmates who were fascinated by the penguins in front of the penguins' aquarium.The attractions outside the aquarium weren't moving because there were no guests, but the classmates were impressed by their ability to act when they saw the two riding by asking employees.The classmate said, "Two of you are amazing," and from this time on, I became friends.これがコンビ結成の基となるThis is the basis of the formation of the combination[3]..Abe invited me to form a combination.
  • The name of the combination comes from "Life has mountains (up) and valleys (down)".There is also a theory that the words were written in the report card that was posted in the classroom when I was a student.
  • 1994 In December, when he was in the second year of high school, he passed the audition program "Tommy's Yoshimoto no Moto" in Sapporo Yoshimoto and became a member.同じ放送回でAt the same broadcast timeTaka and ToshiAlso passed.Since he became an official affiliation after graduating from high school, he is treated as a one-year junior of Taka and Toshi, although it is the same audition.For synchronization of Sapporo YoshimotoB courseThere is.NSCSpeaking of which, it is almost the same as the 15th term in Osaka and the 1nd term in Tokyo.
  • Dashi TheBilly Joelof"uptown girl. "
  • Masaya OgasawaraAccording to the fortune-telling of, the compatibility as a combination is "normal".
  • In 1998,Garage sale,Shampoo hat,NakayoshiComedy unit "NewsWas formed (in April 1999 (Heisei 11), Nakayoshi was lost,licenseJoined).
  • In theaters, he often performed tale, but in recent years there have been more opportunities to show manzai.2018 Toア イ ヌ 民族Picked upMusical drama,2019 ToChiran OfSpecial attack corpsIn the wake of the performance of a two-person play with the theme ofSocialistI'm becoming more oriented2021 ToNagasaki atomic bombWorked on a manzai with the theme of[4].
  • Comedy food educationHero showSince 2005, he has been performing "Vegetable Warrior Nukazuke Man" at kindergartens and nursery school event facilities nationwide, and has been developing activities to raise children's sensitivity.[5].

Award race results

Current appearance program


  • Hibariya (ShizuokaLocal, 2018) --Takemori sings a CM song, Abe appears as a clerk[6]

Combi past

Past regular appearance

  • Lumine the Yoshimoto Shinkigeki
  • Shonan Suzuran University Story # 2 Really scary club room (Jimbocho Kagetsu, October 2007, 10 only)
  • Time limit (Jinbocho Kagetsu, October 2007, 10-October 16)
  • OFF (Jinbocho Kagetsu, October 2008, 10-October 23)
  • Rock 54'S (Jinbocho Kagetsu, February 2009, 2-February 4)
  • Light as close to gray as possible (Jinbocho Kagetsu, August 2009-8, 11)


  • CD album "Tomodachi" (released on June 2006, 6)
Recorded song "Tomodachi" Nippon TVsystem"Refreshed!!] March ending theme


  • "Nukazuke no Uta" (released May 2005, 5)


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