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⚽ | Former colleague of Gotoku Sakai is sued for "playing with a lie's name and age"


Former colleague of Gotoku Sakai is sued for "playing with a lie's name and age"

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In addition, according to a survey by the University of Freiburg commissioned by the court this year, the analysis of the video revealed that "there is a high possibility that they are the same person."

Gambian midfielder Bakeri Jata, who plays for Hamburger SV, is using a lie profile ... → Continue reading


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University of Freiburg, Alberto Ludwig Freiburg

University of Freiburg, Alberto Ludwig Freiburg(Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg) IsGermanySouthwest,Baden-WürttembergFreiburg im BreisgauIt is a national university in.Known as "Freiburg University".


It is the 5th oldest university in Germany and1457 ,AustriaGrand DukeAlbrecht IIWas founded by.It is one of the most prestigious universities in Germany and one of the most prestigious universities in Europe.Has a long tradition in the fields of humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, etc.Known for producing many great scholars, 19 peopleNobel PrizeWinners are associated with the University of Freiburg and are philosophersEdmund Husserl,Martin HeideggerIt is also known that a well-known scholar graduated and taught.Universities with the best quality and quantity in the academic research field can join.League of European Research UniversitiesToOxford University,Cambridge University,Heidelberg University, And 16 other universities.In 2007, it was designated as an "Exzellenzinitiative" in Germany.

At the time of establishmentMedical science,Jurisprudence,哲学,theologyIt was a comprehensive university with 4 faculties, about 11 students, and 2 academic staff.philosopherMartin Heidegger, Many renowned scholars, including theologians, taught.Some graduates are philosophersHans Georg GadamerAnd sociologistNiklas LuhmannThere are famous scholars such as.


Habsburg house Archduke of Austria (Habsburger Erzherzoge) University of ViennaIt is the university that was established next.Pope By Pope Callixtus III.1455 The April 4 Bulle is related to Albert VI's petition (Supplik).1457 The Foundationsbrief on September 9st isHoly Roman Emperor Friedrich IIIWas founded by adding the names of Siegmund von Tyrol.Habsburg houseIt is clearly stated that it is an overall request.The involvement of Frederick III was at that timeUniversity of ViennaThe tension with him seems to be one of the causes.1477 With the Gifted Gift (Dotationsbestätigung) of Sixtus IV. On November 11th.1492 4 month 13 dayMaximilian IThe university founding project was completed by the privilege grant (Privileg).At the beginning of the school, the teachers were small, with three professors of theology, canon law, and medicine, and four magister artium / liberalium artium magisters.The equipment relied primarily on the annexation of the Benefice (Pfarrpfründe) and the assistance of the city of Freiburg.Basel,TubingenDue to the construction of universities in other areas of the German-speaking world, the area of ​​students enrolling has narrowed.The number of students rarely exceeded 300,Heidelberg UniversityThere were times when it surpassed.HumanismWhen he advocated, he had a famous professor and reached a period of prosperity.ReformationIn the era of[3].


The faculties currently owned by this university are as follows.

  1. Theologische Fakultät
  2. Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät
  3. Wirtschafts- und Verhaltenswissenschaftliche Fakultät
  4. Medizinische Fakultät
  5. Philologische Fakultät
  6. Philosophische Fakultät
  7. Fakultät für Mathematik und Physik
  8. Fakultät für Chemie, Pharmazie und Geowissenschaften
  9. Fakultät für Biologie
  10. Fakultät für Forst- und Umweltwissenschaften
  11. Technische Fakultät (Informatik und Mikrosystemtechnik)

That is,theology,Jurisprudence,Economics-Behavioral science,Medical science,Philology,哲学,Math-physics,Chemical-Pharmacy-Earth science,Biology,Forest science-Environmental science,engineering(Information engineering・ All 11 faculties of Microsystem Engineering).


There are campuses scattered around six locations in Freiburg, centered on the three main school buildings of the headquarters, the academic affairs department, and the engineering department, and the entire city plays a role like a campus.Since it is a university with a long history, there are many school buildings with high cultural value, and in particular, the old library and the academic affairs department building that adopted the Gothic style are tourist attractions of the city.The Faculty of Medicine also has the Freiburg University Hospital, which boasts 1600 beds, and is one of the largest hospitals in Germany.Our hospital has been highly evaluated technically, such as the successful transplantation of the world's first artificial heart in 2002.

Entrance exam system and students

The University of Freiburg currently has 21600 faculties and has approximately 16 students, including the attached graduate school. (Approximately 2010% of them are undergraduates or exchange students from outside Germany.) The entrance examination method varies greatly depending on the faculty, but all faculties have a strict entrance examination system based on the evaluation of examinees in a unified examination. In the 26000 entrance examination, about 4000 examinees passed the exam, and about 2012 passed.In addition, the University of Freiburg established the first liberal arts faculty in Japan in the fall of XNUMX, and is providing a new international education system such as the language of instruction being English only for four years.

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