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⛷ | Morishige (Yamagata Chuo High School) is the first VS skate in the World Cup, Men's 500

Photo <Men's 500m> Shigeko Mori waving after the race (Senshu University, Yamagata Chuo High School). Winner at 33 = Salt Lake City (AP = Joint)

Morishige (Yamagata Chuo High School) is the first World Cup VS skate, men's 500

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In the same event on the 3rd, he finished in 34nd place, his best at 09 seconds, and set a new record, winning in the 2 seconds range, the second Japanese player.

The World Cup of Speed ​​Skating (World Cup) will be held in Salt Lake City, USA on the 5th, at 500 meters for men ... → Continue reading

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